IEUC18 MI Schedule 11.5.18 (CLIENT ACCESS)
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IEUC18 Michigan Session ScheduleDay 1 (Tuesday, November 13, 2018)
PathwayRooms7:00 - 8:158:30 - 9:4510:00 - 11:0011:15 - 12:1512:15 - 1:151:15 - 2:152:30 - 3:303:45 - 5:005:00 - 8:00
Amway Floor PlansWest ConcourseRegistrationRegistration
Ambassador Ballroom (430)BreakfastCEO Welcome & Keynote
(Kevin Honeycutt)
Featured Session
"Peripheral Learners"
(Kevin Honeycutt & Katie Sellstrom)
Lunch &
Vendor Mingle
Lightning Round,
Keynote: Lead from the Middle, Overview: Future of Product
Networking Reception @MoJo's
Crown Foyer (TBD)Exhibitor Area Open & Customer Engagement
Data Analysis & ReportingVandenburg B (51)Illuminate DnA for Beginners (Jennifer Hurst)Taking Action: Implementing MTSS with eduCLIMBER (Art Godin)Driving Action With Data in Your PLCs (Kate Pechacek)Introduction to Illuminate's BI Tool
(Franck Reyherme)
Data Analysis & ReportingGrand View BC (35)* Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Evaluating Assessments With DnA (Oakland Schools: Jonathan Flukes)* IRIPs in Illuminate: Working Smarter, Not Harder (Ingham ISD: Shelly Proebstle, Melissa Netzel, Laura Colligan)Data Driven Instruction for Teachers! (Kaitlyn Jackson)* Bend Illuminate to Your Will
(Troy School District: Jerome Ohnui)
Assessment Pearl (36)Let's Flex our Muscles With Illuminate's Flexible Assessment (Kim Foley)Itembank Assessment Creation for ELA Teachers (Jennifer Hurst)Creative Uses of Flexible Assessments for Personalized Learning (Katie Sellstrom)Grow Your Students Through Illuminate! (Beth Williams)
Assessment Emerald A (38)Learn all About our Skill's Assessments! (Kaitlyn Jackson)Assessing With a Purpose – Understanding the INSPECT Pre-builts (Kendall Hawkins & Ashley Klint)FAST Overview: Assessment (Dr. Chris Balow)Text-centric Formative Assessment With Quick Checks (Anne Kel-Artinian)
Data Analysis & ReportingEmerald B (50)Basic Custom Reporting:
Activate Your Data!!!
(Rick France)
Intermediate Custom Reporting: Unlocking Your Data With Form Letters (Rick France)Advanced Custom Reports - Where the Magic Happens! (Natalie Howell)Advanced Custom Reports - Grouping and Window Columns (Natalie Howell)
Innovating with IlluminateBerkey* Reducing Chronic Absenteeism With Illuminate DnA (Battle Creek: Mitch Fowler)Predicting Third Grade M-STEP Success Using Illuminate Modeling (James Fleming, Valerie Coffey, Mike Oswalt)Michigan User Implementation Panel (Kim Foley)DnA Gems Playground
(Valerie Coffey)
Innovating with IlluminateVandenburg A (51)* Tile Hacking- Create and Link Instructional Videos (Clare-Gladwin RESD: Joe Trommater)* IRIPs Made Easy with DnA (Oakland Schools: Steven Snead)* Making Teacher Evaluation Lemonade With Illuminate DnA (Battle Creek: Mitch Fowler)
MTSS/Whole Child/SEL (+eC)Grand View A (34)MTSS Stalled? Solving the Flaws in Your Implementation
(Dr. Chris Balow)
* Better Together: MTSS + Illuminate = Success (Westside Community: Karin Mussman)* From Implementation to Application: Collecting Data for the 'Whole Student' (Gratiot-Isabella RESD: Heidi Aldrich)Transforming Data Into Meaning and Action
(Dr. Alisabeth Shearn)
Leadership & CultureHeritage Hill (33)System Admin Tips & Tricks (Bob Green)Understanding Growth Data
(Dr. Alisabeth Shearn)
Practical Framework for Creating a Positive, Student-Centered Data Culture (Sarah Schepman & Lynn Ehlers)A Day in the Life of an "Illuminating" Principal (Jeff Ion)
Assessment Winchester (32)Quickly Build Itembank Assessments for Your Math Class (Kate Pechacek)Online Testing Updated Features (Krista Delk)Illuminate's Lightning Grader: Making Grading (Even Essays) Lightning Fast! (Elijah Stambaugh)Summary Assessments
(Krista Delk)
Leadership & CultureThornapple (45)Are you Maximizing Your DnA Project?
(Valerie Coffey)
* How to Pilot a Ship That has Already set Sail!
(Pickerington: Jena Cooper)
* Illuminate Impact Network: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (Ingham ISD: Jennifer Bricarell)Leveraging DnA for Equity in the Classroom (Kate Pechacek)
SUPPORT ROOMRubySupport Office Hours By Sign In (Bob Green, Jess Foddrill,
Norma Hackett)
Support Office Hours By Sign In (Bob Green, Jess Foddrill,
Norma Hackett)
Support Office Hours By Sign In (Bob Green, Jess Foddrill,
Norma Hackett)
Support Office Hours By Sign In (Bob Green, Jess Foddrill,
Norma Hackett)
ISIHaldane (41)Project Manage Your Master Schedule (James Fleming & Kendall Bakas)Become a Master Builder With Elementary Report Cards!
(Annie Stefano)
Dive Into Data Links!
(Annie Stefano)
Behavior 101
(Rick France)
ISENelsonDemystifying ISE Code Management & Custom Reporting Data
(Niki Sandy)
Documenting Proportionate Share for Students With IEPs for ISE/DnA Users
(St. Clair RESA: Cheryl A Borowski & Niki Sandy)
Dashboard Tiles: A Tool for Professional Learning (Ionia County ISD: Renee Thelen)Let's Review the MDR and FAPE Service Logs Features in Illuminate for ISE
(Niki Sandy)