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TimestampReddit NameSummoner NameLeagueDivisionServerRoleMain Summoner NameOther Information (optional)
4/18/2013 18:13:33TheTrueCashewCash4GoldFishDiamond5NAMid Lane, Jungler
4/18/2013 18:51:01CloudCarryVerusTerrorPlatinum4NATop Lane, ADC, JunglerCloudCarryI have a last hitting drill I made

ALso all of my vods are labeled in the highlights section.
4/18/2013 19:46:00mestarvirusmestarvirusGold5EUTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, Junglermestarvirus
4/19/2013 21:58:24NollymaxNollmaxGold2EUWTop Lane, Jungler
4/21/2013 15:27:07einefalleMalknaDiamond5NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerI use vent of just in game chat to communicate. Can coach on weekends mostly sundays. Send me a PM on reddit with your name and why you want to be coached and I will add you. DO NOT ADD ME.
4/22/2013 10:41:38feelsbad2feelsbad94Silver1NAADC, SupportI will go through what supports are good with each adc. I will also play a couple games and then give you ideas on what to do to improve. And if you need to know what adc or support you. should play with your play style, we can do that as well. I do have a team that can help in other roles if you play adc or support and a different role I don't play much of. We will also be using raidcall or skype.
4/23/2013 3:13:01tigerking615tigerking615Gold3NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, Jungler
4/23/2013 14:38:32eluciferzeluciferzPlatinum4NATop Lane, Mid Lane, Support, Junglereluciferzbest role is top lane, but can also teach other roles.
4/28/2013 4:56:31LazerboobKonsilolDiamond1NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerKonsilol
5/1/2013 1:48:36magerlyownediLuvThuSilver1NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADCiLubChu
5/1/2013 14:40:04endangeredpandaRawrPandaDiamond1NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, SupportPlease be proactive when asking for coaching! A lot of times, people add me in-game for coaching and then never follow up on it. I have a lot of trainees on my list, so if you don't ask me for training, I might not get around to you. Don't worry, it takes a lot to annoy me, so if you see me online, just ask!
5/1/2013 20:34:40igooptaGooptaGold5NAADC, SupportI can help identify things you aren't doing very well and can do better. I have experience playing at all elo's (below gold v) and can help you with any type of problem in climbing or anything of the sort. I can teach you how to think, how to react and what attitude you should have each game. Can do ADC and support till Gold V level, can teach any role (except jungle) till silver III
5/23/2013 18:21:02JoeCool808JoeCool808Gold4NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerJI've been playing for 3 years. I stay current with the competitive esports scene. I own at least 90% of the champions and I have played them all to at least get a feel for them. I've played all roles and enjoy them. I believe attitude toward the game is more important that skill because skill can be developed, but attitude requires a mental change.
5/24/2013 14:17:02JohnoTeachesgoombastompinDiamond5NAADC, SupportHi there! =D My name is Johno and I teach League of Legends passionately to players of all skill levels. I have extensive experience coaching with over 8 years under my belt, multiple games/genres, and hundreds of students. My rates are always very reasonable and I can guarantee the most bang for your buck in helping you meet your goals.
6/4/2013 8:38:28ImMagickImMagickGold3NASupport, JunglerI've been a dedicated Jungler for a few years (since mid Season1) and my normal MMR is pretty high from what I can tell as I often queue against Platinums and Diamonds
6/5/2013 10:09:34Sushi5000sushi5000Silver4NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, Junglersushi5000
6/10/2013 14:12:11ejciaphoenix11Gold1NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, Junglerphoenix11
6/15/2013 19:30:02dudewithoutcoatGotCupcakeForYouDiamond5NAADC, SupportStarted playing season 2 never really played ranked and ended at 1400~. Season 3 I started to take ranked seriously. Since a friend of mine challenged me to a race to diamond. (he won by 6 hours =P) I played ADC/support exclusively during S3 and in 1 month was able to bring myself from gold 4 to diamond 5.

It was pretty stressful to race my buddy, so now I am taking a break from the stress of doing ranked. The race did teach my how to learn very quickly and I realized what it took to be better after every game. Hopefully, I can help someone else do the same.
6/18/2013 12:12:23Lyco0nLyconDiamond5EUTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADCMy You tube channel.
My Stream
6/20/2013 9:41:45The_AjaXCallmeajaxDiamond2NAMid Lane, ADC, JunglerI have several accounts, a couple in Diamond, each in different roles. I've taken the game seriously for quite some time even in a competitive role. I simply want to give back and help others where I might have fallen short. I will help any player in any role in any league! ^^
6/24/2013 13:41:23trininsta_ravenExG eartwalkerDiamond1NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC
7/19/2013 18:48:40SpiritHeartillyAG HeartillyDiamond4NASupportI'll take people above gold only :P
8/6/2013 10:47:49arisu-chanToshino KyokoPlatinum5NAMid Lane, ADC, Support
8/28/2013 18:29:59TryHardFezzTryHardFezzSilver5NATop LaneI would like to be able to coach someone with a good attitude. I know I wouldn't be the best (mechanical) coach, but I like to teach the things i know. I have also found that teaching is a great form for myself to improve. :D Thanks.
9/2/2013 15:08:54aarontomi3ea5tm0d3Platinum3NAMid Lane, ADC, SupportHi, Id like to help new players get better by giving commentary of game play. I play ADC, Mid, and Support. Players should have skype and a working mic.
9/3/2013 7:23:33perkelepaskaBronze3EUWTop Lane
9/9/2013 12:26:28KostalVerxesPlatinum3NAMid LaneVerxesFriendly Coach offering private one on one lessons.
9/26/2013 8:05:32tmdwnsGreatwhitehypePlatinum4NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC
9/30/2013 17:01:29dyanrilliamshakurakashiSilver1NASupportI can teach basic knowledge about the game overall.
Supporting I can teach the following
- Supporting as a role
- Harass
- Peeling
- Warding
- Bot lane compositions
- Item builds
- Team fight positioning
- Team fighting in general
- Map awareness
- Bush control
- Ward control
10/12/2013 10:09:26maffreetmathl33tDiamond5NA, EUW, LANADC, Support, JunglerAs my name might suggest, I like mathing out builds and strategizing. I can do 5s coaching too, as I have lots of experience in ranked 5s.
10/24/2013 9:32:428nplssry annie onlyPlatinum5NA, EUWTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerI can go over replays with you, duo some normals, teach laning in customs, and give some general tips and tricks.

I specialize in support and ADC, but I have decent gamesense with regards to jungling and I understand most midlane matchups. I am quite weak at toplane but I'll share what I know.
10/30/2013 7:05:47zemdypalmermdPlatinum1NAMid Lane, ADC, Supportpalmermd
11/1/2013 10:25:28QeekniqueQeekniqueDiamond5EUWSupport, JunglerWilling to help out anyone who is willing to listen. Can watch replays or such or just help my answering questions. Would rather not use voip since my spoken english is not that great.
11/15/2013 8:10:00poonikChuck96Gold2EUSupportHello my name is Poonik
I main Support role playing Sona,Nami,Thresh,Leona
I will do my best to teach you something new, improve your skills for vouch. Like my facebook etc. - if you want longer term coaching i would appreciate some financial donation.
All Coaching is friendly respectfull - from both sides. I would say on profesional level. ;) Ok GL HF in your soloQ
If you want to coach add me on skype - sxd352 -
12/17/2013 23:21:56lol-coaching.eufrockxPlatinum5EUWTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerDont mind my low elo, ist because i didnt rly play rankeds on my own account. Doing Elo-Boosts since season 3 and pushed lots of accounts to silver/Gold and even platinum. So dont worry, i know what i am talking about.
Did lots of Coachings last weeks so i've got some xp with it. if you got any questions just add me in Skype:
or just visit the Website (currently german only)
My Coachings are avaible in german/english.
2/25/2014 12:42:25behy77behy77Platinum5NAMid Lane, Support, JunglerI main support, mid and jungle currently in plat. I plan on teaching you everything about the game both at a theoretical level and a hands on level. I want to take you to the next stage of your skill in League. The first session will always be free just so you get a feel of how I teach and then if you like my methods then we can setup sessions, an hour each, for $15 per session.

Thanks guys!
2/25/2014 16:23:49LolblakeissGuuapDiamond2NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADCGuuapKnowledgeable at mid adc and top :) have multiple accounts in diamond comfortable coaching up to plat 5 :)
2/25/2014 16:26:37Hizzy1mr hizzyDiamond4NAMid Lane, ADC, Junglermr hizzyFor more information just contact me.
3/11/2014 12:20:48behy77behy77Platinum3NAMid Lane, Supportbehy77I main support, mid and jungle currently in plat. I plan on teaching you everything about the game both at a theoretical level and a hands on level. I want to take you to the next stage of your skill in League. The first session will always be free just so you get a feel of how I teach and then if you like my methods then we can setup sessions, an hour each, for $15 per session.

Thanks guys!
4/21/2014 10:51:33shadebringerShadow X BringerPlatinum3NASupportCoaching Site:
4/30/2014 14:01:40FranknBeriAirStepPlatinum5NAMid Lane, ADCAirStepI am currently ranked plat 5 trying to climb my way to diamond. I feel i have alot of knowledge of how to win games in lower elo or how to improve your overall game. I am currently coaching anyone for free just for fun. I main mid lane but I have enough knowledge of all the roles and almost all the champs that i feel i can be helpful to nearly anyone.
6/23/2014 15:36:15thelittlecScAllStarDiamond3NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerI'm very friendly and price is negotiable. I have been playing for about 4 years and have an exorbitant amount of time spent on League of Legends.
9/20/2014 13:05:18SilentarrowzSilentarrowzGold4NAMid Lane, ADCI mainly coach mid lane and adc, but I also used to coach my friend's team. Everyone I know says I'm a better coach than I am a player.
10/1/2014 10:23:03KyridenTGI NynPlatinum5NAADC, Support, JunglerHey Guys,
My names Vic and I have been coaching since Season 2 I am currently a Coach for TGI which is an organization that Runs 4 Diamond Teams. I do some side 1 on 1 coaching for any Ranks. Diamonds Seem to Love me more then Bronze/silvers do, but its w.e lol. I am currently Platinum 5 but peaked at P2. I teach Macro management and can micro but its boring I can help teams and 1on1 coaching

Things I can Help improve for you as Jungle
Counter Jungling
Counter Ganking
Types of Junglers
Help you Pick the jungler for you.
How/where to ward
When you should buy pinks
Meta Junglers Right now
When/who to gank
how to control objectives.
When to do objectives
What to do after a gank.
when to back.

I'm a Jungler Main so I know the in&outs
I can teach all other lanes, but they wont be
nowhere close as detailed as my jungle coaching.
11/6/2014 12:28:42DothevenosDothevenosPlatinum4NAADC, JunglerHey guys,

I coach for fun, just message me in game or on reddit and ill get back to you.

Im also listed on
11/18/2014 7:31:39MrFish324MrFish324Diamond4NASupportYou can find my coaching profile and directly sign up for lessons at:

I co-coach with a diamond 3 adc main and we give the complete duo lane perspective. In addition to individual lessons, we offer duo bot lessons, and are looking to coach a ranked 5's team. Let me know!

12/22/2014 15:49:24PleaseCallMeJonHandsome JonDiamond3EUNETop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, Jungler
1/2/2015 19:04:24DarkBlueChocoboDarkCloud360Gold4NATop Lane, ADC, SupportHello, I am Dark. I have been playing since late season 2, and I started playing seriously around Late season 3. I have climbed 2 1/2 divisions since I have started playing and currently am placed in Gold 3 hoping to get Platinum soon. I just have started coaching, the coach for my ranked 5's team stepped down so I stepped up to be the new coach. I didn't know where to start, but I thought about this website that I have used to increase my skill as an ADC so I switched to being a coach. I may be new but I hope to learn a lot in the upcoming months. So if you choose me PLEASE tell me what I can do to improve myself.
1/24/2015 2:03:10azavala9DaboiPlatinum1NATop Lane
1/30/2015 21:02:04xii5m0XiiSMOPlatinum5NAMid Lane, Support, JunglerXii5M0Season 4: Platinum Mid/Jung/Supp
Season 5: Main Jung/Sup/Mid

I would prefer to spectate your games or use recording software, but I also have a smurf in high silver I can duo with you. Send me a message or signup on my Game Runners page.
2/15/2015 6:49:53PoPiFresHMagiKärpLvl100Challenger1EUWADC
2/16/2015 6:43:01dmaccoachingdmac16Diamond1OCETop Lane, JunglerHi there I'm dmac16. I'm a diamond 1 top/jungle lane main who plays regularly against members of the OPL. I've been playing since the start of S2, so a few years now.I have a ton champions in my champ pool including all of the meta picks and enjoy when my students elo's see massive gains!
3/18/2015 7:45:30Auchrons AuchronsGold1EUWTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, SupportAuchrons
3/26/2015 14:20:58anemetiianemetiiDiamond4NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Jungler2200+ Seasons 1-2
Diamond Season 3-5

Main: Mid / ADC
Alt: Top / Jungle
Never played much Support

Will only work with dedicated individuals that plan to play at least 3-5 ranked games per day to improve. Can assist with any aspects of the game both mental and physical.
5/1/2015 0:43:34Arache937AracheDiamond5NATop Lane, ADC, Support, Jungler
5/19/2015 19:06:31iamboitiamboitDiamond3OCEADC, Supportiamboit
6/14/2015 18:34:12Arache9372k Chat BanDiamond4NA, EU, EUWTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerI have been very active when it comes to playing/coaching league. I've wanted to be a known coach and branch out for awhile. I follow the changes in each region with a large champion pool and experience in every role. I focus mainly on replay analysis as well as theorycrafting.

I've been coaching for at least 3 months with pretty active students which I follow up with on a weekly basis.
6/19/2015 16:33:44lol_coachHyunLoLPlatinum1NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerBby JesusI am a pro analyst currently working for the rank 1 EU Challenger team that just recently made it into the finals for the EUCS Qualifiers for the Summer 2015 Split. I have alot of experience, and have worked with numerous NA and EU Challenger teams, as well as gotten offers from NA/EU LCS teams. Those offers were declined because they required me to move from my home (r i p). I have recently opened public coaching for anyone who wants to get a professional grade coaching.
7/3/2015 17:29:46Jie101SackychanDiamond5NA, EUWTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, JunglerSackyChanI have played all those roles in tournaments for my team, Team Luck Sacks. We have won 5 ESL Go4lols and other tournaments. I have played since S1, some might known me as Proshotgg back then.
7/20/2015 17:45:11tartartfartSawyerrrrDiamond1NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerHi, My name is Sawyer and I'm currently hovering around Diamond 2 - low Masters. My most played Roles are Jungle and Support, but I can offer advice in any role, I do a lot of research into what the best players use in their respective roles even if I don't play them.
7/28/2015 10:26:42Lynix4LynixDiamond5EUADC, SupportLynixHello,
My name is Tina and I play league of legends since early season 2. I am currently a Diamond 5 adc and support main in EUNE. Favourite champions are Jinx, Cait, Corki, Leona, Janna and top/mid champions Annie, Malzahar, Cho and Shen.
Feel free to contact me. I am available almost all the time. :)

Skype: tina.ak412
8/2/2015 15:59:23JonhyrhcpDionrrayPlatinum4BRSupportDionrrayI can coach 5x5 teams too
Good knowledge in all the roles, even though the support role is my main
I can coach at any server
Its not free, but I want just a simbolic reward (RP,skins, under 5 $$)
9/14/2015 13:27:41CaquronCaquron EUW v2Silver3EUW, TurkeyTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerHeartOfECWI'm an analyst and a coach. My league might suprise you but I have the experience. I know how to coach or analyze your games, your opponents, solve problems between your teammates and your life,

Had a few stints on Turkish server.
1/10/2016 3:22:54Piggyboy1WeitoostrongGold5NA, OCETop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerI have worked in esports for 2 years. I have worked with teams in every region apart from Korea. I have worked with Pro league teams in NALCS, EULCS, LMS, GPL, LPL and CBLOL. I have worked with many well know coaches over the last 2 years and have learnt a lot from them.

My twitter is @weitoostrong
I do have an hourly rate but it is variable based on league, server and what sort of coaching you are looking for.
1/11/2016 8:59:10jjicebitKvotheKingkilerDiamond4NAMid LaneDescription
I have been playing League of Legends since Season 1 and have been coaching for over a year in League of Legends. I have been a Middle Main since Season 2 and have played over 10,000 games of League of Legends.

As a coach and trainer, I have coached in a wide range of mediums ranging from traditional sports to strategic games like Chess,

I enjoy working with players of all Elos and goals and can coach and give useful help to all roles not just limited to Mid only.

-Coaching 1 hour ($5) coaching session includes going over Runes/Masteries/Item builds. Reviewing a replay together to help you improve from lane mechanics to decision-making.
And working with you to create strategies for improvement.

Voice Communication
Skype Preferable but also have Raid Call

what goal or area you're looking to improve on, So I you can best help you reach your goal or area that you want to improve on :)
2/10/2016 17:37:16ALemonAteHerAotW LemonsDiamond5NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerCurrently highest rated coach on @
Highly experiance
3/20/2016 18:01:31jzvellenu waDiamond5NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerMaltos Tre FlipsI'm a former CS roster coach, and have done one-on-one lessons for nearly two years now! I am also currently working with Super Nova to get their roster ready for this upcoming CS Split
6/19/2016 9:55:07KriztyaKriztyaDiamond3EUWMid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerKriztyaThe way I teach is a very methodical and logical approach. I teach in order for you to understand why is it done this way, the reasoning behind it. I will make you question about every mini-decision that is happening in the game. note that this does not aim to climb ladder fast, but improve you as a player to adapt to various situations which will inevitably make you climb.
7/28/2016 14:00:53im_unseenSaiinjaChallenger2NAMid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerSaiinjaADC main, support secondary, jungle mid third. multiseason master adc
8/4/2016 17:21:36GeniusPandax2GeniusPandaSilver1NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerGeniusPandaHighest ranked achieved was Platinum.
Main roles that I've played since Season 1 are Jungle and Support. Picked up on Marksman this whole season.

Highest ranked my students have achieved is challenger.

best way to reach me is
10/14/2016 14:01:08ShapoozieAzír TrumpGold5EUWTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADCMain Champions for each role:

Top: Tryndamere, Gnar, Renekton

Mid: Katarina, Akali, Syndra

ADC: Lucian, Ezreal, Draven

(Able to coach with other champions aswell. These are just my main champions!)
10/15/2016 3:35:16Oce WolveLFT CoachDiamond5NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerPreferably paid coaching.
10/27/2016 11:45:56Z3dgeHer WolfPlatinum5NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerI'm an experienced League of Legends Coach (2 non-serious teams, 1 Semi-pro team, and coaching lessons for players)
10/30/2016 20:17:45HypedqtGold GeneratorPlatinum4EUWMid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerHypedqtNew to coaching
11/1/2016 16:42:34ALemonNaughtyExecute Plan CPlatinum4NASupport, JunglerExecute Plan C
11/8/2016 19:18:02TheD-RangeTheDRangeDiamond5NA, EU, EUW, Any english speakerTop Lane, Mid LaneTheDRangeI am D-Range; summoner name: "TheDRange." (Refer to twitch channel for more info) I am willing to coach anyone diamond and below, or any elo if specifically with Ekko.

I have the highest mastery points with Ekko in the world, and have been #1 Ekko in Elo as well. I have played since season 1 and have finished in diamond this season and the last. Although I am currently D5, my peak elo is D1 in promos to master. (I will reach master+ S7!)

I am interested in doing coaching for anyone who wants to learn Ekko, specifically in the top / mid lane. I am the best coach you can get for Ekko and my approach is head on, practical, and fast. You will improve after every coaching session. Although I specialize in Ekko, I can teach other champs and some concepts you learn will be applicable to all champions.
1/27/2017 1:08:47OutlashedI use Skype.Platinum4NA, EU, EUW, all regions.Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerLF 182cm f

My gamersensei link :)
3/15/2017 15:17:03sormxxvnfemmaGold5NA, EU, EUWTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, Junglerxvnfemma
3/22/2017 10:30:29KasukaLoLKasukaDiamond3NA, EU, EUW, AllTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerKasukaHello LoLCoaching,

I am Kasuka, an NA jungler/top laner that has been playing league since the game was released for beta in late 2009. Over the seasons I have been fluctuating between Diamond 3 and Challenger on multiple accounts in NA and made it to the top 4 teams of the collegiate circuit in 2015.

I have coached for various websites during the past few years as I have taken a step back from playing competitively. As a result i'm currently ranked diamond 3 on NA.

If you want an hour of free coaching, contact me either on this post, my inbox on reddit, or my email:

All I ask is for an honest review of my services, what I could have done to improve, ect.
5/19/2017 8:42:02KasukaLoLKasukaDiamond5NATop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerKasukaI am Kasuka, an NA jungler/top laner that has been playing league since the game was released for beta in late 2009. Over the seasons I have been fluctuating between Diamond 3 and Challenger on multiple accounts in NA and made it to the top 4 teams of the collegiate circuit in 2015.

I have coached for various websites during the past few years as I have taken a step back from playing competitively. As a result i'm currently ranked diamond 3 on NA.
6/22/2017 3:14:32WABDenkiDenkíDiamond5EUWTop Lane, Mid Lane, Jungler
8/6/2017 7:26:21sitwmSkéwed Challenger1Singapore/MalaysiaMid Lane, Jungler

Certified m8
8/17/2017 8:44:02EzGnozEzGnozPlatinum2NAMid Lane
8/28/2017 18:04:38tossturtle5Tooru IchiiDiamond4NAMid LaneTooru Ichii
12/13/2017 18:40:00Itrueler1ItruelerPlatinum1BRTop Lane, Mid Lane, ADC, Support, JunglerItrueler

here i organize my coachs,im recoverying from a surgery(scolios) i did in january and have full time,so im doing free caoching to meet new people
1/10/2018 0:25:13klowmareWolkennDiamond2Garena PHMid Lane, Support, JunglerWolkenn
2/14/2018 18:00:07orcomilRaftielChallenger1LASJungler
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