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Story Grid Spreadsheet - The Threshing
Word Count56845
Life (30) / Unconsciousness / Death / Damnation (-30)Naivety Masked as Sophistication (-30) / Naivety / Uncertainty / Maturity (30)
SceneWord CountStory EventExternal ValueInternal ValueValue ShiftPolarity ShiftTurning PointTurns on...Point of ViewPeriod / TimeDurationLocationOn Stage Characters#Off Stage Characters#Notes
11265Jessie is caught in the act of stealing from the plugged in and given a choice to face punishment or take a really great opportunity to go to the Capital. She refuses to go.29-30Powerless to powerful- / +When Jessie first says 'no'ActionJessieMiddle of the night.5 minsA stranger's home.Jessie, the President2Rats, Jessie's mom, Jessie's dad, Ryan4Could put something in here about Balaam. Remove the voices in her head. Will need to clean up references to the Capital and the school. Is she stealing food or credits?
21256Jessie is punished for stealing from the plugged in. Her parents abandon her and the Numbered rescue her at the end.24-27Member of society to outcast + / -When Jessie stands by her decision not to go to the capitalActionJessieMiddle of the night.30 minsTown squareJessie, Jessie's mom, Jessie's dad, Mayor Charles, the town people~500Ryan1Need to make it clear this is at night. Need to make it clear it's not a helmet.
32271Jessie wakes up in the Numbered compound and Eighty-three gets her moving and takes her out to do her chores where she gets attacked by one of the towns people.23-26Safe to Unsafe + / -When the old woman lunges at Jessie.ActionJessieMorning30 minsNumbered compound to town to a town person's house.Jessie, 83, old man, old woman, other numbered~50None0
481283 saves Jessie from the attack and then tells Jessie that she is sentenced to the Numbered for 25 years.20-20Hope to Dispair + / -When 83 tells Jessie her sentence is 25 yearsRevelationJessieMorning20 minsThe town person's houseJessie, 83, old man, old woman4"They" the capital1Continuance? If each house takes 20-30 mins, they'll need more than 10 houses to visit if it's going to take until dusk.
51333Jessie runs away from the Numbered to her house and tries to get her dad to let her stay. The Numbered show up to take her back.28-28Wanted to Rejected + / -When her dad refuses to let her stay home.ActionJessieJust after dusk20 minsTown square, the town at large, Jessie's old homeRandom town's people, Jessie, Jessie's dad, Jessie's mom, 83, two other numbered~20None0Jessie hides the note. Still don't have a use for it.
61244Jessie escapes her house and the numbered and hides. 83 comes after her and Jessie eventually decides to go bck with her.27-24Avoiding to Accepting- / +When Jessie opens the shed door.ActionJessieJust after dusk10 minsJessie's house, town at large, shed behind a house.Random town's people, Jessie, Jessie's dad, Jessie's mom, 83, two other numbered~20None0Could make the crowd's angst more vivd here.
71179Jessie, 83, and 61 run back to the compound. 61 gets left behind and almost dies making it back.22-23Selfish to Caring for Others- / +When Jessie lunges to go after 61ActionJessieJust after dusk10 minsTown at large, town square, outside the numbered compoundRandom town's people, Jessie, Jessie's dad, Jessie's mom, 83, 61, other numbered~500None0
81322Jessie wakes up next to 61. 61 tells her about his time in the Capital26-22Hope to Frustration + / -When 61 refuses to tell Jessie who the boy was.?RevelationJessieEarly morning10 minsNumbered compound61, Jessie2Capital people, boy at the capital100sLots of continuance stuff here with how the capital and grid and coding work.
91205Jessie comes back from her chores to a full common room at the Numbered compound. 61 shows his acceptance of her and they enjoy a fun evening together. Jessie cries and wonders why they are being so nice to her.25-29Cast Out to Accepted- / +When 61 breaks the tension and acceps Jessie in.ActionJessieAfternoon1 hourNumbered compound61, Jessie, 83, the other numbered-50None0
101396Captain Mason visits the Numbered and punishes 83 for her numbered being out after dark.21-21Safe to Unsafe + / -When Mason gives 83 her punishment.ActionJessieEarly morning20 minsNumbered compound61, Jessie, 83, the other numbered, Captain Mason, two capital guards.~50Townies100sThis is the first we are seeing of Captain Mason with no explanation. Also, how is he not affected by the sun?
11981Jessie and 61 are caring for 83. Mason comes in and announces that Jessie isn't a Numbered. She doesnt have to stay. She can leave whenever she wants.15-19Accepted to Cast Out + / -When Mason reveals that Jessie can leave whenever she wantsRevelationJessieEvening10 minsNumbered compound61, Jessie, 83, the other numbered, Captain Mason, two capital guards.~50None0I don't think I really hammer home this point. Jessie's choice to stay is a choice none of the other numbered have.
121178Jessie wakes up at the Capital base. Az greets her, shows her around the base, and offers to be her friend and help her.16-25Alone to Friend- / +When Az offers his help and she acceptsActionJessieMorning30 minsCapital - barracks, corridors, cafeteria, outside
131190Az shows Jessie around the capital. Shows her the equipment for the training and the threshing. He explains the threshing, reapers, etc.14-18Ignorance to Knowledge- / +When Az reveals that he is going to win the next threshing.RevelationJessieMorning10 minsCapital corridors
14694Az and Jessie login to the morning briefing. Sergeant Arnold explains the Severings. Jessie is assigned to Ernst and Alex's team.17-16With Friend to With Enemy? + / -When Jessie is assigned to Ernst and AlexRevelationJessieMorning10 minsCapital briefing room, virtual world.
15454Jessie is rejected by Az. She goes after Ernst and Alex, who reject her at first, then change their minds.15-17Cast Out to Accepted- / +When Alex decides to accept her.ActionJessieMorning10 minsCapital briefing room, virtual world.
16931Alex and Ernst take Jessie to see Ricky in the medical ward.10-15Hope to Fear- / +When Jessie sees Ricky.RevelationJessieMorning20 minsCafeteria, corridors, medical bay
171335Jessie is strapped into the chair and put unto the grid for her first training sim. She works through but is abruptly pulled out because they've announce the next Severing.11-14Safe to Unsafe + / -When they log Jessie out because the next Severing has been announcedRevelationJessie? Unclear30 minsTraining bay
181122They are in the Severing briefing and Alex loses his temper about Jessie being thrown to the wolves so quickly. Afterwards Az threatens Jessie. Then Jessie asks to be put into the common grid and says she thinks she can win.13-12Hopeless to Hopeful- / +When Jessie says she thinks she can win.RevelationJessie
19558Jessie meets with Balaam and asks his advice. She sees two options -- win the Severing or lose the Severing. He gives her a third option by telling the story of Paul and the thorn in his flesh. "Be the thorn"18-13Ignorance to Knowledge- / +When Balaam tells the story of Paul.RevelationJessie
201063The first severing starts. It's in the woods with a thunderstorm. Jessie follows two other Coders until she gets caught. She offers to help them and they accept.12-10Alone to In a Group- / +When the boys accept Jessie's help.ActionJessie
211229Jessie and the two boys are working their way to the beacon. Az attacks them, injures Jessie, and kills Clifton. Az gets away.10-9Safety to Danger + / -When Az shoots JessieActionJessie
22893Jessie and Ben make it to the Tower. Az confronts them but isn't worried since there are 8 spots. Jessie messes everything up by burning the tower down.19-11Order to Chaos + / -When Jessie burns down the towerActionJessie
231047All the trainees are livid about what Jessie did. Alex and Ernst get her away from the crowd and decide to hide her until they can figure out what to do. But the guards come for her before they can.8-6Danger to Safety to Danger- / + / -When they all decide to hide JessieActionJessie
241631Jessie is taken to see the President. He threatens that if she doesn't fall in line he will scramble her, alex and Ernst.3-5Safety to Danger? + / -When Marcus threatens JessieRevelationJessie
25658Jessie goes back to Alex and Ernst and they are elated because Arnold read the other trainees and coders the riot act. They got new equipment, etc. Jessie lies about where she was and doesnt tell them about the threat from Marcus.7-8Openness to Secrets + / -When Jessie lies about where she was.ActionJessie
26643Alex confronts Az to make fun of him. Az challenges Jessie to a simulation of the last Severing. Jessie agrees6-7Humble to Proud? + / -When Alex takes Az's bait.ActionJessie
271558Jessie immediately senses something is wrong when she logs in, but continues on anyway. She ends up back in the same clearing and several coders are waiting there to attack her. Just at the last moment Jessie dives at an anomoly in the visual code and falls through out of the simulation.5-3Danger to Escape- / +When Jessie decides to jump through the anomoly.ActionJessie
28626Jessie ends up in an empty space. Walls and rooms show up and she hears a voice, but eventually it fades away and she wakes to find Arnold waiting for her.4-4Safe to Unsafe? + / -When everything flickers out and she wakes up?Action?Jessie
291136Arnold drags Jessie to his office where Marcus is waiting. They try to find out where Jessie was for four hours but she lies and says she doesn't know. They let her go at the end.3-2In Trouble to safe- / +When Marcus lets her go.ActionJessie
301227At a briefing they are shown a video from the previous threshing. Jessie sees 83 in the background of one of the scenes. It's announced that the next Severing is tomorrow.2-1Understanding to Confusion + / -When Jessie recognizes 83Revelation?Jessie
311183Jessie begins the second severing. She is immediately attacked and there's nothing she can do. Right before she is caught, the same bubble shows up and she walks through it.0 / 10 / 1Attacked to Escaped- / +When Jessie steps through the bubbleActionJessie
321397Jessie goes back to the same hallway but finds a door this time. Inside is Randy. He explains what is going on and where he's been and tells jessie he has a job for her. Then sends her back to the Severing.-1-15Lost to Found- / +When Jessie sees RandyRevelationJessie
33620Jessie wakes up from surviving the Severing. Alex is excited, Arnold congratulates her, but Ernst is upset. He knows Jessie is keeping something from them, but Jessie won't tell him.Excited to Sad + / -When Jessie chooses to lieActionJessie
34434Jessie is training and Ernst and Alex log her out so they can go to bed. She logs back in on her own and is waiting before she falls asleep.???
35405Jessie wants to go explore the basement of the Capital where Ernst used to hide. They refuse because she's hiding stuff from them. She agress to spill the beans if they take here.Hiding to Telling- / +When Jessie agrees to tell them.ActionJessie
36493[We already decided to cut this scene... shoe leather]
371019Jessie, Ernst, and Alex break into the basement of the Capital. She tells them everything that's been going on. Alex gets really mad and doesnt want to believe her. They start looking through the basement and Alex finds something.????Jessie
38807The 3 of them find an office that has a working terminal. They realize it's a direct line into the grid. They find the password and login as "root" which gives them unlimited access. They realize someone else had logged in here just a couple days before.Uncommitted to Committed- / +When they decide to try to login to the mainframe.ActionJessie
391818The 3 of them sneak into a computer room late at night to run a simulation of hacking into the mainframe. Alex is supposed to sneak down the final Severing and run the program while everyone is distracted. It becomes obvious Ernst has to do to so they agree that he'll sneak down and run the script during the next Severing.Safe to Unsafe? + / -When they decide to let Ernst go instead of Alex.ActionJessie
40572They are about to start the Severing and they've put all the teams into one bay. Az and Arnold realize Ernst isn't there and question them. Alex lies that he was sick and went to the Medic bay.-11
41555They start the final Severing. Marcus announces that it will be a table top game called Providence. They start the game.-12Ignorance to Knowledge- / +When Marcus reveals they'll be playing Providence.RevelationJessie
42796They are playing the game and Az is playing mind games with her. Finn, one of the Coders, loses a peasant, draws a card and it's red. But instead of getting scrambled, he dies.-1323Danger to More Danger- / --When they realize Finn died.RevelationJessie
431784The continue playing the game. It comes down to Az, Mark, and Craig against Jessie. At the last moment Jessie is able to take Mark's last peasant. Az freaks out and kills Jessie.-1524Losing to Winning- / +When Jessie moves her final piece into position to win.ActionJessie
44761Marcus confronts Randy about Jessie dying and what they do next. Randy convinces him to unplug him from the grid so he can help. He also asks to have Jessie's body cremated and sent home.n/aPrison to Freedom- / +When Marcus agrees to let Randy out.ActionRandy
451325The scene in the bay is a wreck. Barely ordered chaos. Marcus comes in, tells Az and Craig they'll be going to the Threshing. Then he tells Alex and Ernst that they'll be going to the medic bay to get scrambled.n/aLosing to Dying- / --When Marcus tells Alex and Ernst that they will be scrambled.RevelationAlex?
46898Marcus, Lyla and a bunch of guards go to wake up Randy. He's a mess. Once he wakes up, Marcus talks to him then they put him in a wheelchair where he can't even hold himself up.n/aTrapped to Free- / +When they put Randy into the wheelchair.ActionLyla
47346Jessie is getting incinerated. She wakes up just in time and the worker saves her.-14Dead to Alive- / +When Chuck realizes Jessie is alive.RevelationChuck
48891Randy is running the Coders through a simulation. It didn't go well. He explains some of the ins and outs of the Threshing.-2820Ignorance to Knowledge- / +When Randy explains what is really going on in the Threshing?RevelationJessie
49441Randy explains to Jessie that she needs to trust Lyla if they are going to get out. He tells her they are going to lose the next Threshing.-2920No Plan to Plan- / +When Randy explains they are going to lose the next Threshing.RevelationJessie
W - 53680Jessie and Craig are in the cave after Az blew the entry to save them. Randy reveals his real plans for the faction and for winning the Threshing.25Ignorance to Knowledge- / +When Randy reveals the true plan.RevelationJessie
X - 54708Randy reveals that he is the faction president and he gets a syringe full of adrenaline ready for Jessie. [will be completely reworking this scene]
Y - 55681Jessie starts getting the equipment ready as they hear the other Coders trying to break into the cave. She creates a portal in the Threshing and goes through it leaving Craig behind.Trapped to a Way Out- / +When Jessie creates the portal.ActionJessie
Z - 56835Jessie starts working her way into the Threshing's grid. She reveals that she knows Randy tried to kill her. She ends with giving Balaam access to the system.-3027Trust to Doubt + / -When Jessie reveals she knows Randy tried to kill her.RevelationJessie
AA - 571371Randy sends Craig in to kill Jessie but he dies before he can finish the job. Jessie gets ready to pull the final trigger but before she can, Randy attacks her body with the adrenaline.-2727Danger to Safe to Danger- / + / -When Criag attacks her, then when Randy attacks herActionJessie
BB - 581305Jessie realizes Randy has stuck her with something. Balaam tells her to log herself out of the grid. She is able to do it. Once awake she struggles with Randy and Lyla. alex saves her, they get away, she runs the final command and passes out.3029Danger to Safety- / +When Alex saves her?ActionJessie
CC - 59727Jessie wakes to a room full of capital guards and Alex and Ernst. She tries to make sense of what's going on. At the end she's told she is the President now.28Weak to Powerful- / +When they tell her she's PresidentRevelationJessie
DD - 60556Jessie goes back to her town. The Numbered have taken over to keep the peace, but things are in bad shape and about to get worse. They ask Jessie what to do, but she doesnt have an answer.30Powerful to Weak + / -When Jessie says she doesn't know what to do.RevelationJessie
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