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RWBY: Amity Arena Card RatingsChangelog (+/-2 unlisted for space):Assume levels are about 11/8/4/1, which mimics ladder levels without level abuse. Ratings are based on power in a vacuum and meta relevance at high levels of play. In other words, “How good is this card? How good is the best deck for this card?”
By: RainBuckets, Formatting: WobblinsMines 9, Hazel 7, Creep 6
Last Updated: 11/27/19
4Shadow Blake10Support, DefenseHer ability to make a clone has a multitude of uses, from sacrificing it to a big hit, to dodging enemy skills, to pulling an enemy to the middle (and double turret range), or simply moving around the battlefield easier. She can use her skill multiple times thanks to an incredibly short cooldown. She tends to survive longer than other options and can generate way more value than the mere 3 aura she costs.
5Fox Alistair10DisableImagine a Weiss with a global skill that lasts for 2 more seconds. That’s kind of what Fox is, with arguably even better stats to boot. He is capable of stopping almost any skill if played before hand, and stops most pushes cold or supports a push well. If the enemy also has Fox, however, the battle becomes very defensive.
5Neon Katt10Disable, WinCon (Chip)Neon is, effectively, an invincible taunt. She doesn’t have a large taunt range, so positioning is important, but she can stall out many pushes and allow your other units to get free damage. She is also a great cheap meat shield in middle map battles. Unfortunately, many win conditions are built to ignore Neon’s strengths. (Also, she is the most efficient single-use chip damage option in the entire game.)
6Malachite Twins10WinCon (Aura Bank)Malachite Twins have a really low CD active that allows them to jump around the map. They can bank forever, and can even retreat if they get too far forward, because they gain more distance leaping back than they do walking forward while waiting for a reacharge. Their HP, attack, and DPS are threatening enough to be worth stacking for offense later.
0White Fang Gunners9CheapStatsWF Gunners do respectable damage while hiding safely behind something, for only 2 aura. They are flexible and powerful on offense or defense. Whether you need to support a push or defend cheaply or even just cycle to better cards, the Gunners have your back.
2Atlesian Arachna Mine9Defense753 AoE damage for 2 aura at best. Even if only two mines blow up it's still 502. At such a cheap cost they defend well against threats like Beo Pack and Neo, but provide little or no offensive support.
2Baby Death Stalkers9CheapStatsA 1-aura cycle card that cheaply protects range units, or pulls enemies to the middle for double turret action. Even has decent DPS if they don’t die, such as vs enemies that are frozen or target towers.
2Penny9WinCon (Chip), SupportChips Shopkeep or Airship or structures or ranged units, while chipping the turret at the same time. She can also defend against swarms. She is almost impossible to stop from casting her skill, and her stats are just good enough to provide support for other units.
3Argus Shield9Defense, DisableIt's a wall. It has lots of health and stalls for lots of time while other units deal with the enemy. Sadly, it offers almost no offensive prescence, but the sheer amount of HP it has means that no real offensive answer exists to it.
3Parasol Neo9WinCon (Push/Chip)Neo deals massive damage with her counterattack. Although it is hard to consistently get Neo to teleport to the turret, she has decent survivability once there and some of the best DPS in the game. One mistake against Neo can result in a lot of damage or even a lost turret very quickly. Some niche uses on defense as well.
4Bumblebee9Defense, WinCon (Chip)The ability to reposition Bumblebee is very valuable - you can dodge Fox, you go to the turret and deal damage while dodging Neon, you can immediately clear swarms or hit the back lines for damage, you can defend both lanes if needed. This makes Bumblebee a much stronger card than Biker Yang, who was already decent against AK-130s and Ursas and swarms. The drawback is the high cost of 6, but like Qrow, it’s a cost that rarely leaves you vulnerable because of the ability.
0Ursa Major8WinCon (Push)A big meat shield that ignores Neon. Ursa can be played up front, in combination with support, to punish an enemy who overextends. Ursa can be played in the back as a strong aura bank. However, it requires good support and is almost hard countered by a few cards like PiC.
1Lancers8CheapStatsAlthough a tad expensive, you get a large amount of DPS split across 4 flying units. They deploy spread out and make solid defensive DPS. Lancers even survive a few weak AoEs and can be very annoying. They're a bit weaker on offense, however.
3White Fang Watchtower8DefenseA good defensive structure. It deploys faster than Glynda and performs better vs swarms, while being almost as tough. However, it is still slightly weak to range units. The stronger defense is offset by Glynda offering better offense and a chance for recharge.
4Cinder8Defense, SupportA very large AoE skill with infinite range that can clear a swarm. She has excellent range and can shoot at enemies in both lanes from the middle. She hits very fast and deals out significant damage to single targets with her regular attacks. She doesn’t chew through swarms but does work vs them with some meat shield. Her weakness is her low HP and delayed skill use, meaning she can be interrupted or killed before the skill gets value.
5Oobleck & Zwei8SupportPiercing AoE damage and high health for a range unit are good. An active skill that does more piercing AoE damage is good (even if it's too slow and short to interrtupt spellcaster type units). Notably, his damage can go through Neon and Wall, making him good push support. He also defends well against several threats.
5Partners in Crime8AssassinAlmost identical to Torchwick: for 2 more aura you get a second life at 50% health and move to the back. Torchwick is already a great card for mid battles, threat removal, and single target defense. PiC even has a faster deploy time than Torchwick. It almost guarantees two skill uses, and a chance for three. PiC can also grab even in the middle of the death animation, making it guaranteed and impossible to stop.
6Flynt8SupportStops Emerald shenanigans. Has a few other uses, mostly defensive or offensive against WF Thugs/Gunners/Squad/Dropship. Additionally, he stutters the enemy and prevents them from attacking for a little bit. Despite being vastly inferior in a lot of ways to other AoEs, Flynt is excellent offensive push support because he immediately clears units out - there is little or no time for the defense to get value before dying.
6Pomegrenade8WinCon (Chip)Immediately target the turret with the active. You just did 600+ damage. The death skill lasts an extremely short time and is hard to capitalize on, and the stats are not great, but not bad. Pom is the single most reliable and effective chip weapon right now.
7Emerald8WinCon (Swarm)A completely unique card, Emerald creates 1-HP clones of your units in a large radius upon deploy for just 2 aura. This can allow for devastating pushes or large amounts of ranged units at once, and incredible DPS and easy wins against unprepared opponents.
7Flower Power8WinCon (Push), Support"Ren with a skill" hardly does Flower Power justice. The invincibility frames and variable duration of the skill, combined with its high damage and short stun, means Flower Power is excellent either as a leader of a push, or quick support behind it.
7White Fang Squad8CheapStatsThe only drawback is the numerous AoE options. However, the Squad is good in all areas of the game. As an offense, they protect your range well, push by themselves, or act as a support behind tanks. As a defense, they deploy spread out, so sometimes survive enemy AoEs, can pull enemies, and represent high DPS.
8Beringel8WinCon (Push)Beringel is usually combined with Carmine and her ability to immediately jump to the turret, and pull enemy units into the massive damage of the Beringel's AoE. This is a strong punish in a chip meta, but suffers against Fox. Otherwise, Beringel is a great offensive push unit as a very strong tank.
0Ice Weiss7DisableWeiss’ skill is very strong. She offers free hits for your other units or turrets, and has great synergy with high DPS units. However, she is frail and can be interrupted or killed before using her skill.
0White Fang Thugs7CheapStatsGood cheap DPS. Gunners tend to survive longer and do more damage overall because of range. However, the Thugs do more damage faster than Gunners and are cheaper than the WF Squad. They make solid meat shields if they can survive a couple of hits, but that’s a little bit dependent on levels.
1Boarbatusk7WinCon (Push)High stats for the aura cost, and an extemely fast, highly damaging roll attack. A solid anti-meta choice when players cut small swarms, or when supported well. Unfortunately, it suffers against Neon and Wall defense, and quick Foxes too.
1Nora7Disable, WinCon (Chip)Nora is a consistently underrated card for what she does. She can support a push much like Ice Weiss, temporarily bouncing enemies away when they try to defend. She works as a front line unit, capable of moving immediately to the turret. She has niche uses defensively, killing off small swarms or bouncing enemies to better positions to deal with them or switching lanes to defend both at once. Sadly, despite the versatility, Nora simply lacks the sheer power level of higher tiers.
1Sun7WinCon (Chip)You play Sun for one reason: send clones to the turret and chip it for a ton of damage. This is a great punish if ahead on aura or if the enemy over commits. Sun can be stopped in several ways, either by interrupting his cast or killing him so the clones die, or stalling out the clones while they decay. But his threat is constantly looming and forces the enemy to save some specific response.
2Ilia Amitola7CheapStatsShe has incredible stats per aura and makes a fantastic tank. Although her damage is low, and she doesn’t kill even WF Gunners in one hit, that hardly matters because she is cheap enough to deploy with support. Perhaps the biggest drawback is her ability - she wants to tank for other units, and while hiding from the enemy, she can’t do her job.
3Atlesian Gunship7Defense, SupportIncredible stats across the board: high HP, high attack and DPS, and good attack speed. It also flies, which makes it even harder to kill. However, its big weakness is that it turns very slowly, in a Neon meta.
3Ice Flower7Disable, SupportThe active is a ranged Weiss skill that comes out extremely fast and is difficult to stop, on top of a Sniper Ruby skill that also slows with each shot. It does good damage and has many invincibility frames. It is good at stopping a push or supporting your own, and can be used twice because the CD is short.
3Torchwick7AssassinA good unit to have in the early game trades of Blakes, and a good unit to have in the middle and late game to defend vs Ursa, Qrow, Bumblebee, and more. Also powerful when combined with Ursa (or Beringel); pull the big guy backwards, and build a bigger push. Torchwick even recharges his low CD skill on the walk up.
3Zwei7Defense, SupportHigh damage drop skill with infinite range. Sadly, Zwei does not kill epic range units, other than Cinder and IF, in one hit. A long deploy time means he also rarely attacks before dying, and even if he does, it does reduced turret damage. But he can be a good alternative to Penny, when you need instant damage.
4Beowolf Pack7WinCon (Push/Chip)What should be a scary group of fast moving and medium HP Beowolves get frozen by Ice Flower. AK-130s or WF Squad or some cheap DPS, while unable to prevent all damage, will reduce a lot of it as well. The individual Beowolves do not leap like the Alpha, and so the window to respond to them is much more generous, but the trade off is that they aren’t stopped by single target counters. Scarier on higher levels when they start surviving DPS more.
4Nevermore Chick7Defense, SupportFlying, tanky, ranged AoE support. The damage and HP are rather high especially when factoring in the flying to make it survive much longer. However, it is weak to taunts and misdirections like Shadow Blake or Neon and doesn't push well.
4Old Man Shopkeep7WinCon (Aura Bank)Pay 6 aura now, get 8 aura over time later. Aura advantage is good. Multiple Shopkeeps can snowball very fast, and he is one of the best aura banks in the game. However, fitting Shopkeep into a deck can get tricky with all the other good cards you want to include.
4Tyrian7Defense, AssassinA high damage, long ranged, single target skill is already valuable. In a meta full of Blake and Cinder, Tyrian can clear them out easily. His death skill does massive AoE damage in a large radius. It has a few drawbacks, such as inability to clear aerial units and damage over time instead of immediate damage. He has to actually die to activate the AoE, so there’s little chance of a counterpush. However, the sheer damage and range, combined with his active, easily make up for it.
5Crow Qrow7WinCon (Chip)The ability to reposition him is very valuable. Qrow can use his ability more than once, because his CD is much shorter. He works as an aura bank by moving him back to the starting position, which means he’s an ok early game play. His stats and sweeping AoE are well-suited to chipping the turret or even just playing a value game sometimes. Sadly, Qrow is extremely level-dependent - if he cannot kill WF Thugs in one hit, he dies to them because of his low attack speed. Even if he survives, his health pool is crippled.
5Glynda7SupportPlaying Glynda defensively is difficult with multiple ranged units that can deal with her turret, or is asking to be hit by Pom, or doesn't work well reactively because of the deploy time. However, her advantage over the WF Watchtower is that she has offensive potential due to skill recharges and blocking Neon.
5Winter Schnee7AssassinWinter has extremely high DPS and average health. Her active brings her next to a unit, stuns it, and does high damage to it. She has a slow effect and is a premier single unit killer. She also threatens a lot of turret damage if she is not body blocked. However, she can be blocked and do little damage if the enemy knows how to play.
6AK-1357WinCon (Push)The shield is a powerful extra effect tacked onto three AK-130s because it can eat overkill damage. Many AoEs don't get a full effect, and at worst, some regular attacks just do a little less damage. The 135s are an incredible tank unit. They also have respectable DPS. They move very slowly and are vulnerable to taunts and status, however.
6Carmine Esclados7DisableCarmine pulls enemies in a radius to the middle of a sandstorm that spawns on the map. In addition, she does a small amount of damage that will only ever kill BDS or Ravagers, but hits multiple times. She shines as an Emerald counter and has other uses on defense, mainly pulling enemies into double turret range or off your own turret. She also has combo potential with other cards, such as pulling enemies next to their own turret for chip and damage with an AoE.
6Hazel7Disable, DefenseHazel is a nice defensive drop that is just a little outclassed due to his cost. Additionally, he is weak on offense and dies quickly for a 6 aura card. When he works, he stun locks and destroys a group of enemies, then goes on to threaten other units with his large AoE stun and fast attack and movement speed.
6Queen Lancer7WinCon (Push)Low DPS and incredibly expensive. However, it is capable of punishing decks without enough range units, or on a large aura advantage. As a flying unit, it has less great answers than other land tanks.
6Spider Droid7WinCon (Chip)A middling defensive option, although it does clear swarms sometimes. However it is primarily a chip win condition. It does a couple slightly different things than Pomegrenade and changes a few match ups.
7Boundless Jaune7SupportRestores more health than most AoE does damage. On paper, this ability is limited if the enemy can get regular attacks to deal damage as well as AoEs. And Jaune does very little without something to heal. In practice, his cheap cost means it’s usually a positive trade vs AoEs.
7Manticore7SupportIn theory, they chain AoE jumps like Scythe Ruby, but with two of them, and knockback, and the ability to fight aerial units, and are aerial units themselves. In practice, Neon and Wall and Fox limit their effectiveness by a huge degree.
7Neptune7DisableNeptune does a lot. He answers swarms, he can stop skills both on deploy and by stun-locking an enemy, and he even pushes for some chip damage by stun-locking a turret with a little help. Despite all this, he is a little frail and lacks the ability to stun on offense reliably, making it hard to justify his 3 cost over more powerful options.
2Baby Ravagers6CheapStatsCheap DPS that also flies, so they don’t die to melee attacks, and moves very fast. They’re good on defense and can push behind a tank for damage.
2Death Stalker Den6DefenseThe BDS do very little, individually. However, they build up over time, and are annoying to push into. Its health is lacking compared to other options.
4Raven Branwen6Support, WinCon (Push)Raven has decent stats but the reason to use her is her ability, which teleports friendly units around her to other friendly units. This can be an offensive tactic or a retreat or an aura bank. However, when she teleports, everyone gets a 2 second deploy time, where they are incredibly vulnerable to damage. She also is just begging to eat a Pomegrenade to the face.
4Summoner Weiss6SupportThe slow effect is ranges from useful to very strong, especially against units like Port and the turret. The Gigas doesn't do much other than body block for a little while, and occasionally AoE, but it's possible to get two of them per life. Mostly, she's held back becaues other units are better options and do similar things: Glynda and Shadow Blake, among others.
4Xiong Family6
Defense, WinCon (Push)
Junior is the valuable part of the trio, and though he dies easily, healing and levels means he’s harder to kill than before. As a high damage, ranged, AoE unit, Junior performs well against a variety of threats and can be scary as either support for a push or part of the front line. His goons are very tough as well even if they do very little damage.
5AK-1306DefenseThe AK-130s are a good defensive card since they represent DPS that tends to survive most small AoEs. However, they just melt to damage and AoE when used on offense, due to how weak each AK individually is.
6Adam6Defense, WinCon (Chip)His regular attack charges like Scythe Ruby, but it happens incredibly quickly. The charge also stuns a single unit. Adam then does a little AoE damage as well. His skill is like Shadow Blake, without the clone, on a 6 second cooldown; by moving backwards, he can get a second stun/charge combo. He has a low health pool but good attack.
6Maria Calavera6WinCon (Push)Maria is like a more controllable Ren. However, she is not completely controllable, since her active can be body blocked. Although she has niche uses on defense or in mid like Torchwick, this weakness means she is not anywhere near as reliable as Torchwick and thus not a replacement option for him.
6Mutant Creep6WinCon (Chip)836 damage for 2 aura. If even one Creep gets through, the damage per aura for chip is very good. If a Creep gets a unit in its AoE, it is also very good. Can be combined with Neon or Emerald or both for lots of damage, or can be played behind a push to try and get chip damage in. However, the prevalence of structures and other defensive tools means the Creeps don't get in for damage that often.
7Freezerburn6DisableThe offensive potential of Freezerburn is there; the effect stops enemies from moving, and they can't attack unless something is right in their face. However, the high cost and cheap defense that ignores Freezerburn's effect mean she rarely works out well.
8Atlesian Paladin6WinCon (Chip)It can be very difficult to stop a Paladin at high levels from chipping down turrets when it’s properly supported. Because it has long range, high health, and almost immediately starts hitting the tower, it can often get several shots off before it dies.
8Velvet Scarlatina6UniqueBecomes a clone of any single humanoid unit for 1 more aura. For example, Sun costs 5, so Velvet can become another copy of Sun that costs 6. Which unit she becomes a clone of depends on who is most recently played - if she cannot become a clone of it, for example BDSS, then she is unplayable. Velvet opens up many unique strategies, but her biggest drawback is that she makes hands clunky sometimes.
0Scythe Ruby5Defense, SupportScythe Ruby is a decent AoE unit with a quick passive dash. However, she cannot truly counter spam or mixed swarms as well as other cards. Her offense is lacking, too.
0Yatsuhashi5DefenseYatsuhashi offers an easy, reliable way to clear out large swarms of enemies in your territory. However, his near irrelevance on offense means he offers almost nothing once his skill is used up.
1Beowolf Alpha5WinCon (Chip)With so many viable answers to the Alpha these days, it is hard to consistently get damage with it. However, it still works as a somewhat cheap front line card for your range units, possibly stalling long enough for a second skill use or just more damage. The enemy must play something to stop it, which in turn gets killed for free by ranged units.
1Biker Yang5DefenseA huge amount of HP combined with a high damage passive AoE sounds great, but the AoE is a little small. Her knockback performs well against a variety of units. However, she is expensive and vulnerable to cheap defense.
1Sniper Ruby5SupportA good range support unit with a skill that can answer Cinder and help her 1v1 Shadow Blake or kill off a swarm or even just chip a turret a little. The backflip and her range on auto-attacks sometimes allows a second skill use, which turns her from a good card into a great card.
Defense, WinCon (Push)
Her shield does high damage, ranged, piercing AoE, allowing her to be both a Defense and an offensive threat. She sometimes even gets to use the skill twice. However, the range and width of the shield throw are a little lacking, and her stats, while good for 1v1 combat, perform poorly against the powerful defensive options available to players.
3Lancer Swarm5DefenseDespite being very spread out, unless deployed in the back, they will tend to group up anyway and die to an AoE for low value. However, at only 5 aura for 8 Lancers, they are more efficient than normal Lancers and might be worth using in some situations.
3Roy Stallion5CheapStatsHis short range lets him down against WF Gunners. However, he does an excellent job of quickly removing Ravagers or BDS5 from the field, and he does kill Thugs in two hits. His final perk is his rather high HP for his cost, allowing him to serve as a small shield for other units.
5Petra Gigas5WinCon (Push)Petra Gigas is a fast moving tank with a good death skill. Although the attack stat is mostly irrelevant, the death skill forces enemies to play awkwardly and the movement speed threatens lots of damage if it reaches the turret.
5Ren5WinCon (Push)Ren is weak to swarms and Shadow Blake. However, he threatens a lot of damage if he hits a turret, and has some uses defensively against single enemies like Qrow or Ursa. The biggest advantage of Ren is how cheap he is.
2Mercury4SupportIncapable of stunning any skills reactively and sometimes proactively, incapable of killing everything except Gunners and BDS(S), does mediocre chip damage. Stats are incredibly weak, even worse than a single WF Thug. However, he does remove Gunners quickly, which means he's a decent anti-meta choice.
5Albain Brothers4DefenseTwo units with excellent stats each, both very tanky and hit very hard, enough to kill Thugs on uneven levels. They’re resilient against AoE and that makes them excellent immediate damage on defense. Their Very Fast movement and ability to kill Thugs in one hit means they are not awful on offense; however, Neon and Blake, and other cheap cards, can usually defend against them safely because they cost 6.
5Atlesian Beam Turret4Defense, SupportABT is a slighty expensive unit that does pierce damage which can clear out small squads quickly. It can even hit the enemy turret when placed fully forward. But the damage is a little lacking against anything that's more tanky than WFs.
0Vomit Boy Jaune3CheapStatsA cheap tank unit without any perks. Outclassed by better options. He does at least one shot even level thugs, and because he is common he will still be even level with them on ladder, unlike epics.
1Nolan3CheapStatsNolan can stun locks most epic units out of their abilities. Or else he is stunning and reducing the DPS of a single unit. He even works as a simple meat shield or fodder to pull an enemy to the middle, where the turrets make quick work of them.
1Ribbon Blake3WinCon (Chip)Poor stats in exchange for a small amount of turret chip damage that the enemy has plenty of time to prepare for.
2Griffon3CheapStatsGriffon is fairly tanky and does high damage. However, it does not stand out for its cost or against other cards that fulfill similar roles.
2Rocket Yang3Defense, SupportThe knock back and massive AoE damage on Yang’s ability makes her an incredible Defense or offensive support, if she doesn’t get stopped by Torchwick or Fox. Her passive ranged AoE is nice, and further increases her strengths as a swarm killer no matter how tanky. The biggest weaknesses are her frailty and cost. Also, she doesn’t do pierce damage, so a very large push with long range support sometimes survives.
2White Fang Dropship3WinCon (Push)A classic push unit, in both swarm decks (Emerald flavor or not) and lower arena decks. The power of the Dropship is that enemies must stagger AoE or have some way to deal with both the Thugs waiting in the ship and the other support the enemy deploys with the Dropship.
3Coco3SupportOut-ranged by enemy range support and incapable of dealing with any swarm, but does quickly melt single units.
3Professor Port3Defense, SupportPort has average or low DPS and HP, but his shotgun style range means that it's on the low end more often than not. He is a poor midrange fighter and a poor swarm clearer. At best he can beat units in close combat when deployed defensively, but many units can do that for cheaper or threaten more offense after.
4Atlesian Burrow Gun3DefenseIt has strong single-target DPS and lots of HP. However, it is outranged by most range units, and cannot target flying units.
5The Apathy3WinCon (Push)The Apathy are entirely useless in all phases of the game except for one obvious trick: play them in the back and try to build up a big push. They cost too much, however, so there will never be enough DPS to clear out enemy defenses because you can't afford support and the Apathy do 0 damage. The Apathy are only ever useful when the enemy is so far behind in aura that almost anything can be played and you'd still win.
5White Fang Lieutenant3WinCon (Push)He has very high stats, even if they are not the most efficient. His unique attack can destory single targets, but he is often kited or swarmed.
8Atlesian Airship3WinCon (Value)It’s difficult to make an Airship deck work, because it gets blown up by Penny. Otherwise, it gets kited by range units like Shadow Blake and Cinder. However, the constant stream of meat shields can be good, if you can capitalize on them.
4King Taijitu2AssassinOn paper, stops Ursa. In practice, only bad Ursa players lose to King Taijitu.
White Fang Gunner Barracks
2SupportUnlike DS Den, it is much more expensive and the not good as a meat shield because of the loss in value. Individual Gunners are also very weak.
6May2SupportDies to Cinder or Penny or Zwei, does little even when she survives.
0AK-2001CheapStatsUse Gunners.
Baby Death Stalker Swarm
1DefenseSlow to start attacking, slow to kill many things, slow to move and push a turret, and dies to any AoE.
4Arslan Altan1AssassinUse Torchwick.
3Checkmate0N/ADue to poor design and bugs Checkmate is unrated at the moment. (If you must know, it's really really bad right now, NOT "poor design and bugs" in a good way.)
5Penny 2.00N/ARequires testing.
7Clover Ebi0N/ARequires testing.
7James Ironwood0N/ARequires testing.