Fall 2019 Class Descriptions
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Fall 2019 Class Descriptions
Name of Teacher
Co-Teacher (if any)GradesName of ClassDescription
Class Fee
StipendCurriculumHomework Amount per Week (if any)
Anderson1st-3rd¡Bienvenidos! Elementary SpanishWelcome to Spanish class! This class is designed for beginning students with little or no previous knowledge or exposure to Spanish. Students will be introduced to basic vocabulary of the language via fun games and crafts.$25.00$5.00Homework is not required, but practice at home is encouraged.
BensonK-2ndLittle Picassos ArtThis class will spark the imaginations and improve the artistic abilities of your young artist with lots of painting, crafting, glueing, and clay modeling in order to create their very own masterpiece each week!$20.00$5.00
BensonK-2ndCook With a BookYour kid's imagination will be "whisked" away during this culinary adventure that will "mix" story telling and kitchen skills into a fun and tasty treat. Each week we will read a story and then cook/bake a snack to go along with it. Your student will also learn kitchen safety, how to read a recipe, and kitchen clean up. $20.00$5.00
BensonK-1stDr. Seuss on the LooseGrab your pampoogas, pantookas, and drums and get ready for a ride to Whoville where we will explore science, math, and reading concepts through the whimsical stories of Dr. Seuss. This fun class will be filled with science activities and experiments, math games, rhyme time, and even some Seuss snacks!$15.00$5.00
Boggs3rd-12thChessBeginner through advanced players will enjoy sharpening their chess skills in this fun filled class. Each student will need to bring their own chess board from home. $5.00$5.00None
Boggs9th-12thFriendly ChemistryFriendly Chemistry is a complete high school-level chemistry course which uses simple language and a multitude of analogies to make learning (and teaching) easy! Friendly Chemistry utilizes games, activities and lab experiences to make the concepts crystal clear and readily retained! Students will need to purchase textbook, workbook, and manipulative set.$40.00$10.00Friendly ChemistryWeekly homework will be assigned. Tests and labs will be completed in class.
BOWMEN Sports2nd-6thHomeschool PEThis is a class that will be taught by BOWMEN Sports and please note that it is an extended class that ends at 2:40pm. The cost for the class is $108 but all monies will be collected by BOWMEN Sports. Information on the program and how to pay coming soon. Participant Families must be a member of WACHE. PE 101 is a 90-minute class that allows students to explore multiple sports in a fun, learning environment. This program is designed for students to be ACTIVE while learning about athletics and team sports. Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up and stretch. Next, we rotate through agility stations and drills. Units of study include sport specific drills and games, including rules of the game, strategy and the fundamentals required to play. We also enjoy fun classic games like kickball, dodgeball, whiffleball, wallball and capture the flag.$108.00
Brown, E.K-2ndBible StoriesA fun, hands-on class to help kids become familiar with the great stories and characters of the Bible!$10.00$5.00
Brown, E.2nd-5thScience and the BibleFun science experiments that teach kids biblical principles.$15.00$5.00
Browne, R.9th-12thAmerican LiteratureIn this class we will study American Literature through short stories and poems. We will work through each lesson together to fully understand what we are reading. There will be vocabulary, reading, and worksheets to complete as homework and classtime for discussion and some reading. Students will need to purchase Poetry & Short Stories: American Literature by Memoria Press student guide and the Poetry & Short Stories book. $25.00$10.00Memoria Press Students will need to read and complete worksheets and vocabulary for homework. Estimate 1-2 hours per week.
ButlerK-2ndGod's Design For LifeLearn about Creation from a solidly Biblical base. Many fun activities, experiments, colorful worksheets, Scripture learning and more as we delve into the world of plants, the human body and animals!$15.00$5.00Master BooksNone
Carlson2nd-5thTheater Kids: Drama AllowedThis semester long class will teach theater basics, perfect deliciously amusing monologues, and imagination-stretching improvisation for middle-elementary students!$20.00$5.00Memorizations for monologues.
Carlson6th-12thDrama: The TroupeThis teen theater class will touch on the basics but the majority of the time will be spent rehearsing for a 30-40 min. Play performance. Week 1 will be auditions, then 11 weekly rehearsals. (There will be a real "Tech Week" which will include an addtional 2-4 rehearsals before our performance.)$30.00$5.00Memorizing lines, the final week will include 2-4 added rehearsals (outside of WACHE school) for tech week.
Caswell8th-12thMischief in the KitchenThis class will be a mixture of some of my family favorites that I will teach within an hour. including a cajun meal or two. If you like the TV show "Chopped" and you're up for the challenge there will be some competitive cooking also. Hope to see you in my kitchen where I love to have fun. $20.00$5.00
Chesnutt7th-8thGeneral ScienceScience...what images does that conjure up? Something dull and boring? Something only nerds like? In this course, you will learn a lot about all different parts of Science, including the history of Science, the history of life, how your body works, the foundations of Geology, how fossils are made, and some of the amazing living cretures that exist in God's creation. Be prepared to be awed and amazed with what the Creator has made for you! This is a packed-full course that will take two semesters to compete. Required textbook: Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science.$25.00$10.00Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science
CookRizzoK-1stDraw, Write, NowVisit Africa and Asia and study life on the Savannas. Next, circle the globe and draw temperate grassland animals from North and South America. Then we will study some animals of the mountains and deserts of the world. Learn to draw the continents, too!$15.00$5.00
CookTannerK-2ndMusic and MovementMove, dance, sing and play, get those wiggles out in healthy way! We are going to move, make noise and just have fun!$10.00$5.00
Culver2nd-3rdMagic Carpet Ride: GeographyJoin me on a Magic Carpet Ride through different countries! Travelers will explore the sounds, tastes and beauty of different cultures.....not to mention learn their continents, oceans and basic map skills. $15.00$5.00
Ellsworth1st-2ndWord RapsHey you guys!! Join me and experience the power of words! Using The Electric Company's fresh beats to rhyme and rap, we will explore decoding strategies, vocabulary, and self-expression to become more confident readers. We will focus on phonetics, blends, digraphs, word families, capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech and sentence stretching. We will play interactive games to improve our reading skills and we may even learn a little beatboxing along the way!$10.00$5.00None
Ellsworth4th-6thLego MechanicsCalling all builders! Get your STEM brain in gear as we explore engineering concepts to improve problems solving skills. Join me as we follow step-by-step instructions and work in groups (or solo) to design a
variety of interactive LEGO® devices. Projects are amusement
themed and include simple machines that teach core engineering
concepts such as levers, motion, gears and energy transfer.
Farber7th-12thFour7 Bible StudyFour7- based on the scripture “Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives' tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.” (1Tim. 4:7) How do we do that? Why do you believe what you believe? Is it based on scripture or something else? We’ll be studying the Bible & why it’s important to be in it. $30.00$5.00
Flaherty3rd-5thArt Create art projects using pencil, markers, scissors, glue and other materials. Learn the color wheel and how to draw things. Discover some Christian Artists.$10.00$5.00none
Flaherty6th-12thDrawing & CompositionImprove drawing and finish compositions using expressive line, color, and creativity prompts. Begin an art journal.$10.00$5.00optional
Flaherty9th-10thFoundations of LiteratureBob Jones' Fundamentals of Literature explores the literary elements of conflict, character, theme, point of view, structure, and tone through short, engaging works of literature from various cultures and time periods. Students are encouraged to read literature from a Christian worldview. Students need to purchase the 2nd Edition textbook ($60 new), and the test packet ($17.)$10.00$10.00Bob Jones
Garner9th-12thWriting With HamiltonThis high-energy creative writing class will draw inspiration from carefully selected, brilliant songs and raps from the musical Hamilton. If you haven't heard of this musical about the life of the 10 dollar founding father, Alexander Hamilton, just you wait! Students will write like they're running out of time and will not want to throw away their shot at a creative masterpiece. $15.00$5.001-2hrs
HaggardK-2ndGameschoolingLearn through play! In this class we will rotate stations each week and play fun board games that teach young learners important educational concepts. Board games are an easy way to encourage healthy brain development, learn important math concepts, color/letter/number/word regognition, hand-eye coordination, increase attention span, help navigate social anxieties, build interpersonal relationships with peers, and more! $10.00$5.00None
Hayman, A.8th-12thPhotographyIn this class we will go beyond taking the perfect selfie! Learn about how a camera works, finding the best lighting, setting up the perfect shot, understanding some advanced camera settings, and enhancing your images with post-production. Students must bring a camera to every class and be prepared to practice their newly acquired skills outside of class with weekly photo challenges. Cameras with manual controls will be required for the some lessons.$15.00$5.00Students will need to complete weekly photo challenges to perfect their newly acquire skills!
Hoefelmann3rd-5thPELet's get active! We'll stretch (literally) ourselves in the areas of physical fitness and sportsmanship, all while having a great time growing in teamwork and friendships.$10.00$5.00Students will be encouraged to keep active during the week, especially to beat their personal records, and increase their chances of winning prizes.
Hoefelmann6th-8thPELet's get active! We'll stretch (literally) ourselves in the areas of physical fitness and sportsmanship, all while having a great time growing in teamwork and friendships.$10.00$5.00Students will be encouraged to keep active during the week, especially to beat their personal records, and increase their chances of winning prizes.
Horsburgh7th-8thPre-AlgebraThis year-long pre-algebra class will more than prepare your child for high school math! We will meet two hours each Monday for two semesters. During the two hours, I will teach new concepts and go over the homework problems that the students struggled with most. The students will need to complete homework each school day in order to be prepared for class. Parents will need to purchase Saxon Algebra 1/2 Homeschool Kit prior to the beginning of class. Students should have a solid multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction foundation to succeed in this class, including multi digit multiplication and long division. Students should also have basic knowledge of fractions and decimals. $30.00$20.00SaxonApproximately 4 hours per week
Kelley, A.9th-12thU.S. GovernmentThis semester long class will teach U.S. civics and explore the origins and philosophies of the founding fathers. We will discuss federal government as well as state and local government to give students a complete understanding of how our government works (and maybe how it could or should work better). Expect MANY challenging discussions in this class, be prepared to debate! Students will need to purchase Exploring Government by Ray Notgrass. $20.00$10.00
Kelley, TAndersonK-2ndBoom, Boom, WHACK!This class will teach young students the basics of music making and music reading using a colorful instrument called Boomwhackers (google it) as well as a variety of percussion instruments you can make from home. Students will sing, play games, and hit stuff as we learn simple concepts like steady beat, melody, rhythm, and musical patterns. Each student needs to purchase a set of C diatonic Boomwhackers, a pair of plastic or rubber mallets, and a xylotote. Additional classroom instruments, music, and recordings will be provided through class fees. $15.00$5.0020 minutes/week
Kelley, T.Anderson3rd-6thElementary ChoirDo you like to sing and do you want to learn how to sing well? Join the elementary choir where we will sing a variety of fun and catchy songs (trust me, they WILL get stuck in your head)! Students will learn to develop their singing voice through games, exercises, and warm ups. We will also learn to sing in unison, rounds, and partner songs. This class will be fun but also performance driven. Be prepared to perform at least twice this semester and to practice weekly. Students are not expected to read music, but they must be confident independent readers. Students are expected to provide a pencil and 2 different colored highlighters. $20.00$5.00Students are expected to practice at least 60 minutes per week singing along to the practice recordings, listening to recordings, and memorizing music.
Kelley, T.3rd-6thRecorder KarateRecorder does not have to be Satan's flute! In Recorder Karate you'll learn to make such beautiful sounds on your recorder that mom and dad will ASK you to play instead of sending you outside to practice. Recorder Karate welcomes beginner as well as advanced recorder students. Beginning students will learn some great songs to master starting fingerings and rhythms, while advanced students will learn more complicated harmonies, duets, and fingering patterns. Whether new or old, students will master new skills while earning a new karate belt (disclaimer: we will not be learning physical karate). Students are expected to provide their own soprano recorder and a pencil. I recommend a Yamaha Soprano 20 series in any color. $20.00$5.00Students are expected to practice at least 60 minutes per week working on fingering patterns, playing along to the practice recordings, and listening to recordings.
Kidd6th-12thGraphic DesignGraphic Design 1 teaches the fundamental skills of Graphic Design. Students will learn about fonts, layering, colors, images, how to use beginner graphic design programs and much more. Photoshop is introduced for one class. This class does not require any special design program as the student will learn to use their computer to design invitations, flyers, logos and much more through what they have access to. $15.00$5.00No homework required but encouraged to practice the new skills they learn each class.
KiddA. Hayman8th-12thYearbookIn this course, students will gain skills in the following areas: page design, publishing techniques, copy writing, editing, photography, graphic design, teamwork, and leadership skills. Students are responsible for producing their own yearbook pages which involves designing​ ​the​ ​pages, taking​ ​the​ ​photographs​ ​for the​ ​pages,​ ​and​ ​writing​ ​all copy​ ​on​ ​the​ ​pages. For this class students will need access to a camera and a laptop to bring to class. This class requires a full year commitment.$20.00$5.00Some homework may be required depending on how much work the student can complete in class.
KropfPre-KMaking Make-BelieveBased on the book Making Make-Believe by MaryAnn Kohl, pre-schoolers will explore imaginative play using activities, crafts and playtime! Each week we will explore a different classic children’s storybook and let our imaginations run wild! $7.00$0.00
Lachenmayer7th-9thONLINE Jammin' in Our Jammies IEW 3 IEW 3 is a continuation course of IEW 2. We will be jammin' in our jammies and learning writing at the same time! This is going to be an online class using Zoom. In IEW 3 we will cover more editing, writing letters, and different styles of writing. Pre-requisite: You must have completed IEW 2 at WACHE School during the 2018-2019 school year to take this course. No exceptions.$35.00$10.00IEW Student Intensive Continuation Course Level B1-2 hours per week
Lachenmayer6th-12thONLINE ASL Astounding Signing in your Living RoomImagine! Knowing how to sign independantly without assistance, interpreting on your feet, and communicate with the hearing impaired community. We will cover these things and more once a week in 30 to 45 minute engaging, fun classes on Zoom. Pre-requisite: 1 year of ASL knowledge required. If you did not complete 1 year of sign language at WACHE School during the 2018-2019 school year, please email Ttlachenmayer@gmail.com to discuss pre-requisites.$5.00$5.00Based on TCC's current curriculmn Signing Naturally units 1-6. Can be purchased on Amazon.com but is not require for the class.Approximately 1 hour per week
Lane6th-8thAmerican HistoryUsing The American Heritage Series, we will go over the heroes and moral foundations our nation was founded upon. We will discuss why history matters. We will cover the faith of our Founding Fathers through the Civil Rights Movement. Each student is encouraged to do a presentation. I will have a sign-up sheet during orientation/first day of school. The topics will be provided.$12.00The American Heritage Seriesno homework
LaneBrant3rd-5thMy BodyUsing full-size paper figures, students will cut and paste different organs such as the heart, muscles, brain, liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen and much more! We will not cover reproductive organs. The students will learn each function through different activities. $13.00$5.00no homework
Lopez3rd-12th4HThis Semester we will be exploring electric excitement Magic of Electricity: exploring why certain things insulate from electricity better than others and the effect that magnetism has various substances. Building a flashlight, a compass, an electromagnet, and an electric motor. Continuing to build circuits and test voltages, build a rocket launcher, and build a burglar alarm as they practice decision making and communication. Then we will build on skills learned previously then how to measure electrical usage, replace electrical switches, and determine electrical loads. Youth will also evaluate different light bulbs and test for electrical power.

We will also be competing in the various competions during the Fall for 4-H. Have our regular meetings during the week. Elect officers. Each participant much be registered and pay the seperate fee with Tarrant County 4-H.!!!! Please remember that this class is an on going class if your child wants to run for an elected position, please have them commit to staying the entire year in 4-H.
$25.00$5.00no homework
McAlister2nd-3rdMath ManiaStudents will practice their math skills through games, crafts, stories and hands on activities. Students will strengthen their number sense as they engage in a variety of math activities with their friends. We will practice math facts, telling time, place value, graphing and much more!$15.00$5.00
Miller1st-3rdSong School Latin 1Students will be given a fun and gentle introduction to Latin through songs, stories, games, and activities. We'll learn everyday Latin vocabulary words for seasons, parts of the body, food, animals, and common greetings. This class will be divided over two semesters. Optional: It is recommended that each family purchase one workbook/CD to practice with throughout the week. Cost for workbook is $25 and orders must be turned in on orientation day.$15.00$5.00In order to get the most out of this class, students will need to practice their new vocabulary words throughout the week. 5-10 minutes 2-3 times a week is totally acceptable!
Miller7th-12thWACHE SingersCalling all students who love to sing and have fun! Participants will be taught basic singing skills and teamwork through a variety of music each semester. We will have 2 community performances in the fall (TBD). Auditions/ voicing will take place the first 2 weeks of class. Students will need a 1 inch black binder with pockets, a pencil, and a good attitude! Fee includes all sheet music and required T-shirt for performances.$25.00$5.00Students should expect to spend 1-2 hours each week practicing, listening to rehearsal CD, and memorizing music outside of class.
MitchellK-1stPuppets and PoetryWe are going to learn and memorize poems using puppets! The puppets will act out the poems! We will have a puppet stage and recite the poem for each other. At the end of class they can draw on their copy what they imagine the characters of the poem look like. Children are encouraged to make a puppet at home, and bring it to class to show and use. I will have an assortment of puppets for the children to use. It will be a fun class with lots of laughs! On the last day of class each child will pick one puppet to keep! Note: Student will need to purchase one 3-prong folder with pockets, and a school supply box/pouch with crayons or colored pencils. These need to be brought to class daily.$12.00$5.00
Mitchell4th-6thUS History for KidsTravel through time from Jamestown to the Civil War. We will document our journey by note-booking (to include drawing) and using timelines. On this journey we will experience things like playing a colonial game, eating period food, and creating Civil War articles just to name a few. We will have our own in-class History Fair on the last day of class, in which students will bring a History project of their own choosing, relevant to this period in History that they have been working on at home. I will be using varied curriculum, and "The Story of US" DVD's (might watch a small clip here and there). Note: Students will need to purchase: A 9x12 sketch pad, minimum 50 pages, with the side wire-bound. A school supply box/pouch containing scissors, glue stick, pencil and/or pen, colored pencils or crayons, pencil sharpener, ruler or some type of straight edge, and an eraser. These items need to be brought to class daily. P.S. This class will continue into the Spring semester (post-Civil War to Present).$10.00$5.00Work on your epic History project! Don't wait until the week before!
Pope8th-12thTENTATIVE Spanish 1 ONLINEBeginning vocabulary, grammar and dialogue....High school core class - continuation of Spanish I - BJU Text/activity book/video camera required. This class will meet twice a week ONLINE (Tue/Thurs 10 am) - 2 semesters required for credit. !Es una clase divertida!$150/sem.Weekly hmwk/wkbk assignments and quizzes will be given and graded.
Pope9th-12thSpanish 2 ONLINEVocabulary, grammar and dialogue....High school core class - continuation of Spanish I - BJU Text/activity book/video camera required. This class will meet twice a week ONLINE (Tue/Thurs 9 am) - 2 semesters required for credit. !Es una clase divertida!$150/sem.Weekly hmwk/wkbk assignments and quizzes will be given and graded.
RogersPre-KSimon Says Start SteppingThis PE class will be a combination of outdoor play, organized games, parachute play, hula hoops and so much more. We will have some music and movement time as well. We will be having so much fun, we won't even realize we are exercising!$5.00$0.00
RothwellPre-KFun with ScienceWe will be having fun and learning about science! Each week the kiddos will be getting hands on and doing simple experiments, crafts and/or activities. They will have a great time while learning about different science related topics!$3.00$0.00
Scott3rd-5thWord NerdsIs vocabulary your nemesis? It won't be for long! If you need extra help with spelling or if you are a great speller, this class is for you! Join us as we learn and play games to challenge our vocabulary skillsl! We will end the semester with a Spelling Bee! $15.00$5.00None
ShimkoPre-KRest TimeThis hour is reserved for nap/rest time.$0.00$0.00
Sprayberry5th-12thGuitar 1These lessons for absolute beginners that are brand new to guitar. Students will learn to take care of their instruments as well as some music theory, and good technique. Learning basics - like how to hold a guitar, how to hold a guitar pick, how to play simple guitar chords, and how to strum the guitar. Guitar 1 takes you from the moment you pick up the guitar all the way to the formation of full major chords. No previous knowledge is required or expected. Students need to have access to an instrument.$60.00
Sprayberry5th-12thGuitar 2In this course, you will learn minor chords, get introduced to scales, build skills in finger picking and chord strumming. Guitar 2 helps you become a well-rounded beginning guitarist. basic song structure, and barred chords. The lessons are more difficult, with the speed slightly increased to build skill. At the completion of this course you will have a strong foundation to pursue any musical style. Prerequisite: Students must have either taken Guitar I or have prior guitar experience with teacher approval. Students need to have access to an instrument.$60.00
Sprayberry5th-12thUkeleleIn these lessons we're giving you the run down on what to do if you're a brand new ukulele player with a brand new ukulele. This includes tuning your brand new ukulele, learning your first basic strum, and finally playing a few chords. Students need to have access to an instrument.$60.00
Stubblefield6th-8thLiteratureDive into the world of literature! In this class, I will introduce a basic overview of the elements of stories (character, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution). We will practice identifying these elements, but our primary focus will be to develop a love of reading! Together we will study and discuss two novels - Redwall and The Prince and the Pauper. Students will need to come to class each week ready to discuss the assigned selection. Class fees will cover handouts and study guide materials, but books will need to be acquired separately. Digital and print copies are both fine as long as the student can bring their copy to class each week.$25.00$10.00Prince & Pauper, Redwall, Progeny Press1 -2 hrs
Stubblefield6th-8thIEW 1Ready to take your student’s writing to the next level? Join us as we explore structural models and stylistic techniques that will enable your students to feel more confident as they express themselves in words! Specific grammar instruction will also be a part of class time to help solidify the student’s understanding of the English language. Assignments will include grammar worksheet practice and written essays that cover a range of both fiction and non-fiction topics to give students plenty of practice in written communication. We will be using IEW’s Student Writing Intensive Level B. Previous IEW experience is not necessary.$45.00$10.00IEW Student Intensive Level B2-3 hours a week
Tanner8th-12thAlgebra 1Algebra 1 is an introductory high-school level course that covers key algebra concepts and builds the algebraic foundation essential for students to solve increasingly complex problems. The class will cover topics including numbers, exponents, roots; absolute value; equations and inequalities; scientific notations; unit conversions; polynomials; graphs; factoring; quadratic equations; direct/inverse variations; exponential growth. This class will meet for 1 hour on Mondays and online on Wednesdays from 2-3pm. $65 per semester plus Saxon Algebra 1 materials$50.0030 minutes to 1 hour a day
Tanner8th-12thAlgebra 2This course offers a substantial review of all topics in Algebra I and then moves on to cover these topics at an advanced level. Major topics include the solving and graphing of linear and quadratic equations, factoring, a variety of types of word problems, solving quadratic equations by completing the square, solving simultaneous equations with fractions and decimals, complex roots of quadratic equations, solving systems of nonlinear equations, graphing and solving a system of inequalities, exponential equations, and review of key geometry, probability and statistics topics. This class will meet on Mondays and online on Thursdays from 2-3pm.$65 per semester plus Saxon Algebra 2 materials$50.0030 minutes to 1 hour a day
Taylor4th-6thStop MotionStop Motion Animation is where Art meets Technology. Students will learn how to create videos using a variety of different mediums. We will study the history of stopmotion and produce a wide variety of different videos using Science and history as our springboard. Students will need to have a laptop, ipad, or smartphone with the ability to download a stopmotion app. $15.00$5.00
Wise4th-6thAncient History Based IEW Discover and be amazed at the wonders of the ancient world while learning to write with structure and style!

This edition of Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons offers writing topics that explore the civilizations of Sumer, Egypt, Israel, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Asia Minor, and Asia. IEW’s structural units 1–9 are taught in order; elements of style are introduced gradually. A set of creatively illustrated vocabulary cards is included. The words, chosen to work easily in the writing assignments, expand students’ vocabularies and add sophistication to their compositions. Acquiring facts about the ancient world while learning to write well has never been so enjoyable!

Wise4th-6thAdventure Reading ClubJoin us as we share together in fun and fantastic adventure books just for kids (and Moms young at heart) Possible book choices are "The Mysterious Benedict Society," "Song of the Winns," "The Green Ember," "Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH," "A Wrinkle in Time," and "The Saturdays." Final book choice(s) will depend on the ages of students. Class will be a combination of read-aloud, discussion, and vocabulary. There will be very exciting homework - reading some highly entertaining chapters each week! (Class price will include the cost of purchasing copies of the books for each student - that they will keep.)$30.00$5.00Reading 2-4 chapters per week. Come ready to discuss the chapters read!