CountryState or territory (if in United States)City (or put "Online" if you can only access online)Does this professional offer telemedicine/online meeting options? Name of Doctor/other ADHD ProfessionalSpecialtyDoes this doctor/other ADHD professional work with children, teenagers or adults?Would you consider this professional LGBTQ+ friendly (if known)?Would you consider this professional trans-inclusive and respectful of pronouns (if known)?What insurance(s) does this professional take (if known)?Link to Doctor/other ADHD professional's website (optional)Why are you recommending this doctor/other ADHD professional?TimestampWhat languages does the doctor speak (if known)?
AustraliaBelleriveUnknown. They do in person thoughHobart ADHD consultantsPsychologistChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknown
They are an option. Please note they will not consider assessments for children under 7 years old.
10/8/2022 9:15:35English
AustraliaBrisbaneSteven StankeviciusPsychiatristAdultsYesUnsure/UnknownMedicare experience, strong knowledge of medication options, understanding of intersectional factors regarding treatment (opinion of a cis white woman so unsure how far this extends), understanding and empathetic in general, happy to discuss all treatment options and lifestyle choices 2/18/2021 16:43:42
AustraliaBrisbaneBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Geraldine GoodisonPsychiatristAdultsIm non binary and its never been an issue but ive never discussed that with.Unsure/UnknownMedicare actually listens to the patient. ADHD is one of her specialist areas and I strongly suspect she has lived adhd experience. Shes Willing to discuss options and treatments. very observant of patient mood/affect etc. Able to treat comorbidy disorders (I also have bipolar, anxiety and ocd). Relatively easy to get an appointment with. I am non binary and have never had an issue.5/13/2021 5:03:58
AustraliaBrisbaneBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineKatharine HollingsworthPsychiatristAdultsYesYesMedicare RebateI’ve never had a professional more caring, understanding, kind, and willing to listen. 8/19/2021 20:25:39
AustraliaBrisbane Dr Daniel VarghesePsychiatristAdultsYesUnsure/UnknownMedicareHas really supported me, no judgement. When I’m having a good day and making jokes he makes them with me, if I’m upset he is calm2/18/2021 7:15:06
AustraliaBrisbane Both in-person and telemedicine/onlinePaul Carver PsychologistTeenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare was the first person I saw in my diagnosis step. While he is not a psychiatrist and cannot formally diagnose, he can give you a reference letter after spending some sessions with you in regards to your adhd or adhd diagnosis. He is also a really great adhd coach. He was the first person I have ever felt just understood me! I am fairly sure he also has adhd and is really determined to help. 8/19/2021 17:57:34
AustraliaBrisbane, Queensland Both in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr. Saibal GuhaPsychiatristTeenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare, compassionate & knowledgeable 7/15/2021 0:05:24
AustraliaBusselton, Western Australia In-person onlyDr Stephen proudPsychiatristAdultsYesUnsure/UnknownDoes not take insuranceTheGeographeclinic.Com.AuExcellent specialist clinic for adult adhd9/16/2021 10:41:20
AustraliaDarwin, NTDr DasPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicareDarwin Private PsychiatryHe was very thorough and kind, easy to talk to, and Adult ADHD is an area of interest for him. 2/18/2021 6:48:17
AustraliaDevonport, TasmaniaBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Kristine BullPsychologistChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicareShe diagnosed me with ADHD and my children's SLD'S. 4/10/2022 21:51:57English
AustraliaGeelongBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Jossy AntonyPsychiatristTeenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare diagnosis took a little while due to being heavily booked post COVID, but once the process began it was straightforward and for the first time in my life I felt genuinely heard. I feel very comfortable with this psychiatrist and have found it to be an easy process in regard to medication and advice moving forward post diagnosis. Instead of telling me what it is and what it is thx Dr Antony allowed me to explain how I view the world, what goes on in MY head (not just assume he knew what was going on) and actively listened, affirmed and reflected with me. At no point have I felt like an imposter to ADHD around this physician, and I think that is an issue many of us deal with - so this means a great deal!7/15/2021 8:55:06
AustraliaGeelong, Victoria Dr Ged O’BrienPsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare years of misdiagnosis, Ged diagnosed and continues to offer ongoing support both in appointments and after hours callback (FOC).2/20/2021 16:54:42
AustraliaGold CoastAshar KhanPsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesYes experience with him2/26/2021 2:37:59
AustraliaKew, Melbourne Dr. David Toffler PsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicareHe knows adhd really well, listened to my experience and genuinely wants to help, is always open to me wanting to try different medication and alternative treatments and has a list of recommended adhd psychologists to utilise as well. 2/20/2021 16:57:37
AustraliaLaunceston, TasmaniaBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Lev FridgantPsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownHe diagnosed me with ADHD. He's kind, knowledgeable, available rather quickly to new patients and this is a rare thing in Tasmania!8/23/2021 21:48:46
AustraliaMelbourneDr Michael PiperoglouPsychiatristAdults, Unsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownAustralians or permanent residents will get medicare rebateGreat experience being diagnosed as an 36-year-old woman, and quickly given great meds and supplement recommendations.2/18/2021 1:44:25
AustraliaMelbourneDr. Peter HeffernanPsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare Heffernan is an extremely knowledgable and insightful specialist, based on my own experience with him I would recommend him to any referred for treatment for ADHD.2/19/2021 20:54:17
AustraliaMelbourneDr Steven ChauPsychiatristAdultsYesYesIn Australia we have Medicare, the government helps us pay for our healthcare, so insurance question is irrelevant for AustraliansDiagnosed me with ADHD straight away, professional, calm and direct (without being rude)2/20/2021 23:33:40
AustraliaMelbourneDr Tamara MayPsychologistAdultsYesYesMedicare psychologist who specailises in ADHD + Autism in adults2/20/2021 23:34:49
AustraliaMelbourneDr Joel AizenstrosPsychiatristTeenagers, AdultsYesYesMedicareThey are my treating psychologist. He specialises in adult adhd. He is brilliant, no nonsense, helpful, and adhd friendly4/17/2021 16:21:18
AustraliaMelbourneTom KennyPsychologistChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesYesMedicareTom is my adhd psychologist. He is friendly and approachable and has adhd himself, so understands4/17/2021 16:23:38
AustraliaMelbourneDr Jaya ReddyPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare
Dr Reddy has been wonderful - thorough, approachable, easy to talk to, kind, empathetic, will happily check in via email between appointments and send scripts for tweaked dosages of medication directly to your local pharmacy. Overall I would highly recommend him and have been extremely happy with the care I have received. 4/22/2021 7:50:30
AustraliaMelbourneBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Pradeepa DasanayakePsychiatristAdultsYesUnsure/UnknownNot in the US in Adult ADHD. Friendly, willing to find the right treatment and medication plan. 8/27/2021 21:34:31
AustraliaMelbourneBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Pradeepa DasanayakePsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknown she specialises in ADHD and took my assessment seriously when another psychologist did not.10/1/2021 5:29:35
AustraliaMelbourneBefore Covid so dont knowKrongold CentrePsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesYes
I got a small amount back from my Australian health insurance; depends on your plan. These are final year psych students under supervision. They have to be "by the book" and thorough

2) as students, they don't charge as much as other places, and will give you a discount if you have a healthcare card

3) They specialise in developmental stuff, which is ADHD & ASD.

4) Their supervising professor is an expert
2/20/2022 16:28:41
AustraliaMelbourne Kids Like UsPsychologistChildren, TeenagersYesYesListened and leapt into action. Very supportive of my trans child and extremely knowledgeable girls with ADHD 5/6/2021 6:39:10
AustraliaMelbourne Dr Gregory Sam PsychiatristAdults, Unsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownCaring. Empathetic. Doesn’t rush. Really, really listens, which is such a rare trait in psychiatrists lol. Here are some reviews of him: 21:59:51
AustraliaMelbourne Both in-person and telemedicine/onlineDianne GrocottPsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, Adults, Unsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare, NDISShe's well known for women specifically, very informative 9/30/2021 20:22:21
AustraliaMelbourne (Coburg)In-person onlyDr Irina KolesnikovaPsychiatristAdultsYesUnsure/Unknown clinic but excellent service, quick appointment times, quick diagnosis and easy access to medications appropriate for your personal conditions and preferences. Takes patient's values into account and allows you to guide your own treatment with clinical advice. 8/9/2021 9:38:31
AustraliaMelbourne (Prahran)Both in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Joel ChanReferring GP & Approved ADHD RX Children, Teenagers, AdultsYesYes
A GP clinic with specialties, much more accessible/affordable system than multiple Psychiatrist appointments for diagnosis and ongoing care. (But still not cheap).

3 doctors onsite, each can help.
8/19/2021 15:56:44
AustraliaMullumbimbyBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Hugh MorganPsychiatristAdults, Unsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownUp to date knowledge, supportive, understanding of female presentation12/1/2021 0:15:59
AustraliaOnlineTelemedicine/online onlyJonathan HassallADHD CoachTeenagers, AdultsYesUnsure/Unknown is very knowledgeable on ADHD and methods to help manage challenges in day to day work, life and study. He has ADHD himself, and his advice comes from firsthand experience plus many years working with people with ADHD. Easy to talk to, and can help anyone in Australia as he does online sessions.12/25/2021 22:38:05
AustraliaOnline Telemedicine/online onlyDr Andrew WilsonPsychiatristAdults, Unsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare
I was recommended to see Dr Wilson by my psychologist who is in the same organisation and was able to get a diagnosis after my previous psychiatrist refused to look at assessing me.
10/8/2022 8:54:03English
AustraliaOnline and for Tasmanian’s only
Tasmanian residents only and online only
Dr. Ross KirkmanPsychiatristAdults
Website seems gender affirming says “ Gender dysphoria is the distress or discomfort that may occur when a person’s biological sex and gender identity do not align. Being transgender or gender diverse does not mean a person has a mental illness but there are some gender affirming treatments such as surgical options that do require a psychiatrist opinion. I provide supportive care and assistance to transgender, gender diverse and non-binary people that reside in Tasmania, and who require a psychiatrist opinion/report for the purposes of gender affirming treatment.”
Unsure as aboveMedicare
One of the two Tasmanian Adult ADHD specialists. I have heard from ADHDers who have been able to get a diagnosis through Dr Kirkman and only heard positive feedback.
10/8/2022 9:05:05English
AustraliaOnline via telehealthTelemedicine/online onlyBrooke ClarkPsychologistChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesThis is a woman's clinic so I assume only those identifying as female would be able to access her services has a particular interest in working with ADHD on a diagnostic and coaching space. Specific modalities of interest include DBT and Schema Therapy, as well as CBT and ACT. Experience working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, addiction, personality disorders, workplace physical and psychological injuries, domestic violence and PTSD. She's very warm and non judgmental and also very empowering. 9/30/2021 20:40:03
AustraliaPerthDr Lyn BennetPsychiatristAdultsYesUnsure/UnknownMedicareDr Bennet has a holistic approach and treated me with the utmost respect. She is very knowledgeable and has a cautious and safe approach to medication. She is very factual and informative and respects patients that have done their own research. 2/18/2021 6:12:28
AustraliaPerthDr PatersonPsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownBecause there aren't many in Perth2/18/2021 3:03:21
AustraliaPerthDr Rajiv ShahPaediatrician Children, TeenagersUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare was very open with our choices and took our opinions and thoughts on board when diagnosing my 6yo. He used logic when my 6yo teacher had a conflicting analysis form, and communicates pretty well (for a Dr!) with responses to non urgent questions within a week.2/18/2021 4:46:54
AustraliaPerthPeter Melvill-SmithPsychiatristTeenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/ is the kindest and most thorough psychiatrist I’ve ever met. Kindness can be rare in this profession, ironically, but he is wonderful. 3/1/2021 5:41:04
AustraliaPerthDr Dardhin TrivediPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicareEmpathic gives clear rationales and clinical reasoning during initial diagnosis 4/17/2021 18:46:15
AustraliaPerthIn person yes. Not sure about telehealthJason BrownPsychologistAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare - Mental Health Care Plan from GP focus on adult ADHD, can diagnose using subsidised Mental Health Care Plan sessions. Understands differences in how women present with ADHD. Can refer to psychiatrist for medication if necessary. 8/19/2021 21:36:01
AustraliaPerthBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Jason BrownPsychologistAdultsYesYes affirming9/30/2021 21:49:39
AustraliaPerthIn-person onlyDr Varun SharmaPsychiatristAdults, Unsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknown psychiatrist who is up to date with newest ADHD research/understanding. Diagnosed me very quickly, which as an adult woman with inattentive type is very validating. He was very friendly, understanding and calming and made the diagnosis process easy. Recommended medication immediately upon diagnosis as he understands this is the most effective treatment.10/2/2021 14:34:35
AustraliaPERTHTelemedicine/online onlyTony Mander PsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownADHD specialist8/5/2022 23:35:45English
AustraliaRockhampton, QueenslandPramod MenonPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare
This Dr specialises in adult ADHD, was caring and compassionate.5/9/2021 8:43:41
AustraliaSydneyConstance HuiPsychologistChildren, TeenagersYesYesMedicare has been amazing working with my tween daughter. Kind, compassionate, understanding, great parent communicator with follow up and email responses, great use of a variety of tools. 2/19/2021 21:47:41
AustraliaSydneyDr Sangeetha MakielanPsychiatristChildren, TeenagersYesUnsure/UnknownMedicare understanding. Dr has been great with my teen. Follow up appts are not too spaced. Specialises in teens & mothers. Really put me at ease. Good communicator. 2/19/2021 21:52:56
AustraliaSydneyBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineSally WoodingPsychologistAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicareDoctors on DarlingUnderstanding, empathetic, up to date on adhd in adult women, noticed it in me when many other psychologists hadn’t and started my journey to diagnosis10/1/2021 5:10:32
AustraliaSydneyBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Paul FriendPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknownaus medicare He specialises in diagnosing adult adhd, diagnosed me in one session and prescribed dex - and been managing me ongoing with Skype sessions for a year now. 12/1/2021 2:37:49
AustraliaSydney Terrence Lim PsychiatristAdultsYesUnsure/Unknown is kind and understanding. Never once did he doubt my story,, and I always feel good after visiting him. 2/18/2021 1:48:57
AustraliaSydney (Hunters Hill)In-person onlyDr Mark Kneebone PsychiatristTeenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicareDr Kneebone is direct whilst still showing care and empathy. It’s not easy finding a specialist in adult adhd as so many believe it’s a childhood disorder that magically goes away once you’re an adult. Dr Kneebone will take you seriously and work with you to manage your adhd.6/25/2021 18:55:02
AustraliaToowong, BrisbaneBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Margaret BylettPsychiatristAdultsYesUnsure/UnknownMedicare (Australia), does not bulk bill in diagnosing and treating adults with ADHD, among other psychiatric illnesses. Thorough, and she genuinely listens to my concerns and questions.12/25/2021 22:29:26
AustraliaToowong, BrisbaneBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Calista Harcourt-RiggPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicare (Australia), does not bulk bill in ADHD in adults, and she has a warm and approachable manner. Knowledgeable in ADHD.12/25/2021 22:31:35
AustraliaWoolongong hospital- via referql from dr Both in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Sharat LalPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMedicareI saw him for my diagnosis and felt heard and asthough he had a good understanding of adhd in women. I saw him in person 11/29/2021 17:40:49
BrazilMogi MirimIn-person onlyDra Gabriela Giovanini BorgesPsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesYesThe list of insurances is different in Brazil
She was extremely helpful when I needed my autism and adhd diagnosis validated by a doctor in Brazil. When no doctor wanted to do the process for me she was extremely helpful and respectful never doubting my diagnosis. 7/15/2021 9:01:50
CanadaBolton, OntarioIn-person onlyDr. Larab Ahmed General/Family PractitionerChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknown validating and up to date on current research around medication for ADHD8/26/2021 10:55:49
CanadaCalgaryIn-person onlyDr Simon EfenureGeneral/Family PractitionerAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownHe’s been great at helping me figure my meds/dose.1/11/2022 21:33:52
CanadaCalgaryIn-person onlyDr Amanda EvansPaediatrician Children, TeenagersYesYesVery competent regarding mental health/meds. 1/11/2022 21:36:10
CanadaCalgary, AlbertaIn-person onlyKatharine ChapmanTherapistChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesYes completely changed my life and knows how to actually relate to ADHD folks.7/14/2021 21:40:18
CanadaCharlottetownIn-person onlyKathren AllisonPsychologistChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknown is very kind, understanding and easy to work with. She diagnosed me at age of 20 and she explained all the test scores and my symptoms. I would recommend her to anyone. 7/15/2021 15:17:01
CanadaDartmouthIn-person onlyDr. SadekPsychiatristTeenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownBlue Cross Blue ShieldHe was polite, kind, knowledgeable and helpful. The appointment was also fairly quick, though there is a long waitlist for assessment appointments.6/30/2021 17:19:55
CanadaEdmontonLinda TilleyTherapistAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownDoes not take insurance also has ADHD. She is the reason I got diagnosed. Would still be treated anxiety and depression without her. 2/20/2021 16:56:57
CanadaEdmontonIn-person onlyDr. Peter FerencziGeneral/Family PractitionerUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownFree health care! He's knowledgeable and current and willing to diagnose and prescribe meds5/24/2022 8:45:26English
CanadaEdmonton, Alberta Both in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Michael Poitras General/Family PractitionerChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownHe has diagnosed me, 2 sons, a friend. Trust him enough to recommend him to others!10/13/2021 22:32:32
CanadaEtobicoke (Toronto) Dr.Doris LeeGeneral/Family PractitionerAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownIn Ontario Canada so she is covered by the gov just need OHIPWas asked to add here here.3/29/2021 21:04:56
CanadaKamloops, British ColumbiaDr. Oladele OdubotePsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownCovered by BC MedicalSkipped the wait list to get me in due to concern from my GP. Checks in with me weekly since my diagnosis and meds. While waiting to apply for medications to be covered he gave me a months free trial2/17/2021 21:55:32
CanadaKelowna BCBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineHeather MartinGeneral/Family PractitionerChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownShe listened and believed my ideas about adhd. She went over a basic DSM questions and tried medications. More support would be appreciated but I think that’s rare here. I felt trusted and believed about adult adhd.9/2/2021 10:31:02
CanadaMontréalPierre-Paul TellierGeneral/Family PractitionerUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownUniversal health care in Canada was very welcoming when I brought up the idea that I might have ADHD. He took my concern seriously and got me tested very fast. We didn't shame me or pressure me to take medication.2/19/2021 11:29:18
CanadaOshawa, Ontario
Pre Pandemic in person only, during Pandemic Telemedicine
Dr. S ShankarPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownOHIP CoveredSpecializes in Adult ADHD7/21/2022 15:44:33English
CanadaOttawaZsuzsanna GrandpierreADHD CoachTeenagers, AdultsYesYes
Zsuzsa works primarily with so-called "high-functioning" professionals, who have done well up until responsibilities could not be compensated anymore by maladaptive coping strategies, such as anxiety, perfectionism, self-loathing, guilt, etc. Extremely patient but also firm and not hesitant to redirect when needed, therefore sessions are efficient. Great educator about non-cognitive manifestations of ADHD in adults, especially emotional regulation, trauma response, guilt and so on. Also does virtual appointments and accommodates irregular work schedules. 4/17/2021 12:14:41
CanadaOttawaTelemedicine during lockdownDr. Amol VazePsychiatristTeenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownHe has changed my life with his ability to pay attention to the nuances between my comorbidities.5/9/2021 9:41:43
CanadaOttawa-kemptville Both in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr.GouletsGeneral/Family PractitionerTeenagers, AdultsYes
I would assume so if the person gave their pronouns
Ohip Because they (married couple) treated me very well and I hope others find the same experience 2/23/2022 20:40:05
CanadaPort Colborne, OntarioDr. Craig KuhnGeneral/Family PractitionerAdultsYesYesOHIP is the only ADULT ADHD Specialist in my whole area (niagars region)2/17/2021 22:02:41
CanadaSaskatoon, SKBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr. Huma Aftab PsychiatristAdultsYesYes
She has been my psychiatrist for 4 years and I told her I thought I had ADHD. She did a test and said yup, here's a prescription. She's very understanding and wants to work with her patients to find medication that works well as everyone is different. She mainly works with maternal mental health patients though.
4/11/2022 21:41:17English
CanadaSomewhere in OntarioNot sureDr. Tahira AhmedPsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesYesCanadian healthcare covered.She diagnosed me and helped me to love myself 25 years ago. She is wonderful!5/9/2021 12:31:51
CanadaSpruce Grove, ABBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineElisabeth Thompson General/Family PractitionerChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesYesAB healthcare Has always taken mental health concerns seriously and was not at all hesitant to screen for ADHD10/6/2021 17:07:34
CanadaSt. John’s, NewfoundlandIn-person onlyChristopher Miller, Psy.D.PsychologistTeenagers, AdultsYesYesDoes not take insurancewww.coastalhealthnl.caGreat understanding of ADHD in women. Positive, gentle approach. Very open to complimentary therapies. Definitely a feminist. Great sense of humour. Snappy dresser ;)8/19/2021 17:52:28
CanadaSurrey Both in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Kausar Suhail PsychologistChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownShe diagnosed me with ADHD and specializes in ADHD assessments. She understands that you can be smart, successful, and still struggle with ADHD.10/13/2021 23:55:04
CanadaVancouverBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr. Joyce Tsang General/Family PractitionerAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownI received a diagnosis after 4 weekly 30-minute assessment (very thorough), and she follows up with me bi-weekly to see how I'm reacting to the medications. She's knowledgeable and caring and seems to be well-informed how ADHD presents in women9/20/2021 18:18:48
CanadaVancouver, BCBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Parhar, attending nursesAdult adhd specialist clinic with urgent assessment options ($150 Canadian) AdultsYesUnsure/UnknownUnknown is where I was diagnosed, the wait time is up to two years, but their urgent assessment options are reasonably priced, and I waited less than two weeks. The practitioner was validating and helpful. I received a full assessment form in great detail, which was also sent to my family Dr, but I have it on file forever. 9/30/2021 22:41:41
CanadaVictoria Both in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr. Craig Emes MDPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownMSP if referred by family doctor gave me my diagnosis and I found him very knowledgeable on adult adhd. 8/26/2022 21:17:17English
CanadaVictoria, BCBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr. David HarrisonGeneral/Family PractitionerChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesUnsure/UnknownMSP Canada
He is my family doctor and has been absolutely amazing and supportive in helping my son (and now myself) get our ADHD diagnoses. I’m my experience he always listens to patients’ concerns and takes them seriously.
8/26/2022 23:21:31English
CanadaWinnipegIn-person onlyDr. Ral KokoGeneral/Family PractitionerChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknown
She is an incredibly empathetic family physician. When I brought up ADHD as a possibility, she made me feel so heard and strongly encouraged me to seek out a diagnosis through a psychologist (we have very limited access to psychiatry in Winnipeg, so this is the best route). While finding the right meds, she's also created opportunity for discussing other tools that may help (i.e. yoga, exercise, sleep, meditation) - remarkably holistic for a family physician :)
6/4/2022 15:33:16English
Czech RepublicPragueMUDr. Tereza Štěpánková PsychologistChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesUnsure/UnknownDoes not take insuranceShe is knowledgeable about women's ADHD and has written articles especially about how ADHD and eating disorders go hand in hand. 2/18/2021 5:12:45
DenmarkCopenhagenBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineKatinka MoltkePsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownI was diagnosed and treated by this doctor. She is totally up to date in women with adhd, and diagnosed me when I didn’t even self suspect adhd (and I’m a medical doctor myself). 11/16/2021 12:29:24
DenmarkOdenseNormally in-person only, but also online and on the phone during corona.Anette DamkierPsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsYesUnsure/Unknown
Psychiatrist (including this one) are covered by the free (at the point of use) healthcare here in Denmark.'s great at actually listening to people and she genuinely cares about her patients. She picks up on little things you mention about yourself (such as your interests) and remembers them for later on (example: one session, I told her about how I loved to read books, next session, she recommended 2 books about ADHD and said that she would love to know what I thought about them, if I read them). She's fun, med-positive, caring, reassuring and knows her stuff. I LOVE her!7/15/2021 3:55:28
DenmarkSilkeborg In-person onlyCharlotte JokumsenPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownInsurance, not public health careKnows ADHD in women. I am very satisfied.10/3/2021 15:58:59
FinlandTurkuIn-person onlyHarri HirvonenNeurologistTeenagers, AdultsYesYesFinland has a different healthcare system is very supportive and kind, and most likely has ADHD himself as his son (to whom he often refers) is diagnosed.6/24/2021 9:11:15
FranceMontpellierBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr Pacôme SaulnierNeurologistAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownFrench Social Security (National Healthcare)
He was able to diagnose me with ADHD, prescribe methylphenidate (first annual prescription must be made by a doctor in a hospital by law), and see me quickly. He still accepts new patients and can do online consultations on Doctolib.8/23/2021 22:08:04
GermanyDüsseldorf Jürgen HesselPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownNot a problem in Germany, respectful, helpful 2/18/2021 2:01:55
GermanyDüsseldorf In-person onlyDr. med Jürgen HesselPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknown is specialized in adult adhd11/3/2021 4:18:31
GermanyFrankfurt am MainDr. Sabine KrämerPsychiatristAdultsYesUnsure/Unknown, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable about adult ADHD and ADHD in women. Also speaks English perfectly, though her secretary might tell you otherwise. 5/6/2021 9:23:18
GermanyMunichDr. Ulrich RothfelderPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknownpublic and private German insurers was worried about not being believed, but he was very helpful and sympathetic.2/21/2021 5:59:51
GermanyRiedstadt (Hesse)Both in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr. med. Jana EngelPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknownprivate insurance & self-pay
She is a psychiatrist & psychotherapist specialized in ADHD in adults, focus ADHD in women. Very experienced in the field, including publications. Likable doc, empathetic, good sense of humor. She´s analytical & direct. I like the deep questioning to challenge my thinking. Creates trustful/safe environment. Had my diagnosis done there and will continue there with therapy.
9/14/2022 14:55:50English
GermanyRiedstadt (Hesse)Both in-person and telemedicine/onlineDr. med. Jana EngelPsychiatristAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknownprivate German insurance & self-pay is a psychiatrist/psychotherapist specialized in ADHD in women.
Very experienced in the field, including publications.
Likable doc, empathetic, good sense of humor.
She´s analytical & direct. I like the deep questioning to challenge my thinking.
Creates trustful/safe environment.
Had my diagnosis done there and will continue there with therapy.
9/15/2022 15:44:01English, German
Global/WorldwideDr B's program is globalDr Barbara CohenADHD CoachAdultsUnsure/UnknownUnknownwww.drbarbaracohen.comDr B is totally amazing. Her program ADDventures in Achievement is changing the way I think. Pricey, but so worth it. She also has a podcast called Living Beyond ADHD. 2/17/2021 10:11:54
CaliforniaSan Francisco/online Online now, in person once restrictions are lifted Caitlin O’Brient BauerADHD CoachAdultsYesYesDoes not take insurance has 30+ years of lived experience as an ADHD-er, which is evident in the compassion she holds and seemingly boundless resources she’s able to offer. She’s also warm and curious, which leads to asking excellent questions in the process of supporting her clients to find their answers and build what they want to in their lives. 5/9/2021 22:24:09
TexasMcKinney TX/OnlineBoth in-person and telemedicine/onlineSmart Health and WellnessPsychiatristChildren, Teenagers, AdultsUnsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownBlue Cross Blue It was a fast, easy, simple process. They were really nice to me. It did take a while to get a new patient appointment but it was worth it.8/20/2021 14:10:12
OnlineTelemedicine/online onlyRebecca King, MS, RDN, LDNDietician NutritionistAdults, Unsure/UnknownUnsure/UnknownUnsure/Unknown runs small group sessions teaching the principles of intuitive eating, specifically geared towards people with ADHD. Her lessons clicked with me more than any health related program I’ve ever done, and being in a group with other ADHD women was so fulfilling. Even if you can’t do the group sessions, she shares tips to combat binge eating and other ADHD-related food struggles on her Instagram. She is focused on scientifically accurate information only which was very important to me also. Highly recommended!5/9/2021 9:45:20