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Country/RegionSkin/fur colour/shadeAverage HeightAverage WeightFace shapeFacial featuresSkin featuresBody shapeClothing trendsTraditionsAttitudesGenital sizeSoldier UniformsWeaponsLegitimacy
EXAMPLEOlive6 foot 5 inches (can also be metric)90kgSoft but definedDescribe things like eye shape, nose shape, mouth shape, ect Freckles, moles. On Saguans; fur patternsAny items or features that relate to a nation or race's traditionsA demographic's attitude to things such as clothing and styleBMI chart to help with height and weight
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Dotruga70 in~165 lbstutonowow basically tutonoVery hairy boisWide-framed tutono~6.3 inches
Tutono (Male)73 in / 185 cm172 lbs / 78 kgOverall shape is defined. Jaw is slightly squareEye color is a fierce amber. Eye shape is roundish. Medium nose and a rather thick mouth. Cheekbones are pronounced, and a slight brow ridge is noticeable. Chin is wide.Freckles dot the nose and cheeks. Body hair is moderate, but with thick facial hair. Long legs, and wide shoulders. Torso is normal with a broad chest. Overall shape is slim.Due to cool annual temperatures, men like to wear long coats with fur accentuated around the collar. They wear knit gloves if that day was going to be freezing. Formal pants are slim, dark, and are worn in cold temperatures. Fancy boots are worn on the occasion, and are mostly a dark color, with fur accentuated around the rim of the shoe. Fur color is commonly a light brown color. In warmer temperatures, an open shirt is worn over an undershirt with slim jeans and high end shoes. Hats are rarely worn unless in freezing conditions, in which a head wrap similar to a beanie is worn. Jewerly is worn mainly on the face, such as the ears and possibly the mouth and nose.8-15 inches fuck yes
Tutono (Female)66 in / 168 cm141 lbs / 64 kgOverall shape is round. Jaw is average.Eye color is a fierce amber. Eyes are round. Nose is medium and mouth is thick. cheekbones are slightly pronounced. Chin is triangular.Freckles dot the nose and cheeks. Body hair is light.Legs are normal with thick thighs, and shoulders are narrow. Torso is normal with thick breasts. Overall body shape is curvy.Women wear short fur coats with gloves. They also wear knee-high skirts with leggings under them. In really cold conditions, dark denim pants are worn. Long boots that reach mid-calf are commonly worn, and usually fur is stiched around the rim of the boots. In warmer temperatures, A stylish longsleeved shirt is worn with stylish jewerly around the neck. A short skirt with dark leggins are worn to display sexuality, otherwise slim pants are worn. Boots are still commonly worn, but are ankle high and with no fur. High heels are rarely worn except in formal environments. Hair is loose, and jewerly is worn around the wrists, on the ears, and occasionally on the face (lips, nose, etc.)why are they white
187 cm / 174 cm75 kg / 68 kgmore triangular jaw, smallish nose, brown and dark green eyes are most common, blue is rare, hair is genearlly dark brown, sometimes blacktall and thinkiɰátki - loose skirt which hangs down to around knee length for being able to be active and do things; aguráŋki - decorative fabric piece that goes around the neck, some cover the shoulders, but their main "part" covers back, about halfway down, and is not as prominently covering in the front, generally not covering the breast (of either sex); kótaneki - necklace, can be constructed with different items: rocks, minerals, shells, feathers, sometimes has a cut gem "centerpiece"; seppana - any floral decoration on or around head pretty muchmost people reserve their aguráŋki and/or kótaneki or have a special one, and make seppana for traditional holidays and festivalsmost people consider that clothes are for traditional occassions, personal decoration, or winter, it is not uncommon during warm days to see people not wearing anything, although kiɰátki are still predominantly worn; winter clothes are different and cover more of the body, but are basically extensions of kiɰátki and aguráŋkiμ = 18 cm / 20 cm
Fykiseilianclothes much more prevalent and more covering
North Tutono (Male)6' 1"150 lbsNarrow and DefinedNormal jaw, medium nose, medium lips. Brown eyes and black hair are common among Northern TutoniansLittle body hair. Most men can only grow a short beard. Slim, narrow body type.
North Tutono (Female)5' 8"125 lbsSlightly roundedSmaller jaw, medium nose, slightly thicker lips. Brown eyes and black hair are common among Northern TutoniansSlim, narrow body type.why are they black
Aeridanish (male)white people5'8163 lbscircular-heart-shapedbusty chin, large adams apple, medium nose, brown eyes 95% of the time, green hair, eye shape is in between asian and caucasianaeridanish people are often very hairy. Males don't shave unless their facial hair is a mess.slightly indented waist, fat thighsIn the winter, Aeridanish Males have many different styles of clothing. However, what usually is worn is a snuggie-like attire. The closest thing would be to take a dress, elongate it to the ground, add sleeves from a sweater and make it more constricted to deal with the outside environment. The upper-half is usually denim or leather with fleece on the inside, while the lower half is usually just denim all the way around. It's common to wear a pair of shorts underneath, especially for women. Instead of a belt, a long scarf made of cotton/hemp is used to tie around the person; It is tied around the hips in men and waist in women. One other major attire in the winter is wearing hats with jewerly on them is considered popular fashion, along with bracelets.clothes are mostly good1-10 incheswhat is an aeridane
Aeridanish (female)5'6122 lbsgreen hair and brown eyes, petite cheeks and lips and nose, semi-male-like chin, caucasian eye shape.Females sometimes shave and sometimes don't shave, however they wear things on top of their legs like stockings, arm gloves that princesses irl wear etc.indented waist and slightly outdented hips, thin thighs.wearing emerald/ruby/other exotic jewels as a headband along with wearing bracelets are considered popular fashion.2-13 inchesclothes are mostly bad
Aiyoti (Male)175 cm80 kgCircular and HeartshapedHair is almost always brown to a muddy red colour, and eye colour is brown, amber or (rarely) turquoise/green/blue. Small chin, almond shaped eyesAiyoti men often have a bit of a stubble, but usually will shave it if it grows to long. Freckles commonSlightly indented waist, fat thighs. Very feminineLoose baggy clothing not often having more then two colours. Nearly always made from Ha'ehkel or Hemp. Traditional Aiyoti clothing consists of bright silky fabrics decorated with many different gems. The Sette is a headdress made of two halves, the top covering the forehead and the bottom covering the nose and mouth. It is worn by both genders. They have bright decorations on them and often traditional Aiyoti writing, however the rich and famous will often wear black ones with diamonds on them (real or fake)Clothes are needed and should be appealing to look at on both genders. People should also smell nice.
Aiyoti (Female)163 cm67 kgsCircular and HeartshapedHair and eyes same as male, small nose, occasional facial jewelry. Small chin, almond shaped eyesOften have slightly fairer skin as it is considered part of feminine beauty. Freckles fairly common howeverCurvy waist, kind of fat thighs. Very feminine
Traditional aiyoti dress consists of a baggy and airy pair of pants/skirt made out of a silky material (Ha'ehkel). Over the top half goes a loose scarf-bra thing like piece of fabric, often decorated with jewels it is called the Kalahkeri, and is much more prevalent in women, however men will wear it too occasionally.
When it's hot both genders will often wear nothing but a large baggy undone shirt (Suuthiera) and mid-thigh baggy shorts (Lazhiya)
Blaite188 cm71 kgKind of like Ryan HigaUsually blue or brown eyes.Usually homogenous-looking skin without freckles or other patterns/features.Usually tall and rather slim.Simple, plain, black, mass-produced clothes without many features of them. In honor of Blaist Communism and the Blaist Communist Party, people are often seen wearing a red, short-armed shirt inside their black shirt, visible as a red arc at their neck.Collectivism and solidarity. In Blaist Blaland, a popular hobby is drawing cities and connecting them to drawings of other people. The green, blue and cyan Blalandish Flag is a popular ideological symbol in Blaist Blaland.Luxuries, greed and egoism is strongly looked down upon.Huge and explosive
Red188 cm68 kgKind of like Mikkel SikkelNotably red eyes.Like Blaite, but much brighter skin color due to history of living inside mountains and buildings, protected from UV.Usually tall and rather slim.Same clothing style as Blaist Blaland, people additionally wear a cap suspiciously similar to those worn by Soviet army infantry.They have a pretty nice and hot military choir.Luxuries, greed and egoism is strongly looked down upon.Bigger than Blaites!Very hotGaysers, torture devices and various S&M instruments100!!!
North Loviniosan (M)5'6 / 167 cm71 kground, asianblack and brown hair are the most common colors, (brown/black) eyes somewhere between asian and caucasian, facial appearance somewhat similar to male koreansoccasional frecklesslim, somewhat muscularblack jacket/coat, appearane similar to a tuxedo, sometimes with various colors of red and white. may wear valuable objects such as golden necklaces laced with ruby or wear rings. wears black pants, usually dresspants, and wear black shoes, which usually reaches up to about 4cm up on the leg or so. hair can be messy, but most usually have somewhat curled bangswearing accessories of the official region colors (red, black, and white) is usually a mark of patriotism and is common amongst the male population of loviniosathey believe that looking nice is a good thing, even in casual wear, and that it is important in civilized society.
North Loviniosan (F)5'5 / 165 cm66 kground, asianblack and brown hair are the most common colors, somewhat brown asiatic eyes and facial appearance similar to female koreans/japaneseusually shaves, so they may have smooth and silk skin compared to othersusually short, smallblack/white silk coat, can have various colors of red lining through and can be accustomed with diamonds and other various gems. wears black laced skirts, usually down to the knee. wears simple black dress shoes. hair is usually long, loose and can reach down to the stomachsex appeal is common in loviniosa, but otherwise females tend to wear 'cute' or 'semi-formal' clothing; casual wear is also common as wellthey believe that looking nice is a good thing, even in casual wear, and that it is important in civilized society.
Ethanthovan (North)they look like nothingOn Unconditional Basic Income only, people are given 3 sets of a plain button up shirt, trousers, plain shoes, and a jumper as part of their allowance. Expression and stylistic freedom is something the people enjoy to exersise.
Ethanthovan (Mid)nada
Ethanthovan (South)nope nothing
Male Darvincians
165 cm74 kgflattish faces, fatty cheeks like the inuits, nose is usually shortish but protrudes, nasolabial fold is always visible for all ages in all positions of the faceblack and brown are common hair colors, although people of all types dye it dark red; brown or green eyes most common, some people have "speckled" irises that are both blue and brownmales usually have acne from 16 to 30, females from 16 to 25; only very few people get it majorly, 1%; few people have mottled skinstocky for their size, wide chest and armsdarvincians wear ""tubes"", aka things made out of fabric or leather that are form-fitting and go from below the breasts to about 10cm (4"") below the genitals. they act much like western fashion's underwear, but it is acceptable to go with only a tube in public, and this is very common especially in summer. due to influence from breast-covering cultures, city women's ""tubes"" will cover their breasts except in more traditional occasions. completely traditional summer attire is as follows: there are metal cuffs on the arms at varying positions that are latched on on the right wrist, a flower bracelet on the left wrist, along with usually two to four necklaces: highest one is covered in flowers, lower ones are usually beads. women have nipple piercings for traditional attire with a mineral hanging off of them like an earring. usually there are more cuffs on the upper arm for less muscular people. more detail here:2 - 48 cmvery legit
Female Darvincians158 cm68 kglarge breasts, short and stubby legs, stocky arms/chest5 - 58 cmalso super legit
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