Proactive things to do to not be defeated by the next 4 years
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Thing to do* (grouped by type, in no particular order)
*currated by someone who is a Jewish, white, cisgender, US citizen, woman - actions may look different for people of different race, religion, identification; list crowdsourced and internet-built - collective action at its finest!
Resource to help you do it
Time Sensitive Actions
Time Sensitive Actions: On lots of issues for transition - this is an amazing spreadsheet someone put together with scripts on all issues and breaks the calls down by day. One or 2 calls every day!

Found on FB from a woman in GA - phone numbers of every Senator. Call them all!
Alabama: Richard Shelby - (205) 731-1384 Jeff Sessions - (205) 731-1500
Alaska: Lisa Murkowski - (907) 271-3735 Dan Sullivan - (907) 271-5915
Arizona: John McCain - (602) 952-2410 Jeff Flake - 602-840-1891
Arkansas: John Boozman - (501) 372-7153 Tom Cotton - (479) 751-0879
California: Dianne Feinstein - (415) 393-0707 Barbara Boxer - (510) 286-8537
Colorado: Michael Bennet - 303-455-7600 Cory Gardner - (303) 391-5777
Conneticut: Richard Blumenthal - (860) 258-6940 Chris Murphy - (860) 549-8463
Delaware: Tom Carper - (302) 573-6291 Christopher Coons - (302) 573-6345
District of Columbia: Eleanor Holmes Norton - (202) 408-9041
Florida: Bill Nelson - 954-693-4851 Marco Rubio - (813) 287-5035
Georgia: Johnny Isakson - (770) 661-0999 David Perdue - (404) 865-0087
Hawai’i: Brian Schatz - PHONE: (808) 523-2061 Mazie Hirono - (808) 522-8970
Idaho: Michael Crapo - (208) 743-1492 James Risch - 208-342-7985
Illinois: Dick Durbin - 312.353.4952 Mark Kirk - 312-886-3506
Indiana: Dan Coats - (219) 663-2595 Joe Donnelly - (260) 420-4955
Iowa: Chuck Grassley - (319) 363-6832 Joni Ernst - (515) 284-4574
Kansas: Pat Roberts - (913) 451-9343 Jerry Moran - (316) 631-1410
Kentucky: Mitch McConnell - (502) 582-6304 Rand Paul - 502-582-5341
Louisiana David Vitter - 225-383-0331 Bill Cassidy - (225) 929-7711
Maine: Susan Collins - (207) 622-8414 Angus King - (207) 622-8292
Maryland: Barbara Mikulski - (410) 962-4510 Ben Cardin - (410) 962-4436
Massachusetts: Elizabeth Warren - (617) 565-3170 Ed Markey - 617-565-8519
Michigan: Debbie Stabenow - (313) 961-4330 Gary Peters - (313) 226-6020
Minnesota: Amy Klobuchar - 612-727-5220 Al Franken - (651) 221-1016
Mississippi: Thad Cochran - 601-965-4459 Roger Wicker - (601) 965-4644
Missouri: Claire McCaskill - (314) 367-1364 Roy Blunt - (314) 725-4484
Montana: Jon Tester - (406) 586-4450 Steve Daines
Nebraska: Deb Fischer - (402) 441-4600 Ben Sasse - 402-476-1400
Nevada: Harry Reid - 702-388-5020 Dean Heller - 702-388-6605
New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen – (603) 542-4872 Kelly Ayotte - 603-622-7979
New Jersey: Bob Menendez - 973.645.3030 Cory Booker - (973) 639-8700
New Mexico: Tom Udall - (505) 346-6791 Martin Heinrich - (505) 346-6601
New York: Charles E. Schumer - (212) 486-4430 Kirsten Gillibrand - (212) 688-6262
North Carolina: Richard Burr - (828) 350-2437 Tom Tillis - (704) 509-9087
North Dakota: John Hoeven - 701-746-8972 Heidi Keitkamp - (701) 775-9601
Ohio: Sherrod Brown - (513) 684-1021 Rob Portman - 513-684-3265
Oklahoma: James M. Inhofe - (405) 608-4381 James Lankford - (405) 231-4941
Oregon: Ron Wyden - (503) 326-7525 Jeff Merkley - (503) 326-3386
Pennsylvania: Bob Casey - (412) 803-7370 Pat Toomey - (215) 241-1090
Rhode Island: Jack Reed - (401) 943-3100 Sheldon Whitehouse - (401) 453-5294
South Carolina: Lindsey Graham - (803) 933-0112 Tim Scott - (803) 771-6112
South Dakota: John Thune - (605) 334-9596 Mike Rounds- (605) 336-0486
Tennessee: Lamar Alexander - (615) 736-5129 Bob Corker - 615-279-8125
Texas: John Cornyn - 512-469-6034 Ted Cruz - (512) 916-5834
Utah: Orrin Hatch – (801) 524-4380 Mike Lee -- 801-524-5933
Vermont: Patrick Leahy - (802) 229-0569 Bernie Sanders - tel (802) 862-0697
Virginia: Mark Warner - 757-441-3079 Tim Kaine - (540) 682-5693
Washington: Patty Murray - (206) 553-5545 Maria Cantwell - (206) 220-6400
West Virginia: Joe Manchin - 304-342-5855 Shelley Capito - 304-347-5372
Wisconsin: Ron Johnson - (414) 276-7282 Tammy Baldwin - (414) 297-4451
Wyoming: Mike Enzi - (307) 739-9507 John Barrasso - 307-772-2451
SUPER Time Sensitive actions: Contact House Reps (call or write and mail letter) to every member of the House Oversight Committee requesting that they investigate Trump's potential conflicts of interest. Reference article link listed, and contact page for all members of the House Oversight Committee.

Firsthand testimony from someone who did: "The woman on the phone said that they are absolutely tallying calls - the more they get, the more likely the Committee is to demand ALL of Trump’s financial information. She said that there’s not much time left, as they are out of the office next week for Thanksgiving. And after that, they’re going to make a decision."
That is an essential call
(202) 225-5074
Time Sensitive actions: Contact leaders to get the Bannon appt revoked. There is precedent for this in the Clinton and Obama administrations.
Here is a sample script a friend shared:

"My name is ____ and I am a constituent who lives in [town]. I am calling to register my grave concern about President-elect Trump's naming of Steve Bannon to a position of authority in his administration. I believe he has proven to hold white supremacist and racist views that have no place in the White House and I'm urging [name of elected official] to do anything in his/her power to oppose his appointment."

link added at right of news coverage of Republican leadership's refusal to criticize Bannon.
1) If you live in the US, call your Representatives and Senators and tell them this is unacceptable.
2) Paul Ryan is feigning ignorance again. Call his office at (202) 225-3031 and let him know that this is not ok. Same with Majority Leader McConnell, (202) 224-2541.
3) Call out the media when they report the Bannon appointment as a straight news story or refer to him as a "Breitbart executive" or a "provocateur," but don't call him what he is: a white supremacist, anti-semite, misogynist. Don't let them normalize.
4) Where protests are ongoing, make this the focus, with signs, chants, etc. Next week we can turn out attention to other things. But for now let's focus like a laser on this.
5) Let's get religious groups on board; maybe even mainstream business groups, like the Chamber of Commerce (202-659-6000).
6) Contact other people of influence--College presidents, high-profile coaches and anyone else who has a public megaphone.
7) Express your concerns directly to Trump: (212) 832-2000 for Trump tower,; 646-736-1779 was the # for the campaign, @realDonaldTrump.
Time Sensitive actions: Get involved - phone bank, canvass, donate - NOW in the Louisiana Senate run-off campaign Dec 10th!!!! Links to Campbell's campaign site and also the LA democratic committee on right.
Time Sensitive Administrative Actions for you, friends, colleagues
Clear up your criminal record and deal with other administrative/bureacratic things now. Ban the Box, adoption laws and other things could be overturned. Help
others or yourself in taking care of this stuff before Jan 20th. This includes long-term birth control like an IUD, post-natal things like breast pumps, and pre-existing conditions which are currently covered by law but may not be after Jan 20th.

See link on some key things particularly for LGBTQ people - including ID, court orders and other protections for yourself and family.
Form a union or file a labor complaint now.
Pay their parking tix!! The Sup Ct ruled that outstanding bench warrants can provide the basis for police officers to search you and your car. If you rack up enough parking tickets, bench warrants can be easily issued, particularly in low income neighborhoods.
If you are a researcher who uses publcly available data, make sure you have data sets downloaded now. In the past, a lot of data was removed from public websites, particularly environmental data from EPA and other federal departments. FOIA is always a possibility, but time consuming and expensive.
Know your rights as an immigrant. Link to helpful resource from the ACLU
Accomplice Actions for Safety
Be an accomplice, not an ally (for white people)
Occupy Public Spaces. Reduce the number of opportunities for someone to be alone and isolated in your community. Take the bus. Eat lunch in a park. Walk your dog at night. Sit on your front porch. If a situation starts to feel sketchy, pretend to look at your phone and watch what happens for a while--keep the camera ready. Chances are, if someone other than their potential victim is watching, an attacker will be too cowardly to strike. If they do, there will be a witness.
Be prepared to intervene in public confrontations (if it is safe for you)
Walk people into your local Planned Parenthood
Report hate crimes and acts of harrassment.
Keep personal records of harrassment and intimidation for use by a lawyer. (see above about reporting in national databases)
Create a walking system in your community (like the one in NYC)
Fight against Islamaphobia -- talk to your local mosque about what they would like - including escorts for worshippers.
If you work at a school, here are some things you can do to support/protect undocumented students
If/when a registry is required for muslims, show up to register.
Political Action
Call your lawmakers - no really call them - at their local office. A lot. It's the best way to get their attention.

Apparently Chuck Schumer / Democrats will listen about how tough they play if we call them. Daily phone calls, esp to Schumer and Ellison could be good.
Run for office. In a swing state if you can. City Councils, County offices, school boards, state office all matter a lot.
Call your state insurance commissioner and ask them to keep state level healthcare in place no matter what happens with the ACA
Call local law enforcement and/or city council and ask them to make a committment to not participate in mass deportations. See link on LA PD's statement
Call your state Attorney General's office and ask them to set up a hotline for harrassment/hate complaints. See link on MA AG's program.
Get involved now in the midterm elections. 2018 can be huge. Phonebank, canvass, run for office, donate money, etc.
Phone bank for SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice)
Media Action
Read media outlets that you don't agree with. Learn what people are thinking and how they are getting their news. Then think about how to reach across those lines of difference. (e.g., read National Review, American Conservative, and even Bretibart News. )This series on the fears of a Dem 2018 takeover may be particularly instructive/insightful:
Call and write letters to media outlets when you think their journalism normalizes hate. (e.g., apparently this morning's NPR coverage on the appt of Bannon depicted him as a "good ole boy" rather than a white nationalists, anti-semitic bigot. Call NPR and tell them this is not ok reporting!)
@nytimes:, @washingtonpost:, @wsj:, @cnn:; @nbcnews:
Do not share disreputable news sources on social media. As much as we may love readying articles that validate our opinions, it is best to only share articles from reputable and reliable sources. Otherwise, it becomes that much easier for people to discredit real stories in need of attention.
Decent guide to some generally trustworthy sources linked and site with a list of fake news sites
Donation/Financial Action
Donate to organizations that protect journalists and serve as watchdogsCommittee to Protect Journalists
First Amendment Foundation
Media Matters
Subscribe to a newspaper or other print journalism
also donate to alternative, progressive media sources
e.g. Democracy Now, Mother Jones, ProPublica
Set up recurring donations to organizations that will be busy this terme.g. ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, EarthJustice, Lambda Legal, Immigrants Rights Project, Planned Parenthood, NAACP, Presente, Autistic Self Advocacy Network, other local orgs you know of doing work in your cities/states
Personal Actions
Ask questions of everyone with whom you are in relationship
Use your Thanksgiving as a way to connect with family on these issues. SURJ has created a conversation guide for difficult conversations.
Talk to peple that think differently than you - this means those that may be "Trump supporters" but also those with different experiences - Jews, LGBTQ, people of color. Part of the problem of this election has been the "filter bubbles" we all live in. Many of the most marginalized in this country were not surprised by this result. For those of us that were surprised or disappointed, it's time to broaden our perspective. The SNL Chappelle/Chris Rock election night skit is helpful for some humor.
Self-care - whatever that means for you. e.g., I found imaginative play with a 3 year old helpful. Also blasting Aretha Franklin in my living room.
Don't shame people - on the left or right.
Read and learn from others with more experience. Link to interview with organizers in AZ on how to turn "pain into power"
Local and ongoing actions
Volunteer in a way that uses your skills for those most in need (e.g., if you're a lawyer, volunteer with a free legal aid clinic, etc.). Would suggest looking locally at clinics (legal, medical, other), but link may also be a resource more broadly.
Register people to vote - for local, state and national elections
Teach adult literacy in local community centers or libraries
Help with refugee resettlement
Volunteer to sign people up to get health insurance
Help bees, get solar panels, compost, eat less meat, and do other local environmental actions. Call your power company, and if they won't tell you where your power is coming from, look at other programs in your area where you can get renewable power
Shop local. List of #GrabYourWallet for stores to boycott and Shaun King's boycott/resistance on right#GrabYourWallet boycott list
The DJT Resistance
If you can, buy property and rent it out to - as one act of fair housing
Volunteer to teach in a correctional facility or school. In particular, civics and law are lacking in our public K12 curricula.
Protesting Actions
Protect yourself against gov't surveillance, esp if you are out protesting
Join the Million Woman March in DC or in your home state on Jan 21st. Link to the national march FB page is here, but states also have individual event pages.
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