The Kraal
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xyHexTerrainSettlementAuthorDescriptionMore Info URLThemes
01010101tundraJames YoungSteppe, abandoned village of partially melted igloos.
01020102tundraPEATCasey GarskeThe villagers of [[PEAT]] put their dead warriors in the nearby bogs. Under a waxing gibbous moon, the peat-wights rise and seek the enemies that slew them.UNDEAD, WIGHTS
01030103tundraRamanan SivaranjanA circle of 12 dead mountain goats, their throats slit open. Each is missing a different organ and has a gold coin in its mouth.
01040104tundraReynaldo MadriñanThis area is mostly desolate save for a single gravestone, entirely unadorned save for a keyhole in the center of it. This is actually the prison of an extremely powerful Death Knight who will slay one thing of his liberator's choosing.KEYS & KEYHOLES
01050105hillFROSTSTONEBrian Green[[FROSTSTONE]] - Dwarven trading outpost, mostly low buildings made of stone. Inhabitants are unusually welcoming to outsiders.DWARFS
01060106hillJeremy FriesenA stranded children's choir enroute to Hex [[0101]]. Time does not appear to pass within the confines of the tower where they have sought refuge.
01070107hillREPUBLIC OF FANGChris KutalikPalisaded village of 83 Dogmen (2 HD) and human Roofdrak 0-level worshipers grandiloquently called the [[REPUBLIC OF FANG]]. Party may become citizens of the micro-state (and use the hex as a base), but are only counted as a 1/5 vote.
01070107hillVincent Quigley1d6 artic owlbears scavenging the ruins of an ancient Ice dwarf settlement. An entry to an underground complex can be found in the ruins. It leads to an exit in Hex [[0206]].
01080108hillJacob HurstGently rolling steppes give way to a limestone bluff pocked with 1d6 caves and 3d10 harpy nests.
01090109forestChristopher WoodA frost-rimed pool sits within this glade. Tunnels below the waterline are home to a family of giant otters.
01100110forestJames YoungSnowy forest. Bare limbed trees whistle soft music to the wind.
01110111forestZak SmithBuried beneath a tree which birds refuse to touch is the Cask of Ancient Winters. It contains all the cold from all previous centuries.CASK OF THE ANCIENT WINTERS
01120112forestC. W. MarshallA stand of elms grows together, as if woven to produce a large dome. The trees enclose one of the three embodiments of Despair.THE THREE DESPAIRS
01130113forestJames YoungDense forest costs double to move through, parties sleeping in this hex will wake to find their packs picked through by squirrels.
01140114hillGLACEVincent Quigley The fortified human city of [[GLACE]] ruled by the Cold Witch. She often send her white knight in search of the Cask of Ancient Winters in Hex [[0111]]. She hopes it will allow her to become immortal.CASK OF THE ANCIENT WINTERS
01150115hillZak SmithMixed party of half-elves and northern amazons. They are accompanied by a white tiger.ELVES, AMAZONS, WHITE TIGERS
01160116hillRamanan Sivaranjan12 spies from the mountain city of [[MYTHILLI]] in Hex [[1009]] make their way towards [[GLACE]], disguised as the gruff mountain men known to inhabits these parts. They are dressed in simple garb and wield clubs and hammers, but each carries 500 GP in gems concealed on their person.GRUFF MOUNTAIN MEN
01170117hillNIXELSTRATHBrendan StrejcekVillage of [[NIXELSTRATH]], the foundation of which is a dwarven bunker, ruled with an iron fist by the northern amazon queen Nuriel, who is 213 years old. Her consort is an elf. Likely some of the half-elves in Hex [[0115]] are her offspring. They have begun suspecting someone is innhabiting the [[WINTER PALACE]] in [[0420]] that appears to be in [[0418]] .ELVES, WINTER PALACE, AMAZONS
01180118hillVOREIGJNZak Smith[[VOREIGJN]] This settlement is built on terraced decks around a cluster of very large (50 ft diameter) ever-burning bonfire pits in the remains of an old fortress. It is ruled by dwarves who wear spiked shoes and make wine from the blood of smilodons.DWARFS
01190119tundraBrendan StrejcekFrozen marshes. A warband of intelligent zombies are trapped in the permafrost; they will perform one service for any who free them given a somewhat decent reaction roll.UNDEAD, ZOMBIES
01200120tundraAnthony PicaroThree basalt statues of wailing women stand here, marking the historic northeastern boundary of the territory of the Smoke-Swallower tribe of cannibals, whose warriors split their tongues and bind their forms into bizarre, contorted shapes. These statues represent the three pathetic Goddesses of the Defeated, They Whose Husbands Are Eternally Eaten, and mark a holy place where Smoke-Swallowers come to deposit their victims’ bones in view of their enemies to the northeast.SMOKE-SWALLOWERS
02010201tundraJason SholtisFirgax the fire giant witch doctor and a gaggle of unnaturals follow his semi-reliable divining skull in a meandering path towards Hex [[0111]]. He intends to find and destroy the Cask of Ancient Winters.FIRE GIANTS, GIANTS, CASK OF THE ANCIENT WINTERS
02020202tundraReece CarterThe footsteps of ice giants are in the snow here, following them leads you to a group of ice giantsGIANTS, ICE GIANTS
02030203hillPALACE OF FROZEN TEARSZak Smith[[PALACE OF FROZEN TEARS]]. Home to the Spite Priests, abandoned by their god. They seek the Death Knight in Hex [[0104]].SPITE PRIESTS
02040204hillJez GordonThe Godhammer, a 30' long stone hammer, rests atop the tallest crags. It is sought by the dwarfs in Hex [[0302]].GODHAMMER
02050205hillJames YoungAn albino bear.
02060206hillAlex WilliamsonMany of the rocky overhangs here are inhabited by icicle-mimicking piercers of extra large size.
02070207forestReece CarterA raiding party of ice goblins who inhabit the mountains in this area. They are working for the mountain king who lives in Hex [[0415]].ICE GOBLINS, GOBLINS
02080208forestZak SmithThe Fifth Monument of the Toad Gods sits unevenly on a rocky hillside—a hideously smiling stone sculpture of a squatting Slaad, weathered and cracked. Stonewise adventurers or long time residents may notice new rock has been freshly quarried to fill old gaps in the ancient landmark.TOAD GODS
02090209forestRandom WizardThe trees grow particularly tall here, their branches dangling massive icicles. The spirits of the forest will causes a rain of razor sharp icicles to fall down upon any who defile the white purity of the winter goddess.
02100210forestRandom WizardA strange abandoned temple has an enormous metallic tower with no visible means to enter. On nights when the aurora borealis is particularly strong, the tower glows a soft blue colour and can be seen from miles around.
02110211forestReece CarterIce spiders. They attack the party when they get close to the center of the hex.
02120212forestChristopher HeltonA deep, dark hole that emits a sulfurous gas.
02130213forestHenry UlrichAmongst withered and crooked trees, the body of a party of adventures that were overcome by the element of Despair in Hex [[0112]]. They have clearly been slain by each other, the final survivor simply laying down to die in the cold.THE THREE DESPAIRS
02140214hillJason SholtisKladun Oziriphan the sorcerer shelters here in an illusion-shrouded ice cave, summoning and binding foul outer entities to aid him in assassinating the white knight of [[GLACE]] in Hex [[0114]]
02150215hillJames YoungA statue of an attractive begging man kneels on the highest hill of this hex. Placing an offering of coins into his proffered hands grants a +d4 bonus to reaction rolls for d4 days. If equal offerings are given to its brother-statues in Hex [[1405]] and Hex [[1718]] before the next moonrise, the supplicant is granted a permanent +1 to charisma. The elf from Hex [[0216]] knows the location of the other statues.OFFERING STATUES
02160216hillZak SmithWhite elf naturalist wearing a scarf and insect-shaped windmask examining a frozen gelatinous cube.ELVES, WHITE ELVES
02170217hillJez GordonThe curious natural deformation and of the hills and caves steals all echoes, and sends them to Hex [[0218]].
02180218tundraJez GordonThe echoes from Hex [[0217]] emerge amplified one-hundred fold through sinkholes here.
02190219tundraTHE VILLAGE OF RESTLESS SOULSReece Carter[[THE VILLAGE OF RESTLESS SOULS]], this village is completely abandoned. There is evidence of a fight, though the belongings of everyone who once lived here are untouched. If anyone touches any of the belongings they are attacked by a restless spirit.UNDEAD, RESTLESS SPIRIT
02200220tundraRamanan Sivaranjan6 Smoke-Swallowers tribesman (see also: [[0120]]) feast on an adventuring party they captured earlier in the day. 1-4 of the captives are alive, but bound and gagged, waiting to be cooked and eaten. A straggler from their group is in Hex [[0320]].SMOKE-SWALLOWERS
02200220tundraWayne RossiFrozen marshes. Ice alligators leap through the surface to capture prey that they track through sound.
03010301tundraIan Burns52 overly cautious nomads stalk this frozen tundra. They will pay 50 GP mastodon bones for wolf pelts.MASTODONS
03020302tundraIan Burns8 dwarves travelers seeking the Godhammer in Hex [[0204]].DWARFS, GODHAMMER
03030303hillJames YoungGroup of 2d4 gruff mountain teenagers from the village in Hex [[1401]] undergoing their Coming of Age ritual - they must each take the head or pelt of a dangerous white beast to complete their initiation into adulthood. They will pay for information on the location of such beasts with necklaces of carved white fangs, but will not accept help.GRUFF MOUNTAIN MEN
03040304hillIan BurnsAn icy lake covers and conceals a marble statue holding a raised trident. Every new moon 31 cultists migrate to perform a series of sex-rites before the single spike poking out of the ice.
03050305hillIan BurnsRoaming in this hex can be found 42 white elk (3 HD) with cobalt horns (worth 15 GP each)
03060306forestIan BurnsTwo tribes of warring cave men caught in an uneasy alliance to rid themselves of the piercers in Hex [[0206]] and the white elves in Hex [[0308]].
03070307forestWayne RossiWhite elves consider human logging here a threat. They have trapped trees to explode when the center ring is cut in vengeance.WHITE ELVES, ELVES
03080308forestBen DjarumA small tribe (12-18) of white elves hide here among the trees. Lead by Ulivan the Steward, the elves carry out attacks on the human loggers in Hex [[0307]].WHITE ELVES, ELVES
03080308forestCraig BrascoBromgrush the ancient ironwood ent lurks here, tired and wounded after accidentally setting off an exploding tree in Hex [[0307]]. He needs a special ritual performed on him by a druid to heal his wounds. He has an ornate scroll tube containing an elvish map to dark ruins in the nearby swamps which he will offer to those that aid in finding the druid.
03090309forestIan BurnsStatue garden. Basalt sculptured of humanoid figures with fox-, bear-, and raven-heads. Small offerings of meat and bones can be found at the bases of several statues.
03100310forestJames YoungAn unassuming shrub grows tart red berries on the winter solstice. Each berry is sufficient to feed a man for a whole day. During that time, the base of the shrub is littered with the corpses of birds who became too fat to move.
03110311forestIan BurnsInside a rotting stump a gold ring (100 GP) can be found, upon which the Symbol of Thor has been engraved.
03120312forestBen DjarumA marble fountain in a ring of trees. The water is clean, clear and icy cold. At the bottom of the fountain is a silver key. It opens the eye of the Toad Statue in Hex [[0614]].TOAD GODS, KEYS & KEYHOLES
03130313forestGeorge E. Williams IVEmpty of all but tundra and ice weasels.
03130313forestHenry UlrichAn enormous hole opens into the ground. From deep within, the sound of cracking ice and flowing water can be heard.
03140314forestGeorge E. Williams IVroaming this hex is a band of four Gnomish ice weasel hunters. Also roaming the hex are a trio of frost giants who are hunting the gnomes.GNOMES
03150315hillIan Burns3 mummies encased in sarcophagi of ice lie in this cave. The mummies themselves are adorned in gold, though melting the ice will cause them to break through and attack.UNDEAD, MUMMIES
03160316hillBrian GreenAn ice giant merchant has made a camp here. He sells various supplies, and has the hide of a white dragon for trade for other magical goods.ICE GIANTS, GIANTS
03170317hillIan BurnsThe wiry hermit, Mordiki, meditates naked within the cave. He is a 9th level cleric with 3 constitution but can cast only reincarnate (as a Druid) rather than raise dead.
03180318tundraReece CarterFrozen warriors stand trapped within blocks of ice. Many of them are still alive, and freeing them will give you infomation about nearby hexes or a follower for 1D4 days.
03190319tundraAlex WilliamsonColossal mated pairs of axebeaks hunt mastodons on the icy tundra here.MASTODONS
03200320tundraJames YoungA straggler from the adventuring party in Hex [[0220]], making his way back to the group after missing a session.
04010401tundraMatt MarandaPeeking just above the tundra is the top of a tower. Delving down into the tower via the battlements reveals several frost zombies and key in a chest. The key unlocks a dwarven tower in Hex [[0607]].KEYS & KEYHOLES, UNDEAD, ZOMBIES
04020402hillJames SmithGarmthos, a 5th lvl MU awaits the coming of The Lord of Bitter Winds. The omens may indicate a Fighter PC (1% Chance, each.)
04030403hillMatt MarandaCarved into the rock in the northeast face of a hill is a sigil of 2 interlocking circles with 3 parallel spears above and below each alternating direction. This is the sign that the territory belongs to [[ZSITHAMK ICECALLER]] located in Hex [[0504]].
04040404hillSTONE ABBEYBrendan StrejcekThe cultists from Hex [[0304]] live here, in a great [[STONE ABBEY]]. They conceal themselves as worshippers of Sol Invictus, but are unable to perform appropriate miracles.
04050405forestBrendan StrejcekGrey ironwood grows here that makes the finest longbows. The ironwood roots also carve out natural catacombs as they swell and shrink in the rhythm of the seasons (sometimes the branches of the ironwood trees also move jerkily even when there is no wind).
04060406forestGeorge E. Williams IVA cave entrance belches forth smoke that smells of anisette, it leads to the catacombs in Hex [[0405]]. Spite priests (see: [[0203]]) are roasting a small fey from which the odor exudes.SPITE PRIESTS
04070407tundraRUINS OF PAZULVANBen Djarum[[RUINS OF PAZULVAN]] The dark ruined citadel moulders in the swamp. Only Bromgrush's Map from Hex [[0308]] will reveal safe passage to untold treasure inside.
04080408forestMatt MarandaIn the middle of the woods is great Ice Wyrme skeleton. Several fey have lined it with leather and converted into a commune.
04090409forestHenry Ulrich A series of ancient standing stones, untouched by the ice or stone around them. Sleeping within their bounds will protect travelers from the elements, except on any solstice or equinox, when the stones will set the Undying King upon trespassers.
04100410forestIan Burns8 MastodonsMASTODONS
04110411tundraReece CarterThere is a bunch of ice goblin corpses here, the have been stripped of anything useful. if the PC's stay around too long they will be attacked by a search party sent after these ice goblins (so 1D10 ice goblins attack)ICE GOBLINS, GOBLINS
04120412tundraJames SmithA Rival Adventuring Party. Hamuz - FT 3, Boze - FT 1, Umar - MU 2, Thaize - C 3. Lawful, but not affable. Travelling South.
04130413forestJoshua MacyAncient evergreen forest. No form of scrying or divination will penetrate this hex or work within it, nor does anything passing through leave track or trace.
04140414hillMatt MarandaA banked fire and 2 dozen smoke curing ice weasels can be found around a campsite built for 3 large creatures.
04150415mountainTHE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KINGReece Carter[[THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING]], this was once a very nice dwarf kingdom and is now taken over by a bunch of ice goblins. The Ice Goblin King lives here and is trying to slowly take over the general area around him. He has a fierce hatred for giants.ICE GOBLINS, GOBLINS, DWARFS
04160416mountainC. W. MarshallBlades made from the obsidian from the wintry slopes of Destiny's Anvil are said to lead their owner to his or her true love. It's superstition, of course: it always ends with blood.
04170417hillChris FA pack of Winter Gnolls dwells in the frozen hills, led by a highly intelligent, albino Chimera. The Chimera possesses a Hyena head in place of it's goat head.
04180418hillJoey LindseyAutomatons that speak in chirps and lights raise then destroy a crop of flowers on these hills year-round with their drugged, barely-alive human work force. The shredded flowers and pollen are psychotropic, and responsible for the paranoia in [[0519]] , [[0719]] , the unsettling presence in [[0819]] , and the visions caused by the water in [[0820]] . A trick of the wind keeps the pollen and petals well above [[0619]] . (The [[WINTER PALACE]] from [[0420]] appears to be in this hex but it's an illusion.)WINTER PALACE
04190419hillBen DjarumA ruined cemetery, covered in drifts of snow. There is a small house on the outskirts where the caretaker lives. He is a cannibal and servant of a death cult. A tunnel beneath his house is filled with bones, remains, and bone-chewing ghouls.
04200420tundraWINTER PALACEJoey LindseyA cabal of twisted grey Deep Gnomes live in an ancient [[WINTER PALACE]] that is glamoured to appear as if in [[0418]] from afar. They sneak through Smoke Eater camps to maintain the automatons in [[0418]] , and set traps to leave victims for the Smoke-Eaters with results such as the village in [[0219]] , warriors in [[0318]] , and undead in [[0520]] . They may have built the skull in [[0620]] , tower in [[0713]] , or stairway in [[0808]] hundreds of years ago.SMOKE-SWALLOWERS, GNOMES, DEEP GNOMES, WINTER PALACE
05010501tundraMatt MarandaA hunting party of 5 humans covered in woad. They will attack any dwarves or parties that seem weak, not wearing the woad of ZSITHAMK, but otherwise are looking for Ice Weasels. They hail from the territory of [[ZSITHAMK ICECALLER]] Hex [[0504]],
05020502hillGeorge E. Williams IVHot springs inhabited by a friendly water spirit, drinking from it cures 1d6 damage. Drinking from it a second time drains 1 point of Intelligence.
05030503hillGeorge E. Williams IVSigns of bloody battle but no bodies. A holy symbol of the toad god concealed in the snow is the only thing other than blood.TOAD GODS
05040504hillZSITHAMK ICECALLERMatt MarandaThe village and domain of [[ZSITHAMK ICECALLER]]. All the villagers wear woad to look like their leader and god, the permanently frozen corpse of a Frost Giant once called Zisthamk Icecaller. His priests still hear him speak..FROST GIANTS, GIANTS
05050505forestJoey LindseyThe Sloth Fruit trees here are metallic, and sweat and steam in the cold. Villagers from [[0504]] who wander here tend to stay, never rejoining the village after their new grey dreams. Travelers through this area are sometimes found missing the tops of their heads and brains.
05060506forestBen DjarumA party of 8 dwarf Mastodon Hunters. They have pelts, dried meat, and other goods to trade. They also have a few jugs of sloth fruit wine sourced from Hex [[0505]] which the dwarves attribute to their past successes.DWARFS, MASTODONS
05070507tundraJoey LindseyWhite apes wander here, worshiping a frozen rotting mastodon head, which their chief must wear over his own head at all times. Their oracle can speak with the dead if she has their face and tongue, and can tell your future by floating one of your teeth in a pool of blood.MASTODONS
05080508tundraRichard GA great metal triangle with channels in it has been overgrown by lichens and poverty grasses. Sighting along the main channel allows you to see and hear everything on Mt. CURALL in Hex [[1007]]. A combined strength of 50 can turn the stone a few degrees to spy instead on the town of [[MYTHILLI]] in Hex [[1009]].
05090509forestRichard GA family of 3 polar bears will trade iron rations or information for smokes. The tree roots here have grown around machine parts, scattered over a wide area. A black box can be seen clasped in high branches.
05100510tundraBrian Green A snow-covered treasure chest sits in the middle of a field. It's a very lost mimic.
05110511tundraJoey LindseyA lone Amazon is sneaking among a group of slumbering frost giants. A 30 ft sack is writhing near them.AMAZONS, FROST GIANTS, GIANTS
05120512tundraGLANIS TOPIan Burns[[GLANIS TOP]] A watchtower of 18 stranded soldiers.
05130513tundraDan CassarA vast, frozen plain. The only notable thing is the remains of half-eaten horse.
05140514hillBrian GreenA hidden terrace farm, growing various root vegetables. Tended by members from [[ILLY'S HAVEN]] in [[0515]].
05150515mountainILLY'S HAVENBrian Green[[ILLY'S HAVEN]] is a small town hidden within a cave system in the mountains. The townspeople are suspicious and potentially even hostile to outsiders; everyone here is a lycanthrope trying to control their condition far away from civilization.LYCANTHROPES
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