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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber
10/29/2020 18:20:19University of ConnecticutConnecticutEnvironment & Human Interactions (cluster hire)12/15/2020 OpenTenure Track10/29/20 18:201) The University of Connecticut’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences invites applications for four positions at the level of Assistant Professor as part of a cluster hire in the Environment and Human Interactions. This initiative also includes two appointments at the Associate or Full Professor level.
10/29/2020 17:33:10University of MiamiFloridaBiology (Cluster Hire) OpenTenure Track10/30/20 4:051) The College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Miami (UM) is launching a cluster hiring initiative to appoint up to ten tenured or tenure-track faculty members 2) Review date?
10/29/2020 12:20:51Texas Tech UniversityTexasBiology Education Research12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/29/2020 12:19:41Texas Tech UniversityTexasVirology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/28/2020 12:28:47University of AlabamaAlabamaMicrobiology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track1
10/27/2020 23:18:32University of Alabama, TuscaloosaAlabamaMarine Biology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/30/20 6:32Based at Dauphin Island Sea Lab 2) anyone know if this is this a new position or a failed search from last year? I remember another Marine Bio adv. for Dauphin Island/ Alabama, Tuscaloosa 3) failed search 4) when asked for a list of "three to five" references, does doing the minimum look bad? 5) the search last year was cancelled due to covid
10/27/2020 20:19:41University of WashingtonWashingtonGenome Sciences12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/29/20 21:574 letters 2) "School of Medicine: Genome Sciences [...] Research in the department encompasses genetic, genomic and proteomic analysis of humans and model organisms; population and evolutionary genetics; technology development; and computational biology." 3) Is there any hope for someone who does genomics on non-model organisms? 4) re #3, a bit difficult for a dept in medical school, but worth to try, imo
10/27/2020 19:30:22University of HartfordConnecticutBiology (Anatomy/Physiology/Open)11/15/2020 ProfTenure Track10/27/20 19:31"broadly trained Biologist who can specialize in teaching Anatomy and Physiology and/or Introductory Biology"
10/27/2020 16:07:06University of British ColumbiaCanadaConnectivity Science12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/28/20 9:19Part of the Biodiversity solutions cluster hire ( 2) I have no idea how you are supposed to fit "Statement (up to 1 page) of teaching interests, accomplishments, and other evidence of teaching effectiveness. Please address how you could teach core undergraduate courses in a biology program and an interdisciplinary environmental program" into a single page. 3) Four point font?
10/27/2020 14:26:18UC DavisCaliforniaQuantitative Biology11/30/2020 / Asst Prof of TeachingTenure Track?10/30/20 1:13Not TT, but Lecturer with the Potential for Security of Employment are eligible for promotion to “Security of Employment,” which is analogous to tenure 2) It is a tenure track position, just of teaching, rather than research. They are full senate faculty at UCD. 3) I wonder how the pay is compared to standard TT appointments that include research. 4) All pay information is available online for every employee 5) Salary range here: 6) Davis prof here (not in this dept) - the salaries are comparable to research faculty. In my experience, there is little difference in rank or preception in rank between the two among faculty. One focuses on teaching and the other on research. There is a really cool and growing community of the teaching faculty at UCD now. Some uber talented teachers and they have been a huge campus asset on pedagogy and tech advice with the switch to remote.
10/27/2020 10:26:26Leech Lake Tribal CollegeMinnesotaForest Ecology OpenFixed Term
10/27/2020 5:24:18University of Wisconsin PlattevilleWisconsinLand Stewardship / Geography11/8/2020 ProfTenure Track10/27/20 10:58In geography department but "will contribute to the newly established Environmental Science and Conservation program established within the Department of Geography." ... "will engage with diverse partners and will draw from Traditional Ecological Knowledge and western science to inform their teaching, mentoring, and scholarship to create profound learning experiences around the restoration and stewardship of the diverse ecological communities of the Driftless Area."
10/26/2020 15:10:24University of Wisconsin-MadisonWisconsinEmerging Contaminants / Aquatic Ecosystems11/13/2020 / Assoc ScientistPermanent Non-Academic10/26/20 15:11"This position will provide applied research and outreach to address emerging contaminants and threats to Great Lakes ecosystems and public health in Wisconsin."
10/26/2020 13:32:11Northern Arizona UniversityArizonaEnvironmental Science and Policy11/10/2020
Assoc / Full ProfTenure Track10/26/20 13:35"Olajos-Goslow Chair provides interdisciplinary leadership and national stature to NAU’s demonstrated strengths in ecological science, conservation, and environmental policy"
10/26/2020 12:09:18Emory UniversityGeorgiaQuantitative Theory & Methods11/25/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/27/20 12:45Very broad, includes theoretical ecology and evolution. different from the Biology search below 2) This looks like a CS or Stats style app-- they want a transcript and a Teaching Portfolio. Unusual for Bio. 3) The interfolio link is wrong. The quantitative theory & methods position is not the one from the Biology department. This is the link per the Bio department website No teaching portfolio required -- just a statement 4) The Biology Dept job is a different hire below and requires the usual Research+Teaching+Diversity docs. The QT&M is a different (stats/CS) hire. They do require a transcript and teaching portfolio.
10/25/2020 16:17:04Texas Tech UniversityTexasEmerging Zoonotic Diseases12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/29/20 15:16"Biology, ecology, host/pathogen relationships, or epidemiology of emerging zoonotic diseases"
10/25/2020 16:12:49Institute of Marine ResearchNorwayEnvironmental Monitoring & Phytoplankton Ecology11/30/2020 Non-Academic10/30/20 4:54Good luck getting ahead here: 2) I disagree with the previous comment; as a North American academic currently based in Norway, I have not observed the concept of Janteloven to negatively affect the ambition or success of Norwegian academics in any way. x3
10/23/2020 15:17:13Edge Hill UniversityUnited KingdomPlant Population Genetics or Plant Ecology11/19/2020 / Senior LecturerTenure Track10/23/20 20:13"research experience specifically in the area of plant population genetics or plant ecology, including a good knowledge of the UK flora."
10/23/2020 14:49:42Aarhus UniversityDenmarkApplied Biometrics12/6/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/23/2020 14:48:18Tel Aviv UniversityIsraelZoology12/1/2020 OpenTenure Track10/26/20 15:53fyi: science is pretty well-funded in Israel. There are a couple of good programs to get funding for postdocs (e.g., Zuckerman Fellowship) and there many great ecologists in Israel. 2) I always admire the science coming out of Tel Aviv, but there are very few female faculties. 3) unfortunatly this is true for many of the departments in isreal. But they do at least recognize that this is a problem and are finding ways to increase female retention in academia (e.g., increasing local postdoc fellowship oppertunities of women).
10/23/2020 14:46:08Roskilde UniversityDenmarkBiogeochemistry, Terrestrial Ecology or Physical Geography11/20/2020 ProfFixed Term10/23/20 14:46The position is limited to 3 years.
10/23/2020 11:51:56MITMassachusettsEnvironment & Environmental Life Sciences12/15/2020 ProfTenure Track10/29/20 23:001) So what does a biologist do at an engineering department? 2) CEE has multiple buildings, one of which has a sizable chunk of biologists. These are mostly microbial ecology and oceanography. 3) Would an ecologist using machine-learning tools fiit in the department? 4) Yes. #2 here - forgot to add that if you do oceanography/marine ecology, that MIT has the joint graduate program with WHOI as well, and faculty can become cross appointed.
10/23/2020 11:25:15Cal State FullertonCaliforniaBiological Sciences (Animal Physiology)1/11/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/26/20 22:121) Is this the same animal physiology position as last year?
10/22/2020 22:03:50Utah Valley UniversityUtahPlant Breeding/ Genetics11/13/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/22/2020 8:19:19Copenhagen UniversityDenmarkVertebrate Curator12/1/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/22/20 9:03Seperate announcements for Assistant and Associate Professor tracks because of university policies, but only one will be filled. Part of three position cluster hire. To fill vacancy in mammalogy or herpetology1
10/22/2020 8:17:54Copenhagen UniversityDenmarkPaleontology Curator12/1/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/22/20 9:03Seperate announcements for Assistant and Associate Professor tracks because of university policies, but only one will be filled. Part of three position cluster hire.
10/22/2020 8:14:44Copenagen UniversityDenmarkBotany Curator12/1/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/22/20 10:00Seperate announcements for Assistant and Associate Professor tracks because of university policies, but only one will be filled. Part of three position cluster hire. 1) It appears this position does not require letters of recommendation??? I haven't opened the actual application yet but letters are not listed under requirements for the application.1
10/21/2020 18:11:03University of California BerkeleyCaliforniaPlant Ecology of Changing Ecosystems12/22/2020 ProfTenure Track10/29/20 15:551) is this the same job they posted last year? was it a failed search? 2) @1 Yes, same position; but, not a failed search. It was cancelled due to COVID. 3) @2, do you know if interviews happened or an offer was made last year before they cancelled? 4) @3 the search was cancelled before interviews took place, but they had a shortlist already before they cancelled. 2 again) 4 is correct. In the 2019-2020 ecoevo job list, someone commented that they received a message that he/she/they were informed of being shortlisted when the search was cancelled. I also applied then, and did not get that msg (just the "sorry, search is cancelled" msg). Maybe that post is still up. 4) I was shortlisted, and just received the following email: "You were among a small number of candidates under serious consideration for the position. We are excited to reopen this Faculty Search, and welcome you to apply at the link below". 5) did everybody get an email? I received an emai inviting me to re-apply but nothung about being short listed.... so probably not worth re-applying!lol x3
10/21/2020 16:02:06Emory UniversityGeorgiaBiology12/10/2020 OpenTenure Track10/27/20 20:581) 3 letters required up front, before shortlisting 2) email from 10/26 listed Nov 10 as review date 3) Given the wording "We seek outstanding experimental, theoretical and/or computational biologists" are people who do empirical observational field work excluded? 4) Letters for such a broad search. What a waste of so many people's time. 5) @3 I would never ever pass up the chance to apply over something like that. They seem to be trying to cover most fields. Don't read too much into them not adding more descriptors to the job ad. 6) Agree with 4 - Letters a huge waste of time here.3
10/21/2020 13:23:52University of British ColumbiaCanadaConservation and Restoration Science11/30/2020 ProfTenure Track10/27/20 14:55Part of the Biodiversity solutions cluster hire d( "We encourage applicants who use a range of empirical or theoretical approaches, applying them to real-world problems from local to global scales, in terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems, and working in plant, animal or fungal systems" 1) I think this is specific to botany, despite the above description. Can someone confirm if they know or agree? 2) @1 do you say that just because of the departments that are hiring for this position? 3) emailed to find out, will update 4) update to #3 from Clare Kremen: "the search committee will be happy to review applicants working on animals as well." 5) Claire Kremen works at Berkeley, did you post in the wrong box? 6) Claire moved to UBC
10/21/2020 9:50:33UMass BostonMassachusettsData Science11/30/2020 ProfTenure Track10/28/20 8:45"possibly two depending on financial resources" "We consider Data Science broadly defined, encompassing a variety of complex systems and data types, ranging from the Internet to social, biological, chemical, physical, ecological and environmental systems. This tenure-track position will be located in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or Physics." 1) I'm assuming "You should arrange for at least three referees to submit letters of recommendation to the search committee" means that they want letters beforehand? 2) Who are letters sent to? Is there an email contact for the search committee? 3) @2 the letters are automatically requested upon submission of the application2
10/21/2020 7:20:48UT AustinTexasIntegrative Biology11/15/2020 OpenTenure Track10/22/20 13:371) Any idea what's with the 11/15 review date given the 10/19 posting? 2) What do you mean? Many of the positions advertised here have ~4 week time frame from advertisement to first review. It's a little on the short side but definitely not out of the ordinary. 3) Didn't UT Austin's IB have a search last year for a few positions? Does anyone know what happened with that? 4) There was one for Evolutionary Genomics. This seems broader and looking for somebody "committed to building a diverse and inclusive educational environment" 5) Maybe 2 (?) years ago they had several searches going at once that included assistant and open rank positions that were broadly covering integrative biology. I know at least 1-2 and maybe more hires came out of those searches. 6) this is a new initiative in the college and there will be other positions for other departments. The time frame is a factor of constraints above the department.4
10/19/2020 13:15:13University of British ColumbiaCanadaBiodiversity Data Science12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/26/20 14:20Part of the Biodiversity solutions cluster hire ( 2) "All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority." Anyone have any sense of what the likelihood is of an international hire? Is that just required language for public Canadian institutions? Or is there virtually no chance of them hiring a non-Canadian? 3) My understanding is that if they have two candidates more or less equally matched they are required to hire the Canadian. So Canadians are more likely to be hired, but in my experience it is not unheard of for a non-Canadian to get an offer. 4) My experience (as a Canadian who was not hired in Canada) is that the department can offer to a foreign candidate if they make the justification that the Canadian candidate(s) are "not equally matched". As with anything this can be subjective, so there is an out. 3) There are lots of useful threads on this same topic for other Canadian jobs listed here 5) I asked about this— it sounds like UBC has a history of recruiting international candidates, and it's just a matter of making a case why the international candidate is the best for the job. 6) Mostly this is true. There are consequences for choosing a non-Canadian and so some departments are more reluctant than others to do it. 7) Consequences? 8) Paperwork has to be filled and submitted to the local govt i think. 9) I've always heard that if they choose a non-Canadian and that person turns down the offer there is a real danger of the search failing because the other Canadians were deemed 'not acceptable'. 6 again) 9 is correct. If you choose a non-Canadian you must indicate that the others are not qualified. So, you cannot go back to them later if the non-Canadian candidate falls through. Additionaly, you need to obtain special permission for the hire from the federal govt. But, that is usually pretty easy 10) Thanks for that info. Very interesting. I am Canadian, but never understood the actual "reprocussions" for hiring non-CAD. 11) FYI, since many international applicants are likely interested in these positions, make sure to look at housing costs in Vancouver if owning a house is important to you (there have been a couple instances of newly hired faculty at UBC leaving after deciding they aren't satisfied living in a townhouse/apartment).12) Agree with 11, Vancouver is beautiful but so expensive. You could get a house further out and just have a longer commute. 12) 11: do you know how far out/how long the commute for more affordable housing? 13) I'm originally from Vancouver... if you want an actual house with its own lot for under 1M USD, you probably have to look as far as Surrey - *maybe* New Westminster. So you can check the google commute times from there, keeping in mind traffic is lower now than it probably will be in the future. Tough to make work on the UBC starting salary... 14) Many of the UBC new faculty live in condos 15) Some UBC factulty have gone so far as to reside in the USA and commute up to Vanouver. Not sure how this works with covid travel restrictions tho. 16) well UBC is completely online for now, so I don't think covid travel restrictions have been a problem on that respect, but yes, multiple faculty have lived in the USA4
10/19/2020 10:20:58Trinity CollegeConnecticutMolecular Biology12/15/2020 ProfTenure Track1
10/18/2020 13:46:35Carnegie Institution for ScienceCaliforniaGlobal Ecology11/1/2020 ScientistTenure Track10/27/20 10:501) "Carnegie Institution for Science’s Department of Global Ecology seeks applications for two (2) Staff Associates and one (1) Senior Staff Scientist" 2) Is this department also moving to Pasadena in a few years? (see Carnegie Institution Plant Science search notes below) 3) How "soft money" is this position? Is it like the Cary Institute where you need to supplement your salary with grant money? 4) These are 12 months fully-endowed resarch positions (i.e. 0% soft money) 5) I was informed by the Director that these are fixed-term 5 years positions, there is no guarantee you will be converted to permanent staff even if they are happy with your performance 6) So this is more like a long independent postdoc position? 7) Fixed, 5-year position with no guarantee for permanent position sounds the same as an assistant professorship no? Assuming there is a posibility that you get promoted. 8) The staff associate is like assistant professor, as you are supposed (and supported) to start your independent research group. Similarly to tenure track, you are not guaranteed that after 5 years you will get promoted to permanent, but some permanent faculty in multiple Carnegie departments started as staff associates, so it seems it can happen. 9) University-style tenure at a research (i.e. non-teaching) instutution seems weird. I suspect it's more just a continuation of your contract with promotion after 5 years rather than a real tenure situation where you can take your research in a totally new direction or even stop publishing entirely without termination. 10) In most job searches outside of academia, "fixed term" means just that. There is an fixed end date, and thats it. Applicants should not expect the position to continue. If this isn't the case here, it would be helpful is someone from Carnegie could clarify. 11) From the Director of the Department: "satisfactory performance does not necessarily mean that a Staff Scientist position will be available when a Staff Associate is nearing the end of their term".4
10/16/2020 13:27:21University of Nebraska-OmahaNebraskaMolecular Evolutionary Biologist11/20/2020 ProfTenure Track10/26/20 6:38
10/16/2020 13:26:01University of Nebraska-OmahaNebraskaOrganismal Evolutionary Biologist11/20/2020 ProfTenure Track2
10/16/2020 9:45:28Auburn UniversityAlabamaCoastal Ecological Engineering11/13/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/16/20 15:41
10/14/2020 11:57:53Valdosta State University GeorgiaPlant Biology (Plant Physiology, Cell biology)11/8/2020 ProfTenure Track10/14/20 12:031
10/14/2020 9:11:02University of North CarolinaNorth CarolinaMicrobiology, Human Health, Wellness + Equity12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/20/20 0:041) "The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is recruiting up to six outstanding tenure track faculty to deepen and expand research and teaching related to racial equity, in parallel with two searches that address historical aspects of American slavery" 2) Department has a diversity postdoc. Possible inside hire 3) I know someone on the SC and this is not an inside hire. The diversity postdoc is different. x2 4) only URM apply, or allies too? x4
10/14/2020 9:08:20University of Southern CaliforniaCaliforniaQuantitative / Computational Biology12/15/2020 ProfTenure Track10/16/20 17:38"any area of computational biology. The ideal candidate’s research program will take mathematical, computational, and/or statistical approaches to questions in biological or biomedical research."
10/14/2020 2:50:36WSL: Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow & Landscape Research SwitzerlandOpen but within WSL's remit 10/30/2020 Director Tenure Track10/14/20 3:04Should speak German and/or French.
10/13/2020 20:22:19University of Tennessee at Chattanooga TennesseeBiology, Geology, Environmental Science11/6/2020 ProfTenure Track10/23/20 16:56Looking for Department Head.
10/13/2020 15:41:37Yale UniversityConnecticutEcology and Evolutionary Biology2/1/2021 ProfTenure Track10/22/20 11:22Very general search; note also open to junior Assistant Profs 2) Where does it say that deadline? Interfolio says Oct 13, 2021, which cannot be right 3) Under Application Instructions. Typo on interfolio applicaiton reveiws start on Feb. 1, 2021. 4) This department has historically been hard for women and minority candidates and early career faculty but has recently been working on improving diversity and inclusion x3 [Extended discussion of past & current climate of this department deleted, which comment #4 perfectly summarizes. -- AP] 5) The deadline is so late! Will they start reviewing way earlier do you think? 6) unlikely 5 again) I wonder what these would mean for possible negotiations? Most other places would have be putting out offers as the *interviews* are going out at Yale... 7) Maybe they are hoping (wishing) it will be late enough to allow for in person interviews? It is a very strange timeline to be posted so early with such a late deadline. 8) of course Yale got all the negative things said about it somehow removed from this comment box. AP) @8 I removed the lengthy discussion because it was already encapsulated in #4's comment (which is not entirely pro-Yale). I don't want this site devolving into the toxicity that is consuming the rest of the world, so if you want to trash people or departments, do it on twitter. 9) @AP Thank you for that or just go on the venting section. Its specifically there for you know venting. 10) Grad student here, while this is general hire dept is looking strongly for diversity applicants; @8 want to reiterate @4 - dept is under new leadership, has hired for diversity each of the last 3 years, & working on climate/inclusion. 1
10/13/2020 13:41:18Utah Valley UniversityUtahEvolution11/12/2020 OpenTenure Track10/17/20 10:055 references required. Ain't happening. 2) Looks like they just need contact information for five refs.
10/13/2020 5:50:46University of Toronto (St. George Campus)CanadaStatistics for Life Sciences11/30/2020 ProfTenure Track10/13/20 5:51Teaching stream
10/13/2020 5:38:39York UniversityCanadaBiology12/7/2020 OpenTenure Track10/13/20 21:41This opportunity is open to qualified individuals who self-identify as Black peoples of African Descent (for example Africans and African heritage people from the Caribbean, Americas, Europe). [...] Candidates must be appointable to one of the departments of Biology, Physics and Astronomy, or Mathematics and Statistics. [...] The Department of Biology is interested in candidates who are undertaking innovative and integrative approaches to study fundamental genetics or immunology at a molecular, cellular, and/or organismal level.
10/13/2020 5:37:09Aarhus UniversityDenmarkAquatic Ecosystem and Eco-Hydrological Modelling11/15/2020 ResearcherTenure Track
10/13/2020 5:36:05Hong Kong Baptist UniversityAsia (Other)Soil Science / Crop Protection / Crop Production / Horticulture (Two Vacancies)12/8/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
10/13/2020 5:14:59Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW)GermanyBioinformatics11/10/2020 OpenTenure Track10/16/20 2:21Based in the offered pay scale (TV-L EG 13), this is a staff scientist position. That means the payment is significantly less than a W1 assistant professorship.
10/12/2020 23:47:07Fulbright University VietnamAsia (Other)Multiple areas12/31/2020 OpenFixed Term
10/12/2020 21:40:48Wake ForestNorth CarolinaQuantitative Ecology11/16/2020 ProfTenure Track10/21/20 17:57Does not specifically say TT, so I am not sure about that. 2) Definitely Tenure Track
10/10/2020 10:10:31Emory UniversityGeorgiaBiological Anthropology12/1/2020 / Full ProfTenure Track
10/10/2020 9:26:24Austin Peay State UniversityTennesseeBiology (Genetics)11/15/2020 ProfTenure Track10/20/20 15:47"We seek to hire a candidate who investigates the genetic mechanisms underlying long-term evolutionary responses of organisms to their environment. The ideal candidate will study evolutionary, ecological, and/or community processes using genomic approaches. Research expertise might encompass any level of biological hierarchy, ecological scale, or organismal group even to include research in genetic based diseases."3
10/9/2020 13:40:18Franklin CollegeIndianaBiology ProfTenure Track10/14/20 22:59"Evaluation of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position has
been filled." The ideal candidate for this position will offer an engaging Principles of Biology course for first year science majors as well as an upper-divisionGenetics course for Biology majors and students in the pre-Medical and pre-Physician Assistanttracks
10/9/2020 13:22:05Virginia Commonwealth UniversityVirginiaBioinformatics/Data Science11/16/2020 ProfOpen-length Term10/20/20 16:47A renewable, non-tenure track faculty position with the potential to turn into tenure track. See for more info about the unit. "The instructor will provide teaching and service in support of the Bioinformatics undergraduate and graduate degree programs [...] We seek a broadly trained computational scientist who will teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the Bioinformatics programs. Successful candidates will be expected to teach innovative courses in programming with Python, biological informatics, data science, or computational biology; mentor undergraduate and graduate students; and have a commitment to outreach and service both within and beyond the University community." 1) Seems almost exclusively teaching- and service-oriented, doesn't it? 2) i work here. VCU is struggling with money. COVID hit hard.
10/9/2020 9:32:25University of British ColumbiaCanadaForest Management11/10/2020 ProfTenure Track10/9/20 9:33
10/8/2020 16:59:33UMass BostonMassachusettsMolecular, Cell and Systems Biology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/9/20 15:57"studies complex physiological systems or networks, preferably using a systems biology approach. [...] Specific areas could be pathophysiology, metabolism, hormone or cell signaling, or related topics."1
10/8/2020 16:39:58University of TorontoCanadaComputational Ecology and Evolution11/16/2020 ProfTenure Track10/29/20 12:08OMG, seems to be a great place, and especially now. 2) Asking for a teaching dossier, not just a statement [Comments about former student deleted. -- AP] 3) I'm glad any comments about a specific person were removed. That said, it would be good to know if there are indications that there is an inside candidate here (I never understood what the previous discussion was on about). 4) Discussion was not about an inside candidate (5) what is the difference between a dossier and a teaching statement? This job looks amazing but the description of the person they want is intimidating "research excellence" and "teaching excellence" and some more excellence. 6) 7) that dossier is a lot of work to put together, but this position seems worth it. 8) Thanks, #4! 9) Recently spoke to someone on SC and the dossier was an HR requirement. They hope it won't be intimidating to current postdocs. Faculty in the dept are open to answering questions. 10) Thanks @9. It definitely is! The dossier makes it seem like they want folks with very extensive teaching experience. 11) Generally, but especially during the current climate, I don't think it is unreasonable to expect an excellent research and teaching background 12) excellence in teaching seems somewhat relative, and many postdocs will not have had the opportunity to put together the materials suggested in the dossier. 13) can anyone who has applied through UofT's app portal comment on whether it'll take reference letters sent with Interfolio? kind of nervous since the system doesn't solicit letters until you complete and submit it. 14) I am on the faculty here, and have been on numerous searches, though I am not on this one. The "dossier" is a top-down HR-imposed solution to a problem that did not exist, and which is currently being reviewed/reconsidered. We do not have a preference for those with teaching experience, nor are there "inside candidates" (for this search or past ones). We realize that many junior candidates will have limited teaching or even TA experience / opportunities, and that most post-docs won't have the opportunity to assemble all this stuff. Please submit a thoughtful teaching statement. If you've taught classes as a primary instructor, give us some overview of what classes, how well you did, and if you'd like to keep teaching them. 15) Thanks #14 for explaining here. x2 16) Super bizarre to hear the search committ "doesn't have a preference for those with teaching experience"... why wouldn't you have a preference for this? 17) Because a lot of postdocs don't have the opportunity to teach their own classes and a 'preference for those with teaching experience' would heavily bias towards current Assistant Professors? 18) @17 That is an interesting point about bias towards current Assistant Professors. I know lots of postdocs that have taught their own classes though (I wish I had an estimate). For postdocs out there, it is certainly not a bad idea to find an opportunity to teach a class on your own. There are lots of online adjunct positions right now. 19) Not always possible, for example if you are on a grant with 100% effort/salary, or if you are on a visa you cannot be employed by other sources. 20) @19 thanks for the good points3
10/8/2020 14:21:13Cedarville UniversityOhioHuman Biology ProfTenure Track10/12/20 5:07"Qualified applicant must be a born-again Christian" 2) Are you for real? Is this even legal? 3) "Our biology faculty members are distinctive in their commitment to biblical integration in the sciences and seek to help you understand your Creator more richly by studying the creation.” 4) yes, quite legal 5) if it's a private school they can do what they want
10/8/2020 7:55:22University of TwenteNetherlandsBig Data Science for Natural Resources11/1/2020 Prof
10/7/2020 20:15:01UCLACaliforniaLife Sciences (including EEB)11/13/2020 OpenTenure Track10/27/20 11:471) any insight into the "diversity" angle/requirement? 2) No specific info to share, but I think in general these searches want either a candidate who comes from a marginalized/underrepresented group, or who has made really substantial contributions to DEI. Ideally both. 3) says it is multi year effort--any idea who recent hires were for comparison? 4) can one survive in LA on the salary they pay? 5) any idea who is on the search committee? 6) #4 UC prof salaries are fine for LA (would take years of saving and a commute to buy a house though) 7) @4 & 6: a lot of UCs provide benefits to purchase housing. 8) similar to #5, how does the search work internally across departments? i.e. who are we writing the applications for? 9) Seems like if you do DEI work, but its not a major part of your "brand" as scientist, you shouldn't bother applying. Am I wrong on this? 10) Just my opinion but I don't think you need for your DEI work to be super high profile or novel if that's what you mean. But you need a consistent track record to suppport the idea that you would be effective in promoting DEI initiatives as a prof. One outreach event is not likley to do it. 11) Just saw the following on twitter about this hire by a UCLA faculty member, maybe that makes it a bit more clear: "All Life Sciences departments are participating in a search for a Mentor Professor. Key points: you get to do research and DEI efforts + mentoring are protected service (and count towards promotion)." 12) @7 Though not all (Current UC Prof here). Also varies a bunch by UC Uni and College. Programs help a smidge but don't solve the fundamental problem at most UCs. For example, housing costs keep skyrocketing but the programs remain unchanged or just plain cut. 13) @that's a real bummer for the diversity agenda - need to seriously consider which folks are able to afford living in LA like that x4. 14) Why is everybody talking about cost of living in LA? There are other positions at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara and nobody is talking about that. Am I missing something? Is cost of living in LA actually higher than in Berkeley or Santa Barbara? 15) This search is EXTREMELY broad: open rank at any of <Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Integrative Biology and Physiology; Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics; Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology; Institute for Society and Genetics; Psychology>. How many applicants would a call like this get?4
10/7/2020 16:00:46University of Texas, ArlingtonTexasVarious inside/outside biology OpenRank Open10/29/20 17:56New, multi-disciplinary hiring initiative in support of the four broad themes of our strategic plan, Bold Solutions | Global Impact: (1) Health and the Human Condition; (2) Data-Driven Discovery; (3) Global Environmental Impact; & (4) Sustainable Urban Communities. 15 (!?) positions across campus. 2) might be NTT and research Associate so non-TT. it states "Funding: expected to continue". we might need to ask the Provost office for clarification. I'd do it but can't find a contact email 3) Pretty sure its TT. Also got a (somewhat personalized) email from them encouraging me to apply, from the DiversifyEEB list - anyone else get one? x17 (4) No cover letter or teaching statement requested, (5) No review date either (?)3
10/7/2020 13:09:31Chapman UniversityCaliforniaEnvironmental Science & Policy11/15/2020 ProfTenure Track10/9/20 19:02Note that this is multiple positions despite the ambiguous language in the ad. Also, they "want folks that can contribute to “policy” (very broadly defined)". (2) anyone know if their salaries are livable considering it's the LA area? (3) Not sure about salaries, but it looks like they offer housing assistance,criteria%20outlined%20in%20the%20program.
10/7/2020 10:21:09Harvard University / Medical SchoolMassachusettsLife Sciences11/15/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/7/20 10:23"With a specific goal of advancing diversity in scientific research and discovery". "up to four tenure track Assistant or Associate Professor positions in the life sciences. We are looking for early-career scientists taking molecular and quantitative approaches in the broad fields of biological and biomedical sciences, with a track record of research productivity and a demonstrated commitment to fostering diversity and equity"
10/6/2020 20:07:30University of California, BerkeleyCaliforniaEmerging Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance11/13/2020 ProfTenure Track10/6/20 20:09"We seek an investigator conducting cutting-edge research on population-based infectious disease problems that arise from the vast array of global changes... combining biologic, clinical, epidemiologic, and computational approaches to find novel solutions to emerging infectious diseases associated with global change and that are of worldwide importance"1
10/6/2020 13:27:27UMass-BostonMassachusettsEcology & Evolution of Emerging Diseases11/15/2020 ProfTenure Track10/10/20 14:28"We expect that candidates for the position could employ a broad range of different approaches in their research including, but not restricted to, fieldwork, mathematical modeling, immunological bioinformatics, and biological networks, and that they will complement existing strengths of the department in plant and animal model systems."1
10/6/2020 12:21:27University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaWater Science11/20/2020 ProfTenure Track10/6/20 12:22"Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: hydrology, hydrogeology, limnology, aqueous geochemistry, and hydrometeorology."
10/5/2020 22:42:40University of KentuckyKentuckyIntegrative Biology10/12/2020 ProfTenure Track10/18/20 18:26"Our current effort to enhance our research portfolio includes building strength in the following areas: (1) biological timing systems and (2) responses to environmental change." (2) Open for a week? Haven't seen this posted elsewhere so seems pretty new. I wonder if they have an inside candidate or someone specific in mind. (3) Same ad last year. No "offer accepted" claim then. Maybe this is in some way a continuation of last year's search, maybe interrupted by COVID, and not a new search. The SC commented on the job last year, maybe they will shed some light this time too.. (4) I had multiple colleagues interview for this job last year and, to my knowledge, none of them were offered the job. I think the bet that COVID affected this search is a good one. (5) At least one new hire was made last year although I know they had hoped to hire two x2 @5 4 Again, sorry should have been more clear, my guess is that one of the two (but not both) were filled. I also heard that one position was filled. 6) Anyone have any idea if the letters are being requested for everyone who applies or do they just want contact info in case you make the first cut? 7) Can't say for sure this time, but last time I emailed the chair and he said "we'll ask for letters later" (8) SC member here. We filled one position before COVID hit last spring but couldn't make a second offer due to COVID. This fall, we were allowed to choose a prefered candidate from the last application pool for the second position but due to university rules have to readvertise the position. Sorry all :-( ! 9) Thanks for letting us know SC member! x3 10) Yes, thank you for chiming in! That's essentally what I thoguht was going on. Nice to have it confirmed and not waste everyone's time. 11) Unfortunately a bunch of us already wasted our time. x910
10/5/2020 17:54:54University of FloridaFloridaPlant Ecophysiology10/30/2020 ProfTenure Track10/5/20 19:32The candidate will be expected to focus the majority of their research on agronomic crops in Florida, thus experience with agronomic crops is preferred but not required.
10/5/2020 16:46:27University of UtahUtahHuman Genetics11/15/2020 / Assoc ProfAsst / Assoc Prof10/29/20 20:211) what's the deal with letters of rec on this one? the ad doesn't mention them at all, and the app portal has places to add both reference contacts and "optional" letters themselves. 2) I'm just going to interpret this as a letters-requested-later situation, and list references in my cover letter and CV 3) Seems like all of the documents (once you're in the system) are 'optional'. I can't quite tell if there's an option for me to request my own letters, or whether they're requested automatically by the system/search committee at a later date. Anyone else wondering this?
10/5/2020 14:19:49Pepperdine UniversityCaliforniaBiology11/21/2020 ProfTenure Track10/25/20 13:51eco-physiology, marine biology, physiology, or a related discipline. "Faculty, staff and students partner to support Pepperdine’s Christian mission, as well as to engage Pepperdine’s spiritual community. " 2) Didnt they just hire an eco-physiologist? 3) They request a statement "on your willingness to support the mission and Christian values of Pepperdine University. In addition, describe how your personal faith intersects with your teaching, your professional life, and/or your intellectual life." As an evolutionary biologist (though not athiest) I'm not sure how to approach this without entering a mine field. Can someone speak to their attitudes about evolution research? 4) As an evo biologist and non-Christian, I'm not going anywhere near this position. x7 5) As as evo biologist I'd work for the dark lord satan if he's hiring. 6) Do you think my statement of how adherence to the dark lord satan informs my teaching practices will fly for this job? (7) @ mod, are comments 5 and 6 really necessary? x5 This job could be great for someone, and yes Christian students need evolution professors too X5 (8) If you google a bit, they have evolution in their faculty research page and have several articles that essentially esponse theistic evolution (9) I am inclined to think that the skepticism of this position is warranted (i.e. do not delete comments 5 or 6). One could ask for any number of statements to specify a very specific demographic that should apply (to the exclusion of others), but why is that helpful? Isn't a diversity and inclusion statement (not requested) more helpful? At the very least, I think it is rude to waste applicants' time by asking for a statment that will be used very infrequently. Although, conversely, as someone who does not want to work for an exclusive employer, maybe they are saving me time by making their biases plain. I am not an aetheist, btw. (10) Anyone know if they're looking for an animal physiologist specifically? They hired a plant physiologist recently. (11) The position is specifically for a marine biologist / ecologist / physiologist of animals.1
10/5/2020 12:20:02University of WashingtonWashingtonMechanobiology10/31/2020 ProfTenure Track10/25/20 16:56Does anyone know if this includes biomechanics or if it's constrained to molec/cell scales?
10/5/2020 10:51:08Inland Norway University of Applied SciencesNorwayFish Ecology and Aquatic Surveys10/11/2020 ProfTenure Track10/5/20 10:51"We are looking for a full professor. If there are no qualified candidates with a full professor competence, candidates that are likely close to such advancement will be considered."
10/5/2020 10:46:45University of TartuEstoniaMacroecology11/2/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/5/2020 10:44:47Université Lyon 1 (Claude Bernard)FranceFunctional ecology11/4/2020 ProfTenure Track10/5/20 10:45Full description here:
10/5/2020 10:34:59Dalhousie UniversityCanadaSustainability and Environmental Health11/13/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/5/2020 10:34:08Aarhus UniversityDenmarkArctic Marine Ecology11/1/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/5/2020 10:33:16Aarhus UniversityDenmarkMarine Conservation Ecology11/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/19/20 16:37emphasis on sea birds and marine mammals1
10/4/2020 0:51:15Dalhousie UniversityCanadaBiological Chemistry11/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/9/20 11:04"This position is restricted to candidates who self-identify in one or more of the following groups: Indigenous persons, persons with a disability, racially visible persons, women, and persons of a minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity." (1) nice to see institutions taking action to address diversity issues in academia.5x
10/3/2020 15:06:24Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriPlant Taxonomy and Conservation ProfPermanent Non-Academic10/4/20 15:011) It's not evident from the ad, but the person must have experience in taxonomy. 2) This is to replace the current head of teh Science and Conservation Division who is retiring slowly.
10/3/2020 8:11:35Western Colorado UniversityColoradoWildlife Ecology, Conservation & Management12/1/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/27/20 18:121) Is it just me, or are the responsibilities ridicuolously huge? 6-8 graduate students, extramural funding, publishing, AND 4-6 courses? 2) I was thinking the same thing. I'm at an R1 school with a 50/50 appointment. I rarely have more than 6 graduate students, and I'm expected to teach 9 credits per year (typically 3 classes, but I teach 2, 4-credit courses with labs). 3) also that salary...ouch :( 4) I agree the salary is less than the person deserves, but it is pretty in line with what you will find a teaching universities of this size. Doens't make it ok, but it is what it is. 5) I think it looks ok as long as you take the most charitable spin on everything, like 6 mentees, 4 courses a year, $60k/9mo, and the assumption that the department has prior funding relationships with govt agencies that the new hire can slide into. But even still wouldn't work for many.
10/2/2020 14:18:22University of TübingenGermanyMolecular Plant Biology10/30/2020 ProfTenure Track10/5/20 12:13Rejection email received on Sept 28. 2) This is for a new position. The one #1 is mentioning is an openning that has a 9/1 deadline and they already decided candidate.1
10/2/2020 13:40:43Auburn UniversityAlabamaPlant Developmental Biology12/1/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
10/1/2020 15:25:16University of GeorgiaGeorgiaInfectious Disease Epidemiology and Modeling12/15/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/1/2020 12:11:06Truman State UniversityMissouriHuman Anatomy11/13/2020 ProfTenure Track10/1/20 12:12Position is split between Health and Exercise Science (75%) and Biology (25%)
10/1/2020 12:09:48Truman State UniversityMissouriMicrobiology, Cell or Genetics11/14/2020 ProfTenure Track
9/29/2020 16:24:56Augustana UniversitySouth DakotaGenetics/Molecular Biology11/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/23/20 15:54"Duties typically include teaching 2 lectures and 2 labs each semester and a January term course." "While teaching is a major component of the position, productive research involving undergraduates is expected and is a long-standing tradition in the department." [To AP: Please correct the name of the university to "Augustana"] Hah, they should change to Augustuna :)
9/29/2020 12:59:30The Ohio State UniversityOhioSpecialty Crop Entomologist10/31/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/29/20 13:00“strong focus on agroecology and the improvement of sustainable management practices in various specialty cropping systems. Individuals with expertise in specialty crops, invasive ecology, and pest management are strongly encouraged to apply.”1
9/29/2020 11:59:55Governors State UniversityIllinoisEvolutionary & Developmental Biology ProfTenure Track9/29/20 13:06Open Until Filled3
9/29/2020 8:58:00Carnegie Mellon UniversityPennsylvaniaQuantitative Biology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track9/30/20 22:561) Could anyone advise what specifically do they mean by "Quantitative Biology" - do they have a topic in mind already? 1
9/28/2020 7:01:16Max Planck Institutes / Technische Universität München (TUM) GermanyAny10/22/2020 LeaderFixed Term10/29/20 15:37MPI Group leaders are not equivalent to TT professorships. 2) Agreed, the MPI positions are max 9 years, but not sure about the TU Munich part of this call. Maybe it can lead to W2 there? 3) @2 it sounds like it can? 4) @2 and @3 - you addtionally also apply to TUM to be an assistant professor (W2 in this case) and if selected you will run your group at a MPI and be assosiated with TUM until 6 years at MPI are over and you may transition to a W3 tenured position at TUM. Of course they don't select a lot of candidates for this option and it depends if they will need a professor in a respective department in the next couple of years (e.g. someone retires) 5) I'm a current MPI group leader (at a different institute). They are great fellowships with great funding, and assistant professor equivalent in many ways, but they are not tenure track. And from what I hear on the MRGL grape vine, the TUM assistant professorships are basically just for optics - very few group leaders who apply are offered them. 6) Just wondering how many of those who applied have previous links to Germany: 3 | Or not: 38
9/27/2020 11:14:46Peru State CollegeNebraskaBiology ProfTenure Track10/1/20 9:47Applications are being reviewed as they are received. No visa sponsorship. 2) seems like a failed search. Got a rejection from them just last week. 3) This position was filled and then the person had to remove themselves because of a personal matter. 4) Any idea if they will be re-running search or using the list they already sent rejections to? 5) I don't believe we are re-using previous applications, but I can find out. 6) The hiring committee will not have access to the previous list of applicants or their materials and therefore anyone that wants to be considered will have to reapply. 3
9/26/2020 18:01:41UCLACaliforniaBioengineering11/1/2020 OpenTenure Track10/5/20 13:49what counts are bioengineering? 2) Apply whether you think you fit or not.
9/25/2020 21:07:22Western UniversityCanadaAnimal Cognition/Behavior10/31/2020 ProfTenure Track9/30/20 8:411) Is this the same search as last year or a new one? 2) I belive is the same. They changed the wording to make sure the aplicants have cognitive/behavioral experience. "We welcome applications from researchers in neighbouring fields, such as behavioural ecology or behavioural neuroscience, but the successful applicant must clearly demonstrate excellence in research on cognitive aspects of animal behaviour, such as learning and memory, spatial cognition, communication, decision making, timing, numerical ability, or perception. Furthermore, the successful applicant will have clear expertise in the use of behavioural methods and analyses to address topics in cognition."5
9/25/2020 14:50:29Auburn UniversityAlabamaHuman-Environment Interactions12/14/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
9/24/2020 14:26:38NC State UniversityNorth CarolinaChemical Oceanography10/12/2020 ProfTenure Track1
9/24/2020 4:01:53Sars Center, University of BergenNorwayEvolution & Development11/30/2020 ProfFixed Term10/8/20 19:321) A contract of six years will be offered to successful candidates, with excellent internal resources for the research (postdocs, PhD students, technicians, lab space and project-specific facilities) as well as a competitive salary. The contract may be prolonged for up to four years, depending on performance and confirmation of funding at the time of review. 2) is this position restricted to people working on marine organisms? 3) @2 it would seem so: "Although all current groups work on animals, projects on other marine organisms will also be considered." So, algae and cyanobacteria may be fine, but snow leopards maybe not so much. 4) @2 using marine organisms as models is part of the mission of the center. 5)"It is also a goal to recruit people with immigrant backgrounds. People with immigrant backgrounds and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply for the position."