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Author(s)TitleYearPublishing infoCountries StudiedReport LinkPrimary ThemeSecondary ThemeTertiary Theme
Quaternary Theme
Quinary Theme
Agence Régionale de l’Environnement et des Nouvelles Énergies
Lutter contre la précarité énergétique : Analyse des initiatives et des besoins en Île-de-France
Agence Régionale de l’Environnement et des Nouvelles Énergies
la précarité énergétique
Ahern, C., et al.
State of the Irish housing stock—Modelling the heat losses of Ireland’s existing detached rural housing stock & estimating the benefit of thermal retrofit measures on this stock
2013Energy Policy, 55: 139-151Ireland
Energy efficiency
Allen, S., and Myers, O.Tackling Fuel Poverty: A Beacon Council Toolkit for Local Authorities2003
Blyth Valley Borough Council, London Borough of Camden, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Luton Borough Council and Newark and Sherwood District Council
United Kingdom
Local governmentFuel poverty alleviationFuel poverty policy
Almeida, A., Fonseca, P., Schlomann, B. and Feilberg, N.
Characterization of the household electricity consumption in the EU, potential energy savings and specific policy recommendations
2011Energy and Buildings, 43: 1884-1894
Belgium,Denmark,France,Germany,Greece,Italy,Portugal,Norway,Bulgaria,Czech republic,Hungary, Romania,EU consumptionEuropean UnionEnergy efficiency
Ambrose, A., McCarthy, L. and Pinder, J. Energy (In)efficiency: what tenants expect and endure in private rented accommodation, 2017Eaga Charitable Trust: KendalUnited Kingdom
Fuel poverty and private renting
Cold homesEnergy efficiency
Ambrose, A  User and organisational responses to biomass district heating. 2013
 Journal of Urban Design and Planning, 167 (1), pp. 35 –41.
United Kingdom heatingFuel poverty
Ambrose, A
Improving energy efficiency in private rented housing: Why don't landlords act?
2015Indoor and Built Environment 24 (7), pp. 913-924. United Kingdom
Private rented sectorEnergy efficiency Fuel poverty
Ambrose, A., Eadson, W. and Pinder, JEvaluation of the Big Energy Saving Network2015London: DECCUnited Kingdom
Switching VulnerabilityFuel poverty
Andadari, R.K., Mulder, P. and Rietveld, P.
Energy poverty reduction by fuel switching. Impact evaluation of the LPG conversion program in Indonesia
2014Energy Policy 66: 436-449Indonesia
Energy povertyfuel switchingcooking fuel
Anderson, A., et al.Changing Attitudes towards the Cold2009Attend, LondonUnited Kingdom
Older peopleCoping strategiesThermal comfortAdvice barriers
Anderson, W., White, V. and Finney, A.Coping with low incomes and cold homes2012Energy Policy, 49:40-52United Kingdom
Fuel povertyCoping strategiesLow income
Anderson, W., White, V. and Finney, A.“You just have to get by” Coping with low incomes and cold homes2010Centre for Sustainable Energy, BristolUnited Kingdom strategies
Experiences of fuel poverty
Low income
Armstrong, D., Winder, R. and Wallis, R.
Impediments to policy implementation: The offer of free installation of central heating to an elderly community has limited uptake
2006Public Health, 120: 161-166United Kingdom efficiencyFuel poverty policy
Åströma, D.O., Fosberg, B. and Rocklöv, J.
Heat wave impact on morbidity and mortality in the elderly population: A review of recent studies
2011Maturitas, 69: 99-105 people
Excess winter mortality
Excess summer mortality
Baker, K.J., Emmanuel, R., & Phillipson, M.Review of the Energy Assistance Package2014Scottish GovernmentUK
Fuel povertyPolicy
Baker, K.J., Emmanuel, R., & Phillipson, M.Support for RPP2 - Housing Futures2012Scottish Government / ClimateXChange ScotlandUK
Energy efficiencyHousingPolicy
Baker, W.Predicting fuel poverty at the local level. Summary report2006Centre for Sustainable Energy, BristolUnited Kingdom
Estimates of fuel poverty
Fuel poverty policy
Baker, W., et al.Quantifying rural fuel poverty2008Centre for Sustainable Energy, BristolUnited Kingdom
Estimates of fuel poverty
Baker, W., Starling, G., and Gordon, D.
Predicting fuel poverty at the local level: Final report on the development of the Fuel Poverty Indicator
2003Centre for Sustainable Energy, BristolUnited Kingdom
Balaras, C., Droutsa, K., Dascalaki, E. and Kontoyiannidis, S.
Heating energy consumption and resulting environmental impact of European apartment buildings
2005Energy and Buildings, 37: 429-442
Denmark,France, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, EU
Energy efficiencyEnergy consumption
Balmaceda, M.M.
EU Energy Policy and Future European Energy Markets: Consequences for the Central and East European States
Research Group Conflict and Cooperation Structures in Eastern Europe, University of Mannheim
EU, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Non-EU, Ukraine, Belarus UnionPolicy actorsEnergy policyEU energy policy
Banks, N., and White, V.
Evaluation of solid wall insulation in fuel poor households in the private sector
2011Centre for Sustainable Energy, BristolUnited Kingdom
Energy efficiencySolid wall insulationCoping strategiesFuel poverty
Barnes, D.F., Khandker, S.R., Samad, H.A.Energy poverty in rural Bangladesh2011Energy Policy, 39 (2): 894-904Bangladesh
Energy povertyElectrification
Developing countries
Barnes, M., Butt, S. and Tomaszewski, W.
The Dynamics of Bad Housing: The impact of bad housing on the living standards of children
2008National Centre for Social Research, LondonUnited Kingdom
Housing qualityHealthChildren
Experiences of fuel poverty
Bartiaux, F., Van der Linden, M., Debast, N. & Baudaux, A.
La pauvreté énergétique2014
Pauvreté en Belgique - Annuaire 2015, Lahaye, W., Van Rossem, R., Pannecoucke, I., & Vranken, J. (dirs.) (2015). Ghent: Academia Press.
Energy poverty
Basham, M., et al.
Central Heating: Uncovering the impact on social relationships and household management
2004Peninsula Medical School, PlymouthUnited Kingdom
HealthEnergy efficiency
Baudaux, A.Energy poverty in Brussels: first results of a qualitative survey2014
Queen's Political Review, 2 (Issue 2: Fuel Poverty), 88-99
Belgium, Brussels
Energy povertyUrban energy povertyQualitative survey
Berkhout, P.H.G., Muskens, J.C. and Velthuijsen, J.W.Defining the rebound effect2000Energy Policy, 28: 425-432the Netherlands
Energy efficiencyRebound effect
Bhattacharya, J., DeLeire, T., Haider, S. and Currie, J.
Heat or Eat? Cold-Weather Shocks and Nutrition in Poor American Families
2003American Journal of Public Health, 93: 1149-1154United States of America
HealthEnergy consumptionLow incomeNutrition
Bhattarai, K.Why Fuel Poverty?2010Romanian Journal of Economic ForecastingUnited Kingdom
Fuel poverty measurement
Boardman, B.Fuel poverty synthesis: Lessons learnt, actions needed2012Energy Policy, 49: 143-148United Kingdom
Fuel poverty policyFuel poverty alleviation
Boardman, B.Fuel Poverty2012
International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home : 221- 225
United Kingdom
Affordable warmthFuel povertyEnergy efficiencyHousing quality
Boardman, B.Liberalisation and fuel poverty2010
In: Rutledge, I. and Wright, P., ed. (2010) UK Energy Policy and The End of Market Fundamentalism. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Ch.9.
United KingdomLiberalizationFuel poverty
Boardman, B.Fixing Fuel Poverty: Challenges and Solutions2010Earthscan, LondonUnited Kingdom, EUDefining fuel povertyMeasurement
Fuel poverty alleviation
Boardman, B.
Opportunities and constraints posed by fuel poverty on policies to reduce the greenhouse effect in Britain
1993Applied Energy, 44 (2): 185-195United Kingdom
Fuel poverty policyClimate changeCarbon taxes
Boardman, B.Fuel Poverty: from cold homes to affordable warmth1991Belhaven Press, LondonUnited KingdomDefining fuel povertyMeasurement
Fuel poverty alleviation
Bonnard S, C. Bruynoghe, J-M. Delporte, M. Deprez et B. Kestemont
Prix de l’énergie et précarité énergétique2014Carrefour de l’Economie, 2, 26-54.Belgium
Energy povertyEnergy consumptionAffordability
Distributional effects
Defining energy poverty
Bonnard S, C. Bruynoghe, M. Deprez et B. KestemontPrix de l’énergie et précarité énergétique2015
SPF Economie, P.M.E., Classes moyennes et Energie - Juillet 2015, 75 pp.
Energy povertyEnergy consumptionAffordability
Distributional effects
Defining energy poverty
Bouzarovski S, Cauvain S
Spaces of exception: Governing fuel poverty in England’s multiple occupancy sector
2016Space and Polity 20: 310-329England
Fuel poverty policy
Bouzarovski S, Sýkora L, Matoušek R
Locked-in post-socialism: rolling path dependencies in Liberec’s district heating system
2016Eurasian Geography and EconomicsCzech Republic
District heating
Bouzarovski S, Tirado Herrero S
Geographies of injustice: the socio-spatial determinants of energy poverty in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary
2017Post-Communist Economies 29: 27-50
Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary
Energy poverty
Estimates of fuel poverty
Bouzarovski S, Tirado Herrero S, Petrova S, Frankowski J, Matoušek R, Maltby T
Multiple transformations: theorizing energy vulnerability as a socio-spatial phenomenon
2017Geografiska Annaler B 99: 20-41Central and Eastern Europe
Energy vulnerabilityEnergy transition
Bouzarovski, S.Energy poverty in the European Union: landscapes of vulnerability2014WIREs Energy and Environment, 3 (3): 276-289EU povertyEuropean UnionMeasurementFuel poverty policy
Bouzarovski, S., and Petrova, S.
A global perspective on domestic energy deprivation: Overcoming the energy poverty–fuel poverty binary
2015Energy Research & Social Science, 10: 31–40Worldwide povertyEnergy servicesVulnerability
Defining fuel poverty
Bouzarovski, S., and Tirado Herrero, S.
The energy divide: Integrating energy transitions, regional inequalities and poverty trends in the European Union
2015European Urban and Regional Studies 24: 69–86EU10.1177/0969776415596449Energy povertyEuropean UnionMeasurement
Bouzarovski, S., Petrova, S. and Sarlamanov, R.Energy poverty policies in the EU: A critical perspective2012Energy Policy, 49: 76-82EU
European UnionFuel poverty policy
Bouzarovski, S., Sarlamanov, R. and Petrova, S.The Governance of Energy Poverty in Southeastern Europe2011
The Institut français des relations internationals, Paris
Macedonia, Bulgaria
Fuel poverty policy
Bouzarovski, S., Tirado Herrero, S., Petrova, S., and Ürge-Vorsatz, D.
Unpacking the spaces and politics of energy poverty: path-dependencies, deprivation and fuel switching in post-communist Hungary
Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability
Hungary10.1080/13549839.2015.1075480Energy povertyPath dependencyLiberalizationTariff reformFuel switching
Bradshaw, J. and Hutton, S.Social Policy Options and Fuel Poverty1983Journal of Economic Psychology, 3: 249-266United Kingdom
Fuel poverty policy
Fuel poverty measurement
Brunner, K-M., Spitzer, M. and Christanell, A.
Experiencing fuel poverty. Coping strategies of low-income households in Vienna/Austria
2012Energy Policy, 49: 53-59Austria
Experiences of fuel poverty
Coping strategies
Bürger, V.
The assessment of the regulatory and support framework for domestic buildings in Germany
from the perspective of long-term climate protection targets
2012Energy Policy, in pressGermany
Climate changeEnergy efficiencyHousing quality
Burholt, V. and Windle, G.
Keeping warm? Self-reported housing and home energy efficiency factors impacting on older people heating homes in North Wales
2006Energy Policy, 34: 1198-1208United Kingdom
Older peopleThermal comfortHousing quality
Buzar, S.
Energy Poverty in Eastern Europe: Hidden Geographies of Deprivation
2007Ashgate, Surrey
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine
Energy povertyTransition countriesAffordabilityTariff reform
Buzar, S.
When homes become prisons: the relational spaces of post-socialist energy poverty.
2007Environment and Planning A, 39: 1908-1925.Macedonia povertyInstitutions
Transition countries
Buzar, S.
The ‘hidden’ geographies of energy poverty in post-socialism: between institutions and households
2007Geoforum, 38:224-240.Macedonia, Czech Republic
Energy povertyInstitutions
Transition countries
Campbell, R.Fuel poverty and government response1993Social Policy & Administration, 27: 58-70.UK
Fuel poverty policy
Carper, M. and Staddon, C.
Alternating currents: EU expansion, Bulgarian capitulation and disruptions in the electricity sector of South-east Europe
Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, 11: 179-195
Non-EU, EU Candidates, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia
European UnionLiberalizationAffordabilityEnergy access
Cauvain, J., and Bouzarovski, S.
Energy vulnerability in multiple occupancy housing: a problem that policy forgot
2016People, Place and Policy, 10: 88-106UK
Housing in multiple occupation
Housing qualityVulnerabilityTenure
Centre de Ressources en Développement Durable
La précarité énergétique des ménages dans le logement et les transports
Ministère de l'Ecologie, du Développement Durable et de l'Energie
Energy povertyHousingMobilityBibliography
Report gathering different bibliographical resources (websites, state-of-the-art, households' energy budget, political measures, regional energy poverty, energy poverty in Europe)
Energy Heritage: A guide to improving energy efficiency in traditional and historic homes
2008Changeworks, EdinburghUnited Kingdom
Energy efficiencyHistoric homes
Chapman, R., Howden-Chapman, P., Viggers, H., O'Dea, D. and Kennedy, M.
Retrofitting houses with insulation: a cost-benefit analysis of a randomised community trial
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 63: 271-277
New Zealand efficiency
Cost-benefit analysis
Chatzikonstantinou, E., and Vatavali F.Mapping energy poverty in Athens during the crisis2016
Maloutas T., Spirellis S. (eds) Athens Social Atlas, Digital compendium of texts and visual material
Greece energy povertyUrban tranformations Crisis
Cheshire, L.Bid to eradicate fuel poverty must include disabled people2009Community Care, 1754: 11-11UK
DisabilityFuel poverty alleviationFuel poverty policy
Chester, L.
The impacts and consequences for low-income households of rising energy prices
2013The University of SydneyAustralia
Fuel poverty
Citizen's Advice
Frozen out: extra costs faced by vulnerable customers in the energy market
2017Citizen's AdviceUKFuel poverty
Clinch, J.P. and Healy, J.D.
The benefits of residential energy conservation in Ireland in the light of the Luxembourg Agreement and the Gothenburg Protocol
2000European Environment, 10: 131-39Ireland;2-V/abstract
Energy consumptionClimate changeEU obligationsEnergy efficiency
Cludius, J., Beznoska, M. and Steiner, V.
Distributional Effects of the European Emissions Trading System and the Role of Revenue Recycling
2012Freie Universität BerlinGermany changeDistributional effects
Emissions Trading System
Collins M and Dempsey S
Residential Energy Efficiency Retrofits: Potential Unintended Consequences
2017ESRI efficiencyFuel poverty
Committee of the Regions
Opinion of the Committee of the Regions on the ‘Third legislative package on European electricity and gas markets’ (2008/C 172/11)
EU policy document
Committee of the Regions
Opinion of the Committee of the Regions on The energy package (2007/C 305/01)
EU policy document
Consumer Action Law CentreHeat or Eat2015Consumer Action Law CentreAustralia
Involuntary Disconnection
Energy Poverty in Western Australia: A comparative analysis of drivers and effects
2016Curtin UniversityAustralia
Energy poverty
Critchley, R., Gilbertson, J., Grimsley, M., Green, G. and Warm Front Study Group
Living in cold homes after heating improvements: Evidence from Warm-Front, England's Home Energy Efficiency Scheme
2007Applied Energy, 84: 147-158United Kingdom
Energy efficiencyRebound effect
Croft, D.Costs of the ECO: The impact on low income households2011Association for the Conservation of Energy, LondonUnited Kingdom
Fuel poverty alleviationEnergy tariffs
Energy Company Obligations
Green Deal
Darby, S.Metering: EU policy and implications for fuel poor households2012Energy Policy, 49: 98-106EU
Smart meteringEuropean UnionFuel poverty policy
Davison, T.
Tackling the health implications of cold and damp housing in Scotland
2004United Kingdom
HealthFuel poverty alleviationEnergy efficiency
Davison, T.Health Implications of Cold and Damp Housing: a training resource2004United Kingdom
HealthFuel poverty alleviationEnergy efficiency
Day, R., Walker, G. and Simcock, N.
Conceptualising energy use and energy poverty using a capabilities framework
2016Energy Policy, 93:255-264InternationalFuel poverty conceptCapabilities
de Vries, R., and Blane, D.Fuel poverty and the health of older people: the role of local climate2012Journal of Public HealthUnited Kingdom
HealthOlder people
Delbeke, B., and Meyer, S.The energy poverty barometer (2009 - 2013) 2015King Baudouin FoundationBelgium
Energy povertyMeasurement
Dénes Fellegi, Orsolya Fülöp
Poverty or Fuel Poverty? Defining fuel poverty in Europe and Hungary. Executive Summary
2012ENERGIAKLUB, HungaryHungary
Fuel poverty measurement
Estimates of fuel poverty
Denne, T., and Bond-Smith, S. Impacts of the NZ Insulation Fund on Industry & Employment2011
Covec Ltd, prepared for the Ministry of Economic Development
New Zealand
Cost benefit analysisEnergy efficiency
Department of Energy and Climate Change Annual report on fuel poverty statistics 20122012London, HMSOUnited Kingdom
National policy document
Fuel poverty measurement
Fuel poverty measurement
Department of Primary Industry and Resources
Committee of Inquiry into the Financial Hardship of Energy Consumers
2005State Government of Victoria, AustraliaAustralia
AffordabilityFuel poverty
Department of Trade and Industry UK Fuel Poverty Strategy2001London, HMSOUnited Kingdom
National policy documentFuel poverty policy
Fuel poverty measurement
Devalière, I.
Identification des processus de précarisation énergétique des ménages et analyse des modes d’intervention
la précarité énergétiqueMeasurement
Devalière, I.
Comment prévenir la précarité énergétique? Situation actuelle et risques inhérents à la libéralisation du service de l’énergie
2007Les Annales de la recherche urbaine, 103: 137-143France
la précarité énergétiqueCauses Fuel poverty policy
Dimitrova, M., Ilievski, Ž., Petruševski, I.Право на избор на трошоци за енергија2015MACEF, MacedoniaMacedonia
Advice for energy poor households
Dobbins, A., Fuso Nerini, F., Pye, S., Brajkovic, J., Grgurev, I., De Miglio, R., Deane, P., Fahl, U.
Measures to protect vulnerable consumers in the energy sector: an assessment of disconnection safeguards, social tariffs and financial transfers
energy poverty measuresdisconnectionssocial tariffsfinancial transfers
Doble, M
A Regulatory Policy for Self-disconnection: An Examination of the Reasons for and Implications of Pre-payment Meter Stoppages
2000Policy Studies, 21, 3: 229-243 United Kingdom
Self-disconnectionEnergy access
Dodd, S.Ideological Alleviants: A Comparative Analysis of Fuel Poverty Policy 2012(Master's dissertation) University of York
United Kingdom, France, Norway, Romania, China, Morocco, South Africa, India
Fuel poverty policy
Dodonov, B., Opitz, P. and Pfaffenberger, W.How much do electricity tariff increases in Ukraine hurt the poor?2004Energy Policy, 32: 855-863Ukraine
Tariff reformTransition countriesWelfare losses
Domah, P. and Pollitt, M.
The Restructuring and Privatisation of Electricity Distribution and Supply Businesses in England and Wales: A Social Cost–Benefit Analysis
2001Fiscal Studies, 22: 107-146United Kingdom of utilitiesTariff reform
Cost-benefit analysis
Drakeford, M
The poverty of privatization: Poorest customers of the privatized gas, water and electricity industries
1997Critical Social Policy, 17: 115United Kingdom of utilitiesLiberalizationAffordability
Dubois, U.
From targeting to implementation: The role of identification of fuel poor households
2012Energy Policy, 49: 107-115France
Fuel poverty policy
Fuel poverty measurement
Dubois, U.
La précarité énergétique en milieu urbain – Vers une analyse en termes de vulnérabilité
Les Annales de la recherche urbaine n°110 :186-195
Energy povertyVulnerabilityUrban centres
Eichhammer, W., Fleiter, T., Schlomann, B., Faberi, S., Fioretto, M., Piccioni, N., Lechtenböhmer, S., Schüring, A., Resch, G., Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research isi
Study on the Energy Savings Potentials in EU Member States, Candidate Countries and EEA Countries: Final Report for the European Commission Directorate-General Energy and Transport .
Fraunhofer: Institute for Karlsruhe: Systems and Innovation Research ISI
EU Candidates, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Non-EU
Energy efficiencyEnergy potentialEuropean Union
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