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Abbreviations -- BCFM: Bloomington Community Farmers Market;
SCF: Schooner Creek Farm;
IE: Identity Evropa;
AmIM: American Identity Movement;
MGR: Midgard Rising;
HT: The Herald Times
2017530First Midgard Rising Episode
Midgard Rising (MGR) is a podcast dedicated to a white nationalist version of a Neo-Pagan religion called Asatru. Volkmom was a recurring guest on the show while it aired. For more information about MGR, see our third report: Some highlights include Dye being praised for her recruiting successes and content contributions; Dye appearing with RedIceTV contributor, the Blonde Butter Maker; Dye participating in an On Air Sumbel (solemn toast) to William Pierce; and Dye being was praised as a “Fashy Female." Here are screenshots from MGR:
201761Volkmom appears on MGR
The second episode of MGR was Volkmom's debut on the show. #b32400
2017628Volkmom's recruiter discusses the "4th Reich"Erica Alduino, Identity Evropa member and organizer for Unite the Right, admits on Discord that IE will continue to work toward creating the “4th Reich” even though it will try to soften its language. As one discussant writes, “We throw them off… with nice guy nationalism… then BAM! Slam the door on the oven.” For more information about Erica, see
2017811Unite the Right RallyDeadly far-right demonstration organized by a variety of white supremacist groups, including Identity Evropa and its current leadership. Elliot Kline, soon-to-be head of IE, organizes & leads tiki-torch march during UTR. #800000
2017815Group files $3 Million lawsuit against Unite the Right organizersMany current and former IE/AmIM members are mentioned in the suit, including Casey, Elliot Kline, and Erica, who is mentioned on pg 8 Shortly after the lawsuit is announced, Nathan Damigo -- IE's founder -- transfers leadership of the group to Elliot Kline. #50394c
2017918Volkmom becomes full Identity Evropa memberIt's common for white supremacist organizations to make interviews part of their screening process. Erica Alduino confirmed Volkmom's identity so she could officially join IE and gain access to its servers. #b32400
2017103MGR picked up for syndication by RightStuff.bizMGR Ep18 becomes the first TRS syndicated show. This puts them on the same network as highly notorious and influential show, The Daily Shoah.
2017107Charlottesville 3.0Richard Spencer leads small group of white nationalists back to Charlottesville. Leaked recordings later expose a racist rant and anger at Heather Heyer's death in the wake of Charlottesville. They also undermine Casey's and other alt-right narratives insisting that "pro-white" rallies like Charlottesville aren't racist. Here's footage of the protest:
20171028Dye reports harassment by anti-fascist activists Dye reports being harassed by anti-fascist activists at the market to the City first on October 28. She also submits reports on November 4
& 11.
201711Patrick Casey becomes leader of Identity EvropaElliot Kline transfers leadership of IE to Patrick Casey. #800000
2018310Dye uploads the first Volkmom MGR segment onto YouTubeDye begins uploading videos culled from her segments on MGR. However, in January 2020, she will tell WFHB about "videos [she] made for YouTube." This is patently misleading as they did not appear on YouTube until a year after she started recording them for MGR. #b32400
2018512Anti-fascist activists confront Doug MackeyLocal members of an anti-fascist organization confront Mackey at the market, enter into an altercation with a vendor they mistook for a Neo-Nazi. Mackey filed a police report. #50394c
2018728Nolan & Kiyomi Brewer attack a synagogue in Carmel, INNolan & Kiyomi Brewer go to Carmel, Indiana with homemade napalm and the intent to burn down the Congregation Shaarey Tefilla They decide to deface the synagogue instead & light the ground on fire with napalm.
2018811The Brewers have dinner with Dye & MackeySo that Kiyomi Brewer can join IE and get access to its servers, the Brewers meet with Dye, Mackey, and another member Dye refers to as "Steven" at Indy Diner in Martinsville. In her interview with WFHB, she calls Steven a "former" member and explains that he set up the dinner.
2018815The FBI arrests Nolan BrewerThe FBI arrests and interviews Brewer. During the interview, Brewer mentions having a "new members" dinner with a "Sarah" and "Doug" from Identity Evropa. Information about both can be found on our website Read the FBI interview through the link below.
20181128Dye praises Casey's leadershipYou can read about that and other posts here:
2019120Volkmom posts that Native Americans have no right to use the word “genocide”You can read about that and other posts here:
201928SCF floodedSchooner Creek Farm massively flooded. SCF posts photos on their Facebook page of the flood.
201936Discord leaks appear that will reveal Volkmom's identityUnicorn Riot leaks the Discord chats that will expose Volkmom and give anti-fascist activists enough personal information to identify her. The leaks themselves can be found here:
201938Identity Evropa re-branded as American Identity MovementPatrick Casey announces rebrand of IE as the “American Identity Movement.”
2019310Sarah Dye & Peter Diezel attend AmIM rally in Nashville, TNPatrick Casey and a group of AmIM members interrupt a book signing with a megaphone. Members include Peter Diezel and Shaun Williams, both of whom work as stand assistants for SCF in the 2019 market year. NSFH research were able to identify Shaun when he appeared at the market thanks in part to his participation in this rally.
2019411Unicorn Riot reports, "Identity Evropa Struggles To Gain Footing After Rebranding as Patriot Group"Despite their re-brand, American Identity Movement continues to struggle with doxxing and legal repercussions for their members actions.
2019429AmIM rally disrupts book signingPatrick Casey and a group of AmIM members interrupt a book signing with a megaphone.
2019430Brown County Farmers Market board confronts Sarah DyeBrown County Farmers Market board confronts Sarah Dye about ties to white supremacist group. She flatly denies all ties. Her denial will cause her to lose her position in the Brown County market.#618685
2019521Indy Star reports on Brewer's guilty pleaIndy Star reports Brewer’s guilty plea, noting that, “In the months leading up to the attack, co-workers from Brewer's two jobs testified that Brewer openly identified with Nazism and white supremacy at work. He wore a swastika necklace and made racist and anti-Semitic remarks, witnesses said.”
2019525Prominent activist notices Volkmom in Brewer's FBI interview
Well-known anti-fascist activist Emily Gorcenski points out “Volkmom” in Nolan's FBI Interview on her Twitter account. She locates “Volkmom” in the Discord leaks as well.
2019527Washington Post calls Brewer a "Nazi sympathizer"The Washington Post reports that Brewer pleaded guilty to hate crime charges, calling him “A Nazi sympathizer.”
201961Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement IDs "VolkmomHARM identifies Volkmom and PITD Collective fills in some gaps:
201961Thomas Westgard writes letter accusing Dye of fraudThomas Westgard writes a letter accusing Sarah Dye of fraud for lying to the Brown County Farmers Market board about her ties to white supremacy. Exact Date Unknown: Early in May after Westgard's letter, the Brown County Farmers Market quietly removes Dye from the market board and removes SCF as a vendor.#50394c
201962Panic in the Discord offers more details about Volkmom
201964Letter calling for SCF's removal gets 230 signaturesAbby Ang writes a letter to the City of Bloomington asking them to take action on Dye’s presence in the market. The letter gets 230 signatures.#50394c
201968No Space for Hate begins flyering at the market
2019611Panic in the Discord publishes on Volkmom's identityPanic in the Discord show posts that identify Volkmom in their article.
2019615BCFM hosts community meetingBCFM holds a community meeting, protesters & residents show up to ask the city to remove SCF.
2019624National Vanguard writes about BCFMWhite Supremacist publication the National Vanguard publishes an article about the BCFM.
201976SCF returns to market after alleged second floodIn June, SCF claimed on their website to have been the victims of a second flood. At first, they reported all of their crops were destroyed and were asking for donations on their website to help "rebuild" their farm. They later recanted and said they were cleared by an "Agricultural Agent" (a position that does not exist) to return to the market on July 6 with produce. Dye later posted several photos of flood damage on Facebook after facing questions about whether a flood had occurred, the extent of the damage, and whether their produce was safe to eat.
2019711Judge denies Dye's restraining order
Judge denies Dye her restraining order against Thomas Westgard.
2019711First Volkmom reportNSFH publishes their first report on Volkmom.
2019713Sarah Dye begins to regularly vend at the BCFMAccording to a BCFM vendor located near SCF, Mackey had worked alone at the BCFM prior to July during that season. They identified July 13 as the first time Dye began to make regular appearances at the market for the year. This time she joined Mackey; other weeks she would sometimes work alone or with a stand assistant, but she was there most of the subsequent weeks that SCF was also present. This was the same day that AmIM stand assistants started to appear (see the next slide). #b32400
2019713SCF hires AmIM member to work as a stand assistantNathan Brickle, once photographed at an American Identity Movement rally carrying a torch, and Jay Balcerak join SCF as stand assistants.#b32400
2019714Daily Beast publishes about fascism in farmers markets
2019716Patrick Casey defends SCFPatrick Casey tweets a defense of SCF against claims in the “Daily Beast” article.
2019719White supremacists threaten to rally at the Farmers MarketViolent white supremacist Charles Martinez threatens to attend the market on July 19. Also this week (exact date unknown), Brien James, founder of violent organization the Vinlanders, tried to organize a group as well.
2019720Black Bloc protesters appear in response to threats from white supremacistsBlack Bloc protest appears in response to Martinez’s threat. Dye posts that “violent antifa protesters” were at her booth. According to one witness, a fellow BCFM vendor, "When the BB [black bloc] showed lup [sic], Sarah heckled & yelled at them. She called 911 but posted that the police refused to come until she demanded it. Many police were already there. She also later posted that the real reason the mayor suspended Market was bc of Antifa terrorists." For more about the BB & what prompted it, see
2019720Charles Martinez visits the marketA BCFM vendor saw Martinez arrive at the market "around noon. He was there a long time. I didn't know who he was then but thought he was super creepy. I overheard them talking about bringing [Patrick] Casey to Btown [Bloomington]." This is the first week Three Percenters begin to attend the market in support of SCF.#b32400
2019727Parks and Recreation employees order the arrest of Dr. Caddoo for refusing to put down her protest signDr. Caddoo is arrested for carrying a protest sign into the market and refusing to put it away when asked by market officials. This is the first week Three Percenters begin to attend the market in support of SCF.
2019727City issues new rules against signs in the marketCity issues new rules against signs in the market after Dr. Caddoo's arrest. They are falsely labeled "longstanding." Marcia Veldman will later admit these rules are new.
2019729City announces market suspensionCity announces market suspension due to threats from white supremacist violence.
2019731Dye admits to being an identitarianIn an interview with Fox59 News, Dye admits she is an identitarian. To learn more about identitarianism, please see this article from the SPLC
2019731Mayor Hamilton holds a press conference on the market closure
201982Alternate market announcedBloomingfoods and the Monroe County Growers Association announce an alternate market.
201982Kiyomi Brewer recommends SCFKiyomi Brewer recommends SCF on Facebook.
201985KKK flyers found in drivewaysKKK flyers show up in driveways of Bloomington residents.
201986IDS reports that KKK flyers also found on campusIDS reports that KKK flyers were also found on campus.
201989BLM publishes letter to CityBLM publishes its letter to the City on white supremacy and the market.
2019812Article on market attendance appears
B Square Beacon publishes about downturn in market attendance.
2019812NSFH reports KKK graffiti spotted on Tapp Rd.
2019813Mayor announces re-opening of the marketHamilton administration announces it will re-open market.
2019814Winter Farmers Market won't take vendors who have a history of creating disunityBloomington Winter Farmers Market announces that no vendors with a history of creating disunity will be invited.
2019814Local anti-fascist organizers visited by the FBI
2019816Expert on extremism explains identitarianism to local journalist outletWTIU/WFIU interview an extremist researcher, inform audiences that identitarianism is a form of white supremacy.
2019817BCFM re-opens#618685
2019817Dye admits to being VolkmomAfter attempting to deflect attention from her Volkmom persona, Dye finally admits to the Herald Times that she is Volkmom.
2019817IE member arrested for threatening to shoot up a synagogueJames Reardon, Identity Evropa member, arrested for threatening to shoot up a synagogue.
2019817Mackey asks vendor to relay buyout request to the CityA BCFM vendor reported to NSFH that Mackey had wanted the City to buy out Schooner Creek Farm; on August 17, he asks this vendor to relay this request to the Mayor. #b32400
2019818New York Times publishes about BCFMNYTimes publishes about BCFM. They will later report it was their most popular story on racial justice this year.
2019820NSFH supporters receive more hateful messages
Supporters who post on NSFH receive hateful messages from a sock account apparently supporting SCF.
2019823Casey defends Dye again
Patrick Casey defends Sarah Dye and says the Left is determined to “poison” American Institutions.#800000
2019823More KKK/Swastika graffiti in BloomingtonKKK & swastika graffiti appear on N College Bridge.
2019824AmIM member Peter Earl Diezel becomes SCF stand assistantPeter Earl Diezel, AmIM member who claims credit for flyering local campuses, joins SCF as a stand assistant for the first time since the protests began. For more information about Diezel, please see and
2019824Alt-righter with a history of domestic violence drives his car into Farmers Market protesters Brad Clapper drives his car into a group of protesters, then exits his vehicle and verbally assaults them. No injuries were reported.
2019826More white supremacist flyers on campusMore white supremacist flyers appear on campus, this time near the stadium.
2019828Dye's interview with RedIce TV published on YouTube
Dye does an interview on a white supremacist channel formerly on YouTube called RedIce TV. Her interviewer is well-known white supremacist personality Lana Lokteff.#b32400
2019829SCF gets $16,000 bitcoin donation#b32400
2019831Casey visits the Farmers MarketAmerican Identity Movement President Patrick Casey attends the market, and spends several hours taking photographs in the market, mostly around SCF’s stand. Both Casey and SCF post those photos.
2019831Protesters stop KKK Cookout in Madison, IN
201992Alt-right vandals graffiti churchTwo individuals are caught on camera vandalizing a local church with alt-right graffiti.
201995DFMC hosts chat about the marketDFMC invites vendors to talk about the market.
201997YDSA organizes march against white supremacyYDSA marches against white supremacy in People’s Park.
2019914Deizel sports Patriot Movement t-shirt at Farmers Market; SCF posts picsPeter Diezel again works as a stand assistant, this time wearing a t-shirt from an organization the SPLC “categorized it as part of the conspiracy-obsessed, antigovernment “Patriot” movement” &
2019919SCF posts new ad
2019919City admits to banning signs in response to ongoing protestsMarcia Veldman admits that the market changed the signage rules in response to the ongoing protests.
2019921First Purple Shirt Brigade protest#50394c
2019921Brickle returns to marketBrickle again works as stand assistant.
2019926Sarah Dye addresses Grassroots ConservativesSarah Dye addresses Grassroots Conservatives at the Ellettsville Public Library. Two GC members are escorted out by the police for aggressive behavior. #b32400
2019928PSB brings blank signs to marketPSB brings blank signs to the market and uses them as fans. Market officials do not ask them to leave.
2019928SCF posts videos of protestsSCF posts video of protesters on their business page, accrue threatening/hateful comments about protesters from SCF supporters.
2019929Racist graffiti found in Bryan Park
2019929Sarah Dye posts link to AmIM website
2019101New Discord leaksNew Discord leaks focus on how IE rebranded to AmIM.
20191012AmIM member becomes SCF stand assistant under false nameShaun Williams, another AmIM member, joins SCF as a stand assistant
under a fake name.
20191012Transphobia from SCF stand assistantsPSB members witness transphobic verbal abuse of protester by SCF’s two stand assistants.
20191016YouTube deplatforms RedIce TVRedIce TV was taken off YouTube following a report by Media Matters
20191016Casey makes vague threat of lawsuits
Patrick Casey announces “multiple lawsuits against various antifa individuals.”
20191023Activists identify KKK members involved in Madison rally and
20191028New round of threats from SCF supportersNSFH reports new round of death threats from SCF supporters.
2019112First costumed action by PSB#50394c