CLUB ROSTER 2016-2017
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1Affinity for AnimalsAffinity for Animals intends to educate, advocate, and activate both our members and entire community on all animal-related matters. We raise awareness for pressing issues, introduce our members to community service opportunities, and promote coexistence between humans and their animal counterparts. Education plays a huge role within our club, as we frequently host informative presentations, lessons, and sessions with guest speakers focused on an array of various topics.Lunch on Tuesdays in Room S108Andrea Brkicandreabrkic17@gmail.comMs. Barbara Young
2A.L.L.I.E.SOur club's purpose is create a community of people who want to encourage each other in learning about Jesus and growing in their own spiritual walk. We just want to create a safe space to talk about these things and help each other out!Wednesdays at Lunch in the South GymSilvia Zhengsilvia.zhengg@gmail.comMr. Caven Shen
3Apache Car ClubThe primary purpose of Apache Car Club is to learn and teach the student-body about the various complexities and technology in today’s automobiles, which includes but is not limited to their effecs on the global economy, designs, engineering, and environmental challenges.Monday H-105, LunchCameron Wangwangcameron@gmail.comMr. Jones
4Applied EngineeringApplied Engineering is an educational team that teaches members the knowledge of physics and engineering while encouraging developments in teamwork comradeship. This knowledge is gained through hands on experience in designing, building, troubleshooting, and racing a solar powered boat, The team competes in the Solar Cup program, hosted by the Metropolitan Water District.
Tuesday S-211 @ LunchVictor Tungvictortung213@gmail.comPeter Vo
5Arcadia French Culture ClubLe Cercle Français’ (Arcadia French Club) primary objective is to advocate the French culture to all students interested and/or are unable to participate in the official French Language program. We provide students the opportunity- in the form of club meetings, activities and bonding events- to immerse themselves in the French culture. We hope that, through their involvement with Le Cercle Français, students will be able to learn about and thoroughly appreciate the French culture.
Mondays, J-111Jefferson Yinjeffersonyin.communications@gmail.comMadame Christina Vaughan
6Arcadia Young DemsOur purpose is to raise political awareness through group discussion, community involvement, and political opportunities with a special emphasis on the Democratic beliefs and ideals. Our club serves to include all ideologies and beliefs, rising beyond just politics and into the issues that affect our nation. In the past, our members have served as interns for members of congress, delegates to the California Democratic Convention, and ordinary volunteers dedicated towards a higher cause.Tuesday Lunch, Room A208Derek Liderekli777@gmail.comKathy Patterson
7Art ClubTo make a community where a variety of people who appreciate art can share their love with others.Wednesday G102 @ lunchSophia Weisphwei314@gmail.comMichael Lamb
8Astronomy ClubAstronomy Club is devised to enhance, educate, and enrich Arcadia's students about various topics relating to astronomy. We will be engaging students about these topics through arts and crafts , movies relating to the topic of the week, and more. E-102, Mondays during lunch Cammie Neocammieneo@yahoo.comPisano
9Biology ClubThe purpose of this club is to promote interest in the subject of biology, teach members concepts of biology, and demonstrate concepts of biology. The club also serves to encourage the development of scientific abilities amongst teamwork and camaraderie. S208 at lunch on WednesdaysJennifer Chiang77jennifer77@gmail.comMr. Spence
10Black Student UnionOur club's main goal is to provide an area in which every student is welcome to learn about black history and culture, and to give back to our community.J-207/Lunch time WednesdayJosh Kelly35404@students.ausd.netGeorge Gund
11Burmese ClubThe purpose of Burmese Club shall be to educate students about the Burmese culture, as well as other related Asian cultures, and Burma’s cultural/political connections with other countries through the following activities:
A. Having speakers educate at meetings
B. Burmese cultural activities
C. Coordinating a regular series of roundtable discussions
D. Participating at Burmese cultural events
H108, Monday @ LunchSara Maungsara.s.maung@gmail.comMs. Moore
12Campus Environmentalist ClubOur purpose is to better understand the causes and repercussions of environmental problems and possible solutions, and to educate the community about them. We also aim to contribute locally to amending those problems by organizing cleanups of natural areas and taking part in community events such as fairs and festivals.Mondays at lunch in J106 Rose Andewsparkle.rose@gmail.comYing Zhang
13Chemistry ClubThe purpose of Arcadia High School Chemistry Club is to provide a meeting place for students interested in learning chemistry, expanding their friendship with others interested in chemistry, and participating in the chemistry related events.E102 & Wednesday @ lunchCaroline Leeclee11619@gmail.comMs. Pisano
14Chess ClubThe purpose of this club shall be to play, teach, and promote chess as well as to organize chess games based on skill level.Tuesday E109- LunchJason Lujlu7922@gmail.comMs. Lopez
15Coding ClubThis club is dedicated to serving Arcadia by sharing our love for computer science and programming the need to develop critical computational thinking skills into everyday life.Thursdays C108Stanley Yustanley93yu@gmail.comMr. Villalobos
16DesignationDesignation has produced more than 50 designs for the school and community, and its associate organization, Project Designation, has hosted more than eight free graphic design workshops and even a summer intensive program, and has been funded by local libraries and even featured by magazines. During club meetings, members will learn graphic design skills, plan workshop activities, design posters for the school and community, and earn community service hours. Outside of school, Designation members will volunteer for Project Designation workshops and mentor middle students in their graphic design projects. Our ultimate goal is to utilize our skills in the digital and visual arts to positively impact Arcadia High School and the community.A212, TuesdaysAngela Tranangelatran80@gmail.comIng Mu
17Fellowship of Christian AthletesTo present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.J109, Tuesdays at LunchKate Nigoliankatenigolian@gmail.comMr. Freese, Ms. Axtell
18Film ClubTo create an environment for students to explore the basics of film making and to create and open area for discussion about themes and plots of various shorts. We host film festival each year as a stage for young creators to express their ideas through video.Friday C101Lucy Zhangzhanglucyy@yahoo.comMr. Schultz
19Filipino ClubThe purpose of our club is to spread the Filipino culture with those who are interested. We want to connect and welcome all no matter what culture or background.Lunch D-103 Monday Ryanne Llacuna23514@students.ausd.netMrs. Cordero
20FBLAAmerica is the king of capitalism, so do yourself a favor and prepare for the future. Get one step ahead of your competition by attending our meetings where we cover topics such as networking and stocks, or invite guest speakers including REAL college students pursuing majors you may be interested in. Join us in competition at section and state levels against thousands of fellow high school students and listen to the roar of the crowd as you step onstage to take the win. LET'S TALK BUSINESS.A208, Thursday @ LunchEthan Zhuethanzhu117@gmail.comMr. Shen
21Gavel ClubTo help member improve public speaking, critical thinking, and leadership abilities through impromptu and prepared speeches, peer-evaluations, and lessons on speech and leadership.F-103 Thursday lunch Frances Aguilar32258@students.ausd.netAshley Novak
22Gay-Straight AllianceWe are a support group for LGBTQ+ teens and we educate allies about ways they can be supportive. We also educate others about different sexualities and genders. One of the events that we do is we donate clothings and bathroom necessities for homeless youths. C111 at Lunch WednesdayCaressa Wongcaressawong@gmail.comMs. Hatheway
23Gender Equity MovementGender Equity Movement shall raise awareness on issues concerning gender inequality around the world by conducting current event discussions regarding matters such as gender objectification, domestic violence, LGBT, and government representation. This student-run club also offers students opportunities to participate in related events, which are fun and meaningful experiences. Students can meet new people who are also motivated, passionate, excited, and interested in gender equity, which drives our club.Thursday C112Natalie Chennataliechen620@gmail.comMs. Robin Neuwirth-Bishop
24Girl UpGirl Up, a program established by the United Nations Foundation, recognizes that young adolescent girls have the potential to change the world, but it’s the lack of opportunity that inhibits their ability to thrive and lead the community. As part of the Action of Adolescent campaign in third world countries such as Ethiopia, Guatemala, Liberia, Malawi and India, Girl Up provides the sufficient funding and support to allow each future leader begin her journey. By targeting education, specifically in primary and secondary school, Girl Up has sent over 10,000 girls to receive the proper schooling they need. In turn, important life skills are taught along the way to ensure their quality of life improves with each year, including literary training, and education girls to delay having children until they are ready.
A Girl Up Club does all of these things by utilizing the leaders we have in America to bring awareness and support to a situation that most adolescents may be unaware of. Calling advocates to action is the most effective way combat the unhealthy environment that half of the world’s girls currently reside in. The Arcadia Girl Up Club will be able to raise a community of support by hosting seminars, speakers, documentary and movie screenings, petition signings, fundraising for the UN foundation, and events to better our own community of leaders.
S211 Thursday LunchEllie Leeellie8395@gmail.comPeter Vo
25Habitat for HumanityTo discuss and learn about the Habitat for Humanity organization.
To coordinate with the San Gabriel Habitat for Humanity (SGVHFH) Youth Program to support builds, advocate for the program, and educate about global housing issues
To educate and assist the homeless in surrounding cities.
J212 - Tuesdays - LunchTravis Chentravischen2017@gmail.comMs. Rolfe
26Hope Can Cure Cancer ClubHope Can Cure Cancer club is dedicated to promoting cancer awareness and raising funds to help the fight against cancer. To achieve these ends, Hope Can Cure Cancer Club, with the help from the American Cancer Society, fundraises for cancer research and educates students about preventing cancer. Hope Can Cure Cancer Club hosts Arcadia’s Annual Bark for Life event where dog owners participate in fun games and a noncompetitive walk with their canine companions to raise funds and spread cancer awareness for the American Cancer Society. During the holidays, the club members make handcrafted decorations to send to cancer patients, and they visit Methodist Hospital to sing Christmas carols to spread holiday spirit. Towards the end of the year, Hope Can Cure Cancer Club participates in Relay for Life, a massive event that celebrates survivors, fundraises, and spreads awareness. D106 at lunch on TuesdaysErin Lierinkli@yahoo.comMs. Zaidi
27Interact ClubThe purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for students to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding. We promote bonding and a sense of unity between our areas and districts which includes cities like Duarte, Monrovia, Arroyo, etc. Every year we team up with other Interact councils in our area to fund raise for an international project. For example, last year our international project was solar aid, which provides solar energy to those in less developed countries. This year we will have at least 2 big fundraisers (an ice skating social and the other is tbd). CTE Building, Lunch, TuesdayRyan Wongryan.wong2999@gmail.comMr. Gund
28International Learning InstituteThe purpose of this club is to exchange foreign cultures and experiences, also to help the ELD students get more familiar with the school and country.Library Media Center; Thursday LunchYiling Chen37803@students.ausd.netMr. Finn
29Jamilia & AnaleeThe purpose of Jamilia and Analee is to provide opportunities for students of Arcadia who have a passion and a interest for fashion to learn, create and design in the field. The club will cover trends, popular styling, designing, clothing, accessories, makeup, shoes and furniture. Students will gather to share and to develop new understandings of fashion. Meetings will provide new and old assets of fashion necessary to give the students a closer experience and knowledge.S212 at lunch on TuesdaysKira Changbitterchocolate.3.b@gmail.comMr. Spence
30Japanese Pop RevolutionWe explore Japanese pop culture, and its elements, hoping to learn more about the culture and society of Japan from it. We explore all elements of Japanese Pop Culture.E105 Friday LunchAlan LuDarkjie066@gmail.comSummers
31Kare 4 KidsService organization dedicated to reaching out to the community as well as interacting and benefiting children. We participate in seasonal craft events hosted by the Arboretum, Operation Christmas Child, Relay for Life, and many others. F109 Tuesday LunchChelsea Lee / Alyson Kong32425@students.ausd.netMr. Sylvia
32Key ClubThe objects of the Key Club shall be:
• To develop initiative and leadership.
• To provide experience in living and working together.
• To serve the school and community.
• To cooperate with the school principal.
• To prepare for useful citizenship.

To accept and promote the following ideals:
To give primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material values of life.
To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.
To promote the adoption and application of higher standards in scholarship, sportsmanship, and social contacts.
To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship.
To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render unselfish service, and to build better communities.
To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase
of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and good will.
Thursdays South Gym LunchCeline Leesmileitsceline@gmail.comMr. Fujiwara
33Latin ClubLatin Club is established to promote the education of Roman culture and the Latin language by the means of exploring Latin texts, researching topics online, presenting information to the club, and conducting group activities.Thursdays H-110Victoria Sevilla37198@students.ausd.netMrs. Heinrich
34Latino Student UnionTo raise awareness of the Latin American community, build self confidence, increase academic achievement, improve self image and establish a sense of belonging At AHSE109, Wednesdays LunchRuffina / eduardoleon160@gmail.comMrs.Lopez
35Leo ClubThe purpose of this Club is :

A.To promote service activities among the youth of the community which will develop the individual qualities of Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity

B.To unite its members in friendship, fellowship, and mutual understanding. Additionally, to develop strong relations with not only one another, but with members of the community.
South Gym on Fridays ; LunchAdriana Chanadrianachann@gmail.comMr. Lee (Johnny Lee)
36Mock TrialThe Los Angeles Mock Trial Program is an academic competition in which senior high schools and middle schools compete at the county level. Participation is expected to include over 2,000 students in Los Angeles County. The trial itself is a simulation of a criminal case, in which students portray each of the principals in the cast of courtroom characters. Student teams study a hypothetical case, conduct legal research, and receive guidance from volunteer attorneys in courtroom procedures and trial preparation. Students participate as lawyers, witnesses, court clerks, and bailiffs, thus acquiring a working knowledge of our judicial system. The Mock Trial Program encourages young people to develop their analytical abilities and communication skills while gaining increased self-confidence.D110 (TRYOUTS REQUIRED)Brandon Lubrandonlu@outlook.comMr. Jason Barclay
37Model UNThe Arcadia Model United Nations Club allows students to learn about the inter workings of the United Nations and its impact in the news, politics, and their lives. Lunch at S102 Victor Luo, Christ Cheevictorluo00@gmail.comMrs. Young
38Music Makes MiraclesTo utilize the musical talents and inspirations of Arcadia students to give back to the community. As a club, we will host concerts, fundraisers, and activities to raise money for charities and give back to the public.Orchestra Room, Thursday (biweekly), Lunch
Clarice Kwan and William / williamzhang0028@gmail.comTom Forbes
39My Friend & IThe purpose of this organization is to provide an environment where the special-needs students of Arcadia High School and the rest of the student body can form bonds and relationships that might not otherwise have been available to either parties. This club also aims for its members to gain a greater understanding of special-needs students and for special-needs students to gather appropriate social behavior as demonstrated by club members. This is to be carried out by such activities as crafts, games, and “lunch-chatter”. Wednesday Lunch in room B105Holly Lung and Madison Ynmadisonyn99@gmail.comMr. Anderson
40New Global CitizensThe purpose of Arcadia High School’s chapter of New Global Citizens is to inspire and encourage members to take an active role in understanding and solving today’s global issues. The club promotes action-based learning by participating in community events that address the UN Millennium Development Goals. The club promotes the ideal that every young individual is capable of alleviating the social issues of the world. The activities and club meetings may address one or multiple issues relating to universal education, gender equality, extreme poverty and hunger, child mortality, maternal health, epidemics, environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, armed conflict, and natural disasters. The club will focus on developing an interesting approach where members may advocate and fundraise for a selected NGC Global Project. Monday's at Lunch in E108Amber LarshLarshamber@gmail.comMs. Silverman
41Philosophy ClubTo increase its members’ knowledge of philosophy texts, theory, and philosophers; to provide opportunities and encouragement for its members to discuss or debate topics and to express their thoughts creditably; to facilitate productive and analytical debate and discussions on philosophy texts and thought experiments.B111 Mondays lunchCindy Huang22620@students.ausd.netMike Pasqua
42Photography ClubThe fundamental purpose and goal of the Photography Club shall be to share ideas and knowledge among students who hold an interest in photography. The Photography Club of Arcadia High School will work towards these goals by: coordinating weekly meetings consisting of discussions surrounding photography, providing a healthy environment for club officers to educate members about photographic fundamentals and techniques, and conducting field trips activities to experience photography out of school.Mondays lunch A214Adrian Limadriantlim.lim@gmail.comMr. Lloyd Fujiwara
43Pre-Med ClubThe purpose of Arcadia High School Pre-Med Club is to allow people interested in working in the medical field to make connections in the medical field, to learn about anything related to the medical field, and to experience and to be exposed to the medical field. For the 2016-2017 school year, we hope to once again show our school spirit by making posters for the homecoming dance and participate in both Spring Preview and Clubs Day to grow our community of aspiring doctors.Mondays at lunch at S110Joy Huangjoyhuang2017@gmail.comMrs. Dagis
44Red Cross ClubRed Cross Club will support the American Red Cross mission to alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies, by being an advocate and resource for disaster preparedness education, information, and training on school campus. F106 @ Lunch Victor Tung, Emily Lu victortung213@gmail.comSilah
45Rock Band ClubThe purpose of this club shall be to expose the younger generation to the musical legacy of Rock ’n’ Roll, inspire a musical reaction, be it positive or negative, to modern music and music of other genres, offer enough tools to the members to allow them to be equipped with sufficient knowledge to objectively compare genres of music efficiently, help understand race relations and social changes through historical aspects of Rock ’n’ Roll, help develop instrumental and vocal skills, and provide opportunities for people to play in a rock band. It also gives the students of Arcadia High school a chance to be part of something, to be a part of a rock and roll loving family.
Tuesday MB 1, 3 - 4 to 4:30 pmHenry Zhao20644@students.ausd.netMr. Murphy (Seth)
46SIGN ClubThe S.I.G.N. Club has been established for the purpose of increasing the awareness of American Sign Language and deaf culture, enabling those who speak American Sign Language to socialize and network with others interested in learning, enabling those who wish to learn more about American Sign Language to meet with one another and share their knowledge. The S. I. G. N. Club is loosely intended to be a class for learning American Sign Language.Tuesdays C-106 Veronica Yuveronica74y@gmail.comMs. Doring
47Spanish ClubSpanish Club is an academic and culturally oriented group on campus. It is dedicated to furthering the student body’s understanding of Hispanic and Latin American cultures through various activities both on campus and in the community. It also wishes to provide opportunities for students studying Spanish, to be involved in activities that expand outside of their classroom activities, and will relate and develop their learning in more creative ways. It also hopes to promote cultural awareness and service opportunities on campus that will connect students with the Spanish speaking community that is rich in California. Most importantly, the activities will be fun and interesting for students to learn and get involved in, both on and off campus, in Hispanic and Latin American culture. E107 WednesdayBrandon Lubrandonlu@outlook.comMs. Ivy Martinez
48Sports Medicine ClubThe purpose of our club is to educate students on various sports medicinal principles and give them opportunities in which they are able to use what they learnWednesday Lunch at S204Suhas Velichalasuhasraov@gmail.comMrs.Goto
49Stitching Our SocietyStitching Our Society's purpose is to expose the students of Arcadia High School the different minority groups that make up the community including: seniors, disabled, and youth, in order to service our community and make aware their needs through arts and crafts.Wednesdays J-208Veronica Yuveronica74y@gmail.comMs. Leahy
50SADDStudents with mutual interests for SADD come together on campus to educate the student body in preventing the makings of destructive decisions, such as drunk driving and the use of drugs. Wednesday Lunch at A201Benjamin Yehyehbenjamin@yahoo.comJohnny Lee
51Student Sierra ClubThe purpose of SSC is to encourage students to love and preserve the environment by providing them with opportunities to experience its beauty firsthand.Friday's at C105Holly Lunghollyklung@yahoo.comMr. Eldridge
52Students Promoting LiteracyThe primary mission of the Student Promoting Literacy Club, an educational and charitable organization of Arcadia High School in Arcadia, California, is to promote literacy in its community and surrounding areas. Our members will accomplish this mission through many activities such as various fundraisers to help sponsor literacy events, book drives, helping children acquire a love of reading, advocating volunteerism in the Arcadia student body and developing a community awareness of illiteracy problems.C110 at lunch on ThursdayTimothy Yentimothyyen99@gmail.comMr. Woodin
53Taiwanese Appreciation ClubThe purpose of the club is to explore and appreciate Taiwanese culture. The club helps Taiwanese members build ethnic identity, and allows non-Taiwanese members to explore the roots of the Taiwanese heritage. Friday lunch in room H107Emily Wuemilywu11@gmail.comMr. Gerry Wang
54The Healthy Eating Initiative ClubThe Healthy Eating Initiative’s purpose is to promote and educate people on the importance of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. The Healthy Eating Initiative (HEI) is an international organization with the goal of encouraging a healthy lifestyle and increasing awareness regarding childhood nutrition. To this end, various chapters across the world, led by secondary school students, conduct bimonthly health and nutrition lessons at a local primary school. The purpose of our HEI chapter at Arcadia High School is to promote and educate elementary school students on the importance of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. With the full support of the executive leadership of the HEI, we are looking to implement a nutrition curriculum designed in collaboration with pediatricians. We also hope to enhance our chapter with various school-wide and community-wide activities.
F101, Every other MondayKaylynn Chenkaylynn.chen@hotmail.comChristine Ma
55VEX Robotics Club The purpose of this club is to give students a background in the STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The club encourages students to develop skills necessary for engineering related careers including design process, programming, robot building, troubleshooting, the use of Computer Aided Design programs and time management. In order to succeed, students will develop the following traits and achieve the following tasks:

a) Club members will learn how to work well in a team and on their own in order to achieve a
given task.
b) Club members will develop skills that are vital for STEM related careers.
c) Club members will complete a series of projects and attend competitions.
E103 at lunch Tuesday-ThursdayJennifer Chiang77jennifer77@gmail.comBill Chapman
56Young RepublicansThe purpose of Arcadia High School Young Republicans is to provide a meeting place for students interested in learning politics, expanding their friendship with others interested in politics, and participating in political events.
D111 LunchAndrew Qiandrew99qi@gmail.comPasqua
57Korean Culture ClubOur purpose is to spread Korean culture throughout campus. Many people are interested in Korean music, language, and more. Our club is the perfect club to learn more about Korean culture. Wednesday D208 LunchEunice Kimeunicekim1599@gmail.comMr Panza
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