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NameEmailDuke class/affiliationPhoneInstrument #1Instrument #2Instrument #3Instrument #4Instrument #5Looking for?Original Stuff?Anything you want to add?Got a Link to your Stuff?
Aamir Azharaaa53@duke.edu408-806-1510DrumsetVocal People to jam with, listen to music with, or produce music with (a band would be cool)Not really, normally I'd just jam or improvise by myself but nothing really 'produced'I'm a bit rusty on the drumset, and just started practicing again (didn't take lessons for a little while), but I'm willing to practice as much as possible to get good. I'm also a casual singer, so I'm willing to sing but I'm not sure I'm the best person to do so. I just want people to jam with, or a music group (finding and listening to music). Covers and producing would be awesome too, ideally and eventually I want to get to the 'performing' stage, whether that means recording covers or producingDon't really produce, but I am a heavy and 'passionate' listener. I'm mainly looking for a rock-related group. I'm most into post-rock at the moment, but I'd be down to do anything like post-rock, alternative, emo, or maybe even something black metal-esque
Abhishek Dubead210@duke.edu678-860-1784GuitarTablaBongoCongoVocalsWaldoJam and chill. Chilling is important.
Adam Abelsonama49@duke.edu727-688-5805vocalsprotools
Adhar Maheshwariam390@duke.edu919-597-8751GuitarVocalsYeahLooking to write/perform originals with a band, looking for jam buds too, wanna record in/become familiar with the studio
Alex LaDueajl44@duke.edu6787644392VocalsGuitarUkuleleI'm up for anything! Just looking to meet some new musiciansYea for sure. Would love to write and record with someone if they wantI usually sing and play the guitar but can also play the uke. And on the guitar I usually do acoustic stuff, but like to venture onto my electric too. I know some chords and stuff on the piano, but nothing major
Alex Longatl11@duke.edu919-749-4515FL Studio (Rap/HipHop Beats)PianoVocal ManipulationPeople to collaborate with or lyricists/rappersAlwaysHip-Hop instrumentals all original. Ranges from aggressive to euphoric. Give my soundcloud a listen, am very open to just meeting up with anyone to make some music!
Andrew 999-8143Bass
Anna Watersavw4@duke.edu2035706040VoiceSing basically anything ;'
Antje Langaal18@duke.edu312-636-7026VocalsAcoustic guitarPianoif you have a banjo, i can mess around on itElectric guitar (especially someone who knows or would be willing to mess around with slide) and drums.meh I have bits and pieces of songs, but I struggle putting them together. help me hahaI'm mostly into folk-y stuff (think Joe Pug, Head and the Heart, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Ben Howard) but my all-time favorite band is Lord Huron. I really want to start doing original stuff so I'd definitely be up for help in that arena!
Asif Rahmanar241@duke.edu305-934-7535GuitarPianotrying to jamlittle bitvery casual --
Athelia 381-0552ukulelevocalsproducingfersuretryna find some jam budz
Ayush Ranaabr16@duke.edu9196995720bassguitarprecussionfun people to jam withHave some songs (not recorded yet unfortunately)Feel like being part of an alternative rock/indie bandI know there are some videos out there. Ill post when I find them :)
Ben Allenballen12543@gmail.com610-955-7435vocalsPianoRhythm Guitarnope
Ben Krogerbrk16@duke.edu7138182979Guitarcasual folky bandYeahI do mostly finger picking and rythmn on acoustic guitar and
Ben Rousseaubjr29@duke.edu9194521346Drumsmost genres: can hold my own in jazz, but certainly no expert at jazz. Would like to play funk. Looking for low time commitment jam sessionsSure
Bill Majorosbmajoros@duke.edu9193084228Guitarsynthfemale vocalist for symphonic metalboth originals and
Bobby Mengesrbm24@duke.edu516-512-4394GuitarPianoBass GuitarBand and jamingyeah
Bobby Ungerrhu2@duke.edu216 978 8995Tenor and alto saxHarmonicaCan play in a blues, rock, or jazz setting. Looking to jam and/or gig around
Brandon Levybal24@duke.edu301-785-0474VocalsPianoSongwriting partner, backup vocalist for some harmonies maybeI currently have an informal band going with some friends, and I'd love to add another vocalist so we can do some cool harmonies. I also write original music (pretty mainstream stuff mostly) so if you've got a catchy tune with no lyrics and want some assistance, definitely get in touch.
Brandt Scheidemantelbcs14@duke.edu7243168848Pianosynths/keyboard stuffBasswhistleDown to jam all the time and produce some collaborative songs from the jam sessions. Currently in paris, see you in the springHaven't composed in about two years. Originals from high school made with garageband. email me if you're interested in hearing them.Current major influences: South American Folk (victor jara/violeta parra/Mercedes Sosa), Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Paris Musette (accordion music)Three old, garageband originals at my youtube channel:
Brian Dorseybtd9@duke.edu512-983-4663ukuleleguitartrying to jamnot yet... sounds fun though
Bryan Somaiahbas49@duke.edu5169876319Guitar (flexible)Vocals drums, bassCollaboration/BandMy stuff ranges from jazz to funk to pop to soul to folk. I have ~5 tunes for a full band setting, and another ~5 for acoustic+voice.There are so many ideas that I have that span multiple genres. I would love to collaborate. Even if you're into heavy metal, jazz, or reggae, I can dig it. Don't hesitate to contact me. Favorite Artists: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin.
Caroline Kittlecek19@duke.edu9513337643vocalsguitarpianomy walletvery unorginalI don't actually like music
Chance 731-7494Drums!!!guitarukelelebanjoProduction and recordingMore punk rock, ska, surf rock, lofi, garage rock.... A band, but first a guitarist/bassist/whatever who would like to jam, cowrite and play some music with raw grit and emotion. Something fun. I'm a little rusty on the set, but I need to drum.Yes and some less original stuff.I was in a few punk bands prior to coming to college. We played many live shows and recorded some stuff. I write lyrics and music. I loved playing mainly punk music. I love the spirit. I love the energy. I'm open to a lot of genres, but i need that punk energy sprinkled in. If you're interested in jamming, hanging, listening to loud grungy music, discussing highly offensive topics or whatever, feel free to text me. I have a nice little drumset and electric guitar with a nice little amp that I restored aswell as other instruments.yes. Text me, and I'll find you some.
Christina Lan (Stina)cll32@duke.edu303-204-3857KeysGuitarlooping? and ipad stuff hell yeaelectronic/ alternative/ but wanting to infuse hip hop stuff
Daniel Graberdg109@duke.edu267-495-6562Alto SaxGroup to play with on a casual basisNothing too bigJust looking to find some people to play with once in a while
Daniel Kimdhk12@duke.edu803-804-6978Electric GuitarSomeone who needs a session-type guitar player. I normally play a lot of ethereal, reverb/delay soaked stuff (think slide, swells, etc), but I'd love to spread out as well. I'd also love to work with a singer, I have a few ambient instrumental tracks that would sound awesome with vocalsI have some ambient instrumental tracks recorded.I play guitar for a mega-church called Elevation Church. I've also played electric on a few Christian albums, a few of which have peaked in the top ten on iTunes Christian. I'm definitely not limiting myself to that genre though (I played in a few bands back home) and I'd love to get something going here
Debarati Ghoshdg136@duke.edu5748506701VocalsPianoTo start a band definetely. Or to jam I think that would be really cool! Also anyone willing to teach me guitar. I just got oneI like writing lyrics but I've never written a song because I don't know how to put instrumentals to it. I would like to learn!I'm open to any kind of music really except metal. (sorry y'all) music is my life and soul! I'm such a music geek its not even funny (like spending hours on youtube watching the voice auditions and going off on some trail of songs) So i'm a really passionate performer and I love the stage and jamming with people. I was in our church's worship team for a while so....yeah!
Debraj Ghose
dg144@duke.edu2408389286Electric Guitar, Guitalele, or MIDI GuitarTablaLooking for folks to play progressive/psychedelic/symphonic rock or metal with. We can jam a bit and see how it goes from there. Would be happy to do both.I like to incorprorate ideas from jazz, shoegaze, rock, and western classical in my playing. Love to use tons of digital effects. Some bands I like include Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, and Tool.
Dylan Gleitdmg35@duke.edu631-245-0891Electric GuitarAcoustic GuitarDrumsI'm already in a band here; just wanted to put my name down for anybody seeking an experienced guitarist for jamming/various projects.YesI'll play whatever you throw at me. Just let me know.Here is some of my solo cover work:
Emily Aaronseka5@duke.edu919-830-5111violinchamber (classical) or more contemporary music in a band setting
Eric Rothmanetr10@duke.edu516-974-2745GuitarAnyone to jam with. I've written a few melodies/riffs. I love them, but don't really know where to go with them from here.I've been playing guitar for over 10 years now, yet I have little real musical knowledge. That is, when jamming, I don't know a thing about keys, time signatures, etc...but sooner or later i'll play something that sounds pretty cool.
Eric Stachebs27@duke.edu704-771-4325Guitarvocals People to write, play withAlways writingI'm really into alternative/indie rock. Bands like The Dangerous Summer, The Graduate, The National, Explosions in the Sky. Would love to work with other people to put out stuff before I graduateWrote and recorded this at home over break
Ethan Udellehu@duke.edu2020631-379-2576GuitarBass VocalsUkuleleMandolinI'd like to get a band together to play original music and gig. I'm into alternative, punk, indie, and hardcore music. Something with an electronic feel could be cool too. I'm open to anything.AbsolutelyI've got some full songs ready to go already, and a lot more semi-songs in the making. Ideally, I'd like to put an album together and start playing some shows. Some of my favorite artists/influences are Green Day, twenty one pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mayday Parade, Coheed and Cambria, A Day to Remember, Yellowcard, Eden, Rise Against, Silverstein, OneRepublic, and many more. I'm open to many different genres and ideas so please reach out to me if you want to get a group together. I have some full songs written already, but nothing recorded yet.
Evan Morganrjm56@duke.edu7135409677GuitarBass
(simple) DrumsVocals (kind of)Anyone looking to play regularly and form a band of sorts. I am a First-Year student so I'm not sure about time yet but at least once a week would be nice. Would love to write and record too.YepMy original stuff has tended to be in the vein of my favorite bands/artists like Pavement, of Montreal, The Cure, Ty Segall, Parquet Courts, various krautrock bands (esp. Neu! and Can), The Replacements, etc.
Farrukh Jadoonfkj2@duke.edu7327375143VocalsRock, Alternative, Indie, Sub contental rock, Metal, psychedelicWorking on it
Gary Hoffmangsh9@duke.edu908-463-2722guitarTrumpetJam and maybe start a band. I'm into pretty much anything rock, blues, or jazz.YeahPlay acoustic and electric guitar and would like to start a band. Also on trumpet I'm just looking for people to jam with in the combo setting.
Gregory Canalghc7@duke.edu732-865-3042PianoBassGuitarJam Buddies, any Jazz, Blues, or Rock, in search of bassist and drummerSureAlso recruiting bassists for Duke Jazz Ensemble. I also play around with FL studio and like music production and want to learn more about it.Random soundcloud from two summers ago
Haozhang Jianghj69@duke.edu9196991245KeysProductionVocalPeople with similar tastes and down to make awesome stuff happenALWAYS.I've been writing for a long time but have never gotten anything finished. Would love to collaborate with people to make really cool ideas happen. Check the link for a taste of what I usually/like to do.
Henry Sosa hs138@duke.edu305 338 9616Drums Vocal Whoever needs me Always Writing I'm the drummer for Mobius; I have a lot of studio experience under my belt and I'd be more than happy to help you get the drum sound you want on your record. If you check out my reverbnation page you can hear me on vocals and drums on the first track; the second is a dope mobius tune; enjoy!
Ivana Premasingheikp3@duke.eduVoice (classical, Broadway, popera, pop, etc.)Piano (classical, compositons, anything reallyGuitar (acoustic)Performing at gigs (big or small), performing for retirement homes, putting music online, etc.Yes, mostly piano compositions, but also som compositions with lyricsI have been playing piano and singing since I was three. I just started guitar a few months ago, but I am performance ready.
Jack Gillette 418-9178PianoProducingSureJazz/Hip-hop/Electronic
Jeffrey 491-0968Synth (including a real Moog!)Drumslearning/jammingnothing worth publishing, but yes, I have written some things...played in two church bands, taking music theory.
Jessi WitchgerJessica.witchger@duke.edu772-563-8757ViolinVocalsMandolinViolaCello, Guitar, Celtic Harp, Irish Whistle, and a little Bodhran Drum.Jam/gig/record/compose/all of the musicYes: singer songwriter, traditional Americana, Classical, Contemporary, Celtic, Country, Folk, Indy, Bluegrass, Jazzy, Gypsy, etc.Member of a internationally touring band for 11 years, professional composer, actor, vocalist, writer, musician. Will play anything that's thrown at me, I love to improvise!Here's some stuff from the last major band I was in:
Jessica Van Meirjev14@duke.edu678-977-3540ViolinVocalsViolaSmall chamber group to play with, creative ways to continue doing music, someone who wants me to sing or play for them. Also possibly someone who would like to play for me to choreograph a dance with live music to.Would like to learn how
John Gilhulyjrg37@duke.edu650-464-2194GuitarVocalsLaidback people to jam with. Vocalists, other guitarists, drummers, pianists mostly but anyone is welcomeWorking on itRight now I'm mostly into acoustic singer-songwriter types. I'm a big Dispatch and Sublime fan as well. Muse, Jack White, Monsters and Men, Fratelllis, and Imagine Dragons are all good too.
Josh Kalejayeojk@duke.edu9198138328VocalsRhythm guitarLimited mandolin Actually on here as a videographer. If you anybody's down to jam in front of a camera, hit me upCovers preferred but originals always welcomeThink BBC Radio Live Lounge in a dorm room. This is a bit of an experiment but please lemme know if you're interested!
Julian Xiejulianzxie@gmail.com650-315-6990PianoGuitarDrumsBassTrumpet (but not very well)Oodles - I write a lot of lyrics, chord progressions, and riffs... and am totally willing to co-write / help others I am a member of signed band Stina, VP of STR, and am in the process of starting my own band. I can record/mix and give musical advice, but am very much up to helping anybody turn an idea into a reality - music, lyrics, etc.
Justin Oettingerjto6@duke.edu941-806-8005Rap VocalsPianoTurntablesGuitarEventually.
Lara Haftlrh29@duke.edu2403382411vocalsguitarukulelepianojam/recordhells yesI'm mostly a writer, so I'm looking for a group to add texture. So if you produce or sing or play and want to work on original stuff, text it. My style fluctuates between folk and rock. Think fleetwood mac/joni mitchell/new pornographers/regina spektor/the weepies etc.
Leon Caileon.cai@duke.edu614-719-9355GuitarPianoVocals?Other software instrumentsYea
Libby MacFarlaneekm27@duke.edu9522377194vocalsguitar Front porch jam sessions. Bonfire jam sessions. Would love to join a band if people are looking for a vocalist.Yes! I love collaborating. And playing covers is always great too.I love to harmonize. Happy to add my voice to any jam session. My musical loves include Patty Griffin, Lake Street Dive, Brandi Carlile, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, Ray Lamontagne, Shovels & Rope...and the list goes on!
Maeve Serinomas134@duke.edu203 246 4165guitarvocalsyaalot of acoustic/folk stuff but open to learn other styles
Maggie Lockeml276@duke.edu4256478981ViolinAnythingYepI also really like improv
Mario Contrerasmec55@duke.edu9196997360Bassguitarmidi controllersI want to jam, and possibly start a bandI`ve been playing bass for a while, I am looking for someone to jam, and/or start a band where we use both instruments and midi controllers/ableton live.not yet.
Megan Brownmhb24@duke.edu650-776-7574guitar
Mercy Fangmf175@duke.edu9198088403DrumVocalRock bandsureLead singer, guitarist in punk band in high school
Michael Motromjm78@duke.edu321-917-0858PianoGuitarAwkward SilenceAnything, in a casual band atm but enjoy single gigs or any group workOnly electronic, but also have a collection of unused riffs. Can part-write for things that aren't vocals or drums
Michael Schroederms548@duke.edu252-364-7181PianoDown to jam whenever
Michael hip/hop, popJust want to get into the mix, be familiar with the studio. produced music for Gianni Dibernardo, on youtube, and his EP can be found on
Michael Wittemcw58@duke.edu2020704-604-4464DrumsGuitarBassPianoPeople who are into indie rock and want to work on original material.YesI'm writing my own material and need people to play with and expand on my writing. Depending on how we collaborate, maybe we could record and tour eventaully. Influences: Radiohead, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Grizzly Bear, Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver, Interpol, Talking Heads, and others...
mikewhangmiw4@duke.edu626-272-5531acoustic guitarkeysvocalsproductionrap vocalsstring players! bg vocalsyes
Miriam Levitinmcl43@duke.edu2019516-581-6486VoicePianoGuitar (basic acoustic chords)basic pro-tools knowledgeJamming, collaborating... musician friends!Yes! I would love to collaborate with other musicians, whether it's just jamming out or writing music together. I worked with one group briefly where they wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics, but mostly I have written music by myself. My inspirations are Sara Bareilles, Billy Joel, and Carole King, so not exactly the style that is popular right now, but I am open to experimenting with different styles. Feel free to reach out!
Mithun Shettymrs52@duke.edu727-859-3083GuitarPianoproductioni'm learning how to produce with ableton and other DAWs. trying to implement instruments as neededsoon
Natalie Chinnmc18@duke.edu4252137491violinviolaukulelemandolinpiano, harmonica, backup vocals, percussion...Down to jam anytime, any genreyeaI'm in Stina's band, love doing improv on whatever instrument to rock/folk/hip-hop/acoustic/whatever genre, would love to jam with any type of musician. I can usually find a way to add to a piece if you let me listen to it a few times. I like harmonizing on violin and doing random Celtic fiddling.
Nikhil Viswanathanncv3@duke.edu6505200037UkuleleVocalsLaid back jamNot yetI'm somewhat inexperienced I suppose, but I'll try my best to keep up!
Peter SynthBassA LotI sing both clean and dirty vocals (any style you need). I play more rhythm guitar since I'm used to having to both play and sing.
Pranav Madabhushipranav.madabhushi@duke.edu5132581612PianoVocalsJam Sessions
Raffi Garnighianrg122@duke.edu952-715-8002DrumsDJGroup to play withOld, can no longer find itI'd love to play around Durham venues with people
Richard Van Vlietrv59@duke.edu919-906-9374Drums (jazz funk rock anything) Guitar ( rock jazz whatever) bass guitar making a band, record with, etc. Open to anyone who likes good music. Love math rock, some jazz. I.e. TTNG, Colour, Snarky Puppy, Hiatus Kaiyote, etc.
Ryan Mannrgm29@duke.edu7248168800GuitarDrumsBass GuitarBckgd VocalsAnyone to play shows with, form a band, record with, etc. I'm open to a variety of musical suggestions.
Samantha McLendonsjm49@duke.edu2292692408GuitarPianovocals somewhatjamming or forming a banda little bit!
Sangwon Yunsy85@duke.edu650-766-1767Alto SaxWould like to jam or play a gig. Love jazz and blues.
Serges 849 2628Guitar (Electric/Acoustic) Bass Vocal PianoGroup to play live shows with, Co-writing, Recording buddiesYesLooking to grow with a group of other passionate musiciansForthcoming
Shannon Moyersmm89@duke.edu2034513378VocalsAlternative, jazz(more classic stuff like Ella Fitzgerald), indie, rock, folk. I'll sing anything and love me some jam sessionsSure! I can harmonize to anything. Seriously. Also I admire anyone who can play an instrument and need some more musical outlets in my life
Shariq Iqbalsni@duke.edu724-612-8314Production (hip hop, synthpop, edm, etc)GuitarBassVocalists/songwritersDefinitelyAlways down to make music. Open to any and all
Sheel Patelsp225@duke.edu6319531333HarmonicaUkeleledown to just jam, record original music or coversocassionally on the harmonicajust looking to jam and chill with anyone who wants some harmonica instrumentals, i've done a decent amount of covers on the harm and am picking up the uke pretty fast.
Steven (Michael) Lewissml53@duke.edu7046181435DrumsI want to jam, and if we are good recording would be awesome too! Not reallyOpen to really any kind of music. I am just itching to play, honestly. I love classic rock, and would totally be down for doing some covers, but if you have original stuff we can do that too.
TJ Cieslaajc52@duke.edu813-753-9563ukuleleGuitarDrumsVocalsEnlightenmentNothing majorSomething informal, background in folk, alt and all that is lo-fiNope
Tyler Mattetpm10@duke.edu508-212-7596DrumsPianoGuitarYesI've played drums for Duke band Point Break the past three years. Trying to record anything/everything I can while still here
Tyler 558-9093VocalsPianoGuitar-CellistYupCome check out the Small Town Studio!
Will Atkinsonwea3@duke.edu2020919-609-5061GuitarPiano/KeyboardVocalsFL Studio knowledgeTo get a band together to play original musicYesI've written over an album's worth of stuff that I'd like to put together, most of which I've recorded instrumental demos for. It's in the vein of Guided by Voices or The Shins - indie rock with an emphasis on melody and composition. I also have some experience producing music on FL Studio, whether indie rock or electronic or hip hop. A friend and I also recorded a couple songs over the summer (I co-wrote and produced), attached in the link to the right.
Will Barrywsb13@duke.edu704 909 9971GuitarProduction, Sound DesignYesLooking for jam budz
Will Bowmanwillbowman94@gmail.com540-222-1625VocalsGuitarSlappa da bassCowbellMore CowbellmhmmmAnything awesome. And always down to jam/write/talk about how the illuminati killed ODB/Pac/Biggy/Big Lyes
William Bergerwmb22@duke.edu516-761-5374bass guitardouble basstubajam sessions
William Wantwbw10@duke.edu843-819-0545VocalsGuitarPianoUkuleleVocal PercussionI'd like to start/join a band, but I also love jamming casually. Also any group looking for a vocalist.Always working on thingsI've been doing mostly acoustic covers on my own since coming to college, but I'd like to get back to playing with other people, and to potentially record together. I'm into folk, rock, alternative, and covers of pop songs, but I'm open to most genres.
Wyatt Smithwas23@duke.edu239-898-7562VocalsPianoGroup of people to play and record withLove to make someI've recorded solo before, but I'd love to work on something a little more serious. Love to do acoustic style music, and styles of R&B, jazz, folk, and rock.No but if you wanna hear it I can shoot you an email
Zack 423-7279Saxophone (alto)Piano (jazz)Guitar (anything)JammingSure!