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Best Lecturer (Taught)Faculty
Graeme BoswellCESConsistently delivers the most interesting and well taught lectures, week in, week out. Always happy to help out with other modules if needed. Teaching style suits me down to the ground.
Graeme boswellCESLots of patience and time! Finds the best ways to explain situations. Best teacher ever!
Graeme BoswellCESHe is really passionate about what he teaches and always helps. He knows how to change the way he explains things to help students and always knows what to do.
Graeme BoswellCESNo matter what module he teaches, always fully engaged with what he says and, although the topics are usually hard, he provides a lot of support along the way.
Graeme BoswellCESGraeme is seamless in his delivery, explains things fully, helps explain questions one-on-one, slows down his speed if he can see the class isn't following, makes fantastic and error-free notes. In my opinion, Graeme could teach any topic - he is that good!
Graeme BoswellCESabsolutely magnificent. Could never leave the class not understanding what is taught
Graeme BoswellCESAmazing teaching style
Great explanation
Always available for extra help and support
Jeroen NieuwlandCESMakes sure every student understands his lecture notes.
Understands the students point of view regarding a subject.
Jeroen NieuwlandCESInteresting and informative lectures, with a relaxed attitude which results in a calm and pleasant learning environment. Uses interactive quiz format to help students revise and is more than willing to answer questions. Puts extra effort into making sure the pace of lectures is right for everyone. Was more than willing to help when serious issues arose with coursework marking, and was helpful and reassuring when some students were visibly very upset about this. Has an excellent attitude and makes learning an enjoyable experience.
Jeroen NieuwlandCESHe's consistantly helped us throughout the module, no matter what the problem is. He doesn't move on through lectures too fast, makes sure everyone is at the same level (even if you've never studied the topic before) and makes the lectures fun and interactive for everyone. You can tell he's really enthusiastic for this topic and that he loves what he does and genetics, it really makes the whole class enjoy it more, as well as understand it more. He's been an amazing support and a great laugh throughout the lectures from christmas and is really making me feel more comfortable for my exam and makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing. No-one in the class has a bad word to say about him, and all can say that he's been a tue pleasure as a lecturer.
Paul JonesCESThis Lecturer is very approachable, friendly and a true credit to the course, the department and most importantly himself.
I have had numerous occasions where i have had issues on my course and he has always been available for me to contact him and to aid in my studies in conjunction with my ISP.
Paul JonesCESHe is thorough and always ensures that everybody understands the topics covered before moving on to the next topic. Dr Jones is always willing to help if people do not understand something and is really supportive of his students. He has kept me interested in the subject and sparked the fire in my belly to achieve what I thought to be the impossible. He has such a passion for what he does and this comes across in his lectures and inspires others to pursue their passion and be the best that they can.
Sian JonesCESShe is the most organised lecturer I have ever had. She is extremely good at explaining all of the topics discussed in class. The booklet system that she works with is very helpful. The Turnaround time for coursework marks is ridiculously fast especially as the feedback provided really helps you to improve. She uses a tablet to write on the work so feedback can be pinpointed and should be rolled out throughout the university.

I just feel she does try to really make her course as good as possible and it really works!
Sian K. JonesCESEnthusiastic about her subject, despite its often tedious nature.
Always available for extra help if required, no question is too obvious.
Informing lectures and helpful tips always provided.
Fantastic turnaround for coursework marks (less than 2 weeks).
Sian K. JonesCESHer knowledge of Cryptography and cryptographic methods is incredibly vast and she's very good at explaining methods to people that don't understand them.
Sian Kathryn JonesCESWell organised great resources 2 books of everything needed for the assignmets and exams availability of lecturer for understanding and felt she went above and beyond the expectations I have of a lecturer
Sian-Kathryn JonesCESI feel as if she puts in a great deal of effort in making her students achieve the best results as possible by encouraging them to work hard. She also is a favorite amongst her students for her great efforts in returning assignments grades and feedback as quick as possible (her record is less than a week).

She enjoys her job, and her subject, and that comes across in the way she teaches and her body language, which is encouraging to us.
Stephanie PerkinsCESBeing there for every single student and making it well known, she makes it seem she has all the time in the world for even the smallest of problems and again even if it's not anything she teaches.
Stephanie PerkinsCESShe has constantly been in contact. Very supportive since I had to resit the year. Every time I have messaged, no matter what it is I have had a reply almost instantly. She was my project lecturer and was very supportive leading and guiding me so I can achieve the best mark I can. When feeling down, she would be the first point of contact and always took time out to speak and encourage me. She's the best lecturer/ teacher I've had.
Stephanine PerkinsCESShe is always there when you need her, whether it is help with your study, questions about your study, future study, or if you just need someone to talk to in general. She is always there for you.
Brian FagenceCIFun lecturer who listens and helps students with any issue and always pushes us to learn more. I would say one of the best lecturer / teacher I have ever had teach me.
Brian FragenceCIHe makes learning fun, he's very interactive with the class and can make you laugh with ease. His teaching methods are good and is very helpful if needing a question to be answered. He makes the module very interesting and helps a lot with preparations with essays and presentations tasks that are given. He can make your day a better one. (Lecture starts at 9am, so most of the students are tired and most of them leave in a brighter mood than they entered)
Chris ThomasCIChris always go out of his way to help and support students throughout their projects. He shows passion and enthusiasm when teaching and this is passed on and encourages everyone who he teaches. He always shows interest in students' work and is never too busy to offer advice or give feedback even out of his working hours.
Christopher ThomasCII have not met a person who goes such lengths to help students with their work. Even tough he is working part time, he gives enough information to work with. Giving personal weekend time to help students with their projects. He gives extra time to everyone making sure they have what they need.
Christopher is surely the one that stood out from all the teachers.
Christopher ThomasCIThis lecture is one of the reasons I picked this uni and his excitement and passion of the industry really does come out in his teaching. Which really makes an enjoyable learning environment as well as an easy to approach lecturer when you need advice and feedback on your work.
Gerald Vincent EmanuelCIA truly inspiring lecturer, his speeches never fail to amaze me. He really helps understanding the outside world and thinking ahead to the future. He is grasping when he talks and tells such interesting stories.
I honestly think what he's taught me will stick with me for the rest of my life and I'll always think back to his lectures and wisdom.
Gerald Vincent EmanuelCIAlways informative and truthful whilst at the same time making the lesson understandable and fun
Heledd HardyCIHeledd is not just a brilliant lecturer, she is also a superb personal tutor. During lectures she has a gift for enabling students to think about and view topics from a variety of different angles. She spends a massive amount of her time understanding what every one of her students needs in order to achieve their goals, not only whilst studying at the University but beyond graduation too. She encourages us to push creative boundaries and take risks with our work, allowing us to realise a standard of work that we did not think we were capable of.

She has organised a wide spectrum of high profile, inspiring guest speakers for us from the industry including Huw Edwards, Marc Evans and Philip John to name a few. In addition, she has helped us make a wide range of connections within the industry, enabling us to get work experience and forge relationships within the industry that will benefit us massively after graduating.

Her passion, commitment and inspirational teaching style has been of tremendous benefit to all of her students. I am very grateful to have had her as a course leader, lecturer and mentor over the course of my three years at the University.
Heledd HardyCIBecause the support she gives to the students is unparalleled. She is talented and passionate, she has given us many opportunities, has lots of contacts in the industry and is a big part of our lives as students. Unlike most lecturers, she genuinely cares for her students wellbeing as well, not just the work they produce, so that we are making the most of our university lives, getting the best experiences and doing the best we can when it comes to our work. This in my opinion is very important and should be something that is not overlooked. She is not appreciated enough for the work that she does for us students and the university. She deserves this award more than any one else.
Heledd HardyCIShe has been incredible at getting work experience for everyone in the class and has been supportive by helping us develop our creative ideas.
Heledd Wyn HardyCISuper Women!!
Nigel OrillardCIBrilliant lecturer who makes you think outside the box and encourages you to push your boundaries further in film!
Nigel OrillardCIHe's simply the most entertaining teacher I've ever had as well as being the most reasonable and helpful.
Rebecca MathewsCIHappy, kind woman always excited about the work and happy to talk to us when ever we need help and always gives constructive advice. Also the way she talks is like talking to a member of the group, no sense of her being higher than we are.
Rebecca MatthewsCIA really supportive lecturer, puts in extra hours outside of the class to make sure you're well equipped and prepared with assignments. Really makes you feel like you're getting the most out of your experience at university. Has the perfect balance between being a teacher and supporting you, everyone in class is comfortable around her and she makes you feel like you can approach her with any problem or question.
Ryan PreeceCIHe gives unconditional support and valuable advice which never goes unheard. He tells us honestly what he thinks of our work submissions and won't let us get away with anything! Firm but friendly.
Andrew CrollFBSInspiring, he loves his subject which projects through his lectures. I really loved the module I had with Andy because he cared and took the time to show everyone how amazing his subject is!
Andrew CrollFBSHe always makes his lectures very interesting and engaging. From the first lecture that I had him for I have found the topics that he lectures on very enjoyable. When you are in one of his classes he brings his subjects to life. He was also very helpful to me when I was trying to decide on a dissertation topic and is always available to talk to if you need help or want to discuss something relating to a topic that he has lectured on.
Andrew CrollFBSAndy's 'Urban Wales' module was the best and most interesting that I've taken. As a student who has returned to my history degree after a break, Andy has been a fantastic lecturer and great support to me, nothing is too much trouble, and his passion for history inspires all students fortunate enough to form an academic relationship with Andy Croll.
Andrew CrollFBSA brilliant lecturer who brings what can be a painful period of history to life, focusing on the suffering of the working classes in Wales and beyond. He certainly knows his stuff, but also brings the right level of humour to the classroom to make the subject much more appealing than it may first appear.
Anthony SamuelFBSinspiring as a lecturer and a friend to all students, a consistently helpful lecturer that goes above and beyond his line to help people improve, plus he's funny
Anthony SamuelFBSUnlimited patience, can relate a subject to a wide audience in an easy to understand way and is always approachable. Always has a smile on his face too! Makes me want to come back to do a Masters or PhD
Anthony SamuelFBSfor supporting not just me but the whole class, he will always help you as best he can and encourages you. As a marketing student this year we have been let down as a degree but Anthony's lectures as the ones that everyone enjoys and are determined to do well in, I feel he needs recognition for the support and high teachin quality he provides.
Ben JonesFBS- Constant support in that he is always available and responds to emails and requests almost instantly.
- Makes the learning very interesting and keeps a very upbeat attitude in lectures.
- By far makes the best use of learning materials and provides as much information and support for courseworks and exams as possible.
- Always keeps blackboard very organised and lecture slides, notes and panoptos are up on time and in a coherent order which is very helpful.
- Very approachable and friendly.
- Makes all students feel comfortable and helps in any way he can.
Ben JonesFBSThis tutor, goes way beyond the extra mile to offer any type of help whether course or otherwise related. He is totally dedicated to the students in his charge. No task is too small or too great for him to take on, regardless of his own workload. In order to ensure he gets everything requested of him done. He regularly is sending out response via email at up to 11 pm in the evening.
He makes his lectures clear as is his presentation material. How many tutors can make a topic like tax amusing - well Ben can!?
He has an open door policy and he will always make himself available to any student who requests to see him and, if it is within his power to do so, he will action every request and follow it up to ensure its done and done properly. The man is brilliant
Ben JonesFBSBen has taught me for 5 modules over the course of two years. He is a fantastic lecturer whose sessions are always humourous and incredibly interactive. There really aren't many people that could make me understand Taxation or Business Accounts but he did!
I know that he has taught modules for degrees such as Accounting on top of the time he expends teaching LL.B., LPC and GDL students. Through all this he has never once been too busy to help a student with complicated issues and even when he is busy, he never allows you to feel as though you are inconveniencing him. I can personally vouch for this as he was my personal tutor last year.
This year, he did an amazing job of setting up the MLaw qualification but has recently had to hand that over to step into the role of head of the LPC. As course rep, I liaise with him quite a bit and he always has the student's issues as of paramount importance. He also made the transition between course leaders positively unnoticeable, amazing considering it happened the same week as our Stage One exams! Also, in two years, I've never not seen him smiling.
In conclusion, he's my favourite lecturer and I know he is the majority of the Law School's favourite lecturer as well.
Ben JonesFBSThis teacher has been nothing short of outstanding. From the moment I stepped into the class, all the students were going to him for help on time table issues, money/fee issues, course issues etc, and he helped each and everyone out. It wasn't his job, he didn't have the time to but he still did it all and personally. And that struck a cord with me.

He provides the best, well taught, well thought out lessons ever. He makes the lessons apply to us, he relates them to us and comes up with the best analogies to help us remember things its amazing! He makes sure we all get everything, we dont leave the class unless we know our stuff, but when you teach as well as him, you know it already.

Throughout the year we have had some issues, but Ben has been doing a fantastic job. He doesn't have the time to deal with our issues, you can see that when he is running around with arms of papers with his phone going off, but he stops whatever he's doing to fit us in. When I had issues with the extra rooms for my exams he personally came to sort them out for me, he didnt have to but he did.

Whenever Ive had an issue with any of the course issues or the exams, he clears time in his schedule to see us and he tries everything to help us out. He even took time out of his reading week to come and teach us as we were all nervous over one of our main exams. If any of us fail our exams that he taught us it will be down to us not down to him.

I have never met a teacher who is always happy, always happy to help and who genuinely makes you want to learn. He is a pleasure to know and if it were not for Ben I doubt I would have made it through the year.

Ben deserves much more praise than anyone can give him.
BEN JONESFBSWithout Ben's outstanding commitment, organization and incredible humor it is doubtful that any of us on MLaw would be able to fulfill the requirements of our course or pass our exams. Ben brings something very special and unique to his teaching.
Ben JonesFBSBen is so creative in teaching Equity. He brings comedy and makes what is usually a complicated and dry area really fun. His materials are always fantastic and he has been a fabulous lecturer.
Ben JonesFBSBen has made this module not only bearable but has gone above and beyond what I imagine a lecturer should do in order to ensure their module is both comprehensible and fun. It has been a joy to have been taught by Ben; I am sure with his work ethic and amazing sense of humour he will continue to build outstanding relationships with all of his students. Thank you for a wonderful year Mr Jones and all the very best with your future career!
Ben JonesFBSVery engaging, always available to answer questions at any time. Has the ability to find different ways in order to help you understand.
Benjamin JonesFBSHe has done a great deal to deepen our understanding of very complex areas of Law. He managed to break down a complx 1000 page statute down to a series of transactions which was crucial in helping us understand the Companies Act and its role in Business Law. His enthusiasm for the subject was always infectious particularly on a Thursday morning at nine. During the revision he was always on hand to give advice on what was expected of you so you went in there comfortable with the topic. He could not have done more. His love of divas such as Dolly Parton or Cher were always an entertaining aside and would be likely seen in some of the scenarios set out for us.
Benjamin JonesFBSBen has been a fantastic lecturer, at the beginning of the year I was dreading the subject area as I had no understanding of the subject at all. Now at the end of my degree, I feel confident to go into my exam and achieve a good grade, as a result of Ben's supportive and approachable teaching. He also provides excellent learning materials, and is always organised with posting materials and messages to Blackboard. Unlike some lecturers I feel Ben is very approachable and will do his utmost to be helpful in order for us to succeed.
Benjamin JonesFBSI have Ben for a number of lectures this year, this means I spend the majority of my week with Ben as lecturer. in my experience, Ben keeps the whole class focused and he provides humor in the sessions to keep us interested. As a result of this he makes a boring subject come alive and ensures that we remember the lecture. In addition to the lectures themselves, the practice sessions are highly useful. Ben tackles practice session in a easy manner which helps us remember and consolidate what we have learnt in the lecture. I also feel that out of all the subjects studied this year, Ben provides a high quality of material to prepare us for our exams. The revision sessions that I have attended are not strictly focused on one area but are dependent on our needs. As well as the high level of teaching, Ben also produces a high level of communication, I obtain really quick responses from emails and this has helped me monumentally when completing coursework. Despite the amount of workload that Ben has, his care and attention to his lectures and to emails have not slipped. This is why I believe Ben should have the best lecturer award as his commitment is admirable.
Benjamin JonesFBSBen is very helpful and a brilliant lecturer! He brings life to the law and creates very enjoyable lessons which everyone loves. He is the reason I managed to excel in my modules.
Benjamin JonesFBSBen is the funniest and most helpful of lecturers.
He has brought Equity alive and is ALWAYS on hand to help with either email or face to face enquiries.
Benjamin JonesFBSHe is simply a natural teacher. He breaks concepts down into easily understandable points, providing the student with easy ways to learn, as well as memorise concepts in preparation for exams.

The LPC requires tactical as much as actual knowledge, in order to pass the exams, which are totally unlike your standard academic exam. Hence Ben's abilities are just what is required to achieve on this course.
Ben JonesFBSWithout Ben teaching Equity then I never would have understood it. He's actually made the subject enjoyable.
Benjamin JonesFBSHelpful and friendly. If there is ever a problem big or small students feel that they can go to him for guidance.
David HowellFBSThroughout my time in the University David Howell has been a great lecturer, bringing a special flare for the subject. David not only is immensely engaging and tailors his lectures to the individual needs of the students but also makes sure that all the students can turn to him if they have a problem, either with in class topics or assignments. Further to this David Howell has always managed to pick relevant topics that students would find engaging and uses a multitude of ways to convey his lecture, including notes, powerpoint, discussions and online forums. I can safely say that David Howell has made a huge impact to the University of South Wales and has invested a lot of time in the students,which shows through their admiration of him as a lecturer.
Norman LaporteFBSI would like to nominate Norry Laporte as 'Best Lecturer' because he is an outstanding lecturer who goes above and beyond to help his students. His lectures and seminars - of which I have been a part of - are always informative and interesting but are mostly enjoyable because of the passion Norry puts into them.
Above all, I believe Norry deserves to be recognized for the hard work and dedication that he gives to his students. He is attentive, kind, understanding and helpful to every student. He is always punctual and replies to emails promptly.
Norry is a lecturer who should be thanked for his hard work, his kind spirit and dedication.
Norman LePorteFBSHe just has so much love and passion for his subjects. He's never moody and leaves everything that could be bothering him outside the classroom. He loves his subject so much he even calls us 'comrades' in emails. He's made studying History worth while.
Sian JenkinsFBSSian has been an inspiration over the past 2 years of the Postgraduate Diploma In Human Resource Management accredited by the CIPD. Sian has really brought the topics to life and her personalised approach to teaching methodologies has really allowed me to excel on the course and I would not be on course to achieve the overall distinction without her teaching and support.
Sian JenkinsFBSSian has been great this semester, she has provided so much information that her module has been clear and easy to understand. Before Sian's module I was not keen on HRM, however due to her teaching methods, information provided and overall nature, she has change my opinion. Sian has inspired me to consider a career in HR and I have even decided to complete my dissertation around a HR topic. She is an inspiration, amazing lecturer and overall, a lovely woman. Any student is honoured to have Sian as a lecturer and transfer her knowledge onto them.
Sian JenkinsFBSGood structure to the subjects.
MAIN reasoning above others is her very strong academic and practical background.
More academic than operational in presentation and mentoring approach BUT that is what the class needed as 99% on the PG Dip HRM / MSc HRM post graduate programme needed a reminder or an 'in your face learner' on how to DO academic papers and exams. Frankly, the last thing they needed was someone telling them how 'hard' their job was and how the course can make it better!
Sian, balanced it very well considering the different levels of talent in the class room and the re-structuring of USW.
Annabel KierLSEafter transferring on to the 3rd year of chiropractic from aecc dr. kier has been very helpful in bringing my skills of all lessons up to speed and giving confidence in students abilities. she also gives extra of her own time for preparing and running junior clinic evenings and mock examinations going on until past 9 at night. she is always enthusastic and focused in helping us be the best we can.
Annabel KierLSEThis lecturer had to step in unexpectedly to fill in for a subject - Neurology. This is an extremely important module to Chiropractic Students. Not only has she stepped in, she has re-arranged the material and made it easily accesible and understandable and delivers it with expert knowledge and passion. Dr Kier already had an extremely busy schedule within Chiropractic and then took this subject on as well to ensure the students were not at a disadvantage. She also has to oversee another important module General Diagnosis. I feel so much more confident in what I've learned this year in the subjects taught by her. She has worked extremely hard and deserves to be recognised.
Annabel KierLSEDr. Kier is amazing! She bends over backwards for us students, and teaches neurology to a very high standard. You can tell she puts so many hours into her lectures to provide us with the best education. She is easily approachable and has a genuine care for the students. Her feedback and teaching style remain uncriticised as they are delivered and taught amazingly! She works so hard for us students and I believe she deserves some form of recognition for her outstanding teaching and care.
Annabel KierLSEFantastic lecturer and goes the extra mile to help you if you don't understand something. Goes beyond her pay and lecturing duties to make sure the experience you gain and information is provided.
Bilhar LehalLSEBilhar teaches a wide range of subject areas and is proficient in all areas, but he pushes me to be my best and self sufficient in my learning a practice. He is well informed about the latest information in a range of subject areas and has given us projects which force us outside of our comfort zones, not only forcing us to take control of our own learning but to experience what our own learners are experiencing in school settings. What a valuable lesson which is hard to create with in the classroom and what a valuable lesson for training teachers.
Bilhar LehalLSEBil is a great motivator and great inspiration. He is always there whenever you're stuck with a problem and is always there to help. He's always up for a laugh and makes the lessons enjoyable and easy to understand. Will be sad to say goodbye night year to such a great teacher
Bilhar LethalLSEoutstanding support.

Incredible lecturer. Wouldn't have got through placement without him.
Daniel CleggLSEThis tutor goes above and beyond any and all expectations I have of a tutor, in both efforts made towards the class being taught as a whole and individual efforts towards struggling students. This man truly is a natural teacher.
Daniel CleggLSEFor the non-stop dedication to his students. Forever grateful.
Danny CleggLSEHe has brought life, humor and excitement to a large and incredibly difficult subject, taking great care to ensure that all students have the best possible chance to pass through the course.
Danny CleggLSEBecause he does all that he can do to help us to improve and to feel that we can do it!
Danny CleggLSEThis lecturer has gone out of his way in order to provide the students with in depth knowledge of General Diagnosis.
He had to re-develop the teaching material for an entire module as well as supporting teaching in other modules. He continued despite the challenges facing him.
He has improved the standard of teaching in the GD module as well as others and has been a source of support for many students who he has helped on a one-to-one basis for assignments such as Dissertations.
Truly remarkable person and even more remarkable tutor.
Danny CleggLSEVery modern, enjoyable and interactive teaching methods.
Danny CleggLSETotal dedication to students. Complete sacrifice to his work. He just wants everyone to do well.
Danny CleggLSEHe has gone above and beyond this year, from creating brand new lecture material to putting all his time to prepare and help the students (especially year 3). His efforts reflect on our initial OSCE grades
Dean ParsonsLSEAlways ensures the lectures are fun and active to ensure all students are concentrating at all times. Replies to emails with no delays. Always replies with supportive and helpful messages to your course concerns. Never left me down as a student, supported me with all aspects of student life.
Dean ParsonsLSEDean is a fantastic lecturer. he's extremely passionate about what he does which has a positive effect on the students and he is able to transfer information over to students in a way that everybody can understand and will ensure that the students fully understand the material. He is also on hand whenever students have any issues regarding coursework and strives to get the best possible result out of the students
Dean ParsonsLSEReally engages the students and makes the lectures interesting.
Ian ForthLSEIan has always gone above and beyond to support the needs of students. He is approachable, always contactable for emergency questions on dissertations and assignments (even when on holiday!) and very kind. He is also extremely knowledgeable.

Ian makes lessons both fun and informative. He doesn't "sit on a throne imparting his wisdom to the huddled masses"! He likes to know our thoughts, opinions and experiences, and includes those into the discussions.

He is always supporting international students with their English, flitting between teaching the MA programme and teaching the academic writing classes, which are quite different beasts.

I think Ian should be recognised for the excellent education he offers to students in many fields through the academic writing courses, not just in the MA TESOL/TEAL/TEYL streams.
Ian ForthLSEMr. Forth always encourages his students to engage productively in their learning with his excellent teaching and the academic guidance he provides. The continual support and advice he offers through discussions and constructive feedback helps students to develop their skills and overcome any difficulties in order to achieve better outcomes.
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