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StatusChangeCommit SubjectTested by +1Tested by +2Notes
Done[Added] PetControlDevice, PetControlObserver, and CallPetTaskHalvixCemCan call and store faction pets from datapad, nothing else yet. - Halvix
Done[Added] stormtrooper and rebel trooper faction pets for purchase at recruiters (temporary, for testing of the control devices. They don't do anything but follow right now)HalvixCemA little thing I noticed is that when you purchase the pet from recruiter it immediately spawns, and you can continue to purchase pets this way. However using the control device to call more than one is not allowed. - HalvixYep, it's a known issue. It was simply added as a way to test the control devices and is by no means finished. -IvoGood to know Ivo, because after playing with them for a bit, there's quite a few issues. Called a stormtrooper with my imp, had a rebel combatant approach, stormtrooper was aggressive but had a white name/white dot on radar but could also be attacked. Upon death they can be looted, stored and recalled as a corpse if left unlooted, or full health if they are looted. If stored while in combat with a player, that player becomes stuck in combat. - Halvix
Done[added] commands lua parsing testX
Done[Changed] restructured old man file for upcoming changes.X
Done[Fixed] pets cannot be stored while they are in combatCemNee
Done[added] maxVitality member to PetControlDevice along with methods to set and get vitality and maxVitalityX
Done[Changed] refactored old_man_Test.luaX
Done[Added] mock file for functions provided by director manager to screenplays.X
Done[Fixed] faction pets no longer spawn into the world when purchased from recruiterNeeCem
Done[Changed] a player can now call 3 faction pets at onceNeeCemOn-screen msg after i tried calling *more* than the '3' at once: "You have already called the maximum amount of pets of this type that you can call." Looks good, except for them running/standing on top of eachother (but i presume that goes to pesky 'Creature AI' code progress) . -- Nee (10/24/13)
Done[Added] chance for babies to spawn (cannot be tamed yet)NeeCemWhat a pure joy it is to see "a Wrix (baby) " in the wilds of Talus once again, after all these years. To quote C-3PO: Wonderful wonderful!!! --- Nee (10/24/13)
Done[Added] tame radial menu option to babiesNeeCemNice *on-screen message* (re: "...once taming is implemented" ) but to avoid any mass confusion (or superfluous Bug-Reports) perhaps that same message should also pop-up when test-players use the ' /tame ' command (either by typing it or by click from toolbar) . -- Nee (10/24/13)Yeah, I haven't hooked up the tame command yet, only the radial menu. -Ivo
Done[Added] skill and state checks for tamingNeeCemGot the 'tame' radial option w/ my main toon (Neetoo) who is Novice CH...and did *not* get the option w/ my other toon (Needi) who has zero CH skills. -- Nee (10/24/13)
Done[Added] novice creature handler training to the blue frogNeeCem
Done[Added] the old man now runs to the player when spawned.NeeCem
Done[Added] withAiAgent method to ScreenPlay.X
Done[Fixed] radial menu id for tamingX
Done[Added] LuaStringIdChatParameterX
Done[Removed] createParameterMessage, sendParameterMessage, setParameterDI, setParameterDF, setParameterTT, setParameterTU and setParameterTO from director manager.X
Done[Added] broadcastMessage with StringIdChatParameter to ChatManager.X
Done[Changed] spatialChat and spatialMoodChat to accept both String and LuaStringIdChatParameter.X
Done[added] Geonosian Biogenic Construction ConvoNeeHalvixWent thru entire Geo Cave and only found one NPC with *dialog* : At wp -6315 -478 , the Geonosian Scientist (that gives out code 51892 to "Engineering Area" ) behind the 'Fire Breathing Spider' spawn. All dialog 'options' working fine, except for 1 combo that seemed to *repeat* (but this may have been TCNova server-lag, so im going to try again later tonight) . -- Nee (10/25/13)Nee, there is currently only one convo done. 10/26/13 - LocnarAs Nee said, it does seem to repeat, but that might be the way it was. - Halvix
Done[moved] Geonosian screenplay to its own folderX
Done[Fixed] babies to be unable to be milked or dna sampledNeeScurbyCorrect, although i am able to 'sample DNA' from the "baby" once i have it *tamed* and 'own' it in my datapad as Pet. (which, from what i recall, is as-intended) --- Nee (10/25/13)
Done[Fixed] babies to yield less xp and fewer resourcesNeeHalvixBabies are giving about 1/10th of what the adults give. - Halvix
Done[Added] taming functionalityNeeCemThe formula to determine success is preliminary and will likely need tweaking. Any feedback on how it seems is welcome. -IvoInitial feedback, as just a NOVICE CH: 1) Still unable to tame using the typed " /tame " command nor the /tame icon clicky from toolbar (can only RADIAL tame) . -- 2) So far, i've "failed" all my 1st-tries but *tamed* on all my 2nd-tries (only done a Vynock, a Wrix, and a Dalyrake, on Talus...and a Spiked Krevol on Naboo, so far...But will be attempting EVERY possible Baby creature throughout entire Galaxy over next few days, just like i did with 'sampleDNA' testing on Pub4) . -- 3) I seem to recall some sort of *animation* while the taming spatial 'dialog' maybe the " /pet or /calm " steady-hand-animation? -- 4) Can only 'store' pets (both Creature and NPC version btw) by manually storing from *datapad* only (Radial of pet gives no option to store, currently) . -- 5) Since ' /maskscent ' isn't functioning yet, i haven't been able to APPROACH any "RED-agro" hostile creature babies. Once i train my Xxxx CH boxes more, i'll try the 'reds' again...real slowly, despite no maskscent. -- 6) Sort of side-note here but: Currently we are unable to 'store' or 'call' any types of Pets while being INDOORS (player buildings, owned or not, nor public) -- Nee (10/25/13)Pretty much everything Nee said sumed it up. - Cem
Done[Fixed] incorrect stack indexing in LuaStringIdChatParameterX
Done[Fixed] pushing incorrect object in the _getObject method in LuaStringIdChatParameter.X
Done[Changed] renamed the getName method on the LuaCreatureObject to getFirstName.X
Done[Added] the old man will now send the spatial greeting to the player when he spawns.NeeCem
Done[Updated] a few of the event times related to the old man spawning.NeeCem
Done[Changed] made the spawn event for the old man persistent.NeeCem
Done[Changed] the time for the old man spawn to 12 minutes instead of 12 seconds. Still the time is for testing.CemNee
Done[Fixed] Clean up of auto generated files in the repository.X
Done[Added] despawn event for the old man.NeeCemSeemed to 'despawn' around 3-5 minutes after i finished convo with him (as well as did a " /thank " emote to him) . -- Nee (10/28/13) --- ***See my note below for Line 39 , cuz there might be a new 'bug' IF you DON'T talk/convo with The Old Man at all (it seems to be despawning/re-spawning over & over in same spot, every few minutes, and 1 of them even failed to despawn at all and even though this 1 still remains 'live' , it says "I have nothing to discuss with you" when i try convo'ing with him...almost as if it's not "my" spawn, but there are/were no other players even remotely nearby my location on Dathomir.) -- Nee
Done[Added] respawn of old man at a later time if he despawns.NeeCemHe even found me again on Dathomir...TWICE in a row! (And this "2nd spawn" isn't de-spawning ...possibly because i didn't talk/click to either spawn at all this time --- which may or may not be a 'bug' ...i'll wait and see if it happens again though, before i file Bug Report) -- Nee (10/28/13)
Done[added] Ability to generate droids from deedHalvixNeeHere's a macro for admins to spawn droid deeds:
Still would like someone to try crafting droids from scratch and making sure it works. - Kliv -----> *I am crafting all Droid deeds the old-fashioned way. Almost done with every current possible droid. Will finish later tonight Sunday night. -- Nee (10/27/13, approx 7am eastern time) for you Kliv! ..... /grin , i'll be back Online later tonight
Saturday night to 'craft from scratch' for ya yep. -- Nee (10/26/13)
Unable to call a crafted DZ70 droid. Error message "wrong droid object template" - Halvix3PO and Surgical Droid have bad object names in the tre. I'll push a fix to override their templates and also add the DZ70 droid because Havlix asked so nicely. - Kliv
Done[added] Ability to call/store droidNeeCemThank you Halvix for my *1st mouse droid* ! --- Nee
Done[added] Droids follow player when calledNeeCemDroids will stop following you once you are 175m out of range, it stands still. Once you come back to it, doesn't re-follow you, need to re-call it in order for it to follow you again. Same for loading from a shuttle or starport with the droid right next to you. - CemStopping 175m away seems correct behavior from what I remember on live. I remember the droid trying to keep up but eventually stopped. It's not re-following probably because it uses the creature AI. I probably won't fix it to automatically re-follow until the new AI is stood up. I will work on adding the manual follow/stop following radials to manually kick it in gear. - Kliv
Done[Added] persistSceneObjectsRecursively to ObjectManagerX
Done[Fixed] persistence of petsNeeHalvixThanks Ivo for explaining exactly what this Line means. /bow, Nee
Done[fixed] crash on creos that dont have a weaponX
Done[Added] weapons to the blue frogsCemNee
Done[Removed] holocrons from the blue frogsCemNee
Done[Added] PetMenuComponentNeeCemFaction and tamed creature pets shold now have the "store" option on their radial menu -Ivo
Done[Added] isPet method to AiAgentX
Done[Fixed] Pets can no longer be tamed, milked, or harvestedNeeIknarReminding you Ivo that we should also not be able to 'sampleDNA' from *other player's* Pets. I'll file the Bug-Report later if necessary and link it here. --- Nee (10/27/13)
Done[Fixed] killing a pet no longer yields xp or lootCemNeeI cannot bring myself to 'kill' my pets...i just can't. -- NeeThen kill someone else's /evilgrin -Ivo --------> Yes, my master! I wiped them out....ALL OF THEM!!! --- Nee
Done[Added] Pet's vitality is now decremented on deathNeeCem*decay* is a wonderful thing...imho. -- Nee
Done[Added] control device template to CreatureTemplateX
Done[Changed] control device template from CreatureTemplate is now used when a creature is tamed (rather than the default pet control device)NeeScurby*Currently only for creatures on CORELLIA though (as far as the creatures that i've tested on other planets up to this point) . --- Nee (10/27/13 , approx 3pm eastern time)
Done[Added] control device template to several mobiles (many more to go)NeeScurbyDone a few so far, but will obviously do my best to cover *every* possible Corellia 'baby' creature by later tonight. -- Nee (10/27/13)
Done[Added] control device template to Corellia mobilesNeeScurby
Done[added] Singular Nak questCemIknar
Done[Fixed] melee toughness mods to only apply vs. melee attacks - mantis 4409ChriCem
Done[added] droids display percent power left when examinedHalvixScurby
Done[added] droids consume 1% power per minute while calledHalvixScurbytoo fast? - Scurby to the link <--- there, the time before a droid ran out of power was upped to 4 hours. Maybe change it to 1% every 2.4 minutes. - HalvixAh, okay I kept finding conflicting information saying 1hr battery life and others saying 4hr. It being upped to 4hrs later makes sense. I'm going to leave it fast for now just to speed along testing. When modules start going in we'll have to test that they shut off when out of battery. - KlivDroid will give "low power" fly text in red once it hits 0% power. This only happens one time at 0%. At this point the droid stops following. - Halvix
Done[added] droids recharge with droid batteryHalvixScurby
Done[change] Arrangement DescriptorsBertScurby
Done[fixed] bounce back at movement updates with invalid postureCemIknar
Done[fixed] mantis 4416 deposit/withdraw not working at banksCemChri
Done[Added] control device templates to Dantooine mobilesNeeScurbyTamed my first *vicious* creature woot! ( /quiet Scurby ) -- Nee -- p.s. ./super-pep-talk MASK SCENT come back "soon" plz lol
Done[Added] control device templates to Dathomir mobilesNeeScurby*The 'device template' for Enraged Reptilian Flier is BUG'D -- Nee (10/28/13) ---->>> (plz see screenshot >>>>> anyone know if *this* (see adjacent screenshot) is intended? re: a CREATURE pet cannot be called out unless player is COMBATANT (or SF) ...? -- Nee (10/31/13) ----> intended and I'll get it fixed soon. -Ivo
Done[Added] control device templates to Endor mobilesNeeScurbyIvo: i just realized a potential "problem" with having Animations accompany the ' /tame spatial chats ' : Would that type of animated *movement* cause vicious/red-dot creatures to sense/start 'agro' on the attempting player? And yes, i'm still hoping for at least the " /calm " animation and/or the " /pet " animation , during Taming process. -- Nee (10/28/13)Ivo, just my 'opinion' here on how the spatial-dialog *sequence* should go, if Animations are allowed to accompany each of the 5 chats: Player begins Tame, player says "Easy..." & does the /pointat animation, player says "Steady..." & does the /calm animation, player says "Don't be scared..." & does the /comfort animation, player says "Don't bite me..." & does the /shake animation, and finally player says "" & does the /summon animation. ----- Nee (10/30/13)
Done[added] Functionality to lair observers to get spawned creature vectorX
DoneNee (X)Bert**Still not getting ANY xp from any Lairs at all yet. Already chat'd with Ivo & Scurby about this but just to remind myself to re-test when TCNova comes back online. -- Nee (10/29/13)
Done[fixed] droids use correct crafted droid object templatesHalvixNeeAll previously generated droids/deeds will no longer work and will need to be deleted from your datapad/inventory. Need all the droid types tested again (except probot), I'm afraid - KlivGotcha Kliv yep will do. BTW: i can still CALL the *previously generated* droids, but they just won't 'do' anything (like move/follow, etc. ) . Anyways, deleted them and about to commence re-crafting all Droids again. -- Nee (10/28/13)Crafted and generated from deed all but the Probot and Binary Load Lifter. Might be a while before Binary Load Lifter can be tested as it requires 2 types of steel that hasn't spawned yet. - Halvix
Done[added] dz-70 droid can now be generated from deedNeeHalvixAs *Master DE*, i crafted one from scratch and "named" it: DZ70: Scurby Monitor Model ....but unfortunately the name didn't 'stick' once i generated the droid to datapad. -- Nee (10/28/13)/generatecrafteditem object/tangible/deed/pet_deed/deed_dz70_advanced_basic.iff 1;
/generatecrafteditem object/tangible/deed/pet_deed/deed_dz70_basic.iff 1;
Nee, naming droids doesn't work that way (copied over from deed name). They start with a basic name and you have to train them to learn their new name (not coded yet, though) - Kliv -------- **Ahh yes, that's right...i remember now, the old 'train' by speaking commands in SPATIAL chat. Can't wait! (even though i'm sure that must be some seriously pesky Coding) . --- regards, Nee (10/29/13)
Done[removed] probot droid generation from deed (fix pending)NeeHalvixnope, can't call from crafted deeds, normal or ADV. - Halvix
Done[fixed] lair disseminate exp #2Nee (X)Bert*see note for Line 69 above*
Done[Added] control device templates to Lok MobilesNeeScurby
Done[Added] loading of persistent events from the database in the Director Manager.X
Done[Added] handling of persistent spawn event for the old man limit the number of old man spawns to one at a time for the player.Nee (X)Halvix***Sorry to be a pest but... This no work properly yet. The Old Man just spawned about 25 times, one after another, and won't stop spawning. Like 'Mr. Smith' in 'Matrix Reloaded' . -- Nee (10/29/13, approx 2pm eastern time) -- (see *screenshot* -------> 1 Old Man spawned for me - Halvix
[fixed] marking objects to delete that arent in ramX
78[Added] PlayerObject now tracks active petsX
[Fixed] pets can now be called and stored in public buildingsNeeCem
80[Fixed] bug in removeScreenPlayState on LuaCreatureObject that could corrupt the screen play state.X
Done[Fixed] droids can now be called and store in public buildingsNeeHalvix*This also seems to work with 'Faction NPC' pets too -- Nee (10/30/13)Tested all droids currently available and all can be called in any player placed public structures, static med centers, and cantinas. However some NPC locations, such as the Theed Starport, Salons, Hotels you get the error message "you can not call pets in a private building" (probot yet to be tested) - Halvix ---------- *Confirmed by me too (including CREATURE pets too) . Nice find Halvix , /hi5 . -- Nee (10/31/13)Add player placed Naboo theaters to the list of places you can't call a droid - Halvix --------> *It's also not allowing me to call ANY 'pets' in my own House in QAVille (The house is set to 'private'...however, it's important to also note: this house deed was originally "owned" by another player, Scurby, and then placed by him and then "transferred" over to me; Which is def. a type of scenario that could arrise on 'live' ) . --- Nee (10/31/13)If the building is set to private, you won't be able to call/store a pet/droid. This is working as intended. -Ivo
Done[Added] despawn of old man after conversation has ended.HalvixCemThe Old Man has refused to spawn for me for nearly 2 days since TCNova came back up. I fear this may be TA 'punishing me' for crashing the server yesterday. -- Nee (10/31/13)Ended converstation and he vanished shortly after - Halvix
Done[Added] control device templates to Naboo mobilesNeeScurby
Done[Added] control device templates for Rori mobilesNeeScurbyAfter roaming the eastern map of Rori for almost an hour without spotting any Baby spawns anywhere (nor many spawns at all tbh; spawns on Rori are few & far between imo, compared to Naboo for example) , i finally decided to hit a few LAIRS...And lo & behold: not 1 but 2 Scorched Krevol (baby) spawned from the Lair. So...i guess this means that Babies are now spawning from Lairs? If so, goody goody. -- Nee (11/1/13) --- p.s. Just happened again with a Bearded Jax lair.Babies have been able to spawn out of lairs since they were added. -Ivo
Done[Added] control device templates to Talus mobilesNeeScurbySometimes TWO separate babies spawn at the same time (from the same lair, without hitting the lair btw...i'm just talking about 'wild' initial spawns) . It doesn't happen often but: Is this intended? -- Nee (11/1/13)Yes -Ivo
Done[Removed] DroidControlDevice and consolidated it's functionality into PetControlDeviceNeeCemI recommend deleting all pets obtained prior to this patch being put on Nova (11/1) as their control devices aren't set up with the proper pet type and thus will bypass some of the call checks (for number, level, etc.) -IvoIvo, I deleted all prior pet-deeds but one thing (minor thing but still) that is happening with all newly tamed CREATURE pets: Immediately after taming the creature, if i try to 'store' it right away from my Datapad, the game gives me an improper "Calling pet in 15 seconds, combat will terminate pet call" On-screen Message (improper since the pet is already out obviously) and nothing happens. This is only when trying to store pet from the Datapad itself though (if you immediately store using Radial Option of pet,however, it stores it just fine) . Just so i'm clear here: This minor bug only occurs when trying to store from DATAPAD immediately after the player first tames/acquires a Creature pet. All subsequent storing-from-datapad works properly. -- Nee (11/1/13) - p.s. If u need me to file an official Mantis Bug Report about this, let me know. --- *Is it possible this is an intended 'check' relating to Player Faction status? -- NeeAlready pushed a fix for that, it's just not on Nova yet. -Ivo
Done[fixed] Mantis 4298CemIknarConfused by this...I still see 'yellow' NBZ area, mostly, except for a very small strip of land at the mentioned waypoint (where i was able to fit the structure barely) . However, next to the 'debris', im still able to place structure with np (except for on-top of the debris, obviously). Anyways, i'm going to wait for Cem or Scurby to test this Line 87 first before i put down my name. -- Nee (11/1/13)Before the NBZ was 200m away, and you could plant your structure on the debris, and now you shouldn't be able to. So as long as you can't plant a structure on the debris anymore, its fine. - Cem
Done[fixed] typo on tailor trainer in dearicNeeIknar
Done[fixed] stability issueX
Done[Added] more protection agains double spawning of the old man.HalvixCemPutting aside my poor attempt at "humor" in the note i wrote above for Line 82, it has now been 3 days since The Old Man has spawned for me. (btw: According to /check , my toon is indeed still 'Inner Glowing' ; and i've tried multiple planets, away from cities & starports, etc. etc. ) --- Question: do i now need to create an entirely NEW toon to test this (and Line 82) ? Or is it simply a matter of maybe not triggering the proper 'event' to re-spawn The Old Man again? -- Nee (11/1/13)Only one old man visited me - Halvix
Done[Fixed] pets no longer retain their owners faction affiliation when storedCemNee*except for Faction-purchased 'pets' of course (aka my Stormtrooper) . -- Captain Nee Obvious (11/4/13)
Done[Fixed] a pet cannot be tamed while one is being called or another is being tamedCemNee
Done[Fixed] a pet cannot be called while one is being tamedCemNee
Done[Fixed] active pet checks when attempting to tameCemNee
Done[Fixed] a pet is properly added to a player's active pets when tamedCemNee
Done[Added] the ability for a character with no creature handler skill to be able to call 1 non-aggressive pet up to CL 10NeeCem
Done[added] datapad limited to 5 droidsCemHalvixWhat Halvix said - Cem you already had droids in the datapad prior to this, they are not counted toward the total. Only newly generated droids will count toward the cap of 5. - HalvixThat's not entirely true... see my note on line 86 - Ivo
Done[Added] checks for type, number, level, and aggressiveness of pets during tradingNeeCemThank you Ivo and Bert for helping me trade-test these -- Nee
Done[Changed] Removed/Added Some TrainersNeeCemValidated all of them EXCEPT: I couldn't seem to locate nor decipher the waypoint (from the code link) for the one at Nym's Stronghold. -- Nee (11/4/13) --- *Found the CM one at NYM's (thx to Scurby & Cem .../bow ) ...p.s. I really want the 2 paintings on the wall next to him in Med Center. -- Nee (11/8/13)That one is in a building, its in the medcenter on lok Nee. - Cem
Done[Added] automatic send to in giveItem method in Director Manager if the item is given to a player creature.X
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