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NameCampusStudent NoTelephone numberEmail AddressStatusGPA TrimesterStream Present addressDOBGenderNationalityEC NameEC MobileEC RelationshipIntakeApplication ReceivedStatusNotesPaymentTraining Sesions CompletedCompanyDateResultCompanyDateResultCompanyDateResultCommencement date of InternshipDays of WorkTouch point 1 - host CommentsTouch point 1 - Candidate commentsTouch point - Host companyTouch point 2- Candidate commentsCompletion of Internship - Host Company
Elias Bou Assi--0406 139 Martin Cres, Woodpark, NSW, 2164, Australia12-19-1984MaleBrazilMary Hatem0434 375 270 Mother15/25/2016Internship Successfully OrganisedRequired 2nd placementDueTaxNET Australia28/6/2016He declinedSmall business Works15/7/26Pass---20 July 2016Wed (and 2 other days depends on school timetable) 9am -5 pmCalled and spoke to Vlad, he is very happy with Elias and said everything is going well with the internship.Called Elias he said everything is going very well there and if there are any issues he will let us know.He is very satisfied and everything is good. He didn't have any complaints. ​Vlad was very impressed with Elias and has offered him a position at his company
Edmund ChauAdelaide434098319edmundchau2002@gmail.comPart timeAccountingStreet Address: 50 East Parkway
City: Lightsveiw
State / Province: SA
Postal / Zip Code: 5085
Country: Australia
03-19-1994MaleHong KongLong Quan Su0434 098 319de facto31/3/2017SuccessfulStarting 10 April 2017Adelaide Strata and Community Management4 April 2017SuccessfulEdmund is a pleasure to have in our office

He is highly skilled and willing to learn

Edmund has been given tasks that are adding value to our organisation – not mundane filing roles or the like.
Aker Alier Ayom DengBrisbane1235910421 024 907biggyceemol@hotmail.comFull Time 4.00Trimester 2BMKT4/54A Briggs Road, Raceview, QLD, 4505, Australia01/03/1989Male----15/18/2016DiscontinuedDue to personal reasonsN/AN/AN/AN/A------------
Ashish SharmaBrisbane1221740497 399 104ash120141@yahoo.comFull Time 3.82Trimester 2BBUS195 Aldester Road, , Aldester, Bisbane, 4115, Australia10/28/1995MaleIndiaVarun Singh0435 522 516Friend15/23/2016DiscontinuedPulled out by KAPLAN due to unresponsivenessN/AN/AN/AN/A------------
Abin JoseBrisbane1221840469 434 101abin.joseph.k@gmail.comFull Time 4.83Trimester 2 & 3BACC7 Rockvale Street, Coopers Plains, Brisbane, QLD, 4108, Australia05/17/1987MaleIndia---15/22/2016Internship Successfully OrganisedDueStage films19/6/2016Pass------7/19/16Tues, Thurs, Fri 9am - 3 pmAbin is amazing. He’s been so dedicated and productive already.Appreciate your assistance, and feel very, very lucky to have this opportunity with Abin already. Thank you for arranging for us.Thank you for getting me that company. I was busy last couple of weeks and could not contact you. Internship is going good and am learning new things quicker than i thought.I wish you a wonderful day.He is perfectly satisfied, no complaints at all, he is very happy that he is there.​I have to say that Abin is amazing. He’s been so dedicated and productive already.Appreciate your assistance, and feel very, very lucky to have this opportunity with Abin already. Thank you for arranging for us. Abin is great and keen lener and very helpful. Abin was offered employement after the internship
Yohana AnastasiaBrisbane431475201ymag381@gmail.comPart timeHospitalityStreet Address: 9 ALLAN STREET
State / Province: QUEENSLAND
Postal / Zip Code: 4343
Country: Australia
0431 475 201Aunt328/02/2017SuccessfulSecond internship Starting 5 April 2017Sungrass Property Group Soho Apartments and Greenwich17/3/2017Successful. Yohanna would like a hotel so we had to set a second appointmentHotel Jen28 March 2017 12h30Successful
Just some feedback for Yohanna ,she is doing extremely well in Front Office. Yohanna has learnt a lot in her time here with us at Hotel Jen Brisbane both in Housekeeping and Front Office.

These are some of the key areas that Yohanna has been training in: Assisting guest with their luggage ,learning how to check out a guest ,updating ,answering phones and doing some filing.
Part timeAccountingStreet Address: 3 DULWICH ROAD, YERONGA
State / Province: QLD
Postal / Zip Code: 4104
Country: Australia
12-24-1989FemaleVietnamSIMON DAO432477970Friend38/3/2017Pulled outSuccessful placement Hotel Jen-withdrawn from the programHotel Jen28 March 2017Successful--
Thi Lan Huong PhanBrisbane424191699
Part timeGeneral BusinessStreet Address: unit 6/ 60 Marquis street
Street Address Line 2: Greenslopes
City: Brisbane
State / Province: QLD
Postal / Zip Code: 4120
Country: Australia
Martin Lombardo
424191699Partner39/3/2017Next IntakeNext Intake---
Emerentia Magnoria Testarossa LieMelbourne1231930452 183 230emerentialie@gmail.comFull Time 5.33Trimester 2BBUS2710/120 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia12/12/1994Female
---15/21/2016DiscontinuedQuit due to inteview assessment requestN/ACurated Content42376SkippedSuccess Accounting42565.625pulled out a couple of minutes before interview---------
Malvin GunawanMelbourne1231160451 662 709malvin1995@live.comFull Time 4.50Trimester 2BBUSUnit 4011/ 120 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia09/27/1995MaleIndonesiaEmerentia Lie0452 183 230Friend15/24/2016DiscontinuedQuit due to inteview assessment requestN/ACurated Content42376SkippedSuccess Accounting42565.625pulled out a couple of minutes before interview---------
Juan Carlos Herrera MontivaMelbourne1196660406 308 131cjuancom@gmail.comDiscontinued Program4.67Trimester 2BACC-------1DiscontinuedDue to personal reasonsN/A---------------
Van Y ChauMelbourne1239690450 452 812 vany_red9@yahoo.comDiscontinued Program4.67Trimester 2BMKT-------1DiscontinuedDue to personal reasonsN/A---------------
Vincent GuanMelbourne1238960448 388 538jh.vincent_g@hotmail.comFull Time 6.25Trimester 2BHTM37 Clover Avenue, St.Albans, Victoria, 3021, Australia10/18/1992MaleAustraliaXiao Qing Deng0439 388 419Mother15/18/2016DiscontinuedFailed 2 interviews, quit the program before he would fail the third.N/AGrand Chancelor21/6/2016Fail8 Hotels28/6/2016Fail Les ConciergeWaiting on HCDid not go---Vincent is satisfied there, he said everything is going fine. He sent a great testimonial email about his experiences and how did his internship go, and all the great things about it. --
Huynh Phuong Nga NguyenMelbourne1227760421 036 091nhphuonga@yahoo.comPart Time 4.56Trimester 2BACC300 Cheltenham, Keysborough, Melbourne, VIC, 3173, Australia05/05/1980FemaleVietnam---15/24/2016DiscontinuedRescheduled to Nov 2016 intake after we had set after AIPP successfully secured HC inteview opportunityN/AD'Omkara Accountants22/6/2016Tentative DateSuccess AccountingJun 22 2:00 PMDeferred---------
Len TranMelbourne1222340435 789 456kenl244@yahoo.comPart Time 4.33Trimester 2BACC29 Godfrey Ave, North sunshine, Victoria, 3020, Australia08/06/1985FemaleVietnam---15/24/2016DiscontinuedRescheduled to Nov 2016 intake after we had set after AIPP successfully secured HC inteview opportunityN/AMastax28/6/2016Deferred------------
Andrew WimmerMelbourne1229600477 971 431 Time 6.50Trimester 2BACCApt 4403, 33 Rose Ln, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia09-04-1996MaleCzech RepublicDavid Giraldo0405 726 863Housemate15/19/2016DiscontinuedRescheduled to Nov 2016 intake after we had set after AIPP successfully secured HC inteview opportunityN/AAccountant SmartN/ASuccess AccountingJun 21 1:00 PMDeferred---------
Vinh Thuan ThaiMelbourne1235250432 967 917vinhthuan93@gmail.comFull Time 5.00Trimester 2BBUS1/14 Joyce Street Springvale, Melbourne, VIC, 3171, Australia 09/25/1993MaleVietnam---15/18/2016Internship Successfully OrganisedDueKinnov16/6/2016------7/18/16Mon - Fri 9am - 6 pmCalled Kheam to check up on Vinh he is happy with him. Call to Vinh to check up on how his internship is going he said its going good, he doesn't have any problems.Tried contacting via phone, now waiting for response on email, as soon as I get some data, I will update data hereKheam is very very happy and satisfied with Vinh and said they will miss him they have even organised a small party to say goodbye to Vihn as they know him as John. He said Vihn has given him the Final assessment so he will get it filled and send it through. He was employed after the internship
Mahdarsha RamjeetMelbourne1190350449 871 045mahdarsharamjeet@gmail.comPart Time 4.50Trimester 2BACC102/133, Droop Street , Footscray, Melbourne, 3011, Australia5/25/1979FemaleMauritiusVenkatesh Chinti Reddy0416 564 999Friend15/24/2016Internship Successfully OrganisedDueNS Associates23/6/2016 Pass/ SkippedWinra Construction30/6/2016Pass---7/19/16Mon, Wed, Fri 9am - 5 pm Called and spoke to Helena, she said everything is going well, she is good, she is pleasant, she just hoped it could be for 5 days a week because they really enjoying her working with them. No problems all is well and is looking forward to getting the Kaplan internship projects that Mahdarsha has to complete during the internship with them.Mahdarsha said its going fine. She said she has to learn more about the construction company reconciliation accounting. Helena gave her homework to go through the accounting software. When Helena is back Helena will go through accounting reconciilation with her. lots of work when she will be back. Wants her to be prepared.She said everything is fine, that all the people there are very nice and helping. That her internship is finishing soon, but she was super satisfied.​ That she has finished her masters in Networking and she may come back to Aipp to find her some new internship in that field.Helen was super happy with Mahdarsha and completed all the tasks assigned to her
Jarida ChakkaparkMelbourne1207450421 131139keykeng@gmail.comFull Time 5.08Trimester 2 & 3BHTM12 Paterson Road, Springvale South, VIC, 3280, Australia08-03-1984FemaleThailandAmnaj Noojai0401 941 994Partner15/22/2016Internship Successfully OrganisedDueGrand Chancellor Hotel28/6/2016Pass------7/20/163 days a week accordng to rosterCall to Zara to find out how the internship with Jarida is going. Sh esaid that they were going to let Jarida handle the check ins and checkouts alone because they saw she is learning very fast. They are happy with her.Called Jarida she said everything is good. She is very happy and she thanks us for this.She is very happy and she loves all her colleagues​, she also said everybody is looking after her and everybody is very nice. One of the things was, that she tried some new areas, where she willingly accepted to try and work. She is happy with that too since she got to learn a lot of new things.She has improved. Having her work in different areas has definitely boosted her confidence. At the beginning she has no self motivation and confident in dealing with guests now she is confident and when she doesnt know anthing then she comes and asks. Jarida was offered employement after the internship
Vaneet SinghMelbourne1233100404 265 181
Full Time-Trimester 3BACC
27 Mitford Crescent, Craigieburn, VIC, 3064, Australia
11-09-1988MaleIndiaSimar Singh0433 996 745Brother2--NS & Associates
2 November 2016 - 1 pm
passed------14 November 2016Mon- Friday 9:30 am - 6pm-He is satisfied, no complaints, thanked for calling and checking, wished all best, and said he will call if there are any issues. Navnit - Has been extremely happy with Vaneet and has offered him employement on a part time basis - happy to take on interns from Kaplan going forward
Andrew WimmerMelbourne1229600477 971 431
Part Time6.50Trimester 3BACC
Apt 4403, 33 Rose Ln, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia
09-04-1996MaleCzech RepublicDavid Giraldo0405 726 863Housemate2--Apex Fund Services
26 October 2016 - 11 am
Apex Fund Services
1 November 2016 - 11:30 am
PASSED---14 November 2016
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - 9 am - 5 pm
-Andrew said he is super happy there, that is going to leave a nice review since is satisfied with everything, he said he even got his own computer there. He said they are so nice to him there and that he is learning a lot of new things.Andrew is still super happy there, he said he is finishing in like 4 weeks and he is going to give his boss feedback form to fill in, apart from that everything is super cool and he is not complaining at allRajiv said the internship went pretty good no issues. They were very happy with Andrew. Rajiv said they asked Andrew for feedback as well and from what they received they aw that Andrew really benefitted. Rajiv said he is lookingforwrd to train more Kaplan students.
Don GalaponMelbourne1217910405 963 664
Part Time-Trimester 3BACC
38 Foleys Road, Derrimut, Victoria, 3030, Australia
Catheryn Galapon
0410 372 248Wife2--
26 October 2016 - 11:30 am
did not succeed to the second phase
a-one Accountants
10 November 2016 2:00 PM
Update on Don interview cancelled Don cancelled this interview
Ace Body Corporate Management Melbourne
10 November 2016 - 11 am
PASSED15 November 2016
Fist Week - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Second Week - Monday, Thursday, Friday - 9am - 5 pm
Don is doing extremely well. He has fitted into our office environment really well.
To date, he has been active in learning and striking body corporate fees, having learnt about how budgets are raised and how fees are generated accordingly.Don is handling the processing of suppliers invoices.
He is also actively involved in handling reception and administrative functions, with an excellent phone manner and face to face contact.I am looking forward to handing over other office duties over the coming weeks.
Vincent GuanMelbourne1238960448 388 538
Full Time-Trimester 3BHTM
37 Clover Avenue, St.Albans, Victoria, 3021, Australia
10-18-1992MaleAustraliaXiao Qing Deng0439 388 419Mother2--
Hotel Grand Chancellor Melbourne
27 October 2016 - 11:30 am
Vincent’s first impression was very good. He was well dressed, well-mannered and had a firm handshake. He ticked all the boxes for a first impression.
Copper Smith Hotel
4 November 2016 2:00 PM
FAILED- He passed but according to Vincen they want him to be waiter so we have agreed to find him another Host Company. We phoned the host company to check up on what happened here. And they said he is not qualified or confident enough to work front desk or reception so that is why they offered him Waitering position
Aura On Flinders Apartments
10 November 2016 - 3pm
PASSED14 November 2016Will Work According to a RosterHe is fine and she is putting together an internship form for other staff memebers who is working with Vincent to fill out as well so they can give feedback. She asked us to speak to Vincent because he said he is not allowed to work weekends but she said to him its hospitality its not a 9-5 job he ha to work according to a roster. He also said that he has 1 week off for Christmas which she is more than happy to give him that. --Glenda to phone
Jarida ChakkaparkMelbourne1207450421 131 139
Part Time5.08Trimester 3BHTM
12 Paterson Road, Springvale South, VIC, 3280, Australia
08-03-1984FemaleThailandAmnaj Noojai0401 941 994Partner2Discontinued the program-Jasper Hotel
31 October 2016 - 1pm
Phoebe Nhu TruongMelbourne421455717nhutruong1108@gmail.comPart timeAccountingStreet Address: 15 kannan blvd
City: Melbourne
State / Province: VIC
Postal / Zip Code: 3019
Country: Australia
08-11-1995FemaleVietnamLisa Tran0421 455 717Cousin328/02/2017In ProgressInstership startedConnect Audit30 MarchSuccessfulMarcon31 March 2017Successful but would like to go to Connect Audit. She is willing to wait is doing well. We have started diversifying their work, and she is working on our clients which have accounting needs now, as well as some more specialised work such as superannuation fund auditing.
Phi Long PhamMelbourne497092846
Part timeMarketingStreet Address: 2213/220 Spencer st
City: melbourne
State / Province: vic
Postal / Zip Code: 3000
Country: Australia
Dang Khoa Ngo
432403478Friend316/03/2017Interview 6 April 2017Appointment set up for Wednesday 29 MarchKinnov Marketing29 MarchUnsuccessful. HC felt he had no skills and it would be difficult to work with himMarcon Engineering6 April 2:00 PM
Clement Lim KienSydney1238400476 792 158maximiliano.ticera@gmail.comPart Time 4.33Trimester 2BHTMU804, 7 Washington Avenue, Riverwood, NSW, 2210, Australia01/28/1985MaleMauritius---15/24/2016DiscontinuedDiscontinued after he was accepted by AIPP HCN/AAussie Wealth42527Pass- Pulled Out the Programme after being accepted--Pulled Out the Programme after accepting ---------
Joachim KalettaSydney1249540490 009 661joachim.kaletta@live.dePart Time 5.75Trimester 2BHTM16/33 Wells Street, Redfern, NSW, 2016, Australia07/02/1990MaleGermany---15/18/2016DiscontinuedQuit after we had set after AIPP successfully secured HC inteview opportunityN/ALesConcierges23/6/2016N/A--Deferred---------
Andy LimSydney1239530420 638 788felix5698@yahoo.comPart Time 4.33Trimester 2BACC1 / 171 Avoca Street, Sydney, NSW, 2031, Australia09/03/1989MaleIndonesia---15/19/2016Internship Successfully OrganisedDueGuardian Strata7/6/2016Pass------7/18/16Mon, Tues,Wed 9 am - 5 pmYohann said that everything is going well with the internship and they are happpy and was looking forward to the weekly tasks that Kaplan has set out for them to do during their internships. All is very good. He was happy with his internship. He said he spoke to his supervisor about the Final Assessment Form he will filll it out and send it next week as he is not in the office this week.Johan was very happy with Andy and how Andy conducted himself during the internship
Artur MrozekSydney1094390450 548 941mrozekartur@yahoo.comPart Time 4.50Trimester 2BACC407 / 5-11 Meriton Street, Gladesville, NSW, 2111, Australia12/22/1988MalePoland---15/22/2016Internship Successfully OrganisedDueComptax Tax Accountants Office17/6/2016Pass------7/18/16Mon, Tues , Wed 9 am - 4 pm but to be discussedSpoke to Basil and he said everything is going good, He is happy with Artur and said that Artur is quiet good and he got no complaints. Artur said everything is going well and there are no problems.Artur said everything is going well and there are no problems.He is very happy and satisfied there. He also said that he would recommend that internship to everyone.Michael was very happy with Artur during the time of his internship
Maximiliano TiceraSydney1238400476 792 158maximiliano.ticera@gmail.comPart Time 4.33Trimester 2BHTMG-03 280 jones st, Pyrmont, nsw, 2009, Australia03/11/1990MaleArgentina---15/22/2016Internship Successfully OrganisedDueApex Apartments23/6/2016PassLesConcierges23/6/16Pass---7/18/16Mon, Tues (3rd day is flexile due to his work schedule) 9 am-5 pmMax is doing very well and he seems to be enjoying it too.Max said his very happy with his Internship. He said he is learning alot and at the same time its challenging but he loves what he is doing. No problems at all.Max said his internship has gone well. He has been working on a project. He says he learned a lot and was really happy to have done this internshipHost Company said they have received the assessment and they are happy with Max and with how he presented himself during the internship.
Ferhiza Maria CoronelSydney1212750413 176 162coronel.ferhiza@gmail.comPart Time 6.00Trimester 2BACC3 Vale Avenue, Dee Why, New South Wales, 2099, Australia03/13/1995FemalePhilippines---15/22/2016Internship Successfully OrganisedDueAG McDonald Consulting27/6/2016Pass------7/20/16Wed,Thurs,Fri 9 am - 5-5:30 pm Fehriza has been great.We appreciate her time being an intern with us and helping to do the work. She is proactive, polite, and quick learner. Lots of positives. Ferhiza is doing great. HC is good to her. AIPP really helped her a lot and she mentioned that without us, her skills and knowledge would remain stagnant.Tried contacting via phone, now waiting for response on email, as soon as I get some data, I will update data hereFerhiza carried and conducted herself well. She completed all her tasks that was assigned to her. Happy to have had her as part of our team.
UjjwolSydney1235120415 948 510
Part Time-Trimester 3BACC
246 Botany Road, Alexandria, Sydney, NSW, 2015, Australia
05-01-1993MaleNepalJotendra KC0433 463 160Uncle2--
Red Diamond Group Pty (China Channels)
11/8/2016 2:00 PMPassed------15 November 2016
Tuedays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. First day 10 am - 6pm thereafter 9 am - 6 pm
Things are good. Producing good results. Couldn't have asked for anything better. He appreciates it very much. Completes his work on time. I am very happy.All good Cindy, I have been bringing Ujjowl to some of the meetings too.He is very happy, he said there will be a possibility of getting a job after internship, he is learning a lot, and is very thankful to AIPPHe said he is very satisfied and that he is working a lot of new things and that it is very fun and very nice all those new stuff that he is learning. No complaintsAlbert thought it was great and he was glad that Ujjwol could work independantly. Looks like he has the ability to pick up things quickly. He thinks the interns from us are very very stable and good and he is satisfied. He is looking forward to the next intake.
Tony BongominSydney1226690421 654 777
Part Time-Trimester 3-
1 Paterson Place , Clayton , NSW, 2760, Australia
04-13-1991Male Uganda
Richard Kapere
0413 769 539Brother2Discontinued as per Kaplan, ---------------
Boi Dinh TranSydney1226930435 625 368
Part Time-Trimester 3BACC
206 Notting Hill Rd, NSW, Regents Park / NSW, 2143, Australia
04-29-1992FemaleVietnamJessica Lam0401 890 004Cousin2--Ace Body corporate
11/4/2016 9h30am
Passed------15 November 2016
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 9am - 5 pm
Very happy. All is going good. --Andrew was very pleased with Boi and how diligent she worked. He said he was glad he could assist her and has asked me to send another Kaplan student for an Internship with him.
Jadelyn NamSydney1248880414 136 153
Part Time-Trimester 3BACC
39 Manson Road, Strathfield, Sydney, 2135, Australia
11-14-1997FemaleSouth KoreaSu Hyeon Jang0405 633 808Sister2--
Guardian Strata Management
27 October 2016 - 3 pm
Passed------14 November 2016
Mon, Tuesday, Wednesday 9 am - 5 pm
She is doing. I am really satisfied. She is great and if I have any issues I will call.Ji In said her internship is very satisfiying by now and that she doesnt have any complaints for now, she was very thankful for checking up on her, and she told if she has any issues that she will call but she doesnt think anything will happen. She said she is very happy and that she had learned a lot of new things there. She said that she had a nice and long Christmas holidays and that she is very grateful to us for this internshipIt went well. He was happy with her performance. She exceeded his expectations at times with tasks given. She ontributed well to the buiness and was a great team player.
Sae Mi JungSydney1218790432 000 571
Part Time-Trimester 3BHTM
Unit 6, 5-7 Ball Avenue , Eastwood, NSW, 2122, Australia
10-31-1993FemaleSouth KoreaDajung Jung0432 786 777Sister2--Primus Hotel Sydney
8 November 2016 - 10 am
PASSED - Feedback from the interview. Saemi is very keen on the job. She had an interview with the restaurant manager but honestly her English level is not quiet there yet, she is quiet weak in English. So that was unsuccessful. The HC had a chat with the conference and events manager and sdi to him that Saemi has a good attitude and she is keen on learning more. She gave Saemi a call and she was open to her and told hr that her English is not quiet there yet so Saemi cannot do face to face interaction with guests because if the guests asks something and she misunderstands then the HC said that it will then become the Hotels problems and the HC told Saemi that the confernce and events will be good for her and then she asked her to come back same time for another interview with the Conference and Events manager and she did go back there. Conference & Events Manager is happy to offer Saemi an unpaid internship position for a period of 12 weeks.. So they will provide a start date for us.
------18 November 2016
Will Work according to a roster 3days a week
-Saemi is super satisfied with her internship, she had nothing to complain about, she thanked for caring about whats going on, and said she will inform us if there are any changes to her status. Saemi is satsfied on her internship, everything is fine, she was busy when i called her so she said she is happy there and there is nothing to complain about, she also added she is finishing at mid februaryHC said Saemi was was really grim in the beginning. Saemi was willing to learn and she improved by the end of the internship and Saemi had a good attitude. Good attendance. Willing to learn and follow instructions.
Phoi LinhSydney424208209mocphoilinh@gmail.comPart timeAccountingStreet Address: 121 Orange Grove Rd
City: Liverpool
State / Province: NSW
Postal / Zip Code: 2170
Country: Australia
Thi Hien Nguyen
0424 208 209Aunt303/03/2017Internship Successfully OrganizedACE BODY CORPORATE MANAGEMENT (Chippendale) & Phoi Linh Moc - Successful - Starting internship on Monday 20/3/20171ACE BODY CORPORATE MANAGEMENT20/3/2017Successful is very conscientious and has come in every day except for one day when the trains were not running and another when she was sick and notified us both times as soon as she could.

Linh is accurate and keen to help and has been working with our Admin person mainly doing data entry and helping us out with letter stuffing etc.
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