This is the catalog of the library of the North American Araucanian Royalist Society. For more information, visit our website at (362)LOCAuthorTitleCityPublisherDateNotesDescriptionDPM NumberLocation
BookGraveline, NoelLe Perigord, le Limousin-le Quercy, les Gorges du Tarn.GenevaSolar1986large picture book2023.159NAARS
MapArrowsmith, Aaron and Samuel Lewis.ChiliBostonArrowsmith and Lewis1812from: A New and Elegant General Atlas comprising all the new discoveries, to the present time", containing sixty-three maps drawn by Arrowsmith and Lewis, published by Thomas & Andrews, 45 Newbury Street, Boston, May 18129.75 x 8 inches.2023.103NAARS / Flat File2023.103Philadelphia Print Shop; 5/20/2014; 50.00.
MapPlan of the Bay of Conception in Chili.LondonG. G. & J. Robinson1798English pirated version of map draw from the Voyage of La Perouse.2023.102NAARS / Flat File
MapAndri, A. Le Royaume d'Araucanie Patagonien. p. n. p. 188611 x 17 photocopieshand-drawn map with handwritten text on reverse. Photocopy2023.101NAARS / Flat File
NewspaperAnonymous"Necrologie"ParisLa Vie Illustree1902March 28, 1902Article on the death of Achille Laviarde.2023.100NAARS / Flat File
NewspaperArnaud, Achille."Orelie Ier, Roi d'Araucanie"ParisLe Monde Illustre1862May 10, 1862Full contents of May 10, 1862 issue of Le Monde Illustre with a steel engraving of Orelie-Antoine by E. Boucourt on the cover.2023.099NAARS / Flat File
BookMollier, Pierre, ed.The symbolic tradition of freemasonry.Washington, DCWestphalia201469 p.2023.091NAARS2023.024gift of KPP
BookPohland, Klaus PeterLes Ordres, Decorations, Medailles et Monnaies du Royaume d’Araucanie et de Patagonie,Berlin20222023.024NAARS
PamphletForeign and Commonwealth OfficeFalkland Islands and Dependencies, 1968 and 1969LondonHer Majesty's Stationery Office197179 p., with folded map.2020.065NAARSOld Number Siz Book Depot; 7/14/2020; 5.75
BookF3031.5 .B78 1993Bruen, Bernie.Keep your head down : Falkland notes by pen and fiddle / Bernie Bruen.Tunbridge Wells, KentParapress1993xi, 180 p., [16] p. of plates : ill. ; 23 cm.2019.156NAARS
BookJX1530.Z6F325 1971Goebel, Julius, Jr., 1892-1973.The struggle for the Falkland Islands; a study in legal and diplomatic history, by Julius Goebel, Jr.Port Washington, NYKennikat Press1971reprintxiii, 482 p. illus., chart, maps, ports. 22 cm.2019.155NAARS
ArticleWesterman, Frank"'Le roi, c'est moi' : De koning van Araucanie en Patagonie"onzeWereldJune 1992magazine article; in Dutchpp. 40-43.
ArticleWesterman, Frank"'Le roi, c'est moi' (slot) : De koning van Araucanie en Patagonie"onzeWereldJuly / August 1992magazine article; in Dutchpp. 56-59.
BookG530 .B26 1979Barnard, Charles H.Marooned : being a narrative of the sufferings and adventures of Captain Charles H. Barnard, embracing an account of the seizure of his vessel at the Falkland Islands, & c., 1812-1816 / edited and with an introd. by Bertha S. Dodge.Middletown, CTWesleyan University Press1979Falkland Islandsxiv, 263 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.2,016.271NAARS
BookF2679.2.A2Dobritzhofer, Martin, 1717-1791.An account of the Abipones, an equestrian people of Paraguay.LondonJohn Murray1822vol 3 of 3419 p.2018.080NAARS
ArticleVariousInvasion of Minquiers 1998LondonVarious1998collection of articlesDaily Telegraph 09/02/98; Evening Standard 09/01/98; Daily Telegraph 09/01/98; Times 09/01/98; Guardian 09/01/98; Independent 09/01/98; Independent 09/02/98; with note from William Moult, who assembled the collection.
ArticleThevent, AndreLa rocambolesque histoire vraie du roi d'AraucanieParisHistorama Histoire No. 11977Article in popular magazinepp.94-101
ArticleF3126 .A65 no. 3Tegualda, G. de."Un centenaire franco-americain 1960, Orelie-Antoine de Thounens, fondait de Royaume d'Araucanie."ParisCahiers de l'Acadmie des Hautes Etudes Araucaniennes.1960photocopy27 p.verticle file
ArticleScoblionkov, Deborah"The Once and Virtual King."onlinewire.com9/28/1998magazine article, onlineprintout
ArticlePlunkett, Patrice de."Visite a M. Raspail, consul de Patagonie."5/23/1981article photocopied from an unknown French magazine.3 sheets photocopiedvertical file
BookBurton, Robert.South Georgia.LondonGovernment of South Georgia20123rd edition64 pages, color.2018.068NAARS
ArticlePeregrine, Anthony."The prince is dead, long life the prince."LondonTelegraph Newspaper4/5/2014newspaper article, provided by Don Foremanverticle file
ArticleF3126 .A65 no. 6Moulin-Peuillet, Leon M. de."Les rois d'Araucanie et la franc-maconnerie."ParisCahiers de l'Acadmie des Hautes Etudes Araucaniennes.1962photocopy17 p.vertical file
ArticleF3126 .A65 no. 9Moulin-Peuillet, Leon M. de."La succession royale d'Araucanie et l'ordre maconnique de Memphis et Misraim (Rite Egyptien)."ParisCahiers de l'Acadmie des Hautes Etudes Araucaniennes.1963photocopy11 p.vertical file
ArticleMoncrieff, A. R. Hope"A Real Tartarin."LondonMacmillan's Magazinen.d.This is a reprint from a review magazine; don't have the date or the name of the review magazine, nor the date of the original publication in Macmillan'spp. 34-40.
ArticleMiller, Samatha"The Web Sites Royal."New YorkPeople Weekly4/21/1997magazine articlep. 39.
ArticleMaury-Laguionie, Gilbert"En Marge de l'Histoire d'Araucanie"Cahiers de la Societe d'Histoire Araucanienne1970Anti-Boiry article; first (and only) edition of this journal.23 p. typescript.
ArticleGil-Montero, Martha."The Elusive Reign of Orelie Antoine,"WashingtonAmericasv. 24, n. 5, 1990magazine articlepp. 18-25.
ArticleGibert, A. T."The Cros family."LondonThe Art Journal1900details of the family of Antoine Cros, King Antoine II.pp. 153-155.verticle file
ArticleGarcia, Hernan Alejandro Olano."La Constitución del Reino de Araucanía."Talca, Chile.Estudios Constitucionales2005journal article offprintvertical file
ArticleFernandez, Ricardo Luis Pita"Acunaciones del Reino de Araucania y Patagonia a Nombre de Orelie Antoine I."MadridCronica NumismaticaJan. 2001magazine articlepp. 56-59.
ArticleFactsheet5"The Steel Crown #1"San FranciscoFactsheet52/5/1995zine review of SC#1p. 32.
ArticleFactsheet5"The Steel Crown #5"San FranciscoFactsheet510/20/1997zine review of SC#5p. 37.
ArticleCros, Antoine."Un Monstre."ParisParis à l'eau-forte: actualité, curiosité, fantaisie.11/21/1875copper engraving titled "un monstre" along with accompanying text.10 p. photocopied.verticle file
ArticleF3126 .A65 no. 4Casto y Tosi, Norberto de."Genealogie de la maison de Tounens."ParisCahiers de l'Acadmie des Hautes Etudes Araucaniennes.1961photocopy23 p.vertical file
ArticleF3126 .A65 no. 5Casto y Tosi, Norberto de."Deux documents inedits sur Orelie Antoine de Tounens, roi d'Araucanie et de Patagonie."ParisCahiers de l'Acadmie des Hautes Etudes Araucaniennes.1961photocopy19 p.vertical file
ArticleBurping Lula"The Steel Crown #2."Richmond, Va.Burping Lula1996zine review of SC#2\
ArticleBenigar, Juan."El concepto de espacio entre los Araucanos."Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBoletin de la Junta de Historia y Numismatica Americana1925photocopy, pp. 67-83.vertical file
ArticleBenigar, Juan."El concepto del tiempo entre los Araucanos."Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBoletin de la Junta de Historia y Numismatica Americana1925photocopy, pp. 137-154.vertical file
ArticleF3126 .B453 1985Bengoa, Jose.Historia del pueblo mapuche : (siglo XIX y XX) / José Bengoa.Santiago, Chile Ediciones Sur1985portion of a bookphotocopyvertical file
ArticleBarros, Jose Miguel."Orelie-Antoine I y una proyectada expedicion britanica a la Araucania."Santiago, Chile Univ. Católica1967portion of a bookphotocopyvertical file
ArticleBarber, Forest E."The Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia."Torrance, Calif.Augustan Society Information BulletinFeb. 1966journal articlepp. 18-25.vertical file
ArticleBarber, Forest E."Royal Ball Causes International Incident."Torrance, Calif.The AugustanOct-Nov 1967journal articlepp. 333-334.vertical file
ArticleBaeza, Sergio Martinez"Algo mas sobre el reino de Araucania y Patagonia."Revista DiplomaciaMarch 1994journal articlepp. 9-13 of no. 63.vertical file
ArticleAvendano, Andres Palma"Resurge el Rey de la Araucania."Puerto Mont, ChileEl Llanquihue11/10/1996newspaper article4 p., illustrated.vertical file
ArticleF3126 .A65 no. 12Araucanie, Princess Dominique."Un example caracteristique de distorsion historique sur le royaume d'Araucanie-Patagonie."ParisCahiers de l'Acadmie des Hautes Etudes Araucaniennes.1964photocopy26 p.vertical file
ArticleF3126 .A65 no. 2Araucanie, Prince Philippe B."L'Araucanie et la Patagonie bibliographie."ParisCahiers de l'Acadmie des Hautes Etudes Araucaniennes.1959photocopy25 p.verticle file
ArticleAnonymous"Society Promotes Study of the Kingdom of Araucania."Torrance, Calif.The Augustann.d. [1997]journal articlepp. 16-17.vertical file
ArticleAnonymous"The Longing for Kingship."LondonThe Spectator8/1/1891magazine article mentions Orelie Antoinepp. 155-157.vertical file
ArticleF3126 .A65 no. 1Altogrande, Georges d'."Achille 1er, second roi d'Araucanie: refutation d'erreurs concernant sa famille et son mariage."ParisCahiers de l'Acadmie des Hautes Etudes Araucaniennes.1958photocopy5 p.verticle file
BookDuhamel, Vanessa.Boucq & Duhamel: Trump en 100 tweets.Pariseditions i.2018Cartoons and quotations. Duhamel is Franz Quatreboeufs' mistress.124 p.2,018.057NAARS
BookGN24 .T5Titiev, Mischa, 1901-The science of man; an introduction to anthropology.New YorkHolt1956Araucanians489 p. illus. 25 cm.2016.249NAARS
BookF3031 .G68 1992Gough, Barry.The Falkland Islands/Malvinas : the contest for empire in the South Atlantic /Barry Gough.Atlantic Highlands, NJAlthone1992Falkland Islandsxvi, 212 p. : 2 maps ; 23 cm.2016.090NAARS
BookG530 .B26 1979Barnard, Charles H.Marooned : being a narrative of the sufferings and adventures of Captain Charles H. Barnard, embracing an account of the seizure of his vessel at the Falkland Islands, & c., 1812-1816 / edited and with an introd. by Bertha S. Dodge.Middletown, CTWesleyan University Press1979Falkland Islandsxiv, 263 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.2,016.271NAARS
BookCoe. Andrew.Falkland adventure.Strathaven, UKBluebell Publishing2000Falkland Islands88 p.2016.200NAARS
BookF1401 .T45 no. 3Vernon, Ida Stevenson Weldon.Pedro de Valdivia, conquistador of Chile.Austin, TXUniversity of Texas1946193 p. illus., port., maps. 26 cm.

BookVerhasselt Puppinck, Dominique, ed.Chile souvenir.Santiago, ChileEditorial Kactus2002Chile64 p.2013.014
BookVergnaud, RolandLegitimite de la monarchie Orelienne fondee en AraucanieNanterre, FranceUniversity of Paris X1976photocopy of master's thesis
BookGV199.44.S63 V46 1991Venables, Stephen, 1954-Island at the edge of the world : a South Georgia odyssey / Stephen Venables.LondonHodder Stoughton1991177 p., [16] p. of plates : col. ill., maps ; 24 cm.2015.158NAARS
BookF3031.5 V38 1986Vaux, Nick.Take that hill! : Royal Marines in the Falklands War / Nick Vaux ; forewords by P.X. Kelley & Max Hastings.WashingtonPergamon-Brassey’s International Defense Publishers1986261 p.
BookD412.7 .V28Valko, William G. The illustrated who’s who in reigning royalty; a history of contemporary monarchical systems [by] William G. Valko.PhiladelphiaCommunity Press1969263 p. ports. 18 cm.
BookF2936 .T75Tschiffely, A. F. (Aimé Felix), 1895-1954.This way southward : an account of a journey through Patagonia to Tierra del FuegoLondonHodder & Stoughton1946, c1945
BookF1409 .T84 1983Tschiffely, A. F. (Aimé Felix), 1895-1954. Southern cross to pole star : Tschiffely’s ride / by A.F. Tschiffely ; introduction by Eric Newby, with a preface by R.B. Cunninghame Graham.Los AngelesJ.P. Tarcher1983
BookF2223 .T74Tschiffely, A. F. (Aimé Felix), 1895-1954.Tschiffely’s ride, ten thousand miles in the saddle from southern cross to pole star, by A.F. Tschiffely; with a preface by R.B. Cunninghame Graham.New YorkSimon and Schuster1933Wren, Percival Christopher, 1885-1941.
Book PR6013.R19 Z8 1937Tschiffely, A. F. (Aimé Felix), 1895-1954.Don Roberto, being the account of the life and works of R. B. Cunninghame Graham, 1852-1936, by A. F. Tschiffely.LondonW. Heinemann1937
BookPZ3.W927 Val PR6045.R35Wren, Percival Christopher, 1885-1941.Valiant dust, by Percival Christopher Wren.New YorkStokes1932This novel contains a passing reference to Orelie-Antoine de Tounens on p. 223.4 p.l., 3-375 p. 19cm.2,017.185NAARS
BookTrivero, AlbertoTentenvilu : un antico mito cosmogonico dell'arcipelago di Chiloe (Patagonia chilena)MondoviLa Ghisleriana1993
BookF3031.5 .A528 2002Anderson, Duncan.The Falklands War, 1982 / Duncan Anderson.Oxford (UK)Osprey200295 p. : ill. (some col.), col. maps ; 25 cm.2018.063NAARS
BookF3126 .T72Tounens, Antoine de, 1825-1878.Orllie-Antoine Ier, roi d’Araucanie et de Patagonie, son avénement au trône, et sa captivité au Chili; relation écrite par lui-meme.BayonneLibro-Liber1992reprint of 1863 edition
BookTounens, Antoine de, 1825-1878.Manifeste d'Orllie-Antoine Ier, roi d'Araucanie et de Patagonie.Bayonne, FranceLibro-Liber1992
BookGN2 .M53 no. 15Titiev, Mischa, 1901-Araucanian culture in transition.Ann ArborUniversity of Michigan Press19512 copies2,016.255
BookGN2 .M5Titiev, Mischa, 1901-Social singing among the MapucheAnn ArborUniversity of Michigan Press1949
BookV64.G72 T568 1983Tinker, David, 1957-1982.A message from the Falklands : the life and gallant death of David Tinker : from his letters and poems / compiled by Hugh Tinker.Harmondsworth, Middlesex, EnglandPenguin1983Falkland Islands214 p. ; 18 cm.2012.318
BookF3031.5 .T48 1985Thompson, Julian, 1934-No picnic : 3 Commando Brigade in the South Atlantic, 1982 / Julian Thompson.LondonSecker & Warburg1985Falkland Islandsxviii, 201 p., [60] p. of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.2012.310
BookE27.2 .T47Theroux, Paul.The old Patagonian express : by train through the Americas / Paul Theroux ; [endpaper maps by Richard Sanderson].BostonHoughton Mifflin1979
BookF3031 .S8Sutton, George.Glacier island.LondonChatto & Windus1957South Georgia Island224 p.2013.400
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BookF3031 .W36 1982Sunday ExpressWar in the Falklands : the campaign in pictures / by the Sunday express magazine team.LondonWeidenfeld and Nicolson1982Falkland Islands153 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 31 cm.
BookF3126 .S85 1976bStuchlik, MilanLife on a half share : mechanisms of social recruitment among the Mapuche of Southern Chile / by Milan Stuchlik.New YorkSt. Martin's Press19762 copies
BookJC365 .S77 1984Strauss, Erwin S.How to start your own country : how you can profit from the coming decline of the nation state / by Erwin S. Strauss.Port Townsend, WALoompanics Unlimited,1984second edition
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BookStonehouse, BernardThe last continent: discovering Antarctica.Norfolk, UKSCP Books2000Travel guide covering territory integral to the KAP278 p. :ill. (some col.), maps ; 22 cm.
BookF3031.5 .D66 1996Stavridis, Stelios, ed.Domestic sources of foreign policy : West European reactions to the Falklands Conflict / edited by Stelios Stavridis and Christopher Hill.WashingtonBerg1996202 p. ; 23 cm.2012.307
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BookSociedad Biblica ChilenaNgunechen ni Kume Dungu : El Neuvo Testamento en MapudungunSantiago, ChileSociedad Biblica Chilena1997
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BookPM5463 .S64 2008Smeets, Ineke, 1950-A Mapuche gramarNetherlandsn.p.1989photocopy of a doctoral dissertation637 p.
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BookD107 .S5 1984Shakespeare, Nicholas, 1957-The men who would be king : a look at royalty in exile / Nicholas Shakespeare.LondonSidgwick & Jackson1994
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BookF2821 .S47Serrano, Antonio, 1899-Los aborígenes argentinos : síntesis etnográfica / Antonio Serrano.Buenos AiresEditorial Nova1947285 p.2013.032
BookSarradet, MaxWhat to see in Dordogne PerigordPerigueux, FrancePierre Fanlac1973Lists the tomb of Orelie-Antoine120 p., map, 19 cm.