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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber
9/29/2020 12:59:30The Ohio State UniversityOhioSpecialty Crop Entomologist10/31/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/29/20 13:00“strong focus on agroecology and the improvement of sustainable management practices in various specialty cropping systems. Individuals with expertise in specialty crops, invasive ecology, and pest management are strongly encouraged to apply.”
9/29/2020 11:59:55Governors State UniversityIllinoisEvolutionary and Developmental Biology ProfTenure Track9/29/20 13:06Open Until Filled
9/29/2020 8:58:00Carnegie Mellon UniversityPennsylvaniaQuantitative Biology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track
9/28/2020 7:01:16Max Planck Institutes / Technische Universität München (TUM) GermanyAny10/22/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/29/20 10:47MPI Group leaders are not equivalent to TT professorships. 2) Agreed, the MPI positions are max 9 years, but not sure about the TU Munich part of this call. Maybe it can lead to W2 there? 3) @2 it sounds like it can?
9/27/2020 11:14:46Peru State CollegeNebraskaBiology ProfTenure Track9/28/20 13:48Applications are being reviewed as they are received. No visa sponsorship. 2) seems like a failed search. Got a rejection from them just last week. 3) This position was filled and then the person had to remove themselves because of a personal matter. 4) Any idea if they will be re-running search or using the list they already sent rejections to?1
9/26/2020 18:01:41UCLACaliforniaBioengineering11/1/2020 OpenTenure Track
9/25/2020 21:07:22Western UniversityCanadaAnimal Cognition/Behavior10/31/2020 ProfTenure Track9/27/20 21:411) Is this the same search as last year or a new one?
9/25/2020 14:50:29Auburn UniversityAlabamaHuman-Environment Interactions12/14/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
9/24/2020 14:26:38NC State UniversityNorth CarolinaChemical Oceanography10/12/2020 ProfTenure Track
9/24/2020 4:01:53Sars Center, University of BergenNorwayEvolution & Development11/30/2020 ProfFixed Term9/27/20 11:271) A contract of six years will be offered to successful candidates, with excellent internal resources for the research (postdocs, PhD students, technicians, lab space and project-specific facilities) as well as a competitive salary. The contract may be prolonged for up to four years, depending on performance and confirmation of funding at the time of review. 2) is this position restricted to people working on marine organisms? 3) @2 it would seem so: "Although all current groups work on animals, projects on other marine organisms will also be considered." So, algae and cyanobacteria may be fine, but snow leopards maybe not so much. 4) @2 using marine organisms as models is part of the mission of the center
9/23/2020 15:16:11Institut Polytechnique UniLasalleFranceEcology, Microbial Soil Ecology & Agroecology10/16/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/29/20 7:01I can't seem to find in the ad what materials they want, only the deadline and where to send application. Does anyone else see it? 2) No. If you're interested maybe check in with them? I live in France (but am not applying here) & positions can be complicated - it's unclear to me from reading this if they are just advertising the lab space/teaching gig but they expect you to already have a CNRS etc position. 3) As a general rule, ALWAYS check the university's own website for job applications rather than only relying on third party job sites. In this case, here is the full advertisement with more details including materials:
9/23/2020 15:13:02Wageningen UniversityNetherlandsMarine Animal Ecology10/4/2020 Term9/23/20 15:26Teaching position. Unclear from the advertisement whether it is temporary or permanent. 2) @1 it's temporary.
9/23/2020 15:10:08University of LjubljanaSloveniaEcology10/5/2020 OpenTenure Track9/23/20 16:44"Research achievements in the field of ecology of agroecosystems ... knowledge of Slovenian and English language."
9/23/2020 15:08:50Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)SwedenWeed ecology and management11/8/2020 ProfTenure Track
9/23/2020 10:02:38Texas A&M International UniversityTexasMicrobiology11/15/2020 ProfTenure Track9/23/20 10:03Decent start up package. Small but growing department with unique opportunities available.
9/23/2020 9:59:11Texas A&M International UniversityTexasGenetics (Bioinformatics)11/15/2020 ProfTenure Track9/28/20 12:22Decent start up package. Small but growing department with unique opportunities available. 2) "faculty only teach 12 semester credit hours per year in the first two years of hire. In year 3, faculty only teach 15 semester credit hours. Years four through sixth are carry a reduced teaching load; a total of only 18 semester credit hours". this is a very high load - don't expect to be able to do too much research with that. "only" is a bit misleading here. 3) The teaching load is still lighter than at a typical teaching-focused institution, which is usually 24 semester credit hours per year.
9/21/2020 14:57:32Université du Québec à Trois-RivièresCanadaWatershed-Aquatic Ecosystem Interactions11/10/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/21/20 14:38Tier 2 Canada Research Chair
9/21/2020 12:15:36Yale UniversityConnecticutMicrobiology, Health & Disease11/1/2020 ProfTenure Track9/21/20 12:16Microbial Sciences Institute
9/21/2020 7:10:16University of IcelandEurope (Other)Invertebrate Zoology10/12/2020 ProfTenure Track9/28/20 13:42Looks like there is an option to teach classes in English, although also some expectation that faculty learn Icelandic. But they pay for language courses and you can request a reduced teaching load while you learn. Sounds like a cool opportunity! 2) Just to let interested applicants know that I enquired and it seems they will take the "Invertebrate zoology" topic rather literally. Some departments take IZ to mean "anything that's alive and isn't a vertebrate or a plant", but here it seems they really mean animals that don't have vertebrae. 3) Why is this surprising? Do Invert Zoo jobs really hire mycologists and microbiologists? 4) I've seen IZ jobs filled by protistologists at least twice.
9/21/2020 1:09:15University of Notre DameIndianaBiology of Disease11/6/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track1
9/20/2020 11:50:19Kennesaw State UniversityGeorgiaBiology10/12/2020 ProfNon-Tenure Track9/20/20 12:13"The major responsibility of the position is to serve as a departmental coordinator for the organismal introductory biology course and laboratory at the University"—non-tenure track position in Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
9/19/2020 19:09:37UC DavisCaliforniaMarine Ecology11/2/2020 ProfTenure Track9/28/20 12:35Position is focused on environmental toxicology 2) What's this (1) based off? Does not match the job description at all "We welcome applicants working on any group of organisms and in any subfield of marine ecology" "This position is part of a hiring initiative at BML, and is being coordinated with two other positions, one in marine environmental toxicology, the other in sustainable aquaculture." (3) Yes, that (1) seems off-base. There would appear to be another toxicology position. My semi-informed guess is that this position is to fill the teaching void left by the tragic loss of a BML faculty member (grad-level marine ecology, among other courses), with the research interests being relatively open within marine ecology. This person will have large shoes to fill, but will be an amazing opportunity at a terrific, ecology-heavy university. x2 4) 2) Are letters required upfront or will they be requested?
9/18/2020 11:32:56University of Notre DameIndianaEcology, Evolution or Environmental Change10/23/2020 ProfTenure Track9/28/20 10:16How relevant is the Catholic thing at this institution? 2) i have heard that past candidates have been asked about their faith during the hiring process... 3) if a SC member can shed some light, that would be useful . 4) I have interviewed there and was not asked about my faith or lack thereof. 5) How about teaching evolution at this place? 6) @5 Catholics are not anti-evolution. See 7)@6 I get it that they have evolutionary biology as one of their research foci - the search is for an evolutionary biologist too. I am wondering what the students are like, but I guess it's good to know that catholics generally accept evolution since most students seem to be catholic (>80%) 8) I worked here and so can provide some insight. Catholicism permeates a lot of the overall policy and direction of the university, and the undergrad student body leans white, conservative, and affluent. However, the grad students and faculty in EEB labs in the dept are no different than those you will encounter at any secular university, and faith does not factor in to hiring and promotion whatsoever. 9) I am an evolutionary biologist and the chair of the SC, and comments @8 and @6 are accurate. 10) As someone raised Catholic and now an aethist... Catholics are *supposed" to believe in evolution. That doesn't mean it's the case. 11) No diversity statement?1
9/17/2020 11:38:31Montreal Botanical GardenCanadaPhytopathology10/9/2020 professionalTenure Track
9/17/2020 11:37:12Montreal Botanical GardenCanadaForestry10/9/2020 professionalTenure Track9/22/20 13:53Based on the job ad being in French, is speaking french a necessary qualification for this position? @1) I was informed from HR that interviews will be expected to be completed in French. 2) I guess that is one way to limit the number of applicants
9/16/2020 7:54:59Ulster UniversityUnited KingdomTerrestrial Ecology9/29/2020 Track9/28/20 12:24Note that this is the Coleraine campus, not in Belfast (took me a while to notice!)1
9/16/2020 7:54:03University College CorkIrelandPlant Science9/24/2020 Term1
9/16/2020 7:37:32McMaster UniversityCanadaMicrobial Ecology11/1/2020 ProfTenure Track9/16/20 13:57"All potential candidates whose research focuses on any aspect of microbial ecology are encouraged to apply; however, we are particularly interested in those examining plant-microbe interactions, and those employing -omics and meta-omics approaches (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and/or metabolomics) and bioinformatic tools to examine these interactions."1
9/16/2020 0:24:02University of Notre DameIndianaComputer Science & Engineering11/6/2020 ProfTenure Track9/16/20 10:04"Priority areas of research interest include the interface of computer science and biology (computational biology, bioinformatics, and related areas), robotics, human-computer interaction, and security."
9/14/2020 8:45:17California State University, East BayCaliforniaIntegrative Biology9/25/2020 ProfTenure Track9/25/20 16:52"We specifically invite applications from individuals with a strong background in field biology, particularly those who integrate perspectives across one or more biological disciplines and utilize modern molecular techniques in their research and courses. Ideal candidates will have a research focus in the area of population genetics and/or population biology, non-model systems, or emergent disease biology." 2) Isn't this like the 3rd or 4th time this search has run? I've definitely applied to it more than once before. Did the other ones fail or what? 3) They had a similar Integrative Bio searhc in 2018 and hired someone. They held the search again starting fall of 2019 but it got shut down due to covid19 4) They also ran a similar search in 2017. Four years in a row! 5) I wonder if the salary vs. living expenses ratio has anything to do with that. 6) pretty short opening. seems like they have someone in mind from their failed search and they just have to reopen the post for 2 weeks. any ideas? [Vent moved to venting tab - AP] 7) @6, I'm wondering the same thing, although the job also got posted on Ecolog yesterday, so who knows 7) It looks like they've just reopened the search using the same Interfolio number so there is no way to submit a new application if you applied last year. Any idea if they would go back and re-evaluate edited submissions from last year? 8) I updated a few of my docs for the app on interfolio, but yeah, no way to resubmit, so don't know if they will look at it or not. 9) Looks like you can withdraw and reactivate your application on interfolio, but it just brings back last year's docs rather than allowing for an entirely new application. 10) I thought the same! is it not like the 4th time they have advertised the same position? I know someone who got to the final steps and rejected it years ago. The salary vs academic load/expectations situation was not that great... so may be this time they are offering something a bit more attractive? 11) If anyone else figures out how the department is going to treat applications to THIS year's call, given that Interfolio is treating them as applications to LAST year's call (see comments 6-9), I would appreciate if you would relate your info here.  I am in this camp and planning to email the bio chair tomorrow.  Better safe than sorry. 12) @11, I spoke with a faculty member (not sure if on search committee or not) who said last year's apps will not carry over, then went to tech support on interfolio to see if there was a way to resubmit. The person there seemed to think that editing the application was enough, but I don't know if this is true. Thank you for contacting the department head! I imagine a number of us are in the same boat. 6
9/12/2020 12:05:54Rice UniversityTexasBiosciences10/15/2020 ProfTenure Track9/15/20 16:56"We welcome applications in all areas of biochemistry, microbiology, cell and developmental biology, and genetics and seek candidates whose research is synergistic with the strengths of current faculty. Thus, we encourage applicants with research in the areas of: systems and synthetic biology; microbial genetics, physiology, and ecology; and cell biology and genetics. " 2) Is there any point applying if you aren't a diversity candidate? 3) I think it's always worth an effort to apply. They welcome "those who have the skills, knowledge, and commitment to mentor and advise all members of our diverse student population" 4) Yes, it seems that the diversity statement will be important, but that doesn't restrict to any particular group. [General discussion moved to General Discussion tab - AP]1
9/11/2020 23:07:37University of TorontoCanadaPlant Systems Biology 11/16/2020 ProfTenure Track9/16/20 12:51Parasitic plants are rad, but I still find the research focus oddly specific: "We seek candidates whose research and teaching interests in host plant-parasitic plant interactions complement and strengthen our existing departmental strengths". 2) I don't find this so terrible (I don't work on parasitic plants). There was a call recently for an "Evolutionary Biology" professor, but whe you read the fine print they wanted someone who worked on Nicaraguan cichlid fishes. A call for PhDs and PostDocs can be that specific and more, but a call for a professorship, I'm not so sure... 3) Honestly I just interpret that as the university posting a position with somebody 'already in mind' i.e. they tailor the job requirements specifically enough that the individual they want to hire will obviously be the best candidate
9/11/2020 18:07:36UCSBCaliforniaEnvironmental Data Science10/26/2020 ProfTenure Track9/28/20 12:34"focused on innovative approaches for computational analyses in an allied discipline of Environmental Science (including, but not limited to, Earth science, ecology, political science, socio-ecological systems" 2) Are letters required upfront or will they be requested?2
9/11/2020 13:43:37Royal Saskatchewan MuseumCanadaCurator of Ornithology9/27/2020 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic
9/9/2020 11:12:54Smith CollegeMassachusettsPlant Physiology10/1/2020 ProfTenure Track
9/9/2020 9:48:47Washington State UniversityWashingtonPlant Pathology OpenTenure Track9/13/20 12:02"Endowed Chair in Bacterial Diseases of Tree Fruits" 2) That's a great band name. x5
9/8/2020 18:16:47Botanical Research Institute of TexasTexasConservation Botanist11/1/2020 ResearcherPermanent Non-Academic
9/8/2020 16:49:20Hampden-Sydney CollegeVirginiaEnvironmental and Conservation Biology10/15/2020 ProfTenure Track
9/8/2020 16:35:48Clark UniversityMassachusettsEarth System Science10/30/2020;jsessionid=AD5FCE1B74BCDF720CDA125EFC97E451?JOBID=124776&jobboard=148Asst ProfTenure Track9/10/20 3:42We invite applicants with expertise in one or more of the following thematic areas: climate science, global ecology, conservation and biodiversity, earth surface processes, biogeochemistry and soil resources, hydrology, cryospheric sciences, ocean sciences, or related fields. 2) Two jobs from Clark already
9/6/2020 20:28:12Salisbury University MarylandPhysiology11/1/2020 ProfTenure Track
9/6/2020 0:23:19Humboldt State UniversityCaliforniaEnvironmental Studies9/30/2020 ProfTenure Track9/6/20 0:28Social Science focused (College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences): "We seek a candidate who views environmental questions through lenses of racial and/or social and environmental justice, has expertise in theories and practices of social change, and experience with public, community-based, or activist learning and pedagogy."
9/5/2020 20:46:24UNC CharlotteNorth CarolinaBioinformatics & Genomics ProfTenure Track9/18/20 19:15Candidates must include a paragraph about how their work relates to NUTRITION and HUMAN HEALTH (very broadly defined). List coding languages and other techincal skills on your CV. Goal is to hire computational biologist. Greenhouse space is possible, wet lab space may be tight. 2) how is human health interpreted? i.e. is human pop gen or animal models of disease relevant? 3) Very very broadly. It doesn't have to be the most direct but the words "nutrition" and "human health" need to be in the paragraph. I'd suggest giving that section a title of "Relevance to NCRC Mission" or something. Like if you have any detox gene, chemosensory gene, metabolic enzyme, microbiome anything, or phenotype that is even vaguely relevant to eating/nutrition mention it. Plant genetics is a super easy spin. Or just say how genomics can be used to address health and wellness issues and those types of genes are often found in health screens. If you submit any work to NIH I'm confident you can find a way to frame that paragraph so it will address that mission. Ask your advisors for help if you are having trouble finding a way to explain that fit. It doesn't have to be 100% of your research program so long as you make a case for relevance. 4) Unofficially, try to get materials in by Oct 1, but send them in even after that date. Can't get a review deadline from the search chair. 5) anyone else having problems with their app site? It is incredibly slow to respond for me. 1
9/3/2020 21:10:06Memphis ZooTennesseeUrban Ecology ScientistPermanent Non-Academic9/13/20 20:54I already checked with them - cannot sponsor any type of visa, so if you're not authorised to work in the US, don't bother. But the job looks sweet ! 2) Spoke with hiring manager. Applications will be reviewed in earnest at the end of September 2020, hoping to interview in October. 3.) Not sure if he is still there, but 2 years ago I heard the zoo's director/CEO had an active sexual discrimination case against him from a previous research scientist 4) new CEO, but not sure if the culture has completely changed
9/3/2020 11:26:21California State University, East BayCaliforniaEnvironmental Geochemistry11/1/2020 ProfTenure Track9/11/20 18:54Environmental geoscientist with experience in geochemistry. Preference will be given to applicants with a focus area such as soil or water pollution and remediation, critical zone and near-surface weathering, or near-shore marine or atmospheric chemistry. 1) It seems the link is not working or the posting doesn't exist anymore (on 9/11). Does anyone have any details about this (position filled vs hiring freeze)? 2) Received email from chair of search committee the position has been cancelled due to budget reasons
9/2/2020 10:44:59University of Alabama at Birmingham School of MedicineAlabamaNeuroscience12/1/2020 Rank OpenTenure Track
9/2/2020 10:09:12The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)TexasLandscape Ecology;jsessionid=869211CB45080187FC65988DC388F3E5?JOBID=124669Asst ProfTenure Track9/28/20 12:27preference for a researcher that works in extreme environments including, but not limited, to the Arctic and Chihuahuan Desert, particularly encourage individuals that use geospatial technologies and approaches. 1) Anyone knows why this position does not have a close date? Seems odd to evaluate applicants like that for a Faculty position. 2) Any updates?5
8/31/2020 20:30:14Clark UniversityMassachusettsEvolutionary Biology10/16/2020 ProfTenure Track9/28/20 10:14Any area of evolutionary biology. 1) Anyone knows what the teaching load at Clark is? 2) Base 2/2 3) Any inside knowledge about the department or the university? 4) I got a phone interview with them last season (didn't go further). It was one of these awkward "we have to ask five questions that HR wants us to ask" interviews. I hate those. They should go on skype or zoom at least if it has to be like that. 5) Any other experiences with the department? The phone thing may be an HR rule - not everyone wants to be (or have their house) on camera 5) @4 again here, the communication was very good and process (incl rejection) moved fast. I don't remember much from the interview because I had a "unidentified viral lung infection" (hem hem) then and felt super crap, but the questions were those you can find on the internet (why us, why now, what can you bring, what would you teach, how you see yourself in 5 years, this sort of thing). Not sure what it helped them to decide, I suspect with these kind of interviews they just ignore whatever is said and go with the CVs for the on campus interviews). Maybe my croaking put them off tho. 6) Looks like a pretty small bio department, but a number do seem to have at least some interest in eco/evo. 7) I interviewed there a few years ago and got good vibes from the department. It did seem like high expectations around both teaching and research (pitched as a liberal arts school with a grad research program). 8) Do they require letters with the application, or just arranging for three people to submit when asked?2
8/31/2020 19:53:15University of California, BerkeleyCaliforniaEarth and Planetary Science10/11/2020 ProfTenure Track9/9/20 9:03"Expected start date of July 1, 2021. We seek outstanding candidates from any area of Earth and planetary science." 1) Does anyone know if they will consider applicants in ecosystem ecology and climate change? The description is so broad that I'd think they would, but I think it's unlikely based on the current research foci in the department.1
8/31/2020 19:50:59Michigan State UniversityMichiganEcology/Evolutionary Biology10/5/2020 ProfTenure Track9/13/20 19:15Based at Kellogg Biological Station. From Search Chair on twitter @JeffreyKConner ( "Please RT, and DM or email me or the search committee (@SarahFitz, @nickmhaddad, @ChrisKlausmeier, @TaylerUlbrich, @PLZarnetske) with questions." 2) Also, from the same Twitter thread: "No hidden agenda here; our goal is to increase the diversity of our faculty and hire a young scientist who will create the future of the field. @KelloggBioStn and MSU have a strong history of supporting, mentoring, and promoting young faculty, including women." ..... In the interest of keeping the Jobs Sheet on topic, I've moved discussion of this job listing to the General Discussion Tab. See "Continuation of MSU / Kellogg Biological Station job discussion" - AFP 3) If search committee is watching here: are recommendations lettters going to be requested up front and what is their due date? It isn't clear from the application portal what will be done with reference contact info. 4) Jeff Conner, SC chair here: the no hidden agenda comment in my poorly-worded tweet refers to the fact that we have no preferences for any subfields within ecology and evolution, and we hope to maximize the number applications we receive. As I think is clear in the job posting and consistent with MSU policy (thanks #12), we cannot and will not discriminate on the basis of any personal characteristic of applicants. Letters of recommendation will be requested only for a short list of candidates chosen based on their application materials. Super happy to answer any questions at 5) Thanks for chiming in, Jeff! 6) Seems that the target is a woman. Nothing wrong with that but they "promote young faculty, including women". 7) SC member here. @6 As Jeff mentioned, we do not have any targets based on gender or any other personal characteristics. If you work in EEB and could take advantage of our setting (a landscape of natural and managed terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, including an LTER site), please apply and you will receive full consideration. 6
8/30/2020 13:28:13University of CopenhagenDenmarkLandscape Ecology & Management9/17/2020 ProfTenure Track8/31/20 8:44"Focus on the ecological and social base for policy making and management of agricultural landscapes."
8/30/2020 13:26:57University of AmsterdamNetherlandsCognitive Behavioural Ecology9/7/2020 ProfTenure Track9/13/20 23:50 1
8/28/2020 11:10:26Christian Albrechts University Kiel & GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research KielGermanyMarine Evolutionary Genomics9/24/2020 (Asst) ProfessorFixed Term9/4/20 9:36"for a period of 3 years and can be extended for another 3 years upon successful evaluation" 1) Is this really a TT position? What happens after year 6? Evaluation for tenure? This is not TT. 2) German here; if it says not TT, then after 6 yrs you need to get a permanent one (somewhere else) unless the admins are in your favor.. AP) Unless someone with direct knowledge of this position weighs in saying it is TT, I'm changing it to Fixed Term.3
8/27/2020 13:32:51Duke Kunshan UniversityChinaEnvironmental Science, Ecology, Evolution10/15/2020 Open8/27/20 15:15"This call is open with regard to rank including tenured, tenure track and non-tenure track positions. Mid-career and senior faculty are especially encouraged to apply."
8/26/2020 15:47:08Utah State UniversityUtahPlant Ecology, Evolution, Systematics9/30/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/26/20 15:47"The service role includes an administrative role as the Director of the Intermountain Herbarium."3
8/26/2020 15:44:51Yale NUS CollegeSingaporeOrganismal Biology9/15/2020 OpenTenure Track9/9/20 15:22"Preferred fields of specialisation are Organismal Biology, including zoology, botany, evolution, ecology, molecular systematics, population genetics, and comparative physiology." 1) Does anyone have any idea what this would be like for a young family? e.g., any insight on whether the compensation would be enough to actually live there? 2) @1 Salary should be enough for a comfortable modest lifestyle, especially since they often throw in subsidized housing in the package. I anticipate difficulty would be if your kids are school-age, the SG public school system can be difficult to navigate and private/international schools are expensive. 1) again - thanks @2!3
8/26/2020 13:13:25Iona CollegeNew YorkEnvironmental Science ProfTenure Track8/29/20 9:47Environmental Science, Ecology, Evolution, General Biology, and Botany. In addition, applicants who can design and implement a course in Biostatistics will be given extra consideration. 2) emailed the department chair, the position has been filled. AP) Thanks @2, we'll keep it here in case anyone was wondering.
8/26/2020 12:05:02Institute of Science and Technology AustriaAustriaAll Areas of Natural Sciences (including Biology)10/30/2020 ProfTenure Track9/15/20 17:001) does anyone know how long/ambitious the research statement should be? 2) @1: It's a bit hidden: "The Research Statement should include a description of your most important scientific achievements (max. 2 pages) and planned future research activities (max. 4 pages)."
8/25/2020 22:08:30National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanAnimal Ecology, Animal Behavior, Evolutionary Ecology, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology10/19/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track1
8/25/2020 15:36:03Carnegie Institution for ScienceCaliforniaPlant Science9/15/2020 AssociateStaff Associate9/3/20 16:59"Molecular genetic mechanisms in any photosynthetic organisms ranging from photosynthetic microbes to higher plants ... Staff Associate is a five-year position (equivalent level to Assistant Professor) intended to support exceptional scientists to start independent research programs at early career stages, ideally within one year after getting their Ph.D. degree." 1) Seems broad call in terms of topics: "biochemical, genetic, genomic, proteomic, cellular microscopy, and computational" 2) This is for Carnegie institution department located at Stanford University campus 3) This Carnegie Deparment will be moving from the Stanford campus to Pasadena in ~2 years. The move is now estimated to happen in >3.5 years.
8/25/2020 12:30:15Southern Illinois UniversityIllinoisForest Ecosystem Services10/15/2020 ProfTenure Track
8/25/2020 12:28:49Field MuseumIllinoisEntomologist, Pollination Biology10/16/2020 / Assoc ProfPermanent Non-Academic9/4/20 9:05"We seek candidates with a record of scientific achievement in collections-based research and a focus on insect pollinators, pollination biology and the integration of this discipline with evolutionary biology, comparative morphology, biogeography, phylogenetics, developmental or molecular biology or related fields." 2) Does it really count as tenure track if it is "a term-renewable position."? AP) @2, no, I changed it to "Permanent Non-Academic". Thanks! 3) FMNH doesn't grant tenure anymore 4) What does that mean @3? It is a forever renewable position? 5) my understanding from the job adverts last year is that they want to consider these as permanant, but honestly, you can be let go if the Field hits hard financial times. The Field is great, so I wouldn't dismiss it even though it won't have tenure, but it is a little more like a "normal person job" than most academics are used to 6) Reminder that colleges can and do let Tenured/TT faculty go during hard times as well! 1
8/25/2020 12:26:07University of GuelphCanadaHuman-Associated Microbiomes in Health and Disease8/17/2020 ProfTenure Track8/25/20 18:23
8/25/2020 9:15:47Hastings CollegeNebraskaEcology and Conservation Biology ProfTenure Track9/23/20 21:45training in botany or plant ecology preferred. 2) Higher Ed posting deleted2
8/23/2020 6:06:51Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland FisheriesGermanyEco-Evolutionary Dynamics9/15/2020 Group LeaderTenure Track8/24/20 14:361) Similarish to asst prof.1
8/21/2020 20:50:01Smith CollegeMassachusettsQuantitative Ecology10/1/2020 ProfTenure Track9/9/20 9:54AP) The official ad is posted now (see update from chair below; URL updated), so I am cleaning up this cell to keep only relevant discussion. 1) Does anyone know why they're making multiple Bio hires (Quant Ecol and Plant Phys)? Are they expanding their department? Or replacing faculty who left, weren't tenured, or retired? 2) The Quant position is a new one, I can't speak to the others. 3) Hello Folks. This is Rob Dorit, chair of the department now seeking applicants for tenure-track positions in Quantitative Ecology and Plant Physiology. The link for the Quantitative Ecology position is now live; the link for the Plant Physiology position will be available 9/8. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance, and we look forward to your application. 4) Thanks for the update!. Rob, can you enlighten us on teaching loads in your department? Looks like a 2:1 or is this just the start and then there will be added responsibilities. This link does not work... AP) I think I fixed the link.12
8/19/2020 11:17:15University of Massachusetts-AmherstMassachusettsWildlife Conservation9/25/2020 Term9/6/20 10:552
8/18/2020 15:41:12Dartmouth CollegeNew HampshireEcosystem Science & Global Change10/31/2020 ProfTenure Track9/23/20 13:05Anyone know what the teaching load is here? 1) Ans (from Dartmouth): 3 courses a year on a quarter system, you can stack 2 courses in 1 term and have one off term and one resident term where you are on campus but not teaching 2) is "at least 3 letters of references" supposed to be 3-5 letters or is there a cap?
8/17/2020 12:10:22Nipissing UniversityCanadaClimate and Environmental Change9/10/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/25/20 13:52Tier 2 Canada Research Chair. an ideal candidate will have expertise in application of stable isotope geochemistry to climate and environmental change research2
8/17/2020 12:09:20University of ManitobaCanadaArctic System Science9/8/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/17/20 12:11Tier 2 Canada Research Chair1
8/17/2020 12:08:04Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied SciencesGermanyForests and Climate Change9/30/2020 Prof
8/17/2020 12:05:57Utrecht UniversityNetherlandsEcosystem Resilience9/15/2020 ProfTenure Track1
8/17/2020 12:05:57Utrecht UniversityNetherlandsSustainable Land, Water & Nutrient Interactions9/15/2020 ProfTenure Track
8/15/2020 17:05:09Smithsonian Tropical Research InstitutePanamaForest Microbial Ecology & Evolution11/15/2020 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic
8/14/2020 18:53:17St. Mary’s CollegeMarylandPlant Biology9/14/2020 ProfTenure Track8/15/20 8:57"We are particularly excited about, but not limited to, applicants with a focus on cellular processes."2
8/14/2020 18:52:19St. Mary’s CollegeMarylandCoastal Biology9/14/2020 ProfTenure Track9/26/20 11:30"We are particularly excited about, but not limited to, candidates that can contribute to a new program in marine science." 2) seeing this job makes me so happy! x4 Very excited to see this! 3) Website has a number of "Visiting Assistant Professors", anyone have any insight as to whether these job openings are probably a way to move those visiting professors into tenure track positions? 4) Crap, just saw they need 3 letters with application? Is this true? Or will letters be requested later? 5) you will send the requests through interfolio - my interpretation is that they don't need to be received by the deadline, just requested through the system, but I could definitely be wrong 6) I asked the listed search committee contact (Dr. Aileen Bailey) about letters - she said they will begin review Sep 14, so having as many documents in as possible would help, but committee understood applicants could not fully control when letter writers submitted. 7) Received invite for short (20-25min) Zoom interview on 9/23 x2 11
8/14/2020 8:30:35Cornell UniversityNew YorkComputational Biology9/10/2020 ProfTenure Track9/17/20 14:12"an emphasis in population genomics, comparative genomics and/or functional genomics" 2) Repeat of last years hire? Did search fail? 3) I think so 4) yes, their top candidates declined 5) FYI review starts 9/10 not 9/15 6) One of these places that can't for the life of them find a good enough candidate... 7) Deadline is a bit early for American schools 8) They want references upfront, right? 9) Yeah, they want you to have letters uploaded to AJO when you submit the app. 10) when do people expect to hear back if there is an interview? 11) My guess is weeks if not longer6
8/13/2020 3:39:13Umeå University SwedenNatural Sciences10/19/2020 ProfTenure Track8/19/20 14:331) must be less than 5 years post-PhD
8/12/2020 10:27:05Carleton UniversityCanadaConservation Science10/1/2020 ProfTenure Track8/23/20 9:52Research topics of particular interest include but are not limited to landscape ecology, quantitative approaches, restoration, risk assessment, sustainability science, and conservation decisions and solutions. 1) What are the chances for a non-Canadian? @1) Depends on the applicant pool! Preferential hiring doesn't guarantee that a Canadian will get the job, just that among equally-qualified applicants, they will prefer the Canadian.. but many non-Can get great positions! 3) That's not necessarily how preferential hiring works. At my Canadian university, the university has to hire the best Canadian applicant who meets the posted job requirements. They can only hire a non-Canadian if they can make the case that none of the Canadian applicants met the requirements 4) I heard the same that @3 said - check out the faculty register there are no non-Canadians on it. 5
8/11/2020 12:22:10Utrecht UniversityNetherlandsBiomolecular research (open)9/20/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/13/20 12:061)We invite applications EXCLUSIVELY FROM FEMALE RESEARCHERS who have the ambition and drive to build an independent research line with a focus that aligns with the research lines of the Bijvoet Centre. 2) 2 years of postdoctoral experience required, what if you just short of 2 years? Is it still worth applying? 3) How is this legal at a public uni? Not denying the fact that males have an advantage in TT 4) @2 I had the same question, colleagues suggested that I should just go for it. And so should you. @3 Many governmental organisations all over the world are enforcing such quotas to address diversity imbalances.1
8/7/2020 10:35:22Bryn Mawr CollegePennsylvaniaGenomics & Bioinformatics9/30/2020 ProfTenure Track9/22/20 10:17"We are seeking an individual who takes a genomics approach to biological problems using a combination of bioinformatic, statistical, computational and biological methodologies, and who will thrive in an environment that combines teaching, research and interdisciplinary collaboration."3
8/6/2020 12:11:16Emporia State UniversityKansasIchthyology / Fisheries / Aquatic Ecology9/4/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/14/20 21:22Endowed position 2) what is an endowed position? 3) means that a donor created a fund that partially supports the position (salary, research funds, or both) 4) Search Comm member here - Funds could support salary and/or research annually2
8/4/2020 12:24:44Loyola University ChicagoIllinoisGeneral Biology8/4/2020 Non-Academic8/5/20 11:173 year contract, Lecturers are treated very well, hoping to hire soon so apply fast (8.4.20) 2) posting shows deadline of Jan 2019 - is this correct?
8/4/2020 11:03:28Edinburgh Napier UniversityUnited KingdomAnimal Behavior8/30/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track9/15/20 4:461) must be a British citizen, citizen of an EEA country with no restriction to live/work in the UK, or already have a visa to work in the UK to apply 2) 09/11 rejection letter received (x2)2
8/3/2020 15:09:58Hamilton CollegeNew YorkPlant Ecology10/2/2020 ProfTenure Track8/7/20 16:333
7/30/2020 16:44:04Aarhus UniversityDenmarkArctic Terrestrial Ecology9/15/2020 ProfTenure Track
7/30/2020 14:10:18Carleton UniversityCanadaEnvironmental and Interdisciplinary Science9/30/2020 ProfTenure Track7/30/20 14:13"Data Science, Analytics, Evidence Synthesis"2
7/28/2020 8:26:12Lycoming CollegePennsylvaniaHuman Anatomy & Physiology10/1/2020 ProfTenure Track8/22/20 12:26"including, but not limited to, Developmental Biology and/or Neuroscience" 2) failed search from 2019/20? They had a similar add last year. 3) @2, it was a short turnaround search after a mid-year departure, and the dept. decided to wait for a more 'normal' job cycle to get a wider applicant pool and rethink desired qualifications a bit 4) the Department should have had the professional courtesy to notify applicants of this change; it takes far less time to send a mass email than to apply to a job. 1
7/28/2020 3:54:14University of MelbourneAustraliaEnvironmental Sustainability9/13/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/5/20 17:312
7/27/2020 18:49:38Morehead State UniversityKentuckyEnvironmental Biology8/28/2020 ProfTenure Track9/24/20 14:37Note “This position is not budgeted for Visa Sponsorship”. 2) Interview week of 9/21.4
7/25/2020 16:43:03Swarthmore CollegePennsylvaniaConservation Biology10/15/2020 ProfTenure Track8/25/20 9:265
7/24/2020 12:37:14USGS Coop UnitNew MexicoGame Birds8/21/2020 Unit Leader/GS-12Permanent Non-Academic8/26/20 12:55Was the first announcement for this positition in March scrapped? 2) I only have indirect info that implied it was a failed search, but I dont know the rationale or stage of failure.3) I also heard it was a failed search. They definitely want a game birds person.Applicants must be U.S. Citizens1
7/24/2020 12:10:13Florida A&MFloridaEntomology - Biological Control9/4/2020 ProfTenure Track8/28/20 16:45No review date given. 2) link disabled. 3) Try clicking through from here: 4) Link says job deleted, maybe it will be reposted? 5) Looks like it is back again, still no review date given. Focus on urban pest management. "Only United States (U.S.) citizens or aliens who have a legal right to work in the U.S. are eligible for employment." 6) Review date is 9/4
7/21/2020 16:58:18Aalborg UniversityDenmarkFreshwater Ecology8/23/2020 ProfTenure Track2
7/21/2020 13:53:59Nottingham Trent UniversityUnited KingdomEcology & Conservation 7/26/2020 Track7/21/20 13:54"This role does not meet the minimum requirements set by UK Visas & Immigration to enable sponsorship of migrant workers. Therefore, we cannot progress applications from candidates who require sponsorship to work in the UK."
7/21/2020 7:56:29Wesleyan UniversityConnecticutCell & Developmental Biology12/15/2020 ProfTenure Track8/5/20 17:39"The candidate will develop an active research program to address fundamental problems in biology. We seek a colleague who will complement and contribute to our current research and teaching strengths in cell and developmental biology, genomics, neuroscience, and evolution/ecology, and is committed to liberal arts education in a culturally diverse community."
7/17/2020 9:23:11Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesMaineOceanography9/15/2020 Research ScientistPermanent Non-Academic9/14/20 15:38"1) The ocean’s genetic potential, 2) ocean-climate interactions, and 3) the foundation of ocean food webs." We will consider candidates at all levels of their career progression. 2) From their 5 year plan document "In 2019, Bigelow Laboratory only provided seven weeks of annual salary support to our
senior research scientists. This is not enough. Over the next five years, our goal is to increase that support to 12 weeks each year. " 3) Seems like a dream location, but just *how* stressful is it to work at a soft-money institution like this? Are you kicked out if funding dries up?
7/16/2020 12:52:55Mississippi State UniversityMississippiInsect Taxonomist / Systematist1/4/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/28/20 13:24This position will consist of 70% research and 30% Teaching. The successful applicant will also serve as the Director of the MS Entomological Museum
7/16/2020 12:51:28Mississippi State UniversityMississippiInsect Pathologist ProfTenure Track7/17/20 8:32This position will consist of 50% research and 50% teaching.