Towns and Villages
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East Ardley10111310168Average across the board, but fairly boring as a result of their strong religious bent which has only increased with word of the coming of the demon hordes. Prices standard. Streets are safe. Populace knows the basics of the surrounding area and a few juicy rumours.
Caspian’s Delve1314121289Trade coming for gems and stone from the Delve itself made this town prosperous. Armed guards hired due to the goblins who started living deeper inside the dungeon after the Wall fell and the miners withdrew.
St Caspian (Cleric 2) has gone missing which has shaken the faith of the townsfolk.
Magic is affecting the caves once more and the gems are growing back, but so are the creatures which inhabited these caves in times of legend.
Grafton961413911Grafton has always been safe and out of the way, they do not have much to trade. Prices are at d6* list price. Safe, relaxed and quaint. A retired wizard (level 4) lives here within the anti-magic field of the Wall and teaches the townsfolk much, although his days of casting spells are long over. He hates Calcidius and if informed of his continued existence will ask for his head, although he will not leave the safety of the anti-magic field lest his many wizardly enemies learn his location.
Still has his old spellbook containing 2d6 first level spells, d4 second level spells and the level 2 spell Beer to Blood which, besides the obvious, heals a drinker relative to their BAC and restores them to perfect sobriety - although if they still have a large amount of alcohol in their stomach they might vomit it up as blood.
Glenshire7121315913Nestled on the banks of the river, Glenshire is a pretty village of thatch houses. The people here are fisherfolk by trade and wise in the ways of the river. Its central location and large tavern/inn built on stilts over the water, the Drunken Carp, makes this village a centre of gossip in the region.
They maintain no guards for in times of stress they can punt their fishing boats out onto the river.
Pillartown144117129Using all their supplies to repel mold beasts, prices at 2d6*list price. Quite militarised and the townsfolk are on edge. Fairly misinformed about the world outside, most came here to escape magic and the unnatural. Safe enough, but threatened.
Peaksy129911129An average town, fairly uninspiring but not disgusting. Trade mainly centred on mining and spelunking equipment – 1d4*list price for anything else. The Mountain Men are blamed for all ills. Module: A Thousand Dead Babies.
Layriding1541061210Trade is awful (2d6*price list) because the town is preparing itself for war by stocking up on weapons and food. They’re hoping to make a lot of money out of the other villages when they’re overrun by the demons and come begging. A jingoistic Fighter (Level 2) named Clive Gumption is organising them all, but the rest are grumpy, jealous and untrusting of outsiders. Planning to drive the Mountain Men out of Footsden so that they’re owed an unpayable debt. They have lots of horses.
The men often sail or ride to Glenshire’s tavern where they have a reputation as angry drunks.
Footsden1110912413Once a normal town which has, over the past few years, become a place where the Mountain Men come to trade women and furs. Seedy brothel/pub inside the town’s church, run by the mountain men, where you can get bitter spirits and mountain man herpes. The people who live here are worried and want these undesirables driven out. Nice views though.
Lonville Marsh10891337Population is all mold men now. Church has been ransacked. Houses on stilts over marsh, everything smells and the boardwalks are rotting. Inhabitants are smart and conniving mold addicts, hoping to get some of that sweet mold action. They feed mold chips to toads to level themselves out but it’s nowhere near as good as the real stuff. Not very safe, and trade is alright except weapons and armour bought are one step down in quality and the rations are all cut with mold.
A tavern, the Toad and Heron, sells food and drink and lodging at half price but it is all mold-tainted and the barmaids look like meth addicts and constantly itch.
Sayzel’s Meadow1069131411Too close to Moldus Vane-controlled Moondin for comfort. Large church favours Alaunus and an honest-to-gods Cleric (level 3) calls the town home. His name is Garth Priestly, and it is his advice and ability to Purify Food & Drink which has kept the town healthy and relatively safe. He and the populace knows quite a lot about the mold and other problems and can give a good rundown of the mold men, the wood elves, the dryads, the bandits and the old witches. Not much to trade otherwise - prices are d6*list price.
Woodsley815771017Village built around an enormous fir tree a full 30 storeys high. A tavern is built around and into the thick trunk, built in such a way that it looks as though the tree has grown over the building. The cellars go down among the roots and there are several rooms on offer with balconies that look out across the forest. Trade is good here and prices are the cheapest of rural and urban, and food, drink and lodging are a further half price.
The true reason for the village’s prosperity is that the elves have awoken since the Wall fell and this place is sacred to them. The townsfolk’s children awaken unbeknownst to their parents and dance with the elves and thus the village come under their protection.
Be careful at night, don't follow the lights into the forest. Shutter the windows and lock the doors in the nights before the new moon.
Bannershaw12121212916Well equipped, safe, fine for trade, well informed. The village itself is built on winding paths and is always protected from extremes of weather. Dappled sunlight, picturesque ponds and babbling streams in summer, fluffy snow and trilling robins in winter. Every day is like a postcard. The dryads live in the trees here, gently tending the groves and sometimes glimpsed through forest boughs laughing as they bathe in the cool streams. The people are happy.
But the mold bandits encroach. This peace cannot last for long.
Rotram’s Farm121377148A village of squat buildings huddled in the shadow of the Wall in a deforested clearing. A church favouring Eris is here, and markets are held every Sunday where you can get non-combat supplies half price. Occasionally one of the hags shows up to sell strange potions for old coins. Many thieves and pickpockets are here, especially on market days. The people living here care little for the goings-on in the outside world.
Little Dashing714491611The mold bandits have set up shop here, making the streets unsafe and the population scared. They are strongly religious and truly believe that the monks in Oberon’s Reach can help them, although unbeknownst to them a glob of Shub-Niggurath entered that church and ate most of the monks. The remaining priest managed to trap it in the vaults below the church and has quietly gone mad, he is the priest in the God That Crawls.
Trade with the mold bandits is good for outsiders although staying in the village itself would be a bad idea, especially since the mold monsters ignore the bandits and attack frequently.
Croughtown1115141389Heavy logging takes place here, before the apocalypses Croughtown was one of the Kingdom’s primary sources of lumber. There is a dark mood in the town and the people are angry due to the collapse of the industry. Many blame the gods. A lot of people are selling up and heading to better areas – logging and hunting goods are available for a pittance. The people here know a lot about the forest and its legends. Otherwise the village itself is safe enough, if ordinary.
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