8/19/2021 18:34:07Efren Sanchezmrsanlow@gmail.com510305828923MaleRecreationalHi everyone, I am looking to join a team for recreational/competitive purposes. I am tired of working and sleeping, I want to do something else in my daily life.Preferred field position is Defense but I am open to anything. My second option is Goalie. Total years played is about 1 year. I am open to play any day in the afternoon. I have school Thursdays all day so I will be busy. I am here to workout and practice to become better. I consider myself intermediate level. I am an extrovert and I can get along with anyone. Team dynamics is important. I am definitely on team work. Feel free to text me or email me if interested.
8/16/2021 15:52:48Harrisonharrisonmaze@yaoo.com541977730027MaleIntermediatePlayed all through high school, did some youth coaching in college, I know the game well but mostly looking to have fun! I'm super reliable and eager to get out there. Shoot me a text and lets see if I'm a good fit for your team.
8/16/2021 12:42:11Samuel Kramerskrame18@gmail.com415846440625MaleRecreationalHello everyone! I am a soccer player in my mid twenties with twelve years of club soccer experience. I am looking for a fun team to play for with a can do attitude. My preffered position is anywhere you need me except for goalie. I dont mind playing goalie sometimes as long as it's not all the time. A little more about myself, I am a recent uc davis graduate and biologist who enjoys playing guitar, weightlifting and of course soccer! I hope to find a fun coed team to play for. Thanks.
8/11/2021 19:12:41Rhyan Hughesrhyan_hughes@yahoo.com925305636927MaleIntermediateI grew up playing soccer, football and baseball throughout high school. I played IM soccer while in college at CSULB and am currently a PE teacher!
8/11/2021 19:11:15Madeline Howardmadeline_howard16@yahoo.com925324867929FemaleIntermediateI played soccer competitively throughout high school and continued on to club soccer at the university of Texas. I have taken about 6 years off and am currently working as a physical therapist. Looking to join a team to go back out on the field after quite a few years and have some fun!
8/11/2021 15:23:17Esra E. Ezgiesraezgi@gmail.com415735877144FemaleRecreational
8/11/2021 0:06:44Sofi Naprawasofinaprawa804@gmail.com925876326421FemaleCompetitiveI played competitively for Mustang for 5 years and now play club for my college
8/9/2021 10:02:14Rubenrmunguia88@yahoo.com510734790732MaleIntermediatePlayed from youth in college and a rec league in San Francisco before my move to the area. Preferably in goal followed by defense and forward.
8/9/2021 9:04:18Rubenrmunguia88@yahoo.com510734790732MaleIntermediatePlayed from youth in college and a rec league in San Francisco before my move to the area. Preferably in goal followed by defense and forward.
8/8/2021 20:18:33Jenn Tujmartelle@gmail.com415793070340FemaleCompetitiveI played year round club soccer growing up, then D1 college for a couple years. I prefer midfield position, bit I don’t mind defense or forward. I like to move the ball a lot, and I don’t mind running. I’m not as spry as I was in my 20s, but would still consider myself competitive for adult rec soccer leagues.
8/7/2021 23:17:30Adiadiruiz1@hotmail.com925858641223FemaleCompetitivePlayed soccer since I was 9 and played at the collegiate level.
8/7/2021 21:41:27Adiadiruiz1@hotmail.com925858641223FemaleCompetitivePlayed soccer since I was 9 and played at the collegiate level.
8/7/2021 20:16:51AlpALPARA13@YAHOO.COM925915876944MaleCompetitive
8/5/2021 19:28:50Constantine Charvetcharvet96@gmail.com25MaleCompetitive22 years playing soccer. Any position ok. Club experience: PAC Tigres 94’ 1 year, DFC 95’ 2 years, Ballistic United SC 2 years, Heritage Soccer Club 1 year, IMPACT SC 10 years. College experience: Marymount California University 1 year, Las Positas College 3 years.
Played in many indoor games.
8/5/2021 16:31:25Demian Bannisterdemian_bannister@yahoo.com707-486-074850MaleIntermediateHey my name is Demian Bannister, I played soccer in High School forever ago, then coached both my kids for several years. About 6 years ago I started playing indoor at the East Bay Sports (Cabernet) location in Livermore and played men's 30+ until the COVID shut down. I have also played on a co-ed outdoor team for the last 4 years.
Don't let my age fool you, I'm in above average conditioning and can play all minutes of indoor without needing a sub (but I'm happy to sub out to let everyone get equal play time if we have the roster to support it). I typically play midfield, which for indoor is all over the field. Probably looking for men's 40+ in San Ramon and I could recruit some players from my Livermore team if your team needs several players.
Outdoor starts up again next month for the first time post-covid but I'm looking forward to also playing indoor again!
8/5/2021 15:43:58Nasrine Ghanaat Nzp92717@yahoo.com925557814236FemaleCompetitivePretty much almost anyday and I haven’t really played before . But I want competition . As in being on team and points and stuff. Thanks
8/4/2021 16:27:55Alex 233-746336MaleRecreationalTalent peaked in elementary school. Played on my high school freshman team (and coached throughout high school), have been out of it since then. Good fitness (runner), can play Mondays or Wednesdays, happy to play any position except goalie.
8/3/2021 11:46:18Conor Dwyerconor.dwyer@gmail.com203278074138MaleCompetitiveLooking for a high-level of play (high school/college). Primarily a defender. 6'4", 180lbs, pretty quick. I played from youth to a year in HS, but then picked it up again living in South Africa and Brazil for 2 years each.
8/1/2021 22:58:52Anis 257-402623MaleCompetitiveExtensive experience playing soccer on both a recreational and competitive level. Played in multiple positions across midfield and attack throughout high school and college. Evening games/practices preferred. Look forward to joining the community!
7/31/2021 21:10:26JD Danielsonjltbd@att.net1925858111458MaleIntermediateI play all pitch positions as well as keeper. I do not mind playing keeper, but I do not want to do it full time, as I would a little time to run around the pitch with everyone. I am familiar with all positions. I have been playing since I was 8. I played sweeper in college (when we played with sweepers) as well, but that was a long time ago. I play in a men's over 50 competitive league on Sundays and an over 30 Coed league in Alameda. I am looking to get closer to home with my soccer. I will play men's or coed. I love both. I am a licensed coach for soccer. I have coached class 1 soccer for Bay Oaks and San Ramon Soccer clubs. I am also a lot of fun and I am very talkative on the pitch.
7/30/2021 22:39:17Morgan LampleyMorgant.lampley@gmail.com925337336727FemaleIntermediateI played soccer for 15 years, but it has been a while since I played. Favored position is right back, but I’m open to anything on defense.
7/27/2021 9:31:58HariAswinharry@gmail.com607297090633MaleIntermediateHave played this beautiful game for more than 15 years. Trying to play again after 4 years and getting back to shape. I can play at cm, cam.
7/26/2021 17:35:01Abhishek savantAbhi180186@gmail.com509290319635MaleIntermediateMiddle field or defense, currently play in SfSL league in San Francisco
7/23/2021 10:55:46Ishai Craneishai.crane@gmail.com832284524043MaleRecreationaljust moved to CA. been awhile since i've played. looking to get in shape, get back to playing, and find some weekend pickup games. i will be really rusty. Typically play defense but come up for corners.
7/22/2021 8:10:44YeseniaCarrilloyesenia27@gmail.com510600268825FemaleCompetitive
7/20/2021 8:34:17YeseniaCarrilloyesenia27@gmail.com510600268825FemaleCompetitive
7/20/2021 1:58:58Richard Lujanrichardm.lujan@yahoo.com925858002525MaleRecreational
Looking to get some good exercise while working towards an objective. I played Varsity Lacrosse in highschool. Played a good amount of pick up soccer games. I am looking for another avenue to better myself and learn.
7/19/2021 15:55:01Harrison Mazeharrisonmaze@yahoo.com541977730026MaleIntermediateI played soccer all through high school but haven't been on the field in at least 5 years. Mostly just looking to meet new people and get some exercise, winning is great but far from a priority. I'm available weekdays after 5pm and most weekends. I'm open to playing any position but enjoy midfield the most. Hope someone picks me up, I'd love get back on the field and have some fun!
7/16/2021 7:09:05Lucas SatterleeLucassatterlee223@gmail.com530863361328MaleCompetitivePlayed my whole life. Moved down as Covid started. Looking to join a team to enjoy the game. Just looking to enjoy the game and get exercise.
7/14/2021 11:55:13Lucas hiratalucashirata@gmail.com323229515043MaleRecreationalIf you need someone to play at the DEFENSE, I'm available to play once per week in a recreational level
7/11/2021 14:12:22Katy Duffy-Sherrkduffysherr@gmail.com925915028634FemaleRecreationalI played soccer in high school. Haven't really played since. I usually played defense/ sweeper
7/3/2021 21:15:52SandraSandra.susana.ruiz@gmail.com510755871250FemaleRecreationalI was on a recreational team for many years. I am new to San Ramon and hoping to connect with coed or women’s team. I like playing defense most.
7/2/2021 1:52:08Lacey Lopez laceyklopez@gmail.com925344165824FemaleIntermediatePlayed soccer for 12 years and haven’t played in 6 years (little rusty). I play forward and midfield. I also prefer to play sundays or Monday’s. I’m looking to get back into soccer to reconnect to my old passion, to get exercise, to have fun, and get competitive!
7/1/2021 14:39:37Emmanuel Chagollaechagolla1@gmail.com831246162936MaleIntermediateI'm new to the area and looking to join a squad. I've played competitive soccer my entire life. I'm looking to join a team to have fun and stay healthy. I'm a forward but I enjoy setting up my teammates to score. I can play any day except Tuesday nights. I'm interested in playing with all levels.
6/30/2021 19:35:02Michelle Loganmlogandesign@ymail.com415-404-290046FemaleIntermediateI am a defender center or defender left or a midfielder. I am happy to play goalie as well as a sub. I have over 15 years experience I prefer to play co-ed soccer. I can hold my own against anyone with a smile.
6/27/2021 19:28:30Nicolas I am Nico, I come from France, I moved to Walnut Creek during the pandemic after 5 years in Burlingame and I can't wait to play again! I started playing soccer at the age of 12 and I used to play on Sundays in the over 35 PSL in Palo Alto. I can play pretty much anywhere on the field with a preference for Midfield/Forward. I am pretty competitive but I am looking for a fun time with friends. Thank you
6/23/2021 0:43:40Javier Lijlisam13@gmail.com626375600830MaleCompetitiveI have been playing since I was 7, mostly recreationally and some competitively (college) both futsal and regular soccer. I like to play as a central midfielder but happy to play in any position. I can play most days except for Saturday.
6/21/2021 23:08:09Krishelle N Hardson-Hurleykhardsonhurley@gmail.com858682681632FemaleIntermediatePlayed soccer recreationally from 7th grade until I was 26. Since moving to the bay area 5 years ago, I haven't been able to find a place to play/a new soccer community. I now work remotely full time and am looking to get back in the game for fun. I have years playing in both indoor and outdoor settings. With outdoor I typically played midfield (wing) and indoor played a lot of defense/midfield. I'm really looking to be a part of a soccer community in the bay area! Flexible on days I am available, but prefer weekdays. Thanks in advance!
6/21/2021 18:26:06Sudeep Deshpandesudeep.s.deshpande@gmail.com617943523743MaleIntermediate
6/20/2021 22:29:12Kamran Matinkamran.matin@ymail.com1925918266019MaleCompetitiveI am a versatile player that can play any position, but my preferred position is midfield. I have played soccer for my entire life for Ballistic United Soccer Club. I played on the academy team when I was 14 and then played for the highest level team until graduating from high school. In addition I played Men's Varsity Soccer at Foothill High School all 4 years. I currently play for the UC Davis Men's Club Soccer team. I am open to playing for any team, I would like to play for multiple teams in different leagues such as the Coed open and Men's open teams. As of right now I am able to play any day except Fridays.
6/17/2021 17:48:10Juan Gonzalez0505gonzalez@gmail.com510434629029MaleRecreationalHi, I’m looking for a team to join. I played soccer in high school, and futsal on and off throughout the years. I’m looking for a team to join to improve my skills, train hard and have fun in competitive matches.
6/16/2021 21:14:35Eric Kellareric.kellar@gmail.com1925683042040MaleCompetitivePlayed select soccer until high school then had to choose a winter sport and focused on basketball. Have played in several adult soccer leagues over the years and love to play and compete! I am tall and like to think I'm very athletic and competitive.
Always played forward and attacking/scoring roles as a child and adult but am up for playing anywhere needed.
6/16/2021 12:11:00Grant Yipledge20@hotmail.com209204426842MaleIntermediateI like to play in the midfield. I have been playing since I was a child. Open to any day of the week.
6/15/2021 11:07:02Rosario herrera.rosario0@gmail.com24FemaleRecreationalForward
6/14/2021 22:03:13Aidan Tuaidantu2@gmail.com925300802718MaleCompetitiveI am currently playing for my D3 college team at Pitzer and would like to play on an indoor team this summer to get some more touches and in-game experience. While I am playing collegiate soccer, I don't intend to be a complete tryhard unless the situation calls for it - I'm here for fun because I miss indoor soccer. I play striker, but would be fine playing anywhere besides goalkeeper. I leave for college mid August but I hope that isn't too much of a problem. Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to playing with you!
6/14/2021 16:32:58Steven Romanoffsteven.romanoff@gmail.com925315232937MaleIntermediateHave played soccer my entire life and can play any position. Have played Coed-Indoor in San Ramon and Livermore for 10+ years. Open to COED or MEN's 35+. Live in Danville.
6/13/2021 14:47:34Remo Leone Laudorleonelaudo@gmail.com786719667127MaleIntermediateMoved to Danville from Miami a year ago. Used to play in local indoor soccer leagues in Miami. Since moving to California I played in an 11v11 league in concord prior to the pandemic. I play defense primarily (CB or fullback) but I can also play in the midfield if needed.
6/12/2021 11:25:50Alvin CheungSfalvin@gmail.com26MaleIntermediateI played soccer for 12 years before stopping and going to college. I want to get back into the field and enjoy the joys of soccer again. I’m capable of playing defense and offense, but primarily played defense for most of my playing years.
6/11/2021 313505115528MaleIntermediateHello guys,
I've been playing soccer since my childhood. I usually play in the back ( defending position) but open to playing any position. I play soccer for fun and like to encourage everyone to play as a team. My work ends at 5: 30 pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday (once in a while) until 3:00 pm. Weekdays after 6:00 pm, Saturdays after 3:00 pm and Sunday all day will work for me. Don't hesitate to ask any questions about me.

Thank you,
6/9/2021 4:52:05Jay Gimajaygima@gmail.com925-984-587517(turning 18 June 25)MaleCompetitiveDear Reader,

My preferred field position is forward, but I can play defense as well. I am a fast and speedy player, a little crafty with my feet, use the walls to my advantage, know plays designed for indoor, and a winner. I've played indoor soccer my whole life, and I've played outdoor since 7th grade, won 3 tournaments in 4 appearances in outdoor. I've also helped coach along with my dad with my sister's soccer teams. With many years of indoor experience, I like to think I have a natural feel and IQ for the game of indoor soccer. I'm a winner, and I hate losing more than I love winning, and with that, I'm a team player and love to be talkative with my teammates and lift our team spirit by being competitive. I don't care if we're down by three or up by three, I always give 110% and will always be competitive. I also know what matchups would be smart for certain teammates and know how to rile up opponents. If I know my opponent well enough, I would share the info with our team. The game of indoor soccer goes by quickly, so every possession matters and the ball never stops rolling. I would love to play for any team and win some games. My availability is any day during the week. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jay Gima
6/1/2021 22:07:46Connie Iglesias Gsm4e21@yahoo.com510213598244FemaleRecreationalI played for SF state in college, coed in SR ten years ago.
6/1/2021 9:32:00Connie Iglesias Gsm4e21@yahoo.com510213598244FemaleRecreationalI played for SF state in college, coed in SR ten years ago.
5/31/2021 16:15:01MatthewMatthewcrnl17@gmail.com925334420518MaleCompetitive
5/26/2021 16:00:37Cesar Cradeya301@gmail.com925278838727MaleIntermediate
5/26/2021 0:03:18Cesar Cradeya301@gmail.com925278838727MaleIntermediate
5/25/2021 20:17:13Wahidwaibrahimy@gmail.com619317546631MaleCompetitiveI played in multiple teams as Forward and Winger, It has been 3 years I didn't play and wants join a team again.
5/21/2021 20:09:19Alyssaalyssamotekaitis@yahoo.com925719597025FemaleIntermediatePlayed competitive D1 soccer from age 8 to 17
5/20/2021 21:39:22Erin Simserinmsims@yahoo.com510710995533FemaleRecreationalI played soccer every year of my life from the the ages of seven to 18. I was on my high school's varsity soccer team all four years (captain senior year) and played on competitive club leagues in the summer. I was first introduced to indoor soccer around the age of 12 when my club team formed an indoor team at the San Ramon location. In my twenties, I played indoor on and off (including playing at this sports center and in San Ramon and Alameda) on coed and women's teams.

I miss playing a ton and would love to jump back in. I'm rusty and it would probably be best if I started on a recreational team. As for positions, I mostly play defense but really enjoy being up top on offense. I'm open to playing on a coed or women's team. I'm available Tuesday-Friday.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions. Thanks! - Erin
5/16/2021 19:30:32Christian Hegelegiggi14@gmx.de925413674234MaleIntermediate
5/16/2021 18:19:33Sydney Polichsydpolich@gmail.com925-642-011021FemaleRecreationalHello! I am a student at Saint Mary's in Moraga, CA, and I am looking to get back involved in soccer. I played recreationally for many years as a child / teenager, and I played on an intramural team as a freshman in college. I am available during most evenings, so let me know if you need an extra player!
5/10/2021 13:28:19Yasmin Escobar Moreno 245 Reflection DR, Unit 12, San Ramon, 94583573953682822FemaleCompetitiveI am new to the area and looking for opportunities to play competitive soccer. I played collegiate soccer for four years, and I’m looking to get back in shape and continue playing the sport! ⚽️ I am available to play M-F in the evenings after 5:30pm and on weekends.
5/6/2021 21:35:50Jose L Bocanegrajose.l.bocanegra8@gmail.com510650668826MaleIntermediateHello, I have played soccer on and off my entire life. As a Colombian, this is in my blood. U prefer to play defense. Left or right back is my preferred position. I can also play in the wings. I can play in the evenings almost any day but prefer playing during the day on the weekends.
5/6/2021 17:58:53Leel.s.mitchell148@gmail.com650302193333MaleCompetitiveopen for day of week just seeing what leagues have started again and if any teams need a player
5/2/2021 22:19:53Grant Yipledge20@hotmail.com209204426842MaleIntermediateI like to play in the midfield. I have been playing for 20 + years.
5/2/2021 15:09:42McKay EricksonMckayerickson11@gmail.com480-709-664421MaleCompetitiveI play midfield and forward. Played club ball and high school soccer. Will be playing college soccer come fall time. I am looking to stay in shape until then
5/2/2021 12:20:21Victor Chanvichan2@gmail.com44MaleIntermediateI played soccer since elementary school with 38 years of experience. I used to play forward and I now play more in the mid-field. I can play most weekday afternoon/evenings and most weekend mornings. Though I played in competitive leagues before in Berkeley/Fremont/Larkspur/San Francisco/Union City/Alameda, I now look for soccer opportunity to exercise and have fun for the love of playing soccer.
4/26/2021 18:47:58Esra E. Ezgiesraezgi@gmail.com415735877144FemaleRecreationalI grew up watching soccer games and played a little as a kid... I was a very passionate soccer fan as a kid. As an adult I love watching my kids play and help them practice.
This will be my first time joining a soccer team and I am really excited! am hoping to join a team of individuals who love to play soccer and a team that provides an environment for everyone to improve their skills while having fun!
4/24/2021 17:20:25Alp ALPARA13@YAHOO.COM925915876944MaleCompetitive
4/24/2021 9:37:44Hassan SiddiquiHsiddiqui4@gmail.com203260024731MaleRecreationalJust here to get back into playing soccer recreationally. Usually play in defence.
4/20/2021 11:36:10Benjamin Alderotybalderoty@gmail.com732865560627MaleCompetitiveI've played competitive soccer my whole life, eventually playing division 3 soccer at Carnegie Mellon University. My preferred position is forward. I'm a decently big guy at 6' 2" and 200 pounds, who's in good shape and has some pace. My style is a mix of holding the ball up and making through runs. I'm also a big fan of set pieces & heading the ball. Obviously I'm open to playing into any system, but those are my strengths. I'm looking for a competitive men's league, weeknights preferred. Open to 7v7, 8v8, 11v11.
4/20/2021 11:24:28Eduardo Andradeeddiegardaworld@gmail.com747-444-611833MaleIntermediateI have played Soccer my whole life, I played College Soccer for 2 years. I just started to play again and would love to join a team that loves to win and have fun doing it.
4/20/2021 11:22:13Josefina Velezeagomez510@gmail.com510-517-816239FemaleRecreationalI have played on and off for about 10 years, I play defense and I love to win.
4/19/2021 10:28:29Spencer Carbajalspencer@gcarbajalinsurance.com925451880328MaleIntermediateI have played soccer my whole life. I can competently play all over the field forward midfield and defense. My preferred positions are through midfield and forward. I played youth soccer for mustang playing for travel teams and most recently I played club soccer at Saint Mary's College. I believe myself to be a very skilled player if a little rusty. I am looking for some people that want to have fun playing soccer who are competitive but wont let that get in the way of having fun.
4/10/2021 21:31:33Matt Schapanskymatthew.schapansky@gmail.com808463487737MaleCompetitiveI typically play in the midfield and I've been playing since I was 4 so for 30 + years. I'm playing to get exercise but I'm competitive and want to win. I'll be fully vaccinated on 4/30/21 and I'm looking forward to joining a team.
4/1/2021 19:45:57John Woodjohn.wood014@gmail.com925321205731MaleCompetitiveI’ve been playing soccer for 21 years played on traveling teams and throughout high school, since then a variety of adult leagues. I have missed out on playing since the pandemic. I play mostly attacking positions, but can play anywhere. Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, and Saturday’s are the best days for me to be able to play.

Feel free to reach out through phone or email if you have any questions.
3/31/2021 1:52:55Moises FloresMoisesflores34@gmail.com510907022521MaleRecreationalI’ve played soccer competitively since I was 5 up until 18. I am 21 now and I want to get back to playing. I want to play to excercise and lose some weight, while having fun and getting my confidence and touch back. I am available to play any day excluding Saturday and Sunday.
3/30/2021 21:46:23Moises FloresMoisesflores34@gmail.com510907022521MaleRecreationalI’ve played soccer competitively since I was 5 up until 18. I am 21 now and I want to get back to playing. I want to play to excercise and lose some weight, while having fun and getting my confidence and touch back. I am available to play any day excluding Saturday and Sunday.
3/25/2021 22:31:49Amir kheirAmirhossein.kheirabady@gmail.com267902953631MaleCompetitiveMidfield, played since 10, can play 2 times a week. Used to play semi-professional back in high school
3/21/2021 17:52:16Jake Leperejlepere2@yahoo.com925858827326MaleCompetitivePlayed goalie on varsity in high school at Cal. Would be willing to play a half in goal and another on the field.
3/20/2021 15:03:24Taerim kimrlaxofla732@gmail.com518469682729MaleCompetitive
3/19/2021 16:54:26Karen villarrealKvrreal93@icloud.com415465063327FemaleIntermediateI have played since I was 7years old until a couple of years ago. I am out of shape but I do love playing soccer I can play any position. Goalie is the only one I’m not really that good at but anything else I can play.
3/19/2021 16:54:15Karen villarrealKvrreal93@icloud.com415465063327FemaleIntermediateI have played since I was 7years old until a couple of years ago. I am out of shape but I do love playing soccer I can play any position. Goalie is the only one I’m not really that good at but anything else I can play.
3/8/2021 21:55:23Joey Kemlerjkemler@dons.usfca.edu28MaleCompetitiveHello,

My name is Joey Kemler, I am from Omaha, NE and have lived in the Bay Area for almost 6 years now. Soccer is my favorite sport, I try and stay around the game as much as possible, whether it's coaching or playing. I played collegiate soccer at Hastings College (NAIA) where we competed nationally each year. Before graduating, I was fortunate enough to travel abroad and play in England for a short time (which feels like forever ago). During my career I played as an attacking mid or winger. I haven't been able to play for over a year now due to COVID and am really looking forward to playing again. While I am normally quite competitive, right now I would just love to kick the ball around with some other humans, so I am open to playing any position and at any level of competition.

3/3/2021 22:53:26Neha Nibberneha.nibber@gmail.com925997121922FemaleCompetitivePlayed since the age of 4, played competitive ever since I was eligible, San Ramon Soccer NPL Premier Team - played till 18, DVHS Varsity Soccer (2 years), played in college (occasionally) for fun! Center-mid (most of the time), forward, can play on the wings too. No preference on day, but after 6PM on weekdays.
2/15/2021 14:45:55Soren Dhooredhoore.soren@gmail.com650772237530MaleIntermediateHi,

I am a Belgian male (30 years old) who moved to the Bay Area 1 year ago. During my whole youth and early adult life I played soccer on a competitive level (3 trainings per week + weekend game). I used to play as a central defender, but I am open to play other positions. I would very much want to pick up soccer again and I am available every day of the week during evenings or during daytime in weekends. Very excited to join a team and have fun together!

2/11/2021 17:57:30JuniorJahzelcastillo19@gmail.com415572758026MaleRecreationalI usually play RB or CB when playing pick up soccer. I can play M-F after 4 and anytime on the weekends. I have been playing since I was 8 years old and enjoy playing for fun.
2/9/2021 10:38:32Alexis garciaAlexisgarcia571883@gmail.com510407357824MaleRecreational
2/7/2021 18:20:09Fernando SaavedraFernycb71@yahoo.com510303785127MaleIntermediateDefense, played soccer since 15 years old through high school senior year. I am looking to get back into soccer. I play defense.
2/6/2021 22:54:17Fernando SaavedraFernycb71@yahoo.com510303785127MaleIntermediateDefense, played soccer since 15 years old through high school senior year. I am looking to get back into soccer. I play defense.
1/31/2021 14:44:25Isac ulloaIsaculloa@yahoo.com510372440230MaleRecreationalExcercise and have fun
1/24/2021 12:46:47Fernandofernandoaguila13@gmail.com1925488825128MaleRecreationalHere to meet new people/connections, regain my stamina, and have fun. Have played the game since I was a kid but not always been the best.
I can fill almost any position depending on what the team needs.
1/21/2021 18:49:36Alexis garciaAlexisgarcia571883@gmail.com510407357824MaleRecreational
10/20/2020 15:48:21Allee195819@gmail.com925247850947MaleRecreational
10/19/2020 13:18:39Gerardo Alvarezalvarezgera14@yahoo.com925301354726MaleCompetitive
10/14/2020 23:32:56Oscaroscarasantos91@gmail.com925470591029MaleIntermediateI was a coach for Ajax east bay for 05 and 07. I play cb or cdm.
10/14/2020 15:40:03Oscaroscarasantos91@gmail.com925470591029MaleIntermediateI was a coach for Ajax east bay for 05 and 07. I play cb or cdm.
10/10/2020 22:41:05Bryan Guevarabrrayan207@gmail.com510350613821MaleIntermediatealways had the dream to play soccer, i dont usually played a lot but im good at it
10/3/2020 12:40:23Lauren Milanilducotescu@gmail.com408313092329FemaleCompetitiveI am a former college soccer player that has continued to play recreationally in my free time. I have played in the A & B divisions in the Diablo Adult League for the team, Masters and Amigos. My preferred position is striker or outside mid. However, I am very versatile as I have a lot of experience playing as an attacking left back or central midfielder during my club soccer years.
9/21/2020 13:09:46George Riatgreatoak19@yahoo.com951-795-568628MaleCompetitiveplayed my entire life. some college experience. Overall great player. Can play any position. mostly a midfielder.