Ladies Be Architects 2019 V2MOM
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Grow Membership- EVERYONE is welcome
- EVERYTHING is free of charge
- Marketing
- Speak at events (conferences, user groups, world tour, TDX, Dreamforce)
- Community - twitter, success community
- Encourage our clients to join
- Not everyone uses Twitter and not everyone uses the Success community. No true picture of the number of members- Number of members in the Salesforce Success Community
- Number of Twitter followers
Maintain and grow community presence- Personal brand is important as well as LBA brand
- Don't take on too many talks
- Family, health and day job take priority
- Keep us independent from our employers and Salesforce
- Anyone can help, but women have to lead sessions
- Marketing
- Speak at events (conferences, user groups, world tour, TDX, Dreamforce)
- Community - twitter, success community
- Swag
- Podcast
- Some men think they can't get involved- Number of members in the Salesforce Success Community
- Number of Twitter followers
- Attendance at speaking sessions
- High ratings at speaking sessions (4+)
Maintain and improve relationship with Salesforce- Check that we're not stepping on toes or revealing too much
- Agree to initiatives that adhere to our true values
- Get involved with community events and conferences that Salesforce run
- Featured in blogs
- Our content on Trailhead!!!!!!
- Share Salesforce swag with our members
- Maintain conversations with Salesforce employees
- Personal and work commitments- Conversations with Salesforce employees
- Invitations to conferences and events
- Speaking opportunities at conferences and events run by Salesforce
Member empowerment- Anyone is welcome to run something with our support
- Share our tools with study group leaders
- Fun
- Anyone can help, but women have to lead sessions
- Member-led study groups
- Swag for certs
- Public feature on LBA CTAs
- Member stories
- Soft skills presentations
- Virtual calls with CTAs to speak about their experiences
- Getting people willing to share their stories
- Member-led groups that are relevant to architecture
- No of volunteer-led study groups
- No of member stories
Fun- Light
- Don't be too strict
- Engaging
- Heavy content, so let's keep the personality we have in order to make it interesting
- Briefing document for study group volunteers
- Competitions
- Party & event at TDX / Dreamforce
- Own event at TDX / DF?
- Free swag at events
- The certification content!
- Money - we can only do so much
- Maintain some professionalism to build credibility
- Membership growth
- Attendee feedback from joint sessions
Funding- We shouldn't have to be put out of pocket to do this
- If we require sponsorship, we offer something in return and we focus it on events
- Anybody can offer funding (
- BW - requested budget for up to 5 community conferences for Gemma
- Sponsorship packages for more formal arrangements
- Fundraising campaigns
- Crowdfunding
- Monetise YouTube
- Monetise website
- Set up as charity to take donations
- Ensuring we can give something compelling to sponsors
- Ourselves and the discomfort of begging for money
- £££££
Establish a Rising CTAs programme- Demystify the CTA review board
- Reality check for the delusional
- Help people prepare
- Careful that we don't do the same thing as CTA 601. we should enhance and not replace
- We want people to understand what they should commit to
- Familiarise people with the process of achieving CTA
- CTA Mentoring phase 2
- Mock review board calls
- Board prep content
- Scenario discussions
- Scenario development
- CTA Guest Blogs
- Artifact creation guidance
- Presentation strategy (CTA-601 warning)
- Speaking topics
- Blog posts
- Share members' personal journeys
- Give swag in return for contributions
- Getting people to share their personal journeys
- Giving swag feels like bribery
- Fewer people asking for "dumps"
- Suzanne's list of open cases increases in value rather than volume
- Increase the number of talks that are specific to the review board
Be more organised- Communication
- Harmony with work and family time
- Transparency
- Honesty
- Keep events tracker up to date (demo org?)
- Regular calls and conversations (use Slack more, book meetings in)
- Tell each other if we need to be out for a while
- NPSP org
- Integrate Quip
- Time zones
- Distance
- Work commitments
- Kids
- Client commitments
- Community commitments
- Feedback given
- Frequency of keeping in touch
Education and Training- Accessible to all
- Free of charge
- Monthly cadence for study groups
- Virtual, recorded and publicly shared
- Centralised content
- Careers as well as certifications
- Monthly study groups
- Member-led group content
- User group design session in-a-box
- Dummy Scenarios for rehearsal
- Registration lists not always centralised (volunteer-led groups tend to be held in Google sheets rather than Wordpress)- Videos added to YouTube
- Registrations for virtual events
- Views on website
- Views on YouTube
- Viewing times on YouTube
- Comparison to the responses from this year's survey
Maintain and improve community partnerships- Support our fellow women coders / WiT
- Collaboration to show how women support and not hinder each other's progress
- Cross training
- 100 Days of Code - WITDevs
- Supermums volunteering
- Take part in their events
- Retweet and promote their content / events
- Direct enquiries about Supermums, RAD Women Code and WITDevs
- Attend WiTness Success
- Geography
- Funding
- Nature of what content each produces e.g. code. code does not necessarily mean CTA, but we can cross-train
- More joint events
- More members (cross-community too)
Increased engagement from CTAs- Show CTAs the value in giving back to the community
- Personal satisfaction in helping others
- Maintain and build informal relationships with CTAs
- CTA Mentor Volunteering
- CTA Q&A on existing videos
- CTA feedback on existing videos
- CTA guest blogs
- CTA podcast guests
- They're very busy and in demand
- We don't have a list of all of them and can't have one either
- More CTAs judging mock review boards
- Number of individuals going through our CTA mentorship programme
- Number of CTAs volunteering to mentor
- Number of CTAs sharing their experiences - through talks and/or blog posts
- Increased number of CTA passes
Increased women architects- Challenge the 5% statistic on CTAs- Celebrate every single achievement made by a woman on the architect pathway
- Make a public fuss of every woman who passes CTA from this point
- Continue to speak at conferences and events to inspire more women to try
- Work with allies and existing CTAs to encourage mentorship
- Reliant on people telling us when they have achieved certs
- Current Top Trailblazer Slack integration isn't working
- Not all members join Top Trailblazers; harder to measure
- Too many systems for them to sign up to for tracking
- More women CAAs, CSAs, CTAs
Land in ANZ- Centralised content- Market
- Build relationships there
- Get money to go there and speak at events
- Member stories from ANZ
- Mock review boards in ANZ
- Time zones
- Don't know many engaged women
- Events attended in ANZ
- Increased membership in ANZ
Land in India- Centralised content- Market
- Build relationships there
- Get money to go there and speak at events
- Member stories from India
- Mock review boards run from India
- Time zones
- Don't know many engaged women to partner with or bring into the fold
- Events attended in India
- Increased membership in India