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TimestampNameEmail AddressPhone NumberAgeGenderSkill LevelNotes
9/25/2017 14:14:06Timothy CarlinTim.carlin@gmail.com619-990-728835MaleIntermediatePlayed in San Francisco for years and years. Haven't played organized in 2 years due to kids and living in the east bay
9/25/2017 11:57:56Stephen Rankinrankinworkin@gmail.com925-324-270630MaleCompetitivePreferred field position = I'll play anywhere, but I prefer mid field or forward.

Total years played = my entire life

Days of the week you can play = Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evenings as well as Saturday mornings

I'm a highly competitive person who enjoys a good game of soccer. I love the game and always find a positive outcome (win or lose). I'm a huge fan of Manchester United and have grown up mirroring their greats: Giggs, Cantona, Rooney and Beckham. I really hope a team can utilize me this fall (2017) as I am eager to get out and play ASAP.

9/24/2017 22:46:41Jane ClayJaneclay@sbcglobal.net510-449-757944MaleRecreationalWould like to play on a Womens team with friend Liza Blanch.
9/24/2017 20:16:07Liza BlanchLblanch04@yahoo.come925-876-878546FemaleRecreationalThis is my second submission because I forgot to mention that I was only interested in the all woman's team.
9/24/2017 20:13:01Liza BlanchLblanch04@yahoo.com925-876-878546FemaleRecreationalI have never played but both my son and daughter have played both indoor and outdoor soccer for over 7yrs. I love the game and thought why not give it a try while having a good time. I love to run around and think of myself as pretty athletic.
My Friend Jane Clay also is going to sign up and would love her and me to be on the same team.
9/24/2017 19:39:05Eric Washereric.washer@sap.com510-606-048241MaleCompetitiveLove soccer. Played all my life up through College. Played in some great indoor leagues in Boston before moving out here in 2012. Have not played since and looking to start back up again! Thanks so much for considering me. I love to have fun, meet new people, and just play the sport. As for positions, play them all. I like to think of myself as a play maker - pride myself on assists!
9/22/2017 17:55:49Michael Connermjconner73@gmail.com415694123944MaleIntermediateI grew up playing AYSO and played competitive in High School and 2 years of Jr. College. That said, I am a 44 year old professional male and am trying to get back into the swing of playing again. I love the game and enjoy playing with others who do as well - but also appreciate the limits brought on by age and having a desk job. That said, I am in good physical shape. :-). I played center-mid, right-mid and striker, but consider myself rather versatile. Thank you in advance.
9/21/2017 23:02:29Chadohadgarnon@gmail.com708363366635MaleIntermediateStarted playing when I was 10 years old.
Never professional though.
Played 4 years in the NSL league for byki soccer club .
Played last year in the baleduim league in alameda as well as the outdoor league in sf golden gate park.(over 35)
Prefer creative midfield position or defense midfield .
Can play right wind or full back right.
9/21/2017 22:07:03Josafat Garciajosafat.garcia@gmail.com650426847644MaleCompetitiveI have played soccer since I was a kid and played semi pro/amateur competitive leagues.
Looking for competitive team 35+

I play offensive mid/forward
9/21/2017 9:46:43Eric Abrahamsonecharlesa@yahoo.com925-705-039948MaleIntermediateI have played soccer since I was young and indoor/outdoor over the last 10 years. I am strong as a keeper and also in the field. I make games and am excited to re-engage with a team that has good morale and gets some wins every session.
9/21/2017 9:27:07Ken Marshallkencarlos@hotmail.com42MaleIntermediateI've played soccer all my life. I'd say I'm intermediate/competitive. Looking at possibility of playing on Thurs Men's league D4. I currently already play on Mon co-ed league. I can play any position. Just looking for some fun and exercise.
9/21/2017 1:42:31Ryan TacconiRyantaccono@yahoo.com925872024219MaleIntermediateHigh school soccer
9/20/2017 22:42:19Mathieu Baillyocre27@sbcglobal.net831262570118MaleIntermediateI can play midfielder. I have played for the last 12 years.
9/20/2017 21:34:57AlfonsoAnisofangels@gmail.com415-609-052943MaleRecreationalPlayed for about 15 years and stopped after an injury a decade ago. All healed and good to go. Prefer to play on Thursdays.
9/20/2017 21:22:36Niloy Senniloy.ns@gmail.com415-707-995836MaleIntermediatePlayed as midfielder/center forward positions. Had played competitive soccer at high school but that was way back in history :).
9/20/2017 20:22:16Kaitlyn Grimmerkatergrimmer@gmail.com510378060419FemaleCompetitivePlayed competitive soccer for years. Left footed, will play where ever needed.
9/20/2017 19:42:48Julio cedillo Leonel7171@yahoo.com510246409345MaleRecreationalPosition preferred: defender
Years experience: 30
9/20/2017 19:06:59David McCormickdtmccormick@comcast.net51MaleCompetitivePlayed competitive as a kid. Played as an adult at San Ramon Sports years ago. Coached Mustang Soccer. I'm an old guy who wants exercise and to have fun.
9/20/2017 19:00:57Subba Kapugantiskapuganti@gmail.com812320251235MaleRecreational
9/20/2017 18:56:50Tino PerezFaustinoperez54@yahoo.com650430723134MaleCompetitivePlayed AYSO and CYSA growing up. Played varsity in high school and continued to play at community college. Easy going guy and can play any position except goalie. Love to compete but am more about making sure it's an enjoyable experience for all
9/20/2017 18:31:34BrandonLaborde.Brandon@gmail.com925490956532MaleCompetitiveLooking to join a Monday night team. I'm 32 yrs old. I've played all my life, don't mind playing anywhere, not keeper, just looking to add value where needed.
9/20/2017 18:29:20Nalinnalin.t@gmail.com650491481539MaleRecreationalI used to play in my high school team but that was ~20 years ago; never really played ever since. Positions played; left mid-field & forward. Would love to get back on the field; for the love of the sport.
my schedule is pretty flexible.
9/19/2017 19:07:05Akshay Sripadaakshay.sripada@gmail.com832540076225MaleIntermediateI like to play in midfield but also as a defender. I played throughout college on an intramural soccer team and played for my high school team before that. I currently play in a rec co-ed league in Oakland and my team won the last season.

Since the league in Oakland is on Tuesday evenings I can't play that time but any other time during the weekdays works well for me.
9/12/2017 23:29:52Tommy Williamsshravanm18@gmail.com240460251531MaleRecreational
9/12/2017 23:29:24Shravan Majithiashravanm18@gmail.com240460251531MaleRecreational
9/11/2017 14:34:27Andrew Celincyclistcelin@gmail.com609752210026MaleIntermediate26 Year old Mid/Wing looking for a local soccer team. Great playmaker with lots of speed. Between the Intermediate/Competitive rankings.Good on both sides of the field.

Played Rec soccer from ages 7-18. IM in College, adult pickup/weekend competitive league since. Played in Div 3A of Houston Football association. 1/2 martahon time: 1 hour 45 mins.

Looking for an exciting game without being overly aggressive. I like to break a sweat and make fast wing plays. Not afraid to run.
9/11/2017 12:33:57Tommy Williamsttwillia@gmail.com559285520031MaleCompetitiveHello, I've been playing soccer for around 25 years since I was four. I played competitively through high school and have played recreational ball since then. I'm in pretty good shape but will need one or two games to get into match-shape. I mainly played defense when I played competitively but can really play anywhere on the field (except goalie). I'm very friendly and am mainly looking for exercise and a solid team to play with. Looking for co-ed or male-only and any age group where I'll fit. Thanks!
9/10/2017 11:02:19Peter CastanedaSquadmp@hotmail.com31MaleIntermediateSeveral years of college high school soccer team experience. Focused on being fit and agile. Hungarian-mexican national. Prefer midfield or forward positions. Available to play any day of the week.
9/7/2017 21:38:23Jose Hernandeztohernandez@ucdavis.edu925325396624MaleCompetitiveI have played soccer since I was 5 years old. I played competitively for four years. Now, I play when I can. I am enthusiastic about playing and watching soccer. I can currently play Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays anytime.

I can play any position; I just want the opportunity to play since I don't know people who can. However, if I have the option to, and since, I do like to score goals, my preferred position is forward.
9/7/2017 0:28:30Jose HernandezTohernandez@ucdavis.edu925325396624MaleCompetitiveI've played soccer since I was 5 years old. I played competitive soccer for four years. Once in college, I resorted to recreational soccer. Now, I am looking for awesome people to play with.
9/6/2017 17:21:23Mikayla IoannouMikayla.ioannou@gmail.com28FemaleRecreationalI played soccer for 12 years but haven't played since 2009.
9/5/2017 22:45:17Shams Dadgarshams_dadgar@yahoo.com209640634726MaleCompetitiveCB, DM
9/2/2017 21:42:57carloscarlos@carlos.net42MaleRecreationallooking to join any team, play in defense before.
8/31/2017 9:48:58Annaannarodriguez6690@gmail.com510634104927FemaleIntermediate
8/31/2017 9:47:46CARLOS REYEScarlosreyes101010@gmail.com510634047630MaleIntermediate
8/29/2017 16:03:42Boris PecherskyBpechersky@workmail.com408618127050MaleRecreationalPlayed pick up soccer all my life. Good goalie,passer but can play defender or offence too
8/28/2017 13:02:55Ben Pelkeyben.j.pelkey@gmail.com408734630635MaleIntermediateSoccer was life for me as a youngster and I played through 16 years old on a highly competitive club team / high school team. Took a 17 year. Real before joining a recreational coed league in Morgan Hill this past year. Really enjoyed it and want to play in a league closer to where I just moved to in Hayward. Evenings or weekends are good for me.
8/23/2017 16:43:31Josh Hoffmanopg4759@gmail.com408-365-475945MaleIntermediateBeen playing adult soccer for the last 11 years in San Jose. Primarily at Strikers Den and Off the Wall. Available to play most days. I prefer playing coed. I'm primarily a defender ( i get lost playing forward )and can play goal in a pinch. I recently moved back to Danville so I had to drop my team due to the distance, I'm looking to exercise and to meet new teammates.

8/22/2017 13:34:14Brandonbmil1@protonmail.com813495015731MaleRecreationalHello, I am new to the Bay Area from Tampa, FL and am looking to get back into soccer. I played in an outdoor adult recreation league for two season, and one season recently at an indoor facility. I know the basics and can run, but I'm certainly no Lionel Messi--just looking to get out there and stay in shape. I prefer playing ST/CF/RW/RM/CM, but have no issues playing anywhere I am needed.

Being in the military, I travel often and so I need a team that doesn't mind me being gone here and there throughout the year. Thanks.
8/21/2017 21:53:48Hooman Hodjathhodjat@gmail.com510330685744MaleIntermediate
8/21/2017 11:48:01Julie OrtizJulortizslp@hotmail.com925350367446FemaleRecreationalI played soccer from 7 to 19 yrs old and was on a competitive travel team. Stopped playing and life happened. Now I want to get some exercise and I love soccer which would be a great motivator for me.
8/20/2017 18:41:43Javier Prietojcandpri@hotmail.com35MaleCompetitiveSpanish guy with good skills
8/20/2017 18:34:24Javier Prietojcandpri@hotmail.com35MaleCompetitiveSpanish guy just landed and good skills
8/19/2017 22:38:08Julio Perez Guerrerojuliop89@yahoo.com951965004228MaleCompetitiveFormer NAIA Division 1 and NCAA Division 2 Goalkeeper for Holy Names University.
8/19/2017 22:37:55Julio Perez Guerrerojuliop89@yahoo.com951965004228MaleCompetitiveFormer NAIA Division 1 and NCAA Division 2 Goalkeeper for Holy Names University.
8/18/2017 18:19:00Joshua Donisjdonis12@gmail.com661618732928MaleCompetitiveI am 28 years old. I played for CSUEB in my hay day. I play any position you need but I prefer to play midfield. I have played indoor soccer since I was 8. I prefer it over outdoor. I am a committed player and will show up to every game.
8/18/2017 17:59:49Alex Flemingathletics005@gmail.com925212257429MaleIntermediatePlayed many years of intramural soccer as a goalkeeper, and would be a "package deal" with two of my friends, one who played high school football and is excellent and another more recreational type but certainly solid. We can play Tuesdays, Wednesday, Fridays or Saturdays. Thanks!
8/17/2017 21:07:59Sandeep Brahmarouthusandeep2000@gmail.com1408410970638MaleIntermediateHi - I've played recreational soccer all my life. I can play almost any position on the field. Looking to get back onto the field on a regular basis.

8/16/2017 4:22:09Javier will be here flr this month and i would like to play soccer. In Spain I have played in good leagues.
8/15/2017 22:58:45Javier will be here flr this month and i would like to play soccer. In Spain I have played in good leagues.
8/14/2017 22:31:43Mariamaria.riordan@gmail.com925366045735FemaleRecreationalHi,
I've just moved to the Dublin area from Ireland and I'm looking to play some soccer during the autumn season, preferably on a womens team but I'd be happy with co-ed either.
I've played soccer in college in Ireland and I'm looking for a way to meet people and play a bit of sport. I've played all positions on the field apart from in goals. I've a left foot and can also kick with my right!
8/12/2017 10:14:19Amanda BengeThebenges2016@gmail.com925366825925FemaleIntermediateI am a competitive player who has been without a team for a couple of years. My last team was an intermediate coed team in Livermore. We made the championships often, but they moved to Alemeda when I got a new job, and I couldn't follow them out there.

I played on the Las Positas team for the two years that I was eligible, so I have the formal training to make me a valuable asset to any team. I really look forward to playing again, and am willing to play indoor, or outdoor, anywhere in the tri-valley. Please contact me if you know of any teams in need.
8/9/2017 14:50:47Jered Luijeredjlui@gmail.com26MaleCompetitivePlayed competitive soccer (DUSL and BUSC) from ages 8-18.
Member of the US Soccer ODP program during youth soccer days.
Played on the UC Irvine Club soccer team for 2 years.
Currently an assistant coach for the women's varsity team at Dublin High School.
Prefer playing in the center midfield area but not too picky about positions.
Can play on any day of the week.
8/5/2017 13:01:46Matthew SkinnerSkinner7irish@gmail.com513680784529MaleIntermediateCan run all day. Have played since I was 5. Good midfielder and defenseman.
8/4/2017 16:26:37Nadia nadiataticek@yahoo.com925-216-200319FemaleRecreational
8/2/2017 21:12:38Ron D Culverculverdev@gmail.com925984033748MaleIntermediateI am looking to join an adult team that's looking for a player. I played in Pleasanton's 40 to 50 age group last season but prefer to play closer to homes since I live in Danville.

I coached soccer for San Ramon Select program for 8 years and personally play at the intermediate level.

Can you let me know if any teams are looking for a player?

Let me know and thanks for the consideration,

Ron Culver

cell: 925-984-0337
age: 48
8/2/2017 15:01:37Tim Nguyenvgboy007@gmail.com408209923150MaleCompetitiveI am a Seasonal soccer player and with many years of soccer experience. I have played in Adult soccer league before in both A and B division. I just came out of a leg injury and I am looking for an East Bay team to join, preferably a competitive team.

Thank you,
7/29/2017 16:35:40Ron CulverCulverdev@gmail.com925-984-033748MaleIntermediateHi - my name is Ron Culver I'm 48 and like to join a team that needs an extra player. I coached for San Ramon FC for 7 years and play at the intermediate Level.
7/25/2017 16:59:19Adilvaditya316@gmail.com716430856527MaleIntermediateI play central midfield, CM/CDM. I play 4v4 format in SF on the weekends and now I am looking to play a new format.
7/24/2017 14:00:19Cortneycookie0512@aol.com26FemaleIntermediateHello,

My name is Cortney and I'm looking to play on a coed team. I have 11+ years of experience. I prefer forward, but can also play mid. I play in a couple of other leagues around the Bay Area, but want to find another closer to home (Danville)! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are open days during the week for me. Hope to join a team soon!

7/20/2017 16:02:54Sonia Patelsoniapatels@gmail.com26FemaleIntermediateI am an intermediate female soccer player, looking for an indoor team to play with.
7/8/2017 23:19:07Ashley Perrilliataperrilliat4@gmail.com925785404218FemaleCompetitiveI am a very experienced soccer player and have played outdoor soccer since 2006-2012 (6 years) and indoor soccer since 2009-2012 (3 years). I love the sport and how active and aggressive it can be. I am a very competitive player and will put my all into every single game. The position that I like the play is mid fielder and forward. I am aggressive with the ball and good with juggling between a forward position and also to know when to fall back to help the defenders. I am SO excited to get back onto the field and PLAY!
7/7/2017 14:00:55chris carrchriscarr4@yahoo.com45MaleIntermediateAny night. Men's D4 or Co-Ed.
7/1/2017 8:54:58Oz Mohamedmahgoubo@yahoo.com36MaleIntermediate
6/24/2017 14:22:49Vishakha SantDewnaniv@gmail.com408569286935FemaleIntermediatePlayed club, odp, college but have torn acl twice and I think it's torn again but not worth fixing. I love the game - want to play again.
6/22/2017 7:56:42Noah princeDreaminggina@gmail.com925-580-875818MaleIntermediateMy son Noah played mustang silver team
Just checking to see if there's a team that would be going on during the summer for him to fill in between school time
6/20/2017 8:28:01Eric Abrahamsonecharlesa@yahoo.com925-705-039948MaleIntermediateCan play Goalie and in field.
6/12/2017 15:36:18Jennifer Jacksonjenniferjackson1986@hotmail.com760-715-462630FemaleCompetitivePreferred position: Forward or Midfield

Been playing soccer pretty much my whole life starting at 5 years old and stopped part way through college, so about 15 plus years. Haven't played in a while, besides kicking the ball around and drills. Would love to jump on a competitive team to get back into it and make some new friends. I'm a total comedian and love having fun no matter what. :)
6/11/2017 12:28:57Joe Millerjsmiller@iastate.edu1-217-416-737723MaleCompetitiveCenterback preferred, can play anywhere on the outside
In the bay area through july 2017
3 years highschool varsity (captain senior year)
2 years juco at parkland college
3 years club at Iowa State University

6/10/2017 13:10:34gabriel testagabe_testa@jabil.com408317847048MaleCompetitiveHave played soccer for over 40 years. Looking for competitive team or team looking to have fun. Mens 35+ or 40+ and or Co ed.
6/9/2017 10:48:55Ramramkrishnan2412@gmail.com25MaleCompetitive
5/29/2017 21:03:03Padideh Dehdaripadi_pd28ir@yahoo.com925202528125FemaleIntermediateDefender, 3 years of experience, available any day of the week. Looking for a team to play on over the summer.
5/19/2017 17:22:19osh.oshiorenoya@gmail.com209 509 723437MaleIntermediateHello...Started playing soccer as far as I can remember, played for my department (Physics) at the University of Lagos during undergrad studies. Played again for my department and research institute in grad school at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Actually played against a second division national side and we won. I netted two goals (1 spot kick). My competitive playing days are certainly over but I am looking for a group of cool people to kick a ball around with and share a laugh. I play left forward/attack, I can also do midfield. I prefer weekends but I can do Thursdays and Friday as well.

5/18/2017 16:33:06Andrew Darbyshireandrew.darbyshire@newbalance.com206225066039MaleIntermediateI'm from England. Played all my life, aside from the last 4 years. would love to get back playing regularly. Defense or midfield.
5/15/2017 11:38:34Julia Fraenkeljfraenkel18@gmail.com510566070920FemaleCompetitiveI have many years of experience from middle and high school, more recently been playing intermediate levels on teams with friends but happy to play on all types of teams. Best suited for center mid but flexible.
College student home for the summer. I have enjoyed staying fit in college but am looking to play soccer again! Thanks!
5/9/2017 16:53:41chris carrchriscarr4@yahoo.com408-661-666645MaleRecreationalLooking for Division 4 Men's or Coed.
5/6/2017 23:56:45Marissa Torresmarissatorres09@comcast.net510244895221FemaleCompetitiveI've played soccer for 16 years and currently play at the collegiate level; NCAA Division 2. I can play anywhere really, but preferably defense or forward. I can pretty much play any day, but I do have work on the weekends, but if I know the schedule ahead of time then I could probably request it off. Looking to stay in shape and play the game I love over this summer break:)
5/1/2017 17:28:33Aislyn ColeAislyncole@gmail.com1510965238124FemaleCompetitive
4/24/2017 14:55:03Chandra Jonnalagaddajcsekhar@hotmail.com248318131440MaleIntermediateI've played soccer for most of my life growing up, through college but havent played actively over the last 10 years. Looking forward to getting back to playing soccer actively as well as making some friends.

Preferred position: defense, center
Preferred days of week: M-W

I am generally an athletic person, so am flexible in whatever the team requires from me.
4/23/2017 11:36:59Priyankpriyank_saxena@hotmail.com510508322242MaleIntermediate
4/22/2017 17:11:15Mike Dowdmdowd0401@yahoo.com925-529-783918MaleCompetitivePreference is striker.
4/18/2017 16:23:25JesseJesse.d.Hulling@biola.edu562-652-227123MaleIntermediatePlayed Soccer Recreationally for the last 5 years. Played in previous men leagues. Like mid or defensive positions.
4/17/2017 21:41:57Amir Ataeeamir.ata@outlook.com925984156822MaleCompetitiveI have been playing indoor soccer for 7 years, I played indoor soccer in Afghanistan I was playing in every position based on the needs of my team, I am highly flexible and hard to predict I can be goal keeper and be An attacker player. my professional position is attacker. Now I am San Ramon and I want to follow my dreams I need a chance to prove myself.
4/15/2017 4:59:37Angel Ibarra JR3Moises5septiembre93@icloud.com650430462423MaleCompetitiveNeed to find a team ASAP willing to play any position. I played competitive soccer through high school. I play defense and mid-field and I have a couple years of experience playing indoor soccer.I am available to play any day after 2:30 pm that the time when i go out from work.
4/12/2017 22:47:43Maira Orozcomairaorozo14@gmail.com925548174525FemaleCompetitivePreferred position: Defense

I have been Playing soccer for about 7 years. I can play anytime during the week or weekends.

I'm here to be competitive but have a good time.

I want to get back into soccer after a few months break.
4/12/2017 21:12:09Chad Havenschad.havens@gmail.com678-575-649334MaleCompetitiveI have played soccer all of my life and played very competitively through my childhood in Atlanta, GA. I didn't play in college cause I was burnt out after high school. I played on competitive men's and coed teams through my 20s and early 30s in the NASL's Atlanta Silverbacks Adult League. I moved from Atlanta almost two years ago and haven't found a team yet due to having our first kid and don't know anybody who plays soccer yet. Though I used to play competitive, I'm just looking for a good time playing on a fun team where nobody is going to get injured and kids out of college aren't going to run circles around me. I'd like to play coed over 30 on Wednesday nights if possible preferably in a higher division (if there are divisions). I'll need a few games to get my feet under me again, but I can definitely add either defense or offense to your team. All of my adult leagues have been 7v7 so I'm used to playing anywhere the game needs me. I really like to play with everybody on the team and like to share the ball. I'm looking for a team that isn't going to yell at each other and take things too seriously, but have some fun, get exercise and maybe grab a beer after the game.
4/5/2017 18:16:27Shannon WyneShannonmichelle93@gmail.com925487832823FemaleCompetitiveHi everyone! I'm looking to join a coed team any night of the week. I live in San Ramon so the SR facility would be most convenient for me. I played soccer competitively for 14 years through Mustang Soccer and San Ramon leagues. I played varsity for Cal High for three years before a knee injury and multiple concussions slowed my game. I played intramurals in college but am looking to get back on the field more seriously now! I played sweeper for most of my playing career but am open to any position, with the exception of goalie. I'm ready to start whenever so if anyone has an opening on their team let me know!
4/3/2017 0:02:09Ryan S. Ritterryan.s.ritter@gmail.com650722352835MaleIntermediate35/m looking for a coed or men's indoor soccer team. I've played rec indoor and outdoor soccer throughout my adult life, and looking forward to the opportunity to join a team.
4/1/2017 22:15:58Kenny Lowekennylowe1@hotmail.com415987150732MaleIntermediate32 year old scot. Been playing since I was a kid at a reasonable level, usually central midfield. Used to play in the sfsfl in the city but moved out and looking for something one evening during the week.
3/30/2017 16:32:39Jessjessbarron93@yahoo.com707-567-664024FemaleCompetitiveLooking for a women's or coed team to join.
I already play indoors Friday and outdoors Sunday (both coed) so a Tuesday or Wednesday would be perfect for me.

I am a forward, but also a strong defender. I score from both the left and right. Accurate, quick passing. Etc. Feel free to text me for more info. I have been playing soccer for 19 years, competitively for the last 6 years.

Would also be down to sub. Two leagues isn't enough for me :)
3/28/2017 8:01:48Janinejdictor@gmail.com412-660-224637FemaleCompetitiveI'm a competitive, former collegiate player returning to the sport after taking a couple years off. Mid field/striker, but open to all positions. Currently looking for good quality play that is fun.

Please contact me if you need a player!
3/26/2017 20:42:38Taylor MulhollandTaylor.a.mulholland@gmail.com925548525029FemaleCompetitiveMy name is Taylor and I am a long time soccer player. I played in competitive club leagues from age 5 through college. Now, I play in an outdoor league on Sundays and I am looking for an indoor team! I prefer to play defense. I tend to be an aggressive player and although I like to have fun, I also like to win! Looking for a fun team to play the game with! :)
3/23/2017 18:43:28Kim Susickoolkim411@gmail.com925-683-094326FemaleIntermediateI played soccer for 11 years when I was younger and I was a head coach for high school girls for four years. However, I miss it so and would like to play again myself!! As far as positions go I like forward, but I can really play anywhere (I don't know how I'd fare as a goalie though). I how to meet you soon!! :D
3/23/2017 18:43:16Kim Susickoolkim411@gmail.com925-683-094326FemaleIntermediateI played soccer for 11 years when I was younger and I was a head coach for high school girls for four years. However, I miss it so and would like to play again myself!! As far as positions go I like forward, but I can really play anywhere (I don't know how I'd fare as a goalie though). I how to meet you soon!! :D
3/21/2017 12:39:13Danette MacPhersondmacpherson@trivantage.com510-750-382540FemaleIntermediateHi!
I prefer defense, however have a fairly solid passing game so can typically fit in OK anywhere except goalie. I'm still developing my positioning as forward in indoor. I've played soccer my entire life, currently outdoor with DASL and indoor in Livermore. However, I live in San Ramon so would prefer to stay local.
3/20/2017 13:57:22Daren Hendersondarenhenderson@gmail.com925676026650MaleCompetitiveI Captained the "XMen" there at East Bay sports for 3 recent seasons and am looking to return to play. Strong Defender, comfortable on Offense.

I live close enough to the arena to be a short-notice sub if you need to fill out a team in order to play on those early evening or late night games.
3/20/2017 9:48:00AntonioAntoniocerbone84@gmail.com650450351833MaleIntermediateHi,
I'm 33 years old and I've played soccer for most of my life, I enjoy this game and I'm looking for a Monday games if there's any available,
3/20/2017 9:27:10Elizabeth JohnsonLdjupsund@icloud.com925309940338FemaleIntermediate
3/14/2017 20:24:03MadisonSalom408507305123FemaleCompetitiveLooking for an indoor team with. Played at St. Mary's College (outside back and center mid) and played club for Santa Clara Sporting. Just really looking for a long term team that likes to have fun and win! Will play in Livermore and/or San Ramon locations.