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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber
1/26/2021 12:11:00University of CalgaryCanadaWild Microbiomes1/31/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track1
1/25/2021 20:18:40West Virginia Wesleyan CollegeWest VirginiaAnimal Physiology ProfTenure Track
1/25/2021 12:57:22San Diego State UniversityCaliforniaComputational Biology2/15/2021 ProfTenure Track1/26/21 15:48The interfolio link does not seem to specify whether the position is tenure track, but the listing on the CSU careers website specifies that it is tenure track: 1) If you go on interfolio theres no where to add cover letter or you diversity statement, both which are required to add.... hmmm...... 2) Has anyone tried emailing one of the chairs? 2) Not surprised on the technology front. I used to work here. The department is interesting. In compulation biology, you have a few great folks to collaborate with, especially if you are interested in working with folks who do metagenomics (e.g., Forest Rohwer). 3) What do you mean by saying the department is interesting? thanks 4) my sense is it has gotten a bit better since I left, but it is an aging department that doesn't hold onto female faculty members well. That being said, the younger faculty that are there are good and generally working to make the place better. The grad programs are also weird, they are joint with the UC system. Its also a CSU so it have limited resources to pay students so stipids are really low (especially when you have to live in SD), the MS students take home 700ish a month and phds only get aeound 1200. 5) Thanks so much for the information, yes the stipend sounds really poor in terms of living cost in CA (6) RE: joint graduate programs. Depending on the perspective of the graduate student, the flexibility of the advisor, and the UC campus that is joint with the specific-grad program, the joint doctoral programs can actually be a serious advantage. Students essentially get two different sets of faculty, graduate cohort, and resources at their disposal. Of course there are hurdles to overcome and it is not for everyone, but to say the programs are "weird" without giving any context is a bit of a disservice. Also, not sure where those stipend numbers are coming from in (4), that is far lower than stipends are currently, at least in some graduate programs. 7) I really don't see a great benefit to students who already make paltry salaries being forced to move from SD to Davis and then back to SD within the span of two years. Seems like a pretty major hurdle. 5) so is this the joint program with Davis? Does that mean this faculty position has any connection with Davis or just the future students? 8) The Ecology Ph.D. program is joint with UC Davis, CMB is joint with UC San Diego, and Evolutionary Biology is joint with UC Riverside. I'm not sure where this position stands in terms of where students would go, but UC San Diego is a short drive up I-5 and requires no move. You could potentially span multiple program areas, but ask the committee. Also, regarding the student support, you can always increase via your grants. I'm not sure if those numbers above are correct. A great group of faculty to be your colleagues and the teacher-scholar model makes SDSU Biology. 9) Discussion of department aside, has anyone figured out how to submit a full applicaton? I tried emailing interfolio but haven't gotten response. No one listed on the ad to ask questions either.1
1/24/2021 15:56:52Université Sainte-AnneCanadaPlant Biology3/15/2021 OpenTenure Track1/24/21 16:16Teaching in French and English.
1/24/2021 15:53:17Western UniversityCanadaPlant biology3/1/2021 ProfTenure Track1/24/21 17:14Molecular Biology of Plant Stress
1/24/2021 15:33:57University of WinnipegCanadaBiology2/22/2021 Track
1/24/2021 15:32:54Utrecht UniversityNetherlandsNature-based agriculture2/15/2021 ProfTenure Track
1/24/2021 15:30:57Lund UniversitySwedenBiodiversity Conservation2/11/2021 Track1/25/21 11:29"scientifically evaluating alternative policy options to conserve biodiversity in agricultural landscapes"
1/24/2021 15:29:19Université de ToursFranceEcophysiology and behavioural ecology of insects OpenTenure Track
1/24/2021 15:26:52Aarhus UniversityDenmarkApplied mammal ecology2/25/2021 Track
1/23/2021 18:34:47Lyon CollegeArkansasOrganismal biology ProfTenure Track1/23/21 18:35emphasis on aquatic vertebrates
1/23/2021 17:10:29The Field MuseumIllinoisInvertebrate Paleontology or Paleobotany3/14/2021 CuratorPermanent Non-Academic
1/23/2021 17:06:33Oakland UniversityMichiganPhysiology2/14/2021 ProfTenure Track1/25/21 11:11appears to be repeat of Fall 2019 search.2
1/23/2021 16:47:26Earlham CollegeIndianaVertebrate Physiology2/7/2021 Term1/23/21 16:473 year position
1/23/2021 16:44:24Erskine College South CarolinaBiology ProfTenure Track1/23/21 16:45"candidates who seek employment at Erskine College should be professing Christians who are committed to exploring the intersections of faith and learning with students."
1/22/2021 20:06:51Baldwin Wallace UniversityOhioAnatomy/Phys1/31/2021 ProfTenure Track1/23/21 16:32Job Ad States that Review Beings Jan 1, but insider information reveals that they have only had 15 applicants so far and will likely not begin review for some time. This is a fantastic department in a highly ranked regional liberal arts school. They would love to get someone with human cadaver experience who could also teach comparative anatomy. 1) well they asked for like 100 documents I am not surprised not many people applied...x21
1/22/2021 12:48:34University of KielGermanyPhytopathology3/17/2021 Track1/22/21 12:49

1/22/2021 12:38:16Max Planck for Evolutionary BiologyGermanyDirector, Evolutionary Biology2/24/2021 ProfTenure Track1/23/21 9:40"A virtual search symposium to discuss new directions and meet potential candidates will take place on April 29-30, 2021."
1/22/2021 12:15:05University of South-Eastern NorwayNorwayApplied Statistics in the fields of ecological and environmental sciences2/28/2021 ProfTenure Track1/22/21 12:17Positions such as these in Norway are essentially tenured upon hire.
1/21/2021 15:02:39Houghton CollegeNew YorkEcology/Environmental Science / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/21/21 18:30No actual mention of tenure in description; "Other important qualifications for this position include a commitment to excellence and creativity in undergraduate teaching, a mature Christian faith, and an ability and willingness to integrate their Christian faith into teaching.
1/21/2021 14:54:02Muhlenberg CollegePennsylvaniaOrganismal Biology1/31/2021 Term2
1/20/2021 14:53:00Kennesaw State UniversityGeorgiaIntegrative behavioral ecology of birds2/20/2021 ProfTenure Track1/21/21 9:45Will address "questions in integrative behavioral ecology using birds as a study system. Areas of inquiry should include eco-physiology in urbanized and/or changing environments, evolutionary endocrinology, and adaptation to unpredictable stressors." 1) This description is incredibly specific and completely matches a recent hire 2) @1 I'm not sure what you mean. A recent temporary hire and this is to make them permanent? 3) Maybe, but the person in question was hired two years ago as an assistant prof and this job description is basically a description of their research program. It's very strange if it is really meant as a new hire. 4) I'd suggest they're starting a core, but Kennesaw seems like an odd place for that. Second thought is that person is moving on and they want to recoup/simplify startup by replacing them with the same thing.
1/20/2021 7:23:55The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityChinaUrban Informatics and Smart Cities2/15/2021 Asst ProfFixed Term1/20/21 9:26"Research expertise in one of the following areas: Land Surveying, Geographic Information Technology, Spatial Data Science, and Near-surface Geophysical Surveying on Underground Utilities."
1/20/2021 5:19:20University of AmsterdamNetherlandsEvolutionary Ecology2/15/2021 ProfTenure Track1/26/21 5:17"focusing on host-microbe or host-parasite interactions, combining evolutionary theory with bioinformatic and genomic analysis" 1) Insider info is that this is directed towards an internal candidate. 2) The application text is indeed very specific - Do you think outsider might still have a chance?
1/19/2021 12:14:07Aarhus UniversityDenmarkApplied Ecological Modelling2/10/2021 ProfTenure Track
1/18/2021 11:15:06University of Puerto Rico at MayaguezPuerto RicoGenetics2/18/2021 ProfTenure Track1/18/21 11:23Teach undergrad/grad courses relating to genetics, develop new courses; coordinate teaching laboratories; supervise grad/undergrad students; develop externally funded research program, which allows eligibility for teaching release time from up to 6 of 12 cr./hrs per semester. Cover letter, CV, research dossier and teaching interests, and 3 letters of reference.1
1/18/2021 11:13:00University of Puerto Rico at MayaguezPuerto RicoMicrobiology2/18/2021 ProfTenure Track1/18/21 11:24Teach undergrad/grad courses relating to microbiology, develop new courses; coordinate teaching laboratories; supervise grad/undergrad students; develop externally funded research program, which allows eligibility for teaching release time from up to 6 of 12 cr./hrs per semester. Cover letter, CV, research dossier and teaching interests, and 3 letters of reference.
1/17/2021 11:02:50Eastern UniversityPennsylvaniaInvertebrate Biology ProfTenure Track1/26/21 15:23"focus on courses involving invertebrates (including but not limited to general biology, zoology, and parasitology)" 2) "The Eastern University Biology department affirms that belief in God is compatible with a scientific understanding of evolution and origins." 3) You also need to include "a brief statement of faith" 4) Great album, RIP George. 5) any atheists/agnostics applying for this position. I was considering it until I went to the faculty pages. Seems like they lay it on pretty thick.
1/16/2021 13:24:56Indiana State UniversityIndianaMammalian/vertebrate ecology and conservation2/14/2021 ProfTenure Track1/18/21 4:01"the candidate will be expected to assume the position of Director of ISU’s Center for Bat Research, Outreach, and Conservation" 1) "The university will not provide visa sponsorship for this position."
1/15/2021 12:39:24Clarkson UniversityNew YorkBiology1/11/2021 ProfTenure Track1/19/21 12:25Only cover letter, CV and contact info for 3 references requested. 1) Doesn't even look like they require references. 2) Open for 7 days only, seems like an internal hire to me, but I don't have any inside info. 3) They appear to have hired an internal candidate in their 2015 search. 4) They hired externally in 2015 and then made an additional extra position for the internal person. I think they are interested in an external hire. 4) 4 again here. Can someone tell me how they came acorss this listing? I am curious how I missed it. It's my alma mater. 5) I only saw it in HigherEdJobs. I didn't add it in the wiki because it was too fishy (suspicious, I mean). 6) Was posted to HigherEd a week before the deadline and was promptly taken off. 7
1/15/2021 11:24:36Angelo State University, Angelo State Natural History CollectionsTexasCollections Management -- Museums - Collections ManagerPermanent Non-Academic1/18/21 11:54FYI, this position does not expect a PhD. And the salary (below 40K) makes me want to cry. 1) Thats what most graduate students get paid, sadly... 2) very sad indeed. 3) Damn! Where'd you go to grad school! I wish I had made that much...x4. 4.) Not at all defending the low salary (collections staff are very valuable), just trying to be positive for those that may be interested...For those that may not be familiar with the area 40k goes much further in San Angelo, TX than it does in many other parts of the country. 1 again) @3 Take "under 40K" as ~30K (in a large city) :-) 5) Unfortunately, this level of pay is commensurate with most collections manager positions across museums
1/14/2021 16:28:34Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaEnvironmental Science ProfTenure Track1/20/21 18:34Research and teaching areas could include but are not limited to the effects of natural and anthropogenic chemicals on freshwater and marine aquatic organisms and ecosystems 2) Search chair mentioned review of applications begins next week - with a <2 week turnaround, could be internal hire?3
1/14/2021 11:29:30Northeastern UniversityMassachusettsBroad3/1/2021 ProfTenure Track1/20/21 10:59Multiple tenure-track positions at rank of Asst prof within the college of Science, and open to cross-disciplinary/cross-departmental appointments. The research area is open but should align with departmental disciplines. Areas of research could include, but are not limited to: Environment, Ecology and Sustainability; Human Health; Brain Function, Cognition and Mind; Development, Regeneration and Aging; Inherited or Infectious Diseases; -Omic approaches; Natural and Designed Chemicals and Materials; AI and machine learning applied to scientific challenges; Biophysics, Particle Physics; Pure and Applied Mathematics; Network Science. 2) Speaking of broad searches. I hope they really only want "contact information for three references" and won't contact them immediately. 3) This looks exciting 4) they will get 1000 candidates (6 possible depts) 3) I didn't apply for the last position as I couldn't find a single organismal focused biologist on the faculty roster. Hope they maybe want to change this? 5) Yeah @4, this looks really marine-focused. No terrestrial ecologists at all from what I can see. 6) Well the majority of jobs on the board this year are terrestrial. There's been almost nothing for marine! 7) Straight up @6 - the ocean covers more of the planet, damnit! x4 8) Would a marine-focused department be interested in a terrestrial ecologist? 9) @5 here again -- I wasn't complaining, I was just providing context that might be of use to folks in deciding whether to apply. 10) Im a marine invert person who did a PhD w/ majority terrestrial vertebrate co-hort & profs and learned SO MUCH thinking about evolution on land vs ocean. I hope they learned a lot from me too, haha!
1/13/2021 13:58:43University of California RiversideCaliforniaBiology3/15/2021 CoordinatorPermanent Non-Academic
1/13/2021 9:36:54Savannah State University GeorgiaBiology ProfTenure Track1/13/21 15:193 years of teaching experience at undergrad level; 2) Does anyone see the review date or details of application materials? Thanks. 3) Nope. This is one of the least informative/convenient job ad/job application website combos I've seen yet.4
1/13/2021 7:43:03University of IowaIowaVirology OpenTenure Track1/13/21 7:45We are particularly interested in applicants using cutting-edge approaches to study medically relevant viral pathogens with an emphasis on host-virus interactions, mechanisms of viral pathogenesis, virus evolution, translational and novel approaches to treatment, and/or antiviral resistance...Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.
1/13/2021 6:46:21UiT The Arctic University of NorwayNorwayFish Biology1/31/2021 ProfTenure Track
1/13/2021 4:33:46National University of SingaporeSingaporeEarth Systems Science Dimensions of Climate Change2/1/2021 / Full ProfTenure Track1/13/21 4:35
1/11/2021 13:55:23University of New BrunswickCanadaForest management2/15/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
1/11/2021 13:54:38University of New BrunswickCanadaEnvironmental Management4/1/2021 Track
1/11/2021 13:40:27Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)NorwayRadioecology/environmental radioactivity2/3/2021 / Full ProfTenure Track
1/11/2021 13:38:57EPFL École polytechnique fédérale de LausanneSwitzerlandEnvironmental Adaptation3/5/2021 ProfTenure Track1/12/21 14:17"emphasis on cryospheric biosystems"
1/11/2021 13:37:54Anglia Ruskin UniversityUnited KingdomBiology2/3/2021 Track1/15/21 11:01Looking for a GIS specialist AP) Updated URL and due date (listed as 03/02/21 but I'm assuming UK uses DD/MM/YY format, so this is Feb 3)
1/10/2021 16:20:43Utrecht UniversityNetherlandsComputational Biology ProfFixed Term1/10/21 16:22"Two-year teaching position. This position needs to be filled soon"
1/9/2021 10:07:44University of British ColumbiaCanadaEarth Science Discipline-Based Education Research1/31/2021 ProfTenure Track1/10/21 21:31
1/9/2021 10:01:09University of TampaFloridaConservation Genetics1/1/2021 ProfTenure Track1/18/21 0:06Review will begin in Jan. This is different from the Genetics position. 2) This is very strange. It appears to have been posted in January with a "review immediately" deadline. This position was advertised last year and the search was cancelled after the skype interviews. I wonder if they are actually only looking at those last finalists. Otherwise I assume they would do a full serch... Can anyone confirm if this is a real full search, or if they are just using their shortlist from last time? 3) I assume this is a new search. I applied last year, had a skype interview in October, was not invited to a campus interview before Xmas with the first batch of candidates, but then was invited for an on-campus interview much later in Feb, which I ended up declining because I took an international opportunity. Search was cancelled 2 weeks later. #2 again) Thanks #2, that's so helpful to know! Any insights to keep in mind about the department when applying? 4) it's an undergrad institution which means you need to be mindful of possible research funding mechanisms2
1/9/2021 9:52:23Millikin UniversityIllinoisPlant Biology2/22/2021 ProfTenure Track
1/9/2021 9:50:16Virginia TechVirginiaAnimal Biosciences1/28/2021 Asst. ProfFixed Term1/9/21 9:50Not clear if this is permanent or fixed term
1/9/2021 9:48:02Carson-Newman UniversityTennesseePhysiology/Anatomy ProfTenure Track1/17/21 21:13"A complete application packet will include a letter of interest, a statement of Christian faith, a statement of teaching philosophy, three professional references, and current vitae."
1/9/2021 9:43:48University of Pittsburgh PennsylvaniaBiology1/31/2021 Non-Academic
1/9/2021 9:42:28Tiffin UniversityOhioBiology ProfTenure Track1/10/21 17:47Focus on anatomy and physiology, 2) contract renewable position
1/9/2021 9:36:15Arizona State UniversityArizonaBiology2/1/2021 Non-Academic1/9/21 14:02AP) updated URL
1/7/2021 15:59:03Clemson UniversitySouth CarolinaPlant Ecology / Evolutionary Biology3/15/2021 / Full ProfTenure Track1/19/21 9:27Not 100% clear if plant focus is required or just desirable. 2) @1 My reading is it's just desirable? Clemson looks great and I'm definitely applying ;) 3) They also have a non-TT herbarium curator job search going at the moment 4) I'm reading it as: we want a plant person but wouldn't say no to a random superstar if caught in the net 5) In my department we've had multiple senior positions that don't cross 5 applications, worth a shot if you're genuinely interested 6) Hi #5, are you at Clemson or a similar institution? 7) @6 #5 here at a similar institution (SEC school)
1/7/2021 13:22:09USDA-ARSOhioPlant Pathology/Virology2/2/2021 Non-Academic
1/7/2021 10:50:00University of GeorgiaGeorgiaMicrobiology2/26/2021 ProfTenure Track1/7/21 10:50Competitive applicants will have a strong research record, demonstrate a well-developed research plan, and exhibit a commitment to teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels. We are especially interested in biologists who combine wet-bench experimentation with large-scale data to address fundamental questions in microbiology. Those questions may be related to inter-species community interactions, environmental response networks, metabolic flexibility, antimicrobial targets, or pathogenic interactions.3
1/6/2021 20:10:14Clemson UniversitySouth CarolinaHerbarium Curator & Lecturer2/3/2021 Non-Academic1
1/6/2021 10:39:31University of Houston - DowntownTexasBiology ProfTenure Track1/6/21 16:051-2 tenure-track faculty positions in Biology with a focus in ecology or environmental biology or plant biology 2) Heavy teaching focus (21 credit hours per year) 3) Kudos for a teaching uni to actually prioritise teaching over research in their job ad
1/6/2021 7:36:48Purdue UniversityIndianaBotany & Plant Pathology, Turfgrass Pathology1/31/2021 ProfTenure Track1/6/21 7:37The primary responsibility of the successful candidate is the extension of applied and translational research for the control of fungal turfgrass pathogens important to Indiana stakeholders. The candidate is expected to develop a nationally and internationally recognized research program focused on plant disease epidemiology, applied organismal biology, and/or plant disease management. Extension activities will include, but not be limited to, the development of educational materials and programming (including distance learning and social media) that focus on practical solutions to turf disease problems for a broad range of commercial stakeholders.
1/6/2021 7:33:39National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanEcological Diversity2/28/2021 Faculty Position (Teaching)Fixed Term1/6/21 10:49OP here: I'm not sure if it's fixed term, tenure-track, etc because it doesn't say so in the add. It's a teaching position: "The successful candidate is expected to teach 16 hours a week and shall be able to teach following both levels: (1) graduate level courses in the areas of “Bio-cultural diversity, sustainability development” or “Ecosystem service valuation”, and (2) undergraduate general education courses in “Ecological Diversity” and the related areas. Applicants who can teach the following graduate level courses are preferred: Human Dimension in Biodiversity, Ecosystem Service and Sustainability, Economic Analysis in Biodiversity, Ecological Economy, and Conservation Governance." 2) It is a fixed term position, not TT, the equivalent position title in the States is clinical assistant professor
1/6/2021 7:25:52University of CopenhagenDenmarkEvolutionary Organismal Biology1/17/2021 OpenTenure Track1/18/21 12:541) what do they mean with Diplomas? Are we supposed to actually upload the certificates/transcripts? 2) I scanned the actual diplomas and uploaded that. x416
1/5/2021 13:40:18University of Northern British ColumbiaCanadaEcosystem Science & Management 3/1/2021 ProfTenure Track1/5/21 14:45"We seek an individual with a strong record of scholarly productivity in silviculture, applied forest biology or forest ecology."
1/5/2021 9:18:47University of VictoriaCanadaMolecular Microbiology3/30/2021 ProfTenure Track1/21/21 17:01"We invite applications from candidates who: (1) are emerging researchers in the field of molecular microbiology; (2) demonstrate particular research creativity; (3) have a critical understanding of molecular microbiology-related fields; and (4) are proposing an original, innovative research program of high quality with the potential to achieve international recognition that complements and contributes to the existing strengths of the department." 1) This is one of the greatest places you could possibly live. 2) Yup, they have orcas! 3) Anyone know what the following means? It's pretty vague. Does this mean people identifying as men need not apply? "In accordance with the University’s Equity Plan and pursuant to Section 42 of the BC Human Rights Code, preference will be given to women." 4) I'd read this as everyone is welcome to apply. I would assume they will get many very strong female applicants, as is true for most positions listed here. But "strong" is defined differently for every search. We can each only be who we are...just submit and see what happens! 5) It likely means that if there is a tie, the edge will be given to the female candidate. The Collective Agreement would probably have more info about hiring practices.1
12/30/2020 15:52:37Maastricht UniversityNetherlandsSystems or Computational Biology1/25/2021 ProfTenure Track1/20/21 14:56"We are looking for a candidate with the ambition to reach a leading position in Systems or Computational Biology and experience in the areas of multiscale modelling of biological systems (e.g. dynamic (ODE) models, genome-scale metabolic models (GEMs)) and/or machine learning of biological data (e.g. multi-omics data integration, imaging genomics, network biology). MaCSBio has so far focussed mainly on human systems biology but we welcome candidates with expertise on other organisms (e.g. plants, microbes) or with a more methodological focus." 2) Is this really just a CV and cover letter? No research or teaching statements?
12/29/2020 18:32:13Middle Tennesee State UniversityTennesseePhysiology2/1/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/5/21 12:52Histology and/or Embryology2
12/29/2020 12:37:32University of Pittsburgh at BradfordPennsylvaniaBiology ProfTenure Track12/30/20 16:05"Expertise in genetics and/or molecular biology desired." 1. Looks like you need the reference letters upfront? am I reading that right? 2) This job has been posted for awhile. I would check with chair before spending time applying
12/29/2020 11:42:06University of Missouri-ColumbiaMissouriIntegrative Biology1/11/2021 ProfTenure Track12/30/20 14:12No review date posted on the job ad, anyone know where the date posted here came from? 2) Twitter post says 11 Jan as review date @2 Thanks!26
12/29/2020 10:21:09University of TampaFloridaGenetics1/1/2021 ProfTenure Track1/11/21 13:31"Review of applications will begin January 2021 and continue until the position is filled." "Area of research expertise is open within the confines of this discipline (meaning genetics)." 2) Tampa appears to be reupping their cancelled searches from last year with immediate deadlines (like this one and the conservation genetics position). Are these real searches or just focusing on the shortlist from last time (which would explain no turn around from posting and reviewing candidates)
12/29/2020 10:19:40University of TampaFloridaParasitology1/11/2021 ProfTenure Track1/16/21 15:501) Conacted on Jan 16 for initial zoom interview1
12/29/2020 10:10:39Rochester Institute of TechnologyNew YorkGenomics/Omics3/1/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/15/21 12:31Does anyone have insight about teaching/research balance at this place? Looking through the faculty they all are listed on over 10 courses for curent teaching but that might be a system glitch. 2) Dept. website is a nightmare. Just apply and if you get an interview, you can ask the committee about teaching/research balance.
12/28/2020 22:37:32University of the Virgin IslandsUS Virgin IslandsBiology4/1/2021 ProfTenure Track1/11/21 13:19"preference will be given to individuals with expertise in one or more of the following- anatomy & physiology, biostatistics, botany, evolution, ecology, microbiology and molecular biology." 1) caution here - UVI have a habit of advertising this exact position multiple times every year / other year and never follow through with responses to applications or direct emails regarding updates. Which probably makes it like 75% of other application processes on ecoevojobs but as a potentially competitive candidate the continued lack of follow through is frustrating 2) Does anyone know the teaching load? X22
12/28/2020 22:29:28University of Puerto RicoPuerto RicoMarine Sciences2/18/2021 ProfTenure Track12/29/20 16:21open to a broad range of specialties, but are particularly interested in candidates with a background in Carbonate Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Chemical Ecology, Natural Products Chemistry, and/or Marine Pollution. 1) Excellent oportunity, the marine sciences department sits on its own island laboratory and it harbors a great group of international scientist.
12/26/2020 10:24:05USDA Agricultural Research ServiceWashingtonPlant Pathologist / Microbiologist1/15/2021 / TechnicalPermanent Non-Academic1/6/21 10:59
12/26/2020 10:23:01USDA Agricultural Research ServiceWashingtonTick Biology1/18/2021 / TechnicalPermanent Non-Academic
12/24/2020 16:53:05College of the Sequoias Community College DistrictCaliforniaBiology / Ecology2/8/2021 OpenTenure Track1
12/24/2020 16:49:41Eckerd CollegeFloridaMolecular Biology / Genomics2/12/2021 ProfTenure Track
12/24/2020 11:42:28Cleveland State UniversityOhioEnvironmental Sci., Ecology, or Earth Sci. (w/ ability to teach GIS)2/8/2021 ProfTenure Track1/26/21 10:53**presently, the posting mistakenly states that one of the preferred qualifications is "at least one year of experience at the rank of an Assistant Professor." This is NOT accurate, and will be corrected soon. 2) Ugh, please stop requiring letters of rec during the initial interview stage. It is a waste of everyone's time x6 3) this is the search chair. I know it can be frustrating as an applicant to ask for letters just to apply for some jobs. If you are interested but unsure if the application is worth the effort, send me an email and perhaps I can address some of your uncertainties and help you get to know the university better, etc. 4) Then why ask for them?1
12/23/2020 16:12:52Macalester CollegeMinnesotaEcology 2/1/2021 Assistant ProfFixed Term12/23/20 16:13Contacts for position: Mary Heskel ( and Christine Sierra O'Connell (
12/23/2020 13:38:53Davidson CollegeNorth CarolinaOrganismal Biology & Biostatistics ProfFixed Term12/23/20 13:392 year VAP2
12/23/2020 11:00:25Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesMaineBioinformatician2/15/2021 / BioinformaticianPermanent Non-Academic
12/22/2020 10:56:28University of Nevada, RenoNevadaBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, Plant / Biomedical Sciences1/1/2021 OpenTenure Track1/2/21 9:59This search will close without notice when a sufficient number of applications are received or a hiring decision has been made. 2) What a dumb policy regarding number of applications received (yes, venting) x2 2) I suspect a lot of searches are like this without saying it explicitly
12/22/2020 10:55:45University of Nevada, RenoNevadaBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, Arthropods1/1/2021 ProfTenure Track1/22/21 19:55This search will close without notice when a sufficient number of applications are received or a hiring decision has been made. 1) Any reason to think they would be interested in someone with an EEB focus? 2) it is always worth emailing the committee chair/contact person to find out 3) Any idea of when these applications will be reviewed? X23
12/22/2020 10:52:15Saginaw Valley State UniversityMichiganBotany ProfTenure Track1
12/21/2020 21:12:16University of New HampshireNew HampshireCoastal Resilience and Restoration Ecology1/29/2021 ProfTenure Track1/26/21 15:081) I just interviewed here for a different position. Great department with great people 2) Any insight about the relationship between this dept and the one for the micro job below? 3) (1) here - certainly collaborations between the two departments but they are seperate in many of their activites. I'm sure someone who currently works in the department could provide more insight (4) This seems like a very targeted ad...(5) It's not uncommon for state university systems with smaller budgets to have more targeted ads, because of the work it takes to justify such a position, especially in tough economic times. I say this as somone from a peer institution who has been on search committees for similarly targeted ads; it's not necessarily an indication of an inside here. (6) The department is very much looking for the best person for the job. Even if you don't hit all the points on this list, please apply! 7) Are letters requested immediately or after a first round of reviews? 8) From what I understand, letters upfront. 9) Why are letters requested up front if this position is to be hired at the Associate Professor level? This seems like a big burden for colleagues....
12/21/2020 14:24:40Lake Superior State UniversityMichiganConservation Biology ProfTenure Track1/13/21 12:21Does anyone know when this application is due? 2) Googling I've found 2 different dates, 15 feb and 28 feb. 3) I called HR and was told applications should go in immediately because is review is imminent, and that was a week ago6
12/21/2020 12:57:18University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyTexasBiology2/15/2021 ProfTenure Track12/21/20 12:57"Of chief importance are candidates whose research demonstrates a clear application to the Lower Rio Grande Valley region. Potential areas of expertise may include a focus on developmental biology, animal or plant biology, or bioinformatics."
12/20/2020 11:36:14Mount Allison UniversityCanadaApplied Quantitative Biology and Data Science2/1/2021 ProfTenure Track1/26/21 6:39no space to submit a research statement2
12/18/2020 22:46:15Valley City State UniversityNorth DakotaRange management, botany2/10/2021 ProfTenure Track
12/18/2020 18:08:57Bemidji State UniversityMinnesotaBiology1/4/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track1/21/21 22:06"Preferred candidates will have demonstrated abilities in introductory biology teaching and learning, with an emphasis on promoting the success of students historically excluded from STEM" Tenure not mentioned in job ad [we'll assume it's TT unless we hear otherwise -AP] 2) Side note: There are fantastic opportunities to do field research in the area, including at the UMN Itasca Biological Station. 3) the link is no longer active - says job no longer available? 4) @3 I would assume that's because it is past the deadline? x22
12/18/2020 16:39:33Université LavalCanadaPlant computational biology12/21/2021 OpenTenure Track12/20/20 12:40"Level 2 Canada Research Chair on a theme related to cannabis genomics." 2) Not University of Sunnyvale?
12/18/2020 16:37:27Bristol Zoological Society United KingdomConservation or Animal Behaviour & Welfare1/18/2021 Non-Academic12/24/20 15:111) Wow this pays less than a decent teaching assistantship. 2) yeah, that's shocking and way less the the UK average wage 3) Yikes, ~37k USD 4) And Bristol is not cheap.
12/18/2020 16:34:30Université Libre de BruxellesBelgiumAgroecology and Crop/Soil Microbiology2/20/2021 OpenPermanent Non-Academic
12/18/2020 16:32:04University of GothenburgSwedenHuman Ecology2/8/2021 Senior LecturerTenure Track
12/18/2020 10:23:22Tennessee Tech UniversityTennesseeVertebrate Physiology1/16/2021 ProfTenure Track1/11/21 16:35Applicant must be authorized to work in the United States without the University's sponsorship 2) #1, how do you know this? That info is not stated in the ad. 3) @2 I saw it on the Texas job board (, but you are correct it doesn't specify that in the ad. I emailed the contact person and will update if I get a response. 4) I received word from the contact that 'sponsorship is possible for well-qualified applicants'. 5) Thanks for the info.9
12/17/2020 21:13:26Jacksonville StateAlabamaEcology1/22/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track8
12/17/2020 17:48:13University of KansasKansasImmunology (with a focus on host/parasite)2/8/2021 ProfTenure Track
12/17/2020 14:07:16University of New HampshireNew HampshireMicrobial Ecology & Evolutionary Biology2/15/2021 ProfTenure Track1/24/21 9:26"flexible, but candidates pursuing hypothesis-driven science in genomics, environmental microbiology, microbial systems biology, host-pathogen interactions, population dynamics, community ecology, or related fields using an evolutionary or comparative framework are encouraged to apply. A commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion is required." 2) Cancelled search from earlier in the year? 3) seems like letters are not required upfront? 4) If this is run the same wa as this years, letters are only for the long list, IIRC. 5) Where are evolution PhDs trained at UNH? Seems like there is more evolution in the biological sciences department. 1
12/16/2020 22:45:23Washington University in St LouisMissouriMolecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology2/1/2021 ProfTenure Track12/28/20 15:50Anyone know what department this actually is? Seems like this specific title isnt one of the departments listed on their website. 2) Says on the job description "The Department of Biology at Washington University seeks colleagues working in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology to fill two tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant Professor level." 3) Is this a failed search from last year? or are they hiring 2 more? 1
12/16/2020 16:29:45Archbold Biological StationFloridaProgram Director in Plant Ecology1/18/2021 / Assoc Research BiologistPermanent Non-Academic12/16/20 16:33"This is a long-term, ongoing position with a competitive salary and excellent benefits. Anticipated start date is May-June 2021. Looking for candidates conducting organismal, field-based research in plant population, community, or ecosystem ecology, with research interests that interface with conservation, land management, or education."3