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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankAppointmentLast UpdateNotesNumber
7/26/2021 16:14:59Midwestern State UniversityTexasEcology/Genetics9/13/2021 ProfTenure Track7/26/21 22:58Starting Date listed as 1/16/2021? 1) I suppose is the start date for sending applications because it also says closing date is 2021-09-13
7/24/2021 16:24:23VillanovaPennsylvaniaEnvironmental Science10/1/2021 ProfTenure Track7/27/21 8:36"We seek an environmental scientist who expands on existing strengths in ecosystems ecology and biogeochemistry". (1) is this position more towards teaching? "Teaching responsibilities are 15 credit hours per year divided into a 3/2 teaching load." (2) They do mention research, but that seems like a high teaching load for an R2. (3) would be a high teaching load even at many SLACs 4) Totally depends on how they count 3/2 and that is highly variable across institutions. That is a common load at most SLACs and even R2s, but in some cases they might count a lecture + two lab sections as a 3 course load for one semester. (5) this is consistent with my teaching load at a smaller R2 x3 (6) I'm at a SLAC with my own research lab and a 3/3 teaching load for my first 3 years and 3/4 after that. 3/2 is a pretty standard R2 load.
7/23/2021 18:17:46University of MichiganMichiganPaleontology10/1/2021 ProfTenure Track
7/21/2021 16:07:28Saint Mary's College of MarylandMarylandMarine Science OpenTenure Track7/21/21 17:13physical oceanography 1) "Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled"
7/21/2021 13:47:57University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeWisconsinMicrobial Genetics9/1/2021 ProfTenure Track7/26/21 7:51Strategic hiring initiative in Host-Pathogen Interactions. 1) Search committee member here! Happy to answer questions here 2) is the focus of this search on human pathogens or open to other host-pathogen systems? x3
7/21/2021 3:43:25Anglia Ruskin UniversityUnited KingdomVarious/Environment, Conservation, Sustainability8/1/2021 / Sr LecturerTenure Track7/21/21 3:45Broad search for multiple positions, including Bioinformatics and big data; Environment, Conservation, Sustainability; Agritech.
7/19/2021 11:56:03Saint Louis UniversityMissouriOrganismal Biology / Assoc ProfTenure Track7/23/21 14:39We seek an organismal biologist addressing fundamental questions in evolution and/or ecology, including, but not limited to, evolution in response to global change, urban evolution and ecology, plant-animal interactions, disease ecology, historical and contemporary biogeography, and genetic and environmental underpinnings of phenotypic variation.1) Does anyone know what the typical teaching load is like for TT faculty in this department? I know SLU is classified as an R2, but this looks like a research-heavy department. Does the teaching load match that? Is there a deadline to this position? 2) Does anyone also know what the work environment is like as a Catholic university? Does this affect e.g. benefits (and sorry if this is a naive question)? 3) "We recruit people of all faiths who share our mission to pursue truth for the greater glory of God and the service of others." 4) At the end of the application they have a mandatory question about your Catholic background.6
7/19/2021 11:27:00Smithsonian Environmental Research CenterMarylandLandscape Ecologist8/12/2021 Scientist, Federal, GS-13Permanent Non-Academic7/22/21 10:211) What did folks submit as a performance review? Does your place of work do formal written reviews? I will have to ask my supervisor to put one together, any advice on length or format?4
7/19/2021 11:25:18Smithsonian Environmental Research CenterMarylandBiogeochemical Ecologist8/12/2021 Scientist, Federal, GS-13Permanent Non-Academic7/23/21 11:261) I assume this is a hard money position? 2) yes, it is 3) Open to early career (PhD + postdoc experience)?1
7/17/2021 16:24:27Middlebury CollegeVermontBiology Lab Instructor10/4/2021 Lab ProfFixed Term7/17/21 16:25"Beginning in Fall Semester 2022. We are seeking a broadly trained biologist, and the candidate’s area of expertise may include components of genetics, molecular biology, ecology, and evolution. The successful candidate is expected to be able to teach and do preparatory work for four laboratory sections per semester, with two in an introductory course in cell biology and genetics and two in an introductory course in ecology and evolution."
7/16/2021 23:10:32Western UniversityCanadaAnimal Cognition & Behaviour10/15/2021 ProfTenure Track7/23/21 7:241) Is this a repeat of a previous search? 2) Nope - according to the dept chair (twitter) it's a new position (there have been many retirments in the dept in the past few years)
7/16/2021 16:24:50CSU San BernardinoCaliforniaBiology STEM Education9/10/2021 ProfTenure Track
7/16/2021 11:03:44University of Michigan Medical SchoolMichiganGenetics & Genomics10/1/2021 ProfTenure Track
7/16/2021 9:42:53Harvard ForestMassachusettsEcology9/15/2021 OpenSenior Ecologist7/21/21 6:16From the job ad it's unclear if it's tenure track 2) I think this is a staff position, not tenure track 3) it's a senior research staff position 4) This position seems like it's to replace Aaron Ellison, who just retired. 5) @ #2 and #4 - both addressed on the FAQ on a linked page in ad - explains TT (sort of) and A. Ellison's retirement. 6) The webinar the search committee held yesterday (and will be posted on the FAQ) was really helpful. It answered many of these questions. It is not TT, but you are employed for a 12-mo salary through the department and expected to have an active, grant-funded research lab.
7/15/2021 10:24:07Pennsylvania State UniversityPennsylvaniaEcosystem Science and Management Track7/23/21 19:23Individuals must have a Ph.D. in Soil Sciences, Environmental/Analytical Chemistry, or related field of study. The successful candidate must have completed all degree requirements by the appointment date. Candidates should have experience running, maintaining, and managing instruments like those in the SRCL (, as well as experience with student mentoring or teaching. 2) Not tenure track
7/14/2021 12:56:51Baylor UniversityTexasMicrobial Ecology and Genomics9/1/2021 ProfTenure Track7/14/21 12:58"...establish a research program focused on freshwater ecosystems. Applicants should use molecular approaches and ideally utilize (meta)genomic or (meta)transcriptomic techniques"
7/14/2021 9:42:26West Chester University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaGenomics/Bioinformatics9/1/2021 ProfTenure Track
7/13/2021 22:58:42Texas A&MTexasEvolutionary Genomics ProfTenure Track7/22/21 12:40Open Date 6/8/2021. 1) Anyone know why the review period is so short? And just advertised now? Seems very late to start a search for a position beginning this fall. 2) What is the review date? I don't see it posted. 3) No review date but says start fall 2021 4) I am in this department - this is not an open position which is why it wasn't advertised anywhere other than the HR site - still working to figure out how it got posted in the first place. On the up side fairly high likelihood that we will be hiring 3-4 positions in the coming year so stay posted. 5) Can't believe it's still on the site, what a waste of applicants' time 6) Which site? I think it is here to warn people not to waste their time if they find the ad on the TAMU's site. 7) I hope that 4 and 6 have good intentions, but when contacted the search commitee head has confirmed this position is real, and you should apply if interested. I'd really hate to think people here are discouraging others to apply for their own benefit. 6) I am 6 and I certainly was not trying to discourage anybody. I just assumed #4 was correct and so suggested it would be good to keep it here to save others the trouble. However, if the job is real, everybody should by all means apply. Do you know the review date? 7) They didnt offer a review date so I assume the deadline is just ASAP. 8) On July 14 I emailed the department chair who listed in the ad as the contact person and was told that the ad was posted in error and that there was no open position for evolutionary genomics. This is very odd! 9) My email (7) was after that date - very strange! Wonder what is going on here...2
7/13/2021 18:09:16Harvard UniversityMassachusettsBiostatistics11/15/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track7/14/21 4:28
7/13/2021 9:04:17University of West FloridaFloridaBiology (Marine Biology)8/10/2021 Asst ProfFixed Term7/25/21 6:071) I applied for a TT position that taught similar classes as this VAP. Did the person they hired leave?
7/13/2021 7:13:26Universität BozenItalyPhytopathology 8/2/2021 ProfFixed Term7/14/21 7:27Libera Universita' di Bolzano. 1) I think this is a three year fixed-term position.
7/10/2021 16:52:43Lycoming CollegePennsylvaniaAquatic Ecology10/1/2021 ProfTenure Track
7/9/2021 7:32:00Danish Technical University (DTU)DenmarkFish Diseases & Epidemiology8/22/2021 ProfTenure Track
7/8/2021 4:40:08National Institute of GeneticsJapanMolecular evolution or genome informatics9/15/2021 ProfFixed Term7/17/21 16:32The candidate should have a demonstrated record of excellence in molecular evolutionary studies or genome informatics and have potential to develop original research for revealing the history of cellular mechanisms of life or the molecular basis of biodiversity in collaboration with Professor Shigehiro Kuraku. 2) Sounds like a postdoc? 3) @2 No, science in Japan is far more hierarchical with assistant professors working in the research group of more senior researchers. Check the international comparison tab
7/7/2021 14:32:34University of Maine/GMRIMaineMarine Sciences (Fisheries Science)8/15/2021 OpenTenure Track7/7/21 14:33The successful candidate will have a 75% research and 25% teaching commitment and be based at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, Maine, as part of a cooperative agreement with the University. The initial teaching assignment will include an average of 4.5 credits per year, and will include undergraduate classes in Fisheries Science and a graduate class in Fish Population Dynamics.1
7/7/2021 10:13:12Penn State UniversityPennsylvaniaWildlife Term7/12/21 10:22Dept of Ecosystem Science and Managment, Teach 3 classes in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 1) when is the review date?1
7/5/2021 12:16:30SUNY ESFNew YorkForest Pathology & Forest Health8/31/2021;jsessionid=8D76DD62C5B19FA9CB5F99526CBACB07?JOBID=133059Asst ProfTenure Track
7/2/2021 23:31:24Finnish Museum of Natural HistoryFinlandEntomology8/1/2021 of Entomologydapc17/2/21 23:31The position will start as soon as possible after 1.9.2021 and it is fixed until 31.8.20261
7/1/2021 12:00:49Allegheny CollegePennsylvaniaEnvironmental Science and Sustainability Term7/12/21 19:29"Ideal candidates will have experience and success teaching in the field of applied conservation and ecology. Expertise in freshwater ecology (lakes, rivers, or wetlands) will be given particular consideration."
6/30/2021 12:10:21EAWAG ZurichSwitzerlandAdaptation to Environmental Change in Freshwater Ecosystems9/5/2021 ProfTenure Track7/7/21 6:27Group Leader Position. 1) What is group leader in the Swiss system? Is it similar to the Germany system? Re 1) EAWAG is a research institute so they go by the group leader system, but it it much like the groups the professors would have at university. 2) Group leaders at EAWAG generate funds for independent research programs, supervise students, etc. I've been a postdoc in this department and generally felt like this was a supportive environment for both own work and collaborations. Good shared molecular lab & wet lab facilities, plus access to some additional things at ETH.
6/28/2021 10:32:17Australian National UniversityAustraliaBiology8/8/2021 / Assoc Prof.Tenure Track7/27/21 4:10"Will be appointed in any area consistent with Research School of Biology research and teaching priorities" 2
6/28/2021 10:30:35Australian National UniversityAustraliaHost-Microbe Biology or Membrane Biology8/8/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track6/28/21 22:04To address goals for gender equity, this position is identified positions for applicants who identify as women.
6/28/2021 10:28:58Australian National UniversityAustraliaPhotosynthetic Biology8/8/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track6/29/21 11:16To address goals for gender equity, this position is identified positions for applicants who identify as women.
6/28/2021 8:34:45USGSSouth CarolinaSpatial/Migration Ecology7/28/2021 Unit LeaderPermanent Non-Academic2
6/28/2021 6:44:25Umeå Plant Science CentreSwedenData Driven Evolution and Biodiversity9/5/2021 ProfTenure Track7/12/21 19:28"The subject area is Genomics, with focus on data driven research on evolution, adaptation and biodiversity in trees."
6/27/2021 16:09:20Texas A&M UniversityTexasRangeland Management7/1/2021 ProfTenure Track3
6/26/2021 9:15:19Upper Iowa UniversityIowaBiology - Fisheries6/26/2021 ProfTenure Trackw+6/26/21 9:171) Search committee member here! We're still trying to fill this position for this fall so we're reviewing applications as they come in. Fisheries biologist preferred (Fisheries Management is a required course in the teaching load) but someone with an aquatics background that could learn to teach fisheries will definitely get a look.1
6/23/2021 4:47:01KU LeuvenBelgiumEcological, Environmental & Evolutionary Genomics9/17/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track7/5/21 9:16"This research profile focuses on advanced expertise in genomic and bioinformatic tools to investigate research questions at the interface of evolutionary biology, ecology and global change biology." 1) A very similar position was announced 1 year ago or so. Maybe something did not work out? 3) Also "The research program aims at obtaining profound insight in the (mal)adaptation of natural populations of aquatic organisms." 4) Serious about the aquatic part. I know a ridiculously strong candidate (a Belgian to boot) that they rejected last year for being too terrestrial.
6/21/2021 13:54:23Oregon State UniversityOregonFish Hatchery Research7/9/2021 / Full ProfTenure Track6/21/21 13:55Director for the Oregon Hatchery Research Center. "The successful candidate will be hired on a 12-month basis as Director in a professional faculty position at 0.50 FTE and as an Associate or Full Professor at 0.50 FTE in a tenured academic faculty position."
6/21/2021 13:51:45University of ToledoOhioWetland Ecology7/15/2021 ProfTenure Track6/22/21 15:24[this board is not the place for anonymous attacks on people / departments -AP]2
6/21/2021 4:37:57University College CorkIrelandPalaeontology7/13/2021 Term6/21/21 14:471) Need to search for palaeontology to see the ad. Also, the rank seems to be lecturer 2. lecturer in UK/Ireland is usually permanent, no? 2) The ad says the position is for 5 years (maybe lecturer in Ireland is not the same as in the UK?) 3) This is definitely a fixed-term position, not a permanent position, not a tenure-track position. Most likely the function of this position is to release teaching from the paleontology person in the School that recently got an ERC grant, 4) I took summer classes as an undergrad here. UCC is a great campus and great location.
6/18/2021 16:11:21Northeastern UniversityMassachusettsEcology / Evolution / Data Science7/12/2021 / Assoc Teaching ProfPermanent Non-Academic
6/18/2021 14:42:51Lake Forest CollegeIllinoisEcology7/30/2021 Term6/27/21 10:201) adjunct position
6/18/2021 8:56:09USGSIowaFish Biologist7/19/2021 12Permanent Non-Academic6/19/21 9:30[Discussion of error in job listing deleted -AP]
6/17/2021 11:03:45Uppsala UniversitySwedenPlant Ecology9/30/2021 ProfTenure Track
6/17/2021 10:36:11Uppsala UniversitySwedenData-Driven Evolution & Biodiversity9/6/2021 ProfTenure Track7/19/21 15:31The holder is expected to be able to teach in Swedish within two years. (2) Ouch. 3) And you should have finished your PhD not later than September 6, 2016, if I got it right (but maybe tere are exceptions for child care etc.?) 4) @2, an FYI, many universities in Sweden say this, but most do not implement it as quickly as 2 years. There are lots of opportunities to learn Swedish through universities and the government, but most employeers recognize that it can be a hard language to learn. 5) You don't want to be in EvoBio tho. 6) @3 just talked to one of the hiring commitee, they would prefer a younger faculity that would develop into tenure and long term commitment to the university, but if you finished five years ago or seven that does not matter. 7) @6 @3 ad states " Applicants must have obtained a PhD degree or achieved the equivalent competence within five years prior to the end of the application period." that means PhD must be awarded *after* Sept 6 2016.
6/16/2021 9:58:15American UniversityDistrict of ColumbiaGenetics, Genomics, or Cellular & Molecular Biology6/28/2021 LecturerFixed Term6/16/21 10:25The appointment is a 9-month term position, at the level of Professorial Lecturer, and will commence August 30, 2021. Although it is not specified in the job ad, there is a strong likelihood that this position will be renewed. Professorial Lecturer positions in STEM at AU tend to be relatively stable and the term faculty are well-treated.
6/15/2021 8:53:48Michigan State UniversityMichiganSoil Science7/2/2021 ProfTenure Track6/18/21 14:5770% teaching, 30% research. "Teaching responsibilities will include leading the introductory Fundamentals of Soil Science course (CSS 210, every semester) available for majors and/or non-majors and an upper-level Soil Resources course (CSS 470, Fall semesters) focused on soil genesis and classification available to both undergraduate and graduate students. The successful candidate will (1) conduct and publish discipline based educational research in the soil sciences including understanding and improving student learning, and (2) develop a competitively funded research program relevant to the position responsibilities."
6/14/2021 12:49:03Randolph-Macon CollegeVirginiaAnatomy & Physiology / Gen Bio6/14/2021 Fixed Term6/16/21 13:20"Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in the biological sciences with preference given to applicants with expertise in Genetics, Genomics, or Cellular and Molecular Biology
6/12/2021 20:09:20University of California, IrvineCaliforniaBiology6/27/2021 Professor of TeachingTenure Track7/7/21 19:591) looks like it requires 3-5 letters of reference at time of application 2) Yikes. Can't do that under pandemic / post-pandemic exhaustion conditions. That's unfortunate. 3) curious about start date for this one - for fall??? 4) also curious about job priorities / responsibilities, considering that the application requires a three-page research statement but only a one-page teaching statement despite this position being "assistant professor of teaching". 5) @4,as I understand it, and in reference to the full job description of implementation & assessment of a specific Biology program, the research statement is related to the candidate's pedagogical research and links to UCI partnerships, etc. In addition there is a one-page diversity statement which is critical for equitable pedagogy anywhere and especially at an institution that is "minority-serving" by a few metrics. I clicked through to confirm what #1 wrote, and it is true that there are reference letters required upfront. I was considering applying but the demographics of Irvine itself include 2% Black people. That's really not a comfort in these times, "even with" a new US President. Can any speak to the area's safety level for Black folx? 6) I lived in Orange County for 3 years. The surrounding area is not minority friendly, though I never saw anything that would indicate unsafe situations. I rarely saw Black people and occasionally heard or saw negative comments when Black or Hispanic people walked into restaurants. The social issues outside the university were a source of disappointment when I lived there. The University and the faculty housing is very liberal. The surrounding region is largely gated communities where money influences the social scene. I think you could find a path if the job is one that you want. Some faculty on campus are more aware of the issues facing URMs than others. There will be allies. You may want to choose where you live nearby carefully. I hope those comments help you with your choices. I would still consider applying if you are interested in the position. You can make your own decision after a visit if selected. Best of luck with the job search. 7) this is #5 @#6 - thank you for replying. Are you Black? If not, you may not have seen or experienced everything relevant. Publically obvious, negative comments towards Black and Hispanic persons is an unsafe environment. This also tracks with what others have told me about the region. I won't be putting the energy into such an extensive job application (including reference letters upfront) in this general location, especially when we are already living in a majority Black community.
6/10/2021 4:02:20The University of WaikatoNew ZealandFreshwater Ecology / Limnology6/16/2021 (Asst Prof)Tenure Track6/16/21 4:20Application deadline extended until June 30, 20211
6/9/2021 15:59:55Humboldt State UniversityCaliforniaWildlife Biology / Ecology6/28/2021 (Full-time)Fixed Term7/11/21 22:04A complete description of this position is posted on HSU's website, Texas A&M Wildlife jobs, etc. This is a full-time position that pays > $52k/year and provides full benefits but is short term, although the incumbent held a similar position for 10 years. PhD preferred but ABD considered. A habitat ecologist is most appropriate, but other topical areas have great value as well and it looks like there is some flexibility. Address questions to HSU wildlife department chair 2) California is working to transition Humboldt into a Cal Poly school, so there could be some great growth at this school in the furture! 3) Contacted for remote interview 7/91
6/7/2021 15:49:21Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps CollegesCaliforniaBiology Assistant ProfessorFixed Term7/1/21 11:56Successful candidates will be able to teach in the introductory biology sequence (spanning basic concepts in cell and molecular biology, plant and animal diversity, ecology, and evolution), vertebrate physiology, and/or a general biology course for non-science majors. Participation in directing undergraduate research projects may be possible. The position is for a one-year appointment with the potential for renewal. 2) PhD preferred, but ABD also considered. 3) I applied for this position several weeks ago. I wonder if I was passed up or if the reivew has not begun. 4) It is my understanding that the review has not begun. 4) Informational phone call/screening on 6.19. I declined to go futher in the process. 5) @4 - can i ask why you declined to go further in the process? were there any red flags? 6) @5- I felt the person I spoke to in one sense was man-splaining what academic interview processes were like with an assumption I had never been interviewed before, which is not the case; or he was trying to give an overview with poor delivery--unsure. My interpretation, which could be off, is that he kept using phrases and comments that were innuendos of this is a dead-end gig and unless you're desperate for teaching experience this position could set you back. I also was shocked that they wanted me to develop a whole new course to begin on Aug 30--when this school prides themself on student experience and teaching, I find this at odds with their mission and values. He also said there might be a few hundred dollars to support student research but any lab space would be shared and you would have to ask an existing faculty member. Maybe these circumstances are totally normal for VAPs, but my other opportunity on the table was better all-around. 7) @6, from a member of the search committee: We apologize if the tone of the phone call came across as off-putting. The intention for thoroughly explaining the interview process is consistent for all candidates, and is meant to level the playing field for those who have yet to go through the process. It is our goal to prioritize inclusion and equity at all levels, and to provide ample resources for everyone to succeed. We value visitors in the department and many of our visiting faculty go on to long-term careers in good positions. We appreciate your feedback, and wish you the best with your future career. 8) @4 - thanks for giving your honest opinion and kudos to you for walking away from something that didn't feel like the right fit for you. It's nice to see that the search committee responded and hopefully it gave them an understanding of how one's intentions may not translate to the actual experience of candidates who have to navigate the academic job market 9) As someone who has applied/interviewed for multiple VAPs, done one, and participated in multiple VAP searches, this sounds like a fairly normal position and interview process. Applicants are often very diverse, from ABD to people who have been postdocs for 5+ years. Many VAP applicants haven't done any/many interviews before or aren't clear on what the position would entail/may have expectations that might not match reality. I think erring on the side or more info on the process (which may benefit less-experienced applicants) and clear expectations is a good way to make the process generally more inclusive and ensure an applicant doesn't get a position that they'd be disappointed in (which it sounds like worked out here). 1
6/7/2021 12:40:56Lewis & Clark CollegeOregonEcology / Conservation Biology6/11/2021 Assistant ProfessorFixed Term6/19/21 22:41One-year Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology, beginning August 1, 2021. ...expertise in research fields related to Conservation Biology that could include Ecology, Plant Biology, Landscape Ecology, Aquatic Ecology or Disease Ecology. This position carries a 5-course teaching load distributed across two 15 week semesters.1
6/7/2021 5:18:32University of KonstanzGermanyEvolutionary Biology (Genomics of Speciation & Adaptation)6/30/2021 Prof / Jr Group LeaderFixed Term7/22/21 9:44"We are especially interested in the origins of (convergently evolved) adaptations, speciation, and phylogenomics of the cichlid fish adaptive radiations from Nicaragua and Africa." Is it worth bothering to apply when the description is this specific (and you don't work with Nicaraguan cichlids)? [Discussion of alleged PI misconduct deleted. We can not let this board be used for anonymous accusations of people / departments, because it puts the moderators in legal jeopardy and usually devolves into a back-and-forth of unprovable statements. Suffice it to say, always do your research if you are offered a position, particularly in the hierarchical German system. -AP] 2) @1 "we are open to anyone investigating other interesting taxa." 3) This position is advertised as Assistant Professor/ Jr.Group Leader. But, the same PI has made misleading advertisements with this same title before, and people end up working as postdocs. I am not saying to not apply, but be careful and be aware! ;) 4) This same position has been advertised 2x before. The last time someone did accept the position, not sure what happened afterwards... (5) @AP a Nature article about misconduct is not a 'personal accusation', it is a fact highlighting an o 6) The PI was literally found guilty of misconduct by his university. This is in the public record and should be known by would-be applicants. 7) and guilty by the German Education Ministry. 8) thanks for this info! It's important to know what one could be getting into. 9) Note that the article is from 17 years ago 10) Speak to previous/current lab members before accepting any position. 11) Note that there is formally no "assistant professor" in Germany. This reads like what is called an assistant position with teaching and research component. 12) Also, several German instituions consider these Jr. Group Leader postiions as advanced postdoc positions 13) You can see that the current asst. profs in the group have the lead PI as a coauthor on all their papers. Seems very much like a long-term postdoc to me. 14) 15) [It's ok to discuss this position, but keep please it civil. - AFP] (16) The PI does not seem very civil himself: "In every way are [the German undergrads'] butts carefully powdered and laziness and incompetence is forgiven with care and understanding." - Axel Meyer in a popular German newspaper in 2015.
6/4/2021 20:09:27Loyola University ChicagoIllinoisEcology-Evolution Teaching6/15/2021 Non-Academic7/23/21 22:491) Really great teaching position. This is non-tenure track, but lecturers are on 3 year contracts and treated very well in the dept. An ideal position in a great city for someone that is passionate about teaching. 2) I've seen this posted i think twice before, unless they are hiring a bunch of new ecology instructors. what's the sitch here? 3) I don't recall seeing this same post before, there was a genetics TT hire this year, and a Intro Bio NTT hire last fall. I've heard good things about the working environment in Biology at Loyola. 4) This is a new position that has not been offered in some time. Loyola has been doing a lot of hiring though due to increased enrollments and a faculty retirment buyout. Also, the Biology dept and the School for Environmental Sciences both hire ecologists. 5) I had a second interview July 13-141
6/4/2021 17:06:32University of FloridaFloridaInvasion Science9/1/2021 Prof / DirectorTenure Track
6/4/2021 16:27:52Nicholls State UniversityLouisianaHuman Anatomy & Physiology6/12/2021 Term6/4/21 16:28Contract is renewed each year
6/4/2021 15:10:22University of New EnglandMaineBiological Sciences ProfFixed Term7/23/21 22:50Assistant Teaching Professor, Biology. Full time, 9 month position. Beginning Fall 2021 academic year. A master’s or doctoral degree in biology or a relevant field is required by the time of appointment; a doctoral degree is preferred. There are 2 open positions under one posting 2) any word?3
6/3/2021 12:06:17USGS Coop - LALouisianaWildlife - waterfowl, waterbird7/2/2021 Unit LeaderPermanent Non-Academic6/5/21 15:37GS-12
6/3/2021 7:28:51Fort Hays State UniversityKansasBotany6/14/2021 Term
6/2/2021 14:56:44Towson UniversityMarylandBiology Term7/14/21 15:54Same as below? 2) Looks different? 3) Never mind: one is FCSM-3424L, the other FCSM-3420L 4) They are different, this one is to teach intro biology for health professions. 5) position accepted
6/1/2021 14:50:59Georgia Southern UniversityGeorgiaMarine Science / Biology ProfTenure Track6/28/21 19:26Application review began May 15, 2021 2) but wasn't posted to highered jobs until 5/26 3) Search chair said review still ongoing and accepted application for full consideration (6/8) 4) Phone interview invitation 6/25 x28
5/31/2021 13:46:34Leipzig UniversityGermanyFunctional Biodiversity Research6/7/2021 scientistFixed Term
5/31/2021 13:43:53University of GroningenNetherlandsEcology and Evolution6/9/2021 Term6/5/21 14:17Rejection email 2) wot? 3) Was this for the fixed term lecturer position or the TT asst prof listed below? 4) Probably the asst prof position - I also got an email today.1
5/31/2021 13:42:21Utrecht UniversityNetherlandsGeo-Environmental Data Science6/20/2021 ProfTenure Track
5/28/2021 11:00:16Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT)CanadaEcology & Management of Terrestrial Wildlife8/13/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track5/28/21 11:42Excellent knowledge of written and spoken French (language of teaching), or the intent to acquire it.
5/28/2021 4:48:54University of EssexUnited KingdomGenomics of Human, Environmental, or Plant (Crop) Health6/13/2021 Tenure Track1
5/27/2021 18:40:51University of OxfordUnited KingdomImmunology & Molecular Mechanisms of Disease6/21/2021 / Full ProfTenure Track5/27/21 18:413 positions, one in immunology, the other two on the molecular mechanisms of disease - at Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
5/26/2021 11:43:28Texas A&MTexasAquaculture or Fisheries Management ProfTenure Track
5/26/2021 11:14:42AgroParisTechFranceForest Science, Forest Management6/30/2021 / Full ProfTenure Track6/10/21 10:59
5/25/2021 9:53:50Towson UniversityMarylandZoology6/12/2021 Term7/14/21 15:54Invites applications for a non-renewable, non-tenure track, 10-month Lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences beginning August 2021. Teach three 4 credit courses per semester which will include a lower level General Zoology lecture and associated lab, and either a non-majors general biology course (BIOL 120) or an upper level course depending on area of expertise and departmental needs. 1) position filled
5/23/2021 11:55:07Michigan State UniversityMichiganIsotope Biogeochemistry6/25/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track7/14/21 18:041) Letters requested 7/9.
5/22/2021 11:31:05Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) FinlandEcosystem Modelling – Forests and Peatlands7/15/2021 OpenTenure Track
5/22/2021 11:29:31Université LavalCanadaUrban Forestry7/21/2021 OpenTenure Track5/24/21 10:18One of criteria: "Be able to communicate orally and in writing in French, or commit to doing so within one year"
5/22/2021 11:28:48University of ManitobaCanadaMathematics of Life Sciences10/1/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
5/22/2021 11:27:29Durham UniversityUnited KingdomPlant Molecular Biology6/18/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track
5/22/2021 11:25:48Lancaster UniversityUnited KingdomEcology or Environmental Science and Physical Geography6/6/2021 Term6/17/21 9:51Link doesn't work. (1) Rejection email received 17/061
5/22/2021 11:24:03University of PortsmouthUnited KingdomTerrestrial Ecology6/14/2021 lecturerTenure Track5/22/21 15:33We would be particularly interested in applications from individuals also able to contribute to the teaching of plant biology and interact productively with the evolutionary ecology research group within the School1
5/21/2021 9:26:43University of New HampshireNew HampshireWildlife Conservation and Biology Term7/13/21 16:02"The successful candidate will have expertise in the ecology of terrestrial vertebrates, including their population ecology and habitat selection, use, and management." 2) review date is 6/9/2021, not sure how to update that column! 3) All day zoom interviews completed2
5/21/2021 8:54:25SUNY-ESFNew YorkEnvironmental and Natural Resources Conservation5/21/2021;jsessionid=198846A0DA798966A09603E8A4BA3E86;jsessionid=7CDF0204BF54672EDB080E5DCCAD769F;jsessionid=3ED0346A658825DD52507BF816F254BC?JOBID=130340Asst ProfTenure Track6/25/21 10:05Although the deadline is today, it was posted on Twitter that they won't start reviewing applications until next week Note that this is a teaching position at the Ranger School campus, not a research/teaching position at the main campus 2) interview scheduled for June 2, 3 3) campus interview conducted1
5/20/2021 12:13:48Sweet Briar CollegeVirginiaEcology Term7/13/21 17:28Two positions (other is for genetics, microbiology, or cellular or molecular biology). "with the possibility of long-term renewal" (whatever that means) 2) If the college doesn't close I guess... 3) low blow and not necessarily accurate. You could say that about a lot of colleges. 4) Sure, but they barely survived closing from financial exigency a couple years ago and it is tiny. I certainly wouldn't want to take this position planning for it to become long term, no matter how well you do the job. x2 4) Okay, let's add the same for the majority of private colleges in OH, MA, etc., except that their financial situation has not yet been exposed. 5) Sure the fate of many small schools is up in the air right now - but - Sweet Briar announced their closure in 2015, but then pulled back on that and stayed open. I wouldn't be so fast to discount what @2 and @4 said. 6) Email received on 9 July 2021 saying that the position was offered and accepted, search is closed
5/19/2021 17:06:16University of Missouri - Kansas CityMissouriGenetics, Development & Evolutionary Biology / Assoc Teaching ProfFixed Term5/19/21 17:08"Full-time, ranked non-tenure track, benefit-eligible 12-month faculty position (2 positions). Teaching may include courses in Bioinformatics, Evolution, Histology, General Biology and/or other biology courses in their areas of expertise."
5/19/2021 16:59:54University of FloridaFloridaArbovirus systems genetics, genomics, or engineering6/1/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track5/19/21 17:00"Research duties focus on arthropod vectors of disease, particularly mosquitoes and ticks, and the pathogens they transmit with emphasis on using modern genetic engineering tools and procedures (e.g. CRISPR-Cas9 mediated transgenesis) for developing and evaluating new information and tools relevant to arbovirus system management."
5/19/2021 11:55:21Kalamazoo CollegeMichiganEcology & Environmental Science Asst ProfFixed Term6/7/21 20:35Initial interview scheduled1
5/18/2021 14:51:00Goucher CollegeMarylandEnvironmental Science Asst ProfFixed Term
5/18/2021 11:32:56Penn State UniversityPennsylvaniaMicrobiome Center Director6/21/2021 / Full ProfTenure Track5/18/21 13:15Not on the SC, but able to relay questions to them if needed.
5/15/2021 12:40:44University of British ColumbiaCanadaForest & Conservation Sciences6/14/2021 Term
5/15/2021 12:38:08University of BirminghamUnited KingdomEnvironmental Health Sciences6/2/2021 / Sr I'm z. l l k,gf)Tenure Track5/15/21 12:38Teaching-focused
5/15/2021 12:36:18University of GlasgowUnited KingdomStatistical Ecology6/10/2021 ProfTenure Track1
5/15/2021 12:34:46University of ManitobaCanadaMicrobe-Plant Interactions8/20/2021 / Assoc ProfTenure Track6/25/21 11:391) Do people know if the search was cancelled? Why the job add disappeared? 2) I found the job application when I went to University of Manitoba's website (
5/14/2021 21:01:10Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriHerbarium Curator and Director of the HerbariumPermanent Non-Academic1
5/14/2021 10:22:01Texas A&M UniversityTexasOceanography9/1/2021 ProfTenure Track7/12/21 19:29This one starts 2022... is it getting to be time for the next year's sheet? AP) Soon, and we'll transfer such jobs to the new one. 3) @AP thank you! 2022 (ahhh!) here we come! x4j
5/14/2021 7:21:26University of VirginiaVirginiaPlant Ecology6/15/2021 Asst ProfFixed Term5/23/21 6:47"One-year, non-tenure-track General Faculty Assistant Professor position with an emphasis on Plant Ecology for the 2021-2022 academic year expected to begin August 25, 2021. The new hire will teach three classes or sections in both the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. One or more class will have a lab in addition to the lecture." 2) 'Brief statement of research interests' - does this position come with funding or space for research? 3) I don't think you'll have much time for research with a 3:3+lab teaching load... 4) @3, 2 here- yeah that was sort of my point. I thought I was missing something - why is a research statement required given the expectations we see written for the position? 5) It seems weird to me too (I've been applying to VAPs and seems pretty common to ask for it). 6) @5 what's the appeal of VAP positions? Building experience?
5/11/2021 23:28:25Arizona State UniversityArizonaPresidential Postdoctoral Fellowship in Life Sciences for the Benefit of Black Future6/11/2021 to Tenure-Track FacultyTenure Track7/21/21 9:53We're searching for 3 Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows to conduct research in any area of the life sciences, and who will bring life experiences and expertise that promote diverse representation in the life sciences, and/or bring research programs that address biological questions relevant to issues of disparity faced by Black communities and by communities of Color more broadly. Fellows will have the opportunity to transition to a tenure-track position in the School of Life Sciences, and they will be supported by a network of mentors in the School of Life Sciences and the Graduate College. 1) [comment removed for being inaccurate/misleading -AFP] 2) Worked in the department for a while if you have any questions just post them here. NOTE: 1) above is incorrect -- these fellowships are open to all applicants, regardless of race, ethnicity, or US citizenship (3) While I appreciate the legal language, that's clearly not the case here (though I'm not saying that is a bad thing). [discussion over appropriate page deleted -AP] AP) A tricky edge case, but since it can likely transition to faculty & to get more eyeballs on the ad, let's just leave it here. 4) In regards to 3, if you've done impactful research into the, "disparities faced by Black communities and by communities of Color more broadly", then I don't see why this job call wouldn't apply to you, regardless of your race/ethnicity. People of all background do great research in this area. x3 5) Yeah, I imagine you could even spin something like working on vitamin D research, or any disease that affects people of color (or even poor people with the correct pitch) and fit this description. 6) While all true, not filling these positions with people of color who *also* do this type of research would be a bad look for ASU that I expect they are acutely aware of. 7) References requested 6-15-2021 x2 8) Any updates on this yet? saw a recent appointment announced on twitter and was wondering whether it is related to this call 9) Still waiting to hear from them too2
5/11/2021 16:32:37Leibniz Institute on AgingGermanyFunctional Microbiota-Host Interactions during Aging7/31/2021 Group LeaderFixed Term5/11/21 16:33"Junior groups are funded for 5 + 4 years ... a range of fields, including metabolism/metabolomics, molecular genetics, epigenetics or computational biology. Applicants should possess a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology or related fields ... We seek outstanding scientists interested in developing a research program that explores molecular, biochemical or genetic aspects of host-microbiome interactions in the context of biology of aging. We also encourage applicants with a background in microbiology, biophysics, or bioinformatics."
5/11/2021 14:14:31University of California Santa BarbaraCaliforniaCreative Studies & Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology6/7/2021 Teaching ProfTenure Track7/21/21 10:05"a tenure-track faculty position as a Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment (PSOE)" -- is PSOE some sort of inferior tenure? 2) It's just the tenure-equivalent for teaching professors in the UC system. 3) FYI - the atmosphere of this department may not be ideal: 4) Applications will continue to be accepted until Oct 1, but those received after the review date will only be considered if the position has not yet been filled. 5) so if you applied and haven't been contacted you can assume that they are waiting for applicants that aren't you, has anyone been called back for an interview? 6) I have not been contacted at all, but I think there are a number of reasons why that could be, including that they haven't started/completed reviewing applications in hand yet. As with any search, the more time that goes by, the higher the likelihood I was not the candidate they desired. Stay strong #5; we are valuable, and we'll find a good match! 7) lots of crickets... anyone hear anything? 8) have not heard anything either 9) No one has been contacted yet, still reviewing applications. 10) Looks like they are going to miss that July 1, 2021 start date. Any update on what the start date would be? Are they still looking to have someone hired for the upcoming fall semester? 11) Inquired with a member of the department today (not on committee). Here is the response: "As far as I know, everything is on schedule - no invitations made yet though. Remember we are on quarters here and just ended last week... speed will pick up now." 12) Any update on the process? Have invitations for interviews been sent out? 13) Nothing here. 14) email response from search chair 20-July: "You will be contacted with any updates with regard to your application" - taking this as a sign they are moving forward with other candidates - getting a little late in the game anyway don't ya think?4
5/11/2021 13:50:40Dalhousie UniversityCanadaBiology/Ocean Tracking Network9/15/2021 ProfTenure Track5/11/21 13:51Scientific Director of the Ocean Tracking Network