The Thing's win/loss record
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VolumeIssue #cover dateOpponent(s)Win/Loss/ND
Total record
11November 1961Second Galactic Guardian of Monster Islandwin1-0
12January 1962skrullsn/a1-0Ben manhandles some Skrulls but neither skirmish constitutes a major battle
13March 1962Miracle Mann/a1-0Since Miracle Man used illusions his ability to take a full on punch from Ben can't be counted as a victory
14May 1962Giganto and monster inside Gigantowin2-0although you can say the bomb Ben carried defeated Giganto, this moment is just too much of a classic Ben moment not to count as a victory
15July 1962pirates and a Doombotn/a2-0neither pirates or Doombots really count as significant battles as both are over in one to two panels
16September 1962Sub-Marinern/a2-0Ben and Namor almost fight before the Sub-Mariner turns his attention to Doom
17October 1962Kurrgo's RobotLoss2-1Yes, it's a brief fight but nevertheless Kurrgo's Robot tosses Ben around like a rag doll!
18November 1962Puppet Master Giant Puppetwin3-1Easy victory for the Thing, only a sound effect indicates the Puppet's defeat. "POW"!
19December 1962Sub-Marinerno decision3-1-1Ben's first multi page battle and he has Namor on the ropes until outside interference from lightning turns The Thing back to Ben. Ben had this but he can't get the win but neither can Namor get the victory!
110January 1963Dr. Doomn/a3-1-1Ben doesn't clobber Doom when he realizes Reed's mind is in Doom's body
111February 1963The Impossible Mann/a3-1-1Ben throws a punch or two at Impy but it doesn't constitute a battle
112March 1963military, The Hulk, Wrecker RobotWin and ND4-1-2Ben gets a quick win over the Wrecker Robot, but his first battle with the Hulk is interrupted by an "atomic ray" form the Wrecker that KO's the Hulk and dazes Ben. Like his battle with Namor, this is a no decision.
113April 1963Red Ghost and Super Apesn/a4-1-2brief tussles that amount to nothing. Ben gets stuck on the top of a pole.
114May 1963Sub-Marinern/a4-1-2Puppet Master controlled throws razor sharp coral and fungus at Ben to no avail but the fight ends there, doesn't really count as an official battle
115June 1963Mad Thinker's androidn/a4-1-2Ben and the android trade blows but not much of a fight. I rule n/a
116July 1963Dr. Doom thugsn/a4-1-2Ben beats up some of Doom's human goons. Doesn't count
117August 1963Dr. Doomn/a4-1-2more of fantastic Ben non-action. Sue does more fighting than Ben this issue.
118September 1963Super Skrulln/a4-1-2Although Super Skrull dominates Ben in their fights, there's no decisive winner. For the second time an enemy tosses Ben somewhere high where he's stuck. Note: in this issue The Thing's strength level is said to be 5 tons (estimated by the Skrulls). In an earlier issue he was working out with 3 ton weights.
119October 1963Egyptians, Rama-Tutn/a4-1-2Ben helps save the day but doesn't fight Rama-Tut directly.
120November 1963Molecule ManLoss4-2-2Molecule Man toys with Ben, tossing lightning at him and entangling him in pipes, which has Ben fearful until Johnny saves him. Victory to Molecule Man!
121December 1963Hate Monger goonsn/a4-2-2Ben never got to slug rotten Adolph!
1Annual #11963Atlanteans, Hammer Head Shark, Namorn/a4-2-2Ben's battle with Namor ends when Sue is in danger and Namor "saves" her, even though the whole situation was his fault anyway! How Noble!
122January 1964Mole Mann/a4-2-2Ben gets out of Mole Man's trap, pushes around some moloids, but that's it
123February 1964Bull Brogin, Doctor Doomn/a4-2-2this is becoming a pattern: Bull Brogin fires a cosmic beam gun at The Thing to force a change back to Ben Grimm then KO's him. Doesn't count! Later Doom and Ben trade punches but not a real battle
124March 1964robot illusions, thugs, Infant Terrible's rock creature creationn/a4-2-2Although the Infant Terrible's rock creature creation is defeated, The Thing needs the Human Torch's help to dispatch it. An earlier battle against robot like creations doesn't count because they just fade away
125April 1964HulkLoss4-3-2Classic issue and what a fight! However, at the end of the issue The Thing clearly states "He beat me!" Don't worry Thing, round 2 is next issue!
126May 1964Hulkno decision4-3-3Ben jumps right back in the fight and battles the Hulk solo long enough to merit an official battle but eventually this turns into a Hulk versus everybody and thus a no decision.
127June 1964Sub-Marinern/a4-3-3Namor is in total coward mode here as early on in the issue he uses gas to render the Thing unconscious. Later, he has his men try to take him out with other weapons. Each time fails. However, Ben and Namor never throw down because this is Reed's fight
128July 1964X-Men, Mad Thinker's androidn/a4-3-3At various points Ben tussles with nearly all the X-Men. They are amazed at his strength but no battle is ever finished. Later he brawls with the Thinker's android but Professor X, freed from the Puppet Master's control, turns it off remotely.
129August 1964Red Ghost's super apesn/a4-3-3Again, no obvious winners. What to you expect? Violence against animals not allowed!
130September 1964Diablo
Win and Loss
5-4-3I know it's cheap, but an early fight with Diablo ends with Diablo knocking out Ben with a gas pellet. Cheap, but a win. Later, The Thing gets revenge by chasing Diablo back to his lair, sealing him in, and knocking down his whole castle. Thing Domination! Win.
131October 1964Moloidsn/a5-4-3Ben punches some moloids. At one point Captain America tells the Thing that if they weren't allies he'd punish him for his insolence! Shut up Cap!
132November 1964Invincible Man/Super Skrulln/a5-4-3The Super Skrull, disguised as the Miracle Man, punches Ben once but that's as far as this battle goes
133December 1964Atlanteansn/a5-4-3Snooze. FF secretly help Namor in his battle against Attuma. Ben smashes a rock!
Annual #21964Dr. Doomn/a5-4-3Doom knocks down Ben with a paralysis device but this doesn't count as a Doom win.
134January 1965Each othern/a5-4-3The FF tussle with each other due to some scheme by Gideon. Fights with each other don't count.
135February 1965Dragon Mann/a5-4-3Ben and Dragon Man trade some blows but no definite winner, then the whole team joins in and DM turns good
136March 1965Frightful Fourn/a5-4-3Although Medusa, Trapster and Wizard work together to take out the Thing, they attack him in his sleep and Ben never gets one punch in. Not a fight, thus the "N/A"
137April 1965Skrullsn/a5-4-3lame skrulls that Ben just rolls up and whacks around don't count.
138May 1965Frightful Fourn/a5-4-3Ben has an inconclusive tussle with the Wizard before the Frightful Four blows up the island. This is a FF team defeat, not an individual one for Ben
139June 1965Dr. Doomn/a5-4-3The team has lost their powers. No Thing appearance this issue!
140July 1965Dr. Doomwin6-4-3What a win! The Thing humbles Dr. Doom in a defeat that haunts Doom to this day! Awesome victory!
141August 1965Medusa, and the Fantastic Four!3 wins9-4-33 Wins! Hot off the heels of his Dr. Doom victory, the Thing easily takes out Medusa, The Invisible Girl, and Mr. Fantastic. While I don't usually count battles with fellow teammates the Thing is under the control of the ID machine and is not holding back. Reed goes down with one punch and Sue simply faints in terror. Can't count his KO of Johnny because it is a Sandman assist.
142September 1965Mr. Fantasticwin10-4-3Once again Reed and Ben go at it with Ben not holding back. Reed fares better this time but eventually is knocked out by Ben and stuffed in a jar. Humiliating defeat for Reed! Can't count Ben's one finger KO of Johnny here, as he is drenched and powerless.
143October 1965Reed and Sue, WizardLoss10-5-3Yes, Ben is handicapped with a wizard disc on his back but the team of Reed and Sue fight him and are ultimately able to trap him in a room and knock him out. Kinda cheap, but a loss
144November 1965Dragon Man and Gorgonn/a10-5-3Ben tangles with Dragon Man and Gorgon but no clear winner in either scrap
145December 1965Dragon Mann/a10-5-3Once again, an inconclusive battle with Dragon Man as Reed and Sue interfere.
1Annual #31965Everyone!n/a10-5-3Although there are villains galore in this issue, Ben only rounds up some moloids, gets zapped by one of Red ghost's gorrillas (but doesn't get knocked out) and later is shown fighting The Executioner, but no wins here
146January 1966Blackbolt, Lockjawwin11-5-3Decision change! I originally ruled this a draw but upon further consideration both combatants are shaky but standing then Karnak picks up Black Bolt and runs away. The Thing is still wanting to fight. It's the equivalent of Karnak throwing in the white towel and quitting. So win to Ben!
147February 1966Dragon Mann/a11-5-3Another clash with Dragon Man. This time Dragon Man is defeated but Ben needs help from the Torch, so "N/A" here
148March 1966Silver Surferwin12-5-3This is a cheap win for Ben but a win nevertheless. He sucker punches Surfer off a building. We find out next issue it knocked Surfer out and sent him right to Alicia's skylight!
149April 1966Galactus, Punishern/a12-5-3Ben punches Galactus in the foot and later fights the robot Punisher. Punisher beats up Ben a bit but doesn't defeat him thanks to the FF getting behind Sue's forcefield
150May 1966his feelingsn/a12-5-3Poor Ben. He fights no one this issue but would probably like to go 12 rounds with the Hulk instead of having his feelings crushed when Alicia runs by him and right to the Surfer
151June 1966no onen/a12-5-3In the classic "This Man, This Monster" some nameless dude takes the place of the Thing and saves Reed in the Negative Zone, just like the real Ben. The real Ben turns back to the Thing at the end of the tale. No Thing fights.
152July 1966Black PantherLoss12-6-3Thanks to "devitalizing fluid" that Ben drinks, the Panther is able to go toe to toe with him and puts the deep freeze on him wih a defrigeration unit. Win for the Panther!
153August 1966Klaw's sound creationswin13-6-3Giving Ben a win here because he does blow one construct up with one punch although he struggles with a sound elephant later
154September 1966no onen/a13-6-3No Ben battles here as Torch takes center stage
155October 1966Silver Surferwin14-6-3Although Ben is facing off against a much more powerful foe, he is able to trap the Silver Surfer unter tons of rubble, thus ending the fight. Sue and Reed's arrival heralds the end of the match with the Thing scoring a win by decision
156November 1966Klaw's sound creationsLoss14-7-3The Thing goes mano a mano with Klaw and Klaw blasts him with so much energy that Ben can't get up. Klaw walks away. He's defeated by Reed but Ben gets a loss here.
157December 1966Sandmann/a14-7-3Sandman gets one punch on Ben, hardly a fight
1Annual #41966Original Human Torch, Mad Thinkern/a14-7-3This is a Torch focused story. All Ben really does is hold the original Human Torch for a minute
158January 1967Cosmic Powered DoomLoss14-8-3Ben puts up a good fight but cosmic powered Doom turns him into a living statue. Thing loss.
159February 1967no onen/a14-8-3Just some family skirmishes as the FF prepare for a rematch with cosmic powered Doom
160March 1967cosmic powered DoomLoss14-9-3Another loss to powered cosmic Doom although Ben puts up a great fight. Eventually Doom just freezes him in the air in some sort of stasis field. No KO, but a defeat
161April 1967SandmanLoss14-10-3Tough to call this one but Sandman, who is pretty powerful this issue, takes Ben out of the fight early by knocking him into a "space time generator lever" where Ben can't move or the city could get leveled. So he's stuck there out of the action. Being taken out of the fight counts as a win for Sandy!
162May 1967no onen/a14-10-3Ben just worries this issue while Triton rescues Reed in the negative zone
163June 1967Blastaar and Sandmanwin15-10-3Ben does pretty good against Blastaar but his win comes against Sandman, who he fights in the ocean and clobbers,dispersing him in the water
164July 1967Kree SentryLoss15-11-3A good showing but eventually the Sentry overpowers Ben and almost drowns him. Reed needs to save Ben. Thing Loss!
165August 1967Ronanwin16-11-3Thing turns a near defeat into a win. After being humbled rather easily by Ronan the Thing shows grit and eventually turns the tide with stratagem 32!
166September 1967no onen/a16-11-3Ben smacks Reed in this one. That's it
167October 1967science goonsn/a16-11-3another issue with minimal Ben action
168November 1967no onen/a16-11-3A mysterious Dr. Santini promises to cure the Thing but instead alters his mind and plans on having Ben destroy the Fantastic Four! No fights though.
169December 1967The Fantastic Fourwin17-11-3Mind altered Ben attacks his teammates. He is able to KO Johnny but is focused on destroying Reed. Mind controlled Thing win.
1Annual #51967Psycho ManLoss17-12-3Psycho Man fools Ben into thinking he's fighting some monster and Ben essentially makes himself unconscious
170January 1968The Fantastic Four
2 wins, 1 loss
19-13-3The Thing finally catches up to the FF and battles them, taking out Johnny and smacking Reed around. Reed finally is able to knock out Ben with some gun but one second later he collapses in defeat. Two wins, one loss for Ben.
171Frebruary 1968Mad Thinker androidLoss19-14-3Tough loss here because Ben is felled by his arch-nemesis....gas! But still, a win for the android.
172March 1968Silver SurferLoss19-15-3I'm going to call this a loss. Ben is so overmatched here, the Surfer just seems to be tolerating his attacks. In the end he "tires of this game" and just dumps Ben off his board. Ben never posed a threat to Surfer here.
173April 1968Daredevil, Thorno decision19-15-4This no decision annoyed me. Ben first thinks Thor is a robot but later, after realizing he's fighting a depowered Thor(it says he was recently stripped of some powers) Ben feels bad and pulls punches. Just when he is ready to clobber Thor Sue intervenes with a force field. No decision but pompous windbag Thor should have been knocked out
174May 1968The Punishern/a19-15-4Galactus' Tiny terror returns and knocks Ben down a smokestack for a while. They fight again later but then Punisher just vanishes.
175June 1968Soulless replicaswin20-15-4Galactus whips up some FF dupes. Ben battles his own dupe but has better luck when everybody switches oppoents and The Thing easily disposes of the Mr. Fantastic duplicate
176July 1968Silver Surfer, Psycho Man's "Indestructible"Loss20-16-4With increased gravity Ben has no chance against the Indestructible android who tosses Ben around like nothing, shoves him in a volcanic crater, and sits back and watches when the volcanic pressure builds up and The Thing gets a lava enema. DEFEAT!
177August 1968Psycho Manwin21-16-4Although this is a team battle, PM takes out Reed and Johnny, leaving Ben, who takes care of him by dumping a bunch of machinery on him, leaving PM to cry like a baby begging to be freed. Win for Thing.
178September 1968The Wizardn/a21-16-4The Wizard has new power gloves! But in this issue the latest Thing-cure has Ben in human form and The Wizard roughs him up a bit. No wins or losses for Ben in human form. Ben's eyes go from blue to brown in various panels.
179October 1968Thinker androidwin22-16-4Ben is forced to put on the Wizards' wonder gloves to transform back to the Thing and clobber some android after Alicia. The Thing is doomed to remain a monster forever! Right.
180November 1968TomazoomaLoss22-17-4Gotta give Ben the loss here. Tomazooma blasts Ben and has him staggered. Ben meekly cries out for Reed to save him. Later Reed tells Ben not to start round 2 with Tomazooma because he's not strong enough, and Ben listens! Reed and Wyatt save the day Ughh. Ben gets the loss
181December 1968Wizardn/a22-17-4This is a team effort with new member Crystal in the spotlight. It is a combined team effort thus Ben's contribution of punching some log so it hits Wizard in the head doesn't count. Wizard gets away anyway.
1Annual #61968Annihilus's giant boot, borerswin23-17-4Ben smashes some giant boot Annihilus is using and KO's Annihilus by throwing it at him. Later he battles borers but no winners or losers there
182January 1969Alpha Primitives,Zorr- Maximus' androidLoss23-18-4Zorr takes out the male members of the FF with ease, including the Thing, who is the one getting clobbered this issue
183February 1969Zorrn/a23-18-4Round 2 with Zorr. We learn that last issues loss was in part due to some Maximus Hypno-thing and Zorr wasn't as strong as originally though. Still, this doesn't negate Zorr's win from the previous issue. In this issue it is a team effort that fells Zorr so no solo win for Ben.
184March 1969Doombots, Doom by proxyLoss23-19-4Ben smashes some Doombots but it's all a ploy to release the deadly arch-nemesis of Ben: GAS! Ben's knocked out and Doom stands over him triumphant. Thing loss!
185April 1969Doombots, Doom by proxyLoss23-20-4The Thing is at half strength and Doombots smack him around. While it may be that Doom's hyno-ray is the real cause of The Thing thinking he's lost his strength, a loss is a loss no matter the circumstances. Thing loss!
186May 1969Doombotsn/a23-20-4Ben smashes a Doombot but the pieces keep attacking and almost take him out. Save by Johnny so no Ben win.
187June 1969Doom guardsn/a23-20-4although there's a brief skirmish with the guards, I don't see Ben throw one punch. He does more smashing of Doom's defenses and castle
188July 1969Mole Mann/a23-20-4No fighting for Ben. The FF go blind
189August 1969Mole Mann/a23-20-4Ben's blind and Mole Man trips him up and blasts him at various points but doesn't defeat him. No loss or win
190September 1969SkrullLoss23-21-4Skrull easily knocks out Ben with a nerve gun. Thing loss.
191October 1969Skrull Slave Master,Skrull, TaxtorLoss23-22-4I'm going to give The Thing only one loss this issue even though he is knocked out twice by Skrull weapons. Thing is handicapped throughout the entire issue with the Skrull nerve collar. A later battle with another captured fighter, Taxtor, is inconclusive
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