Sustainable Finance and Fintech in Europe
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ApplicationCountryCategoryWebsiteApplied technology/iesDescription
CondaAustriaCROWDFUNDING (equity and loans).Crowdinvesting. Website with library of projects and digital investment portfolio.
FsightAustriaENERGY TRADING Intelligence (AI)Fsight is creating an AI agent for the distributed energy grid. Each Energy AI agent acts both independently and cooperatively to ensure maximum utilisation of the distributed energy resources.
Green Energy Wallet (GEW)AustriaENERGY TRADING Energy Wallet (GEW) connects batteries of many electric vehicles to use this capacity as a large buffer store for renewable energy. GEW rewards clients through a GEW token reward system for providing buffer storage and data and for using our GEW network. The energy trading and the GEW token reward system will be based on blockchain technology.
RespektAustriaCROWDFUNDING with library of projects. Crowdfunding (donations)Respekt connects socially relevant ideas with potential supporters. With its crowdfunding platform,, it makes meaningful project quickly and easily accessible to many people. Respekt has raised € 1,4 million since 2010.
Sustainable Energy Financing Platform in Austria (SEFIPA)AustriaCROWDFUNDING with library of projects. Crowdfunding (equity)The Sustainable Energy Financing Platform in Austria (SEFIPA) is designed as an action oriented platform to collect, develop, implement and disseminate innovative ideas to accelerate finance for sustainable energy.
AngelBelgiumCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Also Investors club and Blockchain (ICO as a means of funding). (Rewards, equity)Offers alternative finance to a new generation of entrepreneurs and angels by providing a platform that connects inspiring projects with a new class of angels that can change the way great ideas get realized. Combined crowdfunding, early stage investment and ICOs.
KoalectBelgiumCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and tools to engage an organizations "crowd".A platform for crowdvoting, reward-based crowdfunding, dontation-based fundraising, crowdsourcing, events, donation forms, cooperative crowdfunding etc.
NRGcoinBelgiumENERGY TRADING Smart Contract for green energy. For every 1kWh of green energy consumers pay 1 NRGcoin directly to the Smart Contract. This ratio (1kWh=1NRGcoin) always holds, regardless the retail value of electricity. A Smart Contract validates reported injection of green energy by prosumers using a variety of methods.
SpreadsBelgiumCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Crowdfunding (equity and loan)Spreds is an investment platform offering everyone, regardless of the size of their assets, an easy way to invest in businesses that improve their surrounding world. Spreds strives to help mitigate investment risks through transparency, education and diversification. Venture capitalists, business angels, and experienced investors all join the crowd to invest in startups together.
BithopeBulgariaCROWDFUNDING Crowdfunding platform (donations)The BitHope Foundation is the first Bulgarian non-governmental organization (NGO) that uses only cryptocurrency to accumulate funds for the campaigns that are hosted on the platform. What the Foundation and the platform do is actually convert your bitcoins into tangible good for the people, animals, and the environment.
AMPnetCroatiaENERGY TRADING provides every new or existing electric cooperative with a full set of tools to manage payments, invoicing, , smart metering, demand side management, crowdinvesting and community governance. AMPnet strives to standardize electricity payments and energy source investments by leveraging the decentralized blockchain ledger - providing fast, more transparent payments for energy cooperatives.
EnasolCroatiaENERGY TRADING works exclusively with renewable sources and will launch a STO (Security Token Offering) of 250.000.000 ENAS Tokens. Funds raised with the STO, Enasol will use to implement 300 CES installations and the basic Enagreen module for prosumers. After the first 2-year business phase, Enasol will be able to fund future installations and operation from a wide variety of sources.
We Hug a CauseCyprusCROWDFUNDING with library of projects.We Hug A Cause is a Crowdfunding platform in Cyprus serving anyone in the world with a cause. We support individuals with innovative ideas, start-ups, artists, entrepreneurs, organizations, bi-communal projects and people who have a cause in life to help others or Charities and NGO's that want to fund their cause.
DarujmeCzech RepublicCROWDFUNDING with library of NGOs. Crowdfunding platform (donations) is a service that provides NGOs with a simple way to start with online fundraising and donors with a simple way to donate. Any donor can send its donation for selected NGO through a widget on the NGO´s websites or through a link or a webpage on a portal.
HithitCzech RepublicCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Reward crowdfunding.Hithit interconnects creative people with those who want to support them. It makes dreams of artists, creative workers, designers, developers, and geniuses come true.
Matter pensionDenmarkFOOTPRINT/OFFSET offer ssustainable investments and enables private investors to keep track of the impact of their investments on a personal dashboard.
MetoaDenmarkDIGITAL INVESTMENT plaftform for investmentsAt Metoa you can support good causes without sacrificing your financial return. Metoa provides updates on the difference the investment makes. Investors can get started with small amounts, and there is full transparency on where your money goes. We are 100% digital enabling you to track news, updates and your investment.
M-PAYGDenmarkPAY AS YOU GO plaftform for investments and repayment. M-PAYG is a provider of high-quality prepaid solar energy systems for the developing world. The systems allow off-grid low-income households and businesses to access solar energy through small-scale mobile repayments. To use the system you unlock it through weekly or monthly mobile repayments.
FunderbeamEstoniaCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Crowdfunding platform (equity)A platform that makes it easy to invest in provate companies and to sell shares whenever the individual wants.
FundwiseEstoniaCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Crowdfunding platform (equity)An equity crowdfunding platform that also offers access to a group of commited advisors, evangelists, potential board members to the entrepreneur and access to investment opportunities for investors.
InvesdorFinlandCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Crowdfunding platform (equity)Connects businesses from the European Economic Area with investors worldwide. Supports both startups raising growth funding or a public company issuing shares or bonds.
MesenaattiFinlandCROWDFUNDING with library of projects. Crowdfunding platform (reward)Mesenaatti is the biggest Finnish crowdfunding platform.
ÅlandsbankenFinlandFOOTPRINT/OFFSEThttps://www.alandsbanken.comFOOTPRINTING: Impact calculation scheme (and connection to purchases + presentation to customers). "We have created an index for the 49 most common areas (Merchant Category Codes, MCC) as it applies to daily consumption in order to provide you with an overview of what kind of impact your individual transactions have. The conversion factors used in the calculator come from a variety of sources including Total CO2Emissions (in tonnes) and Total Revenue 2015 companydata collected from Thomson Reuters (12.04.2016), Total CO2Emissions (in tonnes) and Total Revenue 2014 industry data collected from Sustainalytics (13.04.2016)"A traditional bank that has launched a credit cards that connects purchases with average Climate impact. Offers climate compensation connected to impact.
FranceANALYSIS tool The Climate Finance Product Scanner, developed by 2 Degree Investing, for retail investors and banks (KliFin-Scanner) is developing a questionnaire on non-financial objectives for retail investors. The questionnaire and matching software will be integrated in a website available to all retail investors in Germany. Launches in June 2020.
Active Asset Allocation's (AAA) project Strategic Climate-related Asset Allocation (SCAA)FranceANALYSIS platform, AI Active Asset Allocation (AAA) is a FinTech created in 2010 that have developed algorithms whose objective is the preservation of capital gains from financial portfolios. The project “Strategic Climate-related Asset Allocation / SCAA” was born from the desire to offer market players a new tool to help strategic investment allocation integrating climate constraints into the heart of the model. Powered by Active Asset Allocation, this is the result of an alliance with an expert in ESG analysis. Digital platform, AI, Stochastic modelling to determine optimal carbon budgets over time.
BlueBeesFranceCROWDFUNDING with library of projectsCrowdfunding platform dedicated to green food and sustainable agriculture projects
PARIS Sustainable Finance Data Modelling (by Capgemeni)FranceANALYSIS technology for ESG analysis.
ClimateseedFranceFOOTPRINT/OFFSET that provides access to carbon offset projects.ClimateSeed is a digital platform that helps businesses offset their carbon emissions and contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Incorporated as a Social Business, accredited as such by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Yunus, ClimateSeed reinvests all benefits to maximize its positive impact on society and environment. ClimateSeed aims at enabling the transparency, the security and fair prices for businesses while improving project developers’ visibility to their final contributor
CrowdvalueFranceANALYSIS blockchainCrowdvalue is an open-source 3.0 tool providing ESG analysis, rating and reporting. It relies on a social blockchain to create a trusted third party to stimulate a collaborative and dynamic definition of the extra-financial valuation of an asset, its risk profile and its social and environmental impact.
Descartes UnderwritingFranceINSURTECH takes advantage from new data sources that are growing exponentially and challenging the approach of traditional insurers. They come from the Internet of Things (IoT), from our clients, from remote sensing technologies (e.g. Sentinel data) or from third parties. The team deploys cutting edge solutions including artificial intelligence and image recognition to process them. “Big data” combined with efficient algorithms are a game changer in the insurance industry and can push the boundaries of insurability. New insurance products to increase the resilience of our society to adverse events such as floods, wildfire or storms.Descartes Underwriting develops new insurance products to increase the resilience of our society to adverse events, such as floods, wildfires or storms. In some cases, claims are automatically adjusted from data collected by satellites and connected objects. Decsartes underwrites insurance policies on behalf of a selected number of first-tier insurers, reinsurers and Insurance-Linked Securities funds.
EcotreeFranceFOOTPRINT/OFFSET Website that offers the opportinity to plant trees, see statistics sbout the tree (e.g. C02 absorbed).Platform for investing in treeplanting and recieving the revenues when cut down.
LITAFranceCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Crowdfunding platform (equity).A crowdfunding platform where individuals can invest in projects that support the SDGs and receive trimestral reporting.
GREEN FINANCE CATALYST CO2 emissions at city scale through ground sensors, bundling carbon measures cities CO2 emissions and helps urban projects access carbon and climate finance: The objective is to target the most efficient low carbon projects and give them access to climate finance.
Pay GreenFranceFOOTPRINT/OFFSET Tree, the first carbon offset algorithm dedicated to online commerce capable of calculating the carbon footprint of each order and which makes it possible to offset this carbon footprint by paying a sum equivalent to the volume of emitted GHGs to a carbon offset project labeled VCS by EcoAct.PayGreen is a French online payment platform that has developed Tree, the first carbon offset algorithm dedicated to online commerce. In the face of the explosive growth of e-commerce and its increasing impact on the environment, PayGreen has developed an algorithm capable of calculating the carbon footprint of each order and which makes it possible to offset this carbon footprint by paying a sum equivalent to the volume of emitted GHGs to a carbon offset project labeled VCS by EcoAct. Tree makes consumers aware of the environmental impact of their online purchases and gives them the means to adopt an eco-friendly mode of consumption. For the brands, Tree represents a simple and educational tool that allows to involve customers in their CSR approach (from Fintech for Tomorrow 2018 report)
SunchainFranceENERGY TRADING, IoT Based on blockchain & IoT technologies, Sunchain's solution manages the energy exchanges within local energy communities, gathering producers, consumers and prosumers.'
TREE TokenFranceDIGITAL INVESTMENT Crypto-impact fund.TREE Token is a crypto-impact fund, investing in agroforestry projects in partnership with small-scale farmers organizations. Funds are invested in the plantation of trees and crops combined (called Agroforestry), generating potential financial returns for the token holder and multiple benefits for the farmers and the Planet.
GREEN FINANCE CATALYST EcoKraft GmbH (EcoKraft) fosters entrepreneurship and green, sustainable economic development in low and middle-income countries worldwide and delivers effective digital solutions that enhance project execution at scale. EkoKraft connects renewable energy project developers in emerging markets with financiers to address the problem of accessibility of project pipelines.
LumenazaGermanyENERGY TRADING Trading. not specified (could be blockchain)Lumenaza’s software connects renewable energy producers, from small rooftop PV systems up to large wind farms, with energy consumers and enables precise billing. This makes it possible to provide customers with advanced solutions such as community energy, local and regional energy or even nation-wide innovative unsubsidized business models and tariff concepts including time-based tariffs, flat tariffs, peer-to-peer energy solution and demand side response propositions.
Landau Microgrid project (LAMP)GermanyENERGY TRADING is a pilot and research project of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in cooperation with the energy retailer Energie Südwest AG and the software company Selfbits GmbH.
StartnextGermanyCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Crowdfunding (reward)Startnext is the largest crowdfunding community for projects and startups in German-speaking countries. Founders, inventors and creative people finance and launch their ideas together with the crowd.
UluleGermanyCROWDFUNDING with library of projects. Crowdfunding (reward)Ulule is a crowdfunding platform empowering thousands of creators, entrepreneurs and makers all over the world. In 2016, 68% of all projects reached or exceeded their target.
EasystarterGreeceCROWDFUNDING with library of projects aims to let creative people of all kinds - journalists, artists, musicians, game developers, entrepreneurs, bloggers - raise money for their projects by connecting directly with fans, who receive exclusive access and rewards in exchange for their patronage. Easystarter's a publishing platform enable project creators to communicate with the people that are supporting them.
CrowdfunderHungaryCROWDFUNDING website in English
Karolina fundIcelandCROWDFUNDING with library of projects. Crowdfunding platform (reward)Karolina Fund is a place where ideas meet money and and talent.
EcomateItalyANALYSIS first Sustainability Rating for SMEs. The algorithm guides European small medium companies to financial growth, while generating a positive social and environmental impact
EcomillItalyCROWDFUNDING that offers access to projects. Crowdfunding (equity)Ecomill is the Italian equity crowdfunding platform through which people, households and firms can finance and buy shares of projects and new ventures in the energy, sustainability and local economic development.
Hive PowerItalyENERGY TRADING (Etherium) Hive Power develops a turnkey solution for the creation and management of local energy communities on the blockchain, providing an economic optimization for their participants by lowering their bills and valorizing their assets. In collaboration with meter producers, Hive Power is building a blockchain ready energy meter, which allows to safely tokenize energy.
ProsumeItalyENERGY TRADING is a blockchain-based platform that, thanks also to its own decentralized and self-regulated monitoring system, guarantees an autonomous, independent and digitized smart place that will permit users to exchange different energy sources, promoting and accelerating new energy community models.
WePower PlatformLithuaniaENERGY TRADINGhttps://wepower.networkBlockchain (Etherium), Tokenization, Digital Assets, Trading Platforms, ICOWePower is a blockchain-based green energy financing and trading platform. It helps renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own energy tokens. WePower connects energy buyers (end users and investors) directly with the green energy producers and creates an opportunity to purchase energy upfront at below market rates through Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs).
PoseidonMaltaFOOTPRINT/OFFSET, AIUsing AI and blockchain, Poseidon can quickly analyze the carbon footprint of any product or service, and then process carbon credits in fractions small enough to rebalance the product or service at point of sale. Poseidon calculates the exact footprint, then purchase the equivalent amount of carbon credit.
ZaarMaltaCROWDFUNDING (reward, donation)ZAAR is a donation/reward-based crowdfunding platfor ,to promote entrepreneurship in Malta and support local start-ups. ZAAR offers an alternative to raise finance for their projects and business ideas. Local platform available worldwide.
ECO CoinThe NetherlandsSUSTAINABLE CURRENCY tokens (to be backed by sustainable assets (trees))Eating meat-free meals, switching to a green energy provider or riding a bike to work can earn you ECOs which you can spend in our new sustainable marketplace to buy ecological experiences, services and goods. This is a new way to track, measure and reward sustainability so that now you can do good and get paid. ECO coins are stored in digital wallets accessible through a mobile platform. Sustainable actions are verified by inspectors, through smart IOT integration (e.g. a smart thermostat linked to your phone) and by certified vendors.
GPX EnergybankThe NetherlandsENERGY TRADING account linked to energy supply/useage and payment servicesGPX Energybank links Guarantees of Origin directly to your energy consumption. It offers a platform to make your anonymous energy usage green. Green energy is produced all over the world. By purchasing a Guarantee of Origin of renewable sources your energy consumption becomes certified green. GPX Energybank only offers Guarantees of Origin from sustainable sources. Your purchase directly benefits the producer.
ING Real Estate FInance (REF)The NetherlandsANALYSIS Real Estate Finance (REF) use software to analyse energy improvement measures in clients' buildings, and use the results to finance the improvements. ING’s software allows clients to view an analysis of the energy usage of each of their buildings, what investments could be made to improve this figure, the level of C02 reduction this would achieve, and the payback period for the investment. Once the benefits and costs have been fully detailed, ING offers finance for making the improvements and advises the client on other subsidies they might be eligible for, as well as how to approach the green building certification process.
One planet crowdThe NetherlandsCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Crowdfunding (loans, donations, reward).Oneplanetcrowd is Europe’s leading sustainable crowdfunding platform. Since launching in 2012 the platform has more than 25,000 active investors and have raised over €30,000,000 in funding and provided seed money or growth capital for more than 200 projects. Oneplanetcrowd operates mainly in The Netherlands.
SustainalyticsThe NetherlandsANALYSIS, APIsSustainalytics offers ESG and Corporate Governance research and ratings, supporting hundreds of the world’s foremost investors who incorporate ESG and corporate governance insights into their investment processes. Sustainalitics has developed an API with an agnostic service language and online documentation that follow OpenAPI /Swagger protocol.
Power to shareThe NetherlandsENERGY TRADING is a blockchain based energy information exchange that strives to act as the nerve system in a transformed energy markets. PowerToShare enable access to the energy market via advanced apps like peer-to-peer energy trading and sharing, energy buying and selling or energy donating. Also, advanced energy information services like mandate management, source of origin and usage analytics are implemented on top of PowerToShare. All energy transactions are settled by a token-based mechanism.
BundlesThe NetherlandsPAY AS YOU GO provides an alternative for the throw-away-society in which cheap appliances are used. Washing machines break down to early and use to much energy, water and energy. Bundles offers leasing and pay as you go subsciptions to reduce wahsing cycles and increase longlevity of appliances.
The JoulietteThe NetherlandsENERGY TRADING Energy "sharing" (possibly trading)Spectral and Alliander have launched a new blockchain-based energy sharing token named the ‘Jouliette’. The new token aims to empower individuals and communities to easily manage and share their locally produced renewable energy. The project aims to become a landmark example of how to harness the capabilities of blockchain technology to create greater social value and to support a bottom-up transition towards a more distributed, robust, and transparent economy, underpinned by 100% renewable energy.
EmpowerNorwaySUSTAINABLE CURRENCY (Tokenization of plastic waste)A plastic waste fund inspired by the Norwegian plastic bottle deposit system. The idea is to reward people that deliver plastic to their recycling station with digital currencies (one batch of plastic = 1 digital EMP Token worth 1 dollar each).
FindfundsPolandCROWDFUNDING website in English
PPLPortugalCROWDFUNDING with library of projects
PotsieuRomaniaCROWDFUNDING website in English
StartariumRomaniaCROWDFUNDING website in English
CrowdberrySlovakiaCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Crowdfunding (equity)Crowdberry allows private investors to invest into companies, co-own them and valorise their capital by building growing companies.
SuncontractSloveniaENERGY TRADING is a blockchain based company that is pioneering the decentralisation of the energy sector - tailoring it to maximise the welfare of the common man, rather than utilities. SunContract connects peers in an open energy marketplace, eliminating the middleman company, for P2P electricity trading to occur efficiently between the two parties, without the need for an intermediary.
La Bolsa socialSpainCROWDFUNDING with library of projects and digital investment portfolio. Crowdfunding (equity)We want to promote ethical finance by boosting the financing of companies with grow potential that will have a positive impact on society, and the environment. Bolsa Social is born to connect social impact investors and enterprises to promote the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
CLIMATECOINSpainSUSTAINABLE CURRENCY (Trading of carbon credit assets (globally))The CLIMATECOIN (CO2 TOKEN) is a cryptographic utility asset aimed to work as trading currency for certified carbon credits within the climatetrade ecosystem.
Coop FundingSpainCROWDFUNDING with library of projects (accepts cryptocurrencies i.e. blockchain)CoopFunding is a crowdfunding platform for the common good which seeks to promote self management by facilitating visibility and access to collective financing to cooperatively run, commons based and socially oriented projects, using many official, alternative and local currencies.
CrowdthinkingSpainCROWDFUNDING with library of projectsCrowdThinking is a platform to collectively support ideas, projects and companies
EcrowdSpainCROWDFUNDING with library of projects. CrowdlendingOnline platform for collective financing for investment projects in new technologies in prder to replace older and less efficient technologies.
EiniciaSpainCROWDFUNDING with library of projects. Crowdfunding (equity, reward, donation) and Crowdlending.Crowdfunding platform to facilitate and ecourage communication between entrepreneurs and investors.
FlexidaoSpainENERGY TRADING Energy Retailers to enhance their green energy offerings by matching the origin of renewable energy production with consumption in real time. Consumers get empowered to select and track how, when and where their electricity is produced. Residential consumers can get certified, 0-km electricity. The software uses blockchain technology as a real-time digital notary to stamp the provenance of the electricity and automatically assign it to consumers depending on their consumption.
FundeenSpainCROWDFUNDING with library of renewable energy projects. Crowdfunding (equity)Fundeen is the platform authorized by the CNMV that allows individuals to invest in renewable energy projects until now reserved for large electricity companies and investment funds.
Giveth Donation Apllication (DApp)SpainCROWDFUNDING (Ethereum). Crowdfunding (donation)A community focused on making the world a better place through the use of blockchain technology. Our flagship product, Giveth Donation Apllication (DApp) is striving to bring new governance models into the nonprofit space.
GoteoSpainCROWDFUNDING with library of projects. Crowdfunding (donation)A social network of collective financing and collaboration.
VerkamiSpainCROWDFUNDING with library of projects. Crowdfunding (donation and reward)Crowdfunding platform
Aid HedgeSwedenAID to ensure that organisations working with sustainable development and foreign aid get a maximum value for every dollar committed or invested. With a unique set of tools and algorithms, AidHedge helps partners ensure predictable and efficient funding.
InnorbisSwedenANALYSIS creates new credit and risk models and unleashing new financial products that demand policy innovation from regulators and central banks, who are incorporating sustainability factors into the rules that govern the world. "INNORBIS - THE NEW ALGORITHM FOR FINANCING THE FUTURE." is the marriage between sustainability ethics and finance and offers an analytical tool and a new financial standard assessment for a better and more sustainable future.
DoconomySwedenFOOTPRINT/OFFSET payments to Ålandsbankens carbon calculation schemeLinking payments to Ålandsbankens carbon calculation scheme
Funded by meSwedenCROWDFUNDING (equity)Swedish crowdfunding platform. Website with library of projects and digital investment portfolio.
www.greenassetswallet.orgBlockchain, Remote SensingThe Green Assets Wallet is a blockchain based platform for scaling the green debt market. The technology is developed by Stockholm Green Digital Finance, a not for profit aimed at scaling green finance and investments through the application of fintech innovations. The aim of the GAW is to support scaling of the green debt market and bridge green investors with potential investment opportunities through cost efficient and immutable verification of green impact.
NormativeSwedenANALYSIS automatically assess your sustainability, and generate sustainability reports, by analysing your bookkeeping records and ERP-systems. Normative automates the process of reporting according to international standards like GRI, CDP and GHG-protocol as well as follow laws and regulations, like EU-directive 2014/95/EU.
SWITCHRSwedenDIGITAL INVESTMENT investment portfolioDigital solar power investment platform for retail market.
TrineSwedenCROWDFUNDING platform (lending)Trine offers people and companies all over the world the opportunity to invest in the solar panels that they install in developing countries. Investors get a sound return on their investment while at the same time making their contribution to reducing CO2 emissions on a global scale. Trine offers Pay and you go, to elecricity consumers, and Sida offers a guarantee.
BitlumensSwitzerlandENERGY TRADINGhttps://bitlumens.comBlockchainBitLumens distributes solar power devices in areas without a power-grid and connects them to the blockchain. By using the devices, people build up credit scores. Banks can access the data by using BitLumens own token BLS and use it to issue microcredits to those who urgently need them.
BloomioSwitzerlandDIGITAL INVESTMENT investment platform, at least one sustainable project
Blue YellowSwitzerlandDIGITAL INVESTMENT with library of projects and "sophisticated fintech soolutions" (quote from website)Digitalizes green energy investments through combining a platform for buying and selling renewable energy projects with quantitative fintech solutions
Carbon DeltaSwitzerlandANALYSIS data tool for analyzing climate riskCarbon Delta’s Climate Value-at-Risk (VaR) measure is a forward-looking risk measure for analysing climate-related risks and opportunities of companies. It is closely aligned with the TCFD recommendations and provides true insight in to how climate change is affecting the future business model and operations of companies. The big data software model is highly scalable and currently covers 22,000 companies linked to 60,000 investable securities.
CelsiusProSwitzerlandINSURTECH platform that enables insurers to accelerate the digitalization of traditional insurance offerings and to introduce weather and yield index as well as parametric NatCat insurance schemes.CelsiusPro offers global insurance digitalization solutions for insurers with focus on weather, agro and parametric NatCat products. The offering includes: seamless front-to-back solutions from data sourcing, pricing, policy management and settlement to climate and NatCat monitoring tools and consulting.
EW OriginSwitzerlandENERGY TRADING Web Foundation: is developing EW Origin, an open-source blockchain platform for procuring renewable energy
GreenmatchSwitzerlandANALYSIS the investment process for renewable energy (through modelling cash flows and valuate investments, calculate simulations and manage portfolios, buy and sell projects on the marketplace)
Groundup Project
GREEN FINANCE CATALYST platformThe Ground_Up Project is a deal-sourcing platform for sustainability. Ground Up partners with entrepreneur networks and international organizations to source impact ventures looking for funding under US $20M. The company enables more efficient pre-selection for investment and catalyzes a marketplace by creating the infrastructure for entrepreneurs, investors and service providers to find each other. The platform equips all users with insights into investment-readiness.
ImpaaktSwitzerlandANALYSIS data analytics tools, virtual portfolio managementImpaakt looks at companies entire impact in the most exhaustive way, analysing how their operations, their products, their innovations and even their ideas profoundly change our society and our planet.
Lombar OdierSwitzerlandINSURTECH Insurance Linked Strategies (ILS) team at Lombard Odier Investment Managers (‘Lombard Odier IM’) has completed its first bond transaction using blockchain, the immutable ledger for recording transactions. The team’s purchase of catastrophe bonds is believed to be among the first secondary market transaction completed on blockchain.
My Drop in the OceansSwitzerlandSUSTAINABLE CURRENCY currency for nature (DIO) platoform (blockchain?). Footprint calculatorMy drop in the Oceans has created a currency called DIO, which rewards consumers and businesses for sustainable actions
IUCN Green List Standard Token SwitzerlandDIGITAL INVESTMENT (Etherium)The IUCN Green List programme provides a standardized way for independent assessment of the performance of protected and conserved areas and to fairly distribute costs for their evaluation. Assurance for the credibility of the programme will be supported by mapping the Green List process on the blockchain, creating an Ethereum based IUCN ‘Green List Standard’ Token (GLS) which can then be used to run smart contracts for Green List candidate nature areas.
GREEN FINANCE CATALYST - "Ecological Contracts"Regen support the verification of ecological outcomes that can be a slow, bureaucratic, and expensive process, and it often takes years for farmers to receive rewards. Regen Network combines the power of remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to track and verify ecological improvements at scale, and deploy rewards to farmers through smart contracts. Our ability to track, verify, and reward ecological performance through blockchain unlocks true-cost accounting that communities, brands, and governments are increasingly calling for. But that’s not all.