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Date AddedInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber
8/5/20 Iona CollegeNew YorkEnvironmental Science ProfTenure Track8/5/20 19:05I'm not entirely sure if this is active, might be worth emailing if you are interested
8/4/20 Loyola University ChicagoIllinoisGeneral Biology8/4/2020 Non-Academic8/5/20 11:173 year contract, Lecturers are treated very well, hoping to hire soon so apply fast (8.4.20) 2) posting shows deadline of Jan 2019 - is this correct?
8/4/20 Edinburgh Napier UniversityUnited KingdomAnimal Behavior8/30/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/4/20 12:581) must be a British citizen, citizen of an EEA country with no restriction to live/work in the UK, or already have a visa to work in the UK to apply
8/3/20 Hamilton CollegeNew YorkPlant Ecology10/2/2020 ProfTenure Track
7/30/20 Aarhus UniversityDenmarkArctic Terrestrial Ecology9/15/2020 ProfTenure Track
7/30/20 Carleton UniversityCanadaEnvironmental and Interdisciplinary Science9/30/2020 ProfTenure Track7/30/20 14:13"Data Science, Analytics, Evidence Synthesis"
7/28/20 Lycoming CollegePennsylvaniaHuman Anatomy & Physiology10/1/2020 ProfTenure Track7/31/20 22:36"including, but not limited to, Developmental Biology and/or Neuroscience" 2) failed search from 2019/20? They had a similar add last year. 3) @2, it was a short turnaround search after a mid-year departure, and the dept. decided to wait for a more 'normal' job cycle to get a wider applicant pool and rethink desired qualifications a bit
7/28/20 University of MelbourneAustraliaEnvironmental Sustainability9/13/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8/5/20 17:31
7/27/20 Morehead State UniversityKentuckyEnvironmental Biology8/28/2020 ProfTenure Track7/27/20 20:50Note “This position is not budgeted for Visa Sponsorship”
7/25/20 Swarthmore CollegePennsylvaniaConservation Biology10/15/2020 ProfTenure Track8/4/20 9:29
7/24/20 USGS Coop UnitNew MexicoGame Birds8/21/2020 Unit Leader/GS-12Permanent Non-Academic7/28/20 18:12Was the first announcement for this positition in March scrapped? 2) I only have indirect info that implied it was a failed search, but I dont know the rationale or stage of failure.3) I also heard it was a failed search. They definitely want a game birds person.
7/24/20 Florida A&MFloridaEntomology - Biological Control ProfTenure Track7/31/20 12:16No review date given. 2) link disabled. 3) Try clicking through from here: 4) Link says job deleted, maybe it will be reposted?
7/21/20 Aalborg UniversityDenmarkFreshwater Ecology8/23/2020 ProfTenure Track
7/21/20 Nottingham Trent UniversityUnited KingdomEcology & Conservation 7/26/2020 Track7/21/20 13:54"This role does not meet the minimum requirements set by UK Visas & Immigration to enable sponsorship of migrant workers. Therefore, we cannot progress applications from candidates who require sponsorship to work in the UK."
7/21/20 Wesleyan UniversityConnecticutCell & Developmental Biology12/15/2020 ProfTenure Track8/5/20 17:39"The candidate will develop an active research program to address fundamental problems in biology. We seek a colleague who will complement and contribute to our current research and teaching strengths in cell and developmental biology, genomics, neuroscience, and evolution/ecology, and is committed to liberal arts education in a culturally diverse community."
7/17/20 Huston-Tillotson UniversityTexasEcology, Field Biology, and/or Organismal Physiology ProfTenure Track7/23/20 15:54No review date given, says appointment is for fall 2020. Seems to be a primarily teaching-oriented job 2) I recommend saving each page as you go - I had to re-enter things several times. 3) emailed the depatment chair, they plan on removing the posting and offer each class as an adjunct 4) Website link -- Position Deleted AP) We'll leave this entry, so folks can see this thread. 5) Glad I saw this here since they didn't send anything through the system - I have to click on the job in my application to see that it is gone. =( 6) Faculty jobs are like cotton candy in the rain of COVID-193
7/17/20 Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesMaineOceanography9/15/2020 Research ScientistPermanent Non-Academic7/23/20 11:46"1) The ocean’s genetic potential, 2) ocean-climate interactions, and 3) the foundation of ocean food webs." We will consider candidates at all levels of their career progression. 2) From their 5 year plan document "In 2019, Bigelow Laboratory only provided seven weeks of annual salary support to our
senior research scientists. This is not enough. Over the next five years, our goal is to increase that support to 12 weeks each year. "
7/16/20 Mississippi State UniversityMississippiInsect Taxonomist / Systematist1/4/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track7/16/20 12:53This position will consist of 70% research and 30% Teaching. The successful applicant will also serve as the Director of the MS Entomological Museum
7/16/20 Mississippi State UniversityMississippiInsect Pathologist ProfTenure Track7/17/20 8:32This position will consist of 50% research and 50% teaching.
7/15/20 West Chester UniversityPennsylvaniaFreshwater Ecology10/5/2020 ProfTenure Track7/18/20 12:2212 hours teaching + 5 hours advising per week per semester, 2) Is this a lot? I'm new to this, but it seems reasonable if labs are included 3) seems like a lot on top of an expectation to externally fund a reseach program 4) 12 hours includes teaching labs. 5 hours of advising per week includes regular office hours
7/15/20 Colorado CollegeColoradoEnvironmental Science10/1/2020 ProfTenure Track7/15/20 10:19Expertise in global environmental change with a geospatial technology perspective, teaching experience, and experience working with undergraduate researchers is preferred.
7/14/20 University of KansasKansasDirector of Biodiversity Institute8/31/2020 ProfTenure Track7/15/20 16:34
7/13/20 Hasselt UniversityBelgiumEcosystem Functioning8/18/2020 OpenTenure Track1
7/9/20 Swansea UniversityUnited KingdomMarine Biology (teaching)8/6/2020 Track7/17/20 14:53Teaching position
7/8/20 University of MiamiFloridaTropical Ecology8/15/2020 / Full ProfTenure Track7/8/20 11:51Aresty Endowed Chair in Tropical Ecology.1
7/7/20 University at Buffalo (SUNY) New YorkMicrobiome Evolution9/1/2020 / Full ProfTenure Track1
7/2/20 Vassar CollegeNew YorkBiology (broadly defined)9/9/2020 Non-Academic7/15/20 14:00This was posted also on PUI Science Slack (see link to join) (2) was this position from the spring a failed/COVID canceled search, or is this for a second position. If the later, why so many non-tenure positions at Vassar? 3) It was a failed search, not a canceled search due to COVID. So yes, it is the same position as last spring.
7/2/20 Auburn UniversityAlabamaForest Biomaterials and Energy ProfTenure Track
7/2/20 University of GothenburgSwedenLandscape Biogeoscience8/14/2020 OpenTenure Track1
7/2/20 KU LeuvenBelgiumEco-hydro-morphodynamics11/2/2020 OpenTenure Track7/7/20 16:10
7/2/20 University of ViennaAustriaSystematic and Evolutionary Botany9/23/2020 OpenTenure Track7/13/20 10:271) Apparently the committee is specifically looking for a seed person. 2) I am a committee member and this is not true 3) @2 to the committee member, for people outside Europe I think we are not familiar with the Habilitation (venia docendi) requirement and it seems like this is a position equivalent of associate or full professor in North America? ie. not a tenure track 4) @3, "Tenure Track" here includes tenured positions, to distinguish from "Fixed Term" positions. -- AP 5) To further clarify, should postdocs bother applying to this?
7/2/20 University of CopenhagenDenmarkBasic & Applied Plant Ecology8/9/2020 ProfTenure Track7/16/20 10:15Unclear if this and the position below are the same position or they are hiring both a full and assoc professor together. 2) They have different job numbers, so I would guess they are different. 3) If it's like other job listings at UCopenhagen, the system does not allow for open-rank searches, so they have to list the job at each rank of interest.
7/2/20 University of CopenhagenDenmarkBasic & Applied Plant Ecology8/9/2020 ProfTenure Track
7/2/20 Newcastle UniversityUnited KingdomEcology and Environmental Science7/17/2020 / Senior LecturerTenure Track7/30/20 15:481)rejection email received (22 Jul) x13. 2) Invited for interview 29 July. 3) Offer made and accepted 30 July.8
7/2/20 Newcastle UniversityUnited KingdomMolecular Ecology7/17/2020 / Senior LecturerTenure Track8/5/20 8:481) Invited for interview (21 July) x2. 2) Invited for interview 24 July. 3) Any news? Interviewed which i think went well, but declined, position filled. 4) Yes, rejection email received today (05 Aug)5
7/2/20 University of BergenNorwayGlobal Change Ecology8/1/2020 ProfTenure Track1
7/2/20 EPFL École polytechnique fédérale de LausanneSwitzerlandSoil System Science7/1/2020 ProfTenure Track1
7/2/20 Leiden UniversityNetherlandsEnvironmental Biology7/16/2020 ProfTenure Track7/20/20 9:14The application only consists of a cover letter & CV ? Am I reading that correctly ? 2) I think so! Any idea on what the selection criterion, "Good acquisition capabilities" refers to? 3) Assumed it referred to grant acquistion 4) thanks! 5) 1st round interview (OMG stunned) 21 jul 6) oh wow, already invited? 7) Ack, I only got an email to "keep the date free" in case "the selection committee decides to invite you" but not an invitation. I suppose that means I am out! 8) I also only got the ''keep the date free'' email so far 9) i'm sorry. i didn't mean to cause disappointment - sending vibes of good luck & peace <3 10) Rejection email received 20 Jul (x6)9
7/2/20 Leiden UniversityNetherlandsIndustrial Ecology7/16/2020 ProfTenure Track7/15/20 5:27
7/2/20 University College DublinIrelandApplied Ecology (Agriculture & Land-use)7/13/2020 / Asst ProfTenure Track1
7/2/20 Aarhus UniversityDenmarkLand-use Change / Greenhouse Gasses9/1/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
7/2/20 University of Southern Denmark (SDU)DenmarkMarine Science (Marine Biogeochemistry, Microbial Ecology and/or Microbial Technology)8/15/2020 ProfFixed Term
7/2/20 KU LeuvenBelgiumModelling Complex Adaptive Biological Systems9/15/2020 OpenTenure Track
7/2/20 Dalhousie UniversityCanadaLarge Whale Conservation9/8/2020 ProfTenure Track7/6/20 15:031) I work on medium whales, do you think I could apply? 2) ofcourse! 3) No. Minke or larger
7/2/20 NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)NorwayMarine Ecology7/31/2020 ProfTenure Track7/12/20 19:53population and life-history dynamics of pelagic communities in time and space1
7/2/20 Université du Québec à RimouskiCanadaFish Biology, Ecology, and/or Evolution8/1/2020 OpenTenure Track7/29/20 19:46
7/1/20 University of South AlabamaAlabamaDevelopment & Evolution8/15/2020 ProfTenure Track7/2/20 22:51The research specialty is open, but candidates with a strong molecular background and expertise in the study of pathogens and/or disease in non-model systems are preferred. The successful candidate will be expected to develop new curricula in their specialty that target undergraduate and graduate students. The ability to teach Genetics is a must. 2) If you work in developmental biology, disease evolution/ecology, molecular biology, etc. and are interested, please apply --- molecular techniques in an evolutionary framework are the minimum skills needed.
7/1/20 University of South AlabamaAlabamaPlant Systematics8/15/2020 ProfTenure Track7/1/20 17:27The research specialty is open, but candidates using computational approaches are preferred. The successful candidate will be expected to teach existing courses in botany and plant biology, and develop new curricula in their specialty that target undergraduate and graduate students.
6/30/20 Hope CollegeMichiganEcology10/9/2020 ProfTenure Track7/3/20 9:24Requires dedication to the Christian faith. 2) Theoecology or Ecotheology?
6/30/20 Utrecht UniversityNetherlandsEcology & Biodiversity7/15/2020 ProfTenure Track7/2/20 5:42"terrestrial ecologist with affinity for evolutionary perspectives and....ability to link above and below ground processes and interactions that regulate biodiversity"8
6/23/20 Western UniversityCanadaBiology7/24/2020 ProfFixed Term6/30/20 23:532-year appointment. "Duties are divided between Teaching (80%) and Service (20%) activities. Teaching duties will include up to 3.0 full course equivalents, primarily at the undergraduate level, and may include some graduate course instruction."3
6/23/20 Northwestern Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaBiology / Zoology ProfTenure Track8/5/20 17:31References contacted 8/51
6/19/20 University of BaselSwitzerlandEcology8/31/2020 ProfTenure Track7/27/20 5:04German language skills not required
6/12/20 University of FloridaFloridaEnvironmental Science8/15/2020 Term6/12/20 18:35For Spring 2021 (Jan)
6/11/20 Loyola University ChicagoIllinoisGenetics Term8/4/20 12:23Search committee is scrambling to find someone... (8.4.20)
6/8/20 Wageningen UniversityNetherlandsGovernance of Coastal Resilience7/12/2020 ProfTenure Track6/8/20 12:42"experience in the field of governance of coastal resilience with demonstrated field experience in emerging sectors of the Blue Economy, coastal communities and marine environments"
5/28/20 National Sun Yat-sen UniversityTaiwanMarine Ecology and Conservation8/31/2020 OpenTenure Track
5/23/20 University of WyomingWyomingPlant Evolutionary Biology9/1/2020 OpenTenure Track6/30/20 17:51Director of the Rocky Mountain Herbarium. Prior Asst Prof+ experience preferred.
4/29/20 University of British ColumbiaCanadaIndigenous Natural Sciences9/1/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track7/1/20 13:18
4/25/20 Ghent UniversityBelgiumOpen10/1/2020 OpenTenure Track7/10/20 11:061) Hiring open for all sciences, but hiring 6 positions. Must have earned PhD between 1-Sep-2009 and 1-Sep-2017 and must be able to apply for ERC grant during initial 5 years. 2) Application requires you to include a written ERC proposal