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ContributorOccupationPiece DescriptionMadeAcquired Basic Description - Keep it brief please
Avi GitlerArt dealerLee Krasner autographed picture frame1965circa 2016 Framer asked me if I wanted any of his empty old frames. I took the one signed by the a giant of Abstract Expressionism who also happened to be married to Jackson Pollock. NYC!
Jonathan HellerGallery managerBookmark from the Strand Bookstore20182018What's more New York than “18 Miles Of Books“?
Liza SchoenfeinFood writer/editor/photographerDaily News ClipSummer of '721972The girl perched on the mushroom... is me.
Brittany MillerArtistBlue paper scrap20182018Writing by the pope's astronomer, Guy Consolmagno, from a space meditation I led at a conference on Space and Spirituality at Fordham University.
Alfred SteinerArtist Custom brass plaque20112011Custom brass plaque to be installed illegally at track level of 14th Street ACE subway station to identify my piece there No Clearance in Niche ( Buyer must agree to affix plaque with appropriate construction adhesive like other plaques at the station for Tom Otterness's works. Once installed, I will issue a certificate of ownership for the piece to the b
T.S. Johnson ArtistPortrait graphite on paper20172017Jennifer Lopez Portrait
Michael EppsArtistMarilyn in Soho 6x9 print20082008Timeless shot of a Marilyn Monroe sculpture, shot by me in Soho circa 2008.
Hagar FletcherArtistLove song to NY painting20162016Love song to New York on a freezing cold day.
Leigh HallingbyTour guideOld print of "The Ferry at Brooklyn"long ago2005Hung in the office of my father Paul Hallingby (1919-2005) in the financial district, as he looked out on area in print.
Chaim EisenbachStudent and former Gitler & internMy Movie Pass from MoviePass®20172017The best thing I've ever owned. with it I saw 12 movies in 2 months this past summer. It was a sad sad day when, due to a terrible business plan on their part, I had to cancel my subscription.
Pat ArnaoArtistWindow sash weight and nail18902018Hung hidden in the wall of my house for over 100 years, a relic of a former construction. Discovered today (12/11/18)
Susan KricorianArtist/Art EducatorHand Painted (broken) Ukelelenot sure2005Ukelele in need of loving care - Bought new & working..My daughters destroyed it. Hoping a handy, musical person can restore it to working condiotion and make beautiful music with it.
Sirin ThadaArtistMini collage of the Central Park Mandarin duck20182018A pint-sized portrait of Central Park's new-ish and stylish resident.
Michael AndersonArtistOld NYC Parking Meterunsure1999
" i was going to Grainger with my buddy Tom Fruin. We were picking up a motor, like 1500 lbs, from the place, and when we got there at like 8am all the meters on the street are being replaced with digital ones, and I just kinda picked one up and walked away, and Fruin gave me a hard time, but I got my motor, and no one busted us, and I've had this thing ever since, with my nice sneak move. It's got the clockwork inside inside of the digitals..."
Josh JordanArtistModern Girl music video20042018My valentine to New York City - I came here with dreams. The city made them clear to me, and they have made all the difference.
Candice FlewhartyArtistFanny packunsure2015Wore it every time I painted. A fellow named me Fannypack which is forever my tag.
Evelyne PinkusArt DealerNew York Couple, oil painting1970s2018Young, good looking, New York couple in the 1970s.
Tom Sanford Harlem ResidentPortrait of Mr Mitzvah: Elliot Avi Gitler20182018Avi's gallery quite literal made my life in the neighborhood 15% better on a daily basis. This is a small token of my gratitude for all he brought to us over the past 4 years.
Jonathan AllenArtistNYLA promotion postcard20182018Promotion card for dance I performed in/collaborated with choreographer Joanna Kotze on. It premiered in March. A memorable, transformative experience!
Marne LucasArtistCollaged post card20162013Art show post card from photographer Natasha Gornik that I collaged over. Originally depicted a domme and her slave on an NYC subway car. Collage features a Star Trek monster and taxidermy turkey head and neck as a necktie
Greg BurakArtistPhoto of a mirror and a camera20022002A photo I took as a teenager, the first time I was able to wander around NYC and just explore
Peter Raphael CastroArtista portrait of know one. 2014the unseen person with thoughts universal rocking the gold dookie rope which represents the foundation holding down your physical. Watercolor, marker, gold paint, graphite on Masonite
Rick SmigielskiDocumentary FilmmakerCollaged photo of subway riders20182018Portraits exploring the casual intimacy of New York's subways (more on instagram #subwayintimatestrangers)
Vivian DucatFilmmaker/realtorPrint by mother, an NYC artist, Ellen W. Ducat1970's or 80's1981My mother's art drawn from and about Central Park were alwasy on the walls of my childhood home.
Nova The WraithVisual and Sonic artistmulti exposure Polaroid20182018the pulse of the city in all it's random miracles and serendipitous absurdities - a comment on the non linear nature of time and energy
Nikhil JedheEngineerRejected Visa Application20172017Notification of My broken American Dream
Mario SostreMix-media collage artistInkjet gel transfer,acrypas on wood panel2010Image of The Parachute Jump Coney Island
Sheila Crystal Devin
Retired actress/model (I actually worked!)
Annual School Photo1950s1950sPhoto of me in the first or second grade at PS63 in the Bronx in the '50s with wooden desk in background (with inkwells!)
Matt BroganPoetPoem20082008Morning walk across Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, or the pagans confront the financial crisis
Renee Lippin LeichtActress, DesignerA Piece of the Wall of the Original Ellis Island1890'sPiece of the hospital wall of Ellis Island before they renovated in the early 1900's
Hosam Khaled ChreimArtist, PainterSlay The Beast from FUNgi"the art of growing"20182018A sword slaying the NYC Bedbugs.
Elizabeth CurrierPhotographerWindow Pole with Brass Hook1966This is the window latch hook I used to open the upper-story windows in my first apartment when I moved to New York City in 1966.
Nicholas DiLeonardiActor and ArtistFound Photo of Statue of Liberty Touristn/a2016Found this photo on the street in Ridgewood, covered in rain and dirt. The look on her face (a mix of confusion and absolute excitement) is the same that visitors/residents of NYC show in moments of genuine appreciation for this city. Though she's wearing a foam statue of liberty crown, and is clearly on the river, the statue itself is nowhere to be found.
Risa Hirsch Ehrlich Ceramic artistTwo pieces of a wall almost built/ceramic unsureunsureTrying out French Green glaze and textures (okay for bookends/paperweights). Art exists when your eyes light on something and your heart leaps !
Rachel OlshinProduction Coordinator/WriterFaded Queens College ID20142014Still use it to get into the MOMA for free (and feel guilty about it...NY Jewish guilt).
Nicolas HoliberVisual ArtistMetropolitan Museum of Art Admission Pin2016Keepsake from my favorite institution
Francisco Alvarado-JuarezVisual Artist Cut paper bag 20182018A piece from a site-specific sculptural installation
Amanda BrownPainterMFA Thesis Paper20182018The completion of the program that brought me here and a token of 3 years worth of blood, sweat and tears.
Brendan Moore Visual Artist Charcoal drawing N/A2018A charcoal drawing by an unknown artist that I found while cleaning out an artist/collector‘s apartment in Harlem.
Spyros MalkotsisConstruction ConsultantAcrylic on canvas20182018Original art work “Founding fathers lament” by Spyros Malkotsis
Brett DakinAttorneyScreenshot20182018A month in the life of a NYC community activist.
Patty HoringartistInk sketch - Narcissus2015Sketch of nude model looking at himself on iphone - A New York moment drawn at New York Academy of Art
Chad JonesFine Art Services business ownerJoe Zucker poster addressed to Herb and Dorothy!1982Signed poster given and addressed to the famous Herb and Dorothy Vogel by Joe Zucker. Dorothy gave it to me when packing up her collection for the National Gallery.
Alison CauserArtist Cover of A Spy in the House of Love - Anasis Nin70's2011It was my first book I bought on the streets of New York City and my first Anais Nin book
Esteban OcampoArtist/comedianNYAA faculty id card20182018The Academy was the reason I came to NYC, what a better way to say bye than donating this piece
Gary McFadden Baller / Gallery SecurityThe Wiz record + Georgi Vodka pin19751970'sThe Super Soul Musical "Wondeful Wizard of Oz" + I’m going fifty plus years in this town.
James AliceaPainter5 Up - eggshelll stickers20181/2 hour agoKrink marker on eggshell paper.
Laurie MarkiewiczPhotographerBuildings 2013201316 x 20 Inkjet printed on ultra premium luster photo paper
Matthew DegnanExhibition CoordinatorNeoprene Beverage Coozie20162016This was the first coozie I designed for a party. I made it to commemorate my favorite New York activity, drinking beers with friends on the Staten Island Ferry.
SolNeighborHappy Dogs Day paintingCirca 2016SamePainting made in the same building as gallery
John DiReNeighborBarbie glasses and camera?1992Objects hid (presumably by a child) in my first NYC apartment, and subsequently found by me many years later when I finally got around to painting the closet interiors.
Tif OlsonEntrepreneur B/W street photo20182018Scene I shot while wandering the streets of New York
Dmitry KiperArtist, Writer, Teacher, GuitaristBlue and Yellow with Black figures20182018Acrylic and ink on sheet music
Yumi RodriguezArtist
A painting of a diner, from my head, somewhere in NY?
20082008I painted this in highschool and it's been living my closet for years. It deserve's some spotlight. (:
Evan PeltzmanPainter, illustratorBroken hacksaw blade20182018This is a broken saw blade from my old job in Long Island City. I held on to it in all its rugged glory, I always thought it had a lot of character.
Ayobe First cameraFisher-Price camera19841984One of the first keys to explore in New York City
Charles Owvbics SheddenPerformance ArtistPainting20182018Made in New York
Harry Newmanart photographer and poet"These Last Days"2015The poem is essentially the view from my Brooklyn window, also the vantage point for several of my photos.
Alexsandra SanfordMedia company CEOCommutative coin from NYSE20182018This coin was give to Alex when she ran the opening bell of the NYSE on Monday December 17th, 2018.
Marc TannenCreator / Real Estate ManagerNYU Jewish Acapella Album20062006I left behind my insular religious upbringing in the UK in search of open minded community in New York City. This album I pulled together and sung on represents what I found: a spirit of friendship, warmth and rediscovering heritage through an accepting lens.
Boy KongArtistMural Sketch20142014Sketch of first mural I painted in NYC, down at corner of Houston & Elizabeth streets
Lauren LynchFriendSketch of hp from a regular
Sarah Kenny Werner-HalpinArt Teacherfeather garter20172017Made by my mom and sister for my city hall wedding
Hazal KelleciArtist/Art Teacher emboridered metrocard 20172017This is MetroCard is a part of a series I call the Commuter Series. I have been commuting from NJ into Manhattan for the last 7 years of my life and the obsolete purpose of the embroidered card is to represent the frustration the archaic ways of the modern MTA and NJT make me feel.
Mark JannotMagazine editorMonthly bill from New Yorker Storage20182018I've rented a storage locker in NYC for about 20 years, paying about $90 a month. That's more than $20,000 in total. I have not visited the space in over a decade, and I barely have any idea what resides there.
Jason CovertIdiotphoto collage of collected imagery found in NYC2018Throughout my time in NYC I have found many photos - this is a small colleciton of those that make me the most happy and remind me of some of the good times I have had in creating memorable images myself when the opportunity presented itself.
Peter DaveringtonPainterPortrait of Tom Sanford20182018Tom introduced me to Avi and quite frankly New York would be unbearable without them.
Peter GraciaBartenderCarmello ticket stub20162016Ticket from a Knicks game
Ryan Bauer-WalshActor and ArtistChildren's book about losing a grandparent 20182018Comissioned kids book with Golden Globe Winner Christina Capitdes as author.
Andrew AssholeOne of our first records ever?2015an old ass harlem produced record
Nadege AlexisJewelry Desidner / Ecoloical Artist DSNY Inspire to Recycled20182018One is found, One is Handmade and one is Recycled. Save our Earth, Nature Recycled, and We can Recycles.
One-SunArtistOne-Sun Mask20012001Clearing a locker with contents that had no place to go, an African art vendor stopped me and expressed interest in my TV, so I gave it to him. In return he gave me this mask. Later i internalized that moment, and the mask.
EllisOtherBottle of brandy20182018A bottle to keep me warm in the NYC winter
Alec HallComposer, artistTransit SummonsMay 31, 20102010My first run in with the law in New York City, having been ratted out by some dick on the subway who didn't like the fact we entered without paying. The cop offered me a deal if I hadn't ever been arrested, and kept asking "do you feel lucky, huh, do ya?"
Jake Corbett-LeeReal Estate AgentMask20152015I found a mask in the trash that looked like a character form Star Wars.
Karyn LyonsArtistBlondie CD1981?Well, i think when i was growing up, Bloindie personified the New York that I wanted to join.
Kristian GlynnArtistBroken Teeth Collage 20162016Reminds me of my favorite dentist, Dr. Gross, on the Uppper East Side.
Sam MedinaGitler &_____ Intern / StudentSmall depression diary with mug drawing20172017Purple
Jesus MedinaSam's BrotherBlues Clues on Crack Painting 20182018Made with a fucked up brush
Henry McLeanStudent / MusicianFake Hundred Dollar Bill20182018Found at the Charley and The Chocolate Factory Play
Jason McLeanArtist / LanlordJewlery?2015-2018Jewlery found on the streets of NY
Matt ChabanWriterCitiBike Basket
Duhirwe ArtistMetal detritus1908?2016From the torn down nail salon above my art studio
Babette MarcianoArtistBlackout photo2003shot w my AE1
Dymphna MataiDesignerFences tickets20102010I Met Denzel!!!
Anjali Barbara ArtistPainting20182018
Sirena Beard-GalatiArtist/Musician
Jaclyn Jordan designerFashion Sketch20142014Pencil sketch of a wedding gown concept for my bridal collection, designed in Hamilton Heights
Morgan Lappinliving muppetPolice Academy VHS TAPE
Oliver CrookMediaUntitled photocopy of untitled original photography2018n/aProtraits of an unknowable friend by a knowing friend; Brooklyn Heights
Henry SeltzerMediaUntitled postcard (mailed 6/1/15)2015n/aPostcard sent to Avi Gitler at his gallery
Judith DesireBicycle AdvocateNYC bike map and used bike tape2018n/aUsed bike tape from bike tours I organize in NYC
Myles Stagehand Late show w David Letterman sponge 19921992Dave would give these sponges and collapsable cups out to his guests
Blake Alan DeemerUnwilling slave to Capitalism Cracked looking glassunknown2017A little looking glass I found that was once perhaps glamorous, now old and cracked, providing only a broken and imperfect reflection.
Aaron WolffMusictub of forming cream20172017a tub of forming cream that has lasted me over a year, since i moved here (w/ me through the thick and thin)
Iliyan IvanovArtistNY City Jazz Record 2017Insallation of cover page of the NY City Jazz Record free newspaper featuring guitarist Ralph Towner forom Oregon and mixed media drawing on paper - in collaboration w Hannah Ivanov
Matthew Spady
Project Manager+Neighborhood Historian
Flowering pear branch cut in the fall??2018Autumn branch from a flowering pear that my partner and I planted on the street outside our kitchen window when we had just begun forging a life together
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