GearJammed Guardian/Ancestor Sheet
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DescendantTitleNameArtifactsHistoryDied FromSignificant RelationshipsAffiliation
VictiaThe DeviseerDesigaeaSteel HiveA great inventor of the Empire, whollly revolutionized formulae of creating machines. Part of the ScientriadsKilled fighting for the Empress, against The OverlordStrong friendship with The HermeticEmpress
AertyrThe Engineer / The Monst[-rSkyforgeHe left his tools, which are just normal tools but it's what got Aertyr into building, in addition to Antigone.One of the ScientriadsDarefate is just too damn amazingHe cared about the scientriad deeply, loathed Overlord with pure platonic hatred, and cared for his Drones and Antigone like a lusus to his wards, he was crazyEmpress
DehittThe TaxnatorJhohahan deWallenThe Iron Revenator Service.Essentially was the controller of Funds in Hollandia. Because he could not be a merchant, he was feared as the tax man who broke backs if you didn't pay up. Richest Troll in the regionOverthrown, and overwhelmed by an uprising from the very people he ruled over. The leader? William van Orangeblood.- Insert Blackrom with Darefate here.Empress
JarvanThe OverlordRextigris NaruggarTyrannus HastaeUsurped the Empress for a few sweeps. Then she came back and took Alternia again.Met his end by the Empress's trident. Moirails with DAREFATE, had a short lived kismesis in the Hermetic.Overlord
SibyllThe Mathematician (needs to be 8 characters) (Musketer?)The Art of The Sword
NoiculTurncoatAdirmilvTurncoat's Tailcoat, Officer's StaggersBetrayed both armies in the Battle to Retake Alternia: first to gain a command and then to wield said command against the Highbloods who started the whole thing.MANDOLINNIHILATED by the Minstrel Commented for sizeTurncoat
BelanaMinstrelSerenade SonnetiaThe Tortured SoulKept as a slave for the Empress for entertainment. Saved by DAREFATEKilled for siding with the rebellion, crying out for the Darefate, while standing over the body of the Turncoat.long explanation.Overlord
SeelahThe CountessPalelockDvalinn's PrideLeader of the Empress's Royal Navy. Restrained the Overlord at his execution.Speared along with the Overlord by the Empress herself, as she could no longer trust the Countess.Unrequieted blackrom with the Overlord. She was in charge of his pursuit and considered the chase more important than bringing the Overlord to justice.Empress
ZaishaDAREFATEnone that we know of.Kingdom MasherA (now forgotten) celebrated Icon/Hero of popular culture especially among the young. Read why.Killed by the Turncoat in some brutal gory backstabbery way. Part of her final words: "Please, no comments about... my death being... delicious..." -Fought for Jarvan and was his Moirail , -Pulled some stunt on Dehitt (insert blackrom), -Rescued Belana! -Matespritship with Noicul Overlord
LogianThe HERMETICFlamealeEternity SerumWas one of the top alchemist/researchers for Her Imperial Condense, and part of the ScientriadsSpear to the chest, from the Overlord.-Kismessitude with Overlord... it didn't last long. -Strong friendship with The Deviseer, one of the many reasons he hates the Overlord is her death.Empress
MindatThe DesignerAtemmetaThe AllmeasureThe designer was a quiet and unassuming troll, who unwittingly created The Allmeasure, the meterstick that could measure anything.She learned the truth about her own soul. She committed suicide.The Designer was the best fiend of The Darefate, and designed many of her gadgets. However, she had no other real friends.Overlord.
NavakoThe ABDICATE / The ASCENDORTook the throne as a young Emperor, but in the face of uprisings from the Overlord and the Empress vying for power, he abdicated the throne to try and keep from all out civil war from occurring.Unknown if he even has died as of yet.???Independant; EMPEROR
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