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DateKafka LevelPetitionerType: (reporter, prisoner, muckraker, personal)State agencyRequested recordsReason for Petition (fee waiver, delay, redaction)Fee estimateAG's decisionAuthorRationaleSummary Amount DOJ billed agency for PROLink to pdf of DOJ's PROLink to pdf of petition
2/20/2008More discussion of "trade secrets"Ryan FrankreporterOregon Investment Council/Treasurerdocuments supplied to the State Treasurer by Lone Star. What real estate investments will be made on behalf of Oregon pension holders?redactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdRelevant materials were provided. Necessary information can be found within those records that don't fall under the "trade secrets" clause.20010811001443050.pdf
2/25/2008discusses "trade secrets" exemption. Interesting. Question of: "Does the public interest require disclosure?"Brent HunsbergerreporterUO, OSUathletic departments' income from media and marketing agreementsredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdInformation provided satisfies legal requirements. AG does not find that the public interest in disclosure outweighs the public interest in nondisclosure. Exempt from disclosure.20010811001407071.pdf
2/27/2008more discussion of what constitutes "reasonable delay"William T. HarbaughmuckrakerUOrecords pertaining to tax-exempt status of bonds for arena project, Melinda Grier's correspondence containing words "tax exempt bonds," "tax arbitage," Jan. 1, 2007-present.redactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdPremature, given the wide scope of the requested documents20010811001333571.pdf
3/4/2008.Lenny D. FairleyprisonerODOCconfidential memo used to support ODOC reportsredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdODOC does not possess the requested record20010811001247330.pdf
3/4/2008interesting discussion of what constitutes a public record, what information the university is required to provideBrent WalthreporterPSUrecords pertaining to meetings between Senator Betsy Johnson and attorney, and any employees of PSU's School of GovernmentredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdSome records protected by patient-client confidentiality laws. What constitutes a public record? PSU provided some of the requested documents. AG agrees with their rationale for not providing the remainder.discussion of what constitutes a public record20010811001313731.pdf
3/11/2008Rosemary C. O'ConnorpersonalDMVdriver safety complaintredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdDMV agreed to provide the record20010811001229588.pdf
3/13/2008William T. HarbaughmuckrakerUOECONorthwest arena reportfee waiverunknowndeniedPeter D. Shepherd"the fact that the Register Guard subsequently requested the same document is irrelevant to a determination of whether the University's denial of a complete fee waiver was reasonable when it was made, and reconsideration on that ground is not warranted."20010811001211866.pdf
3/18/2008would the release of these records benefit the public?William T. HarbaughmuckrakerUO arena bond sale, tax informationfee waiver698.92deniedPeter D. ShepherdAG is not positioned to impose a fee waiver on an agency, provided they have acted reasonably20010811001151046.pdf
3/19/2008.Valerie J. KovachpersonalSouthern Oregon University Recordsmold testing results (dormitories)redactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdMoot: SOU has agreed to provide the records20010811001125226.pdf
4/3/2008Robert ButlerpersonalOregon Dept. of Transportationcertain informationredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdRequest covered a broad scope of information, related to the Springwater project. ODOT will strive to meet records requests as the project progresses. 20010811001050546.pdf
4/3/2008Douglas PlaneprisonerODOCvendor contract, between ODOC and NaphCare, Inc.redactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdODOC's decision to provide copies rather than original records is legitimate20010811001108505.pdf
4/11/2008.Jerry DusenberryprisonerODOCfellow inmate's release dateredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdProtected under confidentiality laws, for reasons of inmate safety20010811001033845.pdf
4/29/2008Phyllis L. WhitepersonalDMVmedical fileredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. Shepherdrequested documents contain information protected under confidentiality laws20010811001015904.pdf
5/14/2008Stephen L. BrownprisonerUDOCredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdPremature20010811000959226.pdf
5/16/2008.Dr. Franklin W. StahlpersonalUO Advice from Assistant AG DeneckeredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdMoot. Requested records were provided by e-mail.20010811000939426.pdf
5/20/2008William T. HarbaughmuckrakerOUStransactions detail reports for UO's UMRP programs, 1995-presentredaction, fee waiverunknowndeniedPeter D. Shepherd20010811000922225.pdf
6/16/2008.Elwood Foglemanpersonal/prisoner?Oregon Department of Correctionsdocuments pertaining to his caseredaction, fee waiverunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdFee is reasonable. Documents will be provided upon receipt of fee.20010811000843454.pdf
6/16/2008Maureen FergusonPersonalOregon Department of Transportationcar titleredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdDocument contains personal information, protected under confidentiality laws20010811000903955.pdf
7/9/2008Dr. Debra LacypersonalBoard of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapistspersonal file/recordredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdmootUpon further consideration, the board decided to provide the requested records20010811000822952.pdf
7/11/2008.Michael MoradianpersonalUniversity of Oregonprofessor grade distributionredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdUO provided some, but not all of the information requested. UO withheld some of the information with the claim that it would make the students identifiable. Describes UO's policy on releasing records that could undermine students' confidentiality. The UO will review its decision regarding the order. If unsatisfied with the results, MM may then file a new petition. 20010811000751031.pdf
7/11/2008Donn BurypersonalOregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board licensing numbers, contact information for all veterinarians licensed through the OVMEBredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. Shepherdmoot20010811000806321.pdf
7/25/2008Tom RiospersonalOregon Bridge Delivery Partners' Recordscertified payroll recordsredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdOBDP falls outside the jurisdiction of Oregon's Public Records Law20010811000723950.pdf
7/29/2008Richard L. KoenigpersonalDepartment of Public Safety Standards and Trainingtraining materialsredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdPremature. DPSST will also reconsider a fee waiver.20010811000705270.pdf
8/1/2008.Valerie TroyerpersonalOregon State Fire Marshall's Officepublic record file of fireredactionunknowndeniedStephanie L. Striffler20010811000643511.pdf
8/1/2008Robert CheesemanpersonalDepartment of Administrative Services, Risk Management Division RecordsAll records pertaining to the matter of Cheeseman, Douglas County Circuit Court, Jack Banta, DA Robert Millican, Judge, Ret. or any other participantdelayunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdMoot, exempt from disclosure20010811000600130.pdf
8/1/2008Valerie TroyerpersonalInsurance Division Recordsrecords pertaining to the supplicant's case against insurance agencyredactionunknowndeniedStephanie L. StrifflerRequest records are exempt from disclosure laws20010811000621620.pdf
8/27/2008.Mariana C. WilkinsonpersonalDMVthe name of accuser, what was reported to the DMVredactionunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdRequested information was deemed confidential. 20010811000541230.pdf
8/28/2008Betsy HammondreporterTeachers Standards and Practices CommisionKimberly Horenstein's application to re-apply for an Oregon Teaching license; supporting materialsdelayunknownmootPeter D. ShepherdTSPC reviewed the case and granted the request. 20010811000517311.pdf
9/3/2008Jacob BarrettprisonerOklahoma and Oregon Departments of Correctionsletters sent to the DOC by the supplicantfee waiverunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdDOC's request for payment is legitimate20010811000501430.pdf
9/5/2008Pretty interesting. William T. HarbaughmuckrakerUniversity of Oregon RecordsUnder-represented Minority RecruitmentdelayunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdUO designated documents as confidential, and therefore they don't qualify as "public records."Letter contains a useful summary of UO's confidentiality requirements20010811000442279.pdf
9/10/2008Good bureaucratic tangling.William T. HarbaughmuckrakerUniversity of Oregon RecordsUO policy on allowable uses of administrative stipends, particularly Dr. Martinez's.delay, fee waverunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdHarbaugh failed to follow proper procedure. If he had, maybe it would have resulted in a "prompter response time." UO's staff was reduced during the time of the request. Resulted in delay. The university has now responded to the request, and the AG does not find the delay to have been unreasonable. University response: documents relating generally to stipend expenditures are available from the UO online. Additionally, the UO does not have any documents relating specifically to Dr. Martinez's stipend. Request for a fee waiver was denied because the relevant documents are available online.20010811000317965.pdf
9/18/2008Patricia Troolinpersonal/muckraker?Oregon Racing Commissiondisposition of state funds intended for greyhound welfaredelayunknownmootPeter D. ShepherdORC provided the records.20010811000256745.pdf
9/29/2008.Dwain CliffordlegalPublic Employees Retirement Systemsettlement agreementdelayunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdPremature. PERS is not the custodian of the requested document. Initial request, submitted to PERS, was denied because they did not have the document in question. Request was also submitted to the Oregon State Treasury, which is still evaluating it. 20010811000236440.pdf
10/10/2008Shawn BairdpersonalHospital Preparedness Programcertain recordsdelayunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdDocuments were requested from the wrong agency. HPP Region 2 falls under the jurisdiction of the Benton County District Attorney. 20010811000219645.pdf
10/28/2008.William T. HarbaughmuckrakerOUS20010811000145075.pdf
10/28/2008William T. HarbaughmuckrakerOUSdocuments related to Hagemann's efforts as public records officialdelayunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdSome relevant documents were passed along. Others were withheld based on lawyer-client privilege. 20010811000202123.pdf
10/29/2008Zachariah KainprisonerODCrecords pertaining to misconduct report casedelayunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdODC requires written request. Has no records that a written request was made. 20010811000116118.pdf
11/5/2008William T. HarbaughmuckrakerRecords of the Chancellor of the OUSemployment, post-employment contracts for FrohnmayerDelay, fee waverunknownmootPeter D. ShepherdSome requested documents have already been disclosed. Others will be soon. Will not be charged for the documents in question. Petition is prematureThe AG understands why Dr. Harbaugh might consider the amount of time required to produce these documents "unreasonable," but there were external factors such as staff illnesses, need for legal counsel. 20010811000052334.pdf
11/7/2008.Frank T. MusselllegalOregon State Board of Nursingwork planunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdConfidential, in that they pertain to an ongoing case20010811000016620.pdf
11/10/2008Marshall MannPrisonerDepartment of Administrative Services, Risk Management Division Recordsinvestigative notes, names of investigative officers, correspondence with all involved in the claim, Findings of Facts and evidence to substantiate the above claim, order and/or law regarding the caseunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdSome records do not exist. Additionally, records of a public body pertaining to litigation that is "reasonably likely to occur" are exempt from disclosure. Furthermore, request was submitted to the wrong...20010810235951152.pdf
11/28/2008Joe Durkee, Esq. legalBoard of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapistsname of the patient involved in a case confidentialunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdRequested information was deemed confidential20010810235929104.pdf
12/3/2008.Charles WilliamsprisonerDOCmedical recordsdelayunknownmootFrancis Hannell (?) for Peter D. ShepherdSome records already provided, others still in process. "The AG has not authority to address your claim that some of the records...may have been lost or destroyed."20010810235911238.pdf
12/5/2008Bob ButlerpersonalDMVtraffic citationmake availableunknownmootPeter D. ShepherdTrial Court Administrator's office had already provided the document20010810235849969.pdf
12/11/2008Pretty entertainingWilliam HarbaughmuckrackerUOemployment recordsdelayunknowndeniedPeter D. ShepherdPetition was prematureHarbaugh's request to redefine the "proper and reasonable" time required for a records request to be processed was determined to be premature20010810235830177.pdf
12/15/2008.Phyllis WhitepersonalDMVrecent medical and driving documentsmake availableunknowndeniedPeter D. Shepherddocuments are exempt from disclosure20010810235805659.pdf
12/16/2008William HarbaughmuckrackerUOcertain recordsfee waiverunknowndeniedPeter D. Shepherdtoo much burden on the university20010810235742350.pdf
12/17/2008Karen KirschlegalDivision of InsuranceBCBSO documentsdelaynadeniedPeter D. Shepherdattorney had already requested records20010810235715047.pdf
1/2/2009William T. HarbaughmuckrackerUO"certain records"delaynamootPeter D. ShepherdUO delivered documents after petition was filed20010811005931506.pdf
1/9/2009Michael A. PresleypersonalTeachers Standards and Practices Commissioncontents of his file delay$20denialDavid E. Leith2 month delay was reasonable20010811005911109.pdf
1/15/2009.William BirhanzlClackamas County Courtstatutory authoritymake availablenadenieddocuments don't meet definition of public records20010811005807011.pdf
1/15/2009William BirhanzlpersonalClackamas County Courttrial recordsdenialnadenialMary H. Williamscourt does not have any such records20010811005828671.pdf
1/15/2009William BirhanzlpersonalClackamas County Courttrial recordsdenialnadenialMary H. Williamscourt does not have any such records20010811005849261.pdf
2/3/2009Michelle Cole, ReporterreporterDepartment of Human ServicesAdrianna Cram Romero murder records make availablenadeniedrecords were exempt20010811005750661.pdf
2/6/2009William T. HarbaughmuckrackerUO and OUSAA plan and use of personal documentsdelaynadeniedMary H. WilliamsprematureDOJ refused to accept 5 days as reasonable time limit - or specify an alternative.20010811005741796.pdf
2/24/2009Charlie RingolawyerDCBS/Insurance Division Recordsdiscovery requestredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsDivision regarded Ringo's client's request as a "discovery request," rather than a public records request.20010811005705761.pdf
2/24/2009John W. NeidiglawyerDept. of State Police, State Medical Examiner's Office Recordsautopsies and lab reports for a number of individualsredactionunknowndeniedMary H. Williams20010811005721381.pdf
2/26/2009William T. HarbaughmuckrackerOUSuse of private email for OUS businessmake availablenamootOUS agreed to hand over records after petition was filed20010811005618536.pdf
2/26/2009Good bureaucratic maneuvering.William T. HarbaughmuckrakerUniversity of Oregon "any one document showing when UO's 2008 Affirmative Action Plan was transmitted to, or signed by, UO President Frohnmayer."fee waiver$10deniedMary H. WilliamsWhile the AG agrees that public interest would be served in waiving the fee, it is still up to them. Reasonableness is an objective standard. While waiving the $10 fee would not represent a significant financial hardship for the UO, "viewed with all of your public records requests, it is clear that you create a significant expense to UO and interfere significantly with UO's business."20010811005645619.pdf
3/2/2009.William T. HarbaughmuckrackerUOUMRP accounting recordsmake availablenamootUO agreed to hand over records after petition was filed20010811005603855.pdf
3/3/2009Erin OlsonlawyerDept. of State Police, State Medical Examiner's Office Recordsinvestigative and autopsy reports pertaining to deaths by suicideredactionunknowndeniedMary H. Williams20010811005538166.pdf
3/10/2009Clifford Earl BartzprisonerOffice of Secretary of State, Archives DivisionOath of Officefee waiverunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsNot in the public interest. 20010811005528366.pdf
3/13/2009Robert Fernandez prisonerDept. of State Police Recordsinvestigative reportfee waiver$10deniedDavid E. LeithOSP has not considered or denied any request for a fee waiver. 20010811005515315.pdf
3/16/2009Jamie AmayaprisonerODOCinmate filedelayunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsPremature. ODOC has not denied the request. 20010811005455605.pdf
3/24/2009Robert ButlerpersonalDepartment of Public Safety Standards and Training Recordsbasic police training manualfee waiver$444deniedMary H. WilliamsFee is not unreasonable. DPSST has consented to reduce fee in concurrence with a reduction in the scope of the requested records. 20010811005427795.pdf
3/30/2009Margaret Fiorino, AttorneylegalDepartment of Agriculturepesticide appilcation datamake available$382denieddatabase does not contain requested info20010811005449515.pdf
3/30/2009Margaret Fiorinolawyer Oregon Dept. of Agriculture Recordspesticide application recordsredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsSome of the requested records have already been provided, others are restricted due to confidentiality laws20010811005358915.pdf
4/1/2009Levelle SingletonprisonerODOCparole agreement, correspondence with Louisiana Parole AuthorityredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsODOC does not possess the requested records. 20010811005338465.pdf
4/2/2009Robert ButlerPublic SafetyBasic Police Training Manualfee waiver$444postponedAgency agreed to make relevant pages available for $5.20010811005322185.pdf
4/7/2009Steven ReynoldsPrisonerOregon BarSignature of Assistant AG Rebecca SchalegerDenialnaDenialRecords don't exist20010811004517494.pdf
4/7/2009Robert WoodroffeprisonerODOCInformation pertaining to fellow prisoner Steven BrownredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsPremature. 20010811005144489.pdf
4/8/2009Daniel J. Casey, Esq.lawyerMarlon County Circuit Court Recordsaudio recordings from post conviction trial (Thompson v. Belleque)redactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsStanding order (of 2001) claims the right to withhold records from disclosure20010811005134120.pdf
4/10/2009.Robert FernandezprisonerDepartment of Correctionsinvestigation reportsmake availablenadeniedpremature, exempt because of litigation20010811005054650.pdf
4/10/2009Wendie L. KellingtonlegalDepartment of Environmental Quality20010811005125850.pdf
4/15/2009Lenny David FairleyprisonerODOCcriminal reports, "confidential memo"redactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsCertain records were already made available. "Confidential memo" is not in the custody of ODOC. 20010811005041039.pdf
4/16/2009rather suspicious.William T. HarbaughmuckrakerUOUO BANNER accounting records, UMRP expenditures, appendix to Melinda Grier's response to USDOJredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsNot considered public records. 20010811005015940.pdf
4/24/2009William T. HarbaughmuckrackerUOUMRP accounting recordsmake complete records availablenadeniednot reasonableHarbaugh paid for records, UO sent incomplete data, DOJ refused to require it to send complete data.20010811005006570.pdf
4/30/2009William T. HarbaughmuckrakerUOUO documents submitted to the US Dept. of Justice concerning UMRPredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsToo much personal information contained in requested documents20010811004937600.pdf
5/6/2009.Alan Gustafson, Statesman JournalreporterGovernorLetter to Govmake availablenadeniedGovernor is exempt from PROs20010811004856735.pdf
5/6/2009Erik Siemers, Portland Business JournalreporterDepartment of EnergyCascade Grain Products loan documentsmake complete records availablenadenied, denied, denied, deniedproprietary, business practices20010811004922050.pdf
5/11/2009William T. HarbaughmuckrakerUOAA planfee waiver$10deniedMary H. WilliamsNo legal basis for fee waiver. 20010811004832697.pdf
5/12/2009Nathan R. Rietman, AttorneylegalElections Divisioncomplaint against Sizemoremake availablenadeniedcrime is under investigation20010811004804155.pdf
5/12/2009Arthur J. KamppersonalDepartment of Environmental Quality Recordsannual update of the financial assurance plan of lakeside reclamation landfillredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsMoot. Records were made available.20010811004810585.pdf
5/13/2009Steven ReynoldsprisonerCurry County Circuit Courtcertain documentsredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsSome records were provided. Others not in the custody of the Curry County Circuit Court. 20010811004739524.pdf
5/19/2009George A. MillerpersonalVeterinary Medical Examining Boarddocumentation relating the death of his petredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsConfidentiality. No evidence that public interest in disclosure outweighs interest in nondisclosure.20010811004719464.pdf
5/26/2009.David J. Ryan, AttorneyMedical Examinerautopsy reports on David Powersmake availablenadeniedconflicts with current lawsuit20010811004612024.pdf
5/26/2009Lemuel Hentzprisoner20010811004630093.pdf
5/26/2009David J. RyanlegalDept. of State Police, State Medical Examinerdocuments relating to the death of Douglas PowersredactionunknowndeniedMary H. Williamsconfidentiality. Medical Examiner intends to appeal court of appeal's decision. Oregon Supreme Court's possible review of the case would be circumvented.20010811004612024.pdf
5/26/2009Lemuel HentzprisonerODOCnotes and investigation reports pertaining to his caseredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsODOC and Parole Board Records are exempt from disclosure under certain circumstances. Redaction might help prisoners identify informants. Will provide some relevant material.20010811004650714.pdf
6/15/2009Ronald Lee MurphyprisonerODOCcase recordsredactionunknowndeniedMary H. WilliamsMoot.20010811004554764.pdf
6/22/2009Erin Olson, AttorneylegalOregon Medical Examinerautopsy reports on suicidesmake availablenadeniedlaw exempts autopsy reports20010811004535274.pdf
7/9/2009Loma-Marie WhartonunclearSecretary of StateAddress of the State PoliceDenialnaDenialAddress is not in SOS databasenot clear why she didn't use the phone book20010811004456564.pdf
7/10/2009William F. Cloran, AttorneylegalDepartment of TransportationI-5 Camas swale docs and emailsDelaynaDenialODOT still searchingRequested emails 6/22/2009, ODOT is searching for more20010811004449234.pdf
7/14/2009CastleWilliam T. HarbaughmuckrackerDepartment of JusticeReport on DOJ ethics investigation of SAAG Melinda Grierredaction, fee waiver$2,400DenialDavid E. LeithDOJ affirms its own decision to redact and decline fee waiver20010811004431739.pdf
7/23/2009Arnold R. Huskeyprisoner20010811004425002.pdf
7/28/2009Kelly KnivilalegalPEBBAG opiniondelaynaMootMary H. WilliamsPEBB produced document after petition was filed20010811004410130.pdf
8/6/2009Rachel Bachman, OregonianreporterOregon Youth Authorityrecords related to Howard AverydenialnadenialMary H. WilliamsFERPA type rules allow denial20010811004405440.pdf
8/19/2009high, but not Castle LevelWilliam T. HarbaughmuckrackerUOaccounting reports on John Moseley's travel expensesfee waiver13.89denialMary H. Williamstoo many public records requestsHarbaugh paid UO for accounting records of former Provost Moseley's travel, and sent them to Oregon University System Auditor Pat Snopokoswki. The auditor found substantial irregularities and policy changes and contract changes were made. Harbaugh requested a retroactive fee-waiver for these documents, on the basis that public interest had been demonstrated.20010811004325908.pdf
9/1/2009Kimberly PetittpersonalBureau of Labor and Industries"complete file on Guarrera, Hughes, Dunstan, and HALC"redactionunknowndeniedDavid E. LeithBOLI does not have access to the requested records20010811004312859.pdf