GcMaf Responses
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sorIllness SeverityIllness durationDate GcMAF StartedVDR GeneticsXMRVHow do you take the GcMAF?Where are you receiving treatment? (City, State, Country)Source of GcMAFOn Nexavir?Are you on Artesunate?What is your C4a level? (20-1400 ng/ml) (before/during/after?)PrPc (prion functioning) Test Result (10-100 index)IL8 (0-15pg/ml)Nagalase Level (before/after Gcmaf?)RESPONSE TO GcMAF? (PLEASE INCLUDE DATE of your entry!! And how many shots you have had by that date)Co infectionsHow do you store your GcMAF?Other medicinesAre you injecting B12? (specify which type and folate)
mojoeymoderate-severe5 years2010moderate/lowpos-cultureIVOhio, USprecursor to KDM or BGLINoyes (but not whilst on gcmaf)28003.9noneEBV, HHV-6, coxsackie, lyme, mycoplasmarefrigeratorNo
cindywillis22 years2010FOK- Mod BSM Mod-LowcultureIV BelgiumKDMYesYesABX's - mutaflor - nexavir- Anti Oxidant IV's - B12 shots - anti histamine dietYes
marybsevere7 years11/16/2010High responderdo not know yetSCBelgium/HimmunitasKDMyesNoafter 7 injections, less fatigue, beter recovery, now I had 15 injections and ist still improving.FrozenYes, Hydroxocobalamine 10 mg 2/week
cmoderate/severe251/3/2011FOK1 moderate/ BSM1 high responder (Ff/bb)subcutaneous so far. but starting april 19th, i'll start doing it via sublingual
Girl 18moderate/ 40% on Bell Scale10 years1/24/2011FOK: low, BSM Heterozygoot/ moderateMLVIV / SCBelgium/HimmunitasKDMyes, 2cc every thirth day SCNoFirst 4 weeks very tired and increase of pain, old symtoms came back but less severe (sensitive for light and sound, hairloss, panic), bloodpressure went up (75/100). Fifth week: more energy, less pain. So far 5 injectionsDysbiosis, leaky gut, enterococ., prevot., porphyrom., eubact. overgrowth. E. coli very low. Rickettsia conori IgG 1/40,Low CD57 (2 cells/mikrol)weekly at HimmunitasCreon, diclofenac, melatonine, nexavir, isoprinosine, maitake D Fraction, every month different antibiotics for a week, rest of the month probioticsYes, Hydroxycobalamine 10 mg, 2x 1/week IM
Sushimoderateapprox 25 years1/25/2011ffBBpositive by culture--VIPSwitched from IV to subcutaneous when I returned to the Statesfirst three months in Spain, now USAKDMfor several weeks beginning about June 1no260212.1140EBV, C. Pneumonia, Prevotella (gut)FrozenLDN, clonazepam, ambien,Aromour Thyroid, ABX, Hydrox B12 injectionsyes, Hydroxocobalamine
Vickymoderate/severe8 years2/7/2011not testedpos cultureIMCalifornia, USAPPS - robert, could you tell us more about PPS, most of us have not heard of it..?nonoWHAT IS THE DATE OF THIS ENTRY? THANKS! First two shots- a lot of headache and neck pain. After my third shot my back feels on fire and very sore - all the way from my neck to my waist line. I have too much energy - i sleep only 4-5 hours and can't sleep after that. not sure if this is insomnia or not, i don't think it is because i am concentrated and have energy. Some headaches and neck pain again.EBV, Helicobacter Pylori, high cholesterol, low response to various infections. refrigerator at 2Cno
Severe6 years3/12/2011negativeS.C.Oslo, NorwayKDMyesno661, before1,92, 2 months into the treatment28waiting for testresults25th. og July 2011: no notisable improvement, have had 20 injectionsfrozenhydroxocobalamine, nexavir, gabbroral, perm plus coated, chlorella, caprystatin, minocin, different asthma- and allergy medicines
SHsevere - KPS 5523 years4/5/2011Bbff?SubliguallyOhio, USBGLINoYes for first 30 days of GcMAF, then stopped (that's Cheney's recommendation).270;beforeNot Tested??6.4;1.4Felt slightly better for 4 weeks, had 4 days of IRIS; then felt much better; kps jumped 10 points; then after 8 weeks I suffered a severe relapse which I have not recovered from yetEBV;HHV6; others?Frozen except for active vial, which is refrigerated.Cheney protocolI do methyl-cobalamine sublingually occasionaly
Lettie moderate21 yrs4/13/2011waiting for redlabs results (i have yasko results, will post later)pos cultureIV/subcutaneoushome, bostonKDMyes 2cc daily IMyeswill fill in later. i have very high C4Amay 31, 2011: just had my 7th shot. i do both IV and Subcu shots. no real bad reaction yet, except very exhausted some days. but no real pattern has developed. for the last two shots, i get wobbly legs and arms for about 2 days. other than that, i get an ocasional headache, but not bad, no depression and no inflammation, that i can tell. i'm only on 1/5th of a vial (0.20 ml) for each shot. my sex drive is certainly increased. and it may be that i am not crashing as hard after a excessive energy output. i am also on nexavir (2.5 months into that now) and artesunate and b12 shots.lymefreezeratenolol, spironolactone, may supplements
-severe11 years5/18/2011?positive - p variant IMbelgium,self givenbelgiumnodon't know5/18/11 1st injection... no side effects. increased stamina? 6/24/11 Amazing energy. No side effects. Began reading and remembering what she read. So far TeRrIfIc. 7/11/11 Overdid. Crash and Burn. Still has more energy than she did before injections. But less than earlier weeks. Hoping and praying progress continues.EBV, hhv6, parvo virusfrozen
cansadosevere (KPS 40)7 years (May 29, 2004, 5:45 p.m.)6/20/2011waiting for resultsnegative (Cheney suspects falsely)SublingualWashington, PABGLInoYes for first 30 days of GcMAF, then stopped (that's Cheney's recommendation).408.6932.8 before7/28 - Am up to 80 nanograms. Interestingly, after my 60 nano dose I slept much better than usual, but these two days after 80, I've slept much worse. 7/13 - Have taken five 20-nanogram doses. Have not noticed anything I could put down to IRIS. Each dose has gotten progressively easier - the first couple I had nausea and quite the headache. By the fifth one, I noticed no headache at all nor nausea. I may have gotten a little bit of a positive bump the day of and day after dosing, but I'm not sure about that. My next dose will be 40 nanograms. none identifiedfrozen in a chest freezerCheney's gels, b12, htp-5, beta blockers, digestive enzymes, gabapentin, artesunate, wormwood, inosine, betaine, seroquel, baclofen, soma, doxepin, mirtazapine, magnesium, calcium.
No Poster Girlsevere - KPS 40Since May 20036/21/2011ffbbNeg culture Neg serology SLPennsylvaniaBGLINoYes for first 30 days of GcMAF, then stopped (that's Cheney's recommendation).408.695.42.8, 1.31/11/13 - Never restarted GcMAF. My nagalase has been stable at about 1.3 since I stopped it, and Cheney came to the conclusion that driving nagalase below 1 is dangerous for ME/CFS patients b/c it causes cytokine storms. I have continued to improve since my short course of GcMAF in 2011! 1/23/2012 - the feverish feeling/cytokine flare that has been my IRIS has finally abated after five months. I still have not restarted GcMAF - waiting for my March office visit with Cheney to discuss it with him. 12/11/11 - Have been dealing with the overheated feeling since August and have not restarted GcMAF. It's improving, but slowly - I can only really tell a difference when I look back a month or so. Interestingly, my functioning seems to be getting better too. August 2011 - Was getting a nice little bump on each dose. The day after my seventh dose, which was my third at 100 nanograms, IRIS began. Antihistamines were useless, but other things (like Norco and occasionally a little Seroquel, which is in the antihistamine family even though that's not its primary use) have been helpful. Frozen except for active vial, which is refrigerated.Cheney protocolNo, liquid, subligual
janeymod/severe14 years6/24/2011BSM high FOK highpMLV positive XMRV negativesubcutaneousAustraliaKDMyes 2 cc daily SCno710112.21st injection 24 June. Slightly more alert and better concentration. No side effects so far. 16.7.11 4th injection still 1/5th dose. Improvement disappeared after first week. Now having severe sleep disturbance, with a couple of nights of almost no sleep. Also experiencing heat in my face only. UPDATE: 17.9.11 11th injection tolerating 1/5th dose well with the help of a calcium channel blocker. Slight improvement in cognitive functioning.High IgG antibodies for HHV-6, EBV, mycoplasmafrozen and refrigerated for up to 1 monthB12, valtrex, lamictal, hydralazine, florinef, beta blocker, digestive enzymes, folate, curcumin, probioticshydroxycobalamin
(can't work but can take care of myself)
21 years10/6/2011Not testedPos by serologyCutaneously
(rubbed on the skin)
Self monitored
(will tell my doc in December)
www.GcMAF.euNoNo2 1/2 years ago, while living in my moldy apt, it was 55323 doses as of 10/26/2011
First dose was 1/10th of a standard dose.
Results: headache, fever, extreme fatigue, flare of inflammation resulting in neurological pain, kidney, liver and heart pain and insomnia from increased reaction to mold toxins, sore throat, dizziness.
Also, had more stamina (eventually) and better digestive function.

Second and third doses: 1/100th of a standard dose
Results: headache day of dose, then a couple days of feeling more tired than usual, then okay. This is more manageable! There is still more inflammation than usual, and still a bit more energy and better digestive function. I
None I'm aware of
Haven't had extensive testing
In freezer except for first two month's worth, which is in fridgeArmor thyroid
Doxycyline (this week, for new tick bite)
"Seven Precious Mushrooms" extract
Virastop, Candidase
Oregano Force
Tiny amounts of hydroxy B-12 and Folate
Lots of Vits, minerals, antioxidants
Klmravmoderate/severe16 yrs10/6/2011?neg culture1 inj/weekNYC/HomeDr. Enlanderhepapressinwormwood16,000+1.3, one week after first injAfter 1st inj: lightheaded, allergy eyes, stuffy nose, occasionally queazy, extreme brain fog, increased malaise, anxiety, insomnia. 2nd shot .25, much less inflammation, but still increase in flu-like symptoms. 5th inj: .20/ml or 20ng. Still inflammation/herx. Insomnia is worst in the 2 days following inj. Using klonopin or lorazapam, benedryl, quercetin, vita c to help. Stopped vita D until get results of calcium test. Queaziness a bit better since stopping D. Still awaiting nagalase test taken just b4 2nd inj. 11/29 - no change. 3/13 still on gcmaf at 20ng/wk, holding my own. No upswing, but handling side effects much better. Added abx for lyme, we shall see...HSV, EBV, Mycoplasma, HHV6, Parvo, Cocksackie, pos ANA 1:320, lymefrozenvaltrex, cymbalta, lunesta, ativan, claritin, 10 mg vita C, high dose quercetin, enzymes, probiotics, ubiquinol, vit D3 5,000 iu/day (level 52 - will watch closely), folapro, betamax (methyl & B6) spray, immunoprop, immunoplus, propax nt, melatonin, suntheaninesub Q hydrox 20/mg/cc - 1/2 cc 3 x week
yortJ15 years9/20/2013UnsureUnsureIV/IMCalifornia, USAgcmaf.euNoNo5575 beforeUnsureUnsure1.9 before9/23/13-Took only 5ng initially, feel slightly better regarding brain fog, energy.HHV-6, EBV, CMV, Mycoplasma PneumoniaeRefrigerator
ikke2001besevere8 years11th feb 2011FOK : low /BSM: Moderate to lowSerology : pos Culture : negSCBelgium/ at homeKDMyes, 1cc/day SCNo1058/ 2070 after 6 months38/26 after 6 months1,90 after 6 months13dec2011:been on 1/4 dose since the last 2 months. Initial benefits only partly holding, I got slightly worse. Stopped taking Nexavir, don't feel worse, nor better. Started LDN on 15 nov. Am on 3mg/day, with no side effects. Feel rested after waking up, have less muscle problems, have gone from 50-60 drops of clonazpam to 30 drops, with better sleep.Q-fever, gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, enterocci overgrowthfreezer MSM, Rivotril,LDNB12 extreme 35mg lodges, 1/day
FrouFoxsevere18 years11th Jan 2011Ff/Bb (heterozygote)IMKDMNo, but on HepapressinNo61774.4551Headaches, increased adrenal fatigue/exhaustion, depression, flu like symptoms, sneezing, sore throat. Toxic/hunger over feeling. Cramps in toes, more dreams/nightmares. Weird squeezing sensations in liver/lung area. More brain swelling at times, and other similar brain symptoms. Benefits: at times, more energy/stamina, better mood and better brain function/less inflammation in brain. Memory slightly better at times. Lyme, bartonella, erhlichia, coxsiella, probably c pnemoniae. V high titres to CMV and EBV in past, not sure about now.FrozenImunovir, HepapressinNo
Mariamoderate1 year12th jan 2011FOK-Low, BSM-Moderate/LownegativeIVKDMNoNoWHAT IS THE DATE OF THIS ENTRY? THANKS! very goodFrozenNo
Henkmoderate w severe Brainfog9 years20th of April 2011FOK 1 moderate BSM highneg culture waiting for antibodysubcutaneousGermany, Berlin, do it myselfKDMnono1st injection...no side effectsEBV, C. pneumoniae, HHV6freezerchlorella, creon, Quercetin, melatonin, opipramol
Sergsevere7 years25th Jan 2011FFbbPositive by culture and by PCR gut biopsy. Negative antibodies.IVIn Spain, at home.KDMYesno2840, just before starting GcMAF0.67 (this scares!)0July 9th 2011 shot 24th: Good work out at the gym-able to go more often. Better HPA axis. More stamina. Less PEM,MUCH better digestion. More tasks accomplished. Able to go out more times and for more time. muscle gain. Very few bad days, and less bad that before. More good days, and better than before. Mornings MUCH better. I am at my 35-40% (Was at my 20 before gcMAF), having peaks of 60-80%. Able to tolerate cheese after 7 years of disease. HHV-6. Pretovella and Clostridia. enterococcus.FrozenLDN, clonazepam, Nexavir 2ml daily, 5mg of injected HB12 every 4 daysNot yet
vlisevere10 years25th Jan 2011FFBbIVHong KongKDMyes currently (5 Jul 11) trying to stay on 2ml/dayNo140621,3LDN, zopiclone, clonazepamHydroxocobalamin
Filfla440% on Bell Scale18 years28th Jan 2011Fok1 moderate/BSM1 high responder (Ff/bb)Negative by pcr/culture. Positive by serologyIVBelgium/MaltaKDMYes: 2cc daily S.C.No2205812 injections so far (19.4.11). Reaction is not as immediate as it was in the first few weeks. I am definitely functioning a lot more and have more energy. In the last few weeks, my sleep has been affected. I might consider lowering the dose. Got my first cold in ages at 13 weeks!! (25.4.11)EBVFrozenMonthly antibiotics, Mutaflor, Creon, Mesazaline, Cymbalta, Chlorella, Calciump
RenateWas 80 % well until April 2011, then relapsed. Started Gcmaf because of the relapse.10 years30/5/2011FOK-FF, BSM-bbYesSCBelgiumKDMYesNo401739,9111Before Gcmaf: 0,973rd July: 5 injections. Sleep problems seem to have worsened. Difficult to say if it is because of Gcmaf or the disease itself.Intestinal Enterococcus overgrowthFrozenAntibiotics, supplements, B12. klonopin at nightHydroxycobalamin, no folateHydroxocobalamin. No folate
LeonoraModerate, 2,5 yearsAug 2010FOK-high, BSM-highYes- co cultureIV/IMBelgium/ NorwayKDMYesYes1000 (before Gcmaf), 10000 (on Gcmaf), 6000 (6 months after Gcmaf)1,6 (during Gcmaf) 0,5 (4 months after stopping)6 (serum)1,3 (tested 5 months after stopping Gcmaf)07.07.2011: I had an initial very strong reaction to Gcmaf after only one shot. This came after a few days: strong fatigue, dizziness, muscle weakness, nausea, "poisoned" feeling etc. After a few shots I experienced flu-like symptoms and neurological pains in arms an legs. After week 8 I felt somewhat better, but the next few weeks were like roller coaster. After about 11 injections I started having severe insomnia - couldn't sleep for days in a row (even on heavy sleep medication). I just got worse and worse and stopped after 21 injections. A few weeks after stopping I had a huge relapse - extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, tremor in legs and arms, spams, cramps, pain, dizziness, light sensitivity, nausea in addition to severe insomnia. I got new symptoms I never had before. I was bedridden for several months, and now 6 months after stopping Gcmaf I still haven't recovered from this relapse. I am a lot worse now than I was before starting the treatment.HVV6, (CMV, EBV and Mycoplasma Pneumonia= high IgG, normal IgM), overgrowth of Streptococcus, prevotella in the gut, leaky gutFrozenAntibiotics, B12, VSL3, Mutaflor, supplements, klonopin/Zolpidem at nightHydroxocobalamin.
Ronanmoderate/severe9 yearsDec 2010FOK-Moderate, BSM-Moderate/LowIMKDMYesYesFrozenVSL, Lypo-Spheric Vitamic CYes
Moderate8 yearsDecember 2010FOK Low BSM Moderate or lowPos CultureIM/SCNorway/OsloKDMYes, almost 2 yearsNo, did not tolerate ArtesunateBefore GcMaf 520, not tested since thenPending3Pending07.07.11 Done 24 times full injections, 4 times half injections every week and 3 half injections every other week. Headaces, fever and insomnia, some improvement after reducing to half the dozes. Much better after half dozes every other week. Over all a very good improvement so far. Dysbiosis and leaky gut. Bartonella, HV6BFrozenAntibiotics, B12, enzymes, ulcers medication, Enterol, Minocycline, Rivotril, non-benzodiazepine, supplementsHydroxycobalamine twice a week
cindywillissevere2.5 yearsDecember 2010??IV/IMWashington DC, USKDMNoYesdon't knowdon't knowdon't knowdon't know5/3/12-Excellent - started on .25 for a year then moved to .4 then to .8.  Almost completely well now.  Dr. Enlander puts patients on increasingly higher doses up to 100.  He has patients that then become completely well and no longer need any medicine.  leaky gut, HV6, MonoFrozenB12 shots daily, Magnesium Sulfate and Taurine shots daily, inosine twice daily, Artesunate a couple times a week, Heppapressen shot once a week, Priobiotics daily, MAF878 Twice a week, immune pills morning and night from Dr. Enlander. hydroxycobalin 40 MG daily
Garciasevere10 yearsJan 2011FFbbIMKDMNoNo1700[March 2011] Mild flu-like symptoms. Muscle aches. Sore throat. Immune activation. Hot/cold chills. Feel more relaxed when sleeping. Cytokine-induced depression. Inflammation.Frozenclonazepam, imunovirNo
moderate11 yearsjan 2011low responderMLVsubcutaneousbelgium, do it myselfKDMnonodon't knowWHAT IS THE DATE OF THIS ENTRY? THANKS! first injections ...ok, later untill 10, totally no energy, malaise, pain!!! now on 1/4 ampul (#15) and i feel so tired, no energy at all. KDM said to go on like this, just hold on! Expecting to have at least 40 shots. Don't know if i can do that. PRPC-blood test got today, don't know what this is for? Anyone can help me?dysbiosis, leaky gut, lyme,...frozen
MLmoderate/severe18 yearsJanuary 2011High responderpositiveIV/SCBrussels, Belgium for IV, home for SCKDMyeswas, not anymore2700?559.8? / 2.4/1about 1,5 year on it -first felt terrible, couldn't sleep anymore, felt depressed, wanted to stop all treatment, felt all burned out. Then had to stop for about 2 months. Now at 1/4 of initial dose feeling much and much better. Longer periods with higher energy levels, feeling happier and more alive again - short periods of relaps (few days to week and a half), but until now always getting out of the relapses.leaky gut, EBV, still having testsFrozenB12 SC, lypospheric vit C, Lactoferrin, Nexavir, Zinc
MaxiSevere12 yearsJuly 2011once per month i.v other 3 weeks of the month s.c.Belgium, Himmunitas once per month,Other three weeks i inject myselfKDMYesNo29583.7298Before 1.828.09.2011 4th injection. Side effects are dizzyness, light headed, i feel if i have too much presure in my head. But after one week I had a little bit more energy and if I do things what are to exhausting for me, after it I recover faster than before. I stills feels like I have an extreme flue, But so far I am optimistic and the benefits outweigh the side effects. 12.12.2011 13th injection. The side effects are the same as before, but less severe. I still feel like I have the flue and I'm still having trouble thinking straight, concentrate and forgetful.I am stabil at the moment, not much progress, but no relaps either. I have had a lot of infections, but probably caused by the antibiotics.Bartonella, CMV in the pastfrozenMutaflor, VSL-3, Yaeyama chlorella, Lactoferrin, Ubiquinol Q10, Vitamin C, different kinds of antibiotics every monthYes: Hydroxocobalamin 10mg 2/week
RobertmillerModerat4 yearsJune 2011Not testedNeg culture Neg serology Belgium/ NorwayKDMYes, for 2 years. Now stopped.Yes6 months before GcMaf 2525, start GcMaf 460, end GcMaf (44 inj.) 1790Not tested8Pending07.07.11: have done 1 shot (100 nanogram) a week for 44 weeks. 1.-4. inj. sleepy. 4.-8. inj. ticks, neurological pain/stiching arms and legs, muscle weekness, depression. 8.-12. inj. insomnia, fever, depression. 12.-17. inj. up and down - up = wast improvement / down = as before. 17. - 24. inj. Still many symptoms improving, but much pain in joints. 24.-33. Feeling quite good, very optimistic. 33.-44. constipation, diarrhea, feeling worse. Now on maintenance dose, once a month. Still problems with stomach pains, constipation/diarrhea - has tested positive for Helicobacter. GcMaf has worked for me, many symptoms improved/gone. I feel that GcMaf can make me very "inflamed" and think it has contributed to a worsening of intestinal inflammation. Mabye better to take half doses when symptoms flare. CMV, Mycoplasma pn. Chlamydia pn. (all resolved). Dysbiosis, leaky gut, helicobacter.FrozenAntibiotics, B12, Isoprinosine, Mutaflor, Artesunate, SupplementsHydroxycobalamin
RrrrModerate3 yearsJune 2011FOK Moderate BSM lowPos CultureIV/IMBelgium/ NorwayKDMYes, for 2 years. Now stopped.YesBefore GcMaf 1379. After GcMaf 1516Not tested4Pending07.07.11: Done 44 injections. Insomnia from week 7 until week 44. Periodes of depression. Some overall improvement on all ME-symptoms, but not as much as we hoped for. HHV7, Chlamydia Pn., Candida, Dysbiosis and leaky gut.FrozenAntibiotics, Anti fungals, B12, Isoprinosine, Mutaflor, Artesunate, SupplementsHydroxycobalamin
Moderate2 yearsJune 2011Not testedPos SerologyIV/IMBelgium/ NorwayKDMYes, for 6 months. Now stoppedNo5353Not tested8Not tested07.07.11: 44 injections; No side effects, no improvement.Dysbiosis and leaky gut.FrozenAntibiotics, B12, Isoprinosine, Probiotics, SuplementsHydroxycobalamine
girlinthesnowmoderate/severe19 yearsMarch 2011FOK high BSM moderate to lowMLV+ cultureIV/ IMKDM0.5 ml, reduced because of reaction to phenolsno 1004/ 4000 after 18 injections & 6 months timehad first cold for 5 yrs after 1st dose, took a two wk break after 6th injection. 9 May Now on 8th dose, a definite weekly pattern has emerged. No marked improvement but strong signs of brain inflammation and a couple of days in the cycle of having a little more mental energy but no increase in physical stamina yet. EBVfreezerpenicillin, alternating with Udo's Super 8, nimotop 30 mg x2/dayyes hydroxycobalamin
Cathrinemoderate, works full time3 years (since august 2007)May 7,2010FOK-Low, BSM-Moderate/Lownot tested, yetIMBelgiumHomeopath, he doesn't tell me his source, it's not BGLI, and not KDM's. He assured me it's 100% humans'NoNoWHAT IS THE DATE OF THIS ENTRY? THANKS! Moderate response. Some symptoms improve, some do not at all. My immune system still feels crippled, my immune system still doesn't overcome a viral infection. I add MMS, that helps me greatly, which is of importance not to stress your immune system too much! Gc-Maf alone is not enough for me, I think.EBV,CMV(titres sky-high)I get it weekly at the doctor's practice.I use Synervit (http://www.ll-euro.com/),helps me greatly
TormentaM to Severe, cant work.13yearsMay 8.2011High responderPos SerologySCNorwayKDMYes, started 4 days agoNo4268The blood was to old to check!82,30, before GcMaf8.may 2011, only positiv experience, better and better, until I started rest of my treatment 4 days ago.(july 9.) Nexavir, Azithromycin, Vit C, chlorella and Lactoferrin. Dont know if there is any context.Leaky gut and Bartonella Henselae, Epstein-Barr has reactivated.FrozenSame as in column P
christinemoderate10 yearsnov 2010ModerateMLVIV&SCBelgium/HimmunitasKDMNoNoJune 8: after 30 injections, still no response to speak of.No
OverstressedAtm: 90% well (started working 25-35h/w in March)! Was at 40-50% 1 year ago.6 years, increasingly getting worse and worse Nov 2010FOK-High, BSM-Moderate/LowYes, cultureSCNorwayKDMYesYes14th June: Good effects all in all. In the beginning my sleep (which I always have had a problem with) improved a lot, then after about 2 months it worsened again. Now it's better (after 6 months on GcMaf), but I am taking Vallergan and Melatonin every night, and I usually get around 7-8 hours of sleep ever night. I no longer get headaches due to the sleeping meds.Leaky gut, Mycoplasma Pneumonia (has been treated with antibiotics), EBV (inactive)FrozenAntibiotics, supplements, B12No, tablets sub lingual
Boy 14BGLIWHAT IS THE DATE OF THIS ENTRY? THANKS! Working extremely well
djdarroosevere6 yearsfaq ++ Bsm = -soon will testsoonCanadanot sure planning trip to belgium..Bartonella H. H pylori EBV