Faculty parental leave policies
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InstitutionLink to faculty policyPaid teaching relief? (if yes, how much)1=1 full paid leave semester; 2 paid leave less than 1 semester or less
than full pay; 0=no paid leave or paid with sick leave only
Paid relief from admin duties?Need to cash in sick leave or other leave for paid leave?Any additional unpaid relief?Tenure clock extension (how long)Fathers/non-birthing partners treated differently from birth mothers?Adoptive parents treated differently from birth mothers?Definition of childcare responsibilities (if applicable to take leave)Additional notesPolicy for parents of multiples?Public?R1? (from 1994 data - will update)CIC?Shanghai (US ranking unless otherwise noted) http://www.shanghairanking.com/ARWU2014.htmlUS News Global University Rankings http://www.usnews.com/education/best-global-universities/rankingsTimes Higher Education (worldwide ranking) https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings/2017/world-ranking#!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank_label/sort_order/asc/cols/rank_only
Name of coder(s)date information collectedLink to faculty policyPaid teaching relief? (if yes, how much)1=1 full paid leave semester; 2 paid leave less than 1 semester or less than full pay; 0=no paid leave or paid with sick leave only Paid relief from admin duties?Need to cash in sick leave or other leave for paid leave?Any additional unpaid relief?Tenure clock extension (how long)Fathers/non-birthing partners treated differently from birth mothers?Adoptive parents treated differently from birth mothers?Definition of childcare responsibilities (if applicable to take leave)Additional notesPolicy for parents of multiples?Public?R1? (from 1994 data - will update)CIC?Shanghai (US ranking unless otherwise noted) http://www.shanghairanking.com/ARWU2014.htmlUS News Global University Rankings http://www.usnews.com/education/best-global-universities/rankingsTimes Higher Education (worldwide ranking) http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2014-15/world-ranking/region/north-america
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Allegheny CollegeShanna Kirschner10/31/2014http://sites.allegheny.edu/facultyresources/faculty-handbook/1 semester (for us, this equals a 3-course reduction). Additional leave possible as necessary if there are complications.1If child born during the semester, then there is a complete reduction of duties (advising, departmental service, and committee work) for the entire semester. Otherwise -- if birth is during summer or winter break -- 6 weeks of no advising, service, etc. with option to
extend the complete reduction of duties for the entire semester at 80%
NoFMLA1 year per leave. I think there may be a max but I can't find it in the handbook.5 days for spouse/partner; can be extended per FMLALeave is for the "primary caregiver" which could be either parent; same terms of the leave as for birth parents"Primary Caregiver"member will have no classroom teaching assignments during that entireNo. This probably could be negotiated ad hoc with the Provost's office; we've never had a multiple birth here that I know of, so it hasn't come up...000
American UniversityJeff Colgan10/29/20141 course release; option to trade 1 additional course for admin dutiesNot formallyNoFMLA 12 weeks1 yearNo000
Arizona State UniversityMilli Lake10/30/2014http://www.asu.edu/aad/manuals/acd/acd710.html6 weeks paid leave, academic leave beyond within the semester. Meaning if 6 weeks falls within a semester, you are no longer technically on leave, but your teaching duties can be reassigned to alternative tasks that are more accommodating, such as research. Longer accommodations may be reached on an informal basis in negotiation with specific department chairs.26 weeksNoNo 1 year per childNo (although if in same family only one can take leave) For postdocs and grad students, the 6 weeks of paid leave is ONLY "for the purpose of recovering from childbirth"No* Postdocs and Grad student adoptive parents are not eligible for paid leave.http://www.asu.edu/aad/manuals/acd/acd710.html11048143182
Barnard CollegeKoleen McCrink1 semester off entirely, next 2 semesters get 1 course release each semester1Yes for semester of mat leaveNoNot sure1 year per childNoNo00
Bentley UniversityClaudia Stumpf10/1/2016There is no paid leave of any kind; faculty tend to use sick leave and disability to cobble together a paid leave0Not formallyYesFMLACurrently nothing in policy; informally chairs often extend the clockNot formally, probably informallyNo
Binghamton University (SUNY)Benjamin Fordham10/30/2014http://www.binghamton.edu/human-resources/leaves/leaves-childcare-faculty.htmlThe university does not have a policy of granting paid leave, but departments are informally encouraged to grant a semester of teaching relief and a year on the tenure clock. The reason for the lack of a policy is that it would have to be generalized to all members of our union (UUP) and possibly other state employees unions, something the state is unwilling to do.Formally none; informally one semesterFormally yes; informally noNothing beyond FMLA, at least formallyFormally none; informally one year if the department chair acts to set it upYes-no practice of informal leave for fathersUnclear, but adoptive mothers would probably be treated the same as those giving birth informally100
Boston University010423757
Brandeis UniversityJill Greenlee12/4/2014Google "brandeis faculty family and medical leave" to get the PDFPaid leave for 12 consecutive weeks for faculty member with "primary care responsibility" for a newborn, newly adopted child or newly place foster child2No Yes, up to 6 monthsa semester, but I think you have to request it.nonoPrimary Care ResponsibilityLeave can be taken within the first 12 months of the child's birth/placement.010105-125147
Brigham Young UniversityValerie Hudson, Kjerste Christensen11/2/2014https://policy.byu.edu/view/index.php?p=56#s402One paid semester of leave within six months of childbirth or adoption. Must work one full year after paid parental leave in order to qualify for a subsequent paid parental leave.11 year 1 time (i.e., 2nd births pre-tenure do not stop or extend the clock)No, although if both parents are full time employees, only one may take paid leave (the other may take unpaid FMLA leave); also, although men are technically eligible to take paid leave, I don't personally know any men who have, which may point to some cultural reluctance to take leave or to stop the tenure clockNo"primary caregiver"Policy dated 26 March 2012Multiples same as singles000
Brooklyn Law SchoolRobin Effron8/11/20168 weeks paid leave. This is traditionally taken as one semester at half pay. However, the woman (and, so far, it is just maternity leave) can front load course work and service in another semester and then take the semester at full pay.2Equivalent of 8 weeksNoNoNot specifiedYes0
Brown UniversityJeff Colgan10/29/2014http://www.brown.edu/about/administration/dean-of-faculty/handbook-academic-administration/chapter-13-leaves-absence#13.11 semester1NoNo1 yearNoNofaculty members who are primary caregivers for newborn children or newly adopted children0104310654
California Institute of Technology 010671
California State UniversityCarrie Langner11/14/2014http://www.calstate.edu/hradm/pdf2012/TL-LVS2012-04.pdf30 days parental leave, can use up to 15 days sick days, can share leave with partner, or can do 60% workload reduction for full quarter2applies to chairsonly if beyond 30 aysyes - 1 yearnono
Carnegie Mellon UniversityRobert Simmons12/31/2014https://www.cmu.edu/policies/documents/FacParLeave.htm"A regular faculty member (tenure-track, lecture-track, librarian and
archivist-track and research-scientist/engineer/scholar-track) who is the
parent of a newborn child, or who has adopted a child of pre-school age, and
who is the primary care giver of the child, is entitled to a one semester paid
leave of absence."
1one year, optionalnonono010397424
Case Western Reserve Universityhttps://www.case.edu/facultysenate/media/caseedu/faculty-senate/documents/approvals-and-endorsements/fall-2012/FacultyPaidParentalLeavePolicy.pdf16 weeks paid for "primary" caregiver and 3 weeks for "secondary" caregiver for birth or adoption, must take within one year116 weeks paid for "primary" caregiver and 3 weeks for "secondary" caregiverNoFMLAone year per kid, optionalnonono01053-64137116
Claremont Graduate UniversityMelissa Rogers10/29/2014http://www.cgu.edu/include/handbook/CGU_Faculty_Parental_Leave_Policy.pdfUNot formallyNoprobably negotiable1 year but must apply for it and is no different than any other reason for tenure clock extensionNoNoPrimary caregiver000
Cleveland State UniversityJennifer Miller10/31/2014https://www.csuohio.edu/sites/default/files/2014%20FT%20PT75%20New%20Hire%20Booklet.pdf; https://mycsu.csuohio.edu/ResourceCheck/VerifyServlet?loc=/offices/hrd/Benefits/FMLA/CSU%20FMLA%20Policy.pdfUnsureMust cast in sick leave prior to FMLA usageNone other than FMLA; FMLA does not apply until faculty have been in their position for 12 months or 1 academic yearNoNo100
Colorado State University11078-104241276-300
Columbia UniversityPage Fortna10/31/2014http://fas.columbia.edu/faculty-resources/leaves-and-sabbatical1 semester at full pay, or 1 year at half pay, or 1 year half-time at full pay1yes, parental workload relief covers teaching and admin (but advising and research is meant to continue)nocan take up to 1 year of unpaid leave (first 12 weeks of this is FMLA) separate from the parental leave, but I've never heard of anyone doing this. I know of one case where someone went to part time1 year per child, up to 2 yearsno, but in some cases if due date is in the middle of the semester, birth-mothers can take medical leave for the semester they give birth (with doctor's approval) and then the parental leave. some discussion of making a more consistent policy on thisnoprimarily responsible for care of childnot noted01071014
Cornell UniversityJessica Weeks, Tom Pepinsky10/30/2014 fhttp://www.dfa.cornell.edu/dfa/cms/treasurer/policyoffice/policies/volumes/humanresources/upload/vol6_2_1.pdf1 semester1Not formallyNoYes, FMLA (negotiable)1 yearNoNoprimary or coequal care-giving parent is one who has significant responsibility for the care of a child, and those responsibilities interfere substantially with academic responsibilities. If the child is adopted or placed for foster care, the child must be younger than five years old for the parent to qualify as a primary or coequal care-giving parent "If the professor is not a primary or coequal caregiver but interference with the academic program is substantial, a tenure-clock extension may be requested." Using FMLA is unpaid but still includes benefits; it must be negotiated. In practice, departments vary widely with respect to service and advising while on leave. Both parents can use parental leave leave.010112319
CSU Channel IslandsSean Kelly10/30/2014http://www.csuci.edu/hr/hr_documents/csu-fmla-policy.pdfOur policy is applied in an ad hoc manner when applied to faculty. The policy is written for administration or staff without thought to the needs of facultyYesFaculty can use unpaid leave.Case by caseNoNo100
CUNYMarisa A. Klages-Bombich10/30/2014http://www.psc-cuny.org/updated-paid-parental-leave-agreementAfter 8 weeks of paid leave is up, you are typically given an administrative assignment. These can often be done from home, or require minimal office time for the rest of the semester in which you took leave. 2If you are in a HEO line,(Admin) you get only the 8 weeks not sureallowed to take FMLA unpaid, but not if you adopted. it serves as "bridge" NoYes- no FMLAprimary caregivernot noted110
Daemen CollegeAakriti Tandon10/30/2014http://my.daemen.edu/faculty-staff/faculty-handbook/common/pdf/faculty-handbook.pdf6-8 weels26-8 weeksNoFMLA - 12 weeks1 year per child, max of 2UnclearNo?Fathers eligible for FMLA, unclear weather they are eligible for 6-8 weeks paid leave000
Dartmouth CollegeDeborah Brooks11/14/2014General policy is at http://www.dartmouth.edu/~hrs/benefits/leave/paid_parental_leave.html and faculty policy is mostly on p. 78-79 http://www.dartmouth.edu/~dof/pdfs/dartmouth_fac_handbook.pdfNo for facultyusually 1 yr per kid, I think you have to apply for it, not automatic (strangly, I am not finding it mentioned in the handbook, but seems like everyone gets it) I believe tenure clock extension has been extended to male parents too, but implementation left to departments in some way (i.e., no university guidance to departments on whether men with stay at home wives should get tenure clock extensions) 01078-104242152
Denison UniversityHeather Rhodes9/25/17https://denison.edu/forms/faculty-handbook1 semester off at full pay (lighter teaching semester) or 1 year at reduced payseparate staff policy; unclear for teaching facultynoyes (1 year at reduced pay is effectively 1 semester with pay, one without)1 year per child, up to 2 totalno, although if both parents are univ employees they cannot both take full benefit.nono
Drexel UniversityAmelia Hoover Green10/29/2014http://www.drexel.edu/hr/benefits/leave/duleave/faq/Only via short-term disability and/or accrued sick/vacation time (i.e., no).0Only via short-term disability and/or accrued sick/vacation time (i.e., no).yesFMLAno policynono?NABottom line: this is the legal minimum. There are stories about people getting more, but so far I haven't been able to confirm.000
Duke UniversityMegan Mullin12/5/2014http://provost.duke.edu/faculty-resources/advantages/professional-personal-balance/one semester of leave for birth or adoption of a child1one semester of leave for birth or adoption of a childnoautomatic one-yearnono010232018
Emory UniversityDenise Brubaker11/24/2014http://provost.emory.edu/documents/faculty/Emory-Faculty-Handbook.pdfSee pages 46-47 of linked faculty handbook. A
faculty member with teaching responsibilities who is otherwise eligible for
parental leave benefits may request relief from those responsibilities for up
to one full teaching load during any single term, or for up to one-half load
during two terms. The faculty member will be expected to remain in residence
and to continue departmental service and advising, as well as scholarly
activities during the affected term(s). Leave under these circumstances will
customarily be compensated at full pay.
2See pages 46-47 of linked faculty handbook.  A
faculty member with no teaching responsibilities who is otherwise eligible for parental leave benefits may request relief from some of his or her duties for a continuous period not to exceed two terms.
Must apply for FMLAIf a faculty member on the tenure track who has not yet been reviewed for tenure becomes a parent by birth or adoption, he or she will be granted an automatic extension of the tenure clock by one year.No, but must be primary caregiver.  No, however child must be below the age of five years. Leave may also be available to primary caregivers with any dependent children over the age of five who suffer from a serious illness or other condition that creates extraordinary parenting demands. Must be primary caregiver. 
Emory University01053-648493
Florida Atlantic UniversityMirya Holman11/14/2014https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WyX_XHjCRNOBMdNzG1w2YiN-DXk4Pftove7uZ_nxyNo/edit?usp=sharingYes, 1 semester leave1Under FMLA, 6 weeks of sick leave can be used. Individuals can negotiate with their supervisorYes, for administrative leaveCan be requestedNoNoThis is the first year of the program. No1No
Florida State UniversityWill H. Moore10/31/2014http://hr.fsu.edu/index.cfm?page=FacultyStaff_BenAndPerks_FamilyMedicalLeaveActYesYesNoStandard FMLA policyNoNoNohttp://fda.fsu.edu/Leave/Attendance-and-Leave/Parental-Leave-Q-A11078-104
George Washington UniversityElizabeth Saunders10/29/2014http://www.gwu.edu/~facsen/faculty_senate/pdf/2004Code.pdf1 semester -- can be taken anytime in first year after birth/adoption of baby11 semesterNo???1 year per childNoNo"he or she will provide at least half of the child’s care during the leave period"Applicable to "up to a maximum of two minor dependent children" but some possibly other leave at discretion of VPAA; policy adopted in 2008 prior to that, my understanding was that it was done on a departmental basis case-by-case010268201
Georgetown UniversityDavid Edelstein10/30/2014https://georgetown.app.box.com/s/6qbejgwsnmrqtdlpusmy1 semester11 semesterNo?1 year per childNoNo (adopted child must be 5 or younger to be eligible)"primary and full-time caregiver"Doesn't affect a huge number of people, but twins have actually been a contentious issue--one leave or two?010105-125258173
Georgia Institute of Technology110526127
Georgia State University110
Guilford CollegeRachel Riskind 9/28/2016Currently under revisionCurrently under revision, but most recently, birth parents can take "short-term disability" at 80% pay for a variable number of weeks1 year per FMLA event00
Hamilton CollegeErica De Bruin10/30/2014http://www.hamilton.edu/documents/July%202014%20Faculty%20Handbook.pdfOne semester maternity leave1For 8 weeksNoParental/adoption leave of up to one year without salary but with health care; birth mothers can take parental leave after maternity leave1 year per child, up to 2 yearsYesYes"assuming parenting responsibilities"Not noted000
Hamline UniversityAlina Oxendine12/4/20146 weeks26 weeksno 6 weeks additional
Harvard Business SchoolMeg Rithmire10/30/2014No codified policy as of 2014; New regulations about faculty duties introduced in 2012 make the old policy invalid, and nothing is yet codified under the new regimeEquivalent of one full year for birth mothers who are primary caregivers. HBS teaching load is "2" ( as in 0-2, 2-0, or 1-1). One gets a reduction of "1" for being a birth mother and a reduction of "1" as primary caregiver, so effectively, a full year of teaching relief if both apply.113 weeks noNo. 1 year; mandatoryYes. Only primary caregivers entitled to any relief; see previous.Yes. A primary caregiver of newly adopted child entitled to reduction of "1" or equivalent of one semester "primary caregiver," meaning > 50% of dutiesAll leave must be taken within 12 months of child's birthNot that I know of010
Harvard Kennedy School Dara Kay Cohen10/29/2014http://www.faculty.harvard.edu/sites/default/files/downloads/hks-faculty-handbook-090111.pdf1 semester at full pay OR two semesters at half pay11 semester at full pay OR two semesters at half pay (this is the official policy on admin duties, but the implementation is different and is negotiated on a case-by-case basis; in practice, service may not stop during parental leave (committees, advising MPP theses, etc.)No???1 yearNo, but leave-taker must assume half or more of the newborn care and cannot have a full-time caregiving spouseNo, policy is explicit for either a "newborn or newly adopted child"Parental leave policy is for "a full-time faculty member who assumes half or more of the care for a newborn or newly adopted child... 'Half or more' of the care assumes day-to-day responsibility for the care of the infant and is not intended to include parents whose newborn or newly adopted child is cared for full time by either a spouse or a live-in child care provider."This is the HKS policy only; policies at FAS/HBS may be different. 010112
Howard University010
Imperial College London1NA022 (worldwide)12
Indiana UniversityAnna Oltman1/4/2015https://www.indiana.edu/~vpfaa/academicguide/index.php/Policy_F-4Yes- Up to 12 weeks of fully paid leave for individuals earning up to $125,000 annually, and partially paid leave for those making more than $125,000. If leave affects teaching duties for two consecutive semesters, the individual and her/his academic unit have to come up with an agreement regarding teaching (e.g. reduced teaching schedule, partial semester teaching, additional non-teaching duties, or combination of paid and unpaid leave). 2YesNoAdditional sick leave for pregnancyTenure clock stops during family leave (as well as sick leave). NoNoFamily leave may be for: "Family formation, which includes the birth or adoption of a child by the academic appointee or the academic appointee’s spouse or domestic partner," or for: "Family care, which includes the primary care of an eligible family member with a serious health condition"No11153-64114150
Iowa State UniversityTessa Ditonto11/14/2014http://www.hrs.iastate.edu/hrs/node/49Adpotive parents are entitled to 5 days of paid leave. Otherwise, FMLA, which is to be taken concurrently with any accrued sick/vacation time. Any relief or modified duties aside from this must be negotiated on an individual basis with department chairs.2VariesYesNoYes, 1 year extension per child, up to 2 childrenNo, FMLA and individual negotiations apply to fathers tooYesNA11065-77155193
John Carroll UniversityLauren Copeland11/14/2014http://webmedia.jcu.edu/hr/files/2014/08/Staff-Policy-on-Parental-Leave.pdf6 weeks paid leave after 1 year of employment2FMLA eligible leave runs concurrently, parent may be eligible for additional FMLA leaveDistinction between primary vs. secondary caregiverNoPrimary vs. secondary caregiverNew policy for 2014-2015nononot rankednot ranked
Johns Hopkins University Anna Oltman1/7/2015http://sites.jhu.edu/council/files/FMLPolicy.pdf , http://hrnt.jhu.edu/pol-man/documents/FMLA_WorkingDraft_final.pdf 8 Weeks paid maternity leave; rate of salary depends on the individual's funding source (whether from general funds or from a grant). Parental leave is unpaid but teaching relief may be granted for one semester for new parents (usually reduced to half the normal teaching load).2No- those with reduced teaching loads must still carry out their advising and administrative dutiesFor parental leave but not for maternity leaveFMLADepends on written request to the Dean; extensions will be no longer than 1 year.Yes- rules for teaching relief are the same, but the only paid leave is for birthing mothersYes- only paid relief is for maternity leave"Parental leave, to care for a new child, whether through birth, adoption or placement of a foster child will be unpaid."These policies are for the Homewood Schools Campus of JHU, which include the schools of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Education, and Business. There does not appear to be a University-wide Parental Leave Policy. See links in column D.No010151115
Kennesaw State UniversityTavishi Bhasin11/13/2014https://web.kennesaw.edu/hr/content/leave_absence_and_fmla12 weeks under FMLA using sick leave and short term disability0Same as teachingYes. Perhaps using a leave of absenceYes as they cannot claim short term disability or sick leaveIn practice, reduced teaching loads are negotiated for the semester following the birth of the child 100
Lawrence UniversityJason Brozek11/14/2014Yes - one term (2 courses) for maternity, 1/2 term (1 course) for paternity1NoNoCan be requestedYes
Lesley UniversityMichael IlluzziNo0NoWomen can go on disabilityNoNo tenure at schoolFathers can't go on disability, so yesI will find more of the answers in the coming days and update0
Louisiana State UniversityJanet Newhall10/31/2014http://www.lsu.edu/senate/LSU%20faculty%20handbook.pdfNoNoYesStandard FMLA policyYes, by department approvalNoNoLSU has no short-term disability, either, so only accrued sick and vacation leave can be used for paid leave, followed by unpaid FMLA leave up to 12 weeks total11078-104
Loyola University ChicagoMolly Melin10/29/2014http://www.luc.edu/media/lucedu/academicaffairs/pdfs/Faculty%20Maternity%20Guidelines%20for%20Implementation.pdf1 semester for birth mothers11 semester for birth mothersNoNo1 year per childYes - only leave for birth mothersYes, adoptive parents don't give birth and are not included in this policy.NA000
Macalester CollegeLesley Lavery10/30/2014http://www.macalester.edu/employmentservices/benefits/timeaway/A full‐time faculty member who is assuming primary care of a new dependent, and who is on a multi‐year terminal contract with a minimum of two years remaining in the contract or on a tenured or tenure track contract, may choose one of the following leave options :Option A: Up to six weeks leave at full pay with a full teaching load for the rest of the academic year. Option B: One semester leave and a full load for the remainder of the academic year. Option C: A one course release.2000
Marquette UniversityAmber Wichowsky10/30/2014http://www.marquette.edu/hr/MaternityLeave.shtmlUp to 12 weeks (using short-term disability days at 100%, remainder paid at 75%) 2up to 12 weeks (using short-term disability days acquired at 100%; remainder paid at 75%) YesThree options given to faculty to be negotiated with Department Chair/Dean1 year per child, max 2NoNo000
McGill UniversityJuliet Johnson10/31/2014http://www.mcgill.ca/apo/academic-staff/procedures/maternity-parental/Yes. 20 weeks leave at full pay, option of an additional 11 weeks at 60% pay. Spouse also eligible for leave at reduced rates.1Yes, sameNoYes, up to 41 additional weeks of unpaid leave.10067 (worldwide)4439
Mercer UniversityWesley Barker11/2/2014http://departments.mercer.edu/payroll/Employee%20Handbook.pdfyes; 8 weeks paid leave for 1-5years of service; 10 weeks paid for 6-10 years of service; 12 weeks of paid leave for more than 10 years of service to the University as faculty.2Not sure.Not sureYes, but no more than 12 weeks totalNot sureNoNo000
Miami University (Ohio)Monica Schneider11/14/2014page 42 http://www.miamioh.edu/_files/documents/secretary/MUPIM.pdf6 weeks (up to 12 if medically necessary and can use sick leave)2?only if beyond 6 weeksnoyes - 1 yearyes - fathers get 3 weeksYes - get 3 weeks paidcan use sick leave to get paid for weeks 6-12 IF doctor writes note that it's medically necessary; can take up to 3 months unpaid or do a P/T option at 1/2 payno10
Michigan State UniversitySarah Reckhow10/31/2014http://www.hr.msu.edu/documents/facacadhandbooks/facultyhandbook/parentalLeave.htmOfficially 6 weeks paid leave. But it is standard practice in my dept (and seems to be elsewhere) to offer 1 course release. However, this is done at the department level.2YesNoYes1 year per child, for up to 2 children; http://www.hr.msu.edu/documents/facacadhandbooks/facultyhandbook/implementation.htmNoNo11153-647582
Middlebury CollegeAmy Yuen, Sarah Stroup10/30/2014http://www.middlebury.edu/about/handbook/faculty/familial_leaves1 semester+winter term depending on the due date16 weeksNo6 weeks?1 semester per birthNoNoPrimary CaregiverThere is a detailed description of policy for two faculty couples and faculty/staff couples as well.000
Minnesota State UniversityKevin Parsneau12/4/2014http://www.hr.mnscu.edu/contract_plans/documents/IFO%202011-2013%20CBA%20and%20TOC%20FINAL.pdf6 weeks paid parental leave plus possible additional unpaid leave26 weeks (it does not appear to differentiate between teaching and administrative duties)yesyesnononononono
Mississippi State University110
MITChris Warshaw10/30/2014http://web.mit.edu/policies/7/7.5.html#sub21 semester11 semesterNo?1 year for mother, none for fatherYes, no tenure clock extension for fathers010326
Montana State University110
Mount Holyoke CollegeLiz Markovits10/30/2014https://www.mtholyoke.edu/deanoffaculty/current_faculty/parental-leave1 semester full pay (or single course reduction for two semesters at full pay); immediate eligibility for sr. lecturers/tt/tenured faculty-- that is, no need to wait one semester/year to take leave, unless visitor (then must be in second year of contract and continuing after).1000
New Mexico State University11078-104251-275
New York UniversityNicole Simonelli11/26/2014http://www.nyu.edu/about/policies-guidelines-compliance/policies-and-guidelines/workload-relief-policy.html“New York University's workload relief policy permits one (1) semester of workload relief from classroom teaching and administrative committee work, or two (2) semesters of half relief from such duties based on the individual's normal yearly workload at full salary. Workload relief is not considered a leave as faculty members are expected to make themselves available to the extent reasonable and practicable for their customary responsibilities of research, student consultation and advising.”2Yesnomax 2 semesters for primary care giverYes? (must be primary care giver)Noprimary care-giver010193638
North Carolina State University11065-77213
North Dakota State UniversityDan Pemstein10/30/2014http://www.ndsu.edu/fileadmin/policy/135.pdfCollege (AHSS) policy allows deparments to "reassign duties" for up to one semester. This is optional but often results in one semester without teaching for mothers. Technically the policy covers both spouses, but I have never heard of a case of a father taking advantage of the policy (http://www.ndsu.edu/fileadmin/ahss/family2010.pdf). Other college have similar polices.NoYesFMLA - 12 weeks1 year for both parentsNoNo?110
Northern Illinois UniversityShweta Moorthy10/31/2014http://www.hr.niu.edu/ServiceAreas/MedicalAndDisabilityLeaves/FMLA.cfmNoNoNoStandard FMLA policyWhen FMLA is taken in such a way that the faculty member returns to work mid-semester, then arrangements for work load are determined on an individual basis via MOU.100
Northwestern UniversityAnna Oltman1/5/2015http://www.northwestern.edu/provost/policies/faculty-leave-and-holidays/policy-on-faculty-family-leave.htmlOne academic term of paid leave for childbearing or adoption (w/ additional term for childrearing), "with corresponding reduction in teaching load" (which cannot amount to less than teaching one course a year).1Leave inclues relief from membership on committees but not from advising duties.NoFMLAOne year for childbirth or adoption, with possibility for an additional year for childrearing (adoption and childrearing applies to both partners, childbirth to the birth mother only). Yes- no tenure extension for childbirth for non-birthing parent.No- technically different category for "adoption leave" vs. "childbearing leave" (though both are eligible for the additional "childrearing leave," but the policies are the same.For childrearing leave, individual must be "at least an equal partner in caring for a child." Only one leave per "birth or adoption event," but additional leave for the birth/adoption of twins can be sought through FMLA.011202521
Ohio State University Sara Watson11/3/2014for info on parental leave see: http://hr.osu.edu/public/documents/worklife/Parentalcareguidebook.pdf?t=201411343650; for info on clock extension see http://trustees.osu.edu/rules/university-rules/rules6/ru6-03.html6 weeks paid; you can use your sick leave to get up to 12 weeks. 2Not sure.YesStandard FMLA policyYes, may request 1 year for each child, up to 3 children. (It used to be 'automatic'- chair was supposed to automatically request extension- but now they tell us it is our responsibility to make the request to the chair.)NoSame policy as for non-birthing parentMust be working for the university for a full year before receiving any leave benefits, including unpaid leave. Policy about 'automatic' extension of tenure clock is unclear as there has been confusion about what automatic means. The previous interpretation [in place with my first child] was that the chair was supposed to automatically request an extension of the probationary period for you (then you could still decide to go up on your normal timeline if you chose), but more recently faculty have been told it is their responsibility to ask their chair to initiate the clock extension (the more recent interpretation of automatic is that once your chair makes the request it is automatically granted). I didn't see any.111403468
Ohio Wesleyan UniversityAshley Biser12/8/2014http://provost.owu.edu/pdfs/FacultyHandbook.pdfSee VI, pg 12 of linked handbook. Personal Leave (pregnancy) [A full-time faculty member who is pregnant is entitled to a leave with full pay equivalent to a three-course load reduction (full semester load at OWU), to be distributed as she wishes. If this leave does not meet the needs of the faculty member, she may explore alternatives with the Provost and department chair]. No specific policy for paternal leave or parental leave in the case of an adoption, but they are covered under "family or exceptional circumstances" and "short-term emergency leave" policies--all negotiable with the Provost. 1unclearnonegotiablecan be requestedyesyes, in official policy, but no in practical termsvery unequal policy with regard to staff, particularly librarians, who are considered voting members of the faculty but are only covered under staff leave policiesnonono
Oregon State UniversityAndrew Thurber10/30/2014http://hr.oregonstate.edu/orientation/benefits-overview/classified-10-fte-benefits/leave-accrual-use-leave-time#familyNone. 12 weeks unpaid allowed 0Noneyesno11065-77250301-350
Pennsylvania State UniversityElizabeth Carlson10/30/2014http://guru.psu.edu/policies/OHR/hrg18.htmlSemester1Six weeks (de facto one semester in my department)NoLeave of absence without pay up to one yearOne year per child; second child negotiableYesNoNoThere are conflicting policies within the universityYes, only for adoption111375258
Pitzer CollegeRachel VanSickle-Ward75% pay for one semester or full pay for 6 weeks for full-time faculty members on tenure-track or tenured appointments, 2Yes (same as teaching relief - 75% pay for one semester or full pay for 6 weeks)noNoNoPrimary care taker35 (liberal arts)
please contact Jessica Weeks (jweeks@wisc.edu) with any questions
Portland State UniversityMelody Ellis Valdini10/29/2014http://www.pdx.edu/hr/family-medical-leaveNone! But, if you have sick hours, you may use those. If you don't have the sick hours, you're out of luck.0None! Yes- sick leaveFMLA 12 weeks1 year but must requestNoNoNA100
Princeton UniversityAllison Schnable10/30/2014http://www.princeton.edu/dof/policies/publ/fac/pregnancy_childbirth/One semester full teaching relief or two semesters at half-relief1Yes, one semester or two semesters at half-reliefnoWomen who give birth get 10-12 weeks paid short-term disability. This presumably relieves them from all work, while the teaching relief applies to any parent who does not give birth1 yearNot for teaching/admin reliefNot for teaching/admin relief20 hrs/weekNot noted0105137
Providence CollegeRuth Ben-Artzi1/1/2015http://www.providence.edu/academic-affairs/faculty-resources/Documents/extended-sick-leave-program-ordinary.pdfone semester full teaching relief 1yes, one semester.yes. sick leave1 yearnonoprimary care taker00
Purdue UniversityAnna Oltman1/6/2015http://www.purdue.edu/policies/human-resources/vie3.html , http://www.purdue.edu/discoverypark/advance/assets/pdfs/documents/worklife/work-family-policies.pdfUp to 240 hours Paid Parental Leave for mother who has given birth. Up to 120 hours for non-birthing parent or for parents who have adopted. Must be taken within the first 12 months.2Appears to be a matter of agreement with individual's department.Yes- FMLA runs concurrent to Paid Parental LeaveFMLA, but use of Paid Parental Leave reduces the employee's FMLA balance because they run concurrently (even if they need to use FMLA for an unrelated family or medical issue)One-year tenure clock extension (for either birthing or non-birthing parent and for parents of adoption as well as childbirth)YesYesN/ANo1103869102
Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute010369
Rice UniversityAshley Leeds10/28/2014http://professor.rice.edu/IndependentPage.aspx?id=6961 semester11 semesterno???1 year for each primary caregiver leave up to 2 upon requestLeave available to "primary caregiver". If both parents are employed at Rice, only one can take leave. "There shall be only one primary caregiver leave entitlement per child and it may not be divided."policy applies to adoptive parents if child is under one year of age"The primary caregiver is the person in the household who has primary responsibility in terms of time and commitment for the active care, custody and welfare of the child. A faculty member applying for primary caregiver leave must complete a signed and notarized affidavit with University Human Resources certifying that he or she is the primary caregiver and supply supporting documentation if requested.""The semester covered by this leave will be chosen at the discretion of the faculty member, as long as it is completed within 9 months after birth or adoption."010458969
Rochester Institute of Technology10/30/2014Currently proposed, likely to pass: 1 semester for primary caregiver of birth or adopted child, one course release for secondary caregiver. Primary caregiver also gets 1 course release the semester following leave. No1 yearNono000
Rockefeller University0102571
Rutgers UniversityDamon Fillman11/12/2014Article XVI of the Collective Bargaining Agreeement found at http://rutgersaaup.org/sites/default/files/images/FT_Agreement_2007-2011.pdfUnder our Collective Bargaining Agreement, six weeks of recuperative paid leave is available to females after birth. In addition, eight weeks of paid leave is available to a non-gender specific parent to care for a newborn child. If a pregnant mother becomes disabled after birth she'll have an additional eight weeks of paid leave available to her, resulting in potentially fourteen weeks of total relief time, depending on the circumstances.2N/ANoFMLA and similar New Jersey laws allow for unpaid leave and our Collective Bargaining Agreement contains a leave of absence provision of up to two consesutive years, upon eligibility.If an employee takes a 1 semester leave, an entire year may be excluded from the probationary period. In addition, a second probataitory year may be excluded upon request and upon eligiblity.Our Collective Bargaining Agreement only allows for eight weeks of paid leave for fathers or non-birthing partners, whereas mothers may be eligible for up to fourteen weeks.Our Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn't include adoptive parents in terms of paid relief time, but New Jersey law, upon eligibility, allows for adoptive parents to utilize six weeks of Temporary Disability Insurance to care for a newborn or adopted child.N/ANo1115270144
Saint Louis UniversityJason Windett11/14/2014http://www.slu.edu/Documents/provost/policies_procedures/Childcare_Leave_Policy_Faculty.pdf6 weeks paid leave. 2At the discretion of the department chairNonoNoYes
Salisbury UniversityEcho Leaver12/4/2014http://www.salisbury.edu/provost/handbook/No. Different departments may work with individual faculty0NoYesYes - 1 year optionalno
Santa Clara UniversityNaomi Levy12/4/2014http://www.scu.edu/provost/policy/handbook/upload/Chpt-3-Combined-08-13-14.pdf and http://www.scu.edu/hr/manual/600/12 weeks plus eligible for pregnancy disability2yes, this is included in the 12 weeksnoyes, always availableAutomatic 1-year extension of the probationary period (see section of faculty handbook)nononononono
Sewanee: University of the SouthMelody Crowder-Meyer11/16/2014http://provost.sewanee.edu/media/provost/Parental_Leave_Policy_2013.pdf2-3 teaching load, policy provides a one course reduction during the year at full annual pay with full benefits; or a two course reduction during the year at 80% annual pay with proportional benefits; or a three course reduction during the year at 60% annual pay with proportional benefits. So, often results in a year with a 1 course semester followed by a 3 course semester (or vice versa)2If possible and if requested by the faculty member, the faculty member should be relieved from her or his service on college and university committees during the semester or academic year in question. no (faculty don't get sick leave)noeNo - the policy is for faculty members "who are the parent with primary responsibility for child care"nonot defined other than "the parent with primary responsibility for child care"nonono
Spelman CollegeYes (100% pay for 6 weeks, 70% for another 6 weeks -- to coincide with FMLA)2Yes (same as teaching relief - 100% pay for 6 weeks, 70% for another 6 weeks -- to coincide with FMLA)Yes- FMLA runs concurrent to Paid Parental LeaveYes, 4 weeksOne yearNo, policy applies to whoever is the primary caregiverNoPrimary caregiverNoNono
Stanford UniversityErin Mordecai10/30/2014https://facultyhandbook.stanford.edu/ch3.html#fam1-2 quarters teaching relief for the birth mother, 1 quarter for the father or adopting parent; other childcare and pregnancy disability leave also available2No?Yes, FMLA and childcare leave1 year?YesYes010244
SUNY BuffaloLindsay Brandon Hunter11/17/2014The only paid leave available is disability, charged to sick leave. If you do not have enough sick leave accrued, you can apply for Presidential sick leave (informally: it's always granted). An uncomplicated vaginal birth is allowed six weeks, a c-section eight weeks. Additional sick leave may not be taken without exigent circumstances. 0The only paid leave available is disability, charged to sick leave. If you do not have enough sick leave accrued, you can apply for Presidential sick leave (informally: it's always granted). An uncomplicated vaginal birth is allowed six weeks, a c-section eight weeks. Additional sick leave may not be taken without exigent circumstances. Yes.Legally mandated family leave (12 weeks, includes the period of disability).Yes. Duration up to the faculty member requesting--not sure if it can be greater than 12 mos.Unknown.Unknown, but since it's a disability based model: probably.Unclear.UB's policy is very difficult to find on line--I'm unable to link you to a specific page. My understanding comes from discussing my own leave with an HR specialist. Maybe also worth noting that if faculty with a 10 month obligation give birth in the summer, more than 6-8 weeks in advance of the start of the term, ZERO paid leave is offered, given that the employee was not obligated to the university during the period of disability, which is the only period deemed worthy of relief.11078-104420191
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