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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber
11/24/2020 15:08:16University of West AlabamaAlabamaEnvironmental Sciences ProfTenure Track11/24/20 15:10Review date is ongoing. They want someone to start THIS January 2021.
11/24/2020 12:42:44Texas A&MTexasBiological Timing, Microbiology12/15/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/24/20 13:57"Biological Timing" may not sound very eco/evo, but on twitter they said that they were looking very broadly and that things like migration, circadian rhythms (and presumably phenology) would be welcome. 2) Also this is 4 jobs, apparently (3 timing, 1 micro) 3) Seems like the micro job could be anything, including evolution or ecology
11/24/2020 9:24:27Florida International UniversityFloridaBiology12/3/2020 Term11/24/20 13:32Primarily for teaching biology online. Unclear to me if this is really fixed term or more permanent (but not tenure track). Three positions in Ecology and Evolution, and Genetics and Evolution, and Developmental Biology.
11/23/2020 13:59:10McDaniel CollegeMarylandBiology1/31/2021 Non-Academic11/23/20 16:28"To teach four courses each semester, primarily Introductory Biology lectures and lab (each lab section counts as one full course), with the possibility of developing an upper level biology elective(s) in the candidate's specialized biology sub-field of expertise. In addition, the candidate will be advising biology majors with respect to course selection and course registration." 1) No mention of research.
11/21/2020 9:00:50Eastern Michigan UniversityMichiganAnimal Physiology1/5/2021 ProfTenure Track
11/20/2020 23:33:09Brandeis UniversityMassachusettsBiology12/15/2020 ProfTenure Track11/23/20 12:40"First consideration will be given to applications received by December 15th but applications arriving within 30 days of this date will be given full consideration." Search broadly targeting molecular biology. 2) No mention of ecology or evolution 3) True, but it does say "a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives" so might be relevant for some folks here. 4) Like me! Thanks for posting, this job didnt come up other places I was checking x2 5) Good luck!!3
11/20/2020 15:01:39Colorado State UniversityColoradoPlant Biology12/13/2020 ProfTenure Track
11/19/2020 11:21:16University of ArizonaArizonaPhenology Track Research ProfessorPermanent Non-Academic
11/19/2020 6:22:16University of California DavisCaliforniaSystems Biology1/20/2021 ProfTenure Track11/19/20 6:23Candidates’ research programs should answer questions of fundamental biological importance in plants. Relevant research topics include (but are not limited to) the development or use of large-scale experimental, quantitative, and computational approaches for understanding biological systems in photosynthetic organisms.
11/19/2020 1:26:33Verto EducationHawaiiEnvironmental Science11/23/2020 InstructorFixed Term11/19/20 21:12This job call is for a 3-mo part-time position. Is the link incorrect? 2) This is not a faculty position - it is a short-term field instructor position, and I don't believe it really should be listed here. 3) Agreed, I don't think we should be postiing short-term jobs in this list. AP) I don't know a better place to put it, so let's let it slide unless we get deluged by such jobs.
11/18/2020 22:42:36University California DavisCaliforniaSustainable Aquaculture and Coastal Systems1/3/2021 ProfTenure Track
11/18/2020 17:25:24San José State UniversityCaliforniaPhysiology1/13/2021 ProfTenure Track
11/18/2020 13:08:51USGS Coop Unit - MOMissouriAssistant Unit Leader - Fisheries12/18/2020 Unit Leader/GS-12Permanent Non-Academic11/19/20 22:29I saw on twitter they want someone to work on crayfish and mussels.
11/17/2020 23:24:56Mississippi State UniversityMississippiForest Ecosystem Science1/15/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
11/17/2020 23:20:36Lake Superior State UniversityMichiganAquaculture1/16/2021 ProfTenure Track11/23/20 10:12desired: Familiarity with aquaculture of salmonids, experience including undergraduates in research, and providing professional opportunities for students outside of class. This is a 12 month position with administrative (50%), research (25%) and teaching (25%, minimum of 3 contract hours per semester) responsibilities during the 9 month academic year, and administrative (50%) and research (50%) responsibilities during the remaining 3 months.
11/17/2020 23:13:31University of West AlabamaAlabamaEnvironmental Science/Biology ProfTenure Track11/17/20 23:14review of applications begins immediately
11/17/2020 23:09:38South Dakota State UniversitySouth DakotaWildlife Ecology2/1/2021 ProfTenure Track11/19/20 19:05hiring 2 positions (both positions for mammals); 2) only hiring mammals? Seems like discrimination ;) 3) I checked with the SC chair, marsupials are included.
11/17/2020 14:55:47Universidad Católica de la Santísima ConcepciónChileAquatic ecology of coastal environments12/30/2020 OpenTenure Track
11/14/2020 12:07:57University of North Carolina, WilmingtonNorth CarolinaPlant Biology12/14/2020 ProfTenure Track11/14/20 13:38Note, "especially interested in coastal and wetland plant communities, macro-algae and plant biotechnology".
11/14/2020 8:51:56USGS - Washington Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research UnitWashingtonHuman Dimensions of Wildlife Management12/12/2020 Unit LeaderPermanent Non-Academic11/14/20 19:11Interdisciplinary Research Social Scientist/Biologist. "Applicants must be U.S. Citizens."2
11/13/2020 23:31:54Université de MontréalCanadaSpatial Ecology1/29/2021 ProfTenure Track11/14/20 7:57Working language is French.1
11/13/2020 9:08:23Southwestern Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaBiology (Organismal Genetics) ProfTenure Track11/23/20 14:09This job ad provides zero information about how to apply. 2) You just have to log in to the application to see what you need - it is all standard stuff, research, teaching, contact for three refs.2
11/13/2020 8:32:20Albany State UniversityGeorgiaBiology ProfFixed Term11/13/20 8:32"Background in Biotechnology, Public Health, or Botany is a plus but not necessary."
11/13/2020 8:29:39Saint Francis UniversityPennsylvaniaMarine Biology1/14/2021 ProfTenure Track
11/13/2020 8:27:04Governors State UniversityIllinoisConservation Genetics ProfTenure Track2
11/13/2020 8:11:08St. Thomas Aquinas CollegeNew YorkBiology (Anatomy & Physiology)12/14/2020 ProfTenure Track11/13/20 8:11"Broadly trained biologists with expertise in Anatomy & Physiology are encouraged to apply."
11/13/2020 8:08:18University of Sioux FallsSouth DakotaBiologist11/29/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/23/20 3:53broad search; "Successful candidates should have a considerable commitment to academic excellence and believe in the Christian faith and a Christian liberal arts education where diversity and inclusion, ethical and critical thinking, and effective communication are highly valued." 1) Is this not discriminatory to restrict based on faith - same for the next one? 2) religious organizations are allowed to legally discriminate on the basis of religion. 3) I realize the religious requirement might be offensive to some, but I'm going to leave it up since others might find it useful. As noted, private universities in the US are allowed to have faith-based requirements. -AFP
11/13/2020 8:05:26Mississippi CollegeMississippiEcologist/Field Biologist / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/13/20 8:06"affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention and all faculty must be of the Christian faith"
11/12/2020 11:34:36University of North Texas, DentonTexasInvertebrate Biology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track11/20/20 11:471) wasn't this position open last year? anyone know what happned? 2) My notes say the search was canceled, but maybe someone else can confirm? 3) Received an email weeks ago stating the previous search was cancelled, 4) Previous search was cancelled because of the pandemic1
11/12/2020 9:01:18SLF/WSLSwitzerlandEcology (Cold Ecosystems) 12/11/2020 Tenure Track11/13/20 2:581) No real review date, these positions are advertised until they get enough good applicants (typically 1 month) 2) Previous positions in this institute have 2-4 years before tenure review 3) Is WSL affiliated with a university? Or is this more like a non-academic position? 4) WSL/SLF is affiliated with the ETHZ, it is an academic position. Expect to have to secure 3rd party funds and write papers, but part of your work will also be very applied and may be requested by the government as you get more senior
11/11/2020 20:32:19Southeast Missouri State UniversityMissouriBotany12/11/2020 ProfTenure Track
11/11/2020 19:48:48Idaho State UniversityIdahoMicrobiology11/13/2020 ProfTenure Track11/11/20 19:49Applied and Environmental Microbiology5
11/11/2020 19:45:15Arkansas State UniversityArkansasMicrobiology1/4/2021 ProfTenure Track
11/11/2020 12:07:37Virginia Union UniversityVirginiaBiology / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/22/20 15:56Prefer neuroscience and ecology/environmental biological specialization. Review begins immediately; position starts January 2021. Unclear if this is a tenure track position.2) contacted for interview 11/19 (x3) 3) no clear committee, tentative biology faculty but no committment 4
11/11/2020 11:07:26CSIROAustraliaGlobal Change Ecology11/30/2020 ScientistFixed Term11/14/20 12:545 year term. Australian and New Zealand Citizens and Australian Permanent Residents only (you do not need to be currently residing in Australia to apply) 2) Is this the same group that all got fired because of climate chnage research some years back?
11/11/2020 11:06:09Royal Ontario MuseumCanadaClimate Change12/18/2020 Non-Academic11/12/20 10:18"Must be a high-level, practicing scientist (PhD or equivalent) who has achievements in the field (or lab), has published and has embarked on a successful career, and is now interested in having a more public-facing role. A record of peer-reviewed publications or catalogues is required. Suitable credentials for cross-appointment to the University of Toronto is considered a strong asset." 1) The job ad says that applications must be submitted by Dec 18, 2020 and that review of applications will begin Jan 29, 2021.
11/11/2020 11:04:44York UniversityCanadaEcological economics1/7/2021 ProfTenure Track11/12/20 15:13Was this advertised last year too?
11/11/2020 11:03:08Norwegian Institute for Air ResearchNorwayEcological economics, environmental footprints, and sustainability12/10/2020 Scientist/ScientistPermanent Non-Academic
11/11/2020 11:01:30University of SussexUnited KingdomEvolution, Behaviour & Environment11/23/2020 Term11/15/20 21:48Fixed term until 31/01/22. Starting 01/01/2021 "The School of Life Sciences wishes appoint a lecturer to deliver Undergraduate (BSc) and Masters (MSc) level education, with a specific focus on animal comparative physiology, vertebrate palaeontology, evolutionary biology, animal or plant ecology, plant sciences and conservation."
11/10/2020 18:13:17University of Colorado BoulderColoradoPhysical Geography12/18/2020 ProfTenure Track11/10/20 18:14Specific areas of research include, but are not limited to, soil science, biogeography, climatology, watershed science, and cryosphere science.
11/10/2020 12:24:07University of UtahUtahPlant Molecular Biology / Biological Sciences12/1/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track11/24/20 15:19"We encourage all applicants addressing fundamental questions in biology from a broadly-defined molecular perspective. For one of the two positions we are particularly seeking applicants working in plant molecular biology; the other position is open to investigators working in any biological system." 1) I believe there will be preference for Assistant professor. 2) page limits on app? 3) yes, there are page limits. They list them in the job ad. 4) Are letters due at submission? "Applicants should also arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent on their behalf" but letters are not listed as required documents. 1
11/10/2020 10:22:11University of BernSwitzerlandICT for Nature and People11/15/2020 OpenPermanent Non-Academic11/12/20 11:34ICT = Insane Clown Theory? 2) "Information and communication technologies" ...a bit silly that you have to click three times before you find out what they mean. Then again, they probably only want people who already know what that means...3) Basically big data, probably scope for movement ecologists 4) I think this is a common accronym in Europe. 5) Seemingly in Africa too, at least in Kenya.
11/10/2020 8:31:06Oxford Brookes UniversityUnited KingdomAnimal Biology and Conservation12/6/2020 ProfTenure Track11/10/20 17:231) Wow the starting salary is less than I make as a postdoc in the US. 2) @1 this is typical of UK positions, the last few years of the economy have made the gap even larger between UK and US1
11/10/2020 0:05:24James Cook UniversityAustraliaPlant ecology12/4/2020 (equivalent to Assist Prof in the US)Tenure Track11/23/20 22:121) Look for job # 17228 2) the position is zoology and ecology, not plant ecology. 2) from the job notice "with a particular focus on terrestrial plant ecology, plant-animal interactions and/or quantitative terrestrial ecology" 3) FYI to all, this appears to be a hard deadline so don't forget about the time difference! 4) No research statement required? 1) The Australian application system is different than the US. You are supposed to write a statement saying how you meet the search criteria. Given the vagueness of the job description, you have a lot of room to work with. When I applied for my position here, I submitted my normal US application materials, plus an additional statement saying how/why I fit the criteria. Apparently people did that earlier this year for this position (that was cancelled, and now we're readvertising it), and some on the search committee complained about the US formating. I personally don't care about how candidates present their info, but we will need to judge you on something more than a CV. I'd personally appreciate it if candidates include a research statement. 6) Thanks, that's very helpful info! Can you give any guidance on the teaching portfolio aspect for applicants who may not be used to that? Are there any specific things (e.g., sample syllabi, activities) that are expected? 1) It's really the wild west here in terms of format. The Australians just want you to address all the points in the job requirements in one document (usually the cover letter). A full-blown teaching portfolio is not required. We would like to see what sorts of subjects you could teach/co-teach. Take a close look at our current offerings. The ability to teach basic botany, plant ecology, local plant ID's, etc... would be great. 👍 7) Thank you so much, this is really really helpful information!1
11/9/2020 19:31:58University of North AlabamaAlabamaGenetics ProfTenure Track11/23/20 22:16Open until filled and research speciality is open 2) A huge river runs through town and a lot of the area is used for cotton farming or lumber. Might be a good location for freshwater sytsems, cotton-ag genetics, or genetic response to pesticide use.
11/9/2020 14:43:45University of TorontoCanadaField Ecology and Evolutionary Biology12/21/2020 ProfTenure Track11/14/20 12:51"We seek candidates who conduct conceptually driven field research to study fundamental questions in ecology and/or evolution" 2) Letters due by direct email on 12/21, just FYI. 3) Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. 4) as in more priority than is usual in a Canadian search? Or just the usual amount? Only asking since I wasn't sure if the pandemic changed some of this... 5) @4 this is standard language legally required in all Canadian job postings. 6) 4 again - thought so, was just noting it being specifically called out in #3. previously we Americans have heard this is an "All else equal, Canadians get preference" kinda situation. Just confirming 7) @6 you Americans and many other folk 8) FYI I think that you need to solicit references through the online system and they only go out once you've submitted all your other material - at least I think that's the case, I nearly got caught out with the Computational Biology job! 9) For this posting the references need to submit their letters directly to the hiring committee, not through the online system like the Comp Bio one. I don't know why they are different but that's what the ad says. 10) Great! Ignore my previous comment (#8), sorry for confusion!1
11/7/2020 10:38:10Mount St. Mary’s UniversityMarylandBiology ProfTenure Track11/7/20 10:39"Applicants from all environmental science disciplines, especially those with a background in aquatic ecology and environmental chemistry are welcome." Open until filled.2
11/6/2020 19:49:56Colorado State UniversityColoradoIntegrative Vertebrate Physiologist11/30/2020 ProfTenure Track11/22/20 13:36"References will be contacted immediately upon submission of application..." 2) ... for the express purpose of wasting as much time from as many people as possible. We're that important. x8 3) Does anyone know what they want the hire to teach? i.e., is it the undergrad physiology course?5
11/6/2020 15:11:32Martin Luther University Halle-WittenbergGermanyEvolution and Biodiversity of Animals12/6/2020 ProfiFixed Term11/12/20 16:57"will commence preferably by as soon as possible and is fixed for 6 years [...] an outstanding early career scientist who is internationally recognized in the field of evolution and biodiversity of animals, preferentially with a focus on insects [...] Courses to be taught include all aspects of systematic zoology" "The position is fixed for 6 years. Following positive evaluation, the position can become permanent." 2) Make sure you understand the German "Junior prof" system. you can only get tenured if uni finds a budget for a line. you can also be stellar, but if they don't find the cash, no tenure. 3)Thanks @2. This sounds terrible. Can you bring in your own money via DFG/ERC and so on? How likely is this? And consequently: how scared will you be that you'll be out of a job at the age of 56? 4) To clarify what @2 said: German Junior Prof. positions can be "actual" tenure-track and this specific position seems to belong to this category. Translating from the more explicit German job advert which states that this is a "Juniorprof (W1) position with tenure-track to W2" and that "after positive tenure-evaluation the position is transfered to a permanent W2 professor position". The German advert also mentions that the funding comes from the "Federal Tenure-Track progam" ( 5) Thanks, #4! 6) Does the part "applicants should have been maximally employed for 6 years at a university prior to appointment so that they do not overstep the national laws relating to fixed-term academic employment (WissZeitVG)" refer to 6 years of postdoc prior to THIS appointment, or does it refer to 6 years at W1? Thanks! 7) @6 It means that prior to this appointment you only should have 6 total years of appointments in any fixed-term academic position by a university in Germany (that includes PhD position, if you haven't had a fellowship). This is because you can only be employed for a maximum of 12 years on fixed-term academic contracts. Some some of your positions were 3rd party funded, that changes. Hope your are not more confused now ...8). Was this posting taken down? 9) It still can be found on other pages:
11/5/2020 14:42:45University of AmsterdamNetherlandsLand System Science11/29/2020 ProfTenure Track11/21/20 13:31"While all candidates with an excellent track record in the field are invited to apply, candidates with the following expertise are specifically invited to apply: food systems analysis in relation to land use, integration of social processes into quantitative land system analysis and the relations between land system science and biodiversity conservation ambitions."
11/5/2020 14:32:07University of ConnecticutConnecticutEcology & Evolutionary Biology12/7/2020 / Full ProfTenure Track11/5/20 16:31"The successful candidate will be named to a five-year term as the inaugural recipient of a rotating endowed Chair in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. We encourage applications from biologists working in all areas of ecology and evolution. Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to, quantitative or theoretical ecology, plant biodiversity and systematics, global change biology, and population genetics/genomics." Assistant Profs who have the potential to be hired at the Associate Professor level should consider applying too!3
11/5/2020 10:36:15Mississippi State UniversityMississippiMicrobial Ecology11/20/2020 ProfTenure Track2
11/4/2020 13:45:02University of VictoriaCanadaMathematical Biology12/2/2020 OpenTenure Track11/19/20 4:22I am really interested in this position, but it says "candiate must have at least five years of experience post-Ph.D. as an independent researcher." Does anyone know how to interpret this? For someone with 2.5y postdoc experience right now, maybe I should not waste my time? 2) You have to be appointable at Assoc Prof level (tenured)
11/4/2020 13:43:39Aarhus UniversityDenmarkEcophysiology of Soil Invertebrates12/8/2020 ResearcherFixed Term
11/4/2020 13:41:14University of TartuEstoniaWetland ecology12/2/2020 ProfTenure Track11/17/20 15:11Estonia! 2) Estonian language is required; good luck with that! 3) Ha, they should've led with that.
11/4/2020 13:34:16University of ReginaCanadaMicrobiology12/1/2020 ProfFixed Term11/4/20 20:103 Year Term.
11/4/2020 13:32:53York UniversityCanadaBiology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track11/4/20 13:33Teaching stream. "A PhD in Biotechnology or a related field (i.e. Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology) is required."
11/4/2020 13:26:44Western UniversityCanadaMathematical Biology12/16/2020 ProfTenure Track
11/4/2020 9:37:02St. Edward's UniversityTexasTerrestrial Ecologist/Plant Biologist ProfTenure Track11/4/20 21:27From job description PDF: "Applications will be accepted and reviewed until the position is filled, with full consideration given to those received by Dec 1, 2020." 2) No visa sponsorship.1
11/3/2020 15:16:35University of North Carolina WilmingtonNorth CarolinaEcotoxicology12/7/2020 ProfTenure Track11/6/20 8:42Do we know if/why this search failed last year? 2) It was a failed search last year. An offer was made and accepted by candidate who then changed his mind at the last minute
11/3/2020 15:11:48University of North Carolina WilmingtonNorth CarolinaAvian Field Ecologist12/6/2020 ProfTenure Track11/6/20 8:41emphasis in wildlife conservation and management and preference for waterfowl, upland game birds, and/or waterbirds1
11/3/2020 11:18:40Chadron State CollegeNebraskaRangeland Ecology OpenTenure Track11/3/20 15:13job open until filled
11/2/2020 16:25:54CSU Dominguez HillsCaliforniaEukaryotic Microbiology12/21/2020 ProfTenure Track11/3/20 9:39"We seek a faculty member who can both teach and conduct research effectively with undergraduates and Master’s students [...] an Eukaryotic Microbiologist who does research on the basic biology, host interaction, or ecology of parasitic microbes [...] teach upper-division parasitology and/or immunology, as well as lower division, general education, and other upper division courses (potentially including new courses) in their specialty."
11/2/2020 13:13:25James Cook UniversityAustraliaFisheries11/20/2020 / Sr LecturerTenure Track11/5/20 23:451) Seems like it's also a research position not just teaching: "The Senior Lecturer in Fisheries aims to consolidate JCU’s teaching and research expertise in the fisheries sciences. The particular emphasis of this position will be in teaching and research that are aligned with the University’s strategic intent to build a sustainable future for people and industries in the tropics. The incumbent will build on their established international profile in Marine Biology with a particular focus on coastal fisheries, with research skills and the application thereof to manage tropical fisheries and/or conservation marine sciences." 2) Yeah, JCU normally has a 40/40/20 research/teaching/service split. Are you confused by the term lecturer? Remember that in OZ, UK, etc... a lecturer is the same as an assistant prof. 3) This position was created to replace Colin Simpfendorfer who left JCU this year.
11/2/2020 11:32:20University of California DavisCaliforniaMarine / Coastal Toxicology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track11/2/20 11:35One position of three-position cluster hire, to be housed at UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory.2
11/2/2020 8:36:31Ohio State UniversityOhioMuseum Curator for Molluscs11/15/2020 ScientistPermanent Non-Academic11/11/20 20:46Too bad about the salary on this one :( 2) Note that they don't require a PhD (not that folks with a Masters do not deserve a better salary than this one). 3) doesn't mention supervising PhD students. Is this more pdoc/research fellow/permanent tech equivalent? Not that I mind it being posted, just applicants take note.
11/2/2020 3:06:59Academia SinicaTaiwanTerrestrial Biodiversity and Ecosystems12/15/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
11/1/2020 10:06:18Ohio State University - LimaOhioEvolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology1/24/2021 Asst ProfVisiting Asst Prof
10/31/2020 17:55:48University of Texas - TylerTexasPhysiology1/1/2021 ProfTenure Track10/31/20 17:56"We are looking for an integrative biologist with an emphasis in evolutionarily conserved physiological mechanisms investigated at genetic, organismal, and/or environmental levels"
10/31/2020 10:02:29University of Southern CaliforniaCaliforniaDepartment of Biology12/15/2020 ProfTenure Track11/20/20 18:51"We seek accomplished and innovative researchers in all areas of biology. We especially encourage applications from candidates whose scholarship bridges the research interests across the sections of our department, namely Human and Evolutionary Biology, Marine and Environmental Biology, Molecular and Computational Biology, and Neurobiology." Multiple positions available. Dornsife=main campus. 2) You have to start the application to get info on letters, statements etc.: Please upload in a single pdf file, a curriculum vita, a cover letter, and research, teaching, and diversity-equity-inclusion statements.; and 4 letters of rec are required. 3) Based on my reading of this and the other diversity hires on campus, I thought the 4th letter could be directly addressing outreach and inclusion. I got one from a nonprofit that I work with. Hoping I didn't mess that up. 4) I've never been in a search committee, but a 4th letter coming from a purely DEI referrer sounds very good to me, particularly if your other 3 are chiefly academic. 5) @4 "purely DEI" and academia doesn't/shouldn't be seperate. That's the problem with academia. 6) (4 again) @5 I don't mean to start a war here (mainly because I think we see this the same way), but what you suggest is not at all what I meant. I was replying to #3's indication that their fourth letter would be from a non-profit, i.e. I assume a "chiefly" non-academic institution. In contrast to that, I assumed we could safely call the other three letters "chiefly academic" (I did not write "purely"), meaning "chiefly" addressing research since that's what the referrers would be in a position to discuss regarding #3, for whatever reason. 3 again) My DEI/Outreach letter was asked to focus almost entirely on outreach. They can say how great I am, but they don't work in CompBio so they don't have the right credentials to critique research or its place in the field the way that my academic advisors could. My advisors also cannot advocate for the full impacts of my outreach in the same way that the nonprofit can. Academic research and service have to be linked, but the perspectives are very different. 7) (4&6 again) Yep, that was the assumption I had made in my comments. Thanks for clarifying, @3, and apologies if what I wrote came across as suggesting that academia and DEI efforts should be separate – I think we can all agree that they should not. 3) Hi 4&6, I also thought it was important to make that distinction in light of the comments from 5. There should be a link, but complementary expertise will have its own perspective 8) References were requested-- I can't remember which jobs at USC made it clear that they were requesting up front or after a first cut. For this one they requested the letters already. 9) I also received the reference request (11/16). They only asked for the contact information, but asking the letters before the review date. Baiting.. 5
10/30/2020 17:43:31University of LodzEurope (Other)Fish biology and ecology11/23/2020 OpenTenure Track
10/30/2020 17:41:17University of WürzburgGermanyEcophysiology of plants12/21/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/30/2020 17:39:53University of AmsterdamNetherlandsSustainability in the Food/Water/Energy nexus11/22/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/30/2020 17:38:27Concordia University of EdmontonCanadaEnvironmental, Earth and Atmospheric Science11/30/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/30/2020 13:47:34USGS Coop Unit-AlaskaAlaskaFisheries10/29/2020 Unit LeaderPermanent Non-Academic11/9/20 11:46Mods can move this to venting- but it really bothers me when people post positions a day or two after the review date x2 * (-2) 2) I like seeing postings even if they're past the review date-- it's good to have a full representation of the jobs available, and it's not unheard of for "late" apps to lead to interviews. 3) I'm not sure any federal job has ever allowed a late job application, but fair point otherwise. 4) Dirty pool. No doubt.5) If you're in the market for a job like this, and you did not know about it or a similar opening (e.g., other Coop Unit) because somebody did not post it on this board in time, there's probably blame to be placed elsewhere beside on the anonymous person who then did post it a mere day late. 6) I think the call for solidarity on a board like this, which seems enitlrey grounded in a spirit of solidarity, is fair. If you use this board to find jobs, and you see jobs that might fit elsewhere, it seems ethical to share them. But then again, I don't have a permanent job and maybe the poster now does because they played dirty so ;-) 7) This is my 3rd year on this board and this discussion happens every year. Would people complaining about after-deadline posts prefer that posting after the deadline were disallowed? 8) Sorry OP but if this is your only source for finding job openings, you're doing it wrong. 9) Dirty pool? I'm pretty sure Fed HR uses cholrine. 10) @8 Thanks! 1
10/30/2020 13:25:35Bucknell UniversityPennsylvaniaNeurobiology11/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/30/20 13:261) New position from last year's search. Expect to hire @ Assistant Prof rank, but will consider others4
10/30/2020 12:46:05University of ConnecticutConnecticutEnvironment-Human Interactions, Marine Sciences, Climate Change Impacts12/15/2020 / Full ProfTenure Track11/20/20 21:561) anyone know the teaching load?
10/30/2020 10:55:40Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFloridaParasitology1/15/2021 ProfFixed Term10/30/20 10:56University has no tenure system
10/29/2020 18:20:19University of ConnecticutConnecticutEnvironment & Human Interactions (cluster hire)12/15/2020 ProfTenure Track11/23/20 13:581) The University of Connecticut’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences invites applications for four positions at the level of Assistant Professor as part of a cluster hire in the Environment and Human Interactions. This initiative also includes two appointments at the Associate or Full Professor level. 2) Applicants may be hired in the following departments: Anthropology, Chemistry, Geography, Marine Sciences, Political Science, Public Policy, and/or Sociology, 3) what's the teaching load? 4) It might depend on the department but STEM departments at UConn are usually 1-1.
10/29/2020 17:33:10University of MiamiFloridaBiology (Cluster Hire) OpenTenure Track11/19/20 10:131) The College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Miami (UM) is launching a cluster hiring initiative to appoint up to ten tenured or tenure-track faculty members 2) Review date? 3) Review begins immediately and continues until all positions are filled 4) So the cluster hire is very broad at the College level. Anyone knows how strong the emphasis on Biology is (do they expect to fill few or several posions in Bio)? Any ideas on what they are looking for? 5) No idea what they are looking for science-wise, but on twitter one of the search committee members said that they are looking for multiple hires in biology. 6) Is it too late to apply to this position? 7) @6 my understanding is that they are looking at applications as they come in, so if you are eager then go ahead and apply. 8) In case you are on the fence about about applying, it is my understanding the the Biology Department will heavily favor applications from those that are traditionally under-represented in STEM. +1 9) Does anyone know if women still count as underrepresented or is it only other minorities now? 10) has anyone heard anything?15
10/29/2020 12:20:51Texas Tech UniversityTexasBiology Education Research12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/29/2020 12:19:41Texas Tech UniversityTexasVirology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/28/2020 12:28:47University of AlabamaAlabamaMicrobiology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track1
10/27/2020 23:18:32University of Alabama, TuscaloosaAlabamaMarine Biology12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track11/15/20 11:07Based at Dauphin Island Sea Lab 2) anyone know if this is this a new position or a failed search from last year? I remember another Marine Bio adv. for Dauphin Island/ Alabama, Tuscaloosa 3) failed search 4) when asked for a list of "three to five" references, does doing the minimum look bad? 5) the search last year was cancelled due to covid 6) cancelled due to covid after it failed 7) failed in that an offer was made but the candidate declined? 8) @7 Yes1
10/27/2020 20:19:41University of WashingtonWashingtonGenome Sciences12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track11/10/20 0:194 letters 2) "School of Medicine: Genome Sciences [...] Research in the department encompasses genetic, genomic and proteomic analysis of humans and model organisms; population and evolutionary genetics; technology development; and computational biology." 3) Is there any hope for someone who does genomics on non-model organisms? 4) re #3, a bit difficult for a dept in medical school, but worth to try, imo 5) yeah, they have yeast people and others in the dept 6) Yeast is most def a model system though1
10/27/2020 19:30:22University of HartfordConnecticutBiology (Anatomy/Physiology/Open)11/15/2020 ProfTenure Track11/20/20 16:02"broadly trained Biologist who can specialize in teaching Anatomy and Physiology and/or Introductory Biology" 8
10/27/2020 16:07:06University of British ColumbiaCanadaConnectivity Science12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track11/18/20 19:56Part of the Biodiversity solutions cluster hire ( 2) I have no idea how you are supposed to fit "Statement (up to 1 page) of teaching interests, accomplishments, and other evidence of teaching effectiveness. Please address how you could teach core undergraduate courses in a biology program and an interdisciplinary environmental program" into a single page. 3) Four point font? 4) Are letters needed ahead of time? It just says to list 3 referees
10/27/2020 14:26:18UC DavisCaliforniaQuantitative Biology11/30/2020 Prof of TeachingTenure Track11/17/20 20:09Not TT, but Lecturer with the Potential for Security of Employment are eligible for promotion to “Security of Employment,” which is analogous to tenure 2) It is a tenure track position, just of teaching, rather than research. They are full senate faculty at UCD. 3) I wonder how the pay is compared to standard TT appointments that include research. 4) All pay information is available online for every employee 5) Salary range here: 6) Davis prof here (not in this dept) - the salaries are comparable to research faculty. In my experience, there is little difference in rank or preception in rank between the two among faculty. One focuses on teaching and the other on research. There is a really cool and growing community of the teaching faculty at UCD now. Some uber talented teachers and they have been a huge campus asset on pedagogy and tech advice with the switch to remote. 7) Davis prof here (in the EVE dept.). Agree with comment 6. x3 8) Sounds like they're looking for someone to teach the foundational mathematical biology courses
10/27/2020 10:26:26Leech Lake Tribal CollegeMinnesotaForest Ecology OpenFixed Term
10/27/2020 5:24:18University of Wisconsin PlattevilleWisconsinLand Stewardship / Geography11/8/2020 ProfTenure Track10/27/20 10:58In geography department but "will contribute to the newly established Environmental Science and Conservation program established within the Department of Geography." ... "will engage with diverse partners and will draw from Traditional Ecological Knowledge and western science to inform their teaching, mentoring, and scholarship to create profound learning experiences around the restoration and stewardship of the diverse ecological communities of the Driftless Area."1
10/26/2020 15:10:24University of Wisconsin-MadisonWisconsinEmerging Contaminants / Aquatic Ecosystems11/13/2020 / Assoc ScientistPermanent Non-Academic10/26/20 15:11"This position will provide applied research and outreach to address emerging contaminants and threats to Great Lakes ecosystems and public health in Wisconsin."2
10/26/2020 13:32:11Northern Arizona UniversityArizonaEnvironmental Science and Policy11/10/2020
Assoc / Full ProfTenure Track10/26/20 13:35"Olajos-Goslow Chair provides interdisciplinary leadership and national stature to NAU’s demonstrated strengths in ecological science, conservation, and environmental policy"
10/26/2020 12:09:18Emory UniversityGeorgiaQuantitative Theory & Methods11/25/2020 / Assoc ProfTenure Track10/27/20 12:45Very broad, includes theoretical ecology and evolution. different from the Biology search below 2) This looks like a CS or Stats style app-- they want a transcript and a Teaching Portfolio. Unusual for Bio. 3) The interfolio link is wrong. The quantitative theory & methods position is not the one from the Biology department. This is the link per the Bio department website No teaching portfolio required -- just a statement 4) The Biology Dept job is a different hire below and requires the usual Research+Teaching+Diversity docs. The QT&M is a different (stats/CS) hire. They do require a transcript and teaching portfolio.
10/25/2020 16:17:04Texas Tech UniversityTexasEmerging Zoonotic Diseases12/1/2020 ProfTenure Track10/29/20 15:16"Biology, ecology, host/pathogen relationships, or epidemiology of emerging zoonotic diseases"
10/25/2020 16:12:49Institute of Marine ResearchNorwayEnvironmental Monitoring & Phytoplankton Ecology11/30/2020 Non-Academic11/24/20 10:34Good luck getting ahead here: 2) I disagree with the previous comment; as a North American academic currently based in Norway, I have not observed the concept of Janteloven to negatively affect the ambition or success of Norwegian academics in any way. x4 (first comment is arguably xenophobic...) <-quite the assumption that someone in Norway didn't write it. 3) @2 Thank you for sharing your experience. However, do you think it would be wise of those applying to limit their boastful claims in their documents and stick only to flat facts? In some countries it is encouraged to brag a bit ("this article resolved a long-standing question of..."), but if Norwegians are likely to look upon such language with disdain or even find it rude or offensive, then it would be very helpful to know. Thanks in advance! 5) Norwegian weighing in here: No need to worry in the application phase I'd say - if anything you'll get a heads up because your application will grab their attention. In the daily social interactions though it's common to turn it down slightly. 6) Takk!
10/23/2020 15:17:13Edge Hill UniversityUnited KingdomPlant Population Genetics or Plant Ecology11/19/2020 / Senior LecturerTenure Track10/23/20 20:13"research experience specifically in the area of plant population genetics or plant ecology, including a good knowledge of the UK flora."
10/23/2020 14:49:42Aarhus UniversityDenmarkApplied Biometrics12/6/2020 ProfTenure Track
10/23/2020 14:48:18Tel Aviv UniversityIsraelZoology12/1/2020 OpenTenure Track11/10/20 19:59fyi: science is pretty well-funded in Israel. There are a couple of good programs to get funding for postdocs (e.g., Zuckerman Fellowship) and there many great ecologists in Israel. 2) I always admire the science coming out of Tel Aviv, but there are very few female faculties. 3) unfortunatly this is true for many of the departments in isreal. But they do at least recognize that this is a problem and are finding ways to increase female retention in academia (e.g., increasing local postdoc fellowship opportunities for women). 4) this has been a hot topic in every discussion I've ever attended on hiring at Israeli universities. They are woefully aware that they need to hire more women and increase their diversity. I would actually encourage women to apply.1