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1977 survey of minority-owned business enterprises : Asian Americans, American Indians, and othersUnited States. Bureau of the CensusU.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census,1981Micr. USA 20821--5
Abolition, Irish freedom and immigrant citizenship: American slavery and the rise and fall of the American associations for Irish repealMurphy, AngelaProQuest Information and Learning Company,2006Micr. USA 45421--9
About the South, : on lines of the Illinois Central and Yazoo & Mississippi Valley railroadsIllinois Central Railroad CompanyIllinois Central Railroad Company,1965Micr. USA 201 (1 microcard)21--2
Abraham Lincoln : complete works ; comprising his speeches, letters, state papers, and miscellaneous writingsLincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865University Microfilms,1959Micr. USA 234 (v. 1 & 2 on one reel)13--6
Abraham Lincoln traveled this way : the log book of a pilgrim to the Lincoln countryHolmes, Fred L., 1883-1946L.C. Page,1930Micr. USA 201 (10 microcards)21--2
Abstract of statistics Belize. Central Statistical OfficeCentral Planning Unit,1970Micr. USA 34121--8
Down south Hardy, Mary McDowell Duffus, lady, 1825?-1891Chapman and Hall,1883Micr. USA 201 (4 microcards)21--2
Account of a journey through north-eastern Texas, undertaken in 1849, for the purposes of emigration : embodied in a report : to which are appended letters and verbal communications, from eminent individuals : lists of temperature, of prices of land, produce, and articles of merchandize : and the recently adopted constitution of Texas, with maps from the last authentic surveySmith, Edward, 1818?-1874Hamilton, Adams & Co.,1963Micr. USA 171 (3 microcards) and Micr. USA 45221--1, 21--9
An account of East-Florida : with a journal, kept by John Bartram of Philadelphia, a botanist to His Majesty for the Floridas : upon a journey from St. Augustine up the river St. John's.Stork, WilliamSold by W. Nicoll, at
no. 51 St. Paul's Church-yard and G. Woodfall, Charing-cross,
1766Micr. USA 171 (3 microcards)21--1
Account of the expedition of Lieut. Gov. Hamilton Hamilton, Henry, d. 17961908Micr. USA 17121--1
An account of the European settlements in America : In six parts. I. A short history of the discovery of that part of the world. II. The manners and customs of the original inhabitants. III. Of the Spanish settlements. IV. Of the Portuguese. V. Of the French, Dutch, and Danish. VI. Of the EnglishBurke, Edmund, 1729-1797B. and J. Dodsley,1757Micr. USA 171 (v. 1-2 : 8 microcards)21--1
An account of the George-Hewitt campaign in the New York municipal election of 1886Post, Louis Freeland, 1849-1928John W. Lovell Company1886Micr. USA 377 [1 reel]18--5
An account of the gospel labours, and Christian experiences of a faithful minister of ChristChurchman, John, 1705-1775Printed by J. Crukshank,1779Micr. USA 171 (4 microcards)21--1
An account of the life of that ancient servant of Jesus Christ, John Richards[o]n [!] : giving a relation of many of his trials and exercises in his youth, and his services in the work of the ministry, in England, Ireland, America, etc. ...Richardson, John, 1667-1753William Dunlap,1900Micr. USA 171 (3 microcards)21--1
An account of the life, travels, and Christian experiences in the work of the ministry of Samuel Bownas Bownas, Samuel, 1676-1753Printed by L. Hinde,1756Micr. USA 171 (3 microcards)21--1
An account of the province of Carolina in America : together with an abstract of the patent, and several other necessary and useful particulars, to such as have thoughts of transporting themselves thitherWilson, Samuel, fl. 1682Printed by
G. Larkin for F. Smith,
1682Micr. USA 17121--1
An account of the remarkable occurances in the life and travels of Colonel James Smith .. : during his captivity with the Indians, in the years 1755, '56, '57, '58, and '59, in which the customs, manners, traditions, theological sentiments, mode of warfare, military tactics, discipline and encampments, treatment of prisoners, &c. are better explained, and more minutely related, than has been heretofore done, by any author on that subject ; together with a description of the soil, timber and waters, where he travelled with the Indians during his captivity ; to which is added, a brief account of some very uncommon occurrences, which transpired after his return from capivity; as well as of the different campaigns carried on against the Indians to the westward of Fort Pitt, since the year 1755, to the present date, 1799Smith, James, 1737-1812J. Grigg,1831Micr. USA 171 (4 microcards)21--1
An account of the United States of America : derived from actual observation, during a residence of four years in that Republic: including original communicationsHolmes, IsaacPrinted at the Caxton Press by H.
1823Micr. USA 171 (6 microcards)21--1
An account of the weather and diseases of South CarolinaChalmers, Lionel, ca. 1715-1777Printed for E. and C. Dilly,1776Micr. USA 171 (v. 1-2 : 6 microcards)21--1
An account of Virginia : its scituation, temperature, productions, inhabitants and their manner of planting and ordering tobacco &cGlover, Thomas, ingenious chirurgionReprinted from the Philosophical transactions of the Royal society,
June 20, 1676, by H. Hard, printer to the University, and sold by B. H. Hart, printer to the University and sold by B. H. Blackwell,
1904Micr. USA 171 (1 microcard)21--1
Acheson and American foreign policy : a case study in the conduct of foreign affairs in a mass democracyPerlmutter, Oscar William, 1920-1959Micr. USA 179 (1)13--4
The acquisition of Oregon territory : part 1. Discovery and explorationJoseph SchaferEugene : University of Oregon, 1908.1908Micr. USA 45420--10; 21--9
Across America; or, The great West and the Pacific coast Rusling, James Fowler, 1834-1918Sheldon,1874Micr. USA 201 (6 microcards)21--2
Across the AtlanticLewis, John Delaware, 1828-1884G. Earle,1962Micr. USA 171 (3 microcards)21--1
Across the Atlantic Naylor, Robert AndertonRoxburghe Press,1893Micr. USA 201 (8 microcards)21--2
Across the plains in '64 : incidents of early days west of the Missouri river : two thousand miles in an open boat from Fort Benton to Omaha : reminiscences of the pioneer period of Galena, General Grant's old homeCollins, John S. (John Sloan), 1839-1910National Print. Co.1904Micr. USA 45221--9
Address of Hon. David Walker of Fayetville, Arkansas, on the history and resources of the state : by appointment of Governor Garland, at Judges Hall, Centennial Grounds, Philadelphia, October 16, 1876Walker, David, 1806-1879Collins, printer1876Micr. USA 45221--9
An address on the annexation of Texas and the aspect of slavery in the United States in connection therewith delivered in Boston November 14 and 18, 1845Stephen C PhillipsBoston : W. Crosby and H.P. Nichols, 1845.1845Micr. USA 45420--10; 21--9
Address on the opening of the fair for the erection of the Roman Catholic cathedral, on Van Ness Avenue, Nov. 15th, 1887, at the Mechanics' pavilionPhilip Augustine RoachSan Francisco, 1887.1887Micr. USA 45420--10; 21--9
Address on the Northwest, before the American geographical and statistical society, delivered at New York, December 2, 1858,Isaac Ingalls StevensWashington, G.S. Gideon, printer, 1858.1858Micr. USA 45420--10; 21--9
An address to the farmers of Great Britain : with an essay on the prairies of the Western countryBirkbeck, Morris, 1764-1825Printed for J. Ridgway1822Micr. USA 45221--9
An address to the inhabitants of North Carolina Borden, William, 1689-1748W. Parks,1746Micr. USA 171 (1 microcard)21--1
The administrative theories and practices of William Howard Taft Withers, John L. (John Lovelle)1900Micr. USA 182 (3)13--4
Admission of Utah Speech in the House of Representatives, Dec. 12, 1893.Joseph Lafayette RawlinsWashington [Govt. Print. Off.] 1893.1893Micr. USA 45420--10; 21--9
Admission of Wyoming into the unionUnited States. Congress. House. Committee on Territories.[Washington : s.n.], 1890.1890Micr. USA 45420--10; 21--9
Adventures amidst the equatorial forests and rivers of South America : also in the West Indies and the wilds of Florida. To which is added Jamaica revisited.
Stuart, Villiers, (Henry Windsor Villiers), 1827-1895J.Murray,1891Micr. USA 201 (9 microcards)21--2
Adventures in California and Nicaragua, in rhyme : a truthful epicWight, Samuel F.Printed by A. Mudge & Son1860Micr. USA 45221--9
The adventures of James Sharan : compiled from the Journal, written during his voyages and travels in the four quarters of the globe ...Sharan, James, 1762Printed by G. Dobbin & Murphy,1808Micr. USA 17121--1
Afoot and alone : a walk from sea to sea by the southern route. Adventures and observations in southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, etcPowers, Stephen, 1840-1904Colombian book
1872Micr. USA 201 (5 microcards)21--2
African: a journal of African affairsUniversity Publications of AmericaMicr. USA 421 (v.1-15 1937-48)19--10
After freedom : a cultural study in the deep SouthPowdermaker, Hortense, 1903-1970Viking Press,1939Micr. USA 201 (10 microcards)21--2
After the war : a southern tour. May 1, 1865, to May 1, 1866Reid, Whitelaw, 1837-1912Moore, Wilstach & Baldwin [etc., etc.],1866Micr. USA 201 (7 microcards)21--2
Agli Stati Uniti, il pericolo americano Mantegazza, Vico, b. 1856Fratelli Treves,1910Micr. USA 201 (10 microcards)21--2
Alaska : its history and resources, gold fields, routes and sceneryBruce, Miner WaitLowman & Hanford Stationery and Print Co.1895Micr. USA 452 21--9
Alexander's magazineNegro Universities Press1969Micr. USA 397 (v.1:no.1 May 1905 - v.7:no.5/6 April 1909) [29 microfiche]21--8
Alien Americans : a study of race relationsSchrieke, B. J. O. (Bertram Johannes Otto), 1890-1945The Viking Press,1936Micr. USA 201 (6 microcards)21--2
All about Colorado : for home-seekers, tourists, investors, health-seekersTonge, ThomasT. Tonge1913Micr. USA 45221--9
All about Texas : a handbook of information for the home seeker, the capitalist, the prospector, the tourist, the health hunter, containing a description of the state, its area,
Elliott, John F. (John Frank), 1920-J.H. Traynham,1888Micr. USA 201 (1 microcard)21--2
Almanach interessant dans les circonstances presantes : Description abregee des Etats Unis de lAmerique; des possessions anglaises, et des pays qui son contigus, dans les Indes OrientalesBrion de la Tour, Louis, d. 1823Desnos,1780Micr. USA 171 (1 microcard)21--1
Along the King's highway; or, The invisible route; a romance of the southern United States,Martha Caroline Dial Shook[San Antonio, Press of Maverick-Clarke litho. Co., 1912]1912Micr. USA 45420--10; 21--9
Alter und verbesserter Schreib-Kalender : auf das G.G. Gnadenreiche Christ-Jahr MDCCLV ...Tobler, JohannesHans Jacob Hochreutiner,1754Micr. USA 171 (2 microcards)21--1
Altes und Neues aus der Neuen Welt : Eine Reise durch die Vereinigten Staaten und MexicoLindau, Paul, 1839-1919C. Duncker,1893Micr. USA 201 (9 microcards : v. 1-2)21--2
L'ame americaine Nevers, Edmond de, 1862-1906Jouve & Boyer,1900Micr. USA 201 (9 microcards : v. 1-2)21--2
America after sixty years : the travel diaries of two generations of EnglishmenPrice, M. Philips (Morgan Philips), 1885-G. Allen & Unwin, ltd.,1936Micr. USA 201 (6 microcards)21--2
America and the Americans Baxter, W. E. (William Edward), 1825-1890G. Routledge,1855Micr. USA 171 (3 microcards)21--1
America and the Americans from a French point of view [6th ed.]Collier, Price, 1860-1913C. Scribner's Sons,1897Micr. USA 201 (4 microcards)21--2
America and the British colonies : an abstract of all the most useful information relative to the United States ... Canada, the Cape of Good Hope, New South Wales, and Van Diemen's island ...Kingdom, WilliamPrinted for G.
and W.B. Whittaker,
1820Micr. USA 171 (5 microcards)21--1
America at home Low, A. Maurice (Alfred Maurice), 1860-1929G. Newnes,1908Micr. USA 201 (7 microcards)21--2
America by river and rail : or, Notes by the way on the New world and its peopleFerguson, WilliamJ. Nisbet,1856Micr. USA 171 (6 microcards)21--1
America during and after the warFerguson, Robert, 1817?-1898Longmans, Green, Reader and Dyer,1866Micr. USA 201 (4 microcards)21--2
The America I saw in 1916-1918Soulsby, Lucy Helen MurielLongmans, Green,1920Micr. USA 201 (5 microcards)21--2
America in 1876 : pencillings during a tour in the centennial year, with a chapter on the aspects of American lifeLeng, John, Sir, 1828-1906Dundee Advertiser Office,1877Micr. USA 201 (4 microcards)21--2
L'America, ricerca della felicitaSarfatti, Margherita, 1880-1961A. Mondadori,1937Micr. USA 201 (7 microcards)21--2
America revisited : from the bay of New York to the Gulf of Mexico, and from Lake Michigan to the PacificSala, George Augustus, 1828-1895Vizetelly,1882Micr. USA 201 (v. 1-2 : 11 microcards)21--2
America revisited, and Men I have met Macrae, David, 1837-1907J. Smith & Son,1908Micr. USA 201 (4 microcards)21--2
L'America vittoriosa Ojetti, Ugo, 1871-1946Fratelli Treves,1899Micr. USA 201 (5 microcards)21--2
The AmericanAmerican (Providence, R.I. : 1808)Dunham & Hawkins,1808Micr. USA 266 (1808-1809)15--2
The American Apollo[Printed at the Apollo Press by Belknap and Hall],1792Micr. USA 1 (v. 1-3; Jan. 6, 1792-Dec. 25, 1794)12--1
American attitudes towards negotiations with the Soviet UnionRakove, Milton L.1956Micr. USA 116 (4)12--2
The American coast pilot : containing directions for the principal harbors, capes, and headlands, on the coast of North and part of South America; describing the soundings, bearings of the light-houses and beacons from the rocks, shoals, ledges, &c. With the prevailing winds, setting of the currents, &c. and the latitudes and longitudes of the principal harbors and capes; together with tide tables and variation [21st ed.]Blunt, Edmund M. (Edmund March), 1770-1862G. W.
1867Micr. USA 201 (11 microcards)21--2
The American coast pilot : containing the courses and distance from Boston to all the principal harbours, capes and headlands included between Passamaquady and the capes of Virginia ...Furlong, Lawrence, 1734-1806Printed by Blunt and March,1796Micr. USA 171 (2 microcards)21--1
American Cold War diplomacy in the Middle East, 1953 to 1956Ferguson, Jack L.1959Micr. USA 160 (1 reel)13--3
The American Commonwealth [New ed., completely rev. throughout, with additional chapters.]Bryce, James Bryce, Viscount, 1838-1922Macmillan,1910Micr. USA 20121--2
American estates and gardensFerree, Barr, 1862-1924Munn,1904Micr. USA 201 (14 microcards)21--2
American foreign policy current documents. Supplement American foreign policy current documents (Washington, D.C. : 1984). SupplementOffice of the Historian, U.S. Dept. of State,1981Micr. USA 23121--5
American foreign policy, foreign affairs press briefings. Supplement American foreign policy current documents (Washington, D.C. : 1984)U.S. Dept. of State, Office of the Historian,1984Micr. USA 23121--5
American foreign policy, foreign affairs, press briefings and treaties. Supplement American foreign policy current documents (Washington, D.C. : 1984)U.S. Dept. of State, Office of the Historian : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S.
1987Micr. USA 23121--5
The American fur trade of the far West : a history of the pioneer trading posts and early fur companies of the Missouri Valley and the Rocky Mountains and the overland commerce with Santa FeChittenden, Hiram Martin, 1858-1917F.P. Harper1902Micr. USA 45221--9
The American gazetteer : containing a distinct account of all the parts of the New world, their situation, climate, soil, produce, former and present condition, commodities, manufactures, and commerce : together with an accurate account of the cities, towns, ports, bays, rivers, lakes, mountains, passes, and fortificationsPrinted for A. Millar and J. & R. Tonson,1762Micr. USA 171 (v. 1-3, 13 microcards)21--1
American hazardRainier, Peter W. (Peter William)J. Murray,1942Micr. USA 201 (7 microcards)21--2
The American heraldAmerican herald (Boston, Mass.)E. E. Powars,1784Micr. USA 294 (Jan 19, 1784-June 30, 1788)15--5
The American herald and the Worcester recorderPowars, Edward EvelethE.E. Powars,1788Micr. USA 294 (Aug. 21, 1788-Oct. 8, 1789)15--5
American Home Missionary Society papers, 1816-1894 American Home Missionary SocietyMicrofilming Corp. of America,1975Micr. USA 351 [385 reels]17--5-18--2
American lifeRousiers, Paul de, 1857-1934Firmin-Didot & co.,1892Micr. USA 201 (5 microcards)21--2
The American magazine American magazine (Boston, Mass.)Rogers and Fowle,1743Micr. USA 1 (v. 1-3; Sept. 1743-Dec. 1746)12--1
The American magazine American magazine (New York, N.Y. : 1787)[s.n.], Printed by Samuel Loudon)1787Micr. USA 2 (Dec. 1787-Nov. 1788)12--1
The American magazine and monthly chronicle for the British colonies 1757Micr. USA 2 (vol. 1; Containing from October 1757 to October 1758 inclusive)12--1
The American magazine, or, A monthly view of the political state of the British colonies Webbe, JohnPrinted and sold by Andrew Bradford,1741Micr. USA 2 (v. 1; Jan.-Mar., 1741)12--1
The American magazine, or, General repository Nicola, Lewis, 1717-1807[s.n.],1769Micr. USA 2 (no. 1-9; Jan.-Sept. 1769)12--1
The American mercuryAmerican mercury (Hartford, Conn. : 1784 : Weekly)Barlow and Babcock,1784Micr. USA 239 (July 1784-Dec. 1820)13--6
The American mission : the Gaelic revival and America, 1870-1915Ni Bhroimeil, Una1998Micr. USA 321 [1 reel]15--7
The American monitor, or, the Republican magazine E. Russell,1785Micr. USA 3 (v. 1, no. 1)12--1
American monthly review American monthly review (Philadelphia, Pa.)[s.n.] Samuel Harris Smith)1795Micr. USA 3 (v. 1-3; Jan.-Dec. 1795)12--1
The American moral & sentimental magazineKirk, Thomas[s.n.],1797Micr. USA 3 (v. 1-2; July 3, 1797-May 21, 1798.)12--1
The American museum [s.n.],1787Micr. USA 4,5 (vol. 1-12, 1787-1792)12--1
The American musical magazine Amos Doolittle & Daniel Reed,1786Micr. USA 6 (v. 1, no. 1-12, May 1786-Sept. 1787)12--1
American notes, 1881Sutter, ArchibaldW. Blackwood & sons,1882Micr. USA 201 (3 microcards)21--2
American ornithology; or, The natural history of the birds of the United States : illustrated with plates, engraved and colored from original drawings taken from nature ...Wilson, Alexander, 1766-1813Bradford and
1808Micr. USA 171 (v. 1-9 : 37 microcards)21--1
American periodicals series : 18th centuryUniversity Microfilms,1942Micr. USA 1-3312--1
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