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DateDepartmentTeam MemberGoalActionsOutcomesSupplierExpected Due Date
1/19CreativeHannahFind a sustainable alternative to pensReplaced pens with pencilsSustainable pencil made from Newspaper. Pens can write 1km, Pencils can write 56km. Used throughout the Unico Office and for tour bookings. Replaces single use plastics and non-recyclable metal.
4/19CreativeHannahSource a sustainable alternative to plastic Shrink Sleeves (tamper proof seal) for spirit productsNot completed. Unable to find an alternative. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!WE NEED HELP WITH THIS! IF YOU KNOW AN APPROPRIATE SOLUTION - LET'S CHAT!WE NEED HELP WITH THIS! IF YOU KNOW AN APPROPRIATE SOLUTION - LET'S CHAT!HELP NEEDED
5/19ProductionBrendanConvert plantings of conventional grape varieties to lower water use alternativesUnico supported the planting of 6 Hectares of Fiano and Nero d'Avola in Adelaide Hills and Clare Valley. A combination of long term contracts, premium pricing and bridging finance enabled the establishment of these vineyards. Reduced on farm water use by 7.2ML annually. Increased on farm returns by $30000 per yearCuttings sourced from ChalmersOngoing
6/15ProductionLauraDeveloped 6 year Environmental Management Plan (2015 to 2020)Conducted a materiality assessment of supplier farms to determine key issues for farms. From this, we created 6 action points to be achieved by Team Unico over 6 years focussing on the following areas: better grape pricing, sustainable on-farm practices and viable utilisation of second grade produceFull details of our 2020 EMS can be found here
2/19ProductionBrendanEliminate refrigeration in wine production. Refrigeration accounts for more than 50%-70% of winery energy use Modified fermentation management to lower temperatures - smaller ferment size, rack and returns. Aromatics retained through extended skin contact for all varieties. Cold stabilisaion achieved with CMC.Drastically reduced our reliance on electrical energy during peak periods.SelfCompleted
9/19ProductionBrendanLaunched contract distillation service. There are no small batch distillation services for fortification spirit to create single vineyard fortifieds.Distilled wine to create fortified spirit for local wine producers.Remove wine that can be harmful to process via conventional waste streams. Empower wineries to take more risks with lower intervention winemaking methods knowing there's a cost-recovery service available.SelfCompleted
1/19ProductionBrendanCreate a viable alternative for wine that doesn't meet table grade due to excess production or faults. Wine is purchased at an agreed rate to enable cost recovery. We developed Carter's Coffee Liqueur, which can utilise this brandy base as it's main spirit. Diverted 10000L of wine waste annually and created a viable cost recovery avenue for wine SelfCompleted
2/19ProductionBrendanFind a sustainable waste stream for grape marc produced from the winery and spent grain from whisky productionGrape marc and spent grain supplied to Kenton Valley Murray Greys (cattle)Provides a food source to farms during a low feed time of year (Summer/Autumn)Kenton Valley Murray GreysCompleted
2/19ProductionLauraMaintain grape prices above industry average and cost of production for established conventional varietiesLaunched Harvest Social CantinaEstablished Harvest Social Cantina, paying 261% higher than industry averages. $3769 vs $1342 (2018 cool climate average)SelfCompleted
8/19ProductionBrendanCreate a viable alternative for second grade lemons that would otherwise go to low value juicing or compostDeveloped Unico Limoncello - 'Unico Cello'Utilises 1400kg annuallyLennane OrchardsCompleted
1/17BarBrendanIncorporate more sustainable practices during the bar installationAutomatic lights in bathrooms, all fluorescent lights converted to LED lighting. All new lighting is of LED type. Installed Tesla electric car chargers in car park. Smart inverter systems on our reverse cycle air units (used to heat bar area) and provided blankets to customers. Reduced electrical energy requirements to absolute essentials. Incentivising visitors to use electric vehicles.Tesla (Chargers), IKEA (Blankets), Local Electrician UtilisedCompleted
1/16WarehouseBrendanSource a sustainable void packing for online customer ordersTrialled 2 void packing alternatives - Biofill and Ranpak. Biofill is a compostable peanut made from corn starch but delivery was expensive and had a high carbon footprint for transport as it comes pre-formed. Ranpak is a flat-packed, FSC kraft paper product that can be recycled or composted. Previously used Biofill. Utilised Ranpak since Dec 2018Biofill and RanpakCompleted
1/19ProductionLauraReduce water use in productionSteamer used for barrel cleaning and bottling line sterilisation. Converted to no-rinse self neutralising chemicals for sanitation. Pressure washers instead of bulk water used for crush pad clean down. Eliminated the use of bulk water use, relying largely on localised heating and air pressure to remove sediments.EE Muir (Self Neutralising Chemicals), ebay (Pressure Washer), Wine Barrel Cleaning Australia (Barrel Steamer)Completed
6/19BarBrendanResponsible sourcing of merchandise - t-shirts, hoodies, caps and tote bagsWe first used American Apparel because of their commitment to organic t-shirt and vegetable based dyes. They were unavailable in Australia in 2016 and we chose to work with AS colour instead. AS Colour are a New Zealand based company with a responsible sourcing program and is a part of the Child Labour Free Initiative. All our merchandise is screen printed or embroidered locally in Gumeracha. Mechandise sourced from AS Colour. Screen printed by Subterraneous Screen Printing (locally)Completed
11/19ProductionBrendanEliminate wastage of oak barriques and puncheons that can only be utilised for up to 10 yearsBegan purchasing large format (3000L) foudre with a lifetime of 20+ years to replace small format oak. All excess barrels donated to Gumeracha Main Street Project. Wine styles were also adjusted to reduce need for oak.Fully convert to large format oak by 2022Pauscha (Austria)Ongoing
4/19ProductionLauraCreate sustainable waste stream for spent distillery botanicals and coffee grounds from Carter's Coffee LiqueurCreated an on-site compost in apple crates recycled from the buildingWe compost 8 x 400kg of botanicals annually that can be used on Unico gardensSelf - And Local Apple GrowersCompleted
10/18BarNoahIntroduced more eco-friendly concepts to the barUsed excess oranges from distillery for garnishes, eliminated straws, developed a rotating seasonal cocktail list, sourced all fresh produce from local grocer, use only floral arrangements that are long lasting and native or permanent More fresh produce being shown to visitors, raising the overall quality of offering and drastically lowering carbon footprint.Local Growers and GrocersCompleted
1/19BarNoahExpand offering of no to low alcohol options at the barCreated an Applewood tea and a seasonal virgin cocktail. Introduced low abv cocktails using OkarThese drinks have kept in theme with our goal to educate and promote native Australian produce through beverages. We wanted to offer the same level of experience and flavour for the designated drivers that visit our destination bar. Local Growers, Grocers and Indigenous ForagersCompleted
10/18CreativeLauraSource eco-friendly cleaning productsReviewed all bar and office cleaning products and trialled environmentally friendly alternativesCreated a preferred supplier list for cleaning products. We are using concentrated refillable cleaners from Earth Renewable. We haven't found using eco friendly products to be any more expensive than commercial alternatives however, we had to trial a few different ones to achieve the same effect. We have been able to replace all cleaning products with the exception of our commercial dishwasher cleaner. Earth RenewableCompleted
10/18CreativeLauraSource environmentally friendly office productsReviewed all office supplies. Created a preferred supplier list for office products. There are many factors that go into determining the environmental impact of a product including composition, outer packaging, recyclability post use and distance for delivery. Based on this, we would advocate finding a source that is locally produced or has minimal distance to travel for delivery. Using eco-friendly office supplies is approximately 10% more expensive. Eco Office, environmental friendly alternatives from Officeworks. Thank You soap. Completed
1/17BarLauraCollect registered products for 10c recycling All 10c glass, cans and plastic bottles are collected and recycled through our local depot. The money generated from this is donated to local community groups. When we started this, we were recycling directly through Scouts using their bins however, as we grew it was more feasible for us to collect and deliver to recycling ourselves. We continued to donate the money we earned from this. $500 donated annually from this programLocal Recycling CentreCompleted
8/19AllLauraOffer more flexible working optionsIntroduced RDOs and flexible start timesFull time team members can elect to work 8 hours a day (instead of 7.5), for a full day off per calendar month. This has been accepted unanimously and given a boost to team morale and assisted in better work-life balanceSelfCompleted
7/19LauraOffer more flexible working optionsIntroduced working from home policy Reduces commute time and better balances work-life commitmentsSelfCompleted
3/19LauraIntroduced volunteer leaveTeam members seeking to be involved in community based volunteer programs may request leave support for these activities. This leave is uncapped but is at Unico's discretion. Team members have dedicated these volunteer hours to Country Fire Service, Gumeracha Main Street Project and Red Cross Blood ServiceSelfCompleted
5/18ProductionRichardAlternative to one-way palletsIntroduced returnable pallets, stopped purchasing one-way delivery palletsReduced our usage of one-way pallets by 400 pallets per yearChepCompleted
6/17ProductionBrendanAlternative to plastic dividers for glass palletsOur previous glass pallets came with corflute plastic dividers. We found ways to use a small amount of these but the majority were disposed to landfill. On our new purchase of glass in 2017 we elected to have our glass packaged with returnable and reuseable masonite sheets. Eliminated 90% of plastic dividers from glass packagingYamamuraCompleted
July 18ProductionKatalaEliminate plastic protective packaging for amber glass bottlesOur amber spirit bottles previously came individually protected with a plastic film to protect the colour. We negotiated with the supplier to use cardboard partition dividers. Unfortunately, this reduced the number of bottles they were comfortable having on a pallet reducing our pallet sizes from 1760 to 990 units. This was an issue because each pallet was still the same physical size, so the carbon cost to transport these pallets almost doubled. From 2020, we are working with a new supplier that will have cardboard partitions and fully coloured, rather than externally sprayed glass to ensure better protection of the glass colour. Kefla, UniquepakCompleted
August 2018CreativeHannahReduce landfill waste in office and lunch areaIntroduced separate waste bins in the office (recycling, compost, soft plastics for RedCycle). Waste signage for correct sorting. Electronics, and printer toners returned to Officeworks for recycling and compliant disposal.Reduced landfill generated by the office by more than 50%Officeworks & EcobinCompleted
Apr 2017ProductionBrendanAlternative packaging options for wineIntroduced recyclable lightweight keykegs to supply wine on tap and reduce packaging wastageThe keykegs were successful but changes to the WET tax in 2018 made their pricing uncompetitive KeyKegCompleted
August 2017ProductionBrendanSalvaged wood from the original coldstore buildingWe engaged a local carpenter to dismantle the old coldstore. This was built in the 1920s from Jarrah and Baltic Pine but was too termite damaged to safely retain. We had the option to demolish in 3 days or slowly dismantle over 6 months, retaining this wood. Of course, we chose to salvage the wood. Salvaged wood used to create bar top, doors, seats and tasting traysMike Fleming JoineryCompleted
August 19ProductionBrendanSource reduce packagingReduced weight of wine glass from 535g to 485gReduced glass bottle weight by 50g. This is significant due to the carbon cost associated with transporting empty and full glass. YamamuraCompleted
June 19ProductionBrendanConducted a carbon assessment for Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissionsIntroduced a metric-based system for setting of goals and targets in reference to per unit carbon costWe will continue to annually assess our carbon output, compare it to industry averages and set targets for reductionSelfCompleted
June 18ProductionKatalaReuse packaging materials produced by the bottling line Created Team Unico Classifieds. Any reusable items produced from the bottling line - cardboard, corks, pallets and boxes are advertised on the local facebook page or gumtree for collection or donated to the local kindergartenWe add value to our local area providing free resources for recycling and upcyclingSelfCompleted
7/19/2019AllLauraB Corporation certificationCompleted. Review due in 2022.
June 2014ProductionBrendanSustainable closure for wineTrialled both corks and screwcaps. We have been using corks consistently since 2014 for the following reasons: Cork forests act as large carbon sinks, corks can be composted through commercial compost facilities instead of going to landfill like screwcaps. The cork contributes 5-10% of the total GHG impact of the cork + bottle however, the effect of the carbon sink created producing corks, make the combination almost carbon neutral. Our cork supplier has an environmental policy that biannually documents LCA and GHG emissions for the production process with an aim to improve each year. Diam by Vinocor. Alternative supplier is Amorim. Completed
December 2018AllLauraSurvey engagement levelWhen our team grew to 14 employees, we introduced an annual engagement survey called a Pulse90% engagement level and highlighted key areas for our management team to address in the next 12 months. SelfCompleted
March 2018CreativeHannahReviewed environmental impact of shippers used for wine and spiritsChanged from Flute C to Flute I card for our boxesFlute I has an environmental factor has a 4.5 out of a 5 star rating as it’s made from 71% pre-recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. The shippers are just as strong/sturdy but due to half the thickness in GSM, we are able to increase the number of boxes per pallet. This decreases the amount of transport required as we can have double the amount delivered.OroraCompleted
March 2018CreativeHannahReviewed envrionmental impact of printed marketing materials (brochures, menus, cocktail cards)Calculate CO2 Generation on a per-order basis and keep to preferred papers that are environmentally friendlyOur Marketing materials are now all designed to metric paper sizes to ensure there is no off-cut wastage. We are using FSC certified papers and all stocks have environmental credentials. Finsbury GreenCompleted
July 2019CreativeHannahReviewed label stocksPhased out paper stocks that aren't FSC certified. Introduced a paper stock for some products that contains 30% post-consumer waste). All label backing is a recyclable PET liner, rather than glassine. Awaiting trials on vegetable based inks, however, some inks used are compostable. Company commitment to ensuring all future stocks are FSC certified. MCC LabelsCompleted
Jan 2018CreativeBrendanCarbon neutral shipping service for customer ordersReviewed multiple delivery service options - Australia Post, Sendle and APDWe now send all our online customer orders via Sendle, a carbon neutral, B-corporation certified courier serviceSendleCompleted
2019CreativeBrendanInvest in local communityDonated winemaking services to produce and bottle a wine for the Gumeracha Main Street ProjectThe project will generate $8000 to support the work of the Gumeracha Main Street Project to reinvigorate and beautify our main streetSelfOngoing
2019CreativeBrendanUniformsReviewed uniform suppliers. Patagonia was chosen as they are fellow B-Corp and produce long lasting clothing. As this workwear is more expensive than other alternatives, we put it to our team to see if they would share the cost with the company. Unico offers a subsidised program to assist in the purchasing of Patagonia workwear, including the Better Sweater and Air Cap thermals. Both of these items are made from recycled polyester from plastic soda bottles. Uniforms are embroidered locally in Gumeracha. PatagoniaCompleted
2019CreativeBrendanDevelop KPIs specifically for each productAll of Team Unico's brands have been established to support our comany philosphy of From The Land We Belong To - ensuring that our products speak of the uniqueness of Australia and are crafted with minimal impactMissions of each of our products were formalised and KPIs determined for each product so our success could be quanitified in more than financial value. Available on the next tab of this sheet. SelfCompleted
Upcoming Projects
2021LauraInstall rainwater tanks Ongoing
2020BrendanWater efficient tapware in new buildingOngoing
2019LauraDevelop Environmental Management Plan (2020 to 2025)Key areas of focus for the 2025 EMS will be on-farm water reduction and improved production practices at UnicoOngoing
2020LauraComplete an energy efficiency review for the production areaOngoing
2020LauraAchieve sustainable winegrowing certification for wineryOngoing
2020Laura Complete supplier screening for suppliers with spending more than $50000 annuallySuppliers are requested to supply the following: evidence of work, health and safety policies, an environmental management plan, third party certifications, company code of conduct and ethics. Supplier are also assessed for non-complicance (fines, prosecution, disciplinary action)Ongoing
2019CreativeRecyclable or degradable shipping labels for customer ordersOngoing