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Complaint NumberType of IncidentDate/Time ReportedDate/Time OccurredGeneral LocationDispositionDescription
1609-0791Larceny09/27/16 13:1509/27/16 13:15Allied HealthClosed: No theft occurredNo larceny, owner located missing items in her vehicle
1609-00790Motor Vehicle Theft09/26/16 15:1709/22/16 10:33 09/22/16 14:30Olive/Compton GarageActiveGolf cart stolen from garage
1609-00782Leaving the Scene of a Private Property Accident09/24/16 15:5509/24/16 15:55200 blk of Grand AveActiveUnknown vehicle struck planter in roadway and left the scene
1609-00781Drug Paraphernalia / Trespass09/24/16 12:1509/24/16 12:15Learning Resource CenterClosed: Subject arrested by SLMPDSick case, subject arrested for trespass and possession of drug paraphernalia
1609-00777Theft from a Motor Vehicle (Attempt)09/23/16 18:1709/22/16 21:00 09/23/16 06:003700 blk of Lindell Blvd.ActiveVehicle broke into and entered. Nothing reported missing from it.
1609-00776Larceny09/23/16 15:0809/12/16 14:00 09/23/16 15:00Marchetti Towers EastActiveBike stolen from the bike rack
1609-00775Larceny09/23/16 12:3809/22/16 22:00 09/23/16 12:30Marguerite HallActiveItems stolen from lounge inside the building
1609-00773Stealing09/22/16 18:3009/22/16 14:00Off Campus/Einstein BagelsClosed: Forwarded to SLMPDTheft of a phone
1609-00772Trespass09/22/16 9:1309/22/16 9:13Koenig PlazaClosed: Subject arrested by SLMPDSubject detained for trespass and arrested by SLMPD
1609-00768Larceny09/21/2016 6:2809/19/16 19:00 09/21/16 06:28Santa Clara LotActiveBicycle stolen from back a a vehicle
1609-00765Leaving the Scene of a Private Property Accident09/20/16 15:5309/20/16 14:10 09/20/16 15:30Hickory Garage WestActiveVehicle struck by unknown vehicle
1609-00764Leaving the Scene of a Private Property Accident09/20/1609/20/16 14:00 09/20/16 15:30Hickory West GarageActiveVehicle struck by unknown vehicle
1609-00762Larceny09/20/2016 13:4009/13/16 13:00 09/20/16 10:30Laclede GarageActiveLicense stickers stolen from vehicle while parked in the garage
1609-00761Burglary09/20/2016 11:1809/20/16 11:18Marchetti Towers EastActiveSubject had "piggybacked" into the residence hall and unlawfully entered a room. Subject departed building prior to officer's arrival.
1609-00757Trespass09/20/2016 18:2109/20/16 18:21Santa Clara Parking LotClosed: Subject arrested by SLMPDSubject detained for trespass and arrested by SLMPD
1609-00756Leaving the Scene of a Private Property Accident09/19/2016 17:2009/16/16 17:00 09/18/16 21:00Salk Parking LotActiveVehicle struck by unknown vehicle
1609-00755Shoplifting09/19/2016 12:4409/19/16 12:44BookstoreClosed: Subject arrested by SLMPDJuvenile shoplifter- arrested by SLMPD
1609-00753Sexual Assault09/19/2016 7:5409/17/16 19:00 09/18/16 21:00Residence HallClosed: Forwarded to Title IX OfficeSexual assault reported in a residence hall
1609-00750Criminal Damage to Motor Vehicles (2)09/18/2016 8:5009/18/16 01:00 09/18/16 08:004100 BlockTheresa AvenueActiveTwo vehicles damaged
1609-00749Liquor Violation-Underage 09/17/2016 22:2409/17/2016 22:24DeMattias HallClosed: Forwarded to Student DevelopmentUnderage liquor consumption
1609-00746Larceny09/16/2016 16:4509/16/16 07:00 09/16/16 16:45St. Francis Xavier ChurchActiveItems stolen from building
1609-00744Tampering to a Motor Vehicle09/15/2016 19:0409/15/2016 19:04Spring & Lindell Blvd.ActiveVehicle had been tampered with at Spring & Lindell. Nothing missing from vehicle.
1609-00742Intoxicated subject-of Age09/15/2016 3:1409/15/2016 3:14Simon Recreational CenterClosed: Subject refused medicalIntoxicated subject outside of building
1609-00741Drug Violation / Tampering with Motor Vehicle09/14/2016 23:4709/14/2016 23:47Regis Parking LotClosed: Detained for SLMPD3 subjects tampering with vehicles in Regis lot. One subject upon arrest was in possession of drugs
1609-0739Domestic Violence09/14/2016 14:4508/27/2016 3:30Spring HallClosed: Provided resources and referralsDomestic violence incident
1609-00738Trespass09/14/2016 11:0209/14/2016 11:02DeBourg HallClosed: SLMPD Contacted and they transported subject to hospitalSubject trespassing on campus
1609-00737Leaving the Scene of a Private Property Accident09/14/2016 8:5509/14/2016 8:55Weber Parking LotActiveVehicle damaged parking barrier
1609-00735Liquor Violation - Underage 09/13/2016 22:5209/13/2016 22:523700 blk of Lindell BlvdClosed: Forwarded to Student DevelopmentUnderage liquor consumption
1609-00734Larceny09/13/2016 21:4709/11/16 09:00 09/13/16 21:50Reinhart HallActiveTheft of a bicycle
1609-00733Trespass 09/13/2016 21:1109/13/2016 21:11Reinhart Hall/Fordham Parking LotClosed: Subject warned and told to leave campusSubject trespassing on campus
1609-00732Larceny09/13/2016 17:5009/07/16 20:15 09/013/16 17:45Marchetti TowersActiveTheft of a bicycle
1609-00731Larceny09/13/2016 16:2509/13/16 13:00 09/13/16 15:30McDonnell-DouglasActiveCell phone stolen
1609-00729Leaving the Scene of a Private Property Accident09/12/2016 13:079/9/2016 21:00 09/12/16 12:00Laclede GarageActiveVehicle struck by unknown vehicle in Laclede Garage
1609-00724Drug Violation - Possession and Drug Paraphernalia09/11/2016, 230209/11/2016, 2302Village Apartments Anderson HallClosed: Forwarded to Student DevelopmentPossession of drugs and drug paraphernalia
1609-00721Liquor Violation - Underage 09/10/2016 22:5509/10/2016 22:55Clemens HallClosed: Forwarded to Student DevelopmentUnderage liquor consumption
1609-00719Simple Assault09/10/2016 19:1109/10/2016 19:11Vandeventer FieldActiveAltercation between two subjects during a "pick up" soccer game
1609-00718Larceny09/10/2016 15:5509/07/2016, 1630-1700Chaifetz ArenaActiveItems stolen from a open style “cubby hole” container on the ground level of the arena.
1609-00717Larceny09/10/2016 12:0009/10/2016 12:003000 blk of Lindell BlvdClosed: Forwarded to SLMPDLicense plate stolen from vehicle (non affiliated to University)
1609-00716Leaving the Scene of a Private Property Accident09/10/2016 13:0409/10/2016 13:04Olive/Compton GarageActiveVehicle struck concrete barrier and left the scene
1609-00713Larceny/Damage to Motor Vehicles09/09/2016, 043709/09/2016, 0437Washington LotActiveSeven vehicles damaged in the parking lot. Items stolen from some of the vehicles.
1609-00712Liquor Violation-Underage (2)09/10/2016 1:1209/10/2016 1:12Griesedieck HallClosed: Forwarded to Student DevelopmentUnderage liquor consumption (2 students)
1609-00711Fire09/09/2016 20:3009/09/16 20:30Clemens HallClosed: No further action requiredCigarette discarded in trash can
1609-00706Liquor Law Violation09/09/2016 0:1709/09/2016 0:17Village Apartments CourtyardClosed: Forwarded to Student DevelopmentUnderage liquor consumption
1609-00705Harassment/Warrant09/08/2016 16:4409/08/2016 16:44Gonzaga Parking LotClosed: Subject arrested on warrant by SLMPDSubject harassing student. Subject detained and arrested by SLMPD for warrant
1609-00702Larceny09/08/2016 9:3809/07/16 14:00 09/07/16 14:20Anheuser-Busch AuditoriumActiveTheft from building
1609-00696Trespass/Warrants09/06/2016 20:0309/06/2016 20:03Fordham Parking LotClosed: Subject referred to SLMPDSubject detained for trespass/warrant and was released by SLMPD with no charges
1609-00694Larceny/Shoplifting09/06/2016 16:0509/06/2016 16:05Barnes & Noble BookstoreClosed: Subject arrested and released on summons by SLMPDSubject issued summons by SLMPD for shoplifting
1609-00691Larceny09/05/2016 22:0608/31/16 17:00 09/05/16 21:00Marchetti East Residence HallActiveTheft of bicycle
1609-00688Damage to Motor Vehicle09/05/2016 7:0009/04/16 22:30 09/05/16 07:003500 block of Lindell Blvd.ActiveMotor vehicle damaged
1609-00685Trespass/Warrants09/03/2016 4:2909/03/2016 4:29Laclede GarageClosed: Subject arrested by SLMPDSubject arrested for outstanding warrant
1609-00683Larceny09/02/2016 14:1308/30/16 21:16 08/30/16 21:46Pius LibraryActiveTheft from Library
1609-00679Leaving the Scene of an Accident09/01/2016 17:1309/01/16 13:30 09/01/16 17:00Scranton Parking LotActiveStudent's vehicle was damaged. Unknown if it occurred on or off campus.
1609-00676Trespass/Warrants09/01/2016 7:5009/01/2016 7:50Hermann StadiumClosed: Subject arrested by SLMPDSubject arrested for outstanding warrant
1608-00675Trespass08/31/2016 16:4008/31/2016 16:40Griesedieck HallClosed: Subject released on summonsSubject detained for trespass and released on summons
1608-00668Larceny8/30/16 15307/29/16 1300 8/18/16 1600Marguerite Hall Bike Rack ActiveA student reported his secured bicycle take from the bike rack.
1608-00653Larceny8/27/16, 22308/18/16, 1300 - 8/19/16 2000Marguerite HallActiveStudent reported that between 8/18/16 at 1300 hours and 8/19/16 2000 hours, a student reported some unknown person(s) stole cash, approximately $80.00-$100.00 US Dollars, from the top of a desk in their room. Student delayed reporting the incident, believing they had misplaced the money. No signs of forced entry, and student and roommates said they leave the door to the room unlocked. Student declined filing report with SLMPD.
1608-00651VMCSL8/26/16, 02228/26/16, 0222Marguerite HallClosed: Referred to SLMPD Officers responded to a call about a male yelling on the 4th floor of Marguerite Hall. The male in question was a SLU student, who ingested an unknown substance. The student had to be restrained due to this violent thrashing, erratic and incoherent behavior. EMS responded and transported student to SLU ER. An on view check of the students room found a good amount of and unknown green, leafy substance and a cigar wrapper. SLMPD was contacted and took possession of the substance and issued report.
1608-00650Larceny(2)8/26/16, 01318/26/16, 01313541 Olive Street (City Street)Closed: Referred to SLMPDA non-SLU affiliated vehicle and DPS officer's vehicle were broken into and items were stolen from each vehicle. SLMPD responded and filed a report.
1608-00648Indecent Exposure8/26/16, 11538/26/16, 1153Grand Bridge Over I-44 (City Street)ActiveStudent reporting walking across the I-44 Grand Bridge when a car drove along side of the student and the driver exposed himself to the student and then drove east on Lafayette Avenue, The vehicle could not be located.
1608-00647Burglary 2nd Degree8/25/16, 19238/23/16 1500- 8/25/16 1800Marguerite HallReferred to SLMPDStudent reported between 8/23/16 at 1500 hours until 8/26/16 1800 hours an unknown person(s) removed $1,000.00 dollars (10-100.00 dollar bills) in U.S. currency from his wallet that was in a desk drawer in their dorm room. Student stated that the room was unsecured at all time. SLMPD was contacted on the incident.
1608-00646VMCSL-Possession8/25/16, 15458/25/16, 1545Village/Fox/Clark HallActiveDPS was contacted to assist RA and Pro Staff after the odor of Marijuana was detected from Room #202. Upon investigation, the student turned over a small glass jar that contained a green, leafy substance (possibly Marijuana). Glass jar was turned over to DPS.
1608-00643Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft8/25/16, 09268/23/16-8/25/16, 0900St. Joseph Parking LotClosed: Referred to SLMPDStudent contacted DPS to report damage to their vehicle. Investigation found that the ignition cylinder had been removed and there was significant damage to the steering column. Student stated that their vehicle was unlocked. SLMPD was contacted.
1608-00632Destruction of Property/Leaving the Scene of a Private Property Accident8/23/16, 03578/22/16 2300- 8/23/16 0330Wald Parking LotClosed: Suspect Identified, no further action required. Some unknown vehicle collided with the gate arm box.
1608/00629Larceny08/22/16, 10095/14/16, 1000Huh Hall (bike rack)ActiveA student reported his secured bike stolen from the bike rack.
1608-00627Larceny8/21/16 22498/21/16, 1430 - 22253545 Lindell Blvd (City Street)Closed: Referred to SLMPDEmployee had the catalytic converter removed from his vehicle.
1608-00623Larceny8/20/16 16108/19/16, 1030-8/20/16 1600Reinert HallClosed: Referred to SLMPDA student reported the theft of a bike which was locked to the bike rack.
1608-00621Trespassing8/20/16 050008/20/16, 0500 - 0523Reinert Hall Bike RackClosed: Referred to SLMPDDPS Officer observed a person place a bicycle into the bed of a truck. The person then went to Reinert Hall and while inspecting bikes on the rack the officer detained the subject and turn him over to St. Louis City Police for Trespassing and other unrelated charges.
1608-00617Destruction of Property8/19/16 07078/19/16, 0328City Street 3501 OliveActive Employee had personal items removed from his vehicle
1608-00615Destruction of Property8/18/16, 20068/18/16, 0830-2000Laclede GarageActiveVisitor reported between 0830 hours and 2000 hours, the right rear passenger side bumper of his vehicle was damaged while parked on the roof of Laclede Garage. Declined to contact SLMPD
1608-00611Peace Disturbance8/16/16 21328/16/16 2115 The Flats ApartmentsReferred to Residence LifeStudent reported a disturbance coming from another room. The officers were advised by the occupant that an argument with another student resulted in things being tossed about. No injuries were detected and the occupant refused medical attention or the presence of St. Louis City Police. Res Life staff will submit an internal report about the incident.
1608-00610VMCSL- Paraphernalia8/16/16 14448/14/16 1430 8/16/16 1400Marguerite HallActiveA SLU custodial employee found paraphernalia commonly used to smoke marijuana in an unoccupied and unassigned room.
1608-00604Larceny8/16/16 09488/15/16 0948 8/15/16 2111The Flats ApartmentsClosed: Referred to SLMPDA student reported a bike stolen for the bike rack. THe student said the bike was secured with a cable lock which found broken.
1608-00603Larceny8/15/16, 16368/15/16, 1400-1600Dreiling MarshallActiveA SLU employee reported her wallet was removed from her purse by an unknown person(s) between the hours of 1400-1600. The employee did not wish to contact SLMPD on the incident.
1608-00602Larceny8/15/16, 15438/15/16, 1543Xavier HallActiveVendor servicing a gumball machine found the device has been tampered with. The machine's merchandise and currency had been removed. SLMPD was not contacted on this incident.
1608-00592Larceny8/14/16, 1411 8/14/16 1411 8/14/16, 0930- 1400Grand Forest ApartmentsReferred to SLMPDThe parent of student reported that a purse was taken from her vehicle while it was parked and unlocked.
1608-00589Simple Assault8/13/16, 11268/13/16, 11263338 Olive Street (Next to Olive/Compton Garage)ActiveSLU student reported he was riding his bike on the walkway on the south side of the Olive Compton Garage in Laclede Park, when he encountered two male teens blocking the path. When he attempted to go around them, one of the males punched them in the side of the face. The two males fled from the scene. The student declined medical attention, and filed a report with SLMPD.
1608-00588Destruction of Property8/13/16, 09138/13/16, 0913O'Neil HallActiveDPS discovered the metal partition on the north wall of the first floor men's restroom to have been pulled from the wall in some unknown manner. Maintenance was notified, and photographs of the damage was taken.
1608-00583Attempted Larceny8/11/16, 08468/10/16, 1010-1450Hickory West GarageActiveA student, who secured her bike to a vehicle bike carrier returned to find it unstrapped.
1608-00570Larceny8/5/16, 16408/5/16, 0500-1500Crumpler LotActiveMale employee reported that between 0500-1500 hours on 8/5/16 that an unknown person(s) removed two coolers from the bed of his pickup truck while parked on the Crumpler Lot. Employee declined to contact SLMPD to file report.
1608-00569Bias Incident8/5/16, 14408/1/16, 2000Griesedieck HallActiveRA notified DPS about discovering bias material in a stall of the men's restroom on 8/1/16. The bias material was a Nazi Swastika and profane language. Title IX was notified of the incident and maintenance was notified to repair the damage. Investigation is ongoing.
1608-00566Larceny8/3/16, 12538/3/16, 12533524 Washington (3rd Baptist Church Parking)Referred to SLMPDDPS was dispatched to the 3rd Baptist Church parking lot in reference to a car break-in involving a SLU employee. Officers observed the victim's front passenger window shattered. A tote bag containing gym clothes and a heart rate monitor was taken from the vehicle. SLMPD was contacted to file a report.
1608-00565Simple Assault8/3/16, 07308/3/16, 0730Doisy Research Center (Reported Location)Referred to SLMPDThird party was notified that an unknown subject was assaulted behind the dumpster of the DRC. The victim and suspect were unable to be located. SLMPD was notified and investigating the incident.
1607-00559Trespass7/31/16, 20457/31/16, 2045Spring HallReferred to SLMPDDPS Officers observed two subjects attempting to remove a pressure washer from the inside of the fenced area on the north side of Spring Hall. Once subject was detain and showed an active warrant. The subject was detained and turned over to SLMPD.
1607-00554Trespass7/29/16, 13477/29/16, 1347Busch Student CenterClosedSubject was reported panhandling inside the Busch Student Center was located outside of the building. REJIS check showed an active warrant for arrest. Subject was detained and turned over to SLMPD. Subject was also advised of Saint Louis University Trespassing Policy.
1607-00553Larceny7/29/16, 11157/25/16, 2200- 7/26/16, 0500Off Campus (St. Louis County)ActiveSaint Louis University staff member with Department of Car reported that between 7/25/16 at 2200 hours to 7/26/16, 0500 hours, a person(s) unknown stole items from her personal vehicle. One of the items stolen was a laptop belonging to Saint Louis University. Case was reported to Saint Louis County Police Department.
1607-00551Larceny7/28/16, 07497/28/16, 0749Verhaegen HallActiveStaff member reported the theft of items from a donation box for the Back to School supply drive. Report was filed with Department of Public Safety and SLMPD.
1607-00547Larceny7/26/16, 20177/26/16, 2017Recreation StadiumActiveVisitor from Youth Soccer Camp placed their iPhone 6, debit card, and insurance cards in a shoe while participating in an event. The items were stolen by an unknown person(s). Items were last seen between 1845 hours and 2015 hours. SLMPD responded and took a report on the matter.
1607-00546Larceny7/26/16, 17557/26/15, 1745-1750Pius LibraryActiveStudent reported that between 1745 and 1750 an unknown person(s) removed their laptop from study room 301 of the library. Laptop is described as a silver Apple Macbook Air. The student also filed a report with SLMPD.
1607-00544Leaving the Scene of an Accident7/25/2016, 15247/25/16, 1524Grand and Lindell IntersectionReferred to SLMPDAn alumni was traveling northbound on Grand Blvd., when the SUV in front of their vehicle was put in reverse, striking the front end of the alumni vehicle. The SUV then traveled east on Lindell. SLMPD was contacted. No injuries were reported.
1607-00543Destruction of Property07/25/16, 12007/25/16, 1200Fabritech (1200 South Spring)Referred to SLMPDEmployee at Drummond Hall reported their door hand being pried open, but the vehicle was not entered. No items were stolen.
1607-00541Leaving the Scene of an Accident7/25/16, 06537/25/16, 0653Drummond HallReferred to SLMPDSecurity guard reported to DPS a pedestrian had been struck at the intersection of Spring and Rutger, outside Drummond Hall, and the striking vehicle fled the scene. SLMPD was contacted on this matter. Medical attention was declined on the pedestrian
1607-00536Larceny7/20/16, 12357/20/16, 1130-1230Simon Recreation CenterActiveStudent reported the theft of his wallets and contents from a "cubby" on the south side of the lower level. Subject stated he left the items unattended at approximately 1130 hours and found them missing around 1230 hours. The area was check and no witnesses were identified. Student contact SLMPD to file report.
1607-00532Destruction of Property7/16/16, 010507/16/16, 0105DeMattias HallActiveCall reported hearing yelling then glass breaking in the alley between DeMattias Hall and Marguerite Hall. Officers discovered a double-paned window broken on the exterior of the first floor in DeMattias hall. No one was around the area upon DPS arrival.
1607-00531Destruction of Property067/15/16, 011707/15/16, 0117Amelia EarhartActiveGraffiti was found southeast corner of building. "GDC the future is yous" is what was sprayed.
1607-00530Attempted Robbery7/14/16, 00227/14/16, 00223515 Lindell Blvd (Vito's)ActiveReceived call from emergency phone located at Fitzgerald Hall that a male victim (no SLU affiliation) had been shot. Victim stated three black males attempted to steal his car, and while the subjects tried to start the car, the victim took the opportunity to flee. While fleeing, one of the subjects fired a gun and the bullet struck the victim in his leg. The suspects then fled and victim was able to make it to the emergency phone to call for help.
1607-00529Destruction of Property7/14/16, 09597/13/16 2300-7/14/16 09503701 Lindell Blvd.ActiveStudent reported while parked on a city street, and unknown person(s) damaged the door handle of his vehicle and gain entry. Student reported nothing missing
1607-00526Trespass7/13/16, 00097/13/16, 0009Center for Global CitizenshipSubject ArrestedMale suspect, with no school affiliation was warned previously for Trespassing, was found in Center for Global Citizenship sleeping. Subject was detained and turned over to SLMPD.
1607-00525Larceny7/12/16, 18125/2/16-7/12/16Pius LibraryActiveStudent reported their bike was taken between 5/2/16 to 7/12/16 from the bike rack on the quad side of Pius Library.