Name of OrganizationMethod of AttendanceHow do individuals associated with your post-graduate training program support residents’/fellows' holistic wellness, including physical and mental health?What changes do you anticipate within the upcoming year?What are your program's processes for feedback and evaluation?
AdventHealth PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program (Am Care)Online (2 PM-4 PM)Monthly team bonding activities, Wellness in the Workplace, employee rates to gym/spa/pool at Celebration Hospital, behavioral therapist & mental health app free to employees, and more! Expansion of service lines/clinics with different departments and groups within AdventHealth Weekly one-on-one rounding session with primary preceptor, biweekly pharmacy meeting, pharmacademic evaluation after each rotation block/Ambulatory Care module, and feedback/evaluation is dependent on resident preference
AdventHealth East OrlandoOnline (2 PM-4 PM)
Possibly On-ground (10 AM-12 PM)
Within the organization itself are resources available to all residents who would like to seek out help in dealing with any mental health issues through our employee services. Additioanly our program specifically educates our residents on burn out, what it is and looks like and discusses strategies in how to deal with that. We have regular check ins with our residents to assess how they are feeling and will discuss any concerns during our RAC meetings to develop supportive plans if necessary to ensure each resident is taken care of.We do not anticipate any major changes in the upcoming year. Most major changes were made this year (switching EMAR systems and longitudinal project process) and next year will be continuation and further refinement of those changesWe have regular feedback during each rotation from direct preceptors, including formal evaluation at the end of each rotation. If deemed necessary, we will also employee mid-rotation formal feedback but that is at the discretion of the preceptor/RPD. Additionally, we have mentors/advisors for each resident that meet at minimum quarterly to discuss the residents progress and write out their development plan. As RPD I also meet regularly with the residents in both informal and formal settings to see how they are progressing and feeling in general within the program
AdventHealth Kissimmee PGY1On-ground (10 AM-12 PM)Our team supports our residents' holistic wellness by providing several benefits upon start date. These include medical insurance, individual work space, employee gym, mental health resources, and more. Additionally our team of preceptors work to make sure all rotaiotns and longitudinal projects have advisors assigned and an overall residency advisor assigned to provide support during various learning experiences.We are a new program in candidate status and will have our site visit in spring 2023. The only change will be from going from candidate status to accredited.We provide informal feedback through weekly feedback sessions as well as formal feedback through evaluations on every learning experience.
AdventHealth OrlandoOnline (2 PM-4 PM)
AdventHealth Orlando PGY2 Medication Use Safety & Policy ResidencyOnline (2 PM-4 PM)The main set-up of the program has been working well for the last 3 year and likely not going to change very much. We tailor the electives and big projects based on what's happening that year and, of course, the resident's interests.There are set feedback times at the end of each rotation. Quarterly the RPD sits down with the resident and does a customized resident development plan to make sure the resident is set up for success and we can tweak the plan for the year if needed. And monthly, the resident participates in the resident advisory committee with all of the program preceptors so we can ensure everything is on track.
AdventHealth TampaOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)
Ascension/St. Vincent's HealthcareOnline (2 PM-4 PM)We place a high value on well being during residency. We begin discussing mental health during orientation and have periodic changes at least quarterly. Each resident is assigned an advocate that meets with the resident at least monthly to serve as a guide and mentor. We also have quarterly mental health retreats with the RPD/RPCs.No major changes are anticipated with the upcoming year.Preceptors are encouraged to give feedback continuously throughout the rotation. Many preceptors use "Feedback Friday" to touch base. In addition, every rotation requires feedback at the end of each concentrated rotation and at least quarterly on all longitudinal rotations. Our residency advisory council (RAC) meets quarterly to discuss resident progression. After each RAC meeting the RPC, resident and resident's advocate have a meeting to discuss progress, plans for the next quarter, feedback for the residency program and overall well being.
Aza Health PGY1 Community-Based ResidencyOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)Aza health has a small family type feel. We are always willing to listen, can see changes in our residents and always put their health and wellness first. We are very open to all types of conversations about the residency and personal matters. With a full clinical pharmacy team, we are trying to expand the residency to a multi-site residency so residents can learn from everyone. We recently hired a PGY1 Community based resident graduate. We are going to try to re-create his residents projects here. We are always giving feedback to our residents. The resident will never have anything new in their formal feedback that hasn't already been discussed with them when it was noticed.
Baptist Hospital - PensacolaOnline (2 PM-4 PM)We have a monthly well-being check-in that the residents complete. The RPD will sit with the residents individually and discuss any concerns/comments. We anticipate changes in the required rotations. Any additional changes that are made will also be based upon the updated standards from ASHP. Feedback is given daily while in the first quarter in addition to weekly verbally. There is a midpoint and final evaluation and feedback is given verbally, unless formal documentation is required. The final evaluation is also through PharmAcademic.
Baptist Health South FloridaOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)We have quarterly residency meetings which addresses burnout and stress We have a full Wellness program with many seminars and classes. We also hired a wellness resource to facilitate throughout the system.We will be implementing the new ASHP Standards for our programsWe have many levels of review for our program and residents Each rotation the resident gets feedback from preceptor All preceptors are evaluated each year from their program directors and information shared at a group meeting The program is tracked with a scorecard, and all programs across the system evaluate and develop changes
BayCare - St Joseph's Hospital NorthOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)Residency is a rigorous year of training, and we offer tools for each resident to help them build resilience as a way to manage their stress. BayCare offers all team members wellness benefits, including activities to encourage exercise and healthy diet, wellness classes, disease management resources, and access to the Employee Assistance Program, which has many free resources to help manage your financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. We are most excited to be expanding our residency program from 1 to 2 PGY1 resident positions this year. This will still allow us to customize the resident’s learning opportunities throughout the year, but it will also provide them with the comfort of knowing that another resident is on site as a resource for them on their journey.
We are also anticipating further expansion of our clinical practice areas based on our recent growth, additional pharmacy team member additions to help support the growth, and inclusion of block scheduling for students to enhance layered learning opportunities for all of our learners.
Feedback is provided routinely by preceptors and administrators within the program. Formative verbal feedback is provided daily and weekly by the current preceptor, and formal summative feedback is provided at the end of each learning experience. The resident has a customized development plan that is in place upon their arrival, and the plan is routinely updated as the resident grows within the program. The resident also meets with the program director on a weekly basis to discuss their progress with the current learning experience and longitudinal projects, career development, and other relevant topics within the hospital.
Bayfront Health St. PetersburgOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)At Bayfront Health, we have policies that protect the time committment for each resident. We also have the resident pick a mentor from our team to provide an additional support throughout the year for any work or personal challenges.We will be adding a resident to our team, for a total of 3 residents.At Bayfront Health feedback and evaluation can occur at any phase, real time during the experience (if appropriate), in applause central (electronic), through the Residency Advisory Committee, midpoints and final evaluations or a Feedback Form (written).
Bay Pines VA Healthcare SystemOnline (2 PM-4 PM)• One of the ways we work to support resident well-being is through our weekly check-in meetings with the Residency Program Director and Residency Coordinator. These meetings include designated time for individual wellness check ins. • Through the VA, we also have a national clinical psychologist who is able to provide individual consultation and counseling services for the pharmacy residency programs. • Additionally, the Bay Pines VAHCS has contracted with LifeServices EAP to provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to its employees. EAP Services include support, resources, and information that are available to Bay Pines VA employees and their dependents. These services include community, financial services, legal services, and much more.• We have had clinical expansions in the areas of internal medicine and oncology that we anticipate will provide the residents with stronger learning experiences and new areas for elective opportunities. • Each year we make changes to our program based on the feedback that we receive throughout the year. Due to COVID, more patient care activities are being completed virtually including patient care appointments in the outpatient settings, and treatment team meetings/morning report in the inpatient settings. As a result, more pharmacists are able to function in their roles remotely via telework. Over the last two years, our pharmacy residents have been able to also participate in telework and they have been able to work from home when on rotations that support this learning.All Bay Pines VAHCS residency programs follow the ASHP Residency Learning System (RLS) for resident evaluations. We utilize the PharmAcademic evaluation system. Feedback and evaluations include: o Self-Assessment of strengths, areas for improvement, career goals, and learning interests is completed by resident upon starting residency and quarterly. This is reviewed by the RPD and used to guide the development plan. o Each resident will have a Development Plan which is completed by resident and RPD upon starting residency and quarterly  The development plan utilizes self-assessment responses and discussion with resident, RPD will document resident progress toward goals and objectives, changes to schedule, and follow-up on previous changes made to resident plan.  Shared with all of resident's preceptors in order to guide rotation schedule, elective opportunities, and tailor goals and objectives throughout year. o Formative, on-going assessment  Verbal feedback provided by rotation preceptor to resident on a daily basis  Summative evaluation done by preceptor at the end-point of each rotation, at the mid-point of some rotations, and quarterly in the case of longitudinal rotations. • In an effort to provide high quality written feedback, preceptors will make suggestions for future considerations in clinical practice.  Summative self-evaluation done by resident at the end-point of each rotation, at the mid-point of some rotations, and quarterly in the case of longitudinal rotations. • The summative self-evaluation will be compared with the preceptor summative in order to provide the resident feedback on ability to self-evaluate o Preceptor evaluation completed by resident at the end of each rotation. o Learning experience evaluation completed by resident at the end of each rotation.
Bay Pines VA Healthcare System - Lee County VA Healthcare CenterOnline (2 PM-4 PM)We encourage the use of the VA sponsored Employee Assistance Program (which is confidential, free, and includes community, financial, and legal services). We have a resident advocate program comprised of preceptors to help support residents. We offer a Wellness activity during Orientation as well as specific check-ins throughout the year during weekly RPD/RPC meetings. In addition, residents provide feedback on their wellbeing and stress levels with monthly surveys which are shared at the Residency Advisory Committee meetings with preceptors.Perhaps the return of more face-to-face interactions with patients, laptop requests for residents earlier in the residency year.Evaluations include self-assessments for development plans upon discussion with the RPD at the start of the residency and then updated quarterly. Verbal, on-going feedback is provided by rotation preceptors on a daily/weekly basis. Specifically during rotations, residents receive evaluations from their preceptors at the end of each rotation, at the mid-point of some rotations, and quarterly if longitudinal rotations. In these written evaluations, preceptors provide feedback and suggestions for future considerations in clinical practice.
Broward Health Medical CenterOnline (2 PM-4 PM)
Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care SystemOnline (2 PM-4 PM)We have quarterly individual resident-employee whole health educator wellness sessions, open door policy, supportive preceptors, and mentors in place. We have moved to a longitudinal set up of our Biloxi, MS program to mirror our Pensacola, FL program and pending good results with this change, hope to continue/improve upon it. This allows residents to follow up with patients overtime and mirror a more true clinical pharmacist role. Our preceptors are encouraged to give daily feedback. Learning experiences that are less than 12 weeks in length have a midpoint evaluation and all that are >12 weeks have formal summative evaluations in Pharmacademic. Quarterly development plans include monthly progress report averages which we monitor over time. Our presentations have high preceptor/pharmacist/student/other disciplines attendance and we use simple written evaluation forms which has increased feedback coming back to our residents.
On-ground (10 AM-12 PM)Our preceptors are very nurturing and support the resident's professional and mental development. None. If not daily, at minimum weekly feedback are provided to the residents from their preceptors. There are also midpoint evaluations and summative evaluations at the end of their rotations. In additional, we have quarterly longitudinal evaluation as well as quarterly development plans for each residents.
HCA Florida Blake HospitalOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)
HCA Florida Largo Hospital PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program On-ground (10 AM-12 PM)Personal mentor selection. No moonlighting, set in stone schedule with 3 consecutive days off ( long weekend), 10 PTO days throughout an academic year. Designated lounge.
Life-work balance including socializing with pharmacy team and WFD residency programs outside of the hospital: sport events, theater nights, boating, picnics.
Largo hospital plans to open new clinical services line (lungs transplantation). Expansion of Transplant w / TOC rotation with routine involvement in Medical Review Board. Mandatory midterm and summative evaluations for each rotation ( core, elective, longitudinal) through academic year. Assigned post presentations feedbacks ( after formal Topic Discussions, JC sessions, mandatory case presentations, ground rounds and CE lectures). Resident's self-assessments and evaluations are highly encouraged.
HCA Florida North Florida Hospital On-ground (10 AM-12 PM), Online (2 PM-4 PM)HCA has a mental wellness program and HR support system TBD Utilization of "feedback Friday", resident-RPD meetings, and midpoint and final evaluation
HCA Florida Northside HospitalOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)
HCA Florida Oak Hill HospitalOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)Ensuring they take time off and balance work/life. Opportunity to attend offsite activitiesNoneImmediate feedback and meet to review evaluations in person
HCA Florida Trinity HospitalOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)Resident progress is discussed at each residency advisory committee (RAC) meeting. During this time, any concerns regarding resident well-being will be addressed. The residency program director (RPD) meets with each resident for regular check-ins where this is also discussed. Last year, a change made to the program was the implementation of resident/preceptor outings to facilitate team-building and resident support. With this being a smaller program, the pharmacy department has a family-like atmosphere, and residents are well integrated and supported by the group. We don't anticipate any significant changes at this time. Some of the changes we made over the past year include lengthening the orientation period, rearranging the timing of core rotations to better prepare residents for independent staffing, establishing an on-site emergency medicine rotation, and creating a more formal timeline for resident projects. The RAC meets each spring to review feedback from our current residents and discuss possible changes to implement for the upcoming residency year. We use Pharmacademic for all written feedback, provided as a midpoint and final evaluation for each rotation. All longitudinal rotations require written evaluation quarterly. Preceptors meet with residents to discuss this feedback in person as well, and provide feedback in real-time throughout the rotation. The RPD meets with each resident individually each quarter to complete a development plan, during which resident progress in general is discussed. We also discuss resident progress at each monthly RAC meeting to ensure all preceptors are aware of resident progress and areas of focus for upcoming rotations.
Health First Holmes Regional Medical CenterOnline (2 PM-4 PM)
James A Haley Veterans' Hospital (Tampa VA)On-ground (10 AM-12 PM)Our VA offers many resources. The VA nationally has a wellness program w/ clinical health psychologist that sends out timely emails for support during times of the year (I believe twice monthly). Locally, we have a mentor program so each PGY1 is paired w/ mentor that has some similar interests to help support the resident throughout the year at work but also, socially outside of work to ensure there is some work/life balance and fun, especially those residents who may not be from Tampa. RPD also periodically checks in (every 2-4 wks depending on resident interest) to see how they are progressing professionally at work but also personally as they acclimate from student to new pharmacist.Right now, no imminent changes as the new year just started. As a department, our RPDs all changed roles. The new PGY1 RPD was the past PGY2 amb care RPD, so we are getting used to these new roles and making modest adjustments to the programs as needed. Recently, we changed our core rotations (amb care and internal med) from 8 weeks to 6 weeks to allow resident electives to be longer. We also added a 2-week admin block in December for residents to take some holiday leave and have some focused time to work on projects. In addition, we cut back on required grand rounds from two to one per year but added a second journal club (based on resident feedback). Lastly, we cut back on required staffing so each PGY1 resident will do 1 weekend every 4 weeks and then one weeknight (4-hr) shift twice monthly (compared to weekly). We encourage residents/preceptors to set that up in the orientation of each rotation. Historically, we called that "Feedback Friday" so at the end of the week, the resident/preceptor talk about resident progress and reflect on activities for professional growth. All clinical learning experiences have mid-point and final evaluations in PharmAcademic to keep you on track for progress as well. The RPD will meet w/ you quarterly, at a minimum, to assess overall progress to obtaining your residency certificate at the end of the year and additional meetings can be scheduled for any reason.
Lakeland Regional HealthOnline (2 PM-4 PM)The program coordinates several bonding opportunities outside of work. The RPDs are very involved in the residents progess with lots of check-ins. The resident has a self-appointed advisor that assists in personal wellness.Medical residents will join our instituition in July 2023.Majority of preceptors institute feedback Friday or on-the-spot feedback, if necessary. Feedback is provided by both formal and non-formal methods.
Lee HealthOnline (2 PM-4 PM)
Manatee Memorial HospitalOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)The MMH PGY1 program is committed to Pharmacy Preceptors and Residents well-being, resilience, and professional engagement. All healthcare staff are susceptible for burnout syndrome, so we strive to recognize this and implement mitigation strategies. We provide resources including ones available through our organizations Employee Assistance Program as well as through We also attempt to strategically schedule time with Resident Advisors at least quarterly, as well as paid time off which includes 5 days of vacation days in a row during the month of December. Annually at our residency program planning summit in January we review our program with both input from residents and preceptors for possible program improvements and changes. At this time, we do not anticipate ay major changes in program structure but the timing of this summit is done so we can discuss any program changes with residency candidates during the interview season. Depending on the learning experience (LE) feedback may be provided on a daily or weekly basis, as well as a formal summative evaluation submitted in PharmAcademic. For longitudinal LEs such as the project, evaluations are conducted at least quarterly. Midpoint evaluations are completed individually and not documented in PharmAcademic nor are self midpoint evaluations required. Residency are required to complete self summative evaluations of a learning experience, as well as provide feedback regarding the LE design and preceptor.
Mayo Clinic FloridaOnline (2 PM-4 PM)We have several wellness initiatives on campus for our staff and learners. There is a well-being coordinator for the Florida campus and well-being champions for the department. Specific to our residents and other learners on campus, there is a well-being council which typically has one of the Pharmacy Residents as a member.
For the residency program specifically, there are catch-up weeks incorporated a couple of times during the year and this year we have added Humanities in Medicine programs throughout the year.
Additional elective opportunities for the upcoming year are being considered.Residents should be provided in the moment feedback in a timely manner. Both preceptors and residents should participate in the feedback process whether it be receiving feedback or inquiring about their progress. We have Feedback Friday reminders on preceptor calendars. Summative evaluations are provided at the end of each rotation and quarterly for longitudinal experiences.
Mease Countryside Hospital - BayCareOnline (2 PM-4 PM)The RPD, preceptors, and residency coordinators always have an open door policy and encourage our residents to come and talk anytime they have an issue. In addition we assign an overall mentor to be with the resident for the year and each project will also have a different mentor for the resident to work with.We are not expecting any large changes with our program over the next year, but are always making little changes to enhance our residents' experience and those changes are a direct result of previous resident feedback that we solicit every year.Feedback is both verbal and written. Verbal feedback is usually on a daily basis depending on what skill is being learned by the resident and usually a feedback Friday is included to give a more global overview of the resident's progress. Written evals are usually completed at the end of the learning experience and review the strengths of the resident on the learning experience and what opportunities they should continue to work on for future learning experiences.
Memorial Hospital PembrokeOnline (2 PM-4 PM)Physical and mental health wellness is supported by Memorial Healthcare System and Memorial Hospital Pembroke. All employees of Memorial Healthcare System are provided access to "Wholesome Me" which is a 3rd party vendor that supports the mind, body, and spirit. Through "Wholesome Me" residents are able to participate in various wellness activities including integrative health visits, counseling/mental health services, and other employee assistance programs. Additionally, at Memorial Hospital Pembroke there are onsite festivities to increase engagement. Pharmacy residents may be able to work remotely during some rotations to minimize burnout.Most changes are discussed at the end of the residency year. However, we hope to add additional preceptors, explore adding electives (Surgical Services), and prepare for re-accreditation.Feedback at our small facility is very consistent for residents. We follow's ASHP's required evaluation process which includes a summative, preceptor, and learning experience evaluation at the end of each rotation. Real-time feedback is provided to residents prior to assignment submission, required presentations, and professional concerns. Quarterly development plans are documented by the RPD to evaluate the resident's progress and determine if residency changes are required. Positive and negative feedback are incorporated into the residency program. Several residents have received "Patient First" awards which is recognition by the facility's administrative team for great catches and error prevention.
Memorial Hospital WestOnline (2 PM-4 PM)1 - our program preceptors have mandatory training on how to promote wellness and resilience, as well as how to identify signs of fatigue, exhaustion and burnout 2 - we have monthly events with our residents and preceptors that allow time to "de-stress", bond, and build relationships amongst the team so that the residents also feel more comfortable with their co-residents and preceptors to ask for advice. 3 - the residency program director and coordinator have regular check-ins with the residents to assess their level of stress, work, mental health and well-being 4 - the residents fill out a document every 2 months that's kept confidential from everyone except the residency program director on various characteristics that assess their level of resilience, fulfillment, energy, anxiety, and etc. This document is used to address anything that may be of concern.1 - I plan to extend the orientation to provide additional time for NAPLEX and MPJE preparation prior to rotations beginning and some additional training/ 2 - cardiology is a new and developed rotation with the addition of a specialist and coordinator to the MHW pharmacy departmentFeedback is built into individual rotations as the preceptors are accustomed to providing timely, constructive and applicable feedback as they see fit on a daily basis. Additionally, formal feedback is provided at midpoint and end of the rotations by preceptors. The RPD and RPC provide quarterly feedback that incorporates the previous quarter's evaluations, feedback, strengths/areas of improvement, and anything else that can contribute to planning goals for the subsequent quarter. Our program puts a great deal of emphasis on feedback as this is the primary means of growing and developing. We establish an environment of open communication in which the residents feel comfortable requesting, accepting, and providing feedback.
Memorial Regional Hospital Pharmacy Residency ProgramOnline (2 PM-4 PM)Our post-graduate residency program is tailored to our residents to provide an excellent experience to support wellness and health. All of the staff have open-door policies that allow our residents to express any concerns with the program. The staff also does regular check-ins to get feedback from the residents and help to provide advice on maintaining a proper work/life balance.We anticipate expanding our residency program to include more PGY-1 residents and additional PGY-2 roles in cardiology (2023) and transplant (2024). We are excited for the changes and additions to our residency program.Our program uses the pharmacademic system to provide feedback and evaluation at the end of rotations. The staff also does weekly check-ins for the residents to provide feedback on their experiences and give recommendations to improve their respective rotations.
Memorial Regional Hospital SouthOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM), Online (2 PM-4 PM)Residents are assigned a mentor at the beginning of the residency year to serve as a guide throughout the year. We encourage the residents and mentors to meet at least monthly to discuss residency and non-residency related things. We organize several team building events throughout the year to encourage comradery among the residents across the Memorial system. Additionally, at MRHS we have several team building events among the pharmacy department to also build comradery among the residents, pharmacists, and technicians.Memorial Healthcare System has 2 new PGY-2 programs, Infectious Diseases and Cardiology, that will be available to all residents, including those at MRHS, to apply to for early commitment. This is in addition to all the other established PGY2 programs across the system such as oncology, emergency medicine, critical care, etc.Feedback and evaluation are provided regularly in both formal and informal ways. We utilize Pharmacademic for formal documentation of evaluations. However, preceptors are encouraged to provide weekly feedback to residents, as well as regular feedback on longitudinal projects.
Morton Plant North Bay HospitalOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)We are a new program and many of our preceptors are interested in learning how best to train new residents looking at the whole process from education and teaching, to work life balance and mental health awareness.We anticipate many changes in the coming years. As a new program, we want to take feedback from our inaugural residents and structure the program in a way that continues to foster well rounded, eager and educated pharmacists. We hope to take as much feedback as possible to tailor our program to the needs of the residents we have coming in.Our process will be very similar to other programs. We will utilize PharmAcademic for formal documentation processes but informal feedback will be provided regularly by each preceptor and mentors. Everyone here is open to feedback to help ensure the success of our residents and residency program.
Nicklaus Children's HospitalOnline (2 PM-4 PM)Our program has a Pharmacy Resiliency committee and curriculum. Staff involved meets with the trainees once a month for lectures and discussion. Additionally, the group participate in various activities outside of the hospital as well as volunteer activities within the hospital. Each resident is assigned a buddy/mentor at the start of residency year. Expanding our electives to include ED as an elective learning experience.RPD checks in with residents at least once weekly and formal evaluation occurs quarterly with Development Plan.
North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health SystemOnline (2 PM-4 PM)This is an area of focus from orientation throughout the entire residency year. The PGY1 residency director facilitates a monthly mindfulness session for the pharmacy service at the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System and advocates for identifying a plan for building a sustainable work-life balance as residents begin their career. The national VA Pharmacy Residency Program Office also provides extensive resources on resilience, preventing burnout and other resources for maintaining mental and physical health.The changes for the upcoming year will likely be primarily administrative because of the release of new ASHP accreditation standards. Many of the items in the new standards were updates of previous standards or are things that our program had already incorporated, so there should not be significant changes that occur.One of the statements that I make to residents is "Everything you hear is feedback." Feedback is given frequently in more informal settings (discussions with preceptors after patient encounters, review of presentations, etc) and most preceptors also provide opportunities for more structured feedback. The residency director meets with residents on a regular basis to both receive and give feedback as well to allow the program to continue to grow and provide mentorship to the resident.
Orlando Health - Dr. P. Phillips HosptialOnline (2 PM-4 PM)Wellness program available for all Orlando Health residentsPlanning accreditation by ASHP summer 2023. ASHP standard evaluations in pharmacademic and face to face feedback
Sarasota Memorial Hospital - Sarasota CampusOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)Residency training requires a significant time and emotional commitment to complete all of the goals and objectives of the program. Management of stress and maintaining an appropriate work-life balance are critical to the success of each resident. Resident well-being and resilience remains an important aspect that must be assessed and encouraged throughout the year. It is the responsibility of the RPD, RPC, RAC advisor, and preceptors to continuously assess the well-being of each resident and take steps to decrease the risk of burnout, build resilience, and maintain an appropriate work-life balance.We are in the process of building a new behavioral health building on campus which will expand our inpatient psychiatry footprint and patient care services. We also continue to expand our oncology services with our new cancer institute.We believe in providing real-time feedback in the moment after each activity but also incorporate routine feedback throughout each learning experience and at the end of each rotation. We also have longitudinal rotations (e.g., service, teaching, leadership) in which preceptors provide feedback to residents at a minimum of quarterly.
St. Anthony's Hospital (BayCare) PGY1 Pharmacy ResidencyOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)We as a program address resident wellbeing through a few different avenues. During orientation month every year, our preceptors and residents attend an education session about ways to identify and prevent burnout. This is a huge help in being able to recognize residents and/or preceptors who are struggling and aid them in getting the help they need. Additionally, each resident within the first few months of residency gets to choose a mentor. This mentor checks in with the residents, at least monthly if not more (depending on resident needs) and gives a monthly report to our residency advisory committee in regard to resident wellbeing and needs. Lastly, with COVID restrictions loosening, we attempt to host events outside of the department with our residents to form a more family friendly environment (i.e. happy hours, escape rooms, etc..). a. At the end of each residency year and throughout the year, we facilitate feedback from our residents. While we don’t anticipate any major changes in the upcoming year, some things we changed recently are:
i. the addition of an internal medicine rotation to help provide a more holistic approach to pharmacy early on, making the more specialized rotations easier to navigate
ii. creating internal medicine rounds with an internist (now a longitudinal experience)
iii. the addition of a geriatrics rotation to help accommodate a resident who was very geriatric focused
iv. more individualized approach to certain rotations that used to be rotations that had multiple residents at the same time
b. Changes we may anticipate in the near to distant future are the potential addition of a 4th resident, expansion of internal medicine rounding and potential creation of oncology inpatient rounding.
Our program is always seeking feedback from our residents and preceptors to help create the best possible environment for learning. All of our management have open door policies, this gives our residents and preceptors the ability to always seek help and get answers to questions without the need to schedule special appointments. Formally, we have quarterly evaluations both residents and the RPD fill out to provide feedback to the residents on their progress, as well as receive feedback from the residents. We meet with the residents prior to each Residency Advisory Committee Meeting to ask for program feedback and address any resident needs. Additionally, during each rotation, the level of feedback is customized to the resident. A questionnaire is filled out at the beginning of the residency year to understand resident learning style and feedback preferences. We have implemented multiple layers of feedback and evaluation throughout the course of each residency year for both the residents and the program.
St. Joseph's Hospital-South PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency ProgramOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)
South Florida Baptist HospitalOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)We employ several methods to ensure an excellent work-life balance:
1) Dedicated projects weeks spread throughout the residency year
2) Longitudinal Resident Well Being rotation with burnout tracking and CEs on handling stress
3) Encouraged use of PTO when able
4) Numerous health system resources available including counseling
No major changes to the program. However, we are moving to a brand new facility and the resident will be highly involved in logistics and kicking off clinical services at the new hospital.We utilized PharmAcademic for majority of formal evaluations. Our preceptors are expected to provide continuous, on-demand feedback to the resident. A part of this approach is "Feedback Fridays" to recap the week and look ahead to set the resident up for success. Additionally, the resident meets with the RPD quarterly to discuss overall progress.
Tampa General PGY1 Pharmacy Residency ProgramOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)BayCare provides mental health resource options, as well as burn-out training during resident orientation. Throughout the year, there are "Healthier Me" challenges such as annual BayCare 5k and step challenges to promote team member physical health and wellbeing.Continued growth of clinical services and resident rotation opportunities. Continue to offer to 2 resident positions for PGY1 training.Resident clinical performance is provided daily during rotation. RPD and residents meet weekly for progress updates and career development. Residents complete rotation and preceptor at the conclusion of rotations, Preceptors will provide midpoint and final evaluations during core experiences.
UF Health JacksonvilleOnline (2 PM-4 PM)We have a robust mentor program to help support the residents, both a personal mentor and a research mentor. There are planned activities both at work and outside of work. We also have weekly meetings with the residents and residency leadership to discuss clinical topics and any concerns. Residents are encouraged to utilize their personal leave and research leave and have access to multiple Wellness activities/support mechanisms at the hospital. I don't anticipate any major changes. We are continuing to explore new learning experiences at our North Campus so there may be additional rotations. We utilize PharmAcademic for all summative evaluations and also encourage the use of the feedback function so day-to-day activities. We meet with all residents on a quarterly basis to update their Resident Development Plan and provide guidance. As mentioned previously, we also have weekly resident meetings to provide feedback. Our preceptors are very experienced and engaged in teaching/providing feedback.
UF Health Shands GainesvilleOnline (2 PM-4 PM)
University of Miami Hospital and ClinicsOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)
Walgreens and Nova Southeastern University PGY1 Community-based ResidencyOnline (2 PM-4 PM)
Winter Haven Hospital - BayCare HealthOn-ground (10 AM-12 PM)We pride ourselves on promoting a safe learning environment where our preceptors are truly invested in the best interests of our residents. Our preceptors, Residency Program Coordinator, and Residency Program Director are always available and truly open to feedback. Many of our preceptors are recent residents so they can relate to any challenges and serve as ideal mentors for our residents. We also involve residents on extracurricular activities. We anticipate more formalized involvement with our FSU Family Medicine Residency Program. We create development plan for each resident to determine, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and career goals that we review initially and then quarterly. We also give ongoing feedback during your rotations as well as final summative evaluations of the resident. The resident also has the opportunity to provide feedback on each rotation and preceptor at the end of each rotation. Feedback for the program is also reviewed formally and has been a pivotal piece of developing and improving our program.
Winter Haven Hospital - BayCare Health (Ambulatory Care) Online (2 PM-4 PM)
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