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Archaeogaming Idea Generator Suggestions Form
The best game ideas come from discussions between lots of awesome people. In light of this I want as many people as possible to contribute to the #archaeogame generator so ever more ridiculous and brilliant ideas can be spawned. Below is a list of categories which the generator uses to spawn ideas - pop your ideas into the corresponding collumn and it will be updated into the generator within 8 hours (this stand-down time is so that naughty words, irrelevant stuff or offensive material dosent find its way into the generator). Please also leave your twitter tag so we can credit you as a valued contributor!
The columns feed into the generator and it randomly selects elements from them - so try make sure anything you suggest in any column will work with other stuff from other columns (kinda).
IE: don't make it contingent on things in the other columns as the chances of it getting picked alongside it are, as C-3PO says "is approximately 3,720 to 1"
Populate the space under the last greened-out (accepted) entry for ease of use (the generator stops at white-space)LAST UPDATED TO GENERATOR: 10:30AM 08/04/2016
You can submit as many things as you want to, as often as you want to
Ideas can span any aspect of archaeology or pastness at all - the more the merrier
1: Don't put naughty words, offensive things or completely ridiculous things in. The generator is meant to be a little bit silly but not offensive and awful.
2: Check that your idea isnt already in the generator by doing a quick cntrl+f search
3: Please don't mess around with the colours or delete the entire sheet. I will be really, really sad if you do this.
4: If you have any feedback, ideas, concerns or suggestions for either this thing here or the gosh-awful twitter bot which it mercilessly feeds please either twitter me (@gamingarchaeo) or email me (tjc528 at
This section is for a primary game description - the framework or style of game that will be madeDescriptor of the game or modification typeWhere the game will be set, who you will be playing as, who else will be there, what the era is etcThe core gameplay, mechanics and scenarios that the player will come across - try to keep these unbound by temporal things. if you want somthing specific to a time-period you should use the game parameters section. How things get joined in the gameThe way which the game will be played - controllers, logging, feedback, narration, writing, whatever you so desire!A bunch of words that get thrown in as descriptorsPut your name / twitter / whatever in here!The key for understanding what is in the generator at the moment and what isnt. Don't add bad words people.
A post-processual minecraft modset in the neolithic eraThe focus of the game is exploring interpersonal relationshipsand the game can only be played using two buttons. hardcore@gamingarchaeoREJECTED
A phenomenological hunting gamelocated at Illerup AdalThe key aspect of the game is to explore patterns of mobilitybutit has to be played using only a DDR dance pad. rad@geospatialstefPENDING
A processualfirst person walkerwhich takes place during a roman battleThe player, who is not told who they are, is tasked with using the archaeological environment to find out who they are in this world ... Howeverit only has two colors in it's visual scheme. 1337@archaeogamingACCEPTED
A semi-serioussurvival gamewhich takes place through the pages of a medieval manuscriptThe player is tasked with traversing and marking important trade-networksbut, somewhat ironically,no written words are allowed. amazeballs@archaeogaming
An archive-sourced exploration gamebased on the story of one artifactThe NPCs in the game are driven by agent-based models which the player has to explore: and for no particular reasonaudio is the only way the player can "see" the world. strata-intensive@enterelysium
A noir styleart gametold from the perspective of a roman childThe game takes place over one day and the player has to carry out normal daily tasks... Incredibly enoughthe player can only control the game with their voice.wonky@stori3d_past
A particulary expansiveMMORPGin which the player is a neolithic womanThe player has to write the narrative of the game as they progress... Outrageouslythe player has to remember every item they see to answer complex puzzles.craptastic@gingerygamer
A simplisticJRPGwhich takes place during a roman battleThe aim of the game is to correct tropes in popular ideas of the temporal period... Happenstance would have it thatthere is no map in the game, but somewhat frustratingly there is over 200 hectares of explorable space which the player has to navigate. ontological@carwash
An Indiana Jones inspired parser-based interactive fictionbased on neolithic pottery shardsA core aspect of the game is getting the player to create a believeable, temporally accurate character - Because the game developers are cruel people the game logs player interaction data as part of a citizen science project. puzzle
An overly complexgame-jam productionin which the player is a time-travelling archaeologistA core part of the game is trying to collect reputationBUT IN A SUDDEN TWIST: it is narrated in reverse chronological order (memeto style).queer
A ritualisticplatforming gameset in a roman army camp after a battleThe player can observe how smallest change can affect vast swathes of history and with the agency that they are given, can see how their actions change the past... I can't believe that this made it through the design process but...the narrator is unreliable and the player has to try sort truth from fiction. multivocal
An educational first person shooterset on a viking longboatThe player must make the fashions of the past into the fashions of the futurebut for no discernable reasonthe player can only win the game by making their in-game behaviour to fit the NPCs expected behaviour. They lose the game if their in-game behaviour does not fit with expected patterns. twee
A fictionalpottery refitting gamein which you play as an archaeologist in the fieldThrough play you have to explore the multiplicity of narratives in the archaeological space... and in the spirit of a good challenge the intensity of the game is controlled by biofeedback from the player.psychedelic
A surrealvirtual reality experienceset on a archaeological field-schoolThe actions of the player somehow end up changing what is happening in the real (non-game) worldalthough -- and this is key! ---there is no HUD or map in the game. pompous
A highly academiclocational gameset on one of Mortimer Wheeler's digsThe narrative of the game alters to the players choices although -- and this feature is imperitive to the success of the project ---the game self-destructs if the player fails. You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.paradigm-shifting
A jargon filled teaching gamewhere you are chilling with Gertrude Caton Thompson on one of her sweet neolithic excavationsThe core gameplay revolves around constructing a valid ontology for the game artefactsas such, it seems selfevident that artifacts cannot be used as currency.
A procedurally generated puzzle gamewhich takes place in the British Museum's collectionThe core idea of the game is to get the player to see how diseases were spread in different ages: due to this it happens thatthe game can only be controlled with one, very large, red button.
An over-engineeredmatching gameset during a particulary persistent glacial maximaOne of the core tenets of gameplay is that there are multiple time-lines that affect each other... subsequently the game is controlled with RFID tags and player movement in the real world.
A database derivedgame for a museum displayset in an eerily empty radiocarbon dating lab with 'Animal Vegetable Mineral' playing on a loop through the intercom systemThe player attempts to build alliances, survive, and thrive in a changing world... as such, it stands to reason that the game uses LEAP motion controllers. The player has to master movements appropriate to the setting to control the game.
A humorous twine gamewhere the player has to hack time to study various historical events without altering the pastThe core gameplay revolves around players trading looting / protection cards to buy / sell /save / repatriate artifacts acording to museological guidelines from various eras... the only logical way to facilitate this would be that there are no weapons in the game.
An inexplicably violenttabletop gameset during a 1920's mummy unwrappingThe core gameplay is based upon players regulating how many archaeologcial artifacts get deposited and subsequently excavatedBUT (and this is important so listen up)it can only be played using the Dreamcast fishing-rod controller.
A super low-budgetroleplaying gametold through the eyes of a desperate PhD in marine archaeologyThe player has to infect as many people as possible with diseases. The core gameplay element comes from regulating how diseases of the past spread. ... nefariously it would seem that the game can only be controlled using a SNES mouse and painting motions.
A next-genSkyrim modset in Xin Dynasty ChinaThe player attempts to build alliances, survive, and thrive in a changing world... incredulously someone on the design team thought it would be a good idea to make it so that all of the in game text is written (for some reason) in Linear A.
A hardcorecard gamein which you play as either a looter or an archaeologist (though you are not told which)The player sits in the corner and weeps while Siri records the number and quality of the sobs. These sobs are correlated to the intensity of archaeology. BUT just when you thought it couldnt get any worse - all the text in the game is written in hieroglyphics (which the player must painstakingly translate using Gardiner).
A MLGlive action roleplaying gamewhich focusses on the role of disease in the pastThe core gameplay comes from carefully unfolding and navigating the personal relationships between your character and the NPCs... and the selling point is that the game has to be played using a particulary heavy head mounted display.
A completely bonkersopen worldin which the player sees the spread of disease in the pastThe player must decide which archaeological or anthropological expert is right, and which is dead: the most marketable aspect of this game is that the game has to be played using a head mounted display.
An academicroguelikewhich takes place during a particulary dark night at Cairo MuseumThe player is confronted with human remains and must carefully navigate the correct exhumation techniques- and this next bit probably will utterly blow your mind - all crafting items must be time- and region-appropriate.
A Pokemon themed open world gamein which you play as an immigration official on Hadrians WallThe player has to forge alliances and fight abuse while making the discovery of a lifetime… unfortunately – again – the game is controlled via a web-cam
A item collection orientedsimulation gamebased around the life of a struggling PhDThe player has to convince all the NPCs that Atlantis is real… there is, however, one small snag: the game is controlled with infrared sensors
A really excitingdress-up gamein which you are a ethics committee member approving or rejecting archaeological dig applicationsThrough the game the player will have to convince all the NPCs - past, present or future - that public archaeology is for the greater good (*the greater good*)... incredulously it happens that to win the game the player must *actually* infect themselves with a temporally accurate disease.
A real-time strategy gamein which you are a tired site supervisor in modern LondonThe player has to literally hack time (Kung Fury style)... I literally have no idea why this is the case but:the only way the player can win is to find true love and joy in the game world.
A turn basedcard gamewhere you happen to be riding a camel through the desert searching for neolithic habitationThe player has to rescue their supervisorBUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!creative (and historically accurate) body painting will be involved.
A family-fun stylePapers Please modbased on refitting lithicsThe player must defeat the manuscript reviewers A, B, and C (who it turns out are evil geniuses manipulating the entirity of space and time) in consecutive boss-battlesplay only stops when a looter or graverobber (past, present or future) is apprehended.
A really buggy Gone Home modbased upon the aesthetics of the teracotta warriorsThe core aspect of the gameplay revolved around interpreting ethnomusicaography through gameplay you discover that the fall of Rome is inevitable
A Lara Croft inspiredGary's Mod gameset on Hadrian's Wall in the post-Roman eraOne of the core ideas in the game is that the player is disempowered, and through their actions has to gain status. to win the game, the player must actually infect themselves with the Plague and keep a documented account of their experience.
A fitness based minigame where you must increase your citation counts by filling in increasingly byzantine quality assurance formsThe core idea in the gameplay is to teach people how to read LiDAR dataa creative augmented-reality bodypainting engine will be employed.
A brain-scratcher of a series of minigamesset in the shared office space of three overy-enthusiastic archaeological post-docsPlayers must sucessfully deconstruct their own theoretical frameworks in order to progressyour associates and colleagues will be watching you play the entire time.
An expansiveDon't Starve modset smack dab in the real AtlantisPlayers must defeat Sir Mortimer Wheeler, Glyn Daniel and Vere Gordon Childe in a series of 'Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?'–themed boss-battlesafter you finish playing you must present a report to your ficticious PhD supervisor who (in a Assassin's Creed style twist) has been orchistrating the entire in-game experience through an animus type machine. The feedback that you will recieve is wholly unconstructive.
A tetris-likeCall of Duty DLCset in a world where you must choose between being your archaeological practices being good, or good enoughUsing a worker-placement mechanic, players must test their theories about the past in an academic context while fending off attacks from peers critical of their hypothetico-deductive model, and in the process gain new insights into the values, weaknesses and applicability of their logical-empiricist approachMorgan Freeman's voice provides all the evidence you need.
A strata-intensivePandemic modset in the 21st-century Tuscan hills, with 20 slightly snarky volunteer field school diggersTo win, players must construct a complete Harris matrix in the form of an acyclic directed graph by combining fragments of context cards scattered around the gameit turns out that what you thought was an ARM bone is actually a LEG bone. An archaeological uprising occurs on twitter due to this.
A layer-intensive archaeological romp enacted via a sandbox gamewhich takes place on the WWII battlefields of Lithuaniathe anti-hero in the game, turns out to be . . . your father.
A captivating archaeological adventure told through a gameset on the filming location for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusadeto win the game the player must draw upon all their Digital Archaeology skills, go into hardcore hacking mode, hack time, and save humanity.
video-gamein which you must conduct four seperate public archaeology digs on a ludicrously small budgetthe entire game audio is sung.
An unfathomably dystopicconsole-gameentirely set in the British Museum at nightMongolian throat singers provide the only audio in the game.
A stuck-in-betaPlaystation gameset in the halls of academiathe entire thing takes place to a 80's inspired rap-battle track.
A genre-bendingX-Box One gameset in the grand halls of academic discoursebreak-dancing is somehow involved.
A genre-definingNintendo 64 gameset in the dim light of a neolithic caveat the end the credits roll to 20 archaeologists break-dancing in sync.
A ripped-from-the-headlinesAtari gameset during an exhilerating mammoth huntthe game only comes in Danish. Sorry.
A comic-book styledGameboy gameset during a particulary tense bog excavationthe player can never actually quit the game. It runs. For all eternity.
A ridiculously overpricedgame which is actually played on a theodoliteset in the images of a paleolithic cave paintingthe game has to be played using a Guitar Hero controller.
A really arty game which is played on archaeological survey equipmentset in the dim glow of a neolithic cave-painting partythe game is played using a WiiFit balance board.
A wonderously nuancedgame which uses magnetometry outputs as its data sourcein which you are a surly field manager, wrangling overly enthusiastic first-yearsthe game can only be interacted with using a first gen EyeToy.
A narrative drivengame which uses LiDAR data as the basis for it's world generationin which you are a tired professor of archaeology, answering the emails of students who couldnt be bothered to read the course syllabus... sighit can only be played through a CAPTCHA box.
A super intenseMAME emulatorset during one of Ian Hodder's excavationsthe game has over 500 pages of rule-books to read before you can start playing.
A jaw-droppingabandonware gemset on an antarctic expedition to excavate Scott Basethe game has a ridiculous amount of annoying text dialogues that must be dealt with promptly.
First things first. This game has a great art style. It is a AI-createdwhich takes place on pre-contact Hawaiithe player can regenerate health - but only if they sacrifice someone else in game and bask in their essence.
Ok. Listen up. This is going to change the couse of humanity itself. So, the idea is that it is apoint-and-click puzzlerwhich takes place in Jared Diamond's version of the Rapa Nui "collapse"one of the AI in the game is completely rogue and will act completely innapropriately to the time period.
Ok, ok ok, this will blow your mind. It is a walking simulatorwhich is set during the carving of a Moai statue of Rapa Nuibecause of budget cuts all the art in the game is programmer art.
Check this idea out: Adungeon-crawlerwhich is set during a pre-contact Hawaii harvestall the art in the game is taken from technical manuscripts. It cannot be altered in any way.
It's a kind of science-fiction inspired minecraft modset in the dwindling light of the mesolithic erathe game is produced entirely in grey-scale.
An overhypedhunting gameset in the splendor of the Middle Kingdom Egyptian palacethe game features a terminal which the player has to continuously code within to interact with the game.
A drearyfirst person walkerset in the home of a pyramid builderthe game has a focus on realism. Nothing not realistic is allowed. Players acting in un-realistic ways will be banished from the game.
A Michael Bay production of a survival gameset in Beni Hasanthe game features complex scoring systems which make literally no sense to anyone.
Quite frankly I doubt that this is even archaeology but... the idea is a exploration gamewhich takes place during the Hyksos invasion of Egyptthe aim of the game is actually to lose.
An isometricart gamewhich takes place in a papyrus parchmentit is more fun to lose the game, than it is to win.
A top-downMMORPGwhich explores the Book of the Deadthere is no UI, but keeping track of health, items and location is important to the game. To win, the player must fully embody the experience.
A side-scrollingJRPGwhich examines gender and ethnicity in the Viking worldthere are in excess of 30 endings to the game. You can't quit until you have explored them all.
A quirkyparser-based interactive fiction
set in early medieval Greenland, in which the player models the decline of the Dorset culture and the arrival of the first Norse and proto-Inuit Thule settlers
there is a unprecedented amount of fog making the draw distance ridiculously small.
A psychedelicgame-jam productionwhich uses queer theory to examine the short-lived runestone fashion of 10th–11th century Scandinaviathe game is controlled through tweets.
A seriousplatforming gamein which players experience the Pacific voyage from Rapa Nui to South America in real timethe game is controlled by facebook messages.
A challengingfirst person shooter
which attempts to inject multivocality into a traditionally insular area of study through the innovative use of social media
the life of the player (in the real world and game world) depends on them making the right choice all the time, every time.
An unconventionalpottery refitting game
in which the player applies Marxist theory to manage a small prehistoric settlement and its surrounding hinterland and in so doing critique – or validate – the core/periphery model
the player can be in three different time-lines simultaneously.
A tweevirtual reality experiencein which the player applies a feminist perspective to understanding the role of gender in the neolithicthere is an absolute lack of any kind of realism in the game.
A cell-shadedlocational gamein which the player must meticulously excavate a ridiculously complex set of stratathe game can only be controlled using a theodolite.
An alternate historyteaching gamein which the player engages with traditional knowledge from First Nations as a way to explore the pastthe game is (obviously) controlled using a magnetometer.
A sexually-chargedpuzzle gamein which the player is an arcaheologist, sent back in time to explore the golden age of piracythe has to be controlled using a resistivity metre.
A retro-stylematching gamewhich is set on a pirate ship during the golden age of piracythe game is controlled using an actual trowel and brush.
A pixelatedgame for a museum displaywhich examines the expansion of Egyptian Cults during the Hellenistic Periodall is not what it seems…
A charmingtwine gamewhich examines the Roman era through the lens of murder, mystery and intrigue
while the game is technically free-to-play, it is artifically hobbled to require in-app purchases in order for the player to progress.
I'm not sure I can actually tell you this due to several, highly restrictive NDAs BUT
tabletop game
in which you must accurately carry out an assasination plot in the Roman Period based soley upon the remaining archaeological record (no text based inferences allowed!)
the game has been known to induce seizures in a small but significant proportion of players.
So this is probably going to be revealed at E3, but check it out
roleplaying gamein which you must interact with various NPCs to translate the language of a Neolithic groupall text in the game is written in Linear A.
Good luck getting a publisher to sign on this one, it's utterly horrific.
skyrim mod
in which you must seamlessly integrate yourself with a Neolithic group - if you act inappropriately to the time the NPCs will have a total fit
if at any point in the game your supervisor switches to a different theoretical framework, all progress is lost and the player must start the game afresh.
A horror story of acard game
in which you play as a chicken, desperately trying to communicate to modern archaeologists about your ancestors and their voyages
the game cannot be saved, and death is permanent.
A tackylive action roleplaying gamein which the player must meticulously translate viking runestones
everything is written on runestones, scattered sporadically throughout the game-space.
A romanticopen world
in which the player has to find a particular entry in a particular stack of journals in the world's biggest archive that has no index before closing time.
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