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Card 1Keyword/Super Power/XPRelated CardsRelated KeywordsQuestionAnswerSourceUDE Approved
Adam WarlockIf I don’t use his Emerge power, will he recover normally during my next Recovery Phase?Yes. But he’s huge! Spend that MIGHT and start bashing with him right away, man!UDE FAQ6.10.16
Baron Mordo (MC)HypnotizeSister Ripley/Ripley #8If I Hypnotize a Ripley #8 L2 that started the game as Sister Ripley, which Level 1 Character does she become? Sister Ripley or Ripley#8 level 1?Ripley #8 Level 1. A character will always become the level one version of what it is.FB Post - Chad Daniel
Baron Mordo (MC)HypnotizeDoes Hex prevent a Hypnotized character from truning back into Level 2 at the start of my next turn?No, Hypnotize creates a modifier with an expiration that temporarily makes a character its Level 1 version. When that modifer expires it becomes its Level 2 version again, and this is not conisdered Leveling up.FB Post - Kirk (confirmed by Chad)
Black Cat (MC)Cross their PathSatanaLethalIf Satana is in play and Black Cat attacks a defender and uses Cross their Path to Daze that character, is it KO'd by Lethal?Daze counts as stunning, but Lethal was changed to work when a wounding a defending supporting character. Since Daze does not wound, lethal is not applied.FB Post - Chad Daniel
BlackheartCreated from EvilEven the OddsEven the Odds targeting Blackheart. He resets to a 4/4 for the rest of the combat, yes? His power does not turn on until the next combat he becomes involved in?ETO creates a modifer that overrides or supresses any other modifers modifing ATK/DEF for THAT COMBAT. Any modifers that with a duration longer than the the combat will "turn on" after the combat has passed.FB Post - Community
Build a Better WorldIf I need to play two of the same colour location for an ability, can i play a plot twist in between to turn a location face down? Or do I need to use two different locations to pay the cost?When you pay a cost, you have to pay the entire cost, and you can not play any other powers or plot twists while you are in the middle of playing a power.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
CableHow does his Ultimate Soldier power work?When you activate his power while he’s attacking, it means the defender will get stunned at the end of the combat even if the attackers’ ATK isn’t as much as the defender’s DEF.UDE FAQ6.10.16
CableWhat happens if I use his power but the combat gets canceled?Cable’s power has no effect since the combat didn’t come to its natural conclusion. It doesn’t matter if the combat was canceled due to a card effect like Think Again or due to all of the attackers getting stunned.UDE FAQ6.10.16
CableWhat happens if he’s team attacking and I use his power, but then he gets stunned before the combat resolves?His power will still trigger and stun the defender even though Cable himself got stunned before the combat resolved. This is becuase once an effect resolves and creates a modifier, it is independant fromthe source that created it.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Captain America MCAvengers AssembleDoes his “Avengers Assemble” power work even if he’s not one of the team attackers?Yes.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Captain America MCSide by SideIf Cap team attacks with one other character, but in the middle of combat the other character gets stunned by a Plot Twist or Super Power, but Cap still stuns the defender, will he get an XP?No. Once the other character gets stunned mid-combat, it stops being a team attack and becomes a solo attack so Cap won’t get the XP. For Cap to get the XP it must be a team attack at the end of the combat.UDE FAQ6.10.16
CopycatGenetic MetamorphSingularityPocket DimensionIf I remove Copycat to the Pocket Dimension with two other characters, when all 3 return does Copycat get all the powers of the other two supporting characters she returned with?If a modifiers duration would expire before it is created, then it is never created. Basically if two supporting characters appeared at the same time, they would both cause her to trigger, but also both cause the other to expire since they appeared simultaneously. FB Post - Chad Daniel2.21.2018
CopycatGenetic MetamorphSingularityPocket DimensionIf I remove Copy Cat and Sabretooth to the Pocket dimension, will she gain Sabretooth’s Powers when they appear?
Yes.FB Post - Chad Daniel2.22.2018
CopycatGenetic MetamorphSingularityPocket DimensionIf I remove Copy Cat and Iceman to the Pocket Dimension, does she gain Iceman’s Appears Power?Well technically she does gain the power, but not in time for it to trigger.FB Post - Chad Daniel2.22.2018
CosmoNullify (Old Wording)Play DeadIf I use Play Dead on Cosmo, does the nullify come back on the character he was targeting, or does he choose a new target?Neither, Nullify only happens when he appears and recovering is not the same as appearing, so he does not get to Nullify again.FB Post - Kirk Buckendorf
CosmoNullify (Old Wording)SingularityIf I remove Cosmo from play with Singularity, when he comes back can I choose a new target with Nullify?Yes, since Cosmo is appearing, Nullify will trigger and you can make any legal choice.FB Post - Chad Daniel
CosmoNullify (Old Wording)Can I Nullify a character that is stunned?Yes. When that character recovers, it will not have any Super Powers or Keywords.Chad Daniel
CosmoNullify (Old Wording)If I Nullify a Main Character does it lose its Level up Powers?You can Nullify a Main Character, but Nullify only stops Keyword and Super Powers. Level up powers are not affected.UDE FAQ
CosmoNullify (Old Wording)If I Nullify a level 1 Main Character, does the Nullify go away when it becomes Level 2?No. All modifiers that were affecting the Level 1 version continue to affect the Level 2 version.FB Post - Community
CosmoNullify (Old Wording)Does Nullify get rid of Flight and Range?Yes, Flight and Range are considered Keyword Powers.UDE FAQ
CosmoNullify (Old Wording)What happens if my opponent Nullfies my Main Character with Cosmo, and then I Nullify his Cosmo with a Comos of my own?Your Main Character will still be Nullified. Once an effect has resolved and created a modifier, the modifier is independent from the source that created it. Removing the power or that is the source of the modifier does not affect the modifier.Chad
Daredevil (MC)Protector of Hell's KitchenMary WalkerTyphoid MaryIf I attack Daredevil with Mary Walker (Typhoid Mary) and I put a -1/-1 counter on Daredevil and one on the only character he's protecting which happens to have 1 defense (like Black Widow) KO'ing her, does Daredevil gets an XP?The turn player decides the order per page 9 of the rule book under "Timing." Daredevil level up power has an intervening "if" clause, which means the condition must be true when it triggers AND when it resolves. So if the turn player decides to resolve Mary Walker's power before Daredevil's power, Daredevil will not get an XP because he won't be protecting anyone once his level up power resolves. On the other hand, if the turn player decides to resolve Daredevil's power before Mary's then Daredevil will gain an XP.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Dark PhoenixWhat Was, What is, What will be.Build a Better WorldSay you only have 1 Academy out could you use it then play Build a Better world to flip it back and use again to pay for Dark Phoenix cost?No, you pay the full costs for abilities when you use it.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Deadpool (MC)Merc with a MouthGambit, DazzlerLethal, Dazzle, Kinetic Card ThrowIf I use Merc with a Mouth to make my Gambit or Dazzler Lethal, will they KO a character by using their Super Powers to stun them?No, for Lethal to work a character with Lethal needs to wound a Defending supporting character during Combat. Dazzler and Gambit use their Super Powers during the Main Phase.FB Post Kirk
Deadpool (MC)Oh, there’s someone! Hi there!If I’m playing with 3 or 4 players, do ALL enemy characters have to be stunned for Deadpool to gain an XP?No. At the end of your turn, if any enemy player has no face-up characters, Deadpool will gain 1 XP. (If two or more players have all stunned characters, Deadpool still only gains 1 XP.)UDE FAQ6.10.16
Deadpool (MC)Oh, there’s someone! Hi there!What’s going on with his “Oh, there’s someone! Hi there!” power?If all of an enemy player’s characters are stunned, Deadpool can attack that player. If the attack stuns the player, that player is KO’d and is out of the game. (The same way as if his Main Character has been KO’d.)UDE FAQ6.10.16
Deadpool (MC)Oh, there’s someone! Hi there!What does “the player counts as a supporting character” mean?It means that if Deadpool is attacking you, you can play Plot Twists that would help a supporting character to increase your stats or otherwise survive the combat.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Deadpool (MC)Oh, there’s someone! Hi there!What if an effect puts a +1/+1 or -1/-1 counter on me while I’m defending against Deadpool?It goes on you. If this puts you to 0 DEF, you’ll get stunned (and KO’d). If it makes your stats better, that could help you survive this attack and will stick around to help you if he attacks you again on a later turn.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Deadpool (MC)Oh, there’s someone! Hi there!What if I get KO’d?You’re out of the game, the same way as if your Main Character got KO’d. (You do not actually lose consciousness.)UDE FAQ6.10.16
Deadpool (MC)Oh, there’s someone! Hi there!After Deadpool uses his “Oh, there’s Someone! Hi there!” power, can he team attack a player?No, the other characters don’t know what a player is.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Deadpool (SC)MercenarySilver SableMercenaryIf I have both Silver Sable and Deeadpool, can they both enter a team attack with my Main Character? No, For a team attack to be legal, all characters have to be on the same team or legal to attack with each other. Deadpool & Silver Sable are not on the same team and can only team attack with Main Characters, not each other.FB Post - Community6.10.16
DormammuNecromancyWhen I use Necromancy can I put the character into my Front or Back Row? Can it attack that turn?Either is fine. Yes, it can attack that turn.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Dr. Strange (MC)Mass TransmutationDaggerIf my opponent has Dagger in play would Doctor strange be able to turn opponents counters to negative counters?No, it would remove the +1/+1 and then... nothing else happens because they can't gain -1/-1.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Dr. Strange (MC)Supreme Power (XP)Does he gain XP off of Drawing your opening 7 cards? Does he gain another XP if I mulligan?No. Drawing your opening hand and Mulligans are part of Game Set up. Supreme Power only grants XP during the actual game play.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Dr. Strange (MC)Mass TransmutationIf I activate L2 Dr. Strange's Mass Transmutatoin power can I target a character with +1/+1 counters as well as a character with -1/-1 counters and switch them to their opposite counter types?Yes, Mass Transmutation states "For each one, remove it's +1/+1 counters and put that many -1/-1 counters, or vice versa" so in this case you would be able to state which characters you're choosing as well as what counters are to be removed and which ones are to replace for each character.FB Post6.10.16
Dr. Strange (SC)TransmuteTransmuteCan his Transmute power stun someone?Yes, if they had enough +1/+1 counters, those counters will become -1/-1 counters which can stun someone.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Dramatic EntranceIceman, Black Widow, WaspFreeze, Sting, etc.Do "Appears" powers work when character are brought into play with Dramatic Entrance? I'm not sure because it says, "put into play."It does not matter how a character enters play. If it goes from not being in play, to being in play, it has "appeared" whether that is from recruiting, or some other effect putting it into play.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Dramatic EntranceLokiSchemerHow does Dramatic Entrance work if I bring a Loki 7 drop SC into play with it? Does Loki draw me a card if it was the first PT I played that turn? Or since it wasn't in play, it doesn't grant me the benefit? If it doesn't, then does the next PT I play that turn trigger Loki's Schemer power?If you bring in Loki SC with Dramatic Entrance, Schemer will not trigger. At the time you PLAYED the plot twist, Loki was not in play. Once he is in play, he does not look back in time and see that you played a plot twist. Also if you play another plot twist, Schemer will still not trigger because it is not your first plot twist played this turn.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Dramatic EntranceShrinkWasp, Ant-ManIf you dramatic entrance a Wasp or Ant-man can you just Shrink the combat?The triggering event for Shrink is "When [this character] gets attacked for the first time each turn..." and by the time you play Dramatic Entrance, you are past the point which Shrink would trigger.FB Post - Community6.10.16
Dramatic EntranceCan you bring a character in with Dramatic Entrance that is already on the field? If so, does it KO the one on the field?You can, you just apply the uniqueness rule and KO the older one.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Dramatic EntranceAdam WarlockEvolutionary CocoonIf I use Dramatic Entrance to put Adam Warlock into play as the new Defender, what happens since he comes into play stunned?The original defender is still removed from combat, but since Adam enters play stunned, he can not become the defender, so he will enter play and he will be unable to become the defender. Since there is no defender, the combat will end, at which point, the delayed trigger will trigger and KO Adam Warlock.FB Post - Chad Daniel
Elektra (MC)Hand ExperienceRonan, Helmut Zemo, Etc.Any Discard effectWhat happens if Elektra is dsicarded from your hand?You will lose at the start of your next turn: "Additionally, if at the beginning of your turn an opponent controls your Main Character, or you Main Character is in your KO pile or Deck, you lose."Chad Daniel
Elektra (MC)Hand ExperienceHelmut ZemoSow DistrustCan choose Elektra to be discarded with Helmut Zemo's Sow Distrust?While Elektra is in your hand, you do not control a Main Character. Therefor, she is a valid choice.Chad Daniel
Elektra (MC)Hand ExperienceKingpin (SC)Underworld BossIf I activate Underworld Boss while Elektra is in my hand, what happens to Elektra?She is demoted to a Supporting character no matter what zone she is in. From the rules: "Some effects may promote a Supporting Character to Main Character and vice versa. Unlike most modifiers, these modifiers can apply to a Main Character in any zone(or side) and continue to apply to the character even if it changes zones."FB Post - Chad Daniel
Enchantress (MC)Champion of AmoraIf you have multiple characters bigger than all my opponents' characters can Enchantress get multiple xp in a turn?It would have to have the wording "for each" somewhere in there. Since the condition is if "A" supporting character of yours is stronger than all of theirs, you get 1 XPFB Post - Martin Schank6.10.16
Enchantress (MC)Champions of AmoraCan Enchantress level up if your opponent has no face up enemy supporting characters and you have one?Yes.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Even the OddsHow does this card work?You can use it to “reset” an enemy back to its base stats. You remove all +1/+1 counters from it and any modifiers that were affecting its base ATK and DEF are overidden or supressed.UDE FAQ
Even the OddsWhat happens if after I play Even the Odds on a character to “reset” it, my opponent plays a Plot Twist to increase its ATK?Even the Odds resets a character one time and then has no further effect. So the Plot Twist will work normally.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Even the OddsBlackheart, Nighthawk, NebulaCreated from Evil, Nightshift, UnderlingEven the Odds targeting Blackheart. He resets to a 4/4 for the rest of the combat, yes? His power does not turn on until the next combat he becomes involved in?ETO creates a continious modifier that "surpresses" any other continous modifier affecting ATK/DEF for THAT COMBAT. The modifiers will "turn back on" after the combat has passed.FB Post - Community6.10.16
Even the OddsIf I play Even The Odds on a character with -1/-1 counters does it remove them?No, Even the odds does not remove -1/-1 counters, as it says, it only removes +1/+1 counters.FB Post - Community6.10.16
Even the OddsDaredevil SC, Daredevil MC, The Perfect OrganismThis Thing is Huge! It's...It's Big! FearlessHello, a question about the perfect organism and even the odds. If i use the ability to strike with double of the attack, and my opponent play even the odds, what happen?This Think is Huge! It's... It's Big! does not actually modify the ATK. It is modifying how hard it strikes during combat resolution. Normally when you strike, you strike an equal amount to your ATK. This power (and the Daredevil one) changes the rules of the game so that you are striking with double that amount, or triple with Amplify.Chad Daniel - FB Post
Ferocious XenomoprhCreatureCosmoNullifyDoes Cosmo Shut of "Creature"?No, the power specifically says it can not be turned off.Chad Daniel - FB Post
GambitKinetic Card ThrowCan I use Kinetic Card Throw to discard a card even if there’s no enemy supporting character to stun? (For example, can I use Gambit to put Deadpool into my KO Pile even if there’s no enemies with cost 3 or less in play?)No. There must be a face-up enemy supporting character in play.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Gamora MCDeadliest Women in the UniverseDoes her Deadliest Woman in the Universe power work if a Main Character attacked her (and she stunned it)?Yes.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Gamora MCGodslayer BladeDoes Godslayer Blade work on Main Characters?Yes.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Ghost Rider (MC)Hell on WheelsIf I have L2 Ghost Rider out and active his Hell on Wheels super power and attack multiple characters would his defense be chipped away after each attack or would it refresh for each attack?No, defense is never chipped away in this game.FB Post - Community Answered6.10.16
Goblin QueenSummon GoblinsThanosThe Mad TitanWhen a token takes lethal damage, does it become KO'd and count towards Thanos's level up ability?Thanos will gain XP from a Token being KOd and Tokens will exist for a brief moment in the KO pile before ceasing to exist via the rules of the game. Basically if a token ever ends up in a non play zone, it will cease to exist.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Goblin QueenSummon GoblinsHow many goblins could a Goblin Queen gobble if Goblin Queen could gobble goblins?As many goblins a Goblin Queen would gobble if a Goblin Queen could gobble goblins.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Green Goblin MCSadistic ChoiceHow does his Sadistic Choice power work?First, you choose which character you want to stun. Then your opponent may discard a random card from their hand. If they can’t or choose not to, then that character gets stunned.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Green Goblin MCChaos and Destruction(XP)Green Goblin gets xp for stunning an enemy if he is stunned back, right?Yes.FB Post - Tim Saunders6.10.16
Groot (SC)I am GrootCosmoNullifyIf Cosmo nullifies Groot he gets stunned for being a 0/0, what happens when he recovers?He comes back still Nullified, becomes a 0/0 again and is stunned and KO'd if he takes a final wound.FB Post - Community6.10.16
Groot MCI am GrootWhy are so many of his powers called “I am Groot”?I am GrootUDE FAQ6.10.16
Groot MCWe Are GrootWhat happens when his “We Are Groot” power makes him become Level 1?You switch his Level 2 version with his Level 1 version the same way you switched him from Level 1 to Level 2.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Groot MCCan Groot gain XP and level up again if he used his Super Power and become level 1?Yes.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Helmut ZemoSow DistrustIf I use the Sow Distrust power and my opponent's MC is stunned, does that mean I can choose any character in their hand?Stunned characters keep their team affiliation so it doesn't matter if the MC is face up or stunned.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Helmut ZemoSow DistrustSingularityPocket DimensionIf I use Sow Distrust on my opponent and she has her MC removed from game with Singularity, can I pick any card I want?The effect is asking if a character in their hand matches the team affiliation of their MC. If the opponent does not have an MC at the time the effect resolves, then any character the player chooses, "will not share a team affiliation with that players main character." As he does not have one. Short of it, you can discard any character you like.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Helmut Zemo (MC)Army of EvilGwenpoolHelpful Info About the Marvel UniverseIf I have Zemo L1 and I play Gwenpool, do I get 5 XP or 6 XP for her?Zemo is a recruit trigger, if you are recruiting gwen, she is not in play when the level up power resolves.
So 5
Chad - PM Conversation2.20.2018
Hope SummersMutant Power DuplicationHow does this power work?While she is in play, she has all the powers of each face-up X-Men supporting character on your side. This includes, but not limited to, appears powers (like Iceman and Emma Frost), Flight, and Range.UDE FAQ
Hulk MCFor his Banner’s Influence power, can I just remove some +1/+1 counters?No, you must remove them all.UDE FAQ6.10.16
IcemanFreezeCan I freeze a character that has already been frozen that same turn?Yes, but it won’t do anything.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Iron FistIron Fist PunchShock to the SystemIf my opponent attacks my character and uses Iron Fist Punch and I play Shock to the System reducing Iron Fist's attack to 0, he does not strike to stun, correct?In order to "strike" you must have at least 1 attack, so no, Iron Fist does not stun the character with his Iron Fist Punch.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Iron Man MCFor his Armor Mk 3 power, can Iron Man be the one who powered-up?Yes. It can be Iron Man or another character on your side.UDE FAQ6.10.16
JuggernautHow does his Unstoppable power work?You make a solo attack with him against a front row character, then during combat you activate his power. If he stuns the defender and survives the combat, you may then immediately make another solo attack with him against a back row character controlled by the same player. Leave Juggernaut exhausted and dive right into his second combat. You can attack a back row character this way even if there are still face up front row characters.UDE FAQ6.10.16
JuggernautUnstoppableEnchantress (SC)Go Forth My ChampionIf I use Go Forth My Champion on Juggernaut, and then activate Unstoppable on his first attack on a front row character, does he exhaust for his second Unstoppable attack?In the case of Juggernaut it says to immediately attack a support row character, so the game jumps right back into combat. When "blah" is attacked/attacks triggers will still happen, but the normal rules for checking the legality if the attack (exhausting the attacker, making sure they are not protected etc.) do not apply. So in the case of Juggernaut + Enchantress it would work like this:

Use Enchantress's power on Juggernaut.
Juggernaut attacks a front row character and immediately readies.
Juggernaut uses his Unstoppable super power.
Juggernaut stuns the front row character and survives.
Juggernaut immediately attacks a back row character without exhausting.
Assuming Juggernaut survives the second combat he will still be ready.
FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
JuggernautUnstoppablePlay DeadI attack with my Unstoppable Juggernaut. My opponent's front row character Plays Dead. Do I still get to trample through or no?If you use Play Dead on a defender, the combat is over. Since Juggernaut did not stun the defender, his ability will not trigger.FB Post - Chad Daniel
Kingpin (MC)Take Over the CityWhen I discard a Location card to a Super Power does that give Kingpin an XP?No, "appears" means to come into play from anywhere, so the Location has to be put into play. So playing one from your hand into your resource row or putting one into play from the top of your deck with Nick Fury would count. Discarding does not. FB Post - Kirk
Kingpin (SC)Underworld BossGroot (MC)We Are GrootIf Kingpin (SC) becomes my Main Character will Groot (my former MC) still be able to level down? And if so will he sill get XP later on?Groot retains his powers and Level Up ability, and "We Are Groot" is a Super Power that puts him back to Level 1, so yes.FB Post - Kirk6.10.16
Kingpin (SC)Underworld BossProfessor XI control lvl2 Prof X and 2 Underworld supporting characters. I (until end of turn) gain control of your Kingpin SC. I activate Kingpin's super power and he becomes my main character. I end my turn and return control of your Kingpin SC (my MC). You could hypothetically KO my entire board and be unable to KO my main character. What rules are there dealing with this?You lose the game. More specifically, at the beginning of your next turn if your opponent controls your MC, you lose the game.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Kingpin (SC)Underworld BossPurple Man, Proffessor X (SC)Brainwash, Mind ControlCan I steal an opponent's Kingpin with Purple Man after they've used Underworld Boss to make him their SC?If Kingpin uses Underworld Boss and becomes the MC, he is no longer an SC and effects that require an SC can not be used or played on Kingpin. In short Purple Man can NOT steal Kingpin once he becomes a MC.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Kingpin (SC)Underworld BossElektra (MC)If I activate Underworld Boss while Elektra is in my hand, what happens to Elektra?She is demoted to a Supporting character no matter what zone she is in. From the rules: "Some effects may promote a Supporting Character to Main Character and vice versa. Unlike most modifiers, these modifiers can apply to a Main Character in any zone(or side) and continue to apply to the character even if it changes zones."FB Post - Chad Daniel
Lady DeathstrikeDeath StrikeDramatic EntranceWhen does Death Strike determine if Lady Deathstrike has survived the Combat if I bring her into combat with an MC with Dramatic Entrance? If she isn't stunned by the Attacking MC and activated Death Strike will the MC get 2 wounds even though Dramtic Entrance will KO her at the end of combat?To survive combat means to be unstunned at the conclusion of combat resolution; The survival check/combat resolution is distinctly before end of combat effects triggering. So yes, the MC will get 2 wounds.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Lady DeathstrikeDeath Strike"Surviving" a Combat means not getting Stunned, correct?Yes, Lady Deathstrike must be unstunned for Death Strike to work.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Lady DeathstrikeDeath StrikeLuke Cage (MC)Impervious SkinHow does Lady's Deathstrike's Death Strike ability interact with Luke Cage's Impervious skin? would he negate both wounds?Impervious Skin would not apply because it only prevents wounds from getting stunned, it does NOT prevent wounds given another way. The wound given by Lady Deathstrike's Super Power is NOT from stunning, it is given directly by the resolving effect.FB Post - Chad Daniel
LilithVampirismMantis/Dormamu/Morgan LeFeyRebirth/ImmortalIf Lilith KOs Mantis or Dormamu Are they removed from game, or do their own powers happen instead? (Mantis to the row, Dormamu shuffled into the deck)When multiple triggers happen at the same time, the active player chooses which happens first. If it's the Lilith player's turn they may choose to remove the KO'd character from the game first (And gain a Health). As soon as these characters change zones, any other modifiers are lost. If it's the Mantis or Immortal player's turn, they can choose their triggers to happen first and teh Lilith modifer is lost and they are not RFG (also Lilith does not gain a Health).FB Post - Kirk & Chad
LilithVampirismIf there is a Mutual Stun situation, does Lilith get the extra Health?No, Lilith has to survive the combat.FB Post - Kirk
LilithVampirismSingularity (MC)EnvelopIf Lilith KOs my supporting character, can I save it with Envelop?Yes, a reaction super power will resolve before the Vampirism trigger. Chad
LilithVampirismIf I play a second Lilith, KOing the first, does she get an extra Health?No, for Uniqueness violations, it's the game forcing the KO not any character. FB Post - Kirk
LilithVampirismM41A Pulse RifleM-40 GrenadeIf Lilith has an M41A Pulse Rifle equipped and uses the M-40 Grenade to stun and KO a Cosmo, she gains a Health?No, Her trigger requires a KO AND surviving. This means it can ONLY happen as a result of combat.FB Post - Chad Daniel
Loki (SC)Power HungryLoki (SC)Can I play 4 copies of the Marvel Villains Loki and 4 copies of the A Force Loki in the same deck effectively playing 8 copies of Loki? And can I discard either one to the other as a power up? Can I have a copy of each in play at the same time?1) You can put both copies of Loki in your deck effectively having 8 Lokis. They are different cards for deck building purposes. 2) You can discard each one to power up the other, they are the same character for game purposes. 3) No, you can not have both versions in play at the same time, they are the same character for game purposes and the Uniqueness rule.UDE Blog Preview post6.10.16
Loki MCHow does his God of Mischief power work?During combat when you activate that power, you immediately choose and play a Combat Plot Twist from your KO pile, as though you played it from hand. Then when it resolves, shuffle it into your deck.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Loyal SoldiersDoes Loyal Soldiers care about the affiliation of stunned characters on your side?Yes, characters keep their affiliations even when they are stunned.Tim Saunders, FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
Luke CageWhen I use his Impervious Skin power, what happens if he gets stunned?Everything happens normally – he turns face down, loses all +1/+1 or -1/-1 counters, etc. – the only difference is he won’t gain a wound.UDE FAQ6.10.16
Luke Cage (MC)Impervious SkinCableUltimate SoldierCable attacks Luke and both use their powers (no other effects are played). Has Luke's power worn off by the time Cable's power stuns himCable's power triggers at the end of combat, so Luke Cages' power has already expired by the time Cable's power has resolved. So yes, Luke gets a wound.FB Post - Chad Daniel6.10.16
M41A Pulse RifleLight Aromor-Piercing Rounds, M-40 GrenadeCosmoNullifyAre equipment powers separate from character powers. Ex. Does cosmo shut off the equipment on the character?"The Equipment gives the character new powers and will stay with it until that character gets stunned or leaves play."

Since the equipment is giving the powers to the character, it would be prevented or turned off by Nullify.
Chad Daniel - FB Post
M41A Pulse RifleM-40 GrenadeStorm MCChildren of the AtomDoes activating the M-40 Grenade give Storm an XP?"The Equipment gives the character new powers and will stay with it until that character gets stunned or leaves play."

So the character has the power and the character is using it, so yes, this would count for Storm.
Chad Daniel - FB Post
M41A Pulse RifleM-40 GrenadeIf I want to use a wild location to pay for the Super Power granted by Equipment, which one do I need to ues?Since the character has the power, any wild location will need to match the character's team affiliation.Chad Daniel - FB Post
M41A Pulse RifleM-40 GrenadeGamora, Bullseye, CarnageDoes using the Grenade ability count as that character causing the stun (if it stuns?)When equipped the Character gains the abilities, so they are the ones doing them. If the -3/-3 stuns a character they would get credit. Also if they are looking for credit KOing a character and the -3/-3 KOs them, they get credit for the KO.Kirk Buckendorf - FB Post
Magneto MCIf I go first, will his Mutant Master power trigger on the very first turn of the game?Yes.UDE FAQ6.10.16
MandarinCan use all his powers in the same turn?Yes. They all share the name Makluan Rings, but they are different powers.UDE FAQ6.10.16
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