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TimestampGame TitleDoes the game work?NotesDoes the game launch from?Platform
Virtual Desktop Version
Which Headset?
Discord Username
09/06/20 - 02:301943 Berlin BlitzYESVolume clips, so you have to reduce the volume. The controls are odd, instead of pushing a button in the settings menu, you have to constantly stare with the dot at the button. Need to run from SteamVR vs the games menu.SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.13.6Oculus QuestMVPlayer
13/02/2021 18:10:401976 back to midwayYESWorks fineGames Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.18.8Oculus Quest 2Newluuk
07/10/2020 03:30:17A Fisherman's TaleYESExcellentSteamVR OnlyVivePortVD 1.15.2Oculus Questsoistheman
19/02/2021 22:19:07A Fisherman's TaleYESWorks perfectlyBothSteamVRVD 1.18.8Oculus Quest 2Koukof#7917
12/03/20 - 22:10A Township TaleYESYou have to put the game into steam via finding the Township tale executable (not the alta launcher) and put it as a non steam game. once that is finished, you need to mark the game as a vr game in it's properties.SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.10.1Oculus QuestRaisinBlade#7501
10/06/20 - 16:43A township taleYESCurrent cell needs to be updated. Game can be set as oculus before installing and works by launching the exe Manual InjectionSteamVRVD 1.13.6Oculus QuestShaddy Daddy
12/09/20 - 12:26A Township TaleYESWorks injected using "Launch Game" from the Virtual Desktop system tray icon but launched this way the game has micro-stutters. If you have the Virtual Desktop Streamer installed properly (and the Steam Addon is enabled), you can simply launch the game from the launcher provided with the game (the Alta Launcher) and SteamVR will load automatically and the game will work fine and is perfectly playable. I do get the impression the game is not optimised well though so it's not perfectly smooth.BothThe Alta LauncherVD 1.15.1Oculus Questroguetr
11/04/2021 12:55:11A Township TaleYESGame works fine when using the game launcher pressing on the "Play" button. It will automatically load the SteamVR.Manual InjectionOculusVD 1.20.3Oculus Quest 2Extreminador
30/11/2021 03:14:38A Township TaleYESWorks perfectly when launched from the Alta Launcher (Township Tale Launcher) with headset connectedManual InjectionSteamVRVD 1.20.16Oculus Quest 2me🥞#4394
12/07/20 - 00:47A Walk In The WoodsYESNo issuesGames Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.14.4Oculus QuestStephenV
12/03/2021 13:24:08A-Tech CyberneticYESNo issuesGames Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.20.1Oculus Quest 2ScytaleZero
16/04/20 - 01:03A-Tech Cybernetic VRYESWorks great!Games Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.13 BetaOculus Questpetrof
25/02/2021 10:24:16A-Tech Cybernetic VRYESWorks 90%. There seems to be a HUD when playing on PCVR via link or wired but the hud just doesnt show up on VD. Game is fully playable without, just slightly hard as you have to pay more attention to damage effect indicator cues.BothSteamVRVD 1.18.8Oculus Quest 2Greazii
12/07/20 - 17:25AbodeYESZero issuesGames Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.14.4Oculus QuestStephenV
30/11/2021 02:20:44AccountingYESSlight lag issues, but otherwise fineSteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.20.16Oculus Quest 2gamers rise up#4268
01/04/20 - 11:16Accouting+NOThe game launches but it doesn't register any input from the touch controllers.BothSteamVRVD 1.12.1Oculus QuestSAX#0199
24/12/2020 15:28:22Accouting+YESWorks perfectlyBothSteamVRVD 1.18.7Oculus Questosso#6389
23/02/20 - 16:46Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!YESWorks perfectlyGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.9.5 BetaOculus QuestDOScrash
03/10/2020 21:59:18Adobe MediumNOApp will start but reports a hardware error or just sits on the loading screen, never actually starting in VR mode. Does not launchOculusVD 1.15.2Oculus QuestTheLittleDoctor#4223
26/11/2020 10:49:57Adobe MediumNOWindow loads, immediately bringing a windows prompt with a hardware error. VR Mode never startsDoes not launchOculusVD 1.18.0Oculus Quest 2SuperRoach#4803
05/12/2020 11:03:26Adobe MediumYESYou need to use Revive to start it through SteamVR, then it worksSteamVR OnlySteamVR/OculusVD 1.18.2Oculus QuestDramidius#1733
25/02/20 - 12:40ADR1FTYESCan't seem to figure out what the controls are using the Oculus controller, hard to navigate menu and can sometimes get stuck in it. SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.9.6 BetaOculus QuestDOScrash
26/06/2021 18:23:41ADRIFTNOWill not open from Games Tab. Opening From Steam = incorrect control scheme.SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.20.10Oculus Quest 2Thaddeus Skye#3753
25/03/20 - 17:39Adventure climb vr YESDisregard prior review. After a pc reboot it worked fine. BothSteamVRVD 1.10.2Oculus QuestEagle2345
20/06/2021 06:01:36Adventure Time Magic Man's Head GamesYESNo issues, works perfectlyBothSteamVRVD 1.20.10Oculus Quest 2DL
21/03/20 - 05:39AEONYESGame works perfectly when launched from SteamVR, does not enter VR when launched from games tab.SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.10.1Oculus QuestBogan Timmy#3509
20/12/2021 04:40:14Afther The FallYESWorks Perfectly Games Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.20.21Oculus Quest 2ShinyMoon#0923
16/11/2020 13:44:29AirbornYESNo issues, works great!BothSteamVRVD 1.17.1Oculus Quest 2Stillnotsure#7764
08/03/20 - 01:45AircarYESAll good.Games Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.10.0Oculus QuestColonel_Izzi
09/03/20 - 14:15AircarYESFine when launched from Games tab. Input issues when launched from Steam. Solvable with a Gamepad (and maybe Gamepad emulation too), but no need to ice skate uphill.BothSteamVRVD 1.10.1Oculus QuestColonel_Izzi
20/02/20 - 18:08AircarYESNo issuesBothSteamVRVD 1.9.5 BetaOculus QuestAlabasterSlim
23/02/20 - 10:59AircarYESGreatGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.9.5 BetaOculus QuestColonel_Izzi
20/03/20 - 07:49AirtoneYESI have problem with sound. I repair it by change C:\Users\*USER*\AppData\Local\NEON\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini file, i delete AudioOutputDevice and AudioInputDevice rows and set the file as readonly. Now everything works perfect.BothSteamVRVD 1.10.2Oculus Questsvopex
04/07/2021 16:34:09Alice VRYESGame is unstable unless run in Vive mode using Virtual Desktop > Steam VR. Airlink does not seem to work. Do not skip the title sequence or it will crash.SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.20.10Oculus Quest 2ACraigL
01/05/20 - 05:01Alien: IsolationYESLiterally works perfectlySteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.13.1 (SHADOW)Oculus Questjoshcarlin10
10/03/20 - 10:28Aliens AttackYESIf there are no weapon controllers in game , then restart the computer and try againBothSteamVRVD 1.10.1Oculus Questcordreisch
20/02/20 - 18:04AllumetteYESNo issuesGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.9.5 BetaOculus QuestAlabasterSlim
08/03/20 - 01:46Amaze: Interactive MoviesYESAll good.Games Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.10.0Oculus QuestColonel_Izzi
21/03/20 - 02:59American Truck SimulatorNOTried injecting it and running it through SteamVR- only pops up in "flat" mode. Was working prior to this update.BothSteamVRVD 1.10.2Oculus Questi_am_henwee
18/12/2020 20:38:10American Truck SimulatorYESThe VR version needs to be selected as beta, start it with -openvr commandManual InjectionSteamVRVD 1.18.4Oculus Quest 2Stephan3799
19/12/2020 01:46:53American Truck SimulatorYESdownload Steam VR version of the game, set launcher options as -openvr and uncheck "Use desktop game theater while in steam VR"Games Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.18.4Oculus Quest 2Samper
06/03/2021 02:41:05American Truck SimulatorYESGame launches from regular desktop Steam (no need for injection). Requires following to work: [oculus - Oculus/Vive] beta branch, launch options: -openvr and "Use Desktop Game Theatre while SteamVR is active" has to be disabled from General properties tab.Manual InjectionSteamVRVD 1.20.0Oculus Quest 20lento#8809
18/10/2020 17:03:26An Escape Room Series: Robbery at the MuseumNOGame launches windowed. No VR view.Does not launchOculusVD 1.16.3Oculus Quest 2espidi
13/09/20 - 16:59Ancient Dungeon VRYESWorks without stutter. Game version 1.6SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.15.1Oculus QuestTjonesy222
19/05/20 - 17:07Ancient Dungeon VR Beta 4YESWorks just as good as kinked to PC. (Manual injection as it's not yet on Steam)Manual InjectionSteamVRVD 1.13.6Oculus QuestRicBaril
14/04/20 - 18:22Angry Birds VRYESNo issuesGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.12.1Oculus QuestRootPhish
20/04/20 - 03:46Angry Birds VR YESWorks fine launching directly through VIVEPORT (launches in SteamVR) or from SteamVRBothVIVEPORTVD 1.13.1Oculus Questditchmagnet
01/04/20 - 07:13AnimVRYESIn App videos (tutorials etc) don't seem to play, but unsure if that is also an issue with non VRD implementations Games Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.12.1Oculus QuestLoGlass
08/03/20 - 01:48Anshar Wars 2YESEnable "Use touch controllers as gamepad" option, or use a gamepadGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.10.0Oculus QuestColonel_Izzi
23/02/20 - 11:01Anshar Wars 2YESNeeds "Use touch controllers as gamepad" option, or an actual gamepadGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.9.5 BetaOculus QuestColonel_Izzi
24/03/20 - 15:47AnylandYESworks perfectGames Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.11 BETAOculus Questpetrof
24/06/20 - 16:04AnylandYESNone at all, game recognizes Virtual Desktop as the Quest, controls mapped appropriately. BothSteamVRVD 1.14.2Oculus QuestTheLittleDoctor#4223
20/02/20 - 14:45Aperture Hand LabsYESNo issuesBothSteamVRVD 1.9.5 BetaOculus QuestAlabasterSlim
08/03/20 - 01:49Apex ConstructYESAll goodGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.10.0Oculus QuestColonel_Izzi
23/02/20 - 11:01Apex ConstructYESAll goodGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.9.5 BetaOculus QuestColonel_Izzi
08/04/2021 17:00:05Apex ConstructYESStuck with Vive controllers not really great for Touch on the Quest2SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.20.1Oculus Quest 2Krypter
08/03/20 - 01:50Apollo 11 VR HDYESWorks with Touch but a physical gamepad has a better button layout for some of the interactive stagesGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.10.0Oculus QuestColonel_Izzi
23/02/20 - 11:02Apollo 11 VR HDYESDoes work with Touch, but works better with a gamepad in some of the interactive stages due to better button positioningGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.9.5 BetaOculus QuestColonel_Izzi
13/04/2021 14:04:29ArcaxerYESThe intro is playable, but the game doesn't detect Oculus Touch controllers properly.Games Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.20.3Oculus Quest 2Cel#0673
19/11/2020 16:04:39Archangel NOblack screenDoes not launchSteamVRVD 1.17.1Oculus Quest 2Bolle
13/11/2020 09:28:27Archangel HellfireNODoesn't launch in VD or Steam. Launches with injector but only shows vive wands. Cant load community profiles for it.Manual InjectionSteamVRVD 1.17.1Oculus Quest 2Eunhon#8512
14/11/2020 09:00:25Archangel: HellfireNOGame launches to a headset configuration screen which insists on me pressing the ‘right menu button’ on my HTC Vive wand, which I obviously don’t have. I.e. game doesn’t realise I’m using Oculus Touch.SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.17.1Oculus Quest 2Buttoneer
18/11/2020 18:48:13Archangel: HellfireNOAllows me to choose between archangel and archangel: hellfire. Choosing one will launch the game in a window, but VR version doesn't work.BothSteamVRVD 1.17.1Oculus Quest 2gyozamonstah
27/11/2020 21:27:28Archangel: HellfireNOGames launches but shows black screen in HMD. Game is shown on computer screen but asks to configure Vive controller.
Works correctly through Link.
Does not launchSteamVRVD 1.18.0Oculus Quest 2Koukof#7917
06/12/2020 14:46:12Archangel: HellfireNOSelection screen comes to choose "Archangel" or "Hellfire", but controller does not allow the choice to be made. Works through link.BothSteamVRVD 1.18.4Oculus Quest 2ScytaleZero
28/12/2020 22:52:06Archangel: HellfireNOIt works, but it doesn't. First, it thinks you're using Vive Wands, but the controllers work just fine, it just emulates them. It also frequently shows a black screen, but waiting will fix it. You need to wait for a long time.SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.18.7Oculus QuestEclogites#6044
06/03/2021 12:48:15Arden's WakeNOCrashes while startingGames Tab OnlyOculus1.20.1Oculus Quest 2BlonderTyp#1752
09/03/20 - 14:27Arizona SunshineYESAll goodBothSteamVRVD 1.10.1Oculus QuestColonel_Izzi
20/03/20 - 04:04Arizona SunshineYESImage quality drops a lot quite often, lag/latency can become bad every couple minutes. BothSteamVRVD 1.10.2 (SHADOW)Oculus Questjoshcarlin10
06/04/20 - 23:44Arizona SunshineYESWorks greatGames Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.12.1Oculus Questpetrof
09/04/20 - 02:06Arizona SunshineNOStart AS from the VD/Game and I just get a black screen in the Quest. I've waited up to 5 mins but no joy. All my other Oculus games work fine. I'm on ShadowDoes not launchOculusVD 1.12.1 (SHADOW)Oculus QuestWannabeswede#2535
23/05/20 - 19:46Arizona SunshineYESOccasional minor stutter, otherwise works greatGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.13.6Oculus QuestIdonhoe
27/09/20 - 12:26Arizona SunshineYESPlay from games tab, may be VERY long (~2 minutes) wait before game first startsGames Tab OnlySteamVRVD 1.15.2 (SHADOW)Oculus Questteddybear082
15/10/2020 16:43:07Arizona SunshineYESGame failed to launch initially, removed Citrix Workspace app and issue was resolved. Plays great.
BothSteamVRVD 1.16.3Oculus Quest 2Abysst
23/10/2020 13:46:24Arizona SunshineYESWorks perfectly. SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.17.0Oculus Quest 2Rogue#0478
02/01/2021 00:05:41ARK ParkYESIt works fine only when launched from SteamVR Home. It does not work properly when launched from the Games tab or desktop.SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.18.7Oculus Quest 2N/A
14/05/20 - 13:32Ark Survival EvolvedNO3nigma seem to successful launch this game in march, but it appear to not working anymore now. I've tried several way to launch it ( it doesn't show up in the game tab ) With the Injection method, with or without SteamVR launched, but also without Injection + SteamVR running and no Steam Theater mode as 3nigma told me. I will glad to do some further tests if needed so don't hesitate. Thanks you.Does not launch
It seem to be a mix because I have the Steam game, but it launch Oculus app on startup.
VD 1.13.6 (SHADOW)Oculus QuestMac_Fly#9562
18/03/2021 05:20:50Arkio NOWhen launching from the games tab it starts to load in VR, but then it looks like the FOV in the headset is way off (like everything is zoomed in) and the app is frozen on the PC monitor.
The app is free on Steam
Does not launchSteamVRVD 1.20.1Oculus QuestGruntled#6313
03/03/20 - 04:01Arktika.1NOOculus hardware errorDoes not launchOculusVD 1.9.8 BetaOculus Questevertec
24/11/2020 03:14:24ARKTIKA.1NOOculus Hardware Error. Requires touch controllers in order to launch.Games Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.18.0Oculus Quest 2Twarner3 #8336
16/03/2021 17:53:56Artika.1NOWon't boot, message that it requires touch controllersBothOculusVD 1.20.1Oculus Quest 2ScytaleZero
10/11/2020 15:44:46Asgard's WrathYESsome loading screens are black ( no picture and story)BothOculusVD 1.17.1Oculus Quest 2Bolle
06/03/20 - 23:55Asgard's WrathYESRight eye flickers, poor framerate compared to Rift.Games Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.10.0Oculus QuestEnricoMakesBank#1115
30/04/20 - 12:31Asgard's WrathYESMicrostuttering.
It is easily visible when looking at ground and sliding your head up/down/left/right or just walking and looking to the ground. Also clearly visible in god form when looking forward and strafing left/right.
Not visible when standing in place and rotating your head.
Works smooth with Oculus Link cable on the same hardware (gtx 2070, ryzen 2600).
Games Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.13.1Oculus QuestMajesticToday
04/05/20 - 13:31Asgard's wrathYESmicrostuttering, gets worse the higher the graphics settings are. still playable but not optimalGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.13.3Oculus QuestWamo
20/02/20 - 18:04Asgard's WrathYESNo issues.Games Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.9.5 BetaOculus QuestAlabasterSlim
05/05/20 - 00:18Asgard’s WrathYESWorks perfectly aside from the occasional stutter, although it could look nicerGames Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.13.3 (SHADOW)Oculus Questjoshcarlin10
07/03/20 - 00:10Assetto corsaYESYou have to launch steamVR, then go back to the desktop and launch the game. Works using openvr graphic driver in game settings.BothSteamVRVD 1.10.0 (SHADOW)Oculus QuestCalguy
04/03/20 - 19:03Assetto CorsaYESWorking Great Using Shadow ghost to connect racing wheel to cloudPC. Be sure to put on your HMD after the game has launched, you will need to adjust and reset position to get the best seating.SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.9.8 Beta (SHADOW)Oculus Questlll LB lll
07/03/2021 20:27:22Assetto CorsaYESThrows an error if launched from Games tab. Launch the game from Steam and it starts in desktop mode first. Go to in-game Options menu and change Rendering Mode to OpenVR. Once you load the first level you will see the game in VR.SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.20.1Oculus Quest 20lento#8809
26/10/2020 16:45:46Assetto Corsa CompetitizioneYESworks great if launched through steam and started with steamvr modeSteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.17.1Oculus Quest 2wattie
01/01/2021 14:44:24Assetto Corsa CompetizioneYESOnly works when launched from SteamVR headset menu (Steam desktop launch with VR Oculus mode doesn't seem to work)SteamVR OnlySteamVRVD 1.18.7Oculus Quest 2Päivi Räsänen
22/02/20 - 05:10AudicaYESWorks perfectly. Needs to be injected for Oculus mode.BothSteamVRVD 1.9.5 BetaOculus Questmailcty#4736
29/12/2020 09:53:36Audio TripYESThe game shows the virtual fence in the middle of the play area, instead of putting it at the edge (this is not the guardian system)Games Tab OnlyOculusVD 1.18.7Oculus QuestProcsiab#4968
03/04/2021 05:19:24AudioshieldYESWork good with ModsBothSteamVRVD 1.20.1Oculus Questsubretro