Trove Stats Spreadsheet
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Class/Pet Skill Damage Spreadsheet
Note: Due to the nature of how floating point works in this game it can happen that your damage may be off by 1 point, especially when uneven numbers occur. It's an occurance that cannot be controlled and is bound to happen.
Cooldown Timers are counted without any cooldown reducing pets or abilities.
If you want to read how your Stats Work or how much damage the enemy can do, please change to the respective Tab on the bottom!
Type: AllyDamage Type: Mixed (Physical and Magic)
Proc-TypeFormulaExtra Notes:
Most types of Damage (exceptions under extra notes)Physical: 350% + 50
Magic: 350% + 50
Once Proccing, it applies two hits onto the enemy, the first based on Physical Damage, the second based on Magic Damage.
Each Proc has a Cooldown of 10 seconds before being able to Apply another Proc.
Abilities that do not proc Dragon: Tomb Raisers Summons (minions and Grave Goliath), Boomerangers Chicken and Clusterbombs (impact does proc), Pirate Captains M2 and Ability 2, Neon Ninjas Ability 1, Dracolytes Ability 1, Faes Ability 2, Gunslingers Ability 1.
Weapon: SwordDamage Type: PhysicalWeapon: GunDamage Type: Magic
Native Bonuses: 30% Maximum HealthNative Bonuses: None
AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:
M1 (Auto Attack)115% + 150
Base Attacks per second: 2.125
Cd Multiplicator: 1
Damage is affected from your Passive
Movement Speed is reduced by 40% while using this Skill.
M1 (Auto Attack)133% + 200
Base Attacks per second: 2.5
CD Multiplicator: 1
Applies Slow Fall when hitting an enemy while being Airbound.

Reduces Movement speed by 40% while using this Ability.
M2 (Smash)600% + 10
CD Multiplicator: 1
Enemies get knocked back and are stunned for 0.5
Costs 30 Energy
M2 (Charged Shot)Stage 0: 150% + 5
Stage 1: 200% + 25 direct impact hit (white) 200% + 0 AOE hit (yellow)
Stage 2: 400% + 25 direct impact hit (white) 350% + 25 Aoe hit (yellow)
CD Multiplicator (all Stages): 1
Uncharged: No rings around your gun.
Half-charged: 1 Ring around your gun.
Charged: 2 rings around your gun.
Costs 30 Energy
Ability 1 (Charge!)450% + 50
CD Multiplicator: 1
You dash up to 14 Blocks in the direction you aim.
Dash stops and deals Damage once it hits enemies.
Costs 40 Energy
Ability 1 (Blast Jump)600% + 10
CD Multiplicator: 1
Automatically Applies Slow Fall for 1.5 Seconds.
You jump up 6 Blocks and Damage Enemies on the
Costs 60 energy
Ability 2 (Iron Will)N / AHeals 100% of your Health
Damage is reduced by 75%
Stability is increased by 100%
Lasts 7 Seconds
Cooldown: 40 Seconds
Costs 50 Energy
Ability 2 (Run and Gun)N / AIncreases Movementspeed by 20
Removed the Movementspeed Penalty on your M1 Ability.
Increases Attack Speed by 75%
Buff Lasts 8 Seconds.
Cooldown: 40 Seconds
Costs 50 Energy
Passive (Retribution)650% + 0
CD Multiplicator: 1
Overrides Auto Attack damage with this formula for one M1
after being hit by an enemy.
Passive (Lucky Shot)N / AOnce triggered grants you a fully charged M2 that costs no energy.
Will not trigger again for 3 seconds after casting a passive bossted M2.
Class Gem (Spirit Squire)800%
CD Multiplicator: 1
Changes Charge! (1):
Using this ability shoots out a spirit Squire in front of you that pierces through enemies, stunning them for 1 second.
Projectile despawns when it hits a wall early.
Base Range: 10 Blocks.
Cost: 30 Energy
Class Gem (Overcharged)Direct hit: 400% (white number)
CD Multiplicator (direct hit): 1
AOE blast: 350% (yellow number)
CD Multiplicator (Blast): 1
Changes Run and Gun (2):
reduces your attack speed by 25%
Each M1 is a Stage 2 Charged shot for the duration of the ultimate.
Effect lasts 10 seconds
Cooldown: 40 seconds.
Energy cost: 50
Known Issues/Bugs: Slow Fall is not triggered when hitting an Enemy
Fae TricksterDracolyte
Weapon: StaffDamage Type: MagicWeapon: StaffDamage Type: Magic
Native Bonuses: NoneNative Bonuses: 20% Maximum Health
AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:
M1 (Auto Attack)Unfocus Mode: 150% + 200
Focus Mode: 450% + 300
Base Attacks per second: 1.25
Damage Depends on your Ego Blast PassiveM1 (Auto Attack)75% + 30
Hits per second Human Mode: 4
Hits per second Dragon Mode: 6
Attack Speed is not Affecting the ticks per second.
Draco Ult is the only Ability that affects his AS
Movement Speed is reduced by 60% while casting this Ability.
M2 (Blink)N / ATeleports you 6 Blocks in the direction you aim.
Deploys a Decoy on your old position.
Decoy lasts 5 Seconds or 6 Hits.
Decoy inflicts Taunt to non-Titan enemies.
Costs 30 Energy
M2 (Spit Fire)Direct hit (white): 200% + 0
AoE (yellow): 400% + 25
Hitting an enemy or your Burnt Offerings with your Auto Attack applies a Spit Charge.
Reaching 7 Spit Charges allows you to use Spit Fire.
Spit fire cannot be stacked. Spit fire has to be used before you can receive Spit Charges again.
No energy Cost.
Ability 1 (Glitterbomb)300% + 25Knocks enemies Back
Deals Damage in an 4x4 Area
Costs 20 Energy.
Ability 1 (Burning Ward)450% + 25Bomb explodes after 5 hits.
Deals damage in a 5x5 Area
Uses 60 Energy
Ability 2 (Faerie Dance)Summoned Staff projectile: 200% + 200
Attacks per second: 0.75
CD Multiplicator: 1
Channeltime: 1 second
Spawns 3 Dancing Staffs in the direction you are facing that automatically Attack nearby Enemies.
Staffs are not affected by Ego Blast Passive.
Each Staff Attacks enemies in a 10 block radius.
Each Staff lasts 10 seconds or 5 hits.
Energy Cost: 30
Cooldown: 40 seconds.
Ability 2 (Avatar of Flame)N / ATurns you into your Dragonform for 15 seconds.
Dragonform M1 Attacks are 50% faster.
Changes the Movementspeed reduction from 60% to 33.33% while transformed.
M1 Damage output is Doubled while transformed.
Increases Stability by 200
Movement Speed is increased by 10
Damage from Enemies is reduced by 50%
No energy Cost
Passive (Ego Blast)N / AChanges your basic attack from Unfocus to Focus Mode after not receiving Damage for 2 Seconds.Passive (Firewalking)N / ADamage from Lava is reduced.
Movement Speed increased by 75% while having "on fire" debuff from lava.
Class Gem (Faerocious Facsimile)Decoy Explosion: 300% + 25
CD Multiplicator: 0.5
Changes Blink (M2):
Summons a Decoy that follows you and automatically attack nearby enemies by bumping in to them and explode.
Each decoy lasts 5 hits, 5 seconds or until it attacks an enemy.
Decoys adjust their movement speed to your current movement speed, even when you mount.
Each decoy Taunts non-Titan enemies.
Cost: 40 Energy.
Class Gem (Burning Ward)Minion Fire: 75% + 30
Hits per second: 4
CD Multiplicator (Minion Fire): 1
Bomb Explosion: 450% + 25
CD Multiplicator (Bomb Explosion): 0.5
Changes Burnt Offering (1):
Each bomb has a 25% chance to spawn a mini-dracolyte thats attacks nearby enemies.
Minions Taunt nearby enemies
Minion survives for up to 20 Seconds when no enemy attacks it.
Minion can be healed by Chloromancers 1 and M1.
Minion cannot be healed by Tomb Raisers Beckon Banshee (1 Class gem)
Neon NinjaCandy Barbarian
Weapon: SwordDamage Type: PhysicalWeapon: SwordDamage Type: Physical
Native Bonusses: NoneNative Bonuses: 30% Physical Damage, 20% Maximum Health
AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:
M1 (Auto Attack)100% + 250
Base Attacks per second: 2
Attacks are affected by Passive
Movement speed is reduced by 20% while using this ability.
M1 (Auto Attack)185% + 150
Base attacks per second: 1.5625
Attack Speed is affected by Passive
Movement Speed is reduced by 40% while using this ability.
M2M2 Places a Decoy that lasts 1 Hit or 1 Second.
M2 renders you Invisible for enemies.
Movements Speed is increased by 50% during Stealth.
Stealth lasts 3 Seconds.
Using M1 while in stealth and having at least 1 Charge
makes you throw shurikens at your aim.
Using Shurikens consumes all charges at once.
Damage is based on charges you had.
Uses 10 Energy.
Shurikens do not consume Energy.
M2650% + 0Pushes Enemies ~2 Blocks away from you.
Each enemy hit drops candy that heals 10% of
your max health.
Costs 75 Energy.
Ability 1250% + 50Charge 7 blocks wide.
Every Non-Titan Enemy hit will be snared for
2.5 Seconds.
Snared Enemies cannot Move, but Attack.
Costs 50 Energy.
Ability 1450% + 50Jump A controllable Distance (distance is controlled by Movement, jump and Height difference)
Deal Block damage in a 5x5 Area around your swords impact area.
Hitting enemies will drop Sour candy that increases your attack speed.
Uses 30 Energy.
Ability 2300% + 0Overrides Basic attack Damage with this Formular for
the duration.
Gain Ranged projectiles for 5.5 Seconds.
Hitting Snared enemies RESETS the countdown timer.
Cooldown 40 seconds.
No Energy Cost.
Ability 21500% + 25Drops Massive Ice Cream cone 2 blocks away from you.
Drops Candy and Sour Candy upon Impact for every Player in the Area. Candy heals 75% ofg your max health. Sour Candy increases your Attack Speed by 75 for 3 seconds.
Uses 40 Energy.
Cooldown 40 Seconds.
Passive (Shining Star)0 Charges: N / A
1: Charge: 250% + 0
CD: Multiplicator (1 Charge): 1
2: charges: 450% + 0
CD Multpliucator (2 Charges): 1
3: Charges: 750% + 0
CD Multiplicator (3 Charges): 2
Each hit adds one shuriken for M2 (Maximum: 3)
Visual indicator are the rings around your Character
PassiveN / AGetting hit gives you a 25% chance of dropping sour Candy, increasing your attack speed by 75.
Stacking multiple Sour Candy does not work!
Class Gem (Heuristic Haxstar)0 Charges: N/A
1: Charge: 250%
CD Multiplicator: 1
2 Charges: 450%
CD Multiplciator (2 Charges): 1
3 Charges: 950%
CD Multiplicator (3 Charges): 2.5
Changes the Shurikens thrown with Shining Star (passive):
Each shuriken Pierces Through enemies and Snares them for 2 Seconds.
Cost: None
Class Gem450% + 50Changes Sugar Crush (1): Holding down the skill button with create a milky swirl around you that pulls enemies towards you.
releasing the butting will make you jump straight up.
Ice SageShadow Hunter
Weapon: StaffDamage Type: MagicWeapon: BowDamage Type: Physical
NAtive bonusses: NoneNative Bonusses: none
AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:
M1 (Auto Attack)100% + 350
Base Attacks per second: 1.5
Non-Titan Enemies are Slowed when hit.
Slowed Enemies have 50% less Movement Speed.
Slow is applied for 3 Seconds. Each consecutive hit resets the 3 second Timer.
M1 (Auto Attack)175% + 350
Base Attacks per second: 1.03
Basic attack is not Amplified by Shadow Mark
.Movement speed is reduced by 40% while using this ability.
M2385% + 35Drops an Icicle up to 5 blocks away from you.
Deals block damage on the block the icicle got dropped.
Uses 15 Energy.
The 0.25 Second cooldown is affected by Cooldown abilities and Allies.
The cooldown is applied as son as you press and hold M2.
M2Low Charge: 200% + 5
Full Charge: 750% + 5
(1250% + 5 if Shadow Marked)
M2 can be held down for stronger Charge.
Full Charge is reached after 1 Second.
Damage consistantly scales the longer the button is pressed (up to Full charge)
Enemies with Shadow Mark will receive a second hit with the same damage when you fully charge your M2. It does nto increase damage when M2 is not fully charged.
Ability 1N / ACreates an Iceshield that blocks 1 Attack higher than 10% of your maximum health and vanishes after.
Damage below Threshold passes through shield, damaging you. (shield stays intact)
While shield is active, Your Magic Damage is increased by 20%
Shield increases Attack Speed by 20.
Shield increases Movement Speed by 10.
Uses 60 Energy.
Ability 1100% + 25Places Traps on the ground.
Each Trap holds 10 seconds or until one enemy steps on it.
Enemies in an 3x3 Area are Stunned once Trap activates.
Enemies are stunned for 2 seconds.
Ability 2Unboosted Damage: 300% + 20
Boosted Damage: 360% + 24
Freezes non-Titan enemies in place. (Titans Are not frozen, but still receive the bonus Damage)
Freeze lasts 3.5 Seconds.
Frozen enemies cannot attack nor Stun.
Incoming damage will be increased by 20% and applied after the enemy is unfrozen.
Freeze damage itself is affected by the 20% damage bonus.
Uses no Energy.
Cooldown: 40 Seconds.
Ability 2Unmarked: 1400% + 10
Marked: 2500% + 10
Supercharges your next M2, using no Energy.
Applies Shadow Mark passive to every enemy in an 10x 10 block area.
Enemies with shadow Mark will receive a second hit dealing more damage.
40 Seconds Cooldown.
PassiveN / AAllows you to Move normally on Ice, removing the Slide effect while walking on ice.PassiveN / AApplies a shadowmark on a Random enemy within a 25 block range.
Each mark lasts 10 seconds.
Marked enemies can be remarked to reset the timer.
Class Gemicicle shard: 250%Class Gem (Shadow Blitz)M1: 100%+5
Marked enemy Trigger: 750% + 50
Changes your M1 into a barrage of attacks with fixed Attack Speed.
Attacks/second: ~13.
Enemy marked with the Shadow Mark will explode, dealing additional damage.
Enemies within range of the explosion will also receive damage.
Pirate CaptainBoomeranger
Weapon: GunDamage Type: MagicWeapon: Sword/BowDamage Type: Physical
NAtive Bonusses: 20% Maximum HealthNative Bonusses: 10% Physical Damage, 30% Maximum healht, 30% Health regeneration
AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:
M1 (Auto Attack)150% + 450
Base Attacks per Second: 1
Each hit triggers Passive.
Movement speed is reduced by 40% while using this ability.
M1 (Auto Attack)Sword: 170% + 300
Bow: 150% + 250
Base Attacks per second (both bow and sword): 1.25
Can wield both Sword and Bow.
Sword deals constant Damage, 3rd Swing deals damage behind him. Also hits twice.
Bows 3rd Attack applies 3 hits on one enemy.
Movement speed is reduced by 40% while using this ability (Bow and Sword)
M2Stage 1: 100% + 300
Stage 2: 500% + 1500
Stage 3: 500% + 1500
Drops your Parrot, turning into a Turret that shoots nearby Enemies.
Turret lasts 10 seconds.
Attacking enemies and receiving doubloons resets the Timer.
Stage 2 is reached after Collecting 3 Doubloons.
Stage 2 increases damage output by 400%
Stage 3 is reached after Collecting an additional 7 Doubloons. (total amount needed for Stage 3 after dropping the turret: 10)
Stage 3 Doubles Turrets Attack Speeed.
M2275% + 50Throw a Boomerang in the direction you Aim.
Boomerang flys a maximum of 20 Blocks before returning. Will be projected back early if it hits a wall or hits an enemy. Boomerang flies back to the position you stay at on impact.
Cooldown: 10 Seconds.
Catching the boomerang as it flies back reduces All your Abilities Cooldown by 7 Seconds.
Ability 1250% + 25Places a Disguised Bomb.
Bomb explodes after 3 hits.
Each Disguise lasts 10 seconds.
Consumes 75 Energy.
Disguise Taunts non-Titan Enemies.
Ability 1500% + 50Throw a Bomb to the direction you Aim at.
Destroys All non-Indestructable Blocks in an 6 x 6 x 6 block sphere, pointing upwards from the bomb.
Bomb Hurts enemies in its Blast Radius.
Cooldown: 20 Seconds.
Ability 2 Drops a Massive Cannon that lasts 12 Seconds.
Cannon has a 10 blocks wide Attack range.
Damage is dealt in a 2x2 Wide area around the impact area.
Cooldown: 40 Seconds.
Ability 2Jar Explosion: 600% + 25
Chicken Hit: 200% + 0
ClusterBomb: 400% + 25
Drops a Jar with randomized Abilities: Chickens, Hearts, Gems, Clusterbombs.
Cooldown: 30 Seconds.
Jar Deals damage in a 2x2 Block area on its impact.
Chickens Constantly attack enemies for 12 Seconds.
Clusterbombs Explode in a 3x3 Bock area, dealing damage in a 5x5 Area around the Jar Impact.
Hearts: Heals 50% of you and your allies Maximum Health.
Gems: Reduce your abilities Cooldown by 10 Seconds.
PassiveN / AEnemies will drop a doubloon once Hit.
Each doubloon restores 10 Energy.
PassiveN / AEvery third hit deals additional damage (sword deals double damage, Bow shoots 3 hits at once hitting up to 3 times the damage)
Class Gem (ARR-Tillery)Second Ally:
Stage 1: 100% + 300
Stage 2: 500% + 1500
Stage 3: 500% + 1500
Class Gem450% + 50
Tomb RaiserLunar Lancer
Weapon: StaffDamage Type: MagicWeapon: SpearDamage Type: Physical
Native Bonusses: 20% Maximum HealthNative Bonusses: 30% Physical Damage
AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:
M1 (Auto Attack)Body-Mode: 30% + 80
Ghost-Mode: 100% + 30
Hits Per second: 4.166
Damage is affected by 1 Ability.
Body-Mode: Each hit heals you 2% of the damage you deal. Damage is in a line in front of you. Heals 3 hitpoints on Minions.
Movementspeed is reduced by 60% during use.
Ghost Mode: Deal Damage around your Character. Minions are healed 10 Hitpoints. Each Hit with Ghost-Mode will heal you 5% of the damage you deal.
Movementspeed penalty is removed during Ghost Mode.
Minions and Goliath do not heal you!
M1 (Auto Attack)100% + 150
Base Attacks per second: 1.75
Deals Damage in a flat line in front of you.
Movement speed is reduced by 5% during use.
M275% + 0Spawn a minion that Lasts 15 seconds if you don't heal them. Each Minion has ~100 hitpoints. Enemy Hits deal 10 Hitpoints damage on your Minion.
You can Summon up to 6 Active Minions.
Minions Taunt non-Titan enemies.
M2Spear: 100% + 25
Approach: 100% + 250
Landing: 100% + 25
Throw a Spear in the direction you Aim.
If spear landed within a 25x25 block radius you can grapple to it.
Spear, grappling and landing hit each deal Damage.
Lunatic Mode: Disables grappling. Teleports to an already existing spear instead (once) Each thrown Spear dissappears after hitting the ground or an Enemy.
Ability 1N / AChange into Ghost Mode.
Reduces Damage by 90%
No Energy Regeneration During Ghost Mode.
Removes the Movementspeed Penalty on your M1)
Consumes 30 energy per Second. 5 Per tick.
Ability 11st Hit: 400% + 15
2nd Hit: 400% + 20
Swing your Spear twice in a cone in front of you.
2nd Hit stuns enemies for 0.5 Seconds.
Lunatic Mode: Knock enemies up and Stun them for 1.5 Seconds.
Ability 20 Minions: basic: 100% + 0
Slam: 300% + 0
1 Minion: Basic: 175% + 0
Slam: 525% + 0
2: Minions: Basic: 250% + 0
Slam: 750% + 0
3 Minions: Basic: 325% + 0
Slam: 975% + 0
4 Minions: Basic: 400% + 0
Slam: 1200% + 0
5 Minions: Basic: 475% + 0
Slam: 1425% + 0
6 Minions: Basic: 550% + 0
Slam: 1650% + 0
Summons a Grave Goliath.
Costs 50 energy and consumes all your alive Minions.
Strenght and HP are based on the Amount of Minions sacrificed.
Can sometimes Slam for 3x Damage.
Cooldown: 4 Seconds
Grave Goliath Taunts non-Titan Enemies.
Ability 2Impact: 500% + 25
Area Of Effect Ticks: 50% + 50
Throws a Massive Spear into the ground, dealing Impact Damage and then up to 9 consecutive Hits.
The 9 hit counter can be reset if you move an enemy out of the area and then lure it back in.
Movement Speed of you and your Allies is increased by 10 while standing in the Area of Effect.
Stability of you and your Allies is increased by 1000 while standing in the Area of Effect.
Health Regen of you and your Allies is increased by 100% while standing in the Area of Effect.
Enemies standing in AOE receive additional Knockback/have reduced Stability.
Lunatic mode: adds explosions around the outer ring that knock enemies up and stun them.
PassiveN / AEach enemy killed Grants you 1 Soul.
You Can only carry 3 Souls at once.
You regenerate 1 Soul every 10 Seconds.
PassiveN / ARandomly Gain 1 Stack after hitting an Enemy. Collecting the 4th Stack turns you into Lunatic Mode.
During Lunatic Mode:
Movement Speed is increased by 25%
Movementspeed Penalty from M1 is removed.
Health Regen is increased by 300%
Stability is increased by 100
Physical Damage is increased by 50%
Model Size is increased by 25%
Damage is reduced by 25%
Class Gem(Beckon Banshee)Wraith AOE: 125% + 0
Wraith Attacks/s: 1.33
Wraith Healing Ticks/s: 2.5
Changes Banshees Boon (1):
Activating the skill will spawn an allied wraith Minion that omits a big AOE around him that constnatly heals Minions for 4 hitpoints per tick.
The Minion is capable of attacking enemies with a small AOE.
Allied Minions lifetime: 16 seconds.
Reactivating the Ability while the Wraith is Alive will respawn a new one. The old wraith will be discarded.
Grave Goliath gets healed 4 hitpoints per tick, but the lifedrain strenght is too big to lenghten a grave Goliaths lifetime.
Initial Cast: 20 Energy.
Ghost mode Energy consumption: 30 Energy per second.
While in Ghost mode: Energy Regeneration set down to 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds.
Class Gem
Weapon: SpearDamage Type: PhysicalWeapon: StaffDamage Type: Magic
Native Bonuses: +45% Maximum HealthNative Bonuses: 20% Maximum health
AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:
M1 (Auto Attack)130% PD + 150
Base Attacks per second: 1.25
CD Multiplicator: 1
Attacks hit in a cone-like shape in the direction you aim
Hitting an enemy will heal you for 2% of your Maximum Health, this heal is applied on every hit you deal, maning you heal more the more enemies you hit.
This heal can stack with Prowling shadow and Vampiric Potion.
Movement Speeed is reduced by 10% while using this ability.
M1 (Auto Attack)Damage: 100% MD + 450
Heal: 2% of Allies Maximum health
Base Attacks per second: 2
Shoots projectiles that deals damageto enemies and heals Allies.
Projectile shoots through allies and plants.
M2750% PD + 10
CD Multiplcator: 1
Bashes with your shield on other enemies, dealing damage to them and causing them to Attack you for 4 Seconds.
Cooldown: 7 Seconds.
M2Swirl Attack: 215% MD + 20Throws a sapling that grows into a plant within 2 seconds that slows enemies within its area and hits them every 0.5 Seconds.
The seed will swirl and attack for 7 seconds.
Casting will cose 10 Energy eac
Cap of flowers possible of this kind: 4
Ability 120% Maximum HP + 550
Cd Multiplciator: 1
Creates a cone of spears in front of you, dealing damage every 2/3 of a second.
Each tick consumes 1/8th of your maximum health.
Overusing this ability at low health can kill you or trigger his passive.
Movement speed is reduced by 85% while channeling this ability
Potions and Effects that double your magical and Physical damage do NOT work on this skill
Critical hits however are FULLY amplified.
Ability 1Heal: 12.5% of Allies Maximum Health
Explosion: 550% Magic Damage + 0
Creates a flower that will heal allied enemies as well as damage enemies in its blast radius when it explodes after reaching full health..
The flower takes 20 Seconds to fully grow without attacking it.
Flower needs a total of 100 HP to activate. It regenerates 5 Health every 1 seconds.
Attacking the flower heals it for 12 Health.
Cost: 50 Stamina
Cooldown: 1 second
Cap of flowers possible of this kind: 4
Ability 2Swirl: 50% PD + 50
CD Multiplciator (Swirl): 1
Fireballs: 25% PD + 15
CD Multiplicator (fireballs): 0.5
Creates a swirl around your character, dragging enemies closer to you, dealing damage every 2/3rds of a second.
The fireballs also Deal damage when they hit an enemy.
While the ability is active your Movement speed is halfed.
Ability can be canceled by pressing Ability 2 button again while it is on cooldown.
Movement speed is reduced by 50% while this skill is active.
Cooldown: 30 Seconds
You can NOT be on a Mount and Fly while this ability is active.
Ability 2Activating this ability makes 10 random seeds spawn to the ground that either are your M2s or 1 ability that do not cost any Stamina.
Cost: None
Cooldown: 50 seconds
flowers spawned from this ability do count towards the maximum count.
Passive Once reaching 0 Health, You will respawn with 50% of your Maximum health, spawning a Revenant for 30 seconds.
Cooldown: 60 seconds
During the cooldown your Physical Damage will be increased by 50%
During the cooldown your Health regeneration is increased by 100%
PassiveShield capacity: 30% MHWhen falling below 50% of your maximum health, you gain a shield that protects you from damage until a threshold is reached, last attack that surpasses the damage cap is FULLY blocked
This passive has no cooldown
Class Gem (Aegis Assault)Shield Bash: 750% PD
Crit Damage Multiplicator (Shield Bash): 1
Stackable Dot: 16.5% PD/stack
Crit Damage multiplicator (DoT): 0 (does not crit)
Stack-limit: 5 Stacks
Maximum possible DoT per instance: 82.5% PD
Stackable Instances: Infinite
changes you 1 into Aegis Assault.
Cooldown: 1 second
Hitting an enemy with the skill applies a stackable Damage over Time effect, that deals 16.5% PD per stack every 1 second for 5 seconds.
up to five stacks, adding another stack applies a second Damage over Time instance.
The first hit allways applies 2 DoT stacks at once.
NOTICE: Due to the way the gem applies a new instance of the stack, the previous Damage over Time effect will not be reset in its timer anymore, causing you to only get up to 2 fully stacked instances at once, even with the use of cooldown reduction.
Class Gem
Dino Tamer
Weapon: GunDamage Type: Magic
Native Bonuses: None
AbilityFormulaExtra Notes:
M1 (Auto Attack)Dart: 100% MD + 50
Base Attacks per second: 2-1.66
Shoots darts that deals damage to enemies.
Resets the poison timer from the Clever Snare.
M2 (Clever Snare)Normal Net DOT: 400% MD + 300
Poison Net DOT: 850% MD + 300
Charge up a net that snares enemies in place, applying a Damage over Time effect as long as they are inside the net.
The DoT hits every 0.5 seconds for a duration of 2.5 seconds.
The Net has 3 stages, an uncharged stage, a semi charged and a fully charged.
While holding your skill you switch to the next Stage every 0.5 seconds, stopping at Stage 3.
Each stage increase the size of the Net enemies can be trapped inside as well as the duration of the Net.
Net stage 1 duration: 1 seconds.
Net Stage 2 duration: 2 seconds.
Net Stage 3 duration: 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 3 seconds.
While on your Dino Mount you throw a toxic Net, which guarantees a stage 3 net and the posion dealing additional damage.
Ability 1 (Dino Buddy)Raptor: 300% MD
Raptor attack speed: 0.5 hits/s
Triceratops: 50% MD
Triceratops attack speed: 1 hit/s
Pteranodon: 50% MD
Pteranodon attack speed: 1 hit/s
Pteranodon idle time: 5 seconds
Spawn one of three dinos randomly to attack nearby enemies.
Raptor: High Damage, slow Attack speed.
Triceratops: low Damage, high attack speed, High HP, Taunt?
Pteranodon: low damage, fluctuating Attack speed (2 attacks, then idle time), each attack stuns for 1.5 seconds. Stun timer is not reset on additional hits.
Cooldown: 40 seconds.
Cooldown Resets when an enemy is killed while being Poisoned from the net.
BUG: Their AI is broken and they cannot attack if they are still trying to catch up on you, they will aggro once they stand or get attacked.
Ability 2 (Dino Mount)Acid Nova: 250% MD + 15Mounts you on a Dino for 12 seconds, adding an acid Nova on your basic attack and buffing all your other skills.
Cooldown: 40 seconds.
PassiveWhen killing an enemy that has been trapped in a Clever Net will reset the cooldown of your Dino Buddy
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