DateTimeSite NameTownGPS WaypointSample #TempInstar10 Dip AvgTotal in 10D1D2D3D4D5D6D7D8D9D10SpeciesCommentsSampler Name
4/3/1714:00Prunier SEWeybridgeN44.047265 ; W073.250608N/AAir 64 H20 400000000000000n/aSpring FloodCraig Zondag
4/7/1713:00Lemon Fair RD. NWWeybridgeN44.019589 ; W073.239109N/A Air 72 H20 560000000000000n/aSpring FloodCraig Zondag
4/9/1716:00Lemon Fair Road NWWeybridgeN44.019589 ; W073.239109N/AAir ? H2O ?0000000000000n/aEarly spring flood. Checking water level on river gague Meg Madden
4-11-1712:00Prunier SEWeybridgeN44.047265 ; W073.250608Air 80 H20 62i1=100%000000000210n/aSpring FloodCraig Zondag
4-11-1713:00Lemon Fair RD. NWWeybridgeN44.019589 ; W073.239109Air 80 H20 70000000000000n/aSpring FloodCraig Zondag
4/11/1712:00Prunier SWWeybridgeN44.046851 ; W073.251793Air 80 H20 6910.110000000000n/aFloodKerry
4/11/1713:00Lemon Fair RD SWWeybridgeN44.019289 ; W073.239029Air 80 H20 780000000000000n/aFloodingKerry
4-11-1712:15Prunier SWWeybridgeN44.046851 ; W073.251793MMLV1Air 80 H20 64i2=100%0.100000000100Too small to IDSpring FloodMeg Madden
4-11-1712:30Prunier NWWeybridgeN44.047020 ; W073.251091N/AAir 80 H20 620000000000000n/aSpring FloodMeg Madden
4-11-1713:00Lemon Fair RD SWWeybridgeN44.019289 ; W073.239029N/AAir 80 H20 67i1=100%0.100001000000n/aSpring FloodMeg Madden
4-11-1713:15Lemon Fair RD NWWeybridgeN44.019589 ; W073.239109MMLV2Air 80 H20 67i1=25% , i2=50%, i3=25%1101120111111Oc ProvocansSpring Flood, dipped at base of trees along roadside.Meg Madden
4-12-1713:30Crescent DitchBridportN43.983172 ; W-73.272916MMLV3Air 56 H2O 50i2=100%1101110231001Cloudy, S wind ~10MPH. Ditch not as full as I thought it was going to be.Meg Madden
4-12-1714:00East of Payne WRPBridportN43.983172 ; W-73.272916MMLV4Air 56 H2O 52i1=50% i2=50%6.2626421481061023Oc stimulans and Oc excruciansPartly cloudy, S wind ~10MPH. Many mallards. A few spring peepers. Water level 15' beyond WRP signs.Meg Madden
4-12-1715:15Skating Rink BridportN43.989755 ; W-73.280693MMLV5Air 60 H2O 60i1=48% i2=49% i3=1%2020020302033530202025Oc stimulans and Oc excruciansMostly sunny, windy from the S. Highest larval concentrations at the SW, closest to the road.Meg Madden
4-13-1712:30Weybridge Farm Big DitchWeybridgeN44.013881 ; W-73.232594 Air 72 H20 56i2=100%48065003200Run offCraig Zondag
4-13-1712:30Lemon Fair NEWeybridgeN44.019965 ; W-73.236525Air 72 H20 600000000000000n/aSPring FloodCraig Zondag
4-13-1713:15Devils Triangle FlatsWeybridgeN/AAir 44 H20 520000000000000n/aSpring FloodMeg Madden
4-13-1713:45Devils TriangleWeybridgeN44.0156 ; W073.1418MMLV6Air 54 H2O 54i1=20% i2=80%5502332142132Oc stimulans and Oc excruciansStiff north wind. Spring Flood-dipping up into mown grass area of farm field. Meg Madden
4-13-1714:00Devils Triangle FlatsWeybridgeAir75 H2O 650000000000000n/aSpring FloodCraig Zondag
4-13-1714:00Devils TriangleWeybridge
4-13-1714:15Swamp #1WeybridgeN44.036826 ; W-73.237112MMLV7Air 56 H2O 66i2=100%116.311631085010010010020675100Oc stimulansWindy from the north. Pockets of high concentrations of early instar larva-100+/dip.Meg MaddenPretreat survey
4-13-1715:00Swamp #1WeybridgeN44.036826 ; W-73.237112Air 72 H2O 56i2=100%30728243627483734122833Oc stimulansSpring FloodCraig ZondagPretreat survey
4-13-17Swamp #1WeybridgeOc stimulansKerry White (lab-Chhoki)
4-14-1714:00Lemon Fair NEWeybridgeN44.019965 ; W-73.236525Air 67 H2O 600000000000000n/aSpring FloodCraig Zondag
4-17-1715:00Swamp #1WeybridgeN44.036826 ; W-73.237112Air 57 H2O 62i2=10,i3=80,i4=1016900226823541109Oc stimulansSPring FloodCraig ZondagPost treat survey
4-17-1715:00Swamp #1WeybridgeN44.036826 ; W-73.237112Air 57 H2O 62i3=100112682412800000Oc stimulansSPring FloodCraig ZondagPost treat survey
4-17-1715:00Swamp #1WeybridgeN44.036826 ; W-73.237112Air 57 H2O 62i3=100970103604361217Oc stimulansSpring FloodCraig ZondagPost treat survey
4-18-1715:30Hurd WetlandWeybridgeN44.021270 ; W-73.184301Air 64 H2O 61i2=100%30000002010Drainage swail Craig Zondag
4/19/1714:00TAM Sheep Farm Rd NWeybridgeN44.042409 ; W-73.195580N/AAir 53 H2O 450000000000000n/aDrainage swail with areas of wide cattail marsh. Overcast, sprinkling rain, breezy from the S. Many mayfly larva. Flushed a woodcock out of the field.Meg Madden
4/20/1710:30Prunier SEWeybridgeN44.047265 ; W073.250608MMLV8Air 46 H2O 48i1=20% i2=30% i3=30% i4=20%1101210112110Oc sticticus and Oc stimulansCloudy, cold wind from the N. River still out of its banks but water levels receding. Meg Madden
4/20/1711:15Prunier SWWeybridgeN44.046851 ; W073.251793MMLV9Air 46 H2O 48i1=0% i2=19% i3=39% i4=42%2.6263234230513Oc sticticusCloudy, cold wind from the N. River still out of its banks but water levels receding. Top 2' of river gaugue showing.Meg Madden
4/20/1712:00Prunier NWWeybridgeN44.047020 ; W073.251091MMLV10Air 48 H20 48i1=0% i2=25% i3=63% i4=12%0.881301110100Oc sticticusCloudy, cold wind from the N. River still out of its banks but water levels receding.Meg Madden
4/20/1712:30Lemon Fair RD SWWeybridgeN44.019289 ; W073.239029N/AAir 46 H20 520000000000000N/ACloudy, cold wind from the N. River still out of its banks but water levels receding.Meg Madden
4/20/1713:00Lemon Fair RD NWWeybridgeN44.019589 ; W073.239109MMLV11Air 49 H20 56i1=11% i2=28% i3=33% i4=28%1.8183232112040Oc stimulansSun gradually came out, still windy from the N. Dipped the whole length of the field from road to treeline. Most larva along road and tree line at N end of field.Meg Madden
4/21/178:30125 Bridge SWCornwallN43.990606 ; W-73.252606MMLV12Air 48 H2O 48i1=15% i2=80% i3=4% i4=.00166.2662121603050100401002050100Oc sticticus and Oc stimulansOvercast, bitterly cold wind from SE, spitting rain. Heavy concentration of mostly i1 and i2 larva in an isolated area just to the west of the bridge. Water levels lower, river almost back in its banks.Meg Madden
4/21/179:15SW of 125 Bridge-upriverCornwallN43.990606 ; W-73.252606MMLV13Air 48 H2O 48i1=30% i2=67% i3=3% i4=0%101002210510512166410Ae cinereus, Ae vexans, Oc provocans, Oc stimulansVery cold, windy, and damp. Upriver to the west/south until I came to an area where the river was no longer flooding the bank.Meg Madden
4/21/1710:30Crescent DitchBridportN43.983172 ; W-73.272916MMLV14Air 50 H2O 45i3=50% i4=50%1.4141122121211Oc excrucians, Oc stimuans, mostly Oc provocansWater level low. Isolated pockets, rest of ditch dry.Meg Madden
4/21/1711:15East of Payne WRPBridportN43.983172 ; W-73.272916MMLV15Air 50 H20 48i1=29% i2=13% i3=26% i4=32%9.595820106122461215Oc excrucians 75%, Oc stimulans 25%Dipped along E edge from Drainage ditch willow to S willow. Waterline still above nesting pole.Meg Madden
4/21/1712:15East of Payne WRPBridportN43.983172 ; W-73.272916MMLV16Air 50 H2O48i1=0% i2=.002% i3=75% i4=25%85845506080100+100+100+85100+70100+Oc stimulans, Oc excruciansTansversed deeper water back and forth from W to E and back. Started raining hard.Meg Madden
4/21/1713:00East of Payne WRPBridportN43.983172 ; W-73.272916MMLV17Air 50 H2O48i1=.002% i2=.001% i3=25% i4=75%8887510075100+100+6580100+100+70100+Oc provocans=1
Oc stimulans=many
Oc fitchii=many
Oc diantaeus=3
Mystery single head hairs 5&6=many
Deeper water N of drainage ditch.Meg Madden
4/21/1713:00Swamp Road, EastCornwall43°55' 2.6934 -73°10' 31.0656KBWLV2Air 50 H2O 50i3=05% i4=95%4.9493210010810142In/under flood debris in ditchesKerry
4/22/1719:00Lemon Fair Road NWWeybridgeN44.019589 ; W073.239109MMLV18Air 49 H2O 52i1=0% i2=50% i3=0% i4=50%0.250020000000Oc canadensis,
Oc stimulans.
Both NW river gauges 3' above water.Meg Madden
4/22/1719:30Lemon Fair Road SWWeybridgeN44.019289 ; W073.239029MMLV19Air 49 H2O 53i1=0% i2=33% i3=67% i4=0%0.331002000000Ae cinereus, Ae vexans.Meg Madden
4/22/1720:00125 & West StreetCornwallN43.990606 ; W-73.252606MMLV20Air 53 H2O 48i1=15% i2=36% i2=36% i3=13%15150595020111020304Mostly Ae vexans & Ae cinereus with a few Oc sticticus & Oc stimulansWater level considerably lower than the day before when I was dipping an average of 66 larva per dip. Considerably few larva-most of them likely were washed downstream into the main river.Meg Madden
4/23/177:30Swamp Road SWCornwallN43.916451  W73.195411KBWLV3Air 50 H2O 50i2=40% i3=40% i4=20%2.2221243510222Ditches and stagnant H2O past ditchesKerry
4/23/178:00Swamp Road, SE/PretreatmentCornwallN43.917553 ; W-73.174513KBWLV4Air 53 H2O 55i3=10% i4=90%25+250+25+25+25+25+25+25+25+25+25+25+Large wet area behind/South of parking lotKerry
4/23/1713:00Swamp Road, SE/PretreatmentCornwallN43.917553 ; W-73.174513KBWLV5Air 65 H20 60i3=10% i4=90%50+500+50+50+50+50+50+50+50+50+50+50+Large wet area behind/South of parking lotKerry
4/23/1711:30Swamp Road, SE/PretreatmentCornwallN43.917553 ; W-73.174513KBWLV6Air 65 H20 60i3=10% i4=90%50+500+50+50+50+50+50+50+50+50+50+50+Oc sticticus, Oc stimulansLarge wet area behind/South of parking lotKerry
4/23/1713:30Morse RoadCornwallN43.966966 ; W-73.179730KBWLV7Air 65 H2O 48i2=10% i3=45% i4=45%0.660030000201Ae cinereus & 1 unidentified-still IDing-not in our ID book.Dipped along the road.Kerry
4/25/1714:00Swamp Road, SE Post treatmentCornwallN43.917553 ; W-73.174513KBWLV8Air 58 H2O 50i4=100%0.330000000000n/a-no larva in cup when I opening it to ID.-MMThe larva I dipped were dead, but I kept them anyway, no live larva dippedKerry
4/25/1714:00Swamp Road, SE Post treatmentCornwallN43.917553 ; W-73.174513KBWLV9Air 58 H2O 50n/a000000000000n/aWindy and RainyKerry
4/25/1714:00Swamp Road, SE Post treatmentCornwallN43.917553 ; W-73.174513KBWLV10Air 58 H2O 50n/a000000000000n/aWindy and RainyKerry
4/25/1714:30Swamp Road, EastCornwall43°55' 2.6934 -73°10' 31.0656KBWLV11Air 58 H2O 50?1983005002001Windy/Cold dipped along roadway in ditchesKerry
4/25/179:30Devils Triangle FlatsWeybridgeMMLV21Air 47 H20 50i1=25% i2=25% i3=25% i4=25% p=.5%2203411123211Ae vexans, Oc stimulans, mystery larvaChilly and still, becoming cloudy. Meg Madden
4/25/1711:00Devils Traingle WeybridgeN44.0156 ; W073.1418MMLV22Air 51 H20 50i1=0 i2=0 i3=0 i4=100% p=.3%33110421312134Oc stimulansChilly, still, starting to rain. Water levels low enough that I was able to walk through the triangle all the way to the rivers edge in H2O up to my knees. Rafts of frog eggs.Meg Madden
4/25/1712:15#1 SwampWeybridgeN44.036826 ; W-73.237112MMLV23Air 54 H2O 48i4=100%74+735+100+50603075100+75100+6580Oc stimulansRaining, wind picked up from the S. Pair of pileated woodpeckers. Meg Madden
4/25/1713:45Prunier SEWeybridgeN44.047265 ; W073.250608MMLV24Air 55 H2O 52i1=0 i2=17% i3=50% i4=0% p=33%0.661010110101Ae cinereusRaining, cold. River still in flood.Meg Madden
4/25/1714:15Prunier SWWeybridgeN44.046851 ; W073.251793N/AAir 55 H2O52N/A000000000000N/ARaining, cold. 2.5' of river gauge showing.Meg Madden
4/25/1714:30Prunier NWWeybridgeN44.047020 ; W073.251091N/AAir 55 H2O 50i1=0 i2=0 i3=100% i4=00.220000110000N/A2 pair of wood ducks.Meg Madden
4/26/1713:00Lemon Fair SW Horseshoe DitchWeybridgeN44.019289 ; W073.239029N/AAir 56 H2O 62i4=100%0.110001000000N/APartly sunny, still, warming up. River back in its banks.Meg Madden
4/26/1713:45Lemon Fair Rd NW Roadside DitchWeybridgeN44.019589 ; W073.239109N/AAir 56 H2O 60i1=0 i2=42% i3=29% i4=29%0.773001110100N/ARiver gauges completely out of the water.Meg Madden
4/26/1714:00Sedge Pond WeybridgeW44.019289 ; W-73.239029N/AAir 66 H2O 600000000000000N/APartly sunny, light breeze. Conditions drying down-deepest water in pond only ~1' deep.Meg Madden
4/26/1714:30Prunier SEWeybridgeN44.047265 ; W073.250608MMLV25Air 66 H2O 62i1=3% i2=6% i3=6% i4=60% p=23%3301001121798Oc sticticusMostly cloudy, still. Still flooded. Finding larva in the deeper clear water, not the water that is full of thatch and debris. Wood ducks!Meg Madden
4/26/1715:15Prunier SWWeybridgeN44.046851 ; W073.251793MMLV25Air 66 H20 58i1=0 i2=0 i3=.09 i4=12% p=87%111091101671188181218Oc sticticusStill flooded. Finding pupa in the deeper, clear water knee deep and over. Rearing pupa.Meg Madden
4/26/1715:30Prunier NWWeybridgeN44.047020 ; W073.251091MMLV25Air 68 H2O 62i1=0 i2=0 i3=.1% i4=47% p=52%9.696111181291291322Oc sticticusStill flooded. Finding pupa in the deeper, clear water knee deep and over. Rearing pupa.Meg Madden
4/27/1711:30Swamp RD WestCornwallN43.916451  W73.195411KBWLV12Air 70 H2O 70i3=2% i4=98%77011110146128710Water has recededKerry
4/27/1712:00Swamp RD EastCornwall43°55' 2.6934 -73°10' 31.0656KBWLV13Air 70 H2O 70i3=2% i4=98%11.7117121015129816151010Water has receded, large #'s on N side of Rd, Called CZKerry
4/28/1710:00Swamp Rd. NWCornwallN43.916579 ; W-73.194766CZLV 001Air 72 H2O 62i2=90% i3=10%2.22201001150302Ae. cinereus, Cs. morsitans, Oc. dorsalisFlood levels have receded to normal swamp conditions. Larvae found under root mounds...Craig Zondag
4/28/1711:00Swamp Rd. NECornwallN43.918588 ;W73.174810CZLV 002Air 72 H2O 62i2=1% i4=99%66010133130000Oc sticticusFlood levels still cover fields to bat houses. Larvae limited to receding water edge.Craig Zondag (lab- Chhoki)
4/28/179:30Swamp RD SWCornwallN43.916451  W73.195411MMLV26AIr 72 H2O 62i1=49% i2=5% i3=2% i4=44%441302000000612Oc provocans, Oc abserratus, Ae cinereus, Ae vexans, Oc stimulans, 4 mystery larva-still I.D.ingNot many larva in the ditch due to a fairly stong current, but later instar larva abundant in pools throughout the swamp.Meg Madden
4/28/1711:00Swamp RD NECornwallN43.918588 ;W73.174810MMLV27Air 72 H2O 62i4=100%7777075803045100+100+901008565Oc sticticus, 1 species still being ID'edSunny and warm. Meg Madden
5/1/1717:00East of PayneBridportN43.983172 ; W-73.272916CZLV 003Air 75 H2O 68i4=50% P=50%20001000001Oc excrucians-larva Crescent Ditch; Overcast, Wind S-SW 15 mphCraig Zondag
5/1/1717:00East of PayneBridportN43.983172 ; W-73.272916n/aAir 75 H2O 54i4=100%80120101201n/aWRP; Split WillowCraig Zondag
5/1/1717:00East of PayneBridportN43.983172 ; W-73.272916CZLV 004Air 75 H2O 58i4=100%71310024023002Oc stimulans, Ae cinereusWRP; Lobe DitchCraig Zondag
5/5/178:30Prunier SEWeybridgeN44.047265 ; W073.250608N/AAIr 49 H2O N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AWindy, rain showers. No flooding.Meg Madden
5/5/178:30Prunier SWWeybridgeN44.046851 ; W073.251793N/AAIr 49 H2O N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AWindy, rain showers. No flooding.Meg Madden
5/5/178:30Prunier NWWeybridgeN44.047020 ; W073.251091N/AAIr 49 H2O N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AWindy, rain showers. No flooding.Meg Madden
5/5/178:45Lemon Fair RD SW Horseshoe DitchWeybridgeN44.019289 ; W073.239029N/AAir 49 H2O 52n/a000000000000N/AWindy, rain showers. Water confined to ditch.Meg Madden
5/5/179:15Lemon Fair RD NW Roadside DitchWeybridgeN44.019589 ; W073.239109MMLV28AIr 49 H2O 50i3=2% i4=20% p=77%4.4444638356243Ae cinereus, Oc stimulans, Oc fitchiiWindy, rain showers. Water confined to ditch. Rearing pupa in lab.Meg Madden
5/5/179:45Sedge PondWeybridgeW44.019289 ; W-73.239029MMLV29Air 49 H2O 52p=100%0.550000221000Ae cinereus, Os stimulans Windy, rain showers. Pupa were hiding up under the edges of the sedge tussocks in deeper water. Rearing pupa in lab.Meg Madden
5/5/1711:15Skating RinkBridportN43.989755 ; W-73.280693MMLV30Air 49 H2O 50i3=3% i4=55% p=42%9.69673111111214141852/3 Oc excrucians, 1/3 Oc fitchii, one each Ae cinereus, Oc canadensis, Oc intrudens.Windy, rainy. Dipped along entire west edge, found larva and pupa everywhere and in all depths of water. Rearing pupa in lab.Meg Madden
5/6/1714:15125 Bridge & Snake Mt RdCornwallN43.992618 ; W-73.248805MMLV31Air 69 H20 56i1=83% i3=11% i4=6%7702110011254260Ae cinereusWarm, windy, partly sunny. Brand new hatch of tiny i1's barely able to see them with the naked eye. What we thought were i3's due to their small size were apparently i4's as they pupated in the car on the way home! Very small pupa-rearing in lab.Meg Madden Craig Zondag
5/6/1715:15125 & West StreetCornwallN43.990606 ; W-73.252606MMLV32Air 69 H20 56i1=100%2.2224480000000Too small to IDAll very early 1st instars-all dipped closest to bridge.Meg Madden
5/10/1717:00Prunier SWWeybridgeN44.046851 ; W073.251793n/aAir 57 H2O 54i1=100%40102000010n/aCraig Zondag
5/11/1713:00Prunier SEWeybridgeN44.047265 ; W073.250608n/aAir 52 H2O 66i1=10% i2=85% i3=5%7.57500327349380n/aRiver barely out of its' banks.Craig Zondag
5/11/1715:45Devils' TriangleWeybridgen/aAir 57 H2O 66i2=100%4.44400510350120deterioratedWater levels have receded considerably, but there are several acres in shallow flood.Craig Zondag
5/11/1714:00Lemon Fair Rd. NW Sedge PondWeybridgeN44.019589 ; W073.239109CZLV005Air 57 H2O 66i1=10% i2=80% i3=10%10.6106739301550100Ae vexansSedge pond full; larvae on edges of pool. Larvae concentrated in bunkers behind stream bank.Craig Zondag
5/11/1713:00Prunier SWWeybridgeN44.046851 ; W073.251793MMLV33Air 57 H2O 56i1=25% i2=75%12.812822612202815181213Ae vexansPartly sunny, clearing and becoming warm. Meg Madden
5/11/1713:45Prunier NWWeybridgeN44.047020 ; W073.251091MMLV34Air 57 H2O 60i1=80% i2=20%12120420048020703Ae vexansPartly sunny, clearing and becoming warm. Meg Madden
5/11/1714:15Lemon Fair Rd. SW Horseshoe DitchWeybridgeN44.019289 ; W073.239029MMLV35Air 57 H2O 62i1=71% i2=29%1.4141100230000Ae vexansPartly sunny, clearing and becoming warm, wind picking up.Meg Madden
5/11/1714:30Lemon Fair Rd. NW Roadside DitchWeybridgeN44.019589 ; W073.239109MMLV36Air 57 H2O 60i1=30% i2=70% i3=.01% p=.01%70+700+47805035100+150+175+3065Ae vexansPartly sunny, clearing and becoming warm, wind picking up. This ditch is always full of larva-planning to treat with 45 day 4-Star briquettes. Craig to treat? PRETREATMENT SURVEY.Meg Madden
5/11/1715:45Devils TriangleWeybridgeN44.0156 ; W073.1418MMLV37Air 57 H2O 55i1=47% i2=48% i3=4% p=1%7.57525022118576Ae vexansPartly sunny, clearing and becoming warm, wind picking up. Larva found in the shallower water.Meg Madden
5/11/1716:30#1 SwampWeybridgeN44.036826 ; W-73.237112MMLV38Air 59 H2O 66i1=42% i2=0 i3=29% i4=29%0.771121110000Ae cinereus, Ae vexans, first Cs morsitans larva! Partly sunny, clearing and becoming warm, wind picking up. Grass around edges of swamp full of adult mosquitoes.Meg Madden
5/11/17Lemon Fair Rd. NW DitchWeybridgeAe vexansCraig Zondag (lab- Chhoki)
5/12/1713:00Swamp Rd NWCornwallN43.916579 ; W-73.194766n/aAir 67 H2O 60i1=100%4.44424523108406n/aAdults have emerged. Collected adults with sweep net for ID.Craig Zondag
5/12/1714:30Swamp Rd NECornwallN43.918588 ;W73.174810KBWLV15Air69 H2O 85i2=100%1.2122312310000Ae cinereusMany Adults, collected in a sweep, info included in adult dataKerry White
5/12/1714:30Swamp Rd SECornwallN43.917553 ;W73.174513n/aAir 69 H2O 700000000000000n/aMany Adults collected.  Dipped just around the parking lotKerry White
5/12/1715:00Swamp Rd NWCornwallN43.916579 ;W73.194766n/aAir 69 H2O 710000000000000n/aWater has receded, film on top of waterKerry White
5/12/1715:00Swamp Rd SWCornwallN43.916451  W73.195411KBWLV14Air 69 H2O 72ipup= 100%0.111000000000Pupa-not Id'ed.Just one pupKerry White