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NameHow many agile coaches do you know?In which areas do you wish to benefit from others at the coach camp?What stories can you tell that could be inspiring to others?Are there other ways you plan to contribute?How hungry are you for more agility?Which actor would play the main character in the movie about you?Twitter handleLinkedin and/or Xing profile
Agnes SzejkaManyI'd like to discuss the everyday life situations, the many questions and hypotheses that arise in a life as an agile coach. Talking about agile, the universe and everything.Many little stories about successes and misfortunes in the life of an agile coach in a large organization.Having a lot of fun with all of you. :)What desserts do you offer today?Tilda Swinton@AgnesSzejka
Albina PopovaManyServant leadership, facilitation, the future of agile, sharing experienceHow to introduce #noestimates in the organisation, the way we did it at XING; noI could eat an ElephantMaryl Streep
Alexander SteinManyteaching and coaching in areas and situations I didn't experienced, yetThe one about the team that became so aware of it self and its market it set in motion the process of getting their main service and with it themselves cancelled, on purpose, because they could see it was the right thing for the company.Everything that needs to be done.I could eat an ElephantMatthew Fox@ooseNews
Allan Rennebo JepsenManyI am looking to self-reflect and spend time with new and old friendsThe Magic Change Dragon, The Beyond Scrum initiative, Alignment of changeListen, Support, Coach, be a friend - and possibly facilitate another round of Beer Tasting Kanban :)I'm literally starvingEmmet from The Lego Movierennebo
Andrea HannaManyBaden-Württembergdid my scrummaster directly after studying, that was hard but I love itnoHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Julia RobertsAndrea_Hanna
Andreas SchliepManyInsight, Energy, PerspectiveFailures, Strategies, International Tax Law, TravellingFacilitate the Facilitation DojoI could eat an ElephantArmin Rohde@andreasschliepandreasschliep
Aneta Radon0-3n.a.n.a.visuallyIt's time for a snackAlfreda RamanovicaRadon
Anja SteinManygames and coachingStories about how people feel and work together in teams.not sure yet, but perhaps provide a sessionI could eat an Elephantmeryl streep?
Anke MaerzManybreathing in their spirit and energy, enjoying the community, exploring new games and thoughtsagile transition, emerging of a tribal leader and some other that we will arise spontaneous in communicationbringing in a lot of curiosity, maybe announcing a singing or playing sessionIt's time for a snackZooey Deschanel, Obelix and Goofy @anke_maerzAnke_Maerz
Annette HarderI don't knowshare my ideas with other agile coaches to pprove their value and participating to their ideas and giving the chance to them to prove by giving my feedbackthe scrummaster as visionary leader for his teamjoy, curiosity, awarenessHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Terry Gilliam (Lost in La Mancha)@annetteharder
Armin SchubertManyFeeling the vibes and energy of so many people I can learn fromSurvival Experiences, Job Experiences, Life Coaching, Crazy Thoughts, talking about vulnerability, feeling the roomI will start the jogging thing, maybe I will moderate a little bit, I will be there, I will be in that moment, I am open to everybodyIt's time for a snackCumberbatch, very closed on the outside but very emotional...
Bastian SchenkeManyLeadership in an agile context, manage superiors, Changing organizations to agile valuesCompany-Retrospectives Dos and Donts, bringing Business and Development together by changing organisation/team structurs, day to day businessbringing questions and an open mind, bring topics to the open spaceI could eat an ElephantMoritz Bleibtreu
Bernhard TauschManyCoaching techniques, supporting teams in non-trivial situations, embedding agile development in traditional company environmentstricks & hurdles for agile distributed teams, how to motivate and integrate silent team membersI've invested quite some time in Lean Startup techniques, of which a very interesting part is designing changes as experimentsHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Wentworth Miller
Bernhard WelzelManyImprove my coaching skills by learning from the best; exchange ideas; get feedback/peer review;grow my personal network6+1 Month inside T-Systems as interim Agile Product Owner in a waterfall world: the great, the good and the very ugly; a lot of stories about agile/lean startup work and how to change the world a story by storybe mindful; be helpful; listen. listen more; at times: be critical, reflect on our work and how connected we are as a community with "real world problems"I'm literally starvingJohnny Depp - not so much because of his looks, but his Attitude in Pirates of the Caribbean (I) towards "Problems" and how to be yourself regardless of our Environment.welzel
Berthold BarthManyorganisational shiftsA lot of "can we actually do that"'s?I like to be a nice guy :)Honey, isn't it time to start making dinner?Chris Jericho@bertholdb
Björn RadonI don't knowFinding the right questions. Self-assesment vs appearance. Get inspired by the huge body of knowledge.The team with the minor interruptions that cut their velocity in halfI will most definetly be in a Powerpoint Karaoke sessionHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Gary Oldman
Carina ThewaldManyHow to really implement agile and do the transition in a company; experiences how to overcome organisational limits/restrictionsAgile in life; the journey on understanding Agile; Whole-hearted (-:I could eat an ElephantI am very bad at movies :-D last week few people told me that I would be like Hammy the squirrel from "Ab durch die Hecke". After watching one sequence of it I had to agree :-)@carina_thewald
Carolin MetznerManyteam dynamics, gamesAbout birds which learn to flymaybe sponsorshipI could eat an ElephantMeryl Streep@schmuckstueck78
Christian HagmannManyinspiration as how to inspire teams who are agile but feel a little bit worn outHow one of my teams said NO to a wish from Marketing department and succeeded, and how it said yes to another project without reflecting or discussing it, and therefore failed. How they reacted at Xmas, when I wasn´t there and suddenly Management put something in as "a crisis", which lead to overwork at Xmas. All these nice effects when no SM are around ;-) Because we hold up the flag of agility :-). Who ever wishes can recieve a spontaneous coaching from to whatever subject.I could eat an ElephantBruce Willis
Christian PrisonManypsychologyAgile at ScaleI'll bring my Bass Guitar alongI'm literally starvingMatt Damon@prisochr
Christof BraunManyI know I can benefit from so many things - I will know when it happens, when the sessions are proposed and the conversations in the bar are going on...Many stories that happened to me in trainigs that I gave and in projects that I supported. When I failed and how I learned from it, when people surprised me with their change in understanding and attitude.By asking questions about things that puzzle me and maybe start a good dialog about it.Honey, isn't it time to start making dinner?The main character in a movie about me would be my wife - played by Jodie Foster (similar age)@christofbraun
Cosima Laube0-3I'd like to participate in other people's experience in "adding" agility & offering agile thoughts to existing (non-agile) teams or companies.I could tell my story on how to combine software development, coaching and psychology. I could e.g. talk about mindfulness for technical people and how it can help in business life.openess for everything that will happen, I am a very good listener and can help others to reflect I'm literally starvingUnfortunately I do not know many actors by name so I decided for something fictional: I would be played by a medium-sized colorful elephant.@gazebo_c
Dana Jane BonneyManyLife experiences, games and energyI can tell stories about being a superheroEnergy, motivation and glitterI'm literally starvingRapunzel by Pixar (I got a dream)TinyDJB
Daniel HommelManyI always love to learn new facilitation techniques, games or hear about experiences others made that give me new ideas.End of last year I worked with a team that apparently had trust issues. By sorting them out it became the best performing team in the company. I'd totally like to share the background to that story and what I as their coach did to support them.On top of contributing to the sessions in the open space I always have an open ear, so feel free to grab me for talk whenever your feel like. I will also contribute in all the evening activities (PPT-Karaoke!). If someone needs help facilitating their sessions that is also something I like to do.I'm literally starvingThe guy who played Murdock in A-Team :-)@dhommelCheck it out! :-)
Dörte SchröderManyallhow even big companies can become more agilesure!Honey, isn't it time to start making dinner?Bibo / Big Birddeltasig,
Eike ReinelI don't knowI'd like to share my experiences and love to learn from the experiences of other agile coaches.I have many many war stories from my different projects in companies from small start-ups to big international companies. I love to share these stories. :-)Sure, but typically the ideas for my sessions come on short term :-)I could eat an ElephantTom Hanks (?)
Esther Sonntag-IntoppaManyI would love to encounter their ideas about how to set a framework for inspiring retrospectives, how to scale agility whilst avoiding huge overhead and how to deal with heterogeneous teams.For example, about my Eldorado, Crete, where I observed remote villages develop mechanisms for self-organization. Or about other cultures’ ways of dealing with alternative conflict resolution. Or about enormously satisfying experiences with helping to build up a team’s vision and momentum.For those who want to quickly switch from everyday mode into the intensely focused and hilarious atmosphere of the Agile Coach Camp, I offer short meditative sessions with Tai Chi / Qi Gong –for example in the evening or during breaks. For those who would like to experiment with novel ways of dealing with conflict, I offer an introduction into Tai Chi as a martial art. For the seriously stressed, I could offer back massages.I could eat an ElephantGeorge Clooney
Fabian KissManycreativity and moderation techniques, contacts in the DACH territory, newest trends in the agile communitysuccess & horror stories about getting & being agile in supplier-customer relationships, working very close with the customer, lean ux, design sprint, design thinkingcould hold a sessionI could eat an ElephantWoody Allen@fbnkss
Fabian SchillerI don't knowpersonal growth, listeningToo many - i just wrote i want to become better at listening ;)I can play the harp --- a little. And I'd probably have a session on some coaching topic.I could eat an ElephantI wouldn't care.@fabianschiller
Falk KühnelManyLearn more about people and what makes them work well togetherI can tell stories about dragons and fireflies, about corporate fairy tales and small business wonderlands. But somehow we might find the way back to the reality that includes all of these.Yes.I could eat an ElephantMarilin Monroeagiledivider
Felix SchadManyExperience, Teamwork, Project to product dev transition, information radiatorteam work / size, XP, TDD, agile Planning, test pyramideSession, Coffee BreakI'm literally starvingSamuel L. Jackson
Frank SchneiderManyinterchange, new ideas, coaching aspectstypical challenges and experiences facing in my daily work as ScrumMastertaking over one sessionHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Lassie - the clever dog who always finds a solution
Geir AmsjoManyInspiration, stories, experiencesHow to connect systematic process improvement to coaching and trainingBeing impulsive and openI could eat an ElephantGeorge Clooneygamsjo
Gerald FiesserManyInspiration!E. g. my progression from Software Developer to Agile Coach.I will announce at least one session. And I am looking forward for the opportunities to talk to like minded peopleHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Hmmm... I do not know anything about actors.
Gilberto UruetaManyI'm interested in conflict resolution and scalingFor the last 5 years, I've been creating new material for the agile community some worked and some didn't, I have a list of things that I can present in areas like scaling, games, scrum, meetings, retrospectives, etc.I'm open for new ideas and for trying experiments. I would help others to test them and if I can add some value to what they are planningI could eat an Elephantjason stathamgisasola1
Gitte KlitgaardManyLearning, listening, growingHow to find the courage to be yourself; how to let your heart growHugging and glitter tattoes :)I'm literally starvingMy friend says Renee Zellweger
Heiko LaugManyI would like to be inspired by sotries i haven't heard, yet. Be fascinated by people i haven't met, yet. Be amazed by games i haven't played, yet. Be tickled by situations i haven't been put in, yet. Forming a place where people love to work is the challenge. I would wish to benefit from other coaches and none coaches experiences in that regard.How it feels to start a little revolution. How satisfying it can be to see teams smile. How we made our first steps and what that changed for us. I do like to listen. I have some campfire stories to tell. I might also know a game or two others haven't played, yet. Is there something you need?I'm literally starvingBob Odenkirk
Ilker DemirelManyTeam CoachingTeam BuildingBeing part of "doing" teamsHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?The Motivator, Authentic Guy
Isabel CornicheI don't knowSystems Thinking; Not getting assimilated/sucked into the larger non-agile organization but instead keep my focus; Tweaks for keeping my agile mojo intact (i.e. learn patience ;-) ) For example how I became the first internal agile person in a team and how by changing a little thing here and a little thing thereFor example a story about how over the period of half a year and by changing a little thing here and a little thing there I managed to convert a seemingly desparate situation into a more hopeful, constructive one.I could eat an ElephantHalle Berry because she was the first black woman to win a lead actress oscar. I feel like the first black woman anywhere sometimes. tuedelu
Jasmine Zahno0-3As a Non-IT ScrumMaster I would love to connect with other Non-IT-coaches to speak about their specific challengesA lot about the power of visualisation at workI will add fun to the space by possibly bringing the kids.I'm literally starvingJennifer Lawrence
Judith IslitzerManynetworking, exchange experiences, learning about coaching, learning about tools for teams, soaking in the good vibes, receiving hugs.the story of my life, stories of my customers, stories of being self-employes, story of successes and also failures in agilelast time i was told I have good charimsa. I would like to spread that :D furthermore I may host a session, contribute in many other sessions, have deep conversations and can also offer a yoga session if interested :)Honey, isn't it time to start making dinner?me of course, that would be pretty authentic@itsy_bird
Jürgen BuschManyMethod Coaching and Team Coaching, Scaling, Scrum & Kanban outside ITScaling Scrum in HR Context, Kanban in an editorial setting, Methodology Coaching plus Team & Personal Coaching in CombinationNot yetHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Kevin Spacey in American Beauty
Jürgen MohrManyI’m a newbie in the agile community. Thus I would like to connect to other agile experts to exchange experiences others made in agile transformations, transitions, and projects. Well, there is a huge number of agile areas I’m interested in knowledge-exchange, so the following is just a small excerpt of it, some of them things I’m struggling with in my current project as ScrumMaster. Where is the “border” of self-organizing teams, what lies in the responsibility of the ScrumMasters? How to deal with POs who take over the responsibilities/tasks that belong to a ScrumMaster? How do others introduce StoryPoints? What are the constraints for the transition of classical enterprises into agile enterprises (are there any)? Can enterprises really be run like Scrum using the roles PO, ScrumMaster, Team? Don’t we still need managers? Is mankind really ready for this societal change (agile mindset) in transforming companies? In addition, I am keen to hear stories about scaling agile projects, what experiences have other agile coaches made – I currently know LeSS, Nexus, and SAFe only from theory, never had to implement one of them yet, but would like to learn about it listening to the experiences others made.Have you ever heard of “Systemisches Konsensieren”? I believe everyone of us has attended a meeting with a group of people struggling to select one out of multiple solutions, or to decide for a date for a regular meeting. This often takes places in an aggressive and tense atmosphere, leading to conflicts between individuals, conflicts that even survive the end of the meeting and will harm the co-operation further on in the project. In such a meeting everyone fights for his solution, tries to convince others, and even devaluates the solutions of the other group members. Sometimes people even go so far bashing the ideas of the others, or even the people personally. “Systemisches Konsensieren” (SK) changes the point of decision making. With SK everyone in the group has to take care of the ideas and interests of the other group members. If one wants his solution to be chosen, he has to incorporate the other group members’ interests best. One can use this method also if a group of people wants to prioritize items. One just does not prioritize with pro-counts but instead takes the items with the least resistance in the group. I can give an introduction into SK.If needed I may help organizing the event or being part of the organization crew at the event. Since October 2011 I worked as Team Member, ScrumMaster, and Product Owner in different Scrum projects and have made my own agile experiences. I also worked as an Agile Consultant helping one of the biggest German public authorities transforming classical project environments into agile projects. Maybe there is something I did experience that could be of interest for others too?I'm literally starvingRowan Atkinson
Kai SimonsManyCurrent coaching trendsStories of large-scale Scrum transformationsI might bring my guitar to make the evenings rockHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Keanu ReevesLetsGetAgile
Khaterine Castellano0-3Planning and conflict resolutionI am a female developer who is currently working to mentor and help other women to love and enjoy being part of a technology environmentI would give the point of view of a developer being part of teams which have worked with different agile methodologiesWhat desserts do you offer today?I would like a venezuelan actor to play me, but if not then Gina Rodriguez is a cool choice
Kim HagedornManyfacilitation, coaching, requirementsStories about change in large corporations, motivated teams and individuals(ty to :) be a nice guy, talk to people, have funHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Sacha Baron Cohen@kimhagedorn
KrishanManythe area of the unexpectedasking questionsHow to develop from Scrum Master to Agile CoachIt's time for a snackBritney Spears@kishan_mathis
Magnus HoferManyPersonal coaching + How do you get to know a new context (New company, people, processes)Being an agile coach and scrum master in a gaming company that is in love with hierarchy and occasionally seems to think of its employees as dangerous renegades that need to be policed provides an ample supply of stories and situations that I had to solve in a positive way. I am more then happy to share those stories and let others benefit from my mistakes, successes and leanings.By going crazy on PowerPoint karaoke :)I could eat an ElephantGary Oldman
Malte SussdorffManyHow to engage managers in agile transitions who fear the impact of new ways of leadershipLots of stories about Escaping from Temples, gamification of processes, and living between classical project management and agile leadershipI will propose at least one session. Topic will be defined on the spot though :)I could eat an ElephantBradley Whitfordsussdorff
Marc LöfflerManyTeam CoachingHow ACCDE helped me to start my own business.I'm the jester, that brings happiness to people, to make them able to care for others.Honey, isn't it time to start making dinner?Hugo Weaving
Marina HaaseManyI want to be inspired, get to know interesting people and gain a better understanding in to certain topicsI can tell about stuff that has inspired me in the past Massage table, listeningWhat desserts do you offer today?Brooke Eliot
Markus FidelakManyCoaching Teams, agile TransitionsSplitting big Dev-Teamseg own open space sessionsI could eat an ElephantStuart Minion
Markus WissekalManyGain more insightsMany things related to games, coaching and kanbanPossibly in the evening program ;-)I could eat an ElephantRobin Williams, if he was still alivethemaxxmaster
Martin HeiderManyLeadership coaching and organizational DevelopmentStories about retrospectives, Team liftoffs, gardening communities, being appreciative, my failures, successes and development. Furthermore I'm willing to listen and explore new territoryBy caring and sharing, being authentic and braveIt's time for a snackMatt Damon (especially in Good Will Hunting))@martinheider
Mentos Jürgen HoffmannManylearn how to get into sustainable pacehow (not) to scale agilesketch notingWhat desserts do you offer today?Dustin Hoffmann@doc_mentos
Michael BrandtManyLearning from others about how to introduce agility to an enterprise environmentStories about international distributed teams working and learning togetherTalk about our implementation of Merit Money, OOKRs, Happiness Index etc. I could eat an ElephantRobert De Niro@mbneuseeland
Michael MahlbergManypersonal growth, improved rhetorics (if someone brings the game), shared experiences, affirmation that agile /does/ workhow I learned about "yes, and..." in improv comedy and how that can benefit agile endeavors Yes, but the plans will be made at latest responsible momentHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Brad PItt's stunt double@MMahlberg
Paul MarshallManydecision making in hierarchical organisations with agile teams, How a 4 day team workshop focussed on personal relationships completely boosted our productivityI can offer a session conflict moderation/facilitation (based on NVC)I could eat an ElephantIt would be Peter Falk in his "Inspector Colombo" days:
Per JochumsenManyNew trends, getting a better coach, new tools, techniques and methods. How to but trust in individuals and teams.Agile Transition Pains. Struggling with company culture. Tools for fast "Mini-Retrospectives", How writing a coaching diary helped me improvingI can do a lightning talk (or another, longer format/session) about methods and techniques for mini-retrospectives. Of course I'm eager to bring topics to open space formats, share my knowledge and experiences and learn from others - what I can't do is singing ;-) Well, it seems to be enough for my daughter but my wife tends to run away...Honey, isn't it time to start making dinner?Balu the Bear
Robert SteinManyimproving host leadership - means: building the best agil working environment with trust, openness and engagementleading teams without "team leads", "seniors" and other labelsa sponsorship and everywhere I could help sponaniouslyI could eat an ElephantRussell Crowe
Rolf DrätherManytrust, culture, happiness, simulations, hugs, entertainment, drinks, conversationsA story about crossing the Atlantic ocean on a sailing cargo vessel without an engine - emissionfree from A to B.Introduce Viking Inspired Behavior, Discussing about building trust with middle management, geocaching, playing guitar or performing other kinds of music.Honey, isn't it time to start making dinner?Johnny Depp or Bruce Willis@rdraether
Sabine HeuerManyhelp for coaching teams as a scrum masterteam storiesdiscussion, dancing, laughing, happiness, motivation, walk-talk, openness, fun, I could eat an ElephantRonja Räubertochter (Hanna Zetterberg)
Sabrina SpiegelManyco-active CoachingA school story, when I went to italyI don´t no, I was never there beforeI could eat an ElephantHelena Bonham CarterSabrina Spiegel
Sandra Baur0-3TrainingAbout the World Life Balannce with YogaThe Life with turtelsIt's time for a snackArmin
Sebastian SchuldtManyTDD for ABAPI don't know yet, i need to be inspiredSame as the one abothI could eat an Elephantjason statham
Selim Aygündüz0-3Responsibility Process, solution focused coachingI'm ScrumMaster in a Project with 28 Members and we had to learn everything from nothing to now (agile software developement) - We have a lot of different people types and I could tell much about things, that worked in our team (how we develope the team to a real team)I think, I could contribute with the things, I was faced to and how I dealed with it - and we could find ways, it would have worked better ;)I could eat an ElephantMorgan Freeman
Stefan GörgnerManyKanban, Visualisation, Conflict Coaching, New fresh ideas, Freelancing?, Building Trust and welcome conflicts - A story about a underdog group of developers, which became a top team.NVC, Visualisation, Agile Games, Hugging all the time, Scaled Agile Framework discussions, LeanStartUp and Lean UX discussionsI could eat an ElephantJohn Goodman@klaaaatuuuu
Steve HolyerManyConnection, learning about people's experience with scaling, free hugs from GitteHelping teams communicate. Find purpose. Be Awesome.GAMES! I'm sure I'll propose a session mixing my passions: fluency, trust, product ownership. Oh and willing silly game player in the evenings.Honey, isn't it time to start making dinner?Bruce Williszurcherart
Sven KöhlerManyworking with middle management while helping teams to apply agile methods, work with change resisting teamsworking as an internal coach in a big company during an agile transition, dos & don'ts in working with new teams, how to improve when you are the only coach in your departmentnot yet clearI could eat an ElephantHendrik DurynkoesveSven Köhler
Sylvius GerberManyLearn more which topics are currently of interest for Beginners (People and Organisations) because I´d like to help them Stories about the growth and learnings from customers organizations (f.e. big Insurance Company) and my personal learnings. I am still on my way and learn more and more each year :-)Coffee-talks outside of the sessions :-)I'm literally starvingRyan Reynolds@think_lean
Tamás HajduManymostly on learning and improving coaching skills. getting new ideas for exercises on technical excellence and practices. time management and delegation are also interesting topics for me.the journey of my team in the last 1,5 yearsparticipate on any topics where i have own knowledge or experience to shareHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Tom Hanks, cause his monogram is the same as mine ;)thajdu1
Thomas KrauseManyFinding the balance between passion and letting goMaking peace with a global company by seeing it as a village community...playing music together, playing games together, videos&photoIt's time for a snackWould be an animated film, I'd be Adolar
Tim YevgrashynManyScaling Agile on the organization. Changing Culture to the delivery oriented agile mindsetI'm building Agile teams and organizations for about 10 years. I work in companies and as a consultant. The number of stories I could tell is close to hundred :)I'm participant of Play4Agile and a big fan of interactive facilitation. Would be glad to share experience or participate in a brainstorm I could eat an ElephantMatt Dimonyevgrashynyevgrashyn
Ulrike Badendick0-3agile in customer supportunfortunately not muchbe openminded and learn, ask many questions that others might be interested in, tooHoney, isn't it time to start making dinner?Ellen Page
Veit RichterManyLearning new things I never/barly heared of beforePractical knowledge of different kind of teams from small Kanban based up to scaled LeSS TeamsI'd like to bring some topics e.g. something for the eveningI'm literally starvingNice question :) I wish for Christian Bale but unfortunately it's more Jim Carrey :-)
Zheng Zhou0-3Learning more about agileInsights from China, outside perspective of GermanyNice talks at the bar :-)Honey, isn't it time to start making dinner?Lucy Liu
marianne rady0-3
how to cope when running into difficult situations
How a girl failing school exams in math became a software engineer. How her love to people shifted her view of IT.
after getting some more experince I will most certainly tell and teach others how to use scrum and agile. In universities, in schools - that is my dream
I could eat an Elephant
emma stone@MarianneRady
Michael TarnowskiManyexperience
Team building, LEGO Serious Play, solution focus
at the bar ;-)
I could eat an Elephant
tom hanks@M_Tarnowski *
Alexey Krivitsky Many
Introduce the agile coaching canvas I'm developing
How inspiring and hard it is to work as a team coach in a big enterprise
Make jokes
I could eat an Elephant
Dicaprio I guess to get his second Oscar
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