PCP Applicants Eligible for Appointment on December 20, 2016
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NameShort BioPolitical ExperienceReasons for Wanting to be a PCP
3301John SerraI grew up on the Oregon Coast where I spent my time enjoying the outdoors and the lifestyle. I then attended Oregon State University where I studied political science.After college I came to work for the Bus Project here in Portland on a variety of local campaigns for Democrats during the 2012 election, and I have continued to volunteer for local races in the time since.I believe civic engagement in local politics is important.
3301Liz Accola MeunierI'm a progressive Democrat and political staffer. I'm proud to have worked for Gov. Brown's campaign this year.I have worked on Democratic campaigns and for progressive organizations in several states since 2008, including the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, two gubernatorial races, one presidential race, and numerous state house and senate races.I would like to be more involved with the Oregon Democratic Party and fellow Democrats in my community.
3303Sierra RankowMy name is Sierra Rankow. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, where I majored in Electronic Media and Film. After graduating, different job opportunities have allowed me to live in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Eugene, Oregon, and now Portland. I currently work in marketing/ advertising.Beginning in high school, I became involved in the Nevada Democratic Party. I volunteered for various campaigns while living in Nevada. I was involved in student government in college, which lead to opportunities to be involved in different committees that were of political interest. While living in Eugene, I attended meetings for the Hillary Clinton campaign.I have always had a love and passion for politics, and have been a very proud Democrat for my entire life. I feel that now, more than ever, the Democratic party needs to unite and do whatever it takes to be heard. I absolutely love living in Oregon and could not think of a better place to get involved and help make a difference. I want to represent this party to the absolute best of my ability.
3501Brad JenkinsI know lots of progressives. I'm a big fan of our 46 President Tulsi Gabbard, hence I'm starting the Aloha Movement, right here, right now. Join me, lets kick the 3rd Reich outa the White House.Got Arnie elected twice, I'm damn good; arniefororegon.comGet crazy Trump outa the Whitehouse before he starts WWIII
3602Christine TaylorI am an associate attorney at Miller Nash Graham & Dunn. I've lived in Oregon for the last seven years (I'm from Reno, Nevada), and I'm passionate about the causes championed by the Democratic party.I interned for Senator Harry Reid in Washington, DC, during the summer of 2007. I was also a political science major.I feel that the best way to do something about the election results is to become more involved in local politics.
3602Rebecca RottmanI have lived in Portland for 10 years. I received a Masters of Pubic Administration degree from Portland State in 2012. I currently work for a non-profit/state health organization. I have always been a registered Democrat because my values align with the progressive values of the party. I have canvassed on behalf of environmental protection agencies in Anchorage, Alaska. During election cycles I stay informed with local politics by attending debates and other events that keep me engaged and informed. I am also a member of activists groups in Portland that support progressive, Democratic agendas. I believe the Democratic party most accurately represents the needs and values of the citizens of the United States. I think in this day and age, people are misinformed and receive too much erroneous information from unreliable sources that can lead them to falsely believe another party represents them. I want to be a PCP to help get the word out about the party, agendas and candidates and I think the grassroots approach that a PCP takes, is the most effective way. I strongly believe that when people can share ideas face to face with others, they can connect with them on a human level and this facilitates listening and therefore a discussion. In addition, I think it is important that as a US citizen, I engage in civic participation.
3602Sandra M. BakerI am a 77 year old retired clinical social worker who has lived at the same address for 42 years. My children and grandchildren live in the Portland area.
Was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, attended Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA and received my Master of Social Work degree from the University of Denver in 1963. Lived in Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, California. Aleutian Islands of Alaska before moving to Portland. Married to a retired Kaiser invasive cardiologist. Member of the DAR. Active in family genealogy and writing family histories and stories. New merit badge mentor for Boy Scout Troop #1
Was an elected precinct committee person when George W Bush ran for president and for a few years thereafter.Can't sit by while donald trump and his crew try to run our country into the ground.
3603Bradley BakerI am a 31 year old straight white male. I was born in Michigan, raised in Utah, went to college in Colorado, worked a few years in San Francisco, and moved to Portland earlier this year. I am a data scientist at Airbnb. My personal interests are mostly doing outdoor activities and making music.I don't have a lot of political experience with the Democratic Party or otherwise. I have always been very passionate about preventing climate change, promoting alternative transportation, and helping to give opportunity to everyone regardless of the family/location they were born.I want to become a PCP to help push the agenda of the Democratic Party in Oregon and nationwide. I'd also like to help push the direction of the Party to being more liberal and take a more aggressive stance against climate change.
3603Cody T. Gierat29 Year-old, Politically-Passionate Professional, Seeking to Make an Imprinting for Initiatives for both Oregon and Nationally.Democratic Party Member since 2008 (first-election to vote); Bernie Sanders District/Precinct and State Delegate, 2016; Supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton for Presidential Election 2016.Now more than ever, in this time of great anxiety of unknown, it is time to unite and bring change at the local-government level so that we are cohesive in our endeavors for a fully-comprehensive agenda to hold forth as a standard for larger governments.
3605Elliott DaggettLongtime Portland resident, aged 26, real estate development.I canvassed lightly for Obama, State Representative Unger, and Jefferson Smith.I want to help lobby on behalf of my generation for better government service.
3607Sharon MeieranI am an ER doctor, former lawyer, Multnomah County Commissioner-elect for District 1 and mom of two kids in PPSI attend meetings when I can, ran for state rep in 2012, try to be involved in events and support the MultCo dems. I was just elected to Multnomah County Commission. I understand the importance of grassroots political work in actually making things happen for our community.The PCP is directly involved with the party at the grassroots level and can make a real difference in the organization itself and the work that can be done.
3607Sharon Van BurenI'm a life-long Oregonian. I recently retired and I now spend my time volunteering with the friends of the library.I'm a life-long Democrat. I volunteered for both Obama campaigns. I'm a grassroots donor to many democratic campaigns and I enjoy attending political events.I want to become more involved with the Democratic Party to help combat Trump and keep our country going in the right direction.
3610Melissa HorwitzI’m a writer as well as a content strategy and creative consultant; I'm also a mother of three.I have been volunteering -- on and off -- in very small ways on political campaigns since I was young. Most of that work would be described as envelope-licking and label-sticking... so the big stuff!I talk about wanting to make a difference but I know that doing so sometimes requires small work, small steps and small actions. I'm here to help when I can and where I can.
3611Edie Van NessI am a 45-year-old criminal defense attorney, third generation native Portlander, mom and wife.Lots of fundraising experience and abilities.If I'm going to have a voice, I need to be present and participate.
3611Jared Mason-GereRaised in rural southern Oregon; University of Oregon graduate; former Democratic Party of Lane County Chairman, Vice-Chair, and PCP; Obama delegate in 2008; career spent working in progressive politics. Own a home in outer SW Portland since 2013. Currently an advocate on behalf of public education and organized labor.I have been an activist and leader with the Democratic Party in Oregon since 2004, serving on a variety of committees and as a PCP and delegate.I have been meaning to re-engage with the local party for quite some time, ever since I moved to Portland, but I moved several times after I first moved to town, among other reasons, it was difficult to make it happen. After the election, I feel a renewed call to engage with the local party and continue to build on our progressive movement.
3611Thomas WheatleyOrganizer and advocate on progressive causes. Dad to two wonderful kids.Campaign Manager for Gov. Kate Brown, 2016; volunteer for election campaigns since I moved to the state more than a decade ago.To help build the strength of the Democratic Party of Oregon.
3612Tiernan DonohueI relocated to Oregon last year to work on Governor Kate Brown's 2016 campaign. I am currently serving as her finance director and looking forward to continuing to work to promote Democratic issues and priorities.Finance Director for Governor Kate BrownI have worked and been involved in Democratic politics across the country my entire career. I know how important party participation is and am looking forward for an opportunity to get more involved. Thank you.
3802Kate FlanaganI grew up in the suburbs of Maryland, outside of Washington D.C. Both my parents have been very involved in politics and I grew up learning from them. In 2008 I graduated from the University of Santa Cruz with a degree in Feminist Studies. I moved to Portland in 2010 and since then have been living and volunteering at the Tryon Life Community Farm. In my senior year of high school I interned with the Maryland Legislature in the Speaker of the House's office. The same year I worked on the John Kerry for President campaign. I have been involved in many activist campaigns focused on ending war and militarism, supporting low-wage workers, and defending wild lands. I'm motivated to support the progressive wing of the Democratic Party in bringing positive change to Portland and to the state of Oregon. I am hopeful that our local efforts will stand out as a positive example to progressives across the country.
3803Andrew DavidsonAndrew is a current Junior at the Portland State University Urban Honors College, studying Human Resources & Leadership and Political Science. He is a graduate of Grant High School, where he served as a member of the Portland School Board representing the 48,000 students within the district. Andrew currently lives in the Multnomah neighborhood of SW Portland.Andrew has supported statewide and local partisan and non-partisan campaigns in a variety of positions from volunteer canvasser to campaign manager. Andrew ran unsuccessfully for the Portland School Board in 2015, and continues to remain passionate about public education policy. For the last year, he has served on the Executive Board of the College Democrats of Oregon as Finance Director.Being a PCP is one of the best ways to help individuals in the community engage with the Democratic Party!
3803Evan Julian ClaryRecent graduate of PSU with plans to attend law school, previously working on Democratic campaigns and causes.Intern, Jeff Merkley for Oregon; Staff, Wyden for SenateWorking with members of the Democratic Party, towards Democratic goals, I hope to both do my best to further the work of the Democratic Party in Multnomah County, and better learn from my community about what being a Democratic truly means.
4101Amy AronsonI was born and raised in California, and moved to Portland in 2012. I have a B.A. in Visual Anthropology from the University of Southern California (2009), a California Teaching Credential in English (2012) and am currently working toward an M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology at Portland State University. I currently work as a music/theatre/piano teacher. I live in Sellwood with my fiancé, his two daughters, and my 12 year-old dog, Shelby.I have none. I am a registered democrat, and hoping to become more involved in political activism.Like so many others, I am stunned and shaken by the recent election, and even more disturbed by Trump's recent decision to hire Steve Bannon as his senior adviser. As a millennial, I have been privileged to come of age under the Obama Administration. Because my president matched my ideals, I was not mobilized to become politically active. Today, I am looking for the next steps to protect my rights and the rights of others beyond wearing a safety pin. I am ready to roll up my sleeves, learn, and act.
4101Anna SortunI've lived in Portland for 11 years. I previously lived in Washington state. I'm a partner at a law firm where I practice commercial litigation.I'm on the board of Emerge Oregon, which recruits and trains female Democratic Party members to run for office.After the last election, I want to be more involved in the local political process.
4101Diane Guta
4101Jesse BontecouLong time progressive Democrat and Rabel rouser.I have been working in democratic politics since 2004 - including being one of the dnc's 50 state organizers in Oregon.I love democracy and America! And we need all hands on deck for the next 4 years to defeat trump and his cronies.
4101Robin JohnsonNative Oregonian, long-time Portland resident, volunteer, parent, concerned citizen.I have phone banked for candidates and measures in the past and been an informed voter and citizen, calling and writing letters to share my opinions. The Presidential election has made me want to be more involved in politics, locally, regionally and nationally. Writing letters and making phone calls doesn't feel like enough anymore. Although many of my broader concerns are national, I feel that building coalitions locally and dealing with some of our local issues is critical and will hopefully act as a bulwark against overreach by the federal government moving forward.
4101Ros ReeceLived on east coast until 23. Lived Los Angeles after that ( about 40 years). Lived in Oregon since 2009. I am an artist. My parents were very active in civil rights in the 40s and 50s. I am told that Paul Robeson frequently held me in his lap when I was a baby. I've spent most of my adult life working directly with people to improve their lives.Most recently before this election I worked with Portland Democratic headquarters once a week or so to get out the vote. Other than that I haven't done any specific political work, just the occasional protest, encouraging people to vote etc. From childhood I was involved in civil rights activities.Because in the aftermath of this election I realize I have to do something to prevent the potential consequences.
4101Zack Duffly41-years old. Public Interest attorney. Blue-collar background. Married, two kids (7 and 3). Just bought first home. Progressive.Lifelong Democrat. No previous work for any political party. Some grassroots organizing experience opposing 2003 Iraq invasion.I would like to participate directly in shaping the Democratic Party following the 2016 election. I would like to meet like-minded individuals. I would like to learn from people experienced in local party politics.
4102Heather LanghorstSmall business owner, mother of two, lifelong DemocratFormerly Development Director for the DPO & currently owner of progressive fundraising firmI want to have a voice in the process.
4102William BradleyI have been a labor and community organizer for decades. I now own my own businesses, providing decent employment under union conditions.I have volunteered and contributed toward Democratic Candidates.I want to do my part to revitalize the Democratic Party.
4103Aisling S CoghlanBorn in Belfast Northern Ireland, I moved to Oregon 20 years ago and recently became a US citizen and voter.I first came to Oregon as a volunteer on a Democratic Legislative Campaign in Ashland. This led to my working on numerous campaigns over the last 20 years including, Senator Wyden's Special Election; running the Democratic Co-ordinated Campaign and working for 10 years to help secure Marriage Equality for all Oregonians.In light of the Presidental Campaign I believe that it is now more important than ever to work as hard as we can to strengthen the Democratic Party. PCPs are at the heart of that work and I would like to be part of that work.
4103Paula StrattonI am a single woman with 4 grown children and 8 grandchildren. I have lived in Oregon all my life, and at my current address for 33 years. I have always been interested in politics, having been a "Kennedy fan" for years, majored in Political Science at Lewis and Clark College and actively engaged in political discussion and activities.I have volunteered for presidential campaigns dating back to George McGovern - for Bill Clinton, for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 and for Hillary Clinton in 2016.I feel strongly that the recent election marks a turning point for the country - and not necessarily in the right direction. There are a variety of "personal" issues involved for me as 3 of my granddaughters are mixed - and have already been harassed in school as have Muslim friends. My sense is that the Democratic party needs to retool from the ground up - which means engaging in the "back to the basics" of building coalitions from the ground up, literally at the neighborhood level. Thus, I am very interested in engaging with Parth as a PCP. Also - if it's useful - my profession is in market research (qualitative and quantitative methods) should that expertise be a help.
Thomas "Tommy" Brooks
I first moved to Oregon in 2000 and began working in the Portland Mayor's office at that time. After nearly four years there I went back to law school and now practice law, primarily on behalf of municipal clients who operate utilities, and also specialize in land use law. I am married with two kids, the oldest of which attends our local public school, the youngest of which is still in preschool.I have not worked directly with the Party. I was on staff for Mayor Katz for almost four years and have assisted a couple of candidates in non-partisan races.Because I have not worked directly with the Party before, I would like to get more involved, and at a deeper level where party policies and strategies are worked out.
4203Matthew StricklandI am a gay man who has lived in Portland for the last 10+ years, I moved to Portland after graduating from the University of Oregon in 2005 with my bachelors degree in Political Science and a minor in Planning, Public Policy, and Management. I will be graduating from PSU with my Masters of Social Work in June 2017. I have worked in the affordable housing industry for the last 9 years working my way up from front desk to property manager to an administrative position where I develop policy, implement those policies, and do budget analysis among many other duties. I've lived all around the United States but call Oregon home. I was taught that public service was an admirable pursuit by my parents; my father was in the navy and my mom is a teacher. I have strong convictions that are progressive and was so proud to cast my vote for Hillary and Ron and Kate among others on the Democratic ticket here in Oregon. I have faced oppression as a gay man and I recognize my privileges as a white man. My passions are equity and social justice work that take into account issues of oppression, privilege, poverty and trauma.I previously worked on GOTV, and other organizing efforts with the Democratic Party of Lane County when in college.I, like so many others, have been shocked by the results of this years election. I have long been sitting on the outside and now believe the time is right and it is necessary to not just sit on the sidelines. I am so proud of what we've been able to accomplish here in Oregon and I believe that it is now time to throw my skills and passions into working to build a more progressive future for Oregon and to serve as a model for others across the country that progressive policies work. I believe in equity and social justice. I believe that we the people can, and must, do good for others. I want to be a part of the solutions by putting my skills to use.
4203Tim PhamBorn and raised in Portland, OR. Bi-racial heritage - my father is from South Vietnam, and my mother is Scottish. B.S. from University of Puget Sound in Biochemistry. Youngest of three children.Canvasser for the Human Rights Campaign in High School. Organizer with the Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential Campaign.To make the democratic party more representative of the blue collar community, and bring as many young voters to the fold as possible.
4204Matt McNallyI grew up in Massachusetts to a union family. I graduated from Clark University in Worcester, MA with a degree in Political Science. After graduating, I moved to Portland, where I have been working in progressive politics since. Outside of being a political nerd, I'm into hiking, music, Timbers, and my corgi.My entire life has been dedicated to progressive politics. I have been a Democrat since I was first registered to vote and starting volunteering on the Obama campaign in 2008. Since then I have interned with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon and been an organizer for the Oregon AFL-CIO as well as for the Bernie 2016 campaign in Iowa, Minnesota, and Washington.In light of a disastrous nationwide election for the Democratic Party, including losing the SoS race to a Republican and Measure 97 being defeated (with lukewarm support from the party) here in Oregon, I believe the Democratic Party is in need of serious rebuilding. I believe the party needs to de-centralize power and return to a model of grassroots organizing that is more than just an election year fundraising mechanism. The Democratic party must re-affirm it's progressive principles with bold action, supported by a movement that not only elects candidates but pushes forward the progressive agenda by keeping members engaged for legislative sessions, mid-terms, ballot measures, and more. We need new leadership and more creativity. What worries me most about the future of the Democratic Party is the lack of appeal & attachment the party has to young progressives and the general public.
I want to help shape and build the future of the Democratic Party here in Oregon because the stakes have never been more dire. We must resist the latest assault on progress by the Trump administration, but equally important is pushing forward a bold, alternative vision. Not only is this important politically, but more importantly, it is what must happen in the face of unprecedented economic inequality, a climate crisis, a broken criminal justice system, the subversion of Democracy by big money in politics, and the many other pressing issues we face during these historic times.
4205Jean PhareI am a pregressive social WorkerI have done some phone bankingTo overturn the Republicans hold on Congress
4205Sean "Sid" PriceI was raised on the East Coast and spent some time in the Southwest before relocating to Portland in 2008. I work on issues of social justice and drug harm reduction.I started working on drug policy issues about ten years ago. I worked with Students for Sensible Drug Policy throughout my college education, where we worked on cannabis legalization, and got the legislature to approve a Good Samaritan Policy for alcohol on college campuses, laying the groundwork for their eventual passage of a much broader policy.It is important to me to contribute to the fight for social and economic justice in this country. I have been afforded a lot of opportunities to learn about the world we live in, and I would consider it a dereliction of duty if I were to fail to use that knowledge to help others. And we need more people with science backgrounds in politics. Desperately.
4207Daniel TorresMy name is Dan Torres, I am political operative in progressive politics who works in Oregon. I went to Oregon State University where I studied speech communication and political science.Former member of Benton County Democrats, formerly on technology committee of the Multnomah County Democrats, Multnomah County Democrats volunteer of the month, worked 6 cycles in electoral campaigns for Democratic candidates.I want to be a PCP to help Democrats win election and most importantly to grow the support for the Democratic Party in all reaches of Multnomah.
4207Jeffrey YenI am a self-employed professional and a life-long Democrat.I have been actively involved education about local politics for about a decade and am eager to continue to be a resource for the community.It isn't something that I had previously considered but at the urging of my friends I have decided to try to participate even more actively in the party and broaden my political involvement from local issues to party issues.
4207Nathaniel ApplefieldI have been working for progressive causes and candidates since 2004.In my 13 year political career, I have worked on over 30 campaigns. Most notably, I was Jeff Merkley's Statewide Field Director, and Field Director for the DPO and coordinated campaign, in 2008 when we successfully unseated incumbent Republican Gordon Smith. In addition, I served as Brad Avakian's Campaign Manager in 2014 and Political Director for Measure 99 this past fall.I would like to return to the fray, with whatever time and resources I can bring forth.
4208John Joseph VivioJohn Vivio was born Dec 31, 1990 in Austin, TX. He moved to a rural home in Santa Rosa, CA with his family in 2000. Growing up there he spent time exploring the state parks around his house, learning a bit about farming and livestock by helping to do some of the labor with other community members and migrant workers. He graduated high school in 2009, and went to UC San Diego to study Computer Science and Environmental Systems. While in university, he worked as a back-country guide around southern California and the Baja Peninsula in northwestern Mexico. After taking a year off of his studies to travel throughout South America, John received his Bachelors of Science in 2014, and currently works in Portland as a software engineer at Sitka Technology Group, a mission based consulting firm developing applications to aid and manage conservation efforts predominantly in the Pacific Northwest.I don't have previous experience with the Democratic Party or any past political work experience.While I love my job and the people I have met here in Portland, I moved here 2 years ago because I was drawn to the culture and politics. I want to be a PCP to learn more about the decisions affecting my community and to donate my time helping to improve it for its members. I believe that contributing to the Democratic Party will also allow me to bring the experiences that I've shared with others in the community to help inform the direction and priorities of political decisions affecting it.
4209Carol DennisHello, I am a Language Arts teacher and Reading Specialist by profession. I have taught for over twenty-five years and have been privileged to work with students from kindergarten through adult education. I grew up in the Midwest (Southern Illinois) and moved to Portland in 1991. I consider myself a social democrat; I believe education and economic opportunity are truly vital in a democratic society. I have worked on many ballot initiatives and have lobbied in Salem for sensible gun reform and animal welfare issues. I have also taken part in these issues (among others): registering voters, campaign finance reform, Wall Street reform, immigration reform, labeling GMO's in our food, climate change, Black Lives Matter (police reform), No DAPL, Middle East Peace, and other international issues. I'm consider myself a social democrat.I think the Democratic party needs to change. It currently promotes the interests of the Democratic party leaders and party insiders. I think we need to get back to our roots: the party needs to cater less to millionaires and billionaires (Wall Street) and be the backbone of society (like it used to be). In other words promoting economic justice and education which will then help with all these other issues: climate change, environment, social and international justice. We need people who will think creatively and will work on behalf of everyone. I want to push for real economic diversity and feel this is one way to do that.
4209Iván Resendiz GutierrezI am a litigation attorney in Portland.I've attended several Democratic Party fundraisers and, in the past, have registered people to vote.I want to make a change in my community and in this state.
4209Laurel Mossor24 year old Caucasian femaleBernie Sanders volunteerChange the dems from within
4209Rachel BarnettI am a 35 year old woman working in politicsI am the Deputy Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon, I've worked on a number of local racesI want to help Oregon lead the way in Democratic Politics
4210Guthrie TaylorPortland resident since 1989, employee at Powell's Books, enrolled at Portland State UniversitynoneTo effect positive change in my community
4210Mark WelchTech industry veteran (25 years in software development), have had a deep interest in public policy and civil society my entire adult life.Donor to many Democratic campaigns over the years, both up and downballot. Canvassed for SF mayoral race in 1999. Phone banked for a number of campaigns in the past.I've supported the Democratic Party for many years from the outside, and know a lot about the national party, but would now like to experience how the Democratic Party works from a local, personal perspective. I would ultimately like to engage with others on public policy in ways that matter.
4301Brent C. SwansonI am employed as a Registered Nurse and have been involved in the past in volunteer work on environmental issues.I have been a registered Democrat for 8 years and have volunteered with the Sierra Club.To become more involved in the party to work for a better future for all.
4301Elisabeth ConnellyI am a Spanish teacher in PPS. I lived in Kansas until 2009 when I moved to Oregon in pursuit of community and safety. I live with a community of hilarious queer artists and I am always looking for ways to bring the joy and acceptance I have found into all aspects of my life.I don't have a lot. In college I was part of a group called the Young Democratic Socialists and I still believe in a lot of what we stood for then. I have lived in Spain and enjoyed socialized medicine and that is something I have consistently voted for.The party needs a make over.
4301Elise DowningI am a young progressive, born and raised in Portland, and ready to get to work to defend Democratic values in Multnomah County.I have worked for the Democratic Party of Oregon in paid and volunteer capacities since summer 2012I am ready to keep my neighbors engaged in political work and discussion even when there isn't a presidential election looming
4301Harry B. WilsonI am 39 years old and I am a lawyer and shareholder with the firm Markowitz Herbold PC.I have been actively involved with the Democratic Party since 1999. From 1999-2001, I worked for former US Congressman and House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt. During law school, I co-founded the Lewis & Clark Law School Democrats. After law school, I was the finance director of John Kroger's AG campaign. Since that time, I've continued to volunteer and raise money for the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates in Oregon.I believe strongly the democratic process I believe that process starts with organizing at the local level.
4301Noah BrimhallNoah Brimhall is the father of a great, nearly 7 year-old boy and husband to a dedicated social worker. He works as the Associate Director of SEO at a local digital marketing agency. He enjoys riding his bike and making hard cider in his free time.Although I've not been directly involved with the Democratic Party, I did volunteer to phone banked for the Clinton campaign and for the Yes for Affordable Housing campaign and I have phone banked and canvased for various candidates through the years.I'm interested in supporting the local, state and national Democratic Party. I believe that I can help to understand the concerns of my neighbors and community and helping them to understand how the Democratic Party supports the policies, legislation and candidates that will best help them.
4301Rebekah Leslie-HurdI am computer scientist and mother of 2. I'm originally from metro Detroit but have lived in Portland for 13 years. I believe strongly in liberal policies and our duty as Americans to make our city, state, and country an ever better place.I have volunteered for Democratic candidates and political organizations, primarily phone banking and canvassing but also doing office work (donor research) and citizen lobbying.Donald Trump. My son and daughter. My gay brother and his Asian husband. My immigrant friends and husband. I have come to realize that to shape the America I want to see, I need to engage locally in my political party. I want to get more involved and find ways to fight hate, to undo the policies that produce wealth inequality, and to defend women's rights.
4302Hank PetersonProgressive business manager and artistConsistently voted democratically in the elections I've participated in.To bring an equal voice to the party for my community
4302Laurel SwerdlowLaurel has spent the past decade working to defend and expand access to reproductive health care for all. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought at Amherst College, she joined Planned Parenthood in 2011 as a Medical Assistant and Center-Based Advocate in San Diego. She went on to complete a master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia University, and has collaborated with women’s and LGBTQ health coalitions throughout the country to institute progressive reproductive health policy and monitor implementation. Laurel is excited to return to Planned Parenthood in Oregon as Advocacy Director, where she enjoys hitting the Pacific Northwest trails and dusting off her dance floor moves.Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon engages in educational and electoral activity including public education campaigns, grassroots organizing, and legislative advocacy. As Advocacy Director for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon I work closely with Democratic candidates on campaigns and during legislative session. I feel passionately about politics and the Democratic Party, and wish to engage more meaningfully at a local level. Now more than ever I believe we need local representatives driven to make a difference, and I believe I can offer this voice to the Precinct Committee.
4302Lindsey O'BrienI grew up in a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania and went to college in upstate New York before moving to Portland in 2010. Since then, I've worked as an English and math tutor at Portland Public Schools, a reporter covering green building and energy at the Daily Journal of Commerce, and a communications professional promoting Democratic candidates and causes.I've served as the communications director for: the successful Portland Public Schools bond campaign (2012); Oregon House Majority Leader Val Hoyle (2013-14); Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek (2015-present); and served as the press secretary for the campaign to re-elect U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley in 2014. I've also volunteered time and donated to a variety of Democratic candidates and causes.I believe that grassroots Democratic efforts are critical to preserving and advancing equal opportunity and fairness in our community. Following the election of Donald Trump, I am more motivated than ever to contribute whatever time, skills, and energy I have to stand up for these values. To that end, I hope to serve as a PCP in order to learn more about my neighbors and help improve our community in the short- and long-term.
4302Roseminda NabehetI work for a business publisher and I've always been interested in politics and public policy.I'm new to this, the closet I've ever come was doing polling interviews for pew.This election devastated me. I want to do my part to help rebuild the Democratic Party and prepare for 2018. We need stop blaming each other and come together to fight what's coming next.
4302Sarah BaesslerI am a native Oregonian and was born and raised in NE Portland. I am a proud graduate of Grant High School and Boston University, where I studied journalism and political science. I have worked in and around Progressive politics since 2004. I am a mom to a 4.5 year old and 2 year old.I have worked for the Oregon Bus Project, the Oregon Nurses Association and several democratic elected officials at the state and federal level. I have also been a regular volunteer on campaigns and have worked with the party in that capacity. I have also been a pcp in the past.The results of the presidential election were devastating and I'm eager to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I know that grassroots engagement is key to building strong democratic infrastructure and I want to help make sure the party is in the strongest possible position.
Thaddeus Gordon Knight
Educator and advocate for children and their families for 13 years. Migrated westward from Tennessee to Kansas City and moved to Portland with partner in 2010.
Sought to improve the lives of my neighbors through sports instruction and political engagement.
Consistently voted Democrat for over a decade, and actively worked to encourage party success in 2016.Increased party participation and engagement with my community.
4304David WangI have been a Portland resident since 2003, living in the Sabin neighborhood. I have practiced law for 20 years, first in a large law firm in Silicon Valley, then with a large international law firm in Portland, and for the last 6 years as an in-house lawyer at Vestas, the world's leading manufacturer of wind turbines. I am a lifelong Democrat.I have no previous experience working for the Party. Over the years, I have done a bit of non-partisan work, including serving as Chair of the City of Portland's Charter Review Commission in 2008, and as a member of the Multnomah County Commission on Children and Families. I also served as President of the Oregon Asian Pacific American Bar Association (and later as Chair of its Advocacy Committee), and also on the executive committees of various sections of the Oregon State Bar.After a few years off from volunteer work due to young children, I am looking forward to contributing my time and re-engaging with my community. I look forward to how the Party will re-cast itself in light of recent events, and I am eager to help carry its message.
4304Erin Gilday I am a social worker involved in advocacy and sexual health education for foster youth in Washington and Clackamas counties. I reside in Multnomah county.
I campaigned at the grassroots level for Bernie Sanders, logging countless hours of phone banking for the senator from Vermont's presidential campaign, attending fundraisers and recruiting volunteers nationally for the campaign. I continue to be active in Bernie PDX, a grassroots political engagement organization. I worked on the Yes on Measure 97 Campaign locally. I have been involved in anti-war, human rights and social justice organizing for 17 years.

I believe our party needs accurate, invested representation of our community. As a young queer woman, I believe my voice is underrepresented in politics. I want to hold our party accountable to working class people, people of color and all marginalized people in our nation.
4304Hanna Jordan
4304Kelly S OrthelI have lived in Portland for 5 years, and have become a leader in my community. I am an office/business administrator and a creative entrepreneur. I am a environmentalist, I care about equality for all and I want to make this world a better place.I have canvassed for green peace, raised money for organizations and I use all the platforms I have a following on to promote progressive issues.I want to be more involved in the political process. I know that I can make a difference and that I have many skills to offer to this organization and the communities it serves.
4304Noah JackMy name is Noah Jack.

I'm an industrial designer. I grew up in Corvallis and have lived in Oregon most of my life. My parents make children puzzles for a living. I have a lot of pride in Oregon as a great place to live. I very proud of the community we have fostered here in Oregon.
I've participated in a meeting when I lived in Bellingham, but don't have much other experience thus far. The result of the recent election has motivated me to get more involved in politics and make sure my voice as well as the voice of my Oregon community is represented in the political system.
4305Luke GriffinI was born and largely raised in Oregon with a 6 years on the island of Guam by a family involved in social and environmental justice. I am a white, 41 y.o., disabled male with wife and two elementary aged daughters. I went to the University of Oregon and graduated from Portland State University and am currently getting my masters of teaching in social studies and language arts at Concordia University. I am a former civil rights investigator and advocate primarily in housing but I've also worked on workers' rights and sexual discrimination cases, volunteered for environmental groups, and interned at a migrant farm worker union in the Willamette Valley. I served two years on my neighborhood association board. I lived in the rust belt Midwest as well as the south, have lived in Latin America and speak intermediate Spanish.I have work or volunteered for the following: OSPIRG, Greenpeace, 350.org, PCUN, BARK, Fair Housing Council of Oregon, Steve Novick's 2008 senate bid, Barak Obama's 2012 re-election bid, and have engaged in direct action, non-violent protests in Washington DC, Portland, Eugene, Madison, WI, and Asheville, NC regarding World Trade Organization, multiple wars, state sale of public lands, civil rights, MLK memorial, and immigrant rights.I want to help bridge the gap between rural and urban Oregon. In state, the party did a pretty good job getting people elected with the exception of Avakian's loss. None the less, we need to do a better job reaching out to our rural constituents. the voting map clearly shows an every widening gap between two distinct Oregon's and it is not productive for any of us. One way to do this is by pushing progressive policies which represent the working class. This will help make the Democratic Party truly the people's party and bring back formerly blue voters who have gone red, green, or independent over the past 25 years. Our party needs to listen more as well. I want to continue supporting our great in-state Dems like Merkely, DeFazio, and Blumenauer. I want the issue of climate change to take center stage as it overshadows all other issues. And I want to do everything in my power to ensure the disastrous 2016 national election cycle where all three branches of government went deep red never, ever happens again because it bad for people in our country and abroad, social programs, environmental protection, and the future of human life on this planet.
4305Margery MarloweI go by Marji and I have lived in Oregon for 5 years. I run a small advocacy program called Guardians of the Vibe that specializes in safe space literature.I have no prior political experience excecpt for voting in three elections.I want to be a PCP so I can help create change in our local and national government.
4305Steve ElderSenior citizen, veteranIn former home, Texas, I held county wide office, was precinct chair for many years. Attended state conventions since 1976To become active in party to fight Trumpism.
4306Jonathan WoodIm a father of an amazing 12 year old boy. Im a teacher and video producer. I am from Portland and love this city.noneI want to be part of the solution
4310Miranda RabuckMiranda Rabuck is a progressive democrat with a history of advocating for under-served communities. She does communications work for nonprofit advocacy organizations and is interested in helping to improve the Oregon Democratic Party's ability to connect with its audience and activate voters.I work for an organization that advocates for families and children in the state. I donated and canvassed for Bernie Sanders' campaign in the Oregon primary and Hillary Clinton's campaign in the general election. I want to be a PCP because I see a disconnect between the Oregon Democratic Party and its voter base. As a firm believer in progressive policy, I want to ensure that the party doesn't lose its core voters. As a digital communications specialist, I want to help the Oregon Democratic Party get its message out and reach more progressive voters.
4310Sujata ShyamI grew up in California, have lived all over the states, and in Oregon since 2010. I have worked in affordable housing finance, and now am an entrepreneur, with a digital marketing consultancy that I run.I have been registered with the Democratic Party since I was 18. I have volunteered for the campaigns of the last 4 presidential campaigns.I would like to get involved at the precinct level because I want to be a responsible, active member of my party, and to begin taking a more proactive role. I want to do what I can to make sure we succeed in taking back the presidency and Congress over the next four years.
4402"Patch" Adam PerrymanSurgical/Medical professional, father, husband, Timbers Army, MS in Healthcare Management, Master of Science Certificate in Public Administration, community organizer, Staff volunteer coordinator for past national and state races for the Democratic Party.Past PCP in Clackamas County/Milwaukie, Advance Team Obama For AmericaI have moved out of Clackamas County and now reside with my family in Multnomah, North Portland to be specific, and I am eager to continue work for the Party and the future.
4402Paul DanisChiropractic doctorJoined the Democrats when Bush became president.I believe we need to be more involved and continue to be more progressive.
4403Elisa J. DozonoI am a fourth-generation Japanese-American Oregonian and a top business litigator and public affairs expert. Prior to joining one of the region's largest law firms, I served in public affairs leadership positions at the Port of Portland, the Office of Mayor Vera Katz, and for former Gov. John Kitzhaber. I also ran the Clinton/Gore '96 re-elect campaign in Oklahoma. I am the founding president of Emerge Oregon which has recruited and trained Democratic women to run for elected office since 2008; I continue to serve the organization in an emeritus role. I also helped found the Oregon Asian Pacific American Bar Association in 2008.I was the Finance Chair for the Democratic Party from 2006-2008. I resigned that position in order to concentrate on the development of Emerge Oregon.I want to continue being actively involved in the party and ensure diverse representation amongst our leadership.
4403Evyn MitchellI was fortunate to be raised by very progressive parents who always encouraged me and my brother to join in their political discussions at the kitchen table as we were growing up. I always enjoyed the conversations but often felt like we needed to do more than complain so when I was in high school I started volunteering for our local Planned Parenthood, which turned into a paid position the day after I graduated. Since then, I've gone to work for various non-profit organizations and local campaigns. I'm also the Board Chair of Emerge Oregon, an organization working to change the face of politics by identifying, training, and encouraging Democratic women to run for office.I currently work for Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici and have worked in Oregon politics for the last eight years, which has given me the opportunity to work with state and county party leadership on a number of candidate and ballot measure campaigns.Although Oregon is in much better shape than most other states, I'm concerned by the trends we're seeing around the country and think there's a lot of work to be done to share our vision in an approachable way and to help elected leaders put that vision into practice. I've seen how neighbors talking to their neighbors can make a difference and believe that's how we will change minds and win elections.
4403Jenna StephensI am a mom of 4, former teacher, small business owner.I worked on the No on 9 campaign in 2000, for Rex Burkholder when he ran for Metro, and on a school board campaign.I would love to represent Multnomah County and I am starting to get more involved in politics again.
4403Kria LacherI have lived in Portland since 1988. I love the nw. I am the realtor that greened the data base that Realtors use so that anyone could list a greened or certified green home. I believe strongly in being practical with solutions with issues that we are facingI have done a lot of work in the real estate industry to green it. I have as a realtor worked with low income folks to help them secure their futures. I also have done work around pro choice issues, naral.I believe that there are many voices not being heard. At this time we need to get the Democratic party on track to reach the working class. We need to build our base. I want to contribute.
4403Troy DukerI was born and raised in Delaware. Moved to Montana in 2009 to attend Montana State University where I first became active in Democratic Politics. Moved to Portland in 2014.I was the president of Montana Students for Obama and was active in the College Democrats there.I've participated in countless MultDems activities. I want to have some real influence as a young, LGBT, African American. This opportunity will give me a voice in the local party.
4404Elizabeth DeitchmanI grew up in Evansville, Indiana where I studied classical ballet for most of my early life. I went to college in Connecticut, majoring in English. After a brief modern dance career in the Boston area, I returned to university, earning a Masters in English from UMass Boston an U/Phil in English & Drama from the University of London/Queen Mary College & a PhD in English from UC Davis. I taught for 2 years & then left academia to be an actor. Now I write fantasy fiction & live in North Portland with my husband Dave & our Dog, Ralphie.I did phone banking for President Obama in 2012.I want to bring more people into the political process, especially young voters. I'd like to help get as many Dems elected as possible for this & all future elections.
4404Scott MooreProgressive activist, writer, and communicator.I worked with the DPO and county parties on progressive ballot measure campaigns during my time as the communications director for Our Oregon, in addition to my work as the communications director for FuturePAC/Oregon House Democrats.Now more than ever, local grassroots organizing will be critical to stop the increasingly empowered right-wing from pushing their agenda.
4409Simon SoteloI have lived in Portland for 2 years and I have am involved in local community organizing and I would like to involve myself more in local/state politics.I registered to vote for the first time in 2015 and I have been a part of the Democratic Party since.I wanted to be apart of the community that surrounds me and have a voice in matters at the state level which directly effect myself and my neighbors.
4501Anna Richter TaylorLife long Democrat that has worked on campaigns, for elected officials and been active in Oregon politics for the last 15 years.Was the Communications Director for the DPO in 2002-04, communications director for GOv Kulongoski and former PCPI have been inactive for the last year because of personal reasons and overcommitted with children and work but would like to reengage.
4501Henry SternStaffer in Senator Wyden's Portland officeStaffer in Senator Wyden's Portland office since August 2014I want to increase my involvement in Democratic Party activities
4501Mary GautreauxMom of 4 kids, grandma of 6, outdoor lover, policy advisor to a member of congress.worked for Democratic party as kids were growing up in Eugene, been a PCP for years here inPortland & work for an elected Dem for 20 yrs.i have good relations with my precinct neighbors & have always knocked on doors to encourage voting. Just forgot to get my PCP renewed this year.
4501Robin PairI moved to Oregon five years ago from Florida and I truly love it here. I have professional experience as both an aerospace engineer and as a public high school math teacher. As an engineer I worked on various NASA spaceflight programs and as a teacher I taught everything from remedial math to AP Calculus in a diverse, low income school.Until recently my political work has been limited to philanthropy, donating to candidates and causes. However, following the 2016 election I was inspired to do more to ensure the most vulnerable citizens maintain their safety and their rights. A friend and I have started a grassroots effort to organize groups of women in the community and connect them to non-profits and political action groups. Our goal is to help others go from being on the sidelines to an active participant in our democracy.I am a mother, I am a teacher, I am in tech, I am connected with many others that have concerns but do not have the time or mental bandwidth to consider how to have their voices heard. I am also a Southerner; a liberal in a family full of staunch Republicans. I would like to be a PCP because I think I can analyze candidates from the perspective of a stakeholder with an understanding of the opposition.
4503Katherine Tellstay-at-home mom, part-time political campaign staff, former congressional staffpart-time campaign staff, PCPI want to support Democratic Party activism
4503Laura HaddenI'm a documentary media artist and radio producer in currently working as a producer and editor for Live Wire Radio, a public radio variety show broadcasting on over 100 public radio stations across the country. Previously, I spent three years as the Media & Communications Manager of The Moth, a storytelling organization. I've taught storytelling and media production through the Center for Digital Storytelling as a part of the AmeriCorps VISTA program as well as at CUNY Hunter College. Together with my husband Jesse Friedman, we host United Noshes, an ongoing dinner party series and blog featuring one feast from every United Nations member and benefiting Mercy Corps.I was in volunteer leadership with Amnesty International USA for five years, including as a member of the Women's Human Rights Steering Committee. I also was a recipient of the Young People For Fellowship in 2007, a long-term leadership development program that identifies, engages, and empowers the newest generation of progressive leaders to create lasting change in their communities, and went on to serve as a part of their Leadership Academy and Alumni Board in 2008.I want to take a leadership role in my community for building the world that supports the values of the Democratic Party, in particular equity and fairness to people of color, queer people, and women.
4505Cdavid CottrillBy profession I am a Property master for Television, Film, and Theatre for the last 27 years. I have lived in the Northwest since 2005 and have been a resident of Portland since 2011. I am currently serving a 3 year term as the Vice President of IATSE Local 488 which is the Union representing the Studio Mechanics of the Pacific Northwest working in Film and Television. Our jurisdiction covers Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.I have previously done phone banking as well have contributed financially to the Democratic Party.Workers need a voice in the political sphere. And though Oregon and the Pacific Northwest has been supportive of Labor and our workers, we are facing challenges to our collective bargaining rights from forces outside of our state and region which threaten the gains we have made to date in working conditions as well as safety in the workplace. Workers need a voice at the table, in fact many voices, so that we may retain our current rights, and continue to build a strong and sustainable workforce.
Our Film and Television Industry in particular has grown by leaps over the past decade in the State. But we need to shore up and secure the political backing of this industry to ensure its continued growth.
Beyond the concerns of our industry, I am concerned with making sure our State remains a leader in programs and policies which benefit all working families and ensure that everyone who has a job has a living wage and affordable housing.
I appreciate the consideration for the position of Precinct Committee Person.
4505Elizabeth Bernardlived in the neighborhood for 20 years, 2 daughters in PPSvolunteerdemocracy
4506Jimmy RadostaJimmy Radosta serves as Communications and Marketing Director for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, which helps keep Oregon the leading state for reproductive freedom. He came to PPAO after 20-plus years in the media, dating back to his high school newspaper in Salem and his college newspaper at Pepperdine University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He has written and edited for Salem’s Statesman Journal, The Portland Mercury, Portland Family, The Skanner and Just Out, and his work has earned a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.In addition to my professional work with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, I've been active in progressive politics since 2000's No on 9 Campaign. I have volunteered for Basic Rights Oregon, ACLU of Oregon, Future PAC and other organizations.I want to ensure Multnomah County Democrats have a strong, unified, progressive voice that is heard loud and clear at the ballot box. Now more than ever, we have an obligation to ensure that we remain a beacon of hope as the rest of the country faces historic setbacks.
4506Maura AhlbergI am a progressive Democratic, and I feel it is the right time for me to become politically active. I returned to school in my late thirties, and earned a BS degree in Environmental Studies from Portland State University last year . The recent presidential election has left me both shocked and horrified. If one were to ask my four year old daughter what the most important thing is, she would say, "Kindness. We are kind to people, animals and Mother Earth ". I am willing to do do everything in my power to protect those things we value most.
I want to be an allie to anyone who feels threatened right now.
I am also a licensed veterinary technician, and I have been working in emergency and specialty practices for the last 12 years. I work weekends so we don't have to pay for full time childcare. This schedule will allow me the time to become more politically active- especially when my daughter starts kindergarten.
I do not have experience with the Democratic party or political work.I want to become politically active. I do not like what is happening right now, and I can not stand idly by.
My concerns are:
* Environmental issues such as: climate change, water and air quality, the ramifications of "deregulation" and under-funding
* Civil rights- for all people regardless of race, sexual identity, religion, gender, country of origin...etc
*The local housing crisis. I have been homeless. It is dehumanizing
* Womens' reproductive rights.
4508Jamie Halvorson
4601Anna PyciorI live in Montavilla and love the neighborhood/the SE/all of Portland/all of Oregon to be honest. I am Legislative Director at the Oregon House Majority office, responsible for assisting all Democratic caucus members with legislative questions, bill drafting, and session operations. My academic background is in international relations (theory and security studies) and domestic counter-terrorism policy. I also have a keen interest in environmental/animal rights policy, the Spanish language, and vocal performance.Prior to serving as Legislative Director for the House Majority Office I served as Chief of Staff, Communications Director, and Community Liaison for NYS Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh. My other past positions include Communications Associate at the national think tank Demos, and Communications Director and Scheduler for NYS Assemblyman Richard Brodsky.I'd like to get involved at politics at the more local/county/city level and I am told by smart, dedicated people that this is a great way to do so.
4601David HasenjaegerI grew up in Oregon, first on Springwater Rd just outside of Estacada and later in Oregon City. My father spent ten years as the minister at Springwater Presbyterian church and my mother is a former lawyer who found her home in nonprofit work. Both of them taught me to be compassionate towards people who have been marginalized by our society and to act on my convictions.
I graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Mathematics in 2008 during the great recession and had to move in with my parents in Oregon City. This was an experience that forced me to look in the mirror and recognize that I wouldn’t have made it on my own. I needed every bit of the support system that I had to move forward. I moved on to get my MS in Mathematics from PSU and taught as an adjunct instructor for Mt Hood CC and Portland CC (Cascade). When I realized that this was not a career that was sustainable for me I moved on. I now work as a software developer for a tech startup.
Now that I have attained a reasonable degree of stability, I want to provide others the support that I needed to get to the place where I am today.
I have volunteered for the Democratic party on three occasions in my life. I registered voters and tabled for John Kerry during the 2004 election, I canvassed for state representatives in 2008, and volunteered as a canvasser and phone banker for Brad Avakian and Measure 97 in 2016.It's time that I get involved with local politics rather than just putting out fires for individuals in my circle of friends.
4602Gregory BussI grew up in NE Portland, attended PPS schools, and spent the first decade of my career in Los Angeles mostly working for Congressman Xavier Becerra before returning to Portland in 2014 with my family. I work in communications and marketing.I ran Congressman Xavier Becerra's communications program in Los Angeles 2006-2011 and was a strategist at Mandate Media in Portland 2014-2016. Locally, I worked as a consultant for Senators Merkley and Wyden, Congressmembers Bonamici and Defazio, County Commissioner Jules Bailey, and State Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson.I want to be a part of shaping the Democratic Party's future, honing a message and strategy that helps us win the future with a progressive platform.
4602Joseph Santos-LyonsSince the 1970's, Joseph has lived, studied and work in Clackamas, Marion, Lane and Multnomah counties of Oregon. Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons is the first Executive Director of APANO and minister affiliate with First Unitarian Church of Portland. Drawing on 25 years as a community organizer, cultural performer, and anti-racism activist, Joseph is energized by creating space for communities of color to self-determine and advancing social change at the systemic level. “At APANO, we envision a world where we are engaged in the political, economic and social issues that impact us.” Joseph and his longtime partner Aimee live in Portland with their three children.Served as a PCP, active in Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus.The Democratic Party has a vision for equity and opportunity that aligns with my values. As a community leader, I'm interested in being in better dialogue with party activists to strengthen the platform, build alliances, and win elections.
4602Rebecca CravenA lifelong Northwesterner I am new to Portland, passionate about keeping this region affordable and beautiful, and engaging my fellow citizens in local government!I have worked for the past four years as an energy efficiency consultant, which required in-depth research skills and policy knowledge. I've volunteered for Democratic causes for most of my life as an office worker or phone banker and want to become more involved.I am passionate about keeping the Pacific Northwest the home of progressive ideals and legislation, as well as spreading to young people the fundamental message of the Democratic party and urging them to become more involved.
4604Aaron LevineBorn and raised in New York City, a lifelong progressive, and a recent transplant in Portland I have a masters in statistics from Columbia and work as a data consultant for small businesses.I have campaigned, fundraised and performed outreach for LGBTQ rights, low income housing affordability, and public health concerns among other issues.I am eager to join the ranks of the PCP to offset the recent drastic shift in the political landscape and help buffer the Portland community (and the northwest at large) from the effects of the incoming administration.
4604Emily McLainI was born and raised in Oregon and I love my gorgeous state. I'm from Forest Grove and graduated from the U of O. My career has been dedicated to making positive changes that improve people's lives in our state. I'm proud to have worked for the Oregon Student Association, Basic Rights Oregon, Planned Parenthood, the Bus Project, and the Oregon Education Association.I got involved in Oregon politics as soon as I could. Before I registered to vote I was on the debate team at forest grove high school where I was debating the issues that faced our state and country. Issues of debt and affordability and access got me involved in the Oregon Student Association when I was attending the U of O. At U of O I ran the voter registration drive and then served as student body president. That's when I began to lobby in salem. Since then I've committed my career to being a political organizer, advocate and lobbyist for progressive causes championed by the Democratic Party. I helped pass tuition equity in 2013 for undocumented students, I worked on the marriage equality campaign, I worked for planned parenthood and was the lovbbyist for winning access to 12 months of birth control. I was also the lobbyist for Basic Rights who helped pass the ban on conversion therapy. I now work for the Oregon Education Association as a political team member and lobbyist.I want to take another step in my participation to make our state a better place for all people. Especially in light of this election. I'm a life long democrat and a life long Oregonian. I love my state and I want to help make it better, more equitable, more inclusive, more welcoming, more accessible and more affordable for all folks.
4604Greg BurrillI'm a substitute teacher for Portland Public Schools, a member of the Executive Board of Portland Association of Teachers, as well as a member of the PAT Substitute Teacher Committee, Legislative Committee, and PAT PAC, and a member of a variety of progressive groups: HCAO, JWJ, ACLU, NAACP LDF, etc.Canvassing and phone banking for PAT and OEAIt is time for me to support the Democratic Party with more than my vote.