Saint Louis Housing Survey For Incoming Students
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What area of St. Louis do you live in?What is the name of your apartment complex (if you live in an apartment)?How long does it take you to get to school?How many bedrooms does your apartment or house have?How many bathrooms does your apartment or house have? What are your parking options? If you have to pay, what is the monthly rate?What are some other amenities that your apartment has? How much do you pay for rent for your apartment/house (if you split rent with a roommate, please list the entire price)?How safe do you feel in your apartment/neighborhood?Elaborate on your answer above if you would like. How satisfied have you been with your living experience?Please elaborate on your answer above by listing some pros and cons. What do you like or dislike about the surrounding area/neighborhood?Would you be willing to share more information with interested students? If so, please enter your name and email address.
The Grove (NOT tower grove)Five to ten minute driveThree or more bedrooms2.5Street And our own 2 car garage Central Air , washer and dryer, gas stove, trash and recycling , own fenced in backyard . 12955Our Street is very safe. Neighboring streets may our may not be (AKA Typical St Louis)4It's a house. Or Land lady is slightly crazy. You Wont have her because you wont be living in our house .Safe. Close To metro. Close To highway 64and 44. Walking path straight into first Park .short drive to school. Big And nice House for cheap price. Lot Of parking. Easy To throw parties. Right Next to cafe. Neighbors Are families and students. Milap. mdubal@slu
AfftonPark ForestTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1Parking is free. Covered parking at a cost. Heating costs are capped at 10/mo which is awesome for winter. We have a gym, pool, easily accessible laundry facilities, a very attentive management, quiet neighborhood. May seem "far" from school but the drive is the same time it takes for CWE people to get through all the lights and get to school. 800 or so 5One of the few places in St. Louis that I feel really safe in. 5
AfftonHeritage EstatesMore than twenty minute driveOne bedroom1No parking fee, and no assigned parking. There is adequate parking available, at least for the unit I'm in.Access to a pool, a small spa, a small gym, and a basketball court. some units come with a a washer/dryer in unit, but most don't.6055The apartment complex I live in is family oriented, so there are people of all ages. I often don't get home until after midnight, but I feel like it wouldn't matter what time of day I got home. Also, there's a County Sherif Police station around the corner from the complex.4The distance is by far the biggest issue I have with living where I do. If it wasn't as far from school, I would undoubtedly stay there as long as I felt like.The only thing I dislike about the area, is the location of the laundry facility. I've been blessed to be place fairly close, but many units are a good distance away, and if there's no washer/dryer in unit, they'll probably have to drive to the laundry facility.

What I do like is that there are a few stores not too far, with other stores about 10 minutes away (i.e. target, walmart, restaurants, etc.)
Lawrence Hall,
AfftonPark Forest ApartmentsFifteen to twenty minute driveTwo bedroom1.5Free lot parking Fitness center, swimming pool, community garden, central air, trash and mixed recycling pick-up services twice weekly$922 per month54Wish we had lived her all 4 years, but only moved out here the last 2 quiet, easy distance to interstate 44, many medical students
AftonVillages at General GrantFifteen to twenty minute driveTwo bedroom1.5Free parking in an open lot in front of my apartment.central air, gym access, pool, laundy in the unit or in on-campus laundry room, dog parks/pet friendly, playground and picnic area$99055Further distance from school but nice neighborhood, lots of room with the floorplan, close to Grant's Trail and Grant's Farm, pet friendly.I like that it feels safe, it's in close proximity to Webster Groves and Kirkwood Old Markets, has a large popular running/bike trial nearby, plenty of businesses down Watson Road.
Benton ParkCherokee CourtFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom1Gated parking lot for residents with remote gate opener - included in rent.Washer & Dryer in unit. Pet friendly. Alarm system installed. 12 foot kitchen island. Large closets in bedrooms. Ceiling fans in bedrooms. Central AC and heating. 2nd and 3rd floor apartment over quiet store fronts.$1,06044Lived here for last three years and if we were not moving out of state for residency, I'm sure that my roommate and I would continue to stay here.Love the surrounding neighborhood. There are less safe areas, but near here is the "hispanic district", lots of coffee shops and pub hangouts. Apartment is located specifically on historic Cherokee Street Antique Row. Our place has already signed a lease for when we leave - that's how amazing it is!Megan
Benton parkFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom244More affordable than central west end, especially of you have a roommate. More character. Close to school and all major hwys. Has character. Within walking distance to soulard. Good parks.

Still a developing neighborhood so some areas are a bit "unkept".
BrentwoodVillas at BrentwoodFifteen to twenty minute driveOne bedroom1Free indoor parkingCentral air, access to a small indoor gym, pool, dishwasher and laundry washer/drier in each unit, pets allowed. $995/month5Very safe and friendly neighborhood.5The surrounding neighborhood is fantastic. I'm right across the street from the Mid County YMCA (literally, it's a 30 second walk). There's also a great park right across the street with running and bike trails. I'm within a 10 minute walk of the Galleria, Whole Foods, Target, Trader Joe's, Dierberg's, and pretty much any store that I would want to go to. I'm also a 10 minute walk from the metrolink, which is very convenient because you can use it to get pretty much anywhere, including SLU.

This is a really great apartment complex and a really friendly neighborhood. Great for someone who likes the outdoors and likes to be able to walk wherever they need to go. Not the best for bars or nightlife, although it's a 15-20 minute drive to CWE and other places around SLU.
BrentwoodHanley Station condominiumsTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2parking garage, included in monthly feessmall apartment gym/weight room, pool, central air, walking distance to all grocery stores (i.e. Walmart, Target, Trader Joe's, Dierbergs)100055I own the condo, so my monthly rate is lower that it normally may be higher.Everything is in walking distance
Brentwood Brentwood ForestTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1We are guaranteed two parking spots (bc its a two bedroom apartment) for free. We have the option of parking in front of our building (along one of the main roads of the subdivision) or in a private lot behind our building. Central air conditioning & heating, a community pool. $1,0505It is a very safe neighborhood, with a lot of young professionals and new families living near by. 5I am very pleased with my apartment and living situation. Our apartment has recently been renovated so it is relatively new appliances and interior. Although it is somewhat of a drive to school everyday, there are a lot of great stores right near by (Trader Joes, Target, Whole Foods, Dierbergs, Schnucks, the Galleria, Wal Mart, Sam's Club) so I dont have to go far for groceries, etc. Also, because it is a little further out of down town, I am paying less than I would for a comparable apartment in CWE. The only issue is that a large portion of people I know live in the CWE or Tower Grove so I find myself having to drive down to either area constantly. In my opinion, the pros of the apartment out weigh the cons and I am very happy to renew my lease for next year. See questions above. Clare O'Hare,
Brentwood/ClaytonBrentwood ForestTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1Tons of parking near the apartment. Spots are never full. Neighborhood-like area with huge parking spaces (unlike the SLUSOM parking garage).Central air, laundry in apartment, dishwasher, access to neighborhood pool, close to park, close to every store known to man, walking distance of metro station, easy access to highway 40, less city-like, more neighborhood-like.8005Brentwood Forest is a very family oriented complex. Not only is it huge, with a ton of people always outside, it is away from the city, and has a more suburban feel to it. I have never not felt safe at home.4The only con is that it is a bit farther from school-miles wise. It takes the same amount of time to get to school as most other students, but I am definately reminded of the distance away each day.I love everything about the neighborhood. I wish I could take the neighborhood and put it next to school and then it would be perfect!Sarah Bieser
Brentwood/GalleriaBrentwood forest condosFive to ten minute driveOne bedroom12 spots included directly in front of doorCommunity pool, tennis courts, nature trail, pond
In unit laundry, central air, all electric, small deck/patio
7505I run after midnight on most days. I leave my windows open at night and I'm on the ground level. Brentwood PD is constantly patrolling the neighborhood since they are less than a mile away. Look up crime stats on the Brentwood PD website if you need any more evidence.5I've had a great experience here.
Pros: community landscaping takes care of everything outside. Super safe, VERY low noise level. Walking distance to bread co, whole foods, galleria. 2 stoplights from getting on highway. Community is mostly young professionals and old people. Fast Maintainance responses.

Only con: renter insurance required. There is an initial fee to apply for a residency permit and move in fee. There is no covered parking.
Surrounding neighborhood is safe and everything is nearby. If you have a car, it is a straight shot to SLU. It is located centrally as far as hospital wise, so you can get to any of the clerkships fast.Ming Shi.
Central West EndWest End TerraceTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2Gated parking included in rentCentral air, gym and a pool10224I wouldn't walk alone at night, but other than that I feel very safe. Especially since I have gated parking and the gate closes at night and on the weekends5It's a great location, good prices for the central west end and parking is super easy and nice to have for free. There are a ton of other med students in the area Amy Gould,
Central West EndConvent GardensFive to ten minute driveOne bedroom1Gated parking, $40.00 a monthThe building is undergoing renovations at the moment. Currently wall unit AC/heat. After renovation, will have a gym in the basement and a very nice courtyard, as well as a coffee station in the lobby.70045The maintenance man is responsive to any problems. The only issue I have had living here is picking up packages. The building manager isn't always in the office, and it can be very hard to get a package delivered.Great area with tons of food. Close to grocery store. Walking distance to pretty much everything.Patrick Ogurick
Central West EndWest End TerraceTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2Free gated parking.Some units have washer/dryer combos. Gym, outdoor pool, workout room, free printing on new computers, free movie rental. Nice staff. If you move there and refer someone else they will give you $500. Also there is no limit on how many times you can get that referral fee.$1025/month54Very nice place, I have an updated apartment which is nice, but most have dingy cabinets. I would recommend requesting a 2nd or 3rd floor unit as there have been reports of bugs in the first floor ones. I have never had a problem with this, but I also don't leave food or trash laying around. There are also grills and bike racks for people to use spread out around the complex. Just north of here is Delmar street which sometimes has some problems. While the Central West End is generally safe, there have been some probelms with robbery. Girls shouldnt walk around alone at night. I have never had a problem with my car getting broken into.Rick Bloomingdale -
Central West EndDel CoronadoTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2Covered parking garage: $70 per month. Uncovered parking garage: $60 per month. Uncovered parking in back lot: $50 per month.Gym; Heat and AC units in each room; multiple laundry rooms, lounge with TV, couches and pool table; bike storage area$1,2154There is a 24 hour doorman/woman who sits in the lobby with security cameras around the building and in the parking garage, so I feel really safe inside the apartment building. Walking at night, I feel safe but of course I'm still cautious because it is still St. Louis. However, I feel that CWE is one of the safer neighborhoods.4The staff at Del Coronado are really nice and helpful. I've never had a problem getting repairs done or requests answered. I love living in CWE, too. Del Coronado is fairly centrally located in CWE so it's very convenient to go to the restaurants, shops, etc.Can't think of any complaints.Cathleen Becker
Central West EndThe Embassy10-20 during morning/evening traffic; 5 otherwise Two bedroom120 dollars a month for guaranteed parking in a fenced lot gym, pool, ac wall units, doggy park, forest park is less than a block a way, pet fee is very cheap ($ 20/mo)$ 940 including parking54There is a heating cooling issue. I live on the top floor corner unit with A LOT of windows, so during the summer it gets very hot and during the winter very cold.Vinaya Mulkareddy
Central West EndThe Del CoronadoTen to fifteen minute driveThere are 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units available in our apartment building150$/month garage parking, 45$/month off street parkingAccess to gym, door man, amazing maintenance and administration. Also, there's a referral bonus that I'm happy to split with anyone who ends up living here :D$8753I live on the corner on Euclid and West Pine in the CWE, probably one of the safest places to live in the city unless you want to live in Clayton/ near the WashU undergrad campus. However, I'm still very cautious while walking around at night. I stick to Euclid in between Forest Park Parkway and Laclede is the farthest south I will go. Even within places that are technically in the CWE, I usually drive. 4Pros: super prompt maintenance, very well run building, the doormen are nice. I didn't realize how awesome it is to have a gym in your own building until I moved here. Obviously the SLU gym is huge and has much more equipment. But it is so much easier to just walk downstairs whenever you feel like working out. Wendy, the manager is really nice and friendly and will help you however she can.

Cons: there is cheaper housing to be found around here. But none that are as well run. No balcony or rooftop :( The rent has gone up both years we've lived here
Like: I can walk to lots of cool restaurants, a grocery store (expensive but good for emergency purchases), coffee shops, everything. It is so nice to be able to walk to Jimmy John's or Bread Co if you don't feel like cooking. It's also nice to live somewhere where there are almost always people around/about outside. Having forest park right across the street is also amazing. I'm not a distance runner, so it's nice that I can run in the park even if I'm just doing a short jog.

Dislike: Not super safe. But almost positive that it's the safest you're going to get in the city, that's just St. Louis
Central West EndTowne HouseTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2one garage spot - $70/month
street parking
fitness room, pool, mail room, pets allowed$1,29545can walk to areas with shops, coffee, resturaunts, ice cream
very close to grocery store and Walgreens
Jenny van Lunteren
Central West EndTen to fifteen minute driveOne bedroom1Garage?
Outdoor gated - $25/month
Amazing location/neighborhood 71545Amazing location,beautiful apartment

shower has weak h2o pressure
like most everything - places to eat, go out, walk, jog, forest park, brandon beal
Central West EndTowne HouseFifteen to twenty minute driveTwo bedroom21 indoor parking spot
1 outdoor parking spot available

abundant free street parking
averaged utility costs across the entire building (keeps utility costs stable and cheap)
Central West EndDel CoronadoTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2In the parking garage for $60/month or in the lot nearby for $50/monthWall unit heating and air conditioning. 24hr desk attendant to get packages and help if you are locked out. Gym and lounge with a pool table TV and microwave.124054CWE is a very cool place to live it's just a little expensive. A lot of people that go to Wash U Med live here since they can walk to school. The building was mainly medical which was fun to meet other students. The building was always quiet and we were also able to be loud on occasion. Lots of shops and bars/restaurants. If you have enough time and money to go out to places it's a fun area to live in. You pay a little more for the walking distance to many things. Driving to school will probably get better when the Grand bridge
Central West EndResidences at Forest Park HotelTen to fifteen minute driveOne bedroom1My Complex has a parking lot that is included with rent. It's not covered and it's across the street, but for CWE, that's good.Central Air, indoor gym, great dog park (if you have a dog), separate non-let outdoor courtyard with grills (very nice). The complex is also very safe with indoor entry to your own unit and security guard every night. Does have a dishwasher, and in unit washer and drier, which is extremely convenient. Pets are definitely allowed and there's a great community of dog owners. I've loved living in this building. Only set-back is the price, but if you're willing to pay, I'd recommend it.$1,17554I do not plan on living here again next year, only because of the price.Great area to be in if you enjoy going out and walking to different restaurants. If that's not really too important, then I'd say it's not necessarily worth it to pay the price to live in the Central West End, as there are plenty of nice places closer to school that don't have the price tag.JJ Wojcik
Central West EndDel CoronadoFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom2$70 covered spotwater, gym, indoor wall units, huge floor space (1200 sq ft) for 2 bedroom, amazing staff and maintenance, security/doorman, quarter laundry machines every even numbered floor. 1285 (with parking) for 2 of us55Lots to do, Forest Park is beautiful, close to highway (makes grocery shopping easier)
Central West EndPark LaneTen to fifteen minute driveStudio1My building does not have its own parking area, but I pay $100/month to park in a nearby lot owned by a small hospital. Additionally, there is a public garage one block north of my building, which offers spaces at $55/month.No fitness center or pool. All of the apartments in my building have wall AC units. Monthly rent for all apartments includes AC/heat, water, sewer, trash, and electric.$631/month3Car break-ins are an issue in the Central West End, but I have not had problems in my current lot. My building is located on the main Central West End thoroughfare (called Euclid Avenue), and I feel safe walking alone down that street at night. I do try to avoid walking alone along the smaller streets of my neighborhood after dark, though.3Pros: Reasonable rent, given my building's location on Euclid Avenue (a prime spot to live--it's next to many restaurants and coffee shops). Maintenance is always prompt in responding to my requests.

Cons: My building is quite old, and it definitely looks its age. The kitchen isn't optimal for those planning to do a lot of cooking (gas stove, no dishwasher, and almost no counter space). No fitness center or recycling.
Likes: Close proximity (5 minutes walking) to the Wash U medical campus for those planning to do research or study there, also close to many restaurants and coffee shops (Subway, Jimmy John's, Qdoba, Starbucks, plus other local and eclectic options), as well as a movie theater

Cons: Car break-ins are a problem in the Central West End, and parking in general is limited (even those apartment buildings that have garages or lots commonly run out of spaces). The Central West End is also not the most crime-free neighborhood (it's a good idea to walk with others after dark), although a lot of students do live here and, in general, it is reasonably safe.
Stephanie Chang,
Central West EndPark LaneFive to ten minute driveStudio1I park on the street because it is cheaper. There is outside parking close available for $100 and a garage farther away for $50 a month.Wall unit air conditioning, laundry available downstairs, no gym or pool. All amenities are included in the rent except cable and Internet.$65043Sarah Smith
Central West End3949 lindellLess than five minute driveTwo bedroom2One covered spot included
$50/month for additional spot
Gym, pool, business office, balcony, gated covered parking15002Ok to drive, but wouldn't walk around alone at night4Close to school, grocery store, other students & gojng out
Central West EndHampden HallTen to fifteen minute driveOne bedroom1Free on street, $25/mo secured lot, $90/mo garageCentral air/heat, Gas stove, dishwasher, free tanning, newly renovated kitchen (appliances, floors).8254While not the worst in the city, there is crime in the area so I wouldn't recommend walking around alone at night. 4I live alone so I don't have to worry about noise/cleaning up all the time.

Not really near any walmarts/targets or stores for the necessities (besides groceries), but they're not too far of a drive away.
Lots of bars and restaurants in the area within walking distance. I live right next to the Basilica so its cool to look at. Nice view of downtown
Central West EndChesterfield aptsFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom2Gated parkingWasher and dryer, central air, gym/pool at other building 2 blocks away$1,21935Good location, lots space in apt
Con: traffic noise
Close to forest park and cwe
Central West EndPark LaneTen to fifteen minute driveStudio1Street parking is available, but it's not much since this is a popular area and there are a lot of meters. Garage and lot parking are also available (garage parking is $55/month). The apartment comes with an air conditioner, free of charge. We have a mail room in which our packages are held, so they aren't left out in the open in the lobby. There is also a laundry room in the basement, as well as a bike room.$6255I've never had any problems living here. The apartment doors are actually double doors (a gated door, and then an actual door). As with any urban/city area, you want to be smart about certain things (i.e., don't travel alone real late at night, especially during dark areas, lock your doors at night, etc) and to just be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes there will be some shady characters around the at night, but I don't think that's specific to the Central West End; I've experienced that in St. Louis in general. Police can be seen patrolling the area sometimes. Overall, I've never really had any problems living here.5I really enjoy living here at Park Lane. Rent includes all utilities (heat, hot water, electricity, etc), which can be pretty useful in the summer and winter. The management and maintenance are pretty nice, and are quick to resolve issues. The best part is the location-Central West End. If you don't drive, the bus stop is right near the building.

The only con that I can think of is that our electricity has gone out once or twice since I've been living here, probably because this building is a bit old and the wiring isn't all that superb. But it didn't last for more than a day.
Central West End is a great area! I love how most things are within walking distance; there are plenty of restaurants and bars. The bank and public library are a few blocks away. 80% of the tenants in my building are grad students, so it never really gets loud or bothersome. Sara Hadi;
Central West End326 n euclidFifteen to twenty minute driveTwo bedroom1Parking is a little rough. Street parking is available but fills up quickly as the CWE is a popular social area with bars and restaurant. Monthly parking in lots is available for about $50-75 per month.Stellar location with bars, restaurants, Forest Park, and Metrolink within a few minutes walk. Central air/heat, in-unit washer/dryer combo and skylights.$1,1505Bike cops routinely patrol Euclid and the surrounding streets and keep things safe without being intrusive. Also, their base is in the ground floor of my building. So, yeah, very safe.4Love the location and price. Property management company (Red Brick) could be a little quicker fixing things but maintenance requests are usually taken care of relatively quickly. Also, the Red Brink office is 2 blocks away so face time with them is easy to get.Parking. Gotta be willing to walk.Dwayne Corcoran,
Central West EndWest End TerraceFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom2Free gated parking!Central heat and air. Everything is electric. On site (small) gym and pool! We have a washer and dryer in our unit, but there is also an option of not having one for lower rent. There is an onsite laundry facility.1025/ month + utilities44Great location in CWE w/ a very affordable price tag for the locaiton.
Central West EndFresh PropertiesFive to ten minute driveThree or more bedrooms1Pay $100 for gated outdoor parking!Central air and heat. New kitchen appliances120054
Central West EndChesterfield ApartmentsTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2Gated lot, included with rent1200-split with roommate34Love living by Forest Park because I run! But it would be nice to live closer to school.Colleen Pickett,
Central West End4515 Lindell BlvdTen to fifteen minute driveStudio11. Street Parking = (VERY limited and hard to find)

2. Garage Parking = $50 a month. wait-list for a garage spot is very long though (as with any apartment in the Central West End area)
Free hot water, trash, gas, and heat for winter. Need to pay for your own internet and electricity. No central AC, so you'll need to buy your own window AC unit. No dishwasher or Sink garbage disposal units. No access to a gym or pool. A very basic apartment for a decent price (in Central West End). One service elevator and one normal elevator. 6754Central West End is relatively safe, compared to the area around the medical school, but I would be wary when walking alone outside at night.3The apartments are clean, but old, and it shows. The wooden floor tiles don't hold up in some areas. The price is good for an apartment in CWE, since other places around this building charge a lot more for rent. Prices increase very rapidly the closer you get to Forest Park or Wash U's hospital.It's very hard to find parking around CWE without a parking spot. It also takes longer than you would think (considering the short distance) to get to the medical school from CWE, since there is quite a bit of traffic on the local streets that lead to SLU. I used to live further away from SLU, but because I could take I-44 in the past, it took me about the same amount of time to get to school as it does from CWE. The only benefits of living in CWE is being close to Forest Park and the restaurants on Euclid Ave. Otherwise, I would find a different neighbohood to live in, such as The Hill / Dogtown, or Lafayette Square.
Central West EndMetro LoftsFive to ten minute driveOne bedroom1Parking is a secure, underground garage. The cost is $60/spot per month. There is no other parking alternative through the building. Central heat/air, pet friendly, gym with machines and free weights, lounge with outside patio, free coffee and cable, secure entry into building, intercom system to let people in without going downstairs, trash shoots on every floor, secured garage guest parking ($10/night), laundry within each unit, leasing office hold packages and has cookies and candy!$1,3154I do not walk around much at night by myself except to walk my dog in front of the building. That has nothing to do with the neighborhood though, just personal preference. I will say that the CWE is not the safest, but also not the most unsafe neighborhood. Just don't walk alone late at night if you've been drinking or if you are carrying anything valuable. 5Pros: Everything I could want and more.
Cons: Expensive.

You get what you pay for. New building in good location = pricey but no electrical/plumbing/bug issues.
Like: walkable neighborhood with bars, restaurants and shopping nearby.
Cons: not walkable to school or any of the rotation sites.
Central West EndDel Coronado ApartmentsFifteen to twenty minute driveOne bedroom1Underground covered garage, assigned parking spot. $70/month.Wall unit A/C, gym on 2nd floor within the apartment building. Recreation room with sofas, tv, pool table.$880 including parking55
Central West EndDel CoronadoFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom2covered and uncovered garage or outside. I pay 75/month for covered garageaccess to a small gym in the building1225/month44The building is old so it's not the nicest place to live but it is convenient and comfortable. There is no central heating or cooling which can be inconvenient at times. The people that work in the building are very helpful and friendly. The building is right in the middle of all the restaurants/bars of the CWE and right across the street from Forest Park.
Central West EndTowne HouseTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2Underground garage, gated parking lot, or street parking. Gated parking lot is ~$40/month.wall units, access to gym, pool, washer/dryer access, doorman, free coffee in lobby in morning14004I feel safe in my apartment, but I wouldn't feel safe walking alone in the neighborhood at night. My car has never been vandalized or harmed. The doorman makes me feel more safe than I would otherwise.5Pros: 24 hour access to gym with televisions attached to the treadmill. I expect the pool to by wonderful in the summer. The apartment community is very friendly and helpful. The maintenance people are quick to respond. There's a great view of the basillica. I like my balcony. It's good for entertaining guests. Reasonably priced. They allow pets.

Cons: electric stove (I would prefer gas). They don't allow coal grills on the balcony.
Pros: Nearby restaurants. The Chase Park is close for family to stay or to go to movies. Forest Park is close by!

Jessica Petrone
Central West EndMonticello ApartmentsFive to ten minute driveOne bedroom1Garage-$60window units, gym$70544The area has great nightlife and restaurants and lots of students live nearby
Central West EndDel Coronado Five to ten minute driveOne bedroom1Garage- $75/monthGym, lounge with pool table$85055
Central West EndWest End TerraceTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2Parking lot outside the apartmentCentral air, gym, pool, gated, laundry facility in the apartment complex (or can pay extra to have washer/dryer in your apartment) $1022/month4No matter where you live in St. Louis, I think you have to be more aware of your safety than in other cities I have lived. However, I feel relatively safe pretty much everywhere in this area. I would not walk alone at night, though, especially being a woman.5Pros- leasing managers are great and extremely flexible in working with you on anything you needI really like being so close to all the restaurants and bars in CWE, as well as being so close to Forest Park. It's also a nice, central location in terms of being close to school, but also close to other places in the city, such as downtown, U. City, the outlying suburbs, etc. Rachel Lieberman-
Central West EndDel Coronado ApartmentsTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2uncovered, off-street gated lot for $50
uncovered garage for $60
covered garage for $70
wall units for heating and air
resident lounge
nice lobby
12155I really like the neighborhood. Also, the building is secure (need a key fob for entry) and there is a doorman.5Great apartment building with lots of SLU and WashU students. Staff is amazing - maintenance requests are attended to promptly and everyone is really nice and friendly.Lots of food options on Euclid. Forest park right next door. Close to the highway. Short drive to the loop, tower grove area, and all the shopping in Brentwood. Very centrally located.
Central West EndThe EmbassyFifteen to twenty minute driveTwo bedroom1there is a small closed parking lot with access to the building, the fee is approx. $30 a monthgym and laundry facilities in the basement, small pool in the back, central air doesn't work well but there is a window unit, central heat in our unit doesn't work so have to use space heater, dishwasher in kitchen$47042lack of central heat and air is frustrating, kind of far from school, but cheaper rent and big
Central West EndTownehouse apartmentsTen to fifteen minute driveOne bedroom1$70/month for indoor
A/c, pool, gym, door man76555Pros- great service by staff. Doorman 24h, 7 days a week.
Great value for the place.
Great neighborhood. Close to restaurants in central west end. Young and very safe area. Right across the steeet from the beautiful basilica. Jaya.
Central West EndThe KingsburyTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2Gated parking space $50/month, only one offered per apartment. Central air, workout room in basement, onsite storage, washer and dryer in unit, dishwasher. Close to Debaliviere MetroLink station. Great view of Forest Park from south facing units. $9504There are a lot of apartment buildings in my neighborhood (near Pershing and Debaliviere) and lots of people walk their dogs/run in the neighborhood. There was one random instance of a number of car windows being broken (cars parked on the street, not in the gated lot) last year.

The building itself has electronic key access, I have never seen any random people let into the building.
3The kitchen appliances are a little dated, some of the windows are old and not well insulated. It a pretty decent place to live overall. The management company recently changed, and they seem to be pretty responsive about maintenance issues. I like the neighborhood a lot, its close to Forest Park, the Delmar Loop, and restaurants along Euclid in the Central West End.
Central West EndWest End TerraceFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom2Free gated parking.Gym, computers, pool. 102544Walking distance to bars, restaurants, coffee shops, library. Megan Rogge
ClaytonTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom11 garage spot + free street parkingcentral air, onsite laundry110054Central location, safe,
CrestwoodFifteen to twenty minute driveThree or more bedrooms2.5Garage or drivewayCentral air, washer/dryer, internet, backyard porch, utilities/water/internet/etc. all included in rent$1695 ($565 a person)5It's a nice residential area surrounded by families and older couples. There's also a nice running path nearby.5Our landlords are fantastic, and everything is included in our rent. We have plenty of space (2 story, 3 bedrooms + study room, 2 living rooms, large kitchen, 2 dining rooms, 2.5 bathrooms, laundry room, basement, and garage). There have been no real cons.This is a residential area with lots of places to go running outside. It's a safe area, and it's close to Sam's Club, Target, Walmart, and many other restaurants and shopping areas.Jennifer Johnson
CrestwoodTen to fifteen minute driveThree or more bedrooms2.5House with a garage; plenty of street parking.565 per person55Good neighborhood; nice neighbors; quiet. Very safe. Close to every kind of store you could ever want. Plenty of free parking for visitors. Very close to Grant's Trail - bike trail for running, biking.Kristina Sycamore,
CrestwoodFifteen to twenty minute driveThree or more bedrooms2.5Garage and free street (3 cars for a 2-car garage)Central air
Free utilities + highspeed wireless
Washer and dryer in house
5655It's in a quite neighborhood5Easy access to numberous shopping stores - WalMart, Target, grocery stores
Equi-distant to most all the hospitals - St. Mary's, St. John's, SLU
Easy access to the highway
Easy access to a bike route
Longer drive to Belleville, IL, but that's only potentially one location
It's a small, friendly neighborhood; if I ever need anything, the neighbors are more than willing to help outjessie degnan
DeBaliviere323 Clara - TraymoorTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom2One gated parking spot with the apartment. O/w park on the street. Switch off every month with my roommate. So far we haven't had any problemsCentral heat and air. Washer/dryer in unit. Garbage disposal. Dishwasher. Huge walk in closet. Hardwood floors. 2 blocks away from Forest Park and Metrolink stop.9954Really residential area with lots of Wash U and SLU students, so pretty young crowd. No problems parking on the street. Wouldn't go to the Metrolink station by myself at night (who would?), but other than that it's a really safe area.4I love living so close to Forest Park because it's really nice for going running. It takes about 10 minutes to drive to school in the morning, which I don't mind, and it's also about 5 minutes from the HRC (where I go every weekend). The units in our building our mostly owned, but we rent and our landlord (who was the realtor) sucks. I also love having a roommate, so having such a cheap 2 bed/2 bath is great.Metrolink stop is sketchy at night. But DeBaliviere is a great location that is sort of right between SLU and Clayton, so running errands is quick and easy.
DogtownIt is a houseTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1We have a large driveway.6805We lived in tower grove previously and enjoyed it but much safer neighborhood and quieter here.5Low rent with own space like driveway & backyard. It does not have any extras other than washer & dryer.Very quite but also close to amenities. Can contact me if interested in area or our house, will be moving to CO in
Downtown Paul Brown LoftsFive to ten minute driveOne bedroom1Secure/covered Garage. $125.Central air, gym, rooftop pool, student discount, washer/dryer in some units72554Pros: location, soundproofing

Cons: I only might move to be right next to forest park.
Pro: Proximity to grocery store, metro, gateway arch, washington ave, restaurants, all 3 sporting venues etc. No traffic going to or from school

Con: Somewhat dead on weeknights. Few classmates.
Downtown Locust Street LoftsFive to ten minute driveLoft- one bedroom1Gated parking, no additional cost.Small basic gym, heating and AC unit, water paid for, basic TV included, washer and dryer units on first floor- $1 per load. $850 for large unit, electric and internet included55I think the apartment has great amenities. Price isn't too bad for a large apartment. Gated parking. Cons- everything is slow about this place. Elevator is pretty dang slow, I live on the top floor (6th), the gate for parking is really slow, but if you are patient no problem. Internet is just fine and everything else is great.I like where I am located because it is pretty close to everything. Downtown, wash ave., Busch stadium, arch, blues stadium, campus, and isn't too far from loop and CWE, forest park, etc. Everyone is really nice here as well. I don't really have any dislikes about the neighborhood that I can think of.John Howard,
Downtown BeeHatLoftsFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom2$60/month in an uncovered lot with an attendant $1,1754I feel safe in the building since it is secured. Downtown also feels pretty safe since there are usually a lot of people walking around on Washington Ave. However, there are quite a few homeless people downtown, which sometimes makes me feel unsafe. 4
Downtown King Bee LoftsFive to ten minute driveStudio1$50 a month for gated parking.4Downtown scares some people, but I haven't had any problems. Even roaming around at 3 AM.5I like being able to walk to sporting events and restaurants. It can be a little too noisy downtown sometimes when you have early weekend rounds.
Downtown Paul Brown LoftsTen to fifteen minute driveOne bedroom1Covered parking garage. $100 per month. Exercise room, rooftop pool and lounge area (rentable), coin laundry machines on each floor. $830 per month44Parking space and building both feel secure. Friendly, polite management. Prompt maintenance work.

Parking is pretty pricey ($125 monthly for the loft building garage OR alternative parking option in the Culinaria garage $100, from where you have to cross the street into the loft).
Drive to campus takes an average of 10 minutes and Culinaria (grocery store) is across the street from the loft. Living in the heart of downtown, you can walk to a variety of great restaurants, Busch Stadium, etc. Police department literally faces the entrance to the loft, which adds a nice sense of security. :)

Ju Suh
Forest Park SoutheastFive to ten minute driveThree or more bedrooms2.5Street Parking, also 2 car garage. 3 bedrooms. $1300/moCentral air130044Cheap rent
Family oriented
Close to school
KirkwoodTownhomes at StonecrestFifteen to twenty minute drive42.5Parking lot, just outside of my doorCentral air, pool from memorial day to labor day, playground equipment, 2 minutes from Sam's Club, Super Walmart, Target, and many other shopping facilities. 5 minutes from Grants trail, Kirkwood Public School District80745Trevor Smith,
KirkwoodTownhomes at StonecrestFifteen to twenty minute driveThree or more bedrooms1.5There are parking spots in front of each townhome.pool, playgroundabout $800 (price recently increased)2the week after we moved in our home was broken into and our car, computer and dvd player were stollen. You have to drive through a low income neighborhood to reach the townhomes and there are often groups of youth hanging out on the street corners and in the streets. There have also been multiple killings including police officers in the last 5-6 years.2The manager was absolutely awesome, but we got so tired of the surrounding neighborhood we finally moved.During the day it is very quiet but in the evening it gets loud and there are a lot of teenagers running around.
KirkwoodKirkwood BluffsFifteen to twenty minute driveTwo bedroom2Covered parking is available for a monthly $25 (I believe) fee. Otherwise, plenty of lot parking near your building.Central air and gas heat, access to a gym and large pool in summer. Open floor plan with good sized bedrooms. Very good maintenance response and management assistance. Large decks available for grilling, outdoor entertaining.90055The drive is longer than many students would like, but the Kirkwood area is very safe, clean, and has all the amenities and shopping you need for a small family. The area around the apartment complex is beautifully wooded, and a park is directly next to the complex.
Lafayette SquareLofts at Lafayette SquareLess than five minute driveOne bedroom1Uncovered parking, gated lot, no additional fee to parkGym, Central Air, Outdoor grills, great maintenance staff, guest apartment that works like hotel room and is very nice. Un-metered street parking in front of building that allows guests to park without any issues. Night time armed security guard$1,0145Very safe environment, security guard is present every night. I feel very comfortable walking up to Lafayette square at night (less than 5 minute walk)5It is a great place to live, excellent leasing agents that are welcoming and quick to resolve any problems. The only issue is that it is expensive. The area is beautiful and safe, very easy access to schoolEasy access to great restaurants, safe environment in immediate surroundings, 20-30 minute walk to Busch Stadium/downtown area, easy cab ride/drive to Soulard and the bar areas. Very central location with great access to many parts of townAndrew Melson
Lafayette Squareeden loftsLess than five minute driveOne bedroom1Free secured
Lafayette SquareThe Lofts at LafayetteLess than five minute driveTwo bedroom2Gated parking lot includedCentral air, 1st floor workout room, outdoor patio with grills, 1st floor lounge with kitchen and large tv available, one apartment on the 1st floor available to rent if having out of town guests, pet friendly$1,3884The parking lot is gated and there is a security guard on duty in the evenings. With that being said, I wouldn't walk around the neighborhood by myself alone at night.5Pros - walking distance to Lafayette Park and many restaurants/coffee shops/etc in Lafayette square.
Cons - the surrounding neighborhood is kind of hit or miss
Lafayette SquareThe Lofts at LafayetteFive to ten minute driveOne bedroom1Gated parking, included in rentAccess to gym, central air, overnight on-site security, on-site management, 2 grills for resident use, in-unit laundry, entertainment/party room, guest apartment (good for when parents or others visit)10725We have a security guard that is here every night overnight, plus gated parking. Lafayette square is generally safe5Pros-close to school, Lafayette square area is great, safe, very nice management, quick maintenance

Cons-pricy, not close to any grocery stores or that many restauarants
Lafayette park is pretty, nice place to walk/jog through. Square one brewery in the square is an awesome place for food and drinks. As with anywhere in st. Louis, walk a few blocks in certain directions and the safety level goes down. Also no grocery stores or other commercial places close by.
Lafayette SquareLess than five minute driveTwo bedroom2Park on the street or in the alley for freeHouse with central air, office space, large yard, close to restaurants and park140055Best neighborhood in Saint Louis, close to lots of things to do but feels safer and quieter because of all the wealthy people here. Close to school but not in a rough area. Restaurants and shops nearby. Neighborhood getting very crime and security conscious.Like this neighborhood, Benton Park, and Soulard. Have to know where you do and do not belong, as this is one of the most segregated cities I have ever seen by neighborhood.
Lafayette SquareFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom1Free & Ample Street Parking. One reserved spot in the back of the apartment.Central AC/Heating. In Unit Washer/Dryer. Shared Deck. Wired for ATT Uverse and Cable. 91045Pros: Beautiful Park for walking/running/activities. Nice, Safe neighborhood feel with young professionals and families. Handful of nice restaurants and bars nearby within walking distance. Very close to SLU Med Campus. Easy access to I-44, I-55, and I-64.

Cons: Slightly more expensive area to live. Grocery shopping is 10-20 min away. Still the city with occasional car theft etc.
Pros: Beautiful Park for walking/running/activities. Nice, Safe neighborhood feel with young professionals and families. Handful of nice restaurants and bars nearby within walking distance. Very close to SLU Med Campus. Easy access to I-44, I-55, and I-64.

Cons: Slightly more expensive area to live. Grocery shopping is 10-20 min away. Still the city with occasional car theft etc.
Lafayette SquareUnion Club CondominiumsLess than five minute driveTwo bedroom2There's a parking garage. However only one person of the two bedrooms can park in the garage. They could take turns though. Central air... I think they're building a gym too. $1,1865My complex is enclosed. In order for someone to get in, they need a key, a garage opener remote, or access to someone who lives here. Plus the Lafayette Square area seems relatively safe. Never had any problems. 5The apartments/condos are very nice. It is very aesthetically pleasing.
Lafayette SquareLess than five minute driveThree or more bedrooms2.5garage but we use it as another room and street parkingtownhome, central air97545
Lafayette SquareThe Lofts at Lafayette SquareFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom2Gated parking which is included in rent. Parking lot is monitored by foot patrol security and several security cameras.Workout room (treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, ellipticals, weight machines) with TVs, grill and patio area, club room with space for entertaining and opportunity for rental, rental loft for guests.12004We have a security guard patrolling constantly during the evening hours and, while petty crime and the occasional car theft does occur, the area feels very safe.5The building is beautiful with large apartments (2 bed/2 bath is 1100 sq ft) and reasonably priced with a roommate and especially nice with a gym on the ground floor. The neighborhood is great and the landladies are very friendly.There is a park with great running trails within easy walking distance, there are some coffee shops and restaurants nearby but walking to many of the downtown attractions or night life places isn't realistic, especially when night comes earlier. It is a quick and cheap cab ride downtown, however, and provides the proximity without the noise of living in the middle of it. In addition, there aren't as many bars nearby so the neighborhood tends to be quieter on the weekends with more families and people walking their dogs than people partying loudly.
Lafayette SquareM loftsLess than five minute driveTwo bedroom2Free, gated, surface lotCentral air, workout room, discount at restaurant next door110055
Lindenwood parkTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1Street parkinghouse: mortgage payment ~$77044nice neighborhood feel
MidtownWest Locust LoftsFive to ten minute driveOne bedroom1Fenced in parking lot. Not covered. Central air. 72533
midtown3949 Lindell ApartmentsFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom2Same floor entry level garage parking, $50/mo. Reserved spot.In unit washer/ dryer. 24- hr fitness center. Central air. Outdoor pool. Electric stove. Leasing office accepts and signs for packages. Walk-in closets. Outdoor grills. Pet friendly.156544Juliet Kim
Midtown (Undergraduate Campus)Continental Life BuildingLess than five minute drive1 bedroom, 1 den1.5Ungated parking garage. One space included in rent, extra space is $60/month.Central air, dishwasher, disposal, appliances, washer/dryer in unit, access to gym, and pool$1,2754The apartment building is right next to the Fox Theatre and the undergrad SLU campus so there is generally a lot of activity around the building which discourages a lot of opportunistic crime. We ran this address by a local friend who is a police officer, and he said the area is safe enough. I wouldn't however be walking home alone at night, especially inebriated as there have been a couple incidences of people getting robbed on streets nearby. Just use city smarts and you'll be fine.4The apartment complex is convenient, very clean, and spacious. The apartment has tile in the entryway and kitchen and carpet in the living room and bedroom. The amenities are nice and having a parking garage is a huge plus when it snows. Maintenance generally responds quickly to requests and management has been great.

We are however moving into a new apartment for several reasons:
- Expensive- utilities (electric, water, sewage, trash, internet) are NOT included so added on to an already high rent, it became too much.
-Pet policy- To have a pet, it is a $300 deposit and then $20 monthly rent
-Noise(+/-) - We haven't had a huge problem, but the building is largely populated by undergraduates because of the proximity to campus so noise and vandalized public property is sometimes an issue. The fire alarm is also often set off in the building.
The Fox Theatre is right next door as well as some great coffee shops and restaurants. The undergraduate campus is a block away so the gym and library are also close. There is a shuttle from the undergraduate campus to the medical campus so you don't even need to drive every day. It is also only a little over 3 miles to Forest Park so you can easily bike/run down to the Central West End and the park for events and good food/nightlife.

Not much that I dislike about the neighborhood. The only con is that during Fox events, the parking garage gets crowded with Fox patrons, but you are guaranteed a spot if you pay for it, though it might be on the top level.
Tierney Shannon (
Next to undergrad campusGrand View Tower Less than five minute driveStudio1Free parkingfree cable, all utilities paid, terrible gym (few machines and they are all broken), "razzmatazz room" (has pool tables and dart board, 53542I live there because it is cheap. They raised the rates to 555, but I convinced them to keep me lower, so the deal is getting worse.
The neighbors are mostly quiet, but the hallways always smell like smoke (cigarettes and weed)
The apt also has had problems with roaches, though it seems better now
There is a security guard in the lobby 24/7
Walking distance to a pickup for the shuttle to med campus
when the bridge is up, it is a quick bike ride to school
walking distance to the library annex (bar) or pius library (undergrad library)
North HamptonTen to fifteen minute driveThree or more bedrooms2We park on the street in front of our house and don't have to pay.Central air, W&D in basement10504I feel very safe being taking walks in the evening, parking my car long-term, etc, but I still wouldn't walk around alone at night or ever leave my door unlocked in any part of St. Louis.4First coming in I would live in an apartment (unless you already have someone to rent a house with), but I love living in a house now. We have a wonderful landlord and it feels very much like home to us here. We are 5 medical students in a duplex house (one apartment upstairs, one downstairs, shared basement). It's a great option to be in a more residential part of St. Louis.I love being in a more residential area because I'm close to things like the grocery store, Target, etc. It's much less expensive than living in the more fun areas of town. However, I lived in the Central West End for my first year and I LOVED it! Great restaurants, bars, and Forest Park all in walking distance... it was just more expensive (not terrible...I think we paid $1000 rent there for 2 of us).Kim
Rock HillMcKnight Crossing at Tilles ParkFifteen to twenty minute driveOne bedroom155
ShrewburyPark Forest ApartmentsTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1.5Uncovered parking-free. Covered parking-fee. Pool, gym, friendly staff, central air$9125Away from school, family predominated apartment complex, very calm and quiet4I have lived here 3 years and would stay next year but my roommate is graduating and I am moving in with another roommate. Would like to be closer to CWE or somewhere closer to area with more bars/restaurants. Stacy Stieren,
ShrewsberryGeorgetownFifteen to twenty minute driveTwo bedroom1Free parking spots right out in front of my apartment.Heating, central AC, gym, pool.$7305Friendly neighborhood in the suburbs of STL.4Great spot just too far away for how often I drive to school.The area/neighborhood is great and has nearby food
ShrewsberryPark ForestFifteen to twenty minute driveTwo bedroom1.5plentiful free curbside central air, gym, pool, recreational center$84555
Shrewsbury/Webster GrovesGeorgetownTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1Included.Large complex, 2 pools, gym, carpeting, large space, many apartment styles$77555
Soulardn/a-Through Redbrick realityFive to ten minute driveOne bedroom1On street parking. No cost. Central air. $52544Soulard has a lot of restaurants and bars. It is a great neighborhood to live in if in St. Louis.
SoulardFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom1.5Street ParkingLaundry inside apt.7754In the city so need to be careful. Soulard always has people walking around and is well lit. Not any bad sections of the neighborhood.5Pros: Close to school, good restaurants, coffee, walking, marker
Cons: In the city so need to be careful, no off-street/covered parking, more expensive
Great areaGrant G
SoulardFive to ten minute driveTwo bedroom2Parking in back or street parking - no extra payCentral air, our own washer/dryer$9004No issues - we live in a busy area with bars and restaurants - there's always people out and about.4I wish I would have lived here all 4 years - am living here for my last 3 years of med school.There's so much to do - we walk everywhere! Farmer's market, restaurants, my favorite bars are in Soulard. And best = Oktoberfest and Mardi Gras! The only con is it is a partying neighborhood so there is noise on the weekends, etc, but it hasn't been much of a nuisance. Anne Godbout
South CityTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1Off street parking$900/month55South City is a wonderful place to live. Everything is very close (schnucks, target, walgreens). All of our neighbors are really friendly. We live in a house with a big back yard that is perfect for summer BBQs.
South CityTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1Street parking. Always plenty of space$950 split between 2 people55Living in South City is nice because the neighborhood is full of families. It feels a lot more homey and is close to lots of shopping. The houses are nice and the rent is way cheaper than living close to school.I like the atmosphere of being among families. It also adds an element of safety and comfort.
South CityI bought a houseTen to fifteen minute driveThree or more bedrooms22 car parking pad behind homeCentral air, gas heat, gas stove, unfinished basement, alarm system, fenced yard120045Quiet neighborhood, good area for kids (4 parks in walking distance), bought home and will rent out for next 5 years while completing residency, plan on moving back to home after area, Great neighbors who have lived in location for years, retired neighbors who raised their children in area, close to parks, close running/bike trail Antonio Lozada -
South CountyTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1Own Drivewayduplex with own driveway, yard, central air6505Great neighborhood for students with a family5Great for a small family or married student.
South CountyPark Forest ApartmentsTen to fifteen minute driveTwo bedroom1Free Parking, covered if willing to pay extra.Free gym, central air, valet trash and recycling, very responsive staff with often same or next day maintenance done, outdoor pool, club house, and many activities. Located along a jogging path and less than 1 mile from a grocery store and a pharmacy.785/month5Very very safe area. Rare if ever does anything occur. Very occasional car break ins, but this is extremely rare, and usually the individual left something in their vehicle, like a computer or cd player.5Drive can be a down side, but once on clinicals, we drive all over the place, so it was kind of in the middle of all the sites I worked at. Very quiet and lots of families. Very responsive staff that knows us on sight. Maintenance requests are usually taken care of same day or next. In fact, we plan to live here during residency as well!Traffic can get a little heavy on River Des Peres Blvd, but otherwise, a very safe neighborhood. We often walk on the trail just outside or to the Steak N Shake just down the road.Sarah Gebauer
SouthamptonTen to fifteen minute driveThree or more bedrooms2Garage plus driveway or street$80055The neighborhood is great, because there is a wonderful deli and a coffee cafe a block away. I eat at these two places all the time. There are other restaurants plus Target , Schnucks and Walgreens nearby as well.
One con is that it is a little bit further of a drive away from school, yet it's only 10-15 minutes.
Great places to eat within walking distance.
Southampton/Princeton HeightsN/AFifteen to twenty minute driveTwo bedroom1Free on-street parking. Many options in the area with free unattached garage parking.Living in a quiet, friendly, walkable neighborhood. Feeling like you are in a home, not an apartment. Housing options have a front porch, back porch, balcony, sun room, or all of the above. Area is very residential, mostly comprised of one and two-family homes. However you can still be within walking distance of Macklind Ave shops, Hampton Village Shopping Center (Target!), and Francis park.5505I advocate safety awareness and caution ANY place ANY time in ANY city. However if you were going to run/walk alone at night or leave things in your car, the risks of doing so are relatively low in this area. 5You are further away from campus. The rent prices in this area are hard to beat. The most common housing in my area is a 2BR/1BA in a duplex style home for around $625-$750. This neighborhood has a quiet residential feel compared to others (Tower Grove, CWE, Soulard) which have a greater variety of businesses, restaurants, etc close by.
St. Louis HillsTen to fifteen minute driveThree or more bedrooms2Street parkingCentral air, internet, monthly cleaning, free meal once a month55045Safe, friendly, good park spaces
The Hill Ten to fifteen minute driveThree or more bedrooms3Street55Theresa Mattingly
The Hill Five to ten minute driveTwo bedroom1Street, freeCentral air, dishwasher, hardwood floors, in unit free laundry84045
The Hill Five to ten minute driveThree or more bedrooms2230044
The Hill Five to ten minute driveThree or more bedrooms3Our house has a two car gararge plus we have street parking.$500/month54GREAT FOOD!
The Hill Hampton GardensFive to ten minute driveOne bedroom1Parking is free, with option to purchase a carport for $35 per month.Central air, access to a gym, free water, some units have free heating, storage unit in basement of building for each apartment535 + electric/gas54Good size apartment, very quiet and amenable to studying, do not have any problems with management (they are very nice)

Do have to pay for laundry, and recycling is not offered (which makes things difficult)
Close to the Hill, which is great.

Near the highway, which makes travel convenient. Traffic can get backed up on Hampton, though.

Near grocery stores and other shops.