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The clubs below are already active for the 2020-2021 school year. At the bottom of the page are additional campus clubs that have chosen to defer their activity until second semester, depending on the Covid-19 statutes. This list is under construction and more information will be added as it becomes available. When in doubt, however, contact the club advisers directly to request more information.
Academic World Questhttp://www.myersparkib.org/worldquest-team.htmlAcademic World Quest is a scholastic competition club that participates in an annual event called Worldquest hosted by World Affairs Council of CharlotteAlexander Stambuk & Sumner BroadfootMark JenkinsMark.jenkins@cms.k12.nc.usAcademic World Quest
Academic Team (Quizbowl)https://mpacademicteam.wixsite.com/quiz-bowlWe compete in multiple tournaments at the regional, state, and national level. The questions are grouped into categories that can range from being about Beethoven to the universal gravitational constant, all in an attempt to inspire a love of learning in students. As a club, we support the growth and spread of knowledge throughout all ages. We have made it to national level competitions multiple times, and plan to do so again.Andrew Parr, Sophomore, Team Captain
Molly Canipe, Sophomore, Secretary
James Elliot; Hannah Smithjames.elliott@cms.k12.nc.us; hannahe.smith@cms.k12.nc.us
Quizbowl ICC Video.mp4
Afro-Centric Student AssocaitionFailed to provide. This club allows all Africans, Afro-Latinx, and Afro-Caribbeans the opportunity to give back to their community in the Charlotte area, get them better equipped for a higher education, and raise cultural awareness on campus. Myers Park is huge, and sometimes your voice and capabilities, especially as a minority, can get lost among the crowd. At ASA we want to make our presence known by creating cultural events that “introduce”us to the school, while also educating others on our history. As most members would most likely be first generation immigrants, they would be the first in their family attending college or seeking higher education. College prep is difficult with no one their to help or guide you so I plan on creating SAT/ACT practice sessions, tutoring sessions, speakers and professors to come and go through the application process, possible campus tours etc. We’d also provide volunteer opportunities that target specifically the African community and create projects that would help further our cause. This club allows you to meet other people who are similar to you, who understand your struggles and background and is a safe space to find your individual voice and create long-life friendships.Club President: Ruth G’Slassie
Vice President: Tyzel Hayden
Secretary: Hannah Zeru
Financier: Jaden Gary
Kokougank Avos kokougank.avos@cms.k12.nc.usFailed to provide it.
Anglers Clubhttps://myersparkanglersclub.wixsite.com/websiteThe MPHS Angler Club’s mission is to create an accessible way to strengthen fly fishing abilities or learn how to fly fish entirely. We want give students from all backgrounds and classes the ability to fly fish, so we will supply students That need it with fly fishing gear free of charge. Not only do we fish, we also give to and raise money for local charities. Every year during the holidays we find 4-5 families in need and run canned food drives to supply them with full thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. We also have a toy drive to ensure that these families have gifts on Christmas Day. Another event held is the annual river clean up, where we usually go to freedom park and clean the creek running through the park so the fish have a better environment to live in. Our club helps the students that choose to join and our communities in need. Nicki Moore
Walker Smith
Liv McClintock
Avery Harrell
Liza Wolcot
Brian Hesterbrian.hester@cms.k12.nc.usAnglers Club
Battle of the Books (BoB)https://bit.ly/MPbob2020Participating students at Myers Park will read books from a list established by the North Carolina Battle of the Books committees and then compete in quiz-bowl-style tournaments to test their knowledge of these books. We will interact weekly and occasionally with other participating CMS High Schools.Julia Moy and Katherine WalshPatricia Parrishpatricial.parrish@cms.k12.nc.usBattle of the Books
Beds for Kidshttps://mphsbfk.wixsite.com/mysite"The reason we continue to do what we do is being able to see the look on the kids faces when they see their parents be able to pay for necessities and provide for them." This was one of the quotes frequently heard at each debrief after each volunteer workshop. Beds for Kids brings in the community to collaborate with one another in raising awareness for youth and family in Charlotte who are not as fortunate as many around us. Along with raising awareness, students volunteer first hand in the Beds for Kids warehouse, refurbishing the furniture and necessities for the youth.Co presidents- Laura Trochanowski and Abigail Adams
Vicepresident/secretaury: Stacy Apostolopoulos
Treasurer: caelyn Michael
Eric Dykes eric1.dykes@cms.k12.nc.usBeds For Kids
Best Buddieshttps://mpbestbuddies.wixsite.com/websiteBest Buddies is a club where students in mainstream classes are paired up with students in the EC program (students with disability’s and special needs). The goal is to make the EC students comfortable and let them know they have someone looking out for them and someone they can reach out to. There is a monthly party during fourth block normally on the last Friday of the month. The students are expected to communicate and keep in tough with their best buddies outside of the party and take them out to hang out with them.President- Chase Brown
Vice President- Leila McMillan
Secretary- Emma Claire Cantrell
Treasurer- Robbie Jarmyn
Buddy Director - Aaron Thames
Casey Millercaseyl.miller@cms.k12.nc.usBest Buddies
The Card Campaignhttps://sites.google.com/view/the-card-campaign/homeThe Card Campaign's main goal is to spread love and hope to all that we can. We do this by hosting card drives where we send letters to individuals that might need a little extra support. Each month, we will send cards through a different organization. Every card that we send will be handwritten. You don't have to be particularly crafty or creative, as long as you show up and do your part to help out! We hope that members of the club ask friends and family to donate cards and show up to as many meetings as they can. Co-presidents: Isabel Kakacek and Claire Mesibov
Junior Representatives : Molly Rudisill and Lily Grace Bailey
Andilyn WilliamsonAndilynk.Williamson@cms.k12.nc.us
Cargo for Combatcargoforcombatmphs.weebly.comOur mission for Cargo For Combat is to raise awareness about the importance of our military and their service around the world. We support our troops that serve our country by sending them supplies like toothbrushes, beef jerky, deodorant, and more!Rachel Earnhardt- co founder/ co president
Emma Kate McKeown- co founder/co president
Tilman Gates- treasurer
Thomas Hamiltonthomase.hamilton@cms.k12.nc.usCargo for Combat
Civitas ClubFailed to provide. Civitas is a political club that encourages civil discourse. Marshall Coley and Sadie Weiss founded this club because they felt that many students were not having there voices heard in political discussion. Last year, we had over 115 registered members and had meetings of over 60+ people. We held a voter registration drive and helped dozens of Myers Park students register to vote. The biggest mission of Civitas is to have Myers Park students feel comfortable to express there political opinions regardless of where they stand on issues.Sadie Weiss and Marshall ColeyJohn Colbertjohnl.colbert@cms.k12.nc.usFailed to provide.
Clothes For Changehttp://mpclothes4change.weebly.com/about.htmlClothes For Change is a non-profit organization that raises money for our scholarship, the
Clothes for Change Women of Vision scholarship fund, which awards funds to high-achieving low-income girls from Myers Park High School to attend Central Piedmont Community College. We also micro finance organizations both locally and globally that support women’s health, education, and empowerment.
Kimia Adibi 12— President
Kate Greelish 12— Vice President
Cate Dupuy 12— Secretary
Dylan McEldowney 12— Head of Design
Stella Rodriguez 12
Anna Snead 11
Anna Davis 11
Jennifer Osburnjenniferl.osburn@cms.k12.nc.usClothes for Change
Cookies for Kids Cancerhttps://8614260.wixsite.com/c4kc Cookies For Kids' cancer is a national non-profit organization raising awareness and funds to develop new and healthier ways to help kids across the country treat pediatric cancer. How Cookies For Kids' was started was when in 2007 Liam Witt was two years old diagnosed with cancer and his parents Larry and Gretchen decided to fund research for better ways to treat kids that were more safe. They raised money for this by getting 250 volunteers and baking 96,000 cookies raising $400,000, from this point on C4KC grew across the nation. I want to bring this club back to Myers Park again for many reasons but one of the main reasons is Grier Christenbury, Cookies For Kids' Cancer was introduced to my family by meeting Grier who at age 2 was diagnosed with cancer. When Grier was 8 he passed away, this was from the cancer and all the constant treatment. Grier would have been graduating with the class of 2023 at Myers Park which has sparked a lot of interest to start this club again as a lot of kids in the 2023 class knew him and still remember him fondly. The impacts this club will have on the school and the community are raising awareness and money to a group of dedicated doctors to help kids across the country to treat pediatric cancer. As well as create a community not only at Myers Park but Charlotte as a whole with a large group of people who can educate more people about the help that is needed.
Penny Valbuena
Ward Peterson
Chad Gronkic.groncki@cms.k12.nc.us.Cookies For Kids' Cancer
Creative Writting Clubbit.ly/30yenSuCreative Writing Club enhances students’ skills on the craft, providing a safe space to explore writing skills at all levels. Zan Maley, Senior, Co-President
Phoebe Hoover, Senior, Co-President.
Mackenzie Sheehanmackenzies.sheehan@cms.k12.nc.usCreative Writing
DECAhttps://sites.google.com/view/myers-park-deca/home?authuser=3 DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.Megan Leo, Gibson Kete, Tejas Patel, Caroline Mecia, Gigi Harthan, and Yamini SaggurthiRobert Cullip, Kim Edwards, Liz Neaverth, Matt Speas, & Jim Smithkimberly.edwards@cms.k12.nc.usDECA
eMPoweredhttps://saragracehazrin.wixsite.com/mysiteThe club eMPowered is an open forum club where students can come to discuss a variety of social issues that directly affect them. This was previously known as "Body Positivity club," however, we changed it for the 2019-2020 school year and want to continue with the changed name as we felt that the previous name didn't encompass everything the club stood for.Co-Presidents:
- Sara Junuzovic, rising senior
- Caramia Axland, rising senior
Katie Dunnkathryng.dunn@cms.k12.nc.useMPowered
Feed 42https://mphsfeed42.wixsite.com/feed42This school club that partners with the FEED Project to help feed the 42 million food insecure people around the U.S. This means that 42 million people, 16 million of them being children, do not know from where their next meal will come. Every $10 donated will provide 100 meals to our neighbors around the U.S. With the help of our hosts and guests at our parties, we will work to donate 25,000 meals this year.
Our club members are extremely passionate about food and believe that food has the capacity to create connections among all people, whether preparing or indulging in it. With your support, we have the ability to boost the availability of food for hundreds of people around the U.S.
Co Presidents: Cate Bundon (12) and Lexie Hinshaw (11)
Meal Logistics Chair: Logan Sullivan (10)
Design Chair: Gillian Morano (11)
Meal Logistics and Communication: Elliott Bradley (11)
Hannah Smithhannahe.smith@cms.k12.nc.usFeed 42
Fellas Acapellahttps://sites.google.com/student.cms.k12.nc.us/mphsfellasWe are an all male Acapella club in where we preform for all the MPHS CHOIR concerts but also around town at different events that appear for us George Drennen and Connor Lindsley Nicole Turskinicolee.turski@cms.k12.nc.usFellas Acapellas
Film Clubhttps://mpfilmclub.weebly.comThe main goal of Film Club is to write, shoot, and produce films. In this process we bring together a wide variety of students who all share a common interest in filmmaking. By engaging in club activities, students are able to express themselves, learn about film, and filmmaking. George Kernodle, Senior, Co-President
Henry Lindsay, Senior, Co-President
Connor Lindsley, Senior, Co-President
Xavier Carrisoza, Senior, Co-President
Bryant Crispb.crisp@cms.k12.nc.usFilm club
The Foundation for Tomorrowmphstfft.weebly.comThe Foundation For Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization based in Charlotte and started in 2006 whose goal is to secure quality education and emotional support for orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania by helping to ensure health and psychosocial support and life skills education. Unsupported orphaned and vulnerable children are two times more likely to drop out of school than non-orphaned children; TFFT believes that these factors should not determine an individual’s potential, and we work hard through fundraisers and awareness to ensure that these students will be able to reach their full potential.Cate DuPuy, 12th, Co-President
Liza Hill, 12th, Co-President
Anna Grupp, 12th, Vice President
Dylan McEldowney, 12th, Treasurer
Kyle Lumsden, 12th, Communications
Corrine Milam, 11th, Secretary
Hannah McGee, 10th, Marketing
Christopher St. Clairchristopher.stclair@cms.k12.nc.usThe foundation for tomorrow
Future is Now Charlottefutureisnowcharlotte.comFuture Is Now Charlotte is a student led organization working towards unification of the youth of Charlotte. Now more than ever there is an intense division growing across America between people of different backgrounds and ideologies. We want to bring people together in order to foster understanding and a greater sense of tolerance. Since 2019, FIN has allowed students of different high schools across CMS to find common ground through community service. We educate and inspire, working to combat local issues such as homelessness, limited social mobility, racial bigotry and barriers in education.Peyton Hippen, Junior, Co-President
Makayla Gathers, Junior, Co-President
Tommye Statontommye.staton@cms.k12.nc.usfuture is Now Charlotte
GSA (Genders & Sexualities Alliance)myersparkgsa.weebly.comAs leaders of the Genders and Sexualities Alliance, we aim to create a safe and educational space for our members to talk openly and learn about LGBT history and discrimation. In a school as large as Myers Park, it is easy for LGBT students to lack proper representation and guidance. Having a space for these students to learn more about their community and develop their own identities is not only beneficial, but necessary, especially for students whose lives outside of school lack support. I am currently a Sophomore, and this was my first year of leadership with the GSA. When I arrived as a Freshman, the seniors in charge of the club held around three club meetings the entire school year, and did very little to make our club known. My co-leaders and I realized that the well-being of LGBT youth at Myers Park would require a well-lead GSA, so we decided to take action. As leaders, we held meetings twice a month, and were often featured on the morning announcements for showcasing LGBT history. I am extremely proud of what we as a club have accomplished this year, and am looking forward to continuing this in the 2020-2021 school year. 1. Aidan Gardner, Rising Junior, Co-President
2. Peyton Hippen, Rising Junior, Co-President
Jeremy Shumpert & Amy Crewjeremye.shumpert@cms.k12.nc.us amym.crew@cms.k12.nc.usGSA (slide)
Habitat for Humanityhttps://mphabitat.weebly.com/Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds homes for those in need and provides affordable furniture and clothing. The mission statement is as follows: "Habitat homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. With your support, Habitat homeowners achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life for themselves and for their families."President- Matthew Bernard Vice President- David FoardVincent Campagnavincenta.campagna@cms.k12.nc.usHabitat For Humanity
Hands for Hollyhttps://mphshandsforholly.weebly.com/Our club is based on the Hands for Holly charity that was co-founded by 14-year old Holly Wade as she was battling brain cancer. The purpose of the club is to provide financial assistance to families in need who are caring for a child with cancer. The Hands for Holly club will work directly with the charity organization in order to eliminate cancer-related financial toxicity by providing the families with financial assistance. This club will help reduce stress for families in your school or community that are caring for a child with cancer.
Cecelia Coughlin- Co President Emily Holden- Co PresidentAlexandra Dow alexandrag.dow@cms.k12.nc.usHands for Holly
Hearts and CraftsWebsiteMission Statement: We craft and donate to bring love and creativity into our community.

Each month, we make a craft and donate our creations. During the 2019-2020 school year, we donated crafts to the Levine Children’s Hospital, Asbury Nursing Home, and Morrison Library. One of our favorite crafts is “bookmark making” because club members are able to create bookmarks that are unique. Another craft we enjoy is “jewelry kit assembling.” With regard to jewelry kit assembling, club members are able to customize bracelets. We donated the bracelets to the Levine Children’s Hospital. Additionally, before we donated the bracelets, we put extra string and beads in the “kits,” so patients could create their own bracelets. We love to craft because through this activity, we are able to foster positive relationships with members in our community.
2020-2021 Leadership:
- Co-President: Amelia Ho, Rising Senior
- Co-President: Caroline Kuhn, Rising Senior
- Vice President: Tan Kaushik, Rising Senior
- Treasurer: Ashley Ford, Rising Senior
- Secretary: Grace Santana, Rising Senior
- Communications Chairs: Lauren Tran, Paige Rydell (Both Lauren and Paige are Rising Juniors)
Andilyn Williamsonandilynk.williamson@cms.k12.nc.usHearts and Crafts
Hope for the Homelesshttps://mphsh4h.weebly.com/ Hope for the Homeless (H4H) is a club in which members help to raise money through fundraising to purchase SAT/ACT prep books for homeless/displaced youth staying at The Relatives Youth Crisis Center in Charlotte, NC. SAT/ACT prep books help to ensure students' success on their SATs/ACTs, thus helping students get into good colleges. Our goal is to secure educational success for homeless/displaced youth in Charlotte by helping to prepare them for their exams. SAT/ACT prep books are expensive and not readily available to displaced youth; H4H believes that living situations should not determine a student's potential. Club members will work hard to ensure that these students reach their full potential by supplying them with the materials they need. We will organize these materials by earning money through fun fundraisers throughout the school year.
Sara Trochanowski - 12 - President
Ann Corbett Saunders - 12 - Vice President
Cate Dupuy - 12 - Secretary
Isabel Atkins - 12 - Treasurer
Vidisha Mahajan - 12 - Media Manager
Saanchi Sampath - 12 - Volunteer Coordinator
Dylan McEldowney - 12 - Membership Chair
Susan Pittinarosusan.pittinaro@cms.k12.nc.usHope for the Homeless
HOSAhttps://mphshosaclub.weebly.com HOSA's mission statement states, "The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science education students, therefore, helping the student meet the needs of the health care community." Students work together with common interests of health through competitive events to explore their passion and learn more about the health community. We work to send lots of students to regionals, states, and hopefully worlds for their event interest, and even get recognized by the organization.
Kate Greelish (Co-President) 12th Grade
Elyza Tran (Co-President) 12th Grade
Krish Chellani (Vice-President) 11th Grade
Katherine Baloga (Senior Chair) 12th Grade
Mary Elizabeth Jonas (Junior Chair) 11th Grade
Katherine Duperier (Senior Chair) 12th Grade
Anthony Iusoanthony1.iuso@cms.k12.nc.usHOSA
IB Councilhttp://www.myersparkib.org/ib-student-council.htmlEvery IB/MYP student is welcome in IB Council. IB Council consists of 4 committees: mentoring, public service, emissaries, and giving back. Each serve a unique purpose to provide support and services to the MP community (students, parents, teachers, the IB program), and the Charlotte area. IB students who join may choose their committee and will help plan and orchestrate events throughout the year like tours, freshman nights, International Day, charity events (especially around the holidays), and providing mentoring to younger IB students. This club does require extra time and hard work but it is very rewarding!Jackie Granger - PresidentRoselyn Coyneroselynf.coyne@cms.k12.nc.usIB council
Interact Clubhttps://myersparkinteract.weebly.com/Interact is Rotary International's high school club and is a club that participates in service projects. Myers Park Interact is focused on helping people who are in need, whether they are in the Charlotte or all over the world. For example, for the previous few years Myers Park Interact has participated in the Carolina Student Hunger Drive. We are very passionate about the hunger drive because it feeds families in North and South Carolina and it has a huge impact on our community. Another service project Interact has been apart of is the Samaritan's Feet shoe drive. In addition to helping our own community, we were able to help other places around the world with Samaritan's Feet. Last year, Myers Park Interact and Samaritan's Feet partnered for a shoe drive, which donated shoes to people across the world. Interact impacts Myers Park by empowering it's students to help out people in need and volunteering within our community. Sammy Roncevich - 12 - Officer
Evelyn Beacham - 11 - Officer
Gavin McDermott - 11 - Officer
Anne Cullip and Robert Cullipanneh.cullip@cms.k12.nc.us robertg.cullip@cms.k12.nc.usInteract
Key Clubhttps://mphskeyclub.wixsite.com/keyclubKey Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to build service, character, and leadership skills. We promote leadership through serving others. We partner with both local and international organizations to help benefit both the Charlotte community, and world as a whole. Key Club has been serving others since 1925 and will will continue to help improve the lives of others by partnering with organizations such as UNICEF, Boys and Girls Homes, the Hospitality House of Charlotte, Loaves and Fishes, and Bright Blessings.Chloe Edwards (Rising 12th): President, Laine Nicholson (Rising 12th): Vice-President, Lilly Marie Sweet (Rising 12th): Treasurer, Kendall Beason (Rising 11th): Secretary, Vrinda Mahajan (Rising 10th): Editor, Martha Byrum (Rising 11th): Member Coordinator, Halle Earnhardt (Rising 12th): Volunteer CoordinatorAllyson Quillin & Julie Ruziska-Tiddyallyson1.quillin@cms.k12.nc.us; julie.ruziska-tiddy@cms.k12.nc.usKey Club
Kicks 4 Kidshttps://alexheffner4.wixsite.com/websiteTwo students gathering their peers and anyone else who is interested in helping, coming together to acquire new and used soccer gear for underprivileged kids. The gear will be donated to foundations like One7, Salvation Army, I am 24/7, and Peace Passers of Charlotte.

As students who have played for the Myers Park Varsity Soccer Team for two seasons already, we know how impactful the "beautiful game" can be to anyone. We want to make sure that those who are not able to purchase the gear necessary for soccer are able to obtain it. Soccer is a sport that should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of your limitations concerning gear or apparel. Our mission is to help those who need soccer gear so that they can enjoy the game of soccer as much as anyone else can.
Alex Hefner- co- founder David Blair- co founderThomas Stokes Lairdthomass.laird@cms.k12.nc.usKicks 4 Kids
KIVA mpkiva.weebly.comKiva Club uses the Kiva platform to give microloans to the needy throughout the world. Kiva is an international nonprofit organization that seeks to provide people around the world with a reliable banking loan service they might not have otherwise. By lending instead of donating, we create more financial stability and are able to help more people with less. Whether it is to help build a house or purchase food for a family in need, our mission is to give back to those who need help. Through fundraisers and donations, we are able to supply loans to those who have need. Charlie Modesitt, senior, Co-president. Keegan Bader, senior, Co-president. Zeke Schmitz, senior, Vice President. Charlie Robinson, senior, secretary. Zachary Gardner, senior, lending coordinator. Charlie Euripides, sophomore, social media chair. Christopher St. Clairchristopher.stclair@cms.k12.nc.usKiva Club
Latin Clubhttps://sites.google.com/student.cms.k12.nc.us/latinclub/We help students gain a deeper understanding of the Latin language and Roman culture. We also prepare for competitions and tests. We have been around as long as there has been a Latin program.Caroline Cox (pres) 11
Yamini Saggurthi (pres) 11
Isabel kakacek (vp) 11
Mac Viser (secretary) 11
Haley Atkins (social media expert) 11
Cooper Owens (treasurer) 11
John Kelly (junior rep) 11
Priscilla Atkins (vp) 11
Christopher Cudabacchristopherg.cudabac@cms.k12.nc.us
The LEARN Clubhttps://mphslearnclub6.webnode.com/contact/The LEARN Club (Listen, Educate, Act, Respond, Now) educates members on various issues of injustice and oppression. One topic, like mass incarceration, the foundations of modern-day segregation, or the AIDS epidemic, is covered for two months. During these two months, there would be an assigned book to read and a movie to watch, with additional articles and videos to develop a nuanced view of the issue. In the final week devoted to the topic, there would be a culminating discussion in which members would try and have an open conversation about what they have learned. Speakers, who either worked in fields of social justice or were experts on the topics we have learned about, would also come in to continue to help us develop our understanding of the topic. Our mission is to create an open community for discussion, understanding, and honesty. Now, more than ever, we need to provide a welcoming space that isn't dominated by debating right or wrong, but instead one that is based around the tenet of the power of listening and learning. The power to listen and learn is one that we must continue to develop as our society changes and searches for the solutions to its problems, and we can only do that in an open, honest space that we hope to provide.Katarina Sparling and Eleanor DeanTommye Statontommye.staton@cms.k12.nc.us
Magic Bushttps://mphsmagicbus.weebly.comMagic Bus is a nonprofit that empowers at-risk youth and children in South Asia to break the cycle of poverty by graduating school and by gaining the skills needed for a stable job. Their mission is take children and young adults on a journey from a childhood of abject poverty and challenges such as child marriage and child labor, to a fulfilling life with a respectable livelihood. This organization has helped over one million people in South Asia. Magic Bus' vision is a world where children break out of poverty and lead fulfilling, rewarding lives, contributing positively to their community and to the world around them. At MPHS, we work with this amazing organization as we help raise money through fundraisers, spread awareness through events and social media, introduce one in a lifetime opportunities brought by Magic Bus, and complete creative arts and crafts that is all given to the children who are a part of Magic Bus programs. Through our clubs activities, we are not only making an impact on the children in South Asia, but we are also growing as individuals as we learn and embrace knowledge about this new, unfamiliar world. The Magic Bus Club is dedicated to making a change in our global community and giving back to children from these underserved communities.sident: Vidisha Mahajan
Co-president: Claire Porier
Vice President: Morgan Lee
Secretary: Sara Trochanowski
Treasurer: Brenna Kelly
Media Manager: Anna Grupp
Volunteer coordinator: Liv McClintock
Jacklyn Fosterjacklynl.foster@cms.k12.nc.usMagic Bus Club
Model United Nationshttps://peytonmasilun.wixsite.com/mpmodelunitednations Model United Nations is a club in which high schoolers simulate the United Nations and its committees in formal conferences. Conferences allow students a chance to become confident public speakers and to bond with their peers. Through the authorship of resolutions and speeches students learn research skills and critical thinking. Through an exploration of international policy and humanitarian causes, students develop knowledge necessary to become global citizens.Stella Ervin/12th grade/Secretary-General
Jake Sapp/12th grade/Under Secretary-General
Tyler lloydetylera.lloyd@cms.k12.nc.usModel United Nations
MPHS Black Student Unionhttps://mpbsu.weebly.com/The Black Student Union will address issues like education equity and the lack of cultural awareness while creating a space where students can embrace their culture and feel unified within the entire school. It is a perfect way to increase communication with the underrepresented part of the school community, and create a more unified campus. The Black Student Union will promote a positive image of black people, enhance understanding, and increase diversity inclusion by hosting events that educate the entire student body. It will also influence school policy when it comes to race related issues at the school. The BSU will provide students with a place to have their voices heard and to feel supported throughout and beyond their high school career.President: Makayla Gathers (11) Vice President Olivia PettisTiffany Fele & Brian Freelandtiffany1.fele@cms.k12.nc.us; brian.freeland@cms.k12.nc.usMPHS Black Student Union
Myers Park Bluegrass Clubhttps://mpbluegrass.weebly.com//The Myers Park Bluegrass Club creates a warm and inviting environment for the development and enjoyment of young musicians. Focusing primarily on traditional bluegrass, as well as popular Americana music, the band practices to gain an understanding of musical techniques and the ways a band can function. The club is also a place for creative expression, both in the learning of new instruments, and of trying out new music in a social setting.Brain RamseyMark Jenkinsmark.jenkins@cms.k12.nc.usBluegrass
Myers Park C.S. Honor Society (Computer Science)

The Computer Science National Honors Society helps people on and off campus for the development of coding knowledge throughout the community. We do this so that people can be more knowledgeable in coding, as it is a thriving career. We teach people ranging from elementary school children all the way up through high school.Andrew Parr-Co-leader
Caroline Mecia - Co-leader
Joshua Edwards
Lorcan Welton
Shoufen Jacobson & Gregory Gieseshoufena.jacobson@cms.k12.nc.us / gregoryt.giese@cms.k12.nc.usComputer National Honors Society
NMAR (North Meck Animal Rescue)http://www.myersparknmar.comOur club's goal is to support, raise money and awareness for the local non-profit North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue (NMAR). The non-profit organization was founded to help rescue animals and find them a loving home. Our club will hold a variety of fundraisers to assist NMAR. In addition to raising funds, we will volunteer in events hosted by NMAR such as their Cinco de Puppo 5k Run/Walk. North Meck is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue in Charlotte, NC helping to end pet abandonment, abuse, and neglect.Patrick Ingalls-11th
Artiene Talebi-11th
Anne Owenselizabeth.owens@cms.k12.nc.usMPNMAR
Odyssey of the Mindmyersparkom.weebly.comMyers Park Odyssey of the Mind is part of an international creative problem solving competition. For years, MPOM has represented our school at World Finals competitions. We continue this legacy by prepping several teams all school year for spring competition season: where long term solutions and on the spot thinking is put to the test. Individuals who participate in OOTM teams grow in their creativity, collaboration, artistic, performance, and critical thinking skills. We do OOTM to cultivate both fun and the next generation of creative problem solvers. Bettye Tish, rising senior, co-president
Peyton Masilun, rising senior, co-president
Ed Flynned.flynn@cms.k12.nc.usMPOM
Philosophy Clubhttps://myersparkphilosophy.weebly.comPhilosophy quite literally means "love of wisdom," and that's what you'll find in this club. Philosophy club is a space to discuss, debate, and delve into all the heavy questions that characterize our existence from Descartes' radical doubt to Kant's rigid moral principles. You don't need to know philosophy to engage in it; if you're interested, just come ready to think and learn.President: Ely Altman. Senior
Vice President: Dean Ervin. Senior
Mark Jenkinsmark.jenkins@cms.k12.nc.us
Rocket Girls--Ladies Who Launch
Rocket Girls is a club with a mission to empower and inspire young women to pursue careers in STEM with confidence through a collaborative, encouraging, and fun environment. We jointly construct small and large scale rockets throughout the year to showcase at an end-of-year launch with the goal being to give our members the confidence to push themselves and succeed in careers primarily dominated by men. Cleo Shannon - President - Senior
Sarah Stolar - Vice President - Senior
Laura Armstronglaurae.armstrong@cms.k12.nc.usRocket Girls
The Salliesmphssallies.weebly.comSallies is an all girl a capella group and one of the oldest clubs at Myers Park. Our twelve members meet weekly to learn and rehearse arrangements that we perform throughout the year at events both on and off campus. In the past, some of our events have included opening for the UNC Clef Hangers concerts, caroling at the holidays, benefit concerts and galas, etc. Our goal is to create a supportive space to make music and give back to our community together while having fun!Katherine Baloga (12) - Co-President
Bettye Tish (12) - Co-President
Nicole Turskinicolee.turski@cms.k12.nc.usSallies
Science Olympiadhttps://sites.google.com/view/myersparkscienceolympiad/homeScience Olympiad is a team competition in which students compete in 23 events pertaining to various scientific fields, including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Events can be test-based, lab-based, or involved building a piece of equipment. It is designed to promote creativity and problem solving in science, as well as encourage students to study topics outside of the classroom.Mohnish Behera (co-president) Evelyn Ahdieh (co-president)Susan Pittinarosusan.pittinaro@cms.k12.nc.usScience Olympiad
Showing up for Racial Justice at MPhttps://sites.google.com/view/surjmp/homeShowing Up For Racial Justice is a national organization of groups and individuals working to undermine white supremacy and promote racial justice. Through community organizing, mobilizing, and education, SURJ moves white people to act as part of a multi-racial majority for justice with passion and accountability. One of the main principles of SURJ is to amplify the voices of people of color and educate white people through the amplification of those voices. In order to amplify voices of people of color, chapters hold information sessions in which guest speakers attend and educate members of SURJ. In addition, SURJ works to unite white people and people of color by organizing town halls and webinars monthly via zoom. Most importantly, SURJ focuses on making effective reform in our nation through direct action across the United States. This direct action includes forming petitions, protesting and calling local representatives. In order to bring the values and principles of SURJ to our school, I believe the first step is to create a club at Myers Park. Defeating systemic racism and the negative impact it has on people of color ought to be a priority in the Myers Park community in order to assure that our students and staff are treated with equal respect regardless of the color of their skin. Within this club, I plan to have a diverse group of members representing all voices, backgrounds and perspectives. Membership will be gained through spreading awareness via social media, formatting contact lists and connecting with administration throughout the summer. Once the club launches, we will focus on three visions: amplifying the voices of people of color in our school, identifying racism in our school and promoting equality in our school. These three visions will be achieved by implementing a structured approach to the club. Specifically, I plan to design a safe and nonviolent club environment in which all students feel confident participating and engaging in activities and conversations. During each meeting we will look into a racial issue facing our society, breakdown its impact on our community and plan an effective action we can take to defeat that racial issue. For instance, If we discussed the use of racial slurs and identified the negative impact they had on the community we could take an action step such as contacting local representatives to express our concern, creating a petition to decrease the use of racial slurs or create an informative message through social media. This is just one example of how I believe we can truly make an impact on Myers Park. Catherine Reddin, Senior, President
Kyle Lumsden, Senior, Vice President
Susan Pittinarosusan.pittinaro@cms.k12.nc.usSURJ
Speech and Debatehttp://mpspeechanddebate.weebly.comThe purpose of speech and debate programs is to teach young people the skills necessary to communicate clearly and effectively in the modern world. Communication involves a whole range of skills including speaking, listening, analyzing, evaluating and questioning. Speaking events are designed to describe, instruct, interpret, persuade and entertain. Debate events are designed to look at current issues and analyze, evaluate and convince the listener of the merits of one side or another.

The Myers Park Speech and Debate Team showcases intellectual excellence, allows Charlotte’s future leaders to hone the skills necessary for leadership, rewards effective research skills, and the teaches students to create logical arguments and defend them in a variety of debate formats.
Daniel Wartham, Margaret Bolt, Sebastian HartleyKatie Dunnkathryng.dunn@cms.k12.nc.usSpeech and Debate
Stable Connectionshttps://sites.google.com/student.cms.k12.nc.us/mphsstableconnections/homeStable Connections is a club designed to ease transfer students' transition into the Myers Park community. By connecting incoming students with like-minded peers through our buddy system, we hope to make students feel welcome as they adapt to Myers Park. The connections made through this club serve to strengthen the sense of inclusivity and community throughout the school.Stella Ervin/12th/Leadership council
Fenley Hamilton/12th/Leadership council
Tracy Zornowtracy.zornow@cms.k12.nc.usStable Connections
Students Demand Actionhttps://studentsdemandaction.weebly.commStudents Demand Action is an initiative of Everytown for Gun Safety, was created by and for teens and young adults, to help engage the power, energy and creativity of high school and college students in the fight against gun violence. We participate in local marches, monthly meetings and voter registration movements. This was started alongside Moms Demand Action, after so many innocents live were taken in both schools and communities due to a lack of gun control. End Gun Violence!Kyle Lumsden (president), Madison Moss, (President), Dani Kessler (Media), Charlotte Stewart/ Claire Sasser (Secretary)Jessica Leejessica1.lee@cms.k12.nc.us Students Demand Action
Team Tonkahttps://teamtonkamphs.weebly.comTeam Tonka is a club to raise awareness about the visually impaired in our community. We teach the basics of braille to club members, the method the blind use to read and write, as well as information about guide dogs and braille technology. The inspiration for our club came from one of our co-president's, Camila Carvajal, journey to getting a guide dog. In 2016, we raised over 13,000 dollars to help cover the costs of the guide dog and training program Camila wished to participate in. After catching the eye of a different guide dog organization, Camila received "Tonka" for free and we donated the rest of the money to a guide dog organization of Camila's choosing to help other blind people get guide dogs in the future. While raising the money, Camila and I found the idea of spreading awareness about the unknown costs, training, and partnership related to guide dogs and braille in general. Starting this club seemed like a perfect way to do that. Megan Merritt (rising senior): Co-President
Camila Carvajal (rising senior): Co-President
Nicole Musenicole.muse@cms.k12.nc.usTeam Tonka
Teens for Courage A club that spreads awareness towards intimate partner violence, provides resources for those affected, and volunteers at various Charlotte-based organizations. Co-President- Phoebe Hoover, Senior
Co President- Hank Lindsay
Co-President- Connor Lindsley
Monika Tubbmonikal.tubb@cms.k12.nc.usTeens for Courage
Think Pink Cancer Clubhttps://thinkpinkcancer.weebly.com/Partners with the Pink House/Carolina Breast Friends to raise money and get volunteers for events as well as help around. This club will consist of fundraisers to help raise money and educate and bring awareness of breast cancer to students. Co-President: Sydney Del sordo, Junior
Co-President: Maggie Emmons, Junior
Anne Toth anne.toth@cms.k12.nc.usMP Think Pink
TRI-M Music Honor Societyhttps://sites.google.com/cms.k12.nc.us/myersparkorchestras/tri-m-music-honor-society?authuser=0Tri-M National Music Honor Society is dedicated to scholarship, music, and leadership. It is composed of members of the band, orchestra, and chorus who are committed to serving their community through music and promoting a sense of camaraderie amongst MP Performing Arts students.Brian Ratledge - President
Abby Roselli - Vice President
Nourhan Abdelrahman - Secretary
Caroline Cox- Treasurer
Madison Lastoria- Band Rep
Katherine Baloga - Chorus Rep
Valerie Salazar - Orchestra Rep
Felicia Sinkfeliciak.sink@cms.k12.nc.usTRI-M Video
Triple A Clubhttps://tripleaclub.wixsite.com/websiteThe Alzheimer's Advocacy and Action club (Triple A club for short) spreads awareness about Alzheimer's disease, volunteers at local retirement homes, and participates/hosts events to fund Alzheimer's research. Both of the co-presidents, Evelyn and I (Emsley), have had close friends and/or family members with Alzheimer's disease. We would like to do as much as we can to help find a cure and provide a place where interested students may come together. We plan to have two piano recitals annually at the Summit Place of South Park Retirement Home (across the street from the school), visit local retirement homes on a quarterly basis, participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer's hosted by the Alzheimer's Association, and plan one additional event. All fundraising proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association. The Alzheimer's Association provides a helpline, research updates, fundraising events, and other general information related to Alzheimer's disease. The Triple A club will support the Alzheimer's Association by participating in their events, as well as donating all proceeds directly to their foundation. Locally, the Triple A club is focused on bringing joy to people with Alzheimer's, and raising awareness about the disease both on and off campus.Emsley Jones, 11: Founder/Co-president
Evelyn Beacham, 11: Co-president
Katherine WrightKatherinee.wright@cms.k12.nc.usTriple A Club
Tutoring ABC'shttps://mphsabctutoring.weebly.comThe club "Tutoring ABCs" would be in partnership with the YWCA Afterschool Program at Billingsville Elementary. The club name "Tutoring ABCs" stands for "Tutoring Afterschool Billingsville Children." Establishing this club at Myers Park would allow students to work one on one with elementary students that struggle with reading, writing, or math. A national study released in 2019 found that one in six children who are not reading proficiently in third grade do not graduate from high school on time, a rate four times greater than that for proficient readers. Sadly, in 2017, 82% of the 3rd-grade students at Billingsville Elementary scored a 2 or below on their Reading EOG. In light of these scores, the afterschool program, which is currently run by two Billingsville teachers, is in desperate need of additional volunteers. On average there are between an estimated 35-40 K-2nd grade children in the program daily. In other words, these children need more attention than these two adults can currently provide. "Tutoring ABCS" would establish more focused learning for these at-risk students. At the same time, the club would help form meaningful relationships between current Myers Park students and future Myers Park students. Providing these impressionable children with valuable role models increases their chances of succeeding in their future educational path. Since 8th grade, I have been volunteering with the YWCA Afterschool Program weekly. This service project is very close to my heart because of how disconnected I feel from the Billingsville community despite being extremely close in proximity. "Tutoring ABCs" would help combat this "distance" many Myers Park students feel towards the Grier Heights community.Co-Presidents: Sophie Slayden (12th) and Clayton Odell (12th)
Vice President: Liz Royals (12th)
Secretary: Mason Shelley (12th)
Volunteer Recruitment: Lila Slayden (10th)
Katherine Wrightkatherinee.wright@cms.k12.nc.usTutoring ABC's
Unified Championshttps://tinyurl.com/myersparkucUnified Champions was created to help create a sense of community between those in the special education program and the student body. As a club we work to create a fun, loving, and welcoming atmosphere to all who join and participate. The Unified Champions club works hard to promote open mindedness and decrease stigma surrounding those within the special education program. Allison Markert (12)- President
Heide Emmanuel (11)- Co-President
Adriana Garcia (11)- Co-President
Vicky Koukoutsis (11)- Communications Manager
Julia Leise (12)- Secretary
Stella Smolowitz (11)- Treasurer
Wanda SowellWanda.sowell@cms.k12.nc.usUnified Champions
Wake Up!https://elancerio.weebly.com/wakeup-student-empowerment-group.htmlWe are a Myers Park High School empowerment group that gives an opportunity to address ongoing issues in the CMS system and Charlotte as a whole. We choose an issue and research it thoroughly throughout the year. At the end of the year, we host a summit to present our findings and interpretation of our research to community members.Co presidents: Molly Canipe and Miranda WilsonThomas Bucky McCarleythomas.mccarley@cms.k12.nc.usWakeUp
Yarn Heroshttps://yarnheroes.weebly.comOur organization is called Yarn Heroes, and our goal is to bring a fun, stress relieving, educational club where members can join their friends and learn how to knit and crochet. Sullivan Dill, rising senior, Co-President
Abby Barton, rising sophomore, Co-President
Andilyn WilliamsAndilynk.williamson@cms.k12.nc.usYarn Heros
Young Democratsmpdems.weebly.comYoung Democrats is a club for politically-minded students interested in current events, campaign organizing, and local government. Our club volunteers with local politicians, debates political issues, and discusses what it means to be a Democrat. In this club, you will learn more about government/politics and get the opportunity to advocate for your beliefs. Co-Presidents: Miranda Wilson and Ben Copeland
Community Outreach Manager: Stella Ervin
Club Logistics Manager: Will Marler
Secretary: Ely Altman
Roselyn Coyneroselynf.coyne@cms.k12.nc.usYoung Democrats
Young Lifehttps://myersparkyl.wixsite.com/mysiteThe Young Life mission statement is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. Every Monday night, Club is held. There, kids get together with Young Life leaders to play games and sing songs; at the end of club, there is a short message about Jesus. On Wednesday mornings, Campaigners is held. This is where kids can come together with their leaders to study the Bible together. Along with weekly meetings, YoungLife offers weekend camps throughout the school year, and week long camps over the summer, to continue the ministry of sharing the Gospel. Young Life was founded in 1941 in Colorado by a man named Jim Rayburn. He wanted to make the Gospel accessible and intriguiging to kids, and to allow them to have their own response to it. Ella Piatt, Grade 12, President.
Amelia Fisher, Grade 11, Vice President.
Arthur Baumarthurr.baum@cms.k12.nc.usYoung Life
Your Words Can Hurt https://yourwordscanhurtmp.weebly.com/Your words can Hurt is a life and anti bullying based club that teaches members what words can do and how important it is to see the world around you. We have many opportunities to earn service hours. This club is important because Myers Park should come together as a community because it is spread apart. We do many service opportunities to show students the world around them so people can be sympathetic and understand others better as well as showing real life. We believe this can build life long friendships. It is important to show the community that we care because at the end of the day we should be helping each other.This is a new club for myers park. But I have been doing this club out-of-school and want to bring it into myers park.President: Simran Malik 10th
Secretary: Cason Kiger 10th
secretary: Jake Brumfield 11th
Janna Kieferjanna.kiefer@cms.k12.nc.usYour Words can Hurt
The clubs below have deferred their active status until the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year.
The Burrito Bikershttps://burritobikers.wixsite.com/burritoWe support a local organization that supports Charlotte's homeless population. They make breakfast burritos that are biked uptown on Sunday mornings, delivering to those who need them. In order to support Charlotte's Burrito Bikers, we host monthly events including the making or delivery of the burritos, fundraising, or by supporting Charlotte's local homeless population by making gift bags or making breakfast at Samaritan House. Harrison Bobbitt, Massie Flippin (President)
Patrick Ingalls (Vice President)
Molly Adams, Allie Packard (Treasurer)
Cole Peoples, Sophia Libre (Secretary)
Marlowe Henderson (Community Outreach)
TBDBurrito Bikers
Chinese/Chinese Chess Clubwww.mphschineseclub.weebly.comOur mission is to increase interest and educate others on the impact of learning the Chinese language, as well as introducing others to the Chinese culture and its unique qualities AND a club where students will learn how to play XiangQi, the Chinese game of chess. This game teaches strategy and encourages critical thinking in all situations. President- Sarah Rogers; President- Mason HarkleroadJiamin Zhang & Roselyn Coynejiamin1.zhang@cms.k12.nc.us roselynf.coyne@cms.k12.nc.us
Dogs for HuamnityDogs for Humanity is a club dedicated to the Humane Society of Charlotte which is an organization dedicated to dogs and cats who need a home and a safe place to stay before a permanent home. This club will be raising money for the shelter which goes to supplies and resources needed to make the shelter a safe environment for dogs and cats. We will be raising the money by making dog treats and customizing dog bowls and selling them to dog owners. We will also encourage MPHS students to become a permanent volunteer at the local shelter, HSC by attending training sessions to learn how to do maintenance around the shelter and learn how to walk the dogs currently staying at the shelter. President- Stuart Jarrell
Vice President- Fenley Hamilton
Public Relations - David Giardi
Secretary- Allie Castleman
Treasurer - Marcie Bernard
Laura Armstrong laurae.armstrong@cms.k12.nc.us
FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)FBLA- inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences. Chidimma Umerah 11th PresidentShannon Greenshannonm.sharpe@cms.k12.nc.us
Fifth Quarter ClubThe Fifth Quarter Club is a club that was founded in 2016 by a group of Myers Park students who made it a priority to help keep our school campus clean. In this club, members stay after each home football game to clean up trash that is leftover. We do this to help minimize the time that it takes for the janitorial staff to clean up after these games, which can take hours. We also do this to play our part in trying to help the environment. The major impact that this club provides is in helping the staff at Myers Park as well as trying to keep the school clean. Abby Royle: 12th grade, Co-president
Katherine Harden: 12th grade, Co-president
Mark Harmanmark.harman@cms.k12.nc.us
The Glean ProjectGleaning is harvesting leftover crops from a farm that would've otherwise gone to waste, and donating it to soup kitchens in your community. To ensure that they produce enough, farmers grow much more crop than they need to sell. What is leftover after harvest is recycled back into the soil. Our club finds farmers who will open their fields to gleaners after their harvest. After we harvest the leftover crop, the surplus is then donated to a soup kitchen that serves our food insecure neighbors. Co-presidents: Evelyn Beacham, Corrine Milam, Caroline DolanElizabeth Immelelizabetha.immel@cms.k12.nc.us
The Humane Clubhttps://humaneleaguemphs.wixsite.com/mphsWe are an animal activism group affiliated with the Humane League and the Humane Society. We attend rallies, protests, and other events that work to stop the suffering of all animals in our community and around the world, whether they be pets such as dogs and cats, farm animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens, or animals used for entertainment such as elephants and tigers. We also work to educate club members and other Myers Park students about what they can do to help animals. Anyone can join whether they are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or an omnivore. Drake Hair (Rising Senior) - Co-Leader
Camila Rodriguez (Rising Senior) - Co-Leader
Mekaiel Khan (Rising Senior) - Co-Leader
Moriah Campbell (Rising Senior) - Co-Leader
Larsen AAssar (Rising Senior) - Co-Leader
Shundra Allisonshundraw.allison@cms.k12.nc.us
Fostering Friendshipshttps://fosteringfriendships.wixsite.com/fostfriendsThis club was created in the interest of raising awareness about what the Foster Care system is on the Myers Park campus. We are a club that holds fundraisers throughout the school year and has volunteer opportunities through the year. Our club is partnered with the non-profit Youth Villages which is an organization that works with kids in the foster care system to provide them resources and helps them learn life skills for when they age out. Fostering Friendships provides an impact on the school and individuals who participate in it because it brings attention to a topic that many don't think about. We get to have an impact on our community by helping other non-profits with the money raised from our fundraisers and the volunteering we do. One of our clubs favorite volunteer opportunities that we have been able to help out at was Adoption Day which was held at the court house to celebrate all the kids who have been adopted from the system that prior year.President/Creator- Addison Higgins
Co-President- Caroline Mecia
VP/Treasurer- Jeanne Coffelt
Scott Morganscottw.morgan@cms.k12.nc.us
Love for the Elderly Love For The Elderly is a non-profit organization that sends letters to different nursing homes around the world. The goal is to make the elderly feel loved and appreciated by receiving written letters. As a club, we send out written letters to the organization and from there, they are sent to nursing homes. This allows people to connect with elders on a deeper level. This organization was started in 2013 by Jacob Cramer and Myers Park is one of Love For The Elderly's Chapters. Quinn Simcox- Co president
Rachel Earnhardt- Co president
Jessica Brumleyjessicaa.brumley@cms.k12.nc.us
Make-A-Wish ClubThe Myers Park Make-A-Wish Club focuses on raising awarenesses and fundraising for our local Make-A-Wish Central and Western North Carolina Chapter. The goal of Make-A-Wish is to grant "wishes" for kids with critical illnesses. As a member of the club, you will get to spread the powerful message of hope and positivity, as well as participate in fun and empowering service events. Keep wishing!
Co-Presidents: Annie Vedder and Miranda Wilson
Vice President and Director of Fundraising: Ashton Walthall
Secretary: Catherine Reddin
Katie Dunnkathryng.dunn@cms.k12.nc.us
Metro Buddies I'm partnering with Metro futbol club to create Metro-buddies (name still in progress). Metro-buddies will be a club anyone can join even if I don't know them and won't be so much about soccer but about helping the youth in places where they aren't as privleged as some of us are at Myers Park High School. I have already been volunteering at metro for a year and they are always looking for new people to help out. The idea is that you go and read with a group of children that might not be grasping the english language as well as other children there age. Its a after school program so they all still go to a public school but most of them are of hispanic background and for one reason or another are falling behind in the English subject. I really have enjoyed going for an hour everyday for the last schoolyear and reading to the kids and letting them read to me because its actually really fun to be around most of them. It becomes very clear which children have good parents and which ones have bad influences but thats besides the point. I want to make this club because I want more people to experience the humbling feelings volunteering with these super cool kids can bring. I hope that my club is approved and that my previous answers to questions like not having a advisor won't stop Metro-buddies from seeing the light!
Thanks so much,
Jack Kadis
Founder/President/ - Jack Kadis Founder/Vice President/ - Jack McninchMitchel Virgiliomitchelm.virgilio@cms.k12.nc.us
Math Honor Soceity - Mu Alpha ThetaWe promote the learning of higher level math and encourage students to succeed in their math classes to further help others in their community. We have mandatory tutoring sessions that members must participate in helping struggling students at Myers Park. As well as mandatory community and service done at Selwyn that helps elementary students with math. Cecilia Chavez- President Catherine Vealecatherinem.veale@cms.k12.nc.us
Mustang's InspiredMustang's Inspired is a club that will allow students to involve themselves in the community through volunteering, fundraising, and gaining leadership skills. The club will work with multiple cancer research and fundraising organizations to help change the lives of their patients and spread the awareness about cancer research. Our goal is to bring positivity and inspiration to patients and families battling cancer as well. We hope that Mustangs Inspired will allow students easy access to many opportunities that will involve them in community. This will allow us to complete our goal of helping patients and families battling cancer because we would like to make an impact on those who need us most. We have gone through fundraising and working with organizations like The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and The Pink House, and we hope to continue and expand our work with these organizations. Co-Presidents: Leila Chiddick (12th Grade) & Emma Malak (12th Grade)
Vice President: Kaitlyn Kreth (12th Grade)
Secretary & Treasurer: Abby Royle (12th Grade)
Kelly Schwippertkellya.schwippert@cms.k12.nc.us
Recycling ClubStudents can help the environment by recycling and teaching others how to help too. Since the items in the recycling bins aren’t actually recycled we have to help out and do it.Nikita Rawat (president)
Lora Henley (vice president)
Andilyn Williamsonandilynk.williamson@cms.k12.nc.us
Running WorksRunningWorks is a program that helps the homeless in the Charlotte area find jobs, find housing, teaches life skills, and helps with physical and mental well being. Our club volunteers at races in which RunningWorks host and is a beneficiary from. We will also fundraise and participate in some of their activities. Everything we do will help the homeless in our communities and help spread awareness of homelessness in the Myers Park area.Emmett O'Neill - President
Brendan O'Neill - Vice President
Leo O'Neill - Treasurer
Sign LanguageThe Sign language club teaches basic sign language so that people can communicate with the deaf community. It is so important to make sure everyone feels involved in the community. By teaching sign language this gives an opportunity for students to connect and have a conversation with the deaf community. The deaf community normally feels like they have no one to talk to. But teaching students ASL will give them an opportunity to talk to them. Rupal Sharma- 12th grade- Co President
Stella Stephens - 12th grade- Co President
Raymond Marchan raymond.marchan@cms.k12.nc.us
SOARThe SOAR club used to be a club at Myers Park but once the leaders graduated it fell through. This program gives students the opportunity to tutor, help, and volunteer for underprivileged children in lower class areas. Most of these areas the students would participate in are very understaffed and need our help in their after school programs.This is not only beneficial to the students of Myers Park, but it will greatly impact the community in need. In the past our volunteers have helped out once a week for about two hours, but the schooling communities our still in need of our help. Bringing back this wonderful club to Myers Park will give these communities what they need and will also provide our students with the volunteer hours needed for college. Without this club, it will make it difficult for the staff of these schools to provide their students with the best education possible. Please help us help the education of our youth by making SOAR a club at Myers Park again.Emma Claire Cantrell- presidentTBD
Sports Medicine ClubSports Medicine is an informative and hands on club. We work in colaboration with the athletic trainers to inform on sports health and how to to keep your body healthy. One of our activites we do is come up with an idea for the bulletin board outside of the training room and decorate it. Our idea with this is to find a creative and fun way to inform student athletes or anyone who walks by on how to stay healthy. The last one we did was about hydration and how much water you should drink and how to know if you are dehydrated. President- Ava Wiatrowski (rising 11th)
Co-President- Hannah Helms (rising 11th)
Danielle GemignaniDanielle.Gemignani@atriumhealth.org
Tomorrow's Billionares"Tomorrow's Billionaires" fosters and supports the entrepreneurial/innovative ambitions of Myers Park students with a strong component of creatively reviving our economy after the devastating effects of COVID-19, strengthening our environment, and creating a collective network for fundraising. In today's world, an entrepreneur should create value, focusing on a more sustainable and economically equitable world. Not only does this organization allow students to enrich their entrepreneurial-creative mindsets through development and inventing, but it does so through the perspective of creating a better, more environmentally secure, and financially stable world. Think Shark Tank with a mission to strengthen our world's status after COVID-19, with a different local challenge to conquer and showcase a solution for, each month. Initiating in May of 2019 in Randolph Middle School NJ by a team of Capstone representatives, our organization developed a product that not only received recognization from the New Jersey State Government and Office but won first place. Although the individuals presented amongst this group are no longer together, a few Myers Park students have gone on to promote and add onto this organization and its ethical movement.

Simply put, our collective priority and ambition defines our objective to grasp entrepreneurship through inventing environmentally secure products and reviving the local economy after the devastating affects of COVID-19 at the same time.

(More Info/Longer Description)

From a long term perspective, our organization empowers students to think differently. As an example, utilizing Spanish or advanced English to help communicate with organizations in need outside of NC. The idea with "Tomorrow's Billionaires" is to promote creativity, whether a new product or a new service, with the understanding that we should also be creating a better environmental world after COVID-19. "Tomorrow's Billionaires" promotes entrepreneurialism with a vision for global responsibility and creativity. In addition to sustainable entrepreneurialism, our organization will also practice things such as creating a financial network for fundraising and replenishing the status of our non-profit economy - making non-profit organizations “billionaires” as we like to consider it.

Although our organization and its essential objectives may seem somewhat ambiguous, we serve to create, support, and redefine the international economic system from all ends (entrepreneurialism, status, and more). The movement collectively forms an impact on Myers Park High School through cultivating a society where the sole objective is to reach beyond business and seek more interest upon inventing and establishing for our environment (think Tesla) along with reviving the economy after COVID 19. Although we may not be able to restore the occupations of those individuals at financial loss, or annual income in its entirety, our secondary objective works to raise funds and educate others, doing the best we possibly can as an organizational community. From a community perspective, our direction aims for those who have been financially daunted by COVID 19. Such individuals deserve the ability to stand amongst their feet once again and reclaim their once financially functional life.
President/Founder - Ben Green (10th Grade IB) CO Vice President/Management Chair - Lang Leonard (10th Grade IB) Shundra Allisonshundraw.allison@cms.k12.nc.us
Icing Smileshttps://myersparkicingsmiles.weebly.comIcing Smiles is a nonprofit organization that has locations nation wide. As a club, we hold bake sales to raise money for Icing Smiles. The money we donate goes to experienced bakers for supplies to make birthday cakes for terminally ill children in the hospital whose families might not be able to afford them in addition to all of the medical bills. Gillian Morano- 11th- President
Megan Leo- 11th- Vice President
Jack Lamberson- 11th- Secretary
Kenley McClure- 10th- Treasurer
Jennifer Sotojenniferg.soto@cms.k12.nc.us
Quarantined YogaQuarantined Yoga started in March during COVID-19. As teammates and classmates we wanted to help the community through yoga and so each Thursday we have planned and advertised on social media a yoga session with a featured yoga instructor through a zoom call. Each participant would have the opportunity to give back to the community by donating at least $3 which would help several foundations and service sites during the state of emergency. We have raised well over $2000. We will explore mindfulness through physical and mental health whilst giving back to our local community. Cate Bundon/Co-President and Social Media manager (Senior) and Fenley Hamilton/Co-President and Treasurer (Senior)Kelly Schwippert
Ultimate FrisbeeWe play ultimate frisbee because it is an great way to stay in shape and this sport develops really great action making skills. We do it because we really enjoy playing this sport and the positivity comes from every team member, there is no referee so everyone is the judge of themselves which develops self confidence skills. If we win the championship (which we have in past) it is a great way to promote our school and give off the idea that our school is very broad in the idea of sports. We try to gather as many students as possible and no background information is needed to play this sport, one can start at any level and develop from there. No one is left out!! Tanishq Kaushik (spirit captain)
Walker Terrell (vice captain)
Patrick Greene (captain)
Kathryn DunnKathryng.dunn@cms.k12.nc.us
Women's Rugbyhttps://www.instagram.com/tigressrugbycltThe Women's Rugby Club was started a few years ago and has flourished ever since. We meet with girls who have little to no experience or may have the most experience in the room. It is very very important to all of us and we have worked very hard to get the team to it's size now. We meet twice a week and have game days and tournaments on Saturday starting as early as fall and going to the end of may. Each practice is 2 hours and train using drills, skill tactics, scrimmages, and fitness. We teach the girls important skills not only in the game of rugby, but in life as well. The team as grown tremendously and we need it to keep growing to continue the sport was current leadership has graduated. Rugby is a family to most of it's players and contributes to many players happiness. The rugby community has grown so much in the past 5 years, and we need this club to keep it growing for future generations. Cozette Mitchem- Rising Senior
Jaden Gary- Rising Junior
Kelly Schwippertkellya.schwippert@cms.k12.nc.us