Muslim Hacks 1.0 need pitch
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This sheet lists potential ideas to work on for

You don’t have to be a hackathon attendee to post an idea. Detail your idea here and a team might pick it up during the hackathon!

The theme of this hackathon is building product for the community, it could be anything that people can benefit from.

At the beginning of the hackathon, we’ll have a need pitch and team formation session where we’ll be pitching these ideas and forming teams accordingly.
If you offer a bountry for the team implementing the idea please give bounty information here.
Product nameDescriptionYour name (optional)Contact info (optional)What are you looking for? (engineers, designers, etc.)Bounty
Muslim.studioMany masjids do not have the resources to build a website. Looking to build a simple website generators that displays prayer times, locations, and contact info for masjidsZaheer MohiuddinDesigners, frontend engineersMy love!!!
Quran memorizing/reading
The app can help its users to set targets for memorizing quran daily/weekly/monthly.
The app can send reminders about reaching the target.
The app can organize online meetings with multiple users and groups who want to make weekly reading targets.
The app can help schedule those meetings and setup group calls on Facebook or Skype.
Salah Pool (Prayer Pool)carpool to daily prayers, eid prayers, ramadan prayers with people in your area
Seerah4DInteractive Seerah Timeline website Hootan Afzali
Developers, Engineer and designer. (HTML5, Jqurary, Javascript)
Seerah4DInteractive Seerah 360 experiance in and for VRHootan Afzali
Developers, Engineer and designer. Guidance how to get started
HadithSourceAn open source chrome extension that parses the text on webpages and alerts the users if there's an incorrect / unauthentic hadeeth. The extension can use something like for reference. The goal of this project is to reduce the mispread of information. Javascript engineers, Backend engineers, designers, PM
Prayer Areas near me Locate local prayers areas near you, for example community/office spaces to pray Fatima Maniyar
Designers , UI Engineer
Prayer Tracker Input your daily prayers and see your progressFatima Maniyar
Designers , UI Engineer
Feed.meA lot of food goes to wastage after big events. Have a way to broadcast that there's food leftover after an event for people to come and utlize it instead of it being thrown away. Need to looks into the regulation of this vs donating the food.Legal, Software Engineers, Designers
Muslim Masjid AppMCA has come up with pretty good app. Wish all masjids in US could have app. Why not just piut app out there with custom defined messages eyc
Muslim Local Hood ChatYou could socialize with any muslims in 50/100 miles anonymnously. Community Based Chat.
Community / Network MembershipMuslim organizations of all kinds (MCAs, MSAs, networks, clubs, etc) struggle to maintain their membership up to date. A hosted service can relief all Muslim organizations from this burden all at once. There are small differences but can be made configurable (e.g. length of membership, anniversary based vs hijra year based vs gregorian year based, school year, school semester, etc).

Bonus or continuing beyond workshop: An ideal app would assume a party model that includes any number or roles (member, volunteer, officer, etc) and any number of relationships to other parties (works for, son of, mother of, etc). The ideal solution would track the party social and professional nework references (e.g. Linked, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and would be extensible to add addional groups of attributes (profiles). Further more a smart app will leverage AI to keep membership up to date by traversing social media and all touch points.
Adam (Ahmad) Naseranaser@yahoo.comUser Experience Designers, UI developers, Backend database app developers, application deployment and operations
80% Quranic vocabularyOver 80% of words in the Quran come from a small set of Arabic words ( a duolingo type app for learning these words would be extremely helpful for non-arabic speakers around the world
hadith search webappThink of it as google search for life situations, that basically searches the internet for what prohphet did when he was confronted with certain situations. For example if I put "bullies" it'll give you a list of things from hadith about bullying, how to handle bullying, etc. It's basically like a hadith search, because nobody has enough time to memorize a whole hadith book and sometimes you want to know how to handle your life situation in the moment.
Smart Hadeeth DatabaseI would like to see a site to read Hadeeth, where each Hadeeth would have the Silsilah (chain) of narrators clickable. From there, it would take me to a page where I can read the narrator's biography, what praise/criticism he received, whether he's authentic, etc. Theonly downside to this is that you would need a scholar. An easy way one can implement this without a scholar however is to use Taqreeb at-Tahdheeb by Ibn Hajr al-'Asqalaanee's. It's a database of narrators and other people and how good they were. Ultimately, this is for validating the authenticity of a Hadeeth. Perhaps parse his book using a PDF parser?Yousef
mymasjidIn contrary with idea in row 3 by Zaheer, we have many local masajid that has websites. However, they are not accessible much. Salah and Iqama schedule looks very similar in all these websites. The idea is to have an app where you can pick which masjid that is your local masjid, the app can crawl the website for the masjid and provide athan and iqama times that are local to this masjid and hence it can remind the locals with the jamaa times in their own masjid. Some masajid already started similar app but it is local to its own and they use a raspberry pi to synchronize to an iqama clock inside the masjid (contact me if you need more info on that). In addition, the app shall provide an API to the masjid board members to communicate announcement using push/pull notifications to the locals such as upcoming events, picnics, .. etcAhmed
Frundraising app?Have an app where every week one cause pops up for fundraising. Based on geographical location, can have prioirty for local causes. Mazen Al Borno
Onboarding GuideA lot of Muslims come to the Bay area and have no pointers on where to find housing and connect with the community. Would be nice to see a doc that compiles all the resources that are helpful for new people in the area: Housing, Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups, Slack, halal restaraunts, Mosques, events, etc.
Fajr BountyWake up for Fajr with your friends! everyone pays $1 a day and the group sets a group alarm to wake up, if one person doesn't wake up for Fajr, the group's pool of money gets split across the other members, but if everyone in your group manages to wake up for Fajr for a whole month, you go to bigger groups and compete for a bigger pool of money. May the best groups win and cash in!Mohamed Kazaz
1 UX designer, 1 Front end engineer, 1 backend engineer.
OpenMasjid* + = OpenMasjid. Do you hate driving for 15 minutes to a masjid only to find its door locked? Do you want to book space at a masjid for your event and don't know the schedule? We can solve these problems. An app that will share the access code / door unlock information for masjid with users after a check-in and also provide easy booking information (schedule, pricing) for events. This will also encourage masjids to adopt electronic locks/doors and utilize their spaces to generate revenue. App could be for a minimal fee ($1 annual) just to confirm user identity and masjid access code/door unlock information shared only after check-in.Idea is up for grabs. Happy hacking* $300. Successful implementation and adoption by 3 masjids in 6 months. One great target masjid would be this. Please contact to claim bounty.
Fun (Date) + TripAdvisor + NYTimes Travel Guide. For a location, within time and money budget, give fun recipes. Gather information from TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook Local, Google Maps and suggest fun dates. Ex. San Francisco, 5 hours , $60 = Park your car at Pier 39, Hike at Angel Island, Brunch at Tiburon, Back to Pier 39.
Islamic-Deeds TrackerThe idea is similar to “strava” mobile app. The app will help you track good deeds like: Quran Reading, Memorization, Hadeeth Memorization, or Reading an Islamic Book. You can post your progress with sth you’ve learned during your activity, that could benefit others & encourage them as well. You can get kudos or medals each time you achieve a target.Muhammad
Qualmov (quality movies)
Kids spend most of their time watching cartoons that is not good for their morals, ethics and values.
Adults usually watch funny stuff on facebook or watch western movies which lets them away from our deen.
Making animation in studios take 7 years to develop a movie like bilal movie.
Looking at current facebook pages or well known islamic websites ... they are missing quality kids cartoons, adult reminders.
All of these needs to be fixed.
Using AI we can speed up the development cycle of islamic movies.
Besides, we really need to have movies that kids can watch (quality) but not the kind that kids get bored from.
Adults needs to have reminders from the original books of seerah/hadith in the form of 5 min videos which is entertaining.
OR it can be in the form of a full movie based on the type of the reminders.
1 charachter designers,
3 3D character animators,
1 Machine learning engineer,
1 Computer Vision engineer
$30K will run this project for 1 year.
The project has to be for free 1st couple years until it become well known.
Returns from the project can be in many forms, either ads in short movies or paid subscription or paid per movie.
Safe spaceMany teenagers have critical problems that they cannot discuss with their parents or community members. How can we create a platform where they can seek guidance 1:1 and discuss their problems w/o the fear of being exposed.
New IslamQAA new version of Islamqa is definitely needed in the community
Muslims professional networkLinkedin for Muslims, but exclusive, interactive and better ways to provide value for each other
QuranTranslateIn many Muslim-countries that don't speak Arabic, many people don't know the meaning of Quran when they recite surahs. An app/web-app where you recite any verse of Quran and it translates it for you would be very helpful for their iman and faith. Sher Sanginov
Goodreads for for Islamic books. A simple home page with a ranking of recommended books. Users simply add books they’ve read though a google form, and the the general public can upvote/downvote, and the ranked list will update accordingly
Saad Khan
Front end engineer
Smart home integration for muslims
Would like to be able to ask a smart home device questions related to a muslim's daily life. Some questions like:
Ok Google, What time is <some prayer> in <some location>.
Ok Google, notify me when its time for <some prayer>
Ok Google, what time is <some prayer> in <some masjid> (maybe integrate with MasjidNow)
Idea up for grabs
Positive Media Influence App or website (PMI)
To pushback on targeted negative propaganda against our communities.. It will allows users to report on misleading articles and posts on social media and other users to collectively take action against them.

The app will provide sample responses to known arguements that anti-muslims make against muslims, Quran or specific communities. Volunteer users can reference these samples to launch massive campaign such as letters to editor or feedback as comments in feedback section. Perhaps some responses can be automated.

Sample response library will be continously updated similar to how wikipedia is maintained.
Mohammad Asaf8887400@gmail.comDeveloper/PM
Mental Health PlatformMental health campaign or pro bono services branded under one banner nationally. Establish not only a hotline, but an anonymous chat line, and have pop up clinics that can rotate across regions. Digital tool that is accessible by mobile, ability to include video therapy components. Can also add daily tracker to gather user's feelings, activities, etc that impact one's mental health. Free platform but consults with healthcare professionals can be billed directly to insurance. *do not copy idea in description*Razaa Alirazaa09@gmail.comWeb Developer. User Interface/Experience. Software Engineer. Legal resource with familiarity with healthcare compliance.
MuslimHuntMuslim Product Hunt: There's likely open source forks of Product hunt. Could show weekly products instead of daily given the volume.
MuslimReachMatch volunteers with projects proposed or intiated by mosques or members in the communitySaddam Lashuel
Visa status dashboardInstead of showing the current processing time, collects a short history and shows a graph. For all visas.Saddam<==
MSAbnbThe UC Berkeley MSA board recieves daily inquiries from incoming Muslim students, current students, and guests for housing accomodation for the next year, semester, or a matter of a couple weeks or days. Traditional google sheets for tracking those who are in need of housing and those who have housing simply don't cut it. Listings are always outdated and incomplete.

The concept is to have a password protected map view of all the apartments owned by Muslims surrounding the university. Students can easily find vacancies, cost, and other housing information for each property in one place. The app should facilitate lease negotiations. Should be able to separate access to brothers and sisters housing info. Incentives to update housing info need to be embedded in the experience.
Naser Abdelrahman
UX/UI developers, Backend database app developers, application deployment and operationsToken of appreciation from MSA communities at the least
A platform for students to find tutors on a certain subject. It's not 1-1 and it's not a big class as in school. A class should be between 3 to 6 students so they each one gets enough attention and and the tutor makes the best use of his/her time.
Ahmad Barghout
UI and Mobile developers