TimestampNameEmail AddressPhone NumberAgeGenderSkill LevelNotes
3/9/2023 15:27:55Carlos've been playing soccer since I was 13 years old. I played high school and college soccer. the positions that I play is right def and goalkeeper. I used to play indoor soccer in San Jose CA but I moved to Livermore and I'm trying to find a team to keep in shape and keep my self active since its been almost 4 years that i stop playing. you can text me at cell phone (209)601-2772 or email me at which ever you preferred. Thank you.
3/7/2023 21:01:58Sam SaadatSssaadat@ucdavis.edu925325905431MaleCompetitiveSome college and semi pro experience. I now play recreational but miss the competitive games. I can play mid or defense. I enjoy quick one two passes and building the plays instead of blind long balls and 1 v 3 dribbles.
3/3/2023 21:33:08Craig ThiesenCrscth84@gmail.com38MaleRecreationalPlayed soccer back in grade school, just looking for a fun sport to play with a team.
3/1/2023 10:34:20Jamie McDowelljamie.mcdowell5821@gmail.com408209052535FemaleIntermediateI’ve played soccer for over 20 years. I played rec, class 3, class 1, and ODP. I’m left footed, very competitive and looking to get back out on the field for some fun! Im available any day, except thursdays. I can/will play any position but enjoy mid/forward the most, acting as a pass/play setter.
2/28/2023 11:30:40Madelyn Flores Kctico2000@yahoo.com908546287023FemaleRecreationalI played for 13 years and really want to get back out there . I play all positions except goalie. I prefer mid or forward. I’m a really good team player.
2/26/2023 21:56:18Nicolas Carrerancarrera1996@gmail.com26MaleRecreationalI played soccer my whole life and I considered myself quite good at the time. I stopped playing when I was 20 because I could not walk on at a college. My first position was forward, but then when I turned 11 I switched to Goalkeeper and played that position until I was done. I want to play to exercise and also play the sport that I loved growing up. I have played competitive soccer since I was 10 all the way through when I stopped at 20. I was on Club teams and we would travel all over the state and went as far as Las Vegas.
2/23/2023 6:13:00Susan lawso lawsonsue246@gmail.com270505322233FemaleCompetitivePlayed from youth through college in all field positions, generally midfield and in both indoor.outdoor soccer. Haven’t played in several years, so looking to dust off the rust and get back into the game I love
2/23/2023 5:21:16Susan lawso lawsonsue246@gmail.com270505322233FemaleCompetitivePlayed from youth through college in all field positions, generally midfield and in both indoor.outdoor soccer. Haven’t played in several years, so looking to dust off the rust and get back into the game I love
2/20/2023 18:32:12Alexis Smithlex01smith@gmail.com831594030926FemaleCompetitiveI am a former Division I and 4 year starting goalkeeper for UC Davis with 20+ years of experience. I prefer playing goalkeeper but I also have the foot skills to play as a defender or a forward. Looking to have fun while playing competitively again. I am available to play MTW during the week.
2/19/2023 6:30:44Arvind Sathesathe.arvind@gmail.com48MaleIntermediateI love the game. I played it a lot when I was younger. I’m looking for good company to enjoy this game with again.
2/17/2023 18:32:31Andrew Gandresace21@gmail.com510467874525MaleCompetitivePlayed on travel team since u6 all the way up to u19,
2/17/2023 18:31:36Gaspar Gamez jr Gasp813@gmail.com510967242722MaleCompetitiveI played 12 years of competitive soccer. 6-18 years old, for 3 different clubs. Played at a very high level from 14-18 (NPL 1).
Have played sporadically and non competitively since going through and finishing college. Will need to adjust to playing indoor as opposed to outdoor.
I am most comfortable as a defender/wingback, but can also play center defensive midfield. Although I am very flexible to wherever a position is needed (unless it’s goalie cuz I suck at being a goalie).
I am available on Fridays always, and some late games during the week depending on my work schedule.
All in all I’m here to get back to kicking the ball and to have fun, but will adjust to any and all team settings.
2/13/2023 22:17:31Pablo Maheda Salgadopmahedasalgado@ucdavis.edu30MaleIntermediateI can only play on weekday nights and I can play any positions except for goalie
2/7/2023 2:55:15ChrisChristryon82@gmail.com925566606640MaleCompetitiveHey all! I'm a goalie, played high school and college, class I soccer U-19
and currently play hockey as a goalie and softball as a shortstop. I've got about 10 years indoor exp and over 30 years soccer experience. Can also play forward (I converted to goalie in high school from forward) I played in San Ramon a few years back and took a break from indoor after dislocating my index finger and tearing my calf (both 100% now)

Email is best or just call, I don't have texting.

2/6/2023 16:03:00Terrence PriceT12T20price@gmail.com510363706933MaleIntermediateplayed since i was 5
2/5/2023 23:48:35Rachel brownRachelann81@hotmail.com707477077141FemaleRecreationalPlaying for fun
2/4/2023 13:13:48Luisluisgarcia1031@gmail.com559326475738MaleRecreationalPlayed soccer all my life up to 21. Would like to get back to it and get fit. I’ve played goalie for 10 years and can play right defense. I’m available any day after 5.
1/29/2023 23:58:23Diego Caveneciadiego.cavenecia@gmail.com510292731933MaleCompetitiveStriker or midfield. I could play goalie if we ever need it. I haven’t played In a few months. I started playing soccer since I was a kid and always competitive. Just moved to Danville and looking to get back to soccer.
1/28/2023 20:07:31Jared Jamisonjaredladdjamison@gmail.com925784696138MaleCompetitive
1/28/2023 13:27:42Justin Ottersonotterson@chapman.edu919412648922MaleIntermediatePlayed until the end of high school. My preferred positions are midfield or defense on the right or left sides.
1/26/2023 19:23:59Fred Jouckenfredjoke2000@yahoo.fr510345909241MaleIntermediateHi there, I am from Belgium and have always played recreational soccer since I am kid. I just moved to Castro Valley and am looking for leagues to play and have fun. I saw you have an over 40 league on Thursday night, that would be a good fit for me! Thanks
1/23/2023 23:13:29Martinmartingarciaangel15@gmail.com661645092920MaleCompetitive
1/18/2023 12:18:57John Looneyjmlooney@comcast.net925683878655MaleCompetitive
1/17/2023 6:17:55TerrenceT12t20price@gmail.com510363706933MaleIntermediatePlayed since I was 5 years old I can play anything except for goalie
1/16/2023 14:38:23TerrenceT12t20price@gmail.com510363706933MaleIntermediatePlayed since I was 5 years old I can play anything except for goalie
1/16/2023 14:35:46TerrenceT12t20price@gmail.com510363706933MaleIntermediatePlayed since I was 5 years old I can play anything except for goalie
1/15/2023 19:51:40Shawn Mowryshawn.mowry@gmail.com510552371538MaleRecreationalI’m quick and aggressive. I just love playing and want to get back into the game.
1/15/2023 14:21:09Sarah MirrMirr.sarah.15@gmail.com512997818322FemaleCompetitiveCompetitive Former ncaa d1 womens soccer player. Midfield/wide forward. Strong technical ability. Flexible schedule depending on hours. Looking to have fun but get some playing in as I look to play professionally overseas.
1/15/2023 10:46:57Camilo Canedocamilocanedo@hotmail.com650 410 042440MaleCompetitiveMidfield players. Originally from Mexico. Played my whole life and always part of school/college competitive teams. Recently moved to the east bay and looking to start playing again after the pandemic.
1/12/2023 23:09:09Jake AugustineJakeaugustine7@gmail.com1510575549125MaleIntermediateMy experience with soccer includes 4 years of playing soccer as a member of a local youth soccer league. Furthermore, I played one season as a member of the soccer team at my middle school in addition to playing indoor soccer/futsal for one semester at a local community college a few years ago. As of now, I can play most nights and feel comfortable playing at various positions with defender or forward as my preferred positions. Currently, I'm interested in joining a team and playing in a league as I enjoy playing soccer and wish to play it a competitive level while being able to have fun and exercise.
1/12/2023 16:13:15Justin Scriccajscricca@gmail.com669273920635MaleIntermediateI'm an active, competitive, and fun person looking to join any adult league. I played soccer competitively through high school but eventually gave it up do to a college track scholarship. In college I was a passionate competitive sprinter who played pickup soccer games during the off season. I'm a very quick a defender dying to get back on the field. I love soccer and team sports. Thank you for your consideration.
1/10/2023 9:58:52Jacob Rodriguesjacob19joseph01@gmail.com510459025221MaleCompetitiveI have been playing soccer since the age of 9, I have played both recreational starting out then moved to competitive. I excel the most in a forward position but can also play midfield.
1/10/2023 2:30:22Navid Arghandiwalnavid13gmi@gmail.com510305675532MaleCompetitiveI have been playing soccer all of my life. High school, college and university. Currently also playing.
1/8/2023 17:42:36Ignacio E. PerezSanchezgraphics@gmail.com415900640437MaleIntermediateI’ve played for 20+ years in traveling teams , intramural and Sat/sun leagues. I can play midfield or forward.
1/8/2023 14:59:11Yvette Carrillo Yvettecarrillo@hotmail.com415819639143FemaleRecreationalTo play for fun
1/8/2023 14:22:03Yvette Carrillo Yvettecarrillo@hotmail.com415819639143FemaleRecreationalTo play for fun
1/8/2023 12:22:04Tom Jancitomjanci@me.com510289935145MaleRecreationalM/45, massive fan of the game but no experience playing in an organized league. I play other competitive sports and exercise regularly (incl. running 4-5 miles/wk). Good with both feet, though Left foot dominant. Most interested in playing left back. Mainly looking to build skills and experience, exercise and have fun playing the greatest game in the world. I work from home and can play virtually any day of the week (would like to avoid Thursday evenings if possible). Feel free to reach out with any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!
1/7/2023 17:26:48Gastón Malasquez sandrawyche23@yahoo.com925216175515MaleCompetitivePlaying soccer since he was 3 years old . Played for different clubs in his country Peru. He has been representing his high school
1/7/2023 13:12:41Brandon Steinmobrandonsteinmo@me.com619606500536MaleIntermediateDidn’t play growing up, but picked up the game as an adult after military. Been playing GK for about 12 years. I’ve been playing consistently a couple times a week over at copa but I miss playing real indoor soccer.
1/6/2023 1:18:01Gar Walshgwalsh@gmail.com415691181639MaleIntermediatePlayed in goals for a 8 years through high school and college In Ireland. Can play outfield if needed although not to the same standard. Mostly looking for recreational games. Currently open to playing any day of the week.
1/4/2023 13:18:09Melissa Gutierrezmelissa.m.gutierrez@gmail.com925321691233FemaleCompetitivei've been playing for 28 years, i played d2 in college, left wing. i have been playing center mid and defense in coed leagues the last few years. im a utility player who can fill in anywhere, connect with a lot of different types of people, and likes to work hard and have fun.
1/4/2023 0:10:33Jake AugustineJakeaugustine7@gmail.com510-575-549125MaleIntermediateWith regards to my soccer experience, I played soccer for 4 years as a kid in a local youth soccer league. Furthermore, I played one season as part of my middle school soccer team. Also, when I was in college, I was enrolled in an indoor soccer class during the Fall 2018 semester and had the opportunity to relearn the basics and play games with my classmates. As of now, I'm interested in playing soccer again and being able to compete and meet new people while playing a sport I've enjoyed over the years.
1/3/2023 23:25:13HectorHeperez415@gmail.com415706254628MaleCompetitiveLooking to join and play competitively. Been playing since I was 4 years old.
1/3/2023 23:21:05Leslielesliegsalazar1@gmail.com209277985122FemaleCompetitiveI grew up playing soccer. Love it. Have played some college ball. Trying to get back into the shape and conditioning of things with soccer 2-3x a week. Need a team who will match my level.
1/3/2023 19:29:31michelle mazzeomichelle.mazzeo@gmail.com1414467271735FemaleIntermediatePlayed competitively until about 22, then just rec and pick up! I had to take a couple years off, and am getting back into soccer!
1/3/2023 18:30:06Leslielesliegsalazar1@gmail.com209277985122FemaleCompetitiveI grew up playing soccer. Love it. Have played some college ball. Trying to get back into the shape and conditioning of things with soccer 2-3x a week. Need a team who will match my level.
1/3/2023 17:00:26Tareq Ismailtareqismail@gmail.com408429410535MaleIntermediateGrew up playing soccer. A bit out of shape but can definitely contribute. Pretty average use of puns.
12/31/2022 9:46:28Julie Canejuliettecane@icloud.com415933080552FemaleRecreationalI played coed soccer in this league and Marin county for 10 years. Looking to get back into it in 2023
12/27/2022 14:15:04Nicolas Pacheconpacheco98@gmail.com925719980824MaleIntermediatePlayed soccer since I was 12, including 2 years of JV soccer and 2 years of competitive club soccer. I can play in any defensive position(except goalkeeper), but happy to play in other positions. Mostly have played in left back or center back. Mainly looking to have fun with a bit of friendly competition.
12/27/2022 11:12:21Jack FitchJrfitchusa@hotmail.com925786355617MaleCompetitiveI can play Monday and Tuesday nights but can change my schedule around game times if scheduled on other days. I have played all my life up until last year and played at the highschool level. I prefer a wing position or a forward position.
12/22/2022 16:21:37JasonJkonger@gmail.com925-550-621242MaleCompetitivePlayed GK at the collegiate level. One season of semi-pro (USL D3) with coaching at the collegiate level (D2) for three years. Have played in separate leagues over the years and can play on the field as well. Hoping to link up with a team for some fun and fitness. Open to most days of the week, pending my alternating work schedule.
12/22/2022 14:31:24MateoMateogoodson@gmail.com619368306622MaleRecreationalI played for 2 years as a goalie and defender. Mail position that I enjoy is defender but would love to move around and try new positions hopefully to get better. I can play Mondays, Wednesday and possibly Friday and the weekend. I mostly want to join a team again to practice and play some games just for enjoyment but mostly to have a form of exercise
12/17/2022 15:36:48MasseehMasseehrahman@gmail.com510501270635MaleIntermediateInterested in playing as a goalkeeper or defender.I am a football/basketball player by nature, but I enjoy soccer also. Although I have no formal experience, I have played pickup games before.
12/17/2022 15:04:19MasseehMasseehrahman@gmail.com510501270635MaleIntermediateInterested in playing as a goalkeeper or defender.I am a football/basketball player by nature, but I enjoy soccer also. Although I have no formal experience, I have played pickup games before.
12/14/2022 16:13:01Emiliano emilianoesparza@gmail.com510409731239MaleIntermediateHello, I’m looking forward to playing organized soccer this winter. I’m a 39 year old mid field player interested in playing 35 and over men or coed, or 40 and over men. I would be happy to play recreational or intermediate soccer with you . I’m a team player that enjoys having fun on the pitch. I enjoy playing with teams that promote collective playing via constant passing and encouragement. I currently play organized soccer in the fall and spring in other leagues.
12/13/2022 7:59:08Vasilybuzugan@yahoo.comalmost 67MaleRecreationalI lived soccer as a boy until about 14, then lost vision in one of my eyes and have not played much since. I'd like to get back to soccer recreationally, but unsure if I still have any technique left in me.
12/12/2022 22:43:04Neil Patelneilb.patel5@gmail.com201546283926MaleCompetitivePlayed soccer since I was a kid, playing intramurals in college. I played on the SF Metro FC team when I first moved out to the Bay Area, but recently haven't been playing. Looking to get back into and regain my fitness at the same time
12/11/2022 13:01:38Kayla Grishamkayla00452@gmail.com925719698821FemaleCompetitiveI played college soccer at Azusa Pacific University. I just finished my last season and still really want to play soccer. I play attacking midfield and outside back, but can play pretty much anywhere that is needed. I'm competitive so I am hoping to play for a team that wants to win and has fun while doing it. Please reach out if you have any other questions or are interested!
12/11/2022 11:09:05Peterpeter.cameron87@gmail.com315569003635MaleIntermediatePlayed relatively competitive soccer through high school, but haven’t played much since then. Just looking for a mildly competitive, fun team to kick around with.
12/10/2022 20:59:10Renata Youngrenata.young@gmail.com510334470041FemaleRecreationalPlayed in high school, and about the last 10 years in adult coed leagues, currently on a DASL team. I'm looking for extra play time to stay active and to improve skills. I can play any position, typically prefer forward. My work schedule is variable.
12/8/2022 15:38:56Emily Horaemilyhora1@gmail.com925787560820FemaleIntermediateI played soccer first through eighth grade. Play intramural in college. Love all positions except goalie!
12/6/2022 21:02:54Mirsad Masukicmmmgeneralcontractor@yahh.com1510258313956MaleIntermediateI have just moved to San Ramon and want to play soccer, i have played at Bladium Alameda for 10 years but it is litlle bit far for me now.
Please let me knew if any team need extra player
Thank you
12/6/2022 12:02:32Brian Feldmeierfeldysignups@gmail.com510501415538MaleCompetitivePlaying for over 25 years. Former college d1 player. Played in other adult mean and co-ed leagues before (competitive and recreational). It's bee 5 years since I've played, looking to play and have fun. I can keep up with competitive, but also don't mind just recreational or intermediate.
12/5/2022 18:53:17Maemaesandhu@ucdavis.edu510999230723FemaleIntermediateI played on comp teams up until 18, then played pickup during college sometimes. I haven’t played in a few years now but would love to pick it up again.. I’ve always played mid/defense but can attack.
12/5/2022 16:45:01Maria RamirezAiramzerimar80@gmail.com925428151540FemaleIntermediateI can adapt to any position, played over 10yrs indoor, and outdoor soccer, it has been 2yrs i havent played since i dont know anyone from the area would like to get back in shape to play i love soccer and enjoy the exercises that its involved!!!
12/4/2022 17:09:42Chrissa Karagiannis Chrissa.e.k@gmail.com925948510928FemaleRecreationalPlayed in childhood through high school. At the time, was JV and in travel teams. Have not played in years. Midfield. Just looking to have fun and meet new people.
12/2/2022 6:46:22Sergio MilanezSergiomilanezg@berkeley.edu510303283926MaleRecreationalPreferred Position: Striker
Years played: Recreationally all my life
Days of the week I cannot play: Sunday
Purpose: Want to exercise, have fun, and compete
12/1/2022 22:17:24Elmer Alfaroalelmer2096@gmail.com510892647326MaleRecreationalI can play any sunday/monday any time. I have played soccer all my life. I have not played in about 6 years I want to get back out there and touch the ball and play the beautiful game.
11/29/2022 18:43:12Jack Clucasjclucas270@gmail.com25MaleIntermediatePlayed from when I was a kid until Junior year of high school (hyper extension knocked me out) want to get back into the game. Played defense, left or right side, can play a defensive mid. Mostly want to get into it for exercise, but Im extremely competitive. Can play nights after 4 during the week and any time afternoon on weekends.
11/29/2022 8:59:38Yama FarouqiYamafarouqi@gmail.com510-552-208637MaleCompetitiveI've played pick up soccer 2x a week, for past 20 years.
5'6", 155lbs
Prefer right or left midfield, but strongest position is defender.
Feel free to contact me with any other questions.
11/27/2022 21:14:30Belle Songbelleyun77@gmail.com949943772927FemaleRecreationalPlayed club and rec soccer in college for 2 years but haven't played for many years since. I can play any position that is not goalkeeper, like to play forward. Looking to exercise and have fun!
11/27/2022 15:32:17Amy Kyhlakblack@yahoo.com415608620948FemaleCompetitiveNCAA D1 College Level Player - Midfielder. Post college play includes women and coed teams both indoor and outdoors for 18 years. Last time played in 2014. Interested in playing in the Women’s league.
11/25/2022 23:40:01Kedo Jacobkedojacob@uahoo.com510393509647MaleRecreationalPlay soccer as a Kid, all the way up to Highschool, Member of 1988'Jr. U.S.A Olympic team, just looking to have some fun
11/25/2022 3:01:13Ricky Gillrickygill01@gmail.com925708550131MaleCompetitiveI've played soccer for around 20 years now and I've played in pretty much every position over those years except GK. My preferred position is centre mid but I'm happy to play in any position (except GK). I've played in both recreational leagues and competitive leagues before. For days of the week, I should be able to adjust my schedule to play on any day of the week as long as the games are not very early or very late in the day.
11/24/2022 17:10:12noahnoahdavidgagne@gmail.com650346398319MaleRecreationalforward
11/21/2022 12:53:23EddieGeosilver90@sbcglobal.net909644611732MaleIntermediatePlayed throughout public school and Rec after. Can only play Sun-Tues. Looking for Coed, wife is interested as well with same skills and age. Can be competitive.
11/17/2022 13:11:56Enrique Kikiaranda707@gmail.com650)771-728245MaleCompetitive
11/16/2022 12:42:05Jennifer Li on an adult rec team over 15 years ago. Looking to play recreationally for fun and exercise. I am available M-F after 5pm.
11/16/2022 12:15:28Sofia Kernssofia.kerns@gmail.com925-826-950623FemaleCompetitivePlayed at a JC & 4 year
Coming back from injuries
Just want to start playing again
11/16/2022 11:41:20Matt Li Marzilimarzi21@gmail.com925999539135MaleRecreationalPlayed competitive in early teens and rec until 20. A bit out of shape and a bit rusty but decent player who knows the game. Open for week days after 5pm. Weekends open. Looking to have fun playing with nice people.
11/13/2022 22:15:29Austin LonestarAustin.lonestar7@gmail.com925858663228MaleIntermediatePlayed defense growing up but I am willing to mix it up in the midfield and up top as well. I played competitive when I was young. I havent played in years. Can play Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday. Definitely here to have fun and exercise but I am also extremely competitive so I want to win as well.
11/11/2022 9:35:11Kristyn Vaccarokristyn90210@hotmail.com1510882889540FemaleRecreationalPlayer and coach for 20 years. Love all positions (minus goalkeeper). Would love to consistently join a team if possible.
11/10/2022 23:28:32joaquinabelmargo209@gmail.com209685261922MaleCompetitiveive played soccer for 19 years, I can play any position on the. feild.
11/9/2022 17:54:41Daniel Dansteinert@gmail.com415867406142MaleIntermediate
11/9/2022 15:06:59Sergio Rodriguezs.rodriguez13@live.com650388200427MaleIntermediateHello, I have played soccer recreationally since I was 4 years old. I am an intermediate level player that enjoys playing in the mid field or as a forward.
11/8/2022 7:50:17Joshua Wauratus9@gmail.com510693530037MaleIntermediateI am new to the area and am looking to play 1-2 nights a week. I played in high school and have continued to play in adult leagues for the last 20 years. I prefer to play midfield or defense. I can play any day of the week.
11/7/2022 19:29:42Keshav Bhatnagarkeshavbhatnagar23@gmail.com925549238122MaleCompetitiveShort version: I was a nationally ranked soccer player who played on PDP teams (for the regionally best soccer players), was invited to a national team try out, was part of a few college ID camp all star teams, and got a few offers to play college soccer, the most notable being Penn State. I can play as a midfielder (my ideal position), a right or left back, and a right or left wing. I'm looking to play competitively at least twice a week and my weekday availability depends on what time the team plays (I'm free anytime on the weekends).

Long version:
Hello my name is Keshav and I've been playing soccer for 15 years now. I fell in love with the sport when I moved to France at the age of 7, which kicked off my competitive soccer career.

After moving back to the U.S., I tried out for the premier (or first teams) of Ballistic United, Mustang, and San Ramon. I was fortunate to get offers from all three but ultimately chose Ballistic as their possession style soccer suited me better. I started off as an attacking mid and filled the number 10 and 8 role, but gradually became more versatile and have played as a right back, left back, and on the wings.

A couple years later I was part of the starting 11 and helped my team win the state cup in the highest division. During this time, I was also part of PDP. A year later I was called up to ID2 where around 60 players across the U.S. participated in an invitation only try out in Arizona for the national team. From California, only three people were invited (including me). Ballistic United soon got approved for an academy team which I was accepted to and I played there for a couple years until I aged out. During this time, I trained with DeAnza Force in a joint Ballistic-DeAnza collaboration and was invited to join their academy team after I aged out from Ballistic's academy because Ballistic was not approved for an older academy team. After a lot of thinking, I decided not to accept the offer because the coach left to train the national team and he was the main reason why I would've joined the team. The coach leaving coupled with the long commute from San Ramon and necessity to keep up my grades made me decide to stay with Ballistic and play in the NPL.

Playing in the NPL allowed me to try out for my high school's team (Dougherty Valley high school) for the first time. As a sophomore, I ended up making varsity and started almost all of the games. At the end of the season, the league awarded me an honorable player award and I was the only sophomore to have gotten it.

At this point I was a rising junior and my summer was packed with college ID camps as my goal was to play college soccer. I was selected to be on the all star team (compromised 35 of the best players from a roughly 100-200 person camp) at UCSD, Duke, and Dartmouth. I was offered to play at a few schools, the most notable being Penn State but decided not to because my goal was to play at UCSD and I was one of the three players that the coach was deciding between. Unfortunately, I didn't make the cut but things worked out because I ended up going to UCLA and having a great time, despite not playing competitive soccer - I was burnt out and decided to take a break and try out for the club team later, but then COVID hit.

Now, I'm looking to get back into competitive soccer and I hope to join your team :)
11/5/2022 18:23:53Micommmgeneralcontractor@yahoo.com510 258-313958MaleCompetitiveI mostly play midlle and forword, i have played at Bladium in Alameda for 10 years
11/1/2022 19:40:25Samear AsefiSamear.asefi@yahoo.com707515815130MaleCompetitiveStriker, played soccer for 10+ years. Looking to play D1 Coed or D3
11/1/2022 19:16:04Samear AsefiSamear.asefi@yahoo.com707515815130MaleCompetitiveStriker, played soccer for 10+ years. Looking to play D1 Coed or D3
11/1/2022 18:09:53Armando armandor2015@gmail.com925785684926MaleCompetitiveCompetitive but chill. I like playing all over field, defense and offense.
11/1/2022 11:41:12Tatiana Kleintat2college@gmail.com408507427423FemaleRecreationalPreferred position: Mid (I have running stamina from running track and XC in college! 2017-2020)
Total years played: 10
Days of the week can play: weekdays after 5, weekends anytime
11/1/2022 9:37:50Joe calvey Calveyjoe@gmail.com650669333039MaleCompetitiveBeen playing football my whole life. Ruptured my Achilles for years ago playing. Want to come back playing competitively now. Not in the best of shape but looking to improve. Also looking to bring my brother on board who is in much better shape than me.
10/22/2022 13:34:11Philip 925725911929MaleCompetitiveVery good player. Just looking to have a good time, and be part of a good team spirit! :)
10/17/2022 18:57:23Miguelelmike88@hotmail.com925394614934MaleIntermediateHi everyone, I would like to start playing soccer again and have some fun. Also it would be nice to meet new people. It would be nice to hangout sometime after playing.
10/16/2022 14:56:44Kezia Yifruyifrukezia@gmail.com510294923637FemaleIntermediateI’ve played sweeper, center-mid and forward and am pretty versatile. Started playing when I was five until my mid-20’s—soccer is a big part of my growing up.

I’m free to play any day of the week. I love the sport and want to get back into it while also getting back into shape.
10/16/2022 14:55:12Kezia Yifruyifrukezia@gmail.com510294923637FemaleIntermediateI’ve played sweeper, center-mid and forward and am pretty versatile. Started playing when I was five until my mid-20’s—soccer is a big part of my growing up.

I’m free to play any day of the week. I love the sport and want to get back into it while also getting back into shape.
10/14/2022 16:55:00Jorge mongejmonge1977@yahoo.com510.512525244MaleIntermediate
10/14/2022 16:10:49Fahadfadhil.fahad@gmail.com39MaleCompetitiveI play mostly forward. I play Sundays 11 v 11 men outdoor and have been playing for a while.