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4/2/2017 11:45:00Isaac NodalNPUNorth Park VikingsNorth Park UniversityIsaac
Upcoming Team (Campus recognized, but haven't played an Inducting Match)
President - Isaac Nodal
Vice President- Jacob Gies
2017-03-20Chicago, ILHelwig Recreational Center
Evangelical Covenant Church
3136NCAA D-3
None so far but many plans to establish events
We are a new and upcoming club that is just trying to get out there and play dodgeball! North Park Dodgeball is all about competing with others while having fun, learning the sport, and experiencing dodgeball in different ways.
5/1/2017 18:27:20Jeng Yi GwiUMNTempest Dodgeball Club
University of Minnesota -Twin Cities
Jeng Yi
Upcoming Team (Campus recognized, but haven't played an Inducting Match)
Koob Ki Yang (Co-Captain ) , Jeng Yi Gwi(Captain)2017-02-012017-05-01MinnesotaRecWell Centre (UMN)
Public Research , Land-Grant, Sea-Grant, Space-Grant
28942Not Sure
Have not hosted anything as of now.
We do not have any records, wins or achievement as of now.
Fun filled, interactive dodgeball club. We focus not only on the competitive side but also the teamwork and connection of the club. Tempest la familia
We do not have a logo yet, but will contact the NCDA members in order to update our account Bio
5/2/2017 15:34:39Sidney HeierTowsonTowson DodgeballTowson UniversitySidney
NCDA Member Team
Michael Hinely, Captain; David Guare, Assistant Captain; Andrew Kerr, Assistant Captain
2011-08-282011-11-01Towson, MDBurdickPublic19,000NCAA 1-AABeltway Bash, MVEC
Towson had its best season to date in 2016-2017 reaching as high as #4 in the NCDA rankings. One of the most notable wins was against James Madison on their home court!
Towson Dodgeball is one of the one of the mainstays of the East Coast Conference. The Tigers have improved greatly since its formation and are looking to make the next step and move up a tier in the eyes of other NCDA members. So far they have made 2 Elite Eight appearances with 2017 being a real heart breaker. The tigers look forward to redeeming themselves in 2018 with a national championship.
5/2/2017 17:52:33
Kyle Dattelbaum
University of North Georgia Dodgeball Club
University of North Georgia Kyle Dattelbaum 516-589-2266Kmdatt0291@ung.eduNCDA Member Team
Kyle Dattelbaum President / Captain
Royce Hogg Vice-President / Assistant Captain
Bailey Hankins Secretary / Assistant Captain
Matt Kirkpatrick Treasurer
Rebecca Pullen Social Chair
2016-03-012016-11-01Dahlonega, Geprgia UNG Rec Center, Court 2Public (Military)16,064 (2014)
NCAA DII Peach Belt Conference
Dahlonega Dodgefall Fest (Fall)
9-0 victory in opening game vs Georgia Southern
See previous description
See previous logo
5/2/2017 19:33:17Colby BricelandAkronAkron Dodgeball ClubUniversity of AkronColby
NCDA Member Team
Adam Pfeifer: Captain
Colby Briceland: Captain
2014-09-012014-10-18Akron, Ohio
University of Akron Recreation and Wellness Center
State College27,000NCDA
Annual Pink Out Tournament
The War
2016 Ohio Dodgeball Cup Champions
The University Of Akron Dodgeball team started from Sam Saccareccia graduating from Kent State and wanting to continue her dodgeball career, we are the 2016 Ohio Dodgeball Cup Champions and are always looking to have a good time.
Current logo
5/2/2017 20:40:33Vincent DeMaioUMDMaryland Club DodgeballUniversity of MarylandVincent
NCDA Member Team
Vincent DeMaio-President/Captain, Nathan Stock-Vice President/Captain, Carl Boettner-Treasurer/Captain, Blake Bender-Secretary/Captain
College Park, Maryland
Reckord Armory
Flagship Public University
NCAA D-1 Big Ten Conference
Maryland Dodgeball is one of the proudest sport clubs at Maryland that promotes the fun of playing dodgeball as well as the competitive aspect found in the NCDA. We encourage anyone to come out to our practice to have a great time. Our main rivals are JMU and Towson.
5/2/2017 22:09:14Hunter FordVCUDodgeball Club at VCU
Virginia Commonwealth University
Hunter Ford8043160121club.dodgeball.vcu@gmail.comNCDA Member Team
Facebook -
Twitter - (@Club_Dball_VCU)
Website -
Instagram - dodgeball_VCU
Hunter Ford - President/Captain
Torao Ota - Vice President/Assistant Captain
Lakota Smith - Treasurer
Sam Lammie - Historian
Marek Bauer - Social Media Chair
Grace Park - Event Planning Chair
Wayne Shortt - Assistant Captain
2011-08-012012-05-01Richmond, VACary Street Gym
Public Research
23,754NCAA D-1 Atlantic 10Virginia Commonwealth CupN/A
The Dodgeball Club at VCU is a recreational and competitive co-ed dodgeball program. We strive to be the very best, like no one ever was. We play year-round and are always looking for new members to join our team!
Use past logos
5/3/2017 11:31:37
Rebecca Shappell
MSUMichigan State Club Dodgeball Michigan State UniversityRebecca
NCDA Member Team
Sandros Rivera-Letcher - captain
Hunter Whitehill - assistant captain
Rebecca Shappell - assistant captain & president
Sam Estfan - vice president
Bethany Kogut - secretary
Dalin Clark - treasurer
2003-09-01East Lansing, MIIM Sports WestLand Grant39,143
NCAA D-1 Big Ten Conference
Michigan Dodgeball Cup, Spartan Invite
2013 National Championship match, seven straight quarterfinal appearances, eight final four appearances
The Michigan State University Club Dodgeball team is a fun, competitive club sports team. The team is co-ed, and is a founding member of the NCDA. The dodgeball team is consistently one of the top ranked teams in the nation and travels regularly for matches to other schools like James Madison University, Towson, Ohio State and Kentucky. MSU’s biggest rivals are Grand Valley, Saginaw Valley and Central Michigan, and the four play yearly at the Michigan Dodgeball Cup hosted at Michigan State. In 2013 the Spartans had their best season yet, reaching the National Finals against GVSU. MSU also reached the Final Four again in 2014, 2016 and 2017.
5/3/2017 17:57:02
David Haberman
KentKent State DodgeballKent State UniversityDavid Haberman, Jesse Hilditch
(412)616-8135, (440)506-7857,
NCDA Member Team
Fight Song:
Captains: David Haberman, Jesse Hilditch2002-08-012017-08-01Kent, Ohio
Student Recreation and Wellness Center
Public Research University
23,684 (Kent Campus) 34,260 (All Campuses)
NCAA Mid-American Conference
One Fall/Spring Tournament, Two Summer Dodgeball Events
Previous Ohio Dodgeball Cup champions, Multiple Elite 8 appearances
The second oldest team in the NCDA and a participant in the first college dodgeball match with OSU, the Kent State Dodgeball Family is a competitive club sports team with a fun atmosphere. The team’s biggest rivals are Ohio State and University of Kentucky. Kent invites students of all backgrounds to join and see what the club is all about.
5/4/2017 21:09:12Caleb ArnoldOhioOhio University Dodgeball ClubOhio UniversityCaleb Arnold
(937) 206-0092
NCDA Member Team
Captains - Caleb Arnold and Jacob Fleck, Assistant Captains - Adam Hynes and Zach Howman, President - Caleb Arnold, Vice President - Zach Howman, Treasurer - DJ Murdock, Fundraising Chair - Nate Sexauer, Safety Officer - Hannah Eberle
2015-09-052015-09-27Athens, OHPing Recreation Center
Public Research
NCAA D-1 Mid-American Conference
Bobcat Bash2016-2017 Ohio Dodgeball Cup Champions
Ohio University Dodgeball Club player the most games ever for a first year team in the 2015-2016 season. The following year they bounced back with a little push that helped them win the 2016-2017 Ohio Dodgeball Cup. They ended the season on a weak note with only a 2-7 record after winning the ODC. Will the Bobcats be able to retain their championship and improve continuing into next year? We will see with new leadership at the realms and a new recruiting class.
5/4/2017 22:43:30Megan WarnerMiamiMiami University Dodgeball ClubMiami UniversityMegan Warner5138589314,
NCDA Member Team
Captain - Bobby Bennett; Alternate Captains - Megan Warner, Tom Morand
2007-01-012007-01-01Oxford, OhioPhilips HallPublic22,000
NCAA, Mid-American Conference
The Miami Club Dodgeball Team is back on the rise after a few years hiatus! We're back and better than ever. We hit the ground running on our first year back and expect nothing but improvement this next season. With a lot of returning players we hope to be a force to be reckoned with!
Use the school's logo
5/5/2017 13:22:50Doug SchillingJMU
James Madison University Club Dodgeball
James Madison UniversityDoug
NCDA Member Team
Doug Schilling - President and Assistant Captain, Evan Bosanko - Vice President and Assistant Captain, Evan Eschenburg - Assistant Captain
2011-10-01Virginia ?JMU UREC Public19,396NCAA D-1 CAAPumpkin Smash, BEASTNone
JMU Dodgeball has graced the league with its presence since its induction in 2011. Consistently thought of as the most obnoxious and cocky teams in the league, we have been proud of our reputation throughout the NCDA. We are a fun loving, co-ed club that is well known across our campus. We offer a perfect mix of competitiveness, social opportunities, and community involvement within the club. Over the years we have grown into a family, and we are always looking to expand our reach on campus while remaining relevant in the NCDA.
(Same one y'all have been using)
5/5/2017 13:31:07
Tanner Obermeier
UNLUniversity of Nebraska Dodgeball ClubUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln Tanner Obermeier (308) 258-2322
(308) 258-2322
UNL Dodgeball Club
N/aN/aNCDA Member Team
Tanner Obermeier (President), Nick Bohlim (VP)2009-01-012011-02-01Lincoln, NEUNL Campus Rec
Flagship, Public, Landgrant
20,182NCAA - Big Tenn/an/a
The Nebraska Dodgeball Club is open to any students whether they are looking for a competitive atmosphere or to just relieve stress and have some fun.
Use the school logo
5/7/2017 21:58:19Will MartinUWPPlatteville Dodgeball Club
University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Will, ,
NCDA Member Team
Will Martin- President/Assistant Captain, Tim Ebert- Captain, Louis Thompson- Assistant Captain, Dave Ruegsegger- Vice President, Austin Baehnman- Treasurer, Carter Vosters- Secretary, Kenneth Adamo- Cheif Content Writer, Tomas Zander- Assistant Content Writer
2007-04-232008-04-12Platteville, WIWilliams Fieldhouse
State University
NCAA Division III- Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Zanderthon Throwdown
Played most games in club history in 2016-2017 at 20 games, surpassing last years record of 13.
1 Elite Eight
The Dodgeball Club of UW-Platteville was created in 2007 and it has been growing ever since. We have an annual Labor Day Dodgeball game to recruit new members. We love playing dodgeball and have fun doing it. We are a hungry team and look forward to this seasons competition. When we are in the zone we can give even the best team a run for their money.
In development
5/8/2017 0:00:41Reid MangerBGSUBowling Green DodgeballBowling Green State UniversityReid Manger9377105482mangerr@bgsu.eduNCDA Member Team
Reid Manger - President
Tyler Wickham - Assistant Captain
Max Kowalski - Assistant Captain
2006-08-01Bowling Green, OHPerry Field House
Public Research
NCAA Mid-American Conference
Regularly hosts the BG Invitational, usually held in the fall.
Won first game at Nationals 2008 with a 3-2 victory over Michigan State. The 2016-2017 season represented the first time in club history at .500 or above (17-17)
Founded in August of 2006 by Eric Fiske (#2), Mike Fulton (#1), Ryan Bing (#99) and Danny Yuzva (#15), all of whom have had their numbers retired. BGSU Club Dodgeball has experienced growth each year as a member of the NCDA. Despite early troubles, including a winless first season, leadership guided the club to one of the more intriguing and consistent programs in the league.
5/12/2017 19:12:40Samuel Culver UCFKnights Dodgeball University of Central FloridaSamuel
Upcoming Team (Currently applying to become a campus recognized entity)
Samuel Culver: President
David Butler: Treasure
Edward Richards: Risk Management
Ethan Kraus: Vice President
Frankie Simon: Event coordinator
Stone Goodman: Recruitment chair
Captains: Sam Culver & Mike Bargione
2017-04-06OrlandoRWC Mac Gym or UCF IM fields Research 52,527American
We hope to host several NCDA tournaments when we become apart of the organization. UCF host a variety of sport club games already, ranging from lacrosse to water polo.
The core members responsible for starting the club were apart of the same IM dodgeball team. The first game of the season was a narrow L, since the rules are very different from normal dodgeball, but after that the team went 15-0 to take it all. We have already picked up some of the best players we met along the way with hopefully more to come. Not really sure if its notable but its all we got so far. I also know last year alone UCF sport clubs had a good amount of national championships, I believe 10+. So we hope to join them in doing well in that category.
The group members starting this club have a special place for dodgeball in their hearts. Most of us met at a summer camp that was fully outdoors in south Florida.All of us who went were there for 10 hours a day, 7 of which were spent outside playing anything we could think of.
Dodgeball seemed to be what we could think about 70% of the time. That or various forms of dodgeball. The dude who ran the camp made a new game every year that was pretty intense, this only honed in our love for dodgeball. Broken arms, torn meniscus, plus a very deep & unique trash talk vocabulary were a result. We plan on bringing a gritty style of play to the NCDA, and look cool doing it.
5/19/2017 13:15:36Max DulinZAGGonzaga Club DodgeballGonzaga University Max
Upcoming Team (Campus recognized, but haven't played an Inducting Match)
President: Max Dulin
Vice President: Michael Shea
Secretary: Jack Lee
Co-Treasurer: Brewer Slack
Co-Treasurer: Celeste Hatfield
Data Expert: Daniel Gallab
2013-08-012017-10-28Spokane, Washington Gonzaga: Rudolph Fitness Center Jesuit Catholic5,000NCAA D-1 WCCNone
Went to Las Vegas for the international dodgeball championships in 2014. Won the Spokane regional tournament back to back years from 2014-2015.
We are a super happy, go lucky kind of club. Everyone gets to come play dodgeball! Hoping to make the scene a little more competitive.
Just use the schools logo for the time being. I will find our dodgeball logo and send it off.
5/30/2017 13:07:45Wilson HornerWKUWestern Kentucky Dodgeball ClubWestern Kentucky UniversityWilson Horner (502)440-6432Wilson.horner585@topper.wku.eduNCDA Member Team
Wilson Horner captain, Dominique Warfield Assistant captain, Joseph Redman President
2006-08-01Bowling GreenPreston Center
Public University
17,000Conference USAKing of the hillN/A
We are an all-welcoming sports club who's main desire is to win games, but do so in a fun, pleasant manner. After all, it's just a game!
Same as past
5/31/2017 10:30:21Zachary PariseUKKentucky DodgeballUniversity of KentuckyZachary
NCDA Member Team
Zachary Parise -President / Assistant Captain. Ricardo Menchaca - Captain. Evan Kachelhoffer - Assistant Captain.
2004-05-012006-05-01Lexington, KYSeaton Center
Flagship Public University, Land-Grant University
NCAA D-1 Southeastern Conference
Host of University of Kentucky Invite
Host of Nationals 2013
Host of Nationals 2017
Nationals 2012 Runner-Up
2013 Nationals Final Four
6 Straight Elite Eight Appearances
Kentucky Dodgeball is a competitive, co-ed club sports program. We welcome anyone, no matter what skill level they are. Traditionally our biggest rivals have been Western Kentucky and Kent State.
Same logo that is currently on the website. Thanks!
5/31/2017 11:23:13Kyle RudmanSUStevenson University Dodgeball Club Stevenson University Kyle
NCDA Member Team

President Kyle Rudman. Vice President Anane Gyedu. Coordinator of membership Joshua Scheurich. Coordinator of marketing Micah Short-Freeman. Secretary Josefa Isabelle Young. Coordinator of EVENTS Amani Ross. Treasurer CJ Kilpatrick. Event Manager Adam Scott.
2014-08-25Owings Mills, MD
Caves Wellness Center, Racquetball Court
Relay for life dodgeball tournament
N/A at this time
The SU Dodgeball Club has grown larger and larger every year. Our main purpose is to promote the fun and safety of the game of dodgeball throughout our community. We organize several events per semester that focus on team bonding and the fun of dodgeball. We are looking to get more involved on campus this upcoming school year.
Twitter pic: dodgeballatsu
6/1/2017 13:27:31Brandon MeiselGVSUGrand Valley State Dodgeball TeamGrand Valley State UniversityBrandon
NCDA Member Team
Captain: Brandon Meisel
Assistant Captains: Aaron Krafft, Sam Stockdale
President: Aaron Krafft
Vice President: Clary Walker II
Treasurer: Ben Smart
Secretary: Collin Freeman
Club Relations Coordinator: Isaiah Garcia
Media Manager: Daniel Jilote
2005-09-01NoneGVSU Fieldhouse Arena
Public Liberal Arts
22, 209
NCAA Division II Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Every other year, GV hosts the Battle of the Valleys vs. SVSU
National Champions 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
National Runner Up 2006, 2011
National Semi Final appearance 2012

Michigan Dodgeball Cup Champions 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
The Grand Valley Dodgeball Club is designed to get people involved in dodgeball. We are committed to bringing the sport of dodgeball to Grand Valley, whether it is through individual team practices or campus-wide dodgeball games. This organization will stress team spirit and respect while maintaining a fun and competitive environment.
6/3/2017 12:57:39Marty KnaufUVA
Club Dodgeball at the University of Virginia
University of VirginiaMarty
NCDA Member Team
President- Marty Knauf
Vice President- Tyler Chandler
Financial Officer- Mitchell Godfrey
Secretary- Vikram Gupta
Internal Representative- Zane Durbin
External Representative- Tommy Snead
Apparel Designer- Ryan Kelly
2015-11-012016-02-01Charlottesville, VASlaughter Recreational CenterPublic16,000ACCN/A
Participated in our first Nationals just a year after the club was formed.
After its first full season in the NCDA, UVA is finally starting to grow in number and experience. Practices have become more serious, tournaments are increasing in number, and we finally got some jerseys (RIP to our "competitive t-shirts). Jeremy Shaw aka "Grandpa" or "Sensei" continues to teach the team the different strategies, and no longer has to go easy on us in practice. Next season should be even bigger for us now that we will be composed of juniors, sophomores, and a new incoming freshman class. We look forward to future progress and maybe more than three wins on the season.
Need to locate our logo from the SAVAGE designing team. For now, just use the UVA logo we used last year.
6/5/2017 13:45:38Kyle BruceSVSUSaginaw Valley DodgballSaginaw Valley State UniversityNick Hazergian, Kyle Bruce
248-207-9534, 586-651-4389,
NCDA Member Team
Nick Hazergain - President/Head Captain
Kyle Bruce - Vice President/Head Captain
Kenny Mize - Assistant Captain
Cody Putnam - Assistant Captain
Ryan Anguilm - Assistant Captain
2007-03-012007-04-01Saginaw, MIRyder Center, Cardinal GymPublic9165
NCAA D-2 Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
"Battle of the Valleys" against GVSU hosted every year at either SVSU or GVSU
"National Champions 2012
National Runner-Up 2008 & 2014
National Final Four appearances 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015
Michigan Dodgeball Cup Champions 2012 & 2014"
"Founded in 2007 by Bryan Janick, the Saginaw Valley State Dodgeball team was created to spread the joy and amazingness of club dodgeball to the campus of Saginaw Valley State University. As a co-ed club sports team we find ways to stay on a competitive level with the NCDA while maintaining a balance of fun someone would expect from a club sport that plays a child’s game.

SVSU won its first National Championship in 2012, captained by Spencer Jardine, while hosting Nationals in the brand new Ryder Center. Saginaw is also nicknamed “Death Valley” due to its rabid club sports following on campus; something opponents will openly admit as the most intimidating environment to play in."
Keep the same logos
6/19/2017 16:23:21Casey BielecCMUCentral Michcigan UniversityCentral Michcigan University Casey
NCDA Member Team
Casey Bielec (President) Grant Webber (Vice President) Brian Delling (Treasure) Taylor Patton (Fundraising) Thomas Mudge (Fundraising) Bryce Belen (Social Media Chair) Mike Riley (Captain) Austain Brege (Assistant) Grant Webber (Assistant)
2008-03-012017-03-01Mount Pleasant Student Activity Center Public 21,698Mid- American Conference .
National Champions: 2011
Runner Up: 2010, 2015, 2016, 2017
Michigan Dodgeball Cup: 2010
The Central Michigan University Club Dodgeball team is a co-ed club that wants to get anyone and everyone involved in the sport of dodgeball. CMU won its first and only national championship in 2010 and has been on the hunt ever since coming close in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

The Club looks to continue its strong run as being one of the predominate teams in the NCDA in the 2017-18 season.
keep using the same logo
6/19/2017 18:45:49Jeff StarrOSUThe Ohio State Dodgeball SyndicateTHE Ohio State UniversityJeff
NCDA Member Team
Dylan Greer (President/Captain), Jeff Starr (Vice President/Assisstant Captain), Ben Johnson (Treasurer/Assistant Captain)
Public University
59,482Big TenBuckeye Invite in the fall
Showcased on ESPN in 2016, 2005 and 2006 National Champions
THE Ohio State Dodgeball Syndicate is one of the founding teams in the NCDA. Taking the first two National Championships, we pride ourselves on being highly competitive while still having fun.
6/21/2017 19:21:26Nick Albanese BWBaldwin Wallace Dodgeball ClubBaldwin Wallace University Nick Member TeamCaptain-Nick Albanese
Alternate Captain-Austin Maag
2017-03-15BereaLou Higgins Center
Liberal Arts School
4000OACSave the Balls Tournament ODC-2017 Finalist
Let you tell you about Baldwin Wallace dodgeball. We are a new team and working our way to become a powerhouse in the NCDA. In our 2 previous seasons we've had trouble finding players for our team. This seems to be our main problem and cause for most of our misfortune. We seem to always be competitive whenever we have the numbers but they just never add up. We are hoping to recruit more members for this upcoming season and hope to shock the league. BWU invites diverse students of all backgrounds to come together and play dodgeball.
6/22/2017 15:01:20Jake NasiadkaPSUPenn State DodgeballPennsylvania State University
Jake Nasiadka, Morgan McLean, Mitch Worobij
NCDA Member Team
President: Jake Nasiadka
Vice President: Mitch Worobij
Treasurer: Samantha Beining
Secretary: Brett Miller
Competition Chair: Morgan McLean
THON Chair: Michael Willis
Social Media Chair: Ben Pazuchanics
Merchandise Coordinator: Trevor Scofield
Social Chair: Nicole Orabona

Captains: Jeff Schwartz, Morgan McLean
Assistant Captains: Mitch Worobij, Sami Beining, Jake Saam
2017-08-012013-04-12State CollegeIM BuildingLand Grant
Main Campus: 46,000 All Campuses: 99,133
NCAA D-1 Big Ten Conference
Ralley in the Valley in January
Nationals 2017: First time advancing to second round of Nationals Tournament
We love to play dodgeball, both for competition and for fun!
As a young team, we're still learning the strategy and tactics behind competitive play. While we may not yet fully understand the definition of ball control, we do know how to use our athleticism to gain the upper hand on the court.
Since we are just getting started as a competitive team, we plan to travel and play as possible so that we make our mark on the NCDA.
6/22/2017 21:42:04Ryan AtzDePaulDePaul Dodgeball SocietyDePaul UniversityRyan Atz
(651) 728-0768
NCDA Member Team
Ryan Atz - CoPresident - Alt. Captain
Alec Scott - CoPresident - Captain
Jake Binder - Tresurer
Ryan Campbell - Secretary
Joseph Walker - Risk Management
2000-08-01Chicago, ILRay Meyer Fitness CenterCatholic15,407NCAA - Big East
Traditionally hosts the Chicago Dodgeball Open. Additionally, DePaul Dodgeball hosts the May Day Dodgeball Rally after Nationals. This event is conducted in a hat tournament style, with a general invitation to anyone to play.
DePaul Dodgeball is proudly co-ed, the oldest team in the League, and predates the NCDA. DePaul has also been steadily involved in refining NCDA policy. To note a few contributions, its members have drafted numerous rulesets and ranking systems.
Nicknamed the Court Jesters of the NCDA by their peers, DePaul plays the game as our childish forbearers did. Our games are a juvenile program of delinquency, where the headshot hug rule substantiates our collegiate goals and ambitions.
DePaul Dodgeball remains Undefeated.
6/23/2017 11:10:00
Clint Summerfelt
NIUNIU Club DodgeballNorthern Illinois UniversityClint Summerfelt
(708) 513-8168
N/AN/ANCDA Member Team
Clint Summerfelt - Captain; Jeff Willer - President; Isabel Romero - VP; Sam Shemroske - Treasurer; Eder Ortega - Secretary
2009-09-152016-09-15Dekalb CountyNIU: Recreation Center, Court 5
Public Research University
15,079NCAA Division 1, FBS, MACHome Football Games
8 straight Bowl appearances and Western MAC champions for football
NIU Club Dodgeball is a recreational sport club affiliated with Northern Illinois University. We strive to exclude nobody from the fun that is Dodgeball. We welcome all genders, ages and students/staff regardless of mental or physical disabilities. We believe in an inclusive and fun environment that can be competitive when we want it to be and fun when we need it to be. We practice competitively one day and recreationally another day. We believe that dodgeball is a fun and exciting way to keep students occupied, stress-free, and away from bad influences like drugs and alcohol. To us, Dodgeball is always a team sport and communication is key to a successful game. We strive to allow for a communal and bonding-friendly environment for NIU students and staff to burn both calories and stress in a controlled and well-manicured environment.
6/23/2017 13:43:02Tom FarishMCMarietta College Dodgeball ClubMarietta CollegeTom
NCDA Member Team
President Tom Farish; Captain, Vice President Ben Pratt; Alt Captain, Isaiah Brady; Alt Captain
2017-02-01Marietta, OHDyson Baudo Rec Center
Private Liberal Arts
NCAA D3, Ohio Athletic Conference
N/AHas nearly beaten Cleveland State twice
The MCDC is proud to be the fastest growing dodgeball club in Washington county, Ohio! We are looking forward to playing as much as possible this year.

Please use the profile picture
6/23/2017 14:24:04Katie RayburnNSUNSU Demon Dodgeball Northwester Sate University Katie Rayburn3184514472krayburn008126@nsula NCDA Member Team
Katie Rayburn- President. Alexis Hartley- Vice President. Casey Alfultis - Captain
Health and Human Performances Building
Public university
8059NCAA D-1 FCS-SouthlandNANA
NSU Demon Dodgeball is devoted to representing the University to the fullest , serving the community, and of course playing dodgeball. Even our advisor can occasionally be found out on the court. Demon Dodgeball is part of a national organization known as the NCDA (National Collegiate Dodgeball Association), which can be found at We travel for both NCDA tournaments as well as charity tournaments. You are welcome to come and join the fun but remember... DODGE THIS!
School's logo
6/23/2017 22:39:07
Avinash Manthe
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Dodgeball Org
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
NCDA Member Team
Avi Manthe- Captain/President, Matt Zemla- Captain/ Vice President, Brad Bautch- Alternate Captain, Tyler Jagiello- Alternate Captain
2012-09-012016-12-11WhitewaterWilliams Center, Court 1APublic12,500
NCAA D-3 Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
None yetNone
At Whitewater, our practices consists of trash talking, sweat pouring, blood gushing, and tears falling dodgeball. Ok, maybe not the blood gushing or tears falling, but definitely a lot of trash talking and sweat pouring dodgeball. We're a highly competitive group, but still like to have our fun. We're also a very young team, so we're still in our developing phase. But hopefully this year we can attend more tournaments, and eventually make it to Nationals. We may not have the highest Dodgeball IQ, but we'll give you a game to remember.
8/1/2017 10:04:24Austin SnyderOSUOregon State Dodgeball ClubOregon State UniversityAustin
Upcoming Team (Campus recognized, but haven't played an Inducting Match)
Aaron Oswald-President, Austin Snyder- Vice President, Andre Hawkins- Club Officer, Lucas Raab- Club Officer, Micah Rawson- Club Officer, Jonathan J Frederick- Officer
Dixon Recreation Center Upper Courts
NCAA Division I – Pac-12 Conference
Corvallis Dodgeball Spring Tournament
Top 8 in Seattle Classic Dodgeball Tournament
Oregon State Dodgeball has always been about creating a positive atmosphere for its club members. Whether members are looking to get competitive and go play in tournaments, or just throw some rubber and forget about that hard test, OSU Dodgeball is welcoming and accommodating to all. We are a place for people who love dodgeball.
9/7/2017 10:38:57Kevin FryeBSUBall State Dodgeball ClubBall State University Kevin
Upcoming Team (Currently applying to become a campus recognized entity)
Kevin Frye - Captain
Cordell Pressler - Assistant Captain
2017-06-152018-03-17Muncie, IndianaCurrently undetermined
Public Coeducational Research
Formed in 2017, Ball State is the second Indiana team to join the NCDA.
Still being designed and approved.
9/19/2017 23:40:37Troy KramerSIUEDodgeball Club of SIUE
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Upcoming Team (Campus recognized, but haven't played an Inducting Match)
Troy Kramer (President) (C) Kyle Kent (Vice-President) (CC) Branson Thaxton (Secretary) (CC)
2016-01-282017-10-28Edwardsville, ILSFC Activity Center Courts A/BPublic14,142
NCAA Division I – Ohio Valley Conference
In the past, we have hosted 6v6 foam dodgeball (8.5") tournaments.
We were recognized by Club Sports as the new club of the year in 2015-2016. We also won recreational club of the year in 2016-2017.
SIUE started out as a recreational foam dodgeball club on Thursday January 28th, 2016. On the Monday prior to our first day, our club had 4 active members. After heavy recruiting, we had 35 students show up to our first night. We currently have around 40-50 active participants per night playing recreational dodgeball with about 150 total membership. Our philosophy has always been to make the club free and open to all students to stop in and play.

We form our NCDA team from the subset of players who are interested in playing the more competitive format.
9/21/2017 19:55:26Cory NasiadkaWVUWest Virginia University Club DodgeballWest Virginia University Cory
Upcoming Team (Campus recognized, but haven't played an Inducting Match)
Cory Nasiadka- president/captain
Taylor Jones- Vice President
Megan Angleberger- treasurer
Jackson Wenig- secretary
2017-09-21Morgantown, WVWVU Student Recreation Center
Public, Land Grant
29,000NCAA D-1 Big 12N/AN/A
Founded in 2017 by Cory Nasiadka, WVU Club Dodgeball is a rapidly growing club sport at WVU. We play the sport of dodgeball with a competitive attitude while having fun, bonding with one another, and respecting the sport and our competitors. We look forward to our future in the NCDA.
9/22/2017 22:43:31
Anthony Goetz, Alex Heuermann
Midland University DodgeballMidland University Anthony Goetz, Alex Heuermann
303-974-0587, 402-853-4932,
Upcoming Team (Campus recognized, but haven't played an Inducting Match)
Not added to website yet
Anthony Goetz (President, Asst. Captain), Alex Heuermann (VP, Captain)
2017-09-212017-10-28Fremont, NEYMCA/Wikert Event Center
Liberal Arts School
1,300 - 1,400NAIA-GPAC
Dodgeball team has not hosted any events
None at this time, inaugural season
We are a small school ready to make a big impact. We want to make a name for ourselves and show the bigger schools that we can compete with the best. As the only NAIA school in the NCDA we hope to start a trend for other schools our size.
Just use the school's logo:
1/7/2018 10:48:17Ethan KrausUCFUCF Dodgeball ClubUniversity of Central FloridaEthan
Upcoming Team (Campus recognized, but haven't played an Inducting Match)
Sam Culver (President), Ethan Kraus (Vice President), David Butler (Treasurer), Francarlos Simon (Event Coordinator), Edward Richards (Risk Management)
11/30/2017Orlando, FLRWC Court 1
Public State University, Space Grant University
56,273NCAA D-1 AAC
Plan to hold a National Tournament in the upcoming years.
Voted in top 25 teams to look out for this upcoming season.
The mission of the Dodgeball Club at UCF is to promote the sport of Dodgeball on the UCF campus in a competitive manner.

The main objectives of the Club include:

To maintain a competitive Dodgeball team
To develop the skills and character of its members
To win the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association championship.
To promote the importance of teamwork by uniting students toward a common goal.
2/9/2018 12:34:20Eric BoehmCSU
Cleveland State University Dodgeball Club
Cleveland State UniversityEric Boehm440-539-1463Ericboehm15@gmail.comNCDA Member Team
Greg Koenig, Nina Paulic, Ron Moner, Joe Shue, Soni Nguyen
Cleveland State: Woodling Gym, Courts 1-3
Public Research University
17,260NCAA Division 1 Basketball
Several events within the Wolstien Center, including Division 1 Basketball games.
The Cleveland State Dodgeball Club was founded by Matt Klembara, from Kent State, in early 2017. He lead us to our first tournament at the 2017 ODC where we made our first debut into the NCDA. Since then, we’ve grown to be a decently good team, considering that we’ve only been in it for not even a year. Now that there are new faces moving up to the leadership positions, we aim to be a common competitor within the NCDA.
3/20/2018 22:03:01Kevin FryeBSUDodgeball Club at Ball StateBall State University Kevin
NCDA Member Team
Kevin Frye - Captain
Cordell Pressler - Assistant Captain
Lindsey Overstreet - Assistant Captain
8/24/20173/17/2018Muncie, INJo Ann Gora, RC 141
Public Research
21998NCAA Mid-AmericanAverage Joe’s Throwdown
Most amount of catches in a row by a single player: 6.
The Dodgeball Club at Ball State was formed in the Fall of 2017. With a total of 25 official players and located in Muncie, Indiana the team is ready to be taking on schools from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and anyone else who comes our way. Ball State in the spring of 2018 established our home tournament call the Average Joes Throwdown where we had our induction match against SIUe and competed against BGSU. Although we are a new team and have a long ways to go, I believe by the fall of 2018 we will be ready to rack some points.
I believe I sent the file to Hunter earlier this year, but can resend.
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