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TimestampNameEmail AddressPhone NumberAgeGenderSkill LevelNotes
5/31/2018 13:46:01Camilacamila_rowland@yahoo.com925876954523FemaleIntermediatePreferred: center mid or defense. Played soccer my whole and high school and intramural in college.
5/30/2018 8:33:04SatishSatish. Nataraj@gmail.com925263650240MaleRecreationalUsed to play college level football . Been a very long time . Looking to join a team to have fun and exercise . Available on sat and sundays or after 630 pm on week days
5/22/2018 17:27:22steven ecclessteeccles@gmail.com415802956529MaleIntermediateEnglish all round player, played all my life, can play various positions
5/21/2018 23:06:15Viviaviviaschimming@gmail.com310804206731FemaleCompetitivePlaying since age 10, team player, flexible schedule and willing to play whenever, love competition!
5/21/2018 21:53:20Eduardo Wence 925203078121MaleCompetitivePlayed High school Varsity and one year of College Soccer
5/19/2018 14:16:23JulianJuliansfeir1@gmail.com551-232-034925MaleIntermediateI play RF, RM, CB, and GK. I used to play travel club soccer as a kid, and now I am a soccer trainer/coach on the weekends. When playing on my travel club, we were ranked top 20 in New Jersey and I was being recruited by the NY Red Bulls academy.
5/16/2018 20:57:23hayrolhayribulus_14@yahoo.com510754815828MaleIntermediateI enjoy playing soccer and having fun but yet with a little competition. I can adapt to play in any position thats available . I am looking to play Monday through Friday if possible.
5/16/2018 19:28:02Katie Finnigsmierk.finnigsmier@gmail.com530227249524FemaleIntermediate
5/16/2018 18:55:18Kelleykelleymusic4life@gmail.com925727547231FemaleRecreationalI currently play on a coed soccer team on Sunday. This is my 4th season. I am a beginner at this sport but love the game.
5/9/2018 7:16:21Josh Butterfieldjbutterfield@pleasantonusd.net209598227739MaleRecreationalI love the game and would like to stay in shape. I played growing up and played jndoor on and off for a couple years more recently
5/6/2018 18:34:18Alberto Villamar villamar33@hotmail.com925389821837MaleIntermediate
5/6/2018 17:35:07Jordan RayaRaya491@gmail.com925642612930MaleIntermediatePlayed all through childhood to high school. On the wings or forward. Can’t do Monday nights
5/3/2018 20:12:11Nick RiddellNick26754@yahoo.com925 683 349626MaleRecreationalBeginner keeper, but getting better. Practicing in my free time. Better at defense rather than offense. Trying to have fun. Work as a nurse so my schedule on weekdays is early mornings so afternoons and most evenings I can play. Weekends are completely open
5/2/2018 16:29:37Kirangiri Sharadagiri.kiran@gmail.com240319911335MaleRecreational
5/2/2018 6:59:37Alex Altmanajaltman1@gmail.com831905516333MaleRecreationalOk for almost any day with notice, and can play any position. Havent played in years but used to be at a decent level - looking forward to getting back into it!
4/30/2018 14:46:29Joel Campbelljdcampbell86@gmail.com925383479531MaleCompetitiveAthletic, speedster who can play anywhere on the field. Played on a traveling team as a kid before getting into other sports. Currently play outdoor on Sundays. Looking for a decent team where I can work on my ball skills and conditioning and always open to constructive criticism of my play style.
4/28/2018 0:27:48Kristine Gonzaledanamariakristine@yahoo.com650239916914FemaleRecreationalI just need to excercise and loose weight a little bit and also learn more about the sport.
4/27/2018 20:01:01Elias RazzoukEliasrazzouk8@gmail.com925588872024MaleCompetitiveHaving been playing since I was a little kid through club/high school/college rec league. I play striker and midfield
4/27/2018 9:40:41Frank Reyesfrankreyes03@yahoo.com925487255345MaleCompetitiveI have been playing competitive soccer starting at a young age and look forward to continue playing with a competitive team. Available to play any day and able to play in any position given to me.
4/23/2018 9:32:51Brittneybjburrows257@gmail.com925548709526FemaleIntermediateI have played for 18 years and prefer to play defense. I can make most any day of the week work but my schedule changes often since I work in events.
4/17/2018 20:28:26Julie Fugazijulfuga@gmail.com925594191539FemaleIntermediateAvailable any day of the week. I've been playing adult co-ed outdoor league for 6yrs. I can play left or right defence or offense. Looking for a competitive and fun team.
4/17/2018 16:27:21Anthony Riveracollegetony0917@yahoo.com310955649424MaleCompetitiveHave played soccer for 13 years. I am looking to join a team to start becoming competitive again. Played defense for many years, as well as center mid-fielder. Have played as a striker also, and not great at goalie.
4/15/2018 18:16:54Navid Nniakanq@gmail.com925239335538MaleIntermediatePlayed indoor soccer for 7 years. Grew up playing soccer for 10 years then football for 10 years. Would love to join a team. Thanks
4/15/2018 18:14:26Navid niakanq@gmail.com925239335538MaleRecreationalHave played indoor soccer for about 7 years. Last time I played was 1.5 years ago. Grew up playing 10 years of soccer and 10 years of HS, College and Pro Football as a Kicker. Would love to join a team and can play any position, except goalie. Thanks
4/14/2018 12:14:37Said Hassanishassanisr@hotmail.com510410995538MaleCompetitiveplayer soccer all my life
4/9/2018 12:57:41Jessica Porterjmporter@uw.edu808722593226FemaleIntermediateI played soccer throughout high school and in college on Boise State University's Club soccer team. I prefer to play left or right wing or left or right full back. I am interested in playing with a group that is fairly competitive. Also, if there are games during the week I would have to play a little later in the evening, but I would ultimately like to play on Sundays.
4/3/2018 22:07:08Adiadibaron1989@gmail.com408618167929MaleIntermediateI played at Alameda bladium long time. I must of the time play at the right defend. I'm 5.6 high skinny and fast.
4/1/2018 19:50:49Brian Green-Krogmannbkrog78@gmail.com412-770-801039MaleIntermediateplayed a few years of college soccer and have since played adult rec soccer for 5 years. Typically like to play midfield. Looking to have fun and improve my game.
3/30/2018 8:33:15Alexa alexaboffoli@gmail.com31FemaleRecreationalPlayed for twelve years; looking for some good exercise and fun! I mostly play midfield or defense positions. I'm quick, energetic and like a friendly competition. I'm looking for something offered past 5 pm on the weekdays and open on the weekends!
3/29/2018 19:15:35Luis Lopezlulopezbar@gmail.com408 310-248925MaleIntermediatePlayed competitive youth soccer growing up year round. Played for a traveling club team as well as my varsity high school team. So about 20 years of experience.

I grew up playing defense but can also play midfield and forward.

I can play any day of the week, except maybe on some Tuesdays.
3/29/2018 0:36:55Amynamyn.kanjee@gmail.com415965919240MaleRecreationalI'm Rec to Intermediate Level, but I haven't played in a while. I'm looking to get out, get some exercise, have fun and meet new people
3/27/2018 16:00:37Jonathan Wardjonathan.william.ward@gmail.com916390593035MaleIntermediateMidfielder looking for more games.

Played at different levels throughout my career and since having kids have had to throttle back. Looking to play more often now and get my legs back after knee surgeries.
3/24/2018 9:22:20Ben Freemanbenfreeman@gmail.com925588847838MaleCompetitive
3/21/2018 19:04:08donnie grahamdgram236@gmail.com510390596135MaleIntermediateGoale or any other position.I practice with My semi pro team in Hayward. Im not a registered player but i fill in on pre season games.During season i'm man. of field and game day events. prefer to play mon.,tues. or wed but interested enough to play anytime
3/20/2018 21:03:24Camila Rowland camila_rowland@yahoo.com925876954523FemaleIntermediateGrew up playing. Played club soccer from 9 yrs old until 17 years old. Played high school soccer. Played some intramural soccer in college. I’ve been off for a few years, hoping to get back into it!
3/20/2018 14:15:11Liam DoranLiamdoran92@gmail.com925899201625MaleIntermediateMidfield or defender.
Played competitive in middle school and in high school through to junior year. Also have played multiple intramural leagues since then.
Available all weekdays after 5 00 pm.
Looking to have fun and exercise, but also have some comepetiveness!
3/20/2018 10:26:06Liam DoranLiamdoran92@gmail.com925899201625MaleIntermediateMidfield or Defender.
Played competitive through to middle school and played in high school until junior year. Also have played multiple adult leagues after high school. Will be rusty at the beginning.
All weekdays are free after 5 30 pm.
Here to have fun and exercise, but be competitive at the same time!
3/19/2018 15:01:34Lauren McQuistonlmcquiston@yahoo.com925286833026FemaleCompetitiveplayed D1 College, played center mid or outside forward, strengths are speed and technical ability, can play any day but Mondays.
3/16/2018 18:50:29Giovanni falconChivas10jp@gmail.com925339365234MaleCompetitivePrefferred position middle mid but i am flexible. I have been playing for 25 years. I am competetive looking for a team that enjoys fast speed soccer. I am only available to play mondays.
3/14/2018 17:31:18Justin Hooshoosjustin@gmail.com1916718126531MaleIntermediatePlayed over 15 years as kid, through high school, and intermural in college. Been about 8 years since I played in any sort of league though. Would love to get back into it.
3/13/2018 21:26:26Berkley ThimoteoDiversbk@gmail.com385299241227MaleCompetitiveI am a passionate soccer player from Brazil who has been playing for 15+ years. I prefer mid and front but can play all positions. I played competitively for my city's team when I was younger and on different club teams.
3/12/2018 21:47:21Liliana Zepedalilianazepeda99@gmail.com510-688-183918FemaleIntermediatePreferred Position is Forward
Currently in off- season for Ohlone College
3/12/2018 15:39:20Justinstereoguy32@yahoo.com925-389-168145MaleIntermediateI am a goal keeper. I have played indoor the last few years in Livermore, but my kids play indoor in San Ramon, so I am looking to join a team here. I am most interested in playing on a coed or men's rec team to have fun, although winning is more fun than losing. I can't play Wednesdays, because of softball. Thanks.
3/10/2018 17:17:28Tam MasdonTmasdon@gmail.com910-541-138433FemaleCompetitiveCan’t play on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening...any other day or morning works for me...have played for many years and love the sport
3/9/2018 22:49:56Shane Shaneslow1@gmail.com925270524525MaleRecreationalNew player with high energy who played as a kid. looking to improve and have fun
3/9/2018 925399234922MaleCompetitivejust want to join a soccer team! what soccer teams are available here?and which will be the best place to play competetive soccer? Thanks:)
3/7/2018 19:53:43Maria Summersettofmiceandmaria@gmail.com925997766418;19 on 3/27FemaleIntermediateI would prefer to be forward or mid position. Played soccer for about 11 years. Played on a competitive team for 4 years and played 2 years in high school. I would be able to play on Tuesdays or Thursdays. I haven't played in awhile and i'm just looking to play on a team for fun!!
3/7/2018 9:15:11Sunjeeth Chandramohansunjeethc@gmail.com925523964518MaleIntermediatePlayed around 2 years, prefer weekends or Fridays, but can consider other days as well
3/6/2018 14:37:35patrick pascualpascualpatrick@gmail.com925858045637MaleIntermediateplayed for 20+ years just looking to play :)
3/5/2018 22:22:14JUANjrolda12@gmail.com925786450425MaleCompetitiveI'm from Colombia and I'm here in California studying English. I have played football since I was a child, and I would like to continue practicing. I'm a lefty with good team play.
3/5/2018 10:16:48Noah princeDreaminggina@gmail.com925580875819MaleCompetitivePlayed mustang soccer for 8 years silver level
3/2/2018 15:17:27Sol Goveagoveamaritza5@gmail.com209829819523FemaleIntermediate
2/28/2018 12:37:35Christian Marquezmarquezca@gmail.com510-248-945145MaleRecreationalJust want to have fun and get exercise. I don't know the positions, but I'm moderately athletic and like to get into it and do my best while having fun. =)
2/20/2018 21:30:10Mona BobocMona_boboc@comcast.net925212694948FemaleRecreationalI played soccer from 2nd grade into adulthood. I’ve played on all women’s teams as well as coed teams. It’s been years since I’ve played but would like to get back into the sport I’ve loved for many years and the exercise would be great too! Thanks for your interest.
2/18/2018 19:14:53Mir Mahditm.alavi@gmail.com925640-676934MaleRecreationalI have played over 20 years since my teen years. I prefer indoor soccer. In outdoor soccer I played as middle fielder. I can only play on weekends . I’m looking to play reacteayionally.
2/16/2018 7:08:53Austen Allredausten.allred@gmail.com801369244428MaleCompetitivePlayed competitive club and high school soccer my entire life. Premier, regional champs, etc. Cannot play Sundays.
2/15/2018 6:09:46Ryan WintersPerolablanca@gmail.com31MaleIntermediateSoccer through high school and intramural in college.
2/14/2018 19:41:38Julie Fugazijulfuga@gmail.com925-594-191539FemaleRecreationalI've been playing on the adult co-ed league for 6yrs. We are currently in B division. I am mostly looking to get more exercise and improve my ball skills and have fun. I play wherever I am needed and either co-ed or womens teams are fine.
2/14/2018 12:23:06Sean Hallseanhall11@gmail.com860-398-119752MaleRecreationalCan only play M and Tu nights.
2/14/2018 12:08:19Edgar Chavezemchavez23@gmail.com925-234-675527MaleIntermediateCan play as defender and striker, maybe goalie if need to. I have been playing indoor for 10 years.
2/14/2018 12:04:40Edgar ChavezEmchavez23@gmail.com925-234-675527MaleIntermediateCan play defense or as a striker and maybe goalie. I have been playing indoor for about 10 years and love it, usually I play in another league on the weekends. Can play on Mon, Wed or Thurs.
2/11/2018 785-627522FemaleCompetitiveI played competitively on a travel team for over 8 years, and then picked up soccer again during college playing intramural coed soccer. I am a versatile player that can play any position, other than goalie. I am very fast and enjoy the game. I would love to join a team :)
2/11/2018 12:45:09Prateekbs.prateek@gmail.com949791965925MaleRecreationalUsed to play as a kid. I haven't played in years though and will be rusty. I am physically fit and run half marathons. Preferred position - defense. I can play wherever my team requires me too.
2/10/2018 14:36:27Christian Marquezmarquezca@gmail.com510-248-945145MaleRecreationalHaven't played since middle school. I remember it being a lot of fun. =) Looking to have some fun again with this sport.
2/9/2018 16:06:28Carlos Rochacalbertr88@gmail.com925389670430MaleCompetitive
2/9/2018 13:02:45Chris Melgozamgoza16@yahoo.com925-550-635331MaleCompetitiveI grew up playing soccer all my life. I prefer to play midfield, especially a defensive midfield position, and such have played defense as well. I am available to play most nights during the weekend, and am available for weekend games as well. I am fairly new to this area and want to keep playing.
I am from the Brentwood area originally, but recently moved to Walnut Creek for work purposes. After not playing for a few years I began to miss it too much and joined my local leagues in Brentwood. I played co-ed outdoor league the last 2 years in Brentwood, and also played for a men's indoor team in Antioch as well. I'm up to play and generally have fun as it's amazing exercise; but also know winning is fun.
2/9/2018 10:57:57KISHORE DAGGUBATIkishore.daggubati@gmail.com925413407244MaleCompetitiveI used to play at OFW Santa Clara while I was working for Hitachi and Cisco.I am an athelete and play number of games. My preferred field position is Front Right In. I've been playing since I was kid. I am open to play only in late evenings after 8 PM
2/8/2018 17:50:45Mason andersonSoccermason@msn.com24MaleIntermediateMid-fielder but will play where ever needed.
2/6/2018 23:11:51Carloscarlos_magan@hotmail.com925917131548MaleIntermediateI’ve been playing soccer for many years. I didn’t play for almost a year now. Looking for a team to have fun and do exercise with..
I can still using my good soccer skills :)
2/6/2018 23:11:27Carloscarlos_magan@hotmail.com925917131548MaleIntermediateI’ve been playing soccer for many years. I didn’t play for almost a year now. Looking for a team to have fun and do exercise with..
I can still using my good soccer skills :)
2/4/2018 18:13:34Zac TurnerZacturner97@gmail.com1925321054520MaleIntermediateI played most of my life. I am a really fast and agressive player. I am best in the center mid or defense, but can play anywhere. I was team captain in my high school team and I also played some in college. I haven’t played for about a year now, but would really like to get back into it.
1/29/2018 14:36:06Kenny Lowekennylowe1@hotmail.com415987150733MaleIntermediateBeen playing soccer since I was a kid back in Scotland and keen to get back after a year or so out. Thanks.
1/27/2018 23:31:49AliceTabone925788777925FemaleRecreational
1/27/2018 22:33:12Cesarmr.corzo83@gmail.com818571522834MaleIntermediateHello, I've played most of my life. I played up to community college level, i played 2 years of college ball. I have not played in a while but want to get back to playing. I play forward and defence.
1/27/2018 6:36:18Jake RebergJacobreberg@gmail.com209-380-520635MaleCompetitiveVery athletic and competitive person and a great addition to any team!
1/24/2018 8:55:43Dom Erdozaincyderdozaincy@gmail.com650208968327MaleIntermediatePlayed on a club team for 10+ years and for my high school team. Played intramurals in college and pick up afterwards. Haven't played much in the past year, but looking to get back into it. Hoping to play mid/forward, but open to whatever. Cannot play Tuesdays.
1/23/2018 21:20:23Atlante Avilaatlanteavila@gmail.com925330879836MaleCompetitiveHave been playing soccer my whole life. Was practically born with a ball at my fee. Went through the youth programs in Mexico and played for Sac United for 5 years. Would love to play with a competitive team but open to all skill levels.
1/22/2018 23:05:01Lauren KrausLauren.kraus@camoves.com925323158233FemaleRecreationalI played for years as a youth for the Walnut Creek soccer division. I also Played aduly co-ed soccer in 2009. I had to stop when I got pregnant but I’m done having kids and I’m ready to start having fun and sharpening my skills so they get back to where they used to be! Im looking for a fun but competitive team that likes to win ;)
1/21/2018 19:46:31Rob Norrisrobertdanielnorris@gmail.com510435148731MaleCompetitivePlayed competitive for University of Liverpool
Semi pro in UK
Want to get back in to playing indoor for fitness
1/21/2018 17:52:07Kristofer Atkinson Kpa1977@me.com415300500140MaleCompetitiveGOALKEEPER! Been playing for 30 years (club, high school, college, and men’s leagues). Been off for a few years and ready to play again. If you need a keeper, I won’t let you down.

1/20/2018 17:35:41Laryl LiLaryl14@gmail.com619414849124MaleRecreationalI played club soccer growing up but its been years since I have played competitively. I am now mainly just looking to exercise and have fun
1/19/2018 14:29:20Timtbarnes@preferredfinancial.com925640687549MaleIntermediateLooking for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights CoEd or Men's

Played in Co-Ed Monday's for the last 6 years
1/18/2018 22:01:25KrystaKrob0112@yahoo.com559217212629FemaleCompetitiveI played D2 soccer & some semi pro. Looking to play on a competitive team.

Can’t play on Wednesday’s
1/17/2018 13:02:49Matt Sheddmatt@bluerockhome.com925335677048MaleIntermediateHave played many years. Played on two teams at Bladium. Have been out for the last year with an injury. Looking to get my shape back.
1/15/2018 18:49:52Sarahsarahmpetty@gmail.com925623435933FemaleRecreationalLooking for a Monday evening rec to intermediate level team. I am a bit rusty on the skills. Played adult indoor for 3 years before moving to SF, and then played outdoor for 5 years, taking the last year off.
I prefer forward, but more than happy to play mid or defense.
1/15/2018 6:59:16Angad DhaliwalAngad579@hotmail.com916716020925MaleRecreationalI’ve played through high school and looking to get back into the game
1/14/2018 18:13:46Sandeep Brahmarouthusandeep2000@gmail.com408410970639MaleIntermediateHi - played recreational / intermediate soccer all my life. Interested in joining co-ed or mens league. Can play any position and most days of the week. Thanks.
1/13/2018 12:50:26Gabe Testagabriel_testa@yahoo.com408317847048MaleCompetitiveI am open to playing at any level or co-ed. been playing since 4 yrs old. Can play any position. Thanks.
1/8/2018 16:41:27Jodie "Joe"mr.robbinsteacher@yahoo.com925727282849MaleCompetitivePlayed off/on since the age of 8. Currently playing in EBSSL mens outdoor league. Played in high school and competitive club soccer as a youth. Trained with Cal State East Bay men's team while in college. Preferred position: midfield, striker. Good distributor of ball, good shot on goal (can shoot with both feet), good first touch, good soccer IQ. Please call, text or email of interested. Thank you!
1/7/2018 22:46:10Deborah Cinch24@hotmail.com40FemaleIntermediateI've played both indoor and outdoor for a long while. I mostly played midfield and some defensive and striker positions. I enjoy competing and enjoying team sports.
I still run but it's been a few years since I played indoor.
I look forward to playing again soon.
1/6/2018 15:50:59Matthew Elmorempelmore@gmail.com925324282429MaleIntermediateI played soccer growing up and was on the high school team until I was 16 (lost interest and commitment). Since then (over 10 years) I've played some pick up games occasionally but nothing super competitive. It's like riding bike though so give me a game or two and I'll tap back into my high school days. I prefer to play forward as there is no better feeling than scoring a goal! I'm totally willing to rotate through different positions to get everyone involved however. I'm joining this to not only get some exercise, but to meet cool people and make some friends so ideally I'm joining a team that has good chemistry and likes to socialize.

Other than that I'm a pretty laid back, glass-half-full type of guy that goes with the flow, the perfect addition to your team!
1/3/2018 10:57:55Greig Rossgreig_ross@hotmail.com415271732940MaleIntermediateHappy at recreational level. Can step up to intermediate if required. Usually play defensive mid.
1/2/2018 14:30:55Tim Nicholastim_nicholas21@yahoo.com408569429531MaleCompetitivePlayed competitive soccer up to college as a keeper however played field (strongly preferred) for many of the years. Looking to get back into the sport now that my kiddos are playing and I need the exercise. I'm free most nights with the exception of Wednesdays. Thx
1/2/2018 13:42:58Nabil grew up playing competitive soccer in south Florida and Northern California. I’ve played competitively for about 15 years and started coaching shortly after I finished playing for a local community college. I don’t know what days I cannot play on just yet. I teach and coach at the Athenian School in Danville as well as manage middle school athletics. If weekends games are available, I can most definitely make all games. Weekdays are fine as well as long as the games start after 6pm. I’m looking to get back into playing for fun which is why I selected intermediate as my experience level. I might be considered “competitive” due to my playing experience but I’m not looking to play in a super competitive league that will lead to injuries. I don’t heal as quick as I use to...
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