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Meme NameRef. Links (shortened)Credit
0HelpQuietly say "help" in a desperate tone./u/warlord922
BrandonTheFish"fuck your ads" - Human man.
Bon mot (aka 'Bone Moe' or 'bone mo')/u/somejono
Staggering BeautyA website that Josh & Nick sometimes used. Features a wiggly thing that follows your mouse and produces loud noise and flashing images when wiggled. WARNING: FLASHING IMAGES
DerylDeryl is an NL character who admited murdering his family/u/WEASELexe
-henlo (helllo, you STINKY "x")2016 meme. For some reason stuck with the crew. It is a shitty meme, but as always, Ryan and the crew use it for its satirical "so bad it's good" value.
\!/ WHOOP / Failure has been sentA reference to when you flag a person's drawing session on pinturillo, it plays a "WHOOP" noise and gets rid of the player's turn when enough votes are cast.
I feel that Pinturillo anti meta deserves a place in here but I have no idea which ep it was in.
Stay Inside After Creampie
69The ultimate number and percentage to win Quiplash
_____ IS RIGHT Sometimes said when backing up a member in his logical extreme. NL IS WRONG BTW
_____ WHENSpammed by chat to ask when a certain person will appear on the NLSS. Originally was HAFU WHEN until she finally appeared.
! ! ! FRIENDLY ! ! !HUD popup during Space Beast Terror Fright, spammed in chat.
!vote clown penisAn older meme meant to make fun of the !raffle/!vote chat would spam during raffles and votes./u/paggigalo
"Best run ever" territoryFor some time, NL said in each of his powerful Isaac runs that the run may be the best one he has ever had. it never is/u/interfacestillweird
(Age 6)For some inexplicable reason, the creator of Pokemon Apex decided to clairify that the character Dalhia is six years old by putting (Age 6) after her name.
(Hacker voice) I'm in
(X) DoubtLA Noire meme. Was used when any member of the crew says something doubtful or false. Now replaced by lionDoubtit
*THHWUP*Whenever they make this noise, it is a reference to the video
"World's Fastest Hot Dog eater (original)" where a guy appears to suck
down hotdogs and projectile vomit them out meanwhile making a funny noise. /u/Index154hi
#StandWithNickNick stands to wipe.veryseveralbeers
⭐️DONG⭐️/ Balloon LordChat meme when Gang Beasts is played, *DONG* was the noise the game makes when the round is over.
Ryan would also thank the Balloon Lord when, after a victory, a gold balloon popped up as nothing was else on the screen, including text, to the confusion of all.
-/u/holographicseraphim /u/shin400k
⭐️DONG⭐️/ Balloon LordLondon 2012 meme involving booty knocking pole off in high jump
in the tune of the magic schoolbus
10% of your DickWhat would you trade 10% of your dick for?
/u/Emergency_Nope (link)
200 Million different possibilities!D E A T H S T A I R S /u/shin400k
300/THREE HUNDREDOften said either under-the-breath by Austin or matter-of-factly by Austin when a number is mentioned. A reference to the track "300MB" from Neil Cicierega's 2017 mashup album Mouth Moods. (See: "Mouth Moods") Gets a chuckle from NL. (like the romans)/u/tdtbaa
360-Tomo-punchDuring a Rountable Live, Tomo gives NL a bitchslap
If you are submitting a new entrance or adding a video, please shorten the link
9mm BerettaEdgy Rob Quiplash answer, often used as "Killing your whole family with a 9mm beretta"./u/Ornithine
A new moon recordNL says this whenever he reaches a record in London 2012, originates from aqua teen hunger force/u/gudgi
A couple of hot n-wordsDuring an NLSS, Nick looked up the subreddit /r/RockLee
instead of /r/RockLeeSmile, and didn't see much, but noting
that many posts included "a couple of hot n-words." As the show
ended, Nick used the same phrasing during an impromptu song to pimp
his channel, resulting in hilarious backlash.
Note: I believe this was the July 18th, 2018 NLSS
Abra Abracadabra I'm gonna reach out and grab ya - Something josh started saying, comes from the song Abracadabra from Steve Miller Band
AC SlaterSitting backwards on a chair. NL used to use the toilet this way sometimes.
AcquiesceDan used the word wrong a few times and after it became a meme
ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLEAustin is literally a sandbag in London 2012, saying that it's "actually impossible" to use the mouse and keyboard despite doing really well./u/Gitrog
After 10 000 years I'm free!refrence to the intro of the original mighty morphin power rangers
All Time ClassicSaid sarcastically by NL whenever he gets a shit item in a game, or something bad happens to him when he should have been able to prevent it. See: "Facetious"/u/tdtbaa
AlrightThe sound made by clicking the exclamation mark in the top right corner in Pinturillo. Used to indicate breaking the rules. Also see "Expulsar"./u/sinbolitas
Amy LawAn early subscriber of NL's whose name was referenced frequently
AND IT MAKES ME SHITA line from chat (Negative_Space) that turned into a character that Ryan created. Complains about things with a non-sensical complaint (chips are too sharp), and also that it makes him SHIT!
Any Damsel in distressSee "Out of that dress when she meets Jim West."/u/trappy-chan
Aquiest - Gold Chainz & EggboiNL, AKA Eggboi's official response to BaerTaffy's diss track, "Northernlion said I couldn't rap," with his producer Gold Chainz Dan comin at ya. The third battle of round 1 in the NLSS Civil War.
At least I don't microwave my pussy/bacon
Austin has had microwaved bacon once, so when the crew insults Robert's eating habits(paper plate/plastic utensils), he says "at least I dont microwave my bacon" Sometimes he replaces bacon with pussy in a quiet, soothing voice. Its Rob, who knows why/u/gudgi
Au revoir Shoshanna!Northernlion often said this in his New Vegas streams when he missed multiple shots. This is in reference to a quote from Colonel Hans Landa when he is out of ammo and let the jew Shoshanna go from Inglorious Bastards /u/Clunkfuddle
Austin doesn't watch moviesAustin hasn't watched a lot of movies/u/iceespy
Austin's bad food tasteChicken Bacon Ranch hold the Ranch, also hates tomatoes and onions. Eats salsa avoiding chunks of tomato. Hates soup.
Austin's momAustin's mom appeared in his chat and was modded, and proceeded to ban Dan Gheesling. It's a MILF, so what's not to meme and like?/u/gudgi
Austin's shouldersAustin has some wide shoulders
Awesome Shirt ruined by GlowstickSinvicta introduces Dan to a great video during Roundtable Live! (Has some setup time, but Dan's reaction is worth it)/u/Gitrog
AYERYBODY/VoltaireJumbling of the phrase "Hey Everybody," used by Northernlion at the start of each one of his Binding of Isaac videos. Often posted in the episodes' comments sections by the user "Voltaire."The beginning of literally any Isaac episode (with some variation)
(first time egg says "Hey guys" instead of "Hello everybody"),V4Zs
(first "Hey everybody")
(first jumbling of words)
B U L L E TSpammed by chat when certain weapon - "lowercase r" - is picked up / mentioned (Gungeon)/u/iceespy
Bad kitties/That's bad kittiesTomo and Ryuka meow, and Josh makes sure to scold them. Possibly a reference to South Park. Used a lot more in 2014, but still acknowledged every now and again./u/tdtbaa
Bad Rats/Rad Beats/Bat Reads/Dad Fats/Beat Rads/Not Nice Mice/etc.
After repeatedly being asked to play the game Bad Rats on stream, Nick eventually set up an automod that would time out anyone who said the name in chat. Chat then responded by coming up with other names for the game in an attempt to outsmart the automod. Unfortunately, this meme is no longer used, as Nick unbanned the title after he gained enough subscribers./u/Interfacestillweird and someone else
Baggle/BeggleThe way NL pronounces 'Bagel' in his Canadian accent. Causes chat to go mad, spamming "beggle" or "baggle" whenever he says it. Relevant link.
(video mentions pronunciation of Bagel
at some point, I think?)
/u/Dr_Flay /u/G3fo
Bald DemonA lady in Hitman called NL a bald demon when he (the character who also happens to be bald) was spotted in the bathroom. Image from Amazon's Champions of Fire
Ban This ManWhenever someone in chat says something NL disagrees with, he jokingly asks mods to ban them. See: "Facetious" (example, not origin)/u/tdtbaa
Banal/Bee-analNickname for twitch user Banyle (it is supposed to be more like Daniel)
Bat/Bad Boy (K8 meme)
BE ADVISED!!!A joke about how so many shooters (specifically Titanfall) of the time frequently (as of the telling of the joke which was ~2014) used the phrase "Be Advised" when giving information to the players to the point that the voices would overlap over eachother and spam "Be Advised".
be happy lil nekmostly used during Nek's trip to Ireland - whenever Nek's absence was noted during his trip, most (if not all) well-wishers responded to various Reddit threads with this phrase.
Bend the KneeDan asks NL whether Canadians have to "bend the knee" to a royal family. NL is confused.
Best boy JustinHCJustin is of the most loved boi in the NLSS crew credits due
BET NOTBased on the Tiny House Hunters Twitter thread by NL and it's following references in the LA Noire Sunday streams
Big brotherAn american TV show where Dan participated and won season 10 of
BIOLOGY MAJORNL majored in biology, but knows nothing about it
(working on better link)
BitconnectRefrence to a viral video
BLOOOD!Chat often likes to reference this bug that happened when NL played the Witcher 3
bluehole)))Chat spams this on PUBG loading screens
BluemanLegendary random player originally thought to be Josh gets into a quiplash game, then proceeds to beat the living daylights out of everyone else's scores. Blueman reveals his true self at the end of the first game. They are still allowed to play in the rest of the game
Bob Wehadababy ItsaboyAn old ad NL and josh reference:
Boiled trianglesComes from a tweet from NL that's a photo of some type of food in the shape of triangles that apparently tasted worse than death itself, the topic then got brought up on the NLSS
BolegdaNLSS where Ryan, Josh, and Nick discuss a video where a British woman tries to immitate a Jamaican accent. The word is spoken in a bad Jamaican accent.
BoobaleeWhirly Rig theme from Planet Coaster. The actual word from the song is 'ejebubali', which became a minor meme unto its own., /u/TheButtPeanut
BoratJust the movie, they wanted to "bring borat back" as a meme by repeating the more known jokes like "MAI WIFE" or ".....NAAHT". It didn't work./u/Picturesque-, someone else
BoxcarTo hit someone in the legs - how Thornforg killed someone in New Vegas (also the name of an NPC with broken legs in game)
Bree Dee Deeannoying series of notes in the haunted mansion song in Golf It, usually shown in chat as "TheThing 🎺 BREE DEE DEE TheThing", /u/44raptor
BRex'dWhen you get quiplashed four times in one game of quiplash and therefore don't have any points going into round 3(Not original, but an example)/u/song13 /u/casuallyhuman
BrimsnappingVanilla Binding of Isaac brimstone glitch exploited by NL after being found by Bisnap
Bruger King SadnessDrawful meme with Austin's and Rob's infectious laughs
BTTVA twitch extension that despite the insistence of chat and fellow streamers, ryan refuses to get/u/yabbatroll
Burger vs SandwichIs _____ a sandwhich?
BUT DIFFERENTOriginated from the NFL bounty, which is played every week by everyone in the NLSS crew.
Butter WafflesRefrence to a Belgian guy (Alibambam)
ButtercrunchAustin's favorite ice cream flavor that he seems to buy too much of. He claims "I'm not leaving the store without my buttercrunch"
/u/Emergency_Nope (link)
Caesar's Legion!NL's reaction to a group of assassins sent to kill him in Fallout:NV.
Can't let your ass leaveAnother Pokemon Apex meme
Can't see shit, captainLargely said by NL. Said whenever shit can't be seen. Captain. Is an old-meme reference to Gorde La Forge's impossible eyewear from Star Trek./u/tdtbaa
CANDYMAN WOAHNick's favorite character in Lethal League, he would do a voice when playing as him and yell "CANDYMAN WOAH"

NL once (2011?) said that him still playing BoI in 2014 would be career suicide, usually spammed in Youtube comments
Cash CabNL made his rocket league car and steam profile into a cash cab theme. Chat spams "NOW THATS WHAT I CALL A CASH CAB" whenever he scores a goal, frequently with emotes between words. The cash cab has apparently killed someone in real life, which the crew mention sometimes
Castle/2nd CastleOn Family Feud there was a question on things people were worried they couldn't afford, the answer was House/Second House. Castle is just an exaggeration.
CatastropheRyuka presses some hotkeys and causes chaos during a stream.
Catch 'em Derry / He's makin' a mockery outta yaReference to a viral video involving an Irish family trying to catch a bat in their house. Nick especially loves saying it in an Irish accent
Caviar CurseChat meme. Involves the emote "SabaPing" around text references caviar and curses.
Certified Unity ProgrammerNL got a certification for programming in Unity.
Chat, be nice to the doc.-
Check the wireDan's line when he sent secret messages to other players (playing them like the Big Brother mastermind he is) in the Civ VI multiplayer series
Check your privilegeAn old memeveryseveralbeers
Cheers love (the cavalry is here)Mostly but not exclusively a Rob thing, imitating the voice of an older British lady. Tracer quote in overwatch, but rob's imitation is a screechy horrible voicesomeone else /u/Picturesque-
Cherry condoms/Kate sex ed Kate had a very unique sex ed experience where her teacher brought in a cherry flavored condom in for everyone to touch, smell and l i c c, and some girl chewed it like gum /u/gudgi       
CheyenneName of the dog Ryan brutally slaughters in cold blood during his Fallout NV playthrough (except he actually didn't)
Chicken sarmieit sent austin to the hospital with food poisoning
Childlike wonderthe attribute you would gain if you ate Josh's soul
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