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TimestampNameEmail AddressPhone NumberAgeGenderSkill LevelNotes
11/8/2018 1:55:24Rishi Basurishibasu17@gmail.com408802663926MaleCompetitiveforward/mid, 20, looking to get exercise
11/7/2018 14:08:40Stephen Buescherbuescher22@gmail.com29MaleCompetitiveGoal Keeper: +12 years experience- I'm competitive by nature but I'll never let that get in the way of positive relationships with my teammates. Being comfortable and willing to work together is the most important thing. At the end of the day, its still just fun and games. My main goal is to get back into the groove and find a healthy physical outlet that'll also help me get into better shape. Just moved back into the area, so availability is wide open and I can start immediately.
11/4/2018 15:28:17Mike JeffressMjeffress@sbcglobal.net925-383-014346MaleIntermediateI have played for forty years. I have been part of coed rec leagues for a number of years. I am a flexible player with experience playing all positions. But, I feel I am the strongest on defense.
11/2/2018 14:46:23Alfonso Speedasspeed@email.wm.edu757206958223MaleCompetitiveMy name is Alfonso Speed, and I recently moved from Williamsburg, VA to Pleasanton. I am a former D-1 student-athlete at the College of William & Mary. William & Mary competes in the CAA, and has a strong out of conference schedule against the likes of UNC (Chapel Hill), NC State, Georgetown, Michigan, Maryland, University of Virginia, Louisville, and Creighton.

I am looking for any team that is in need of a consistent player. I am willing to do a trail, to see how if I will be a good fit for the team. Please feel free to contact me because I'm really looking forward to playing in the Bay Area!
10/29/2018 14:53:46Josue Enriquezdeeppurple359@yahoo.com323485780728MaleIntermediateI have played forward or defender for the past 15 years of my life. Played competitive in various soccer leagues in Los Angeles, won golden boot once, average all round player willing to play recreational or competitive. Sunday morning is the only time I cannot play.
10/20/2018 14:53:48ilyassilyasmo@gmail.com513372224524MaleCompetitiveMidfielder
10/20/2018 12:26:31Genevieve Humphreygkhumph@gmail.com24FemaleIntermediateI have about 10 years of experience - played from age 8-18. I got injured and had to stop playing, so I'm not looking to get crazy competitive, hoping to get to enjoy the sport again. I spent 9 of those 10 years playing defense, specifically sweeper. Although I do play with good competitiveness and speed, I've lost most of my ball-handling skills and would love to get back into practicing to work on picking up my skills again. I have a lot of availability on Monday and Friday, and on the weekends after 2pm. Free on Wednesdays after 1pm.
10/19/2018 10:05:55Brandonlaborde.brandon@gmail.com925-490-956533MaleIntermediateI'd play anywhere, have played most of my life, open most days of the week. Currently play 11v11 and 7v7 in other leagues.
10/17/2018 20:34:23EmilyEmilygee878@gmail.com20FemaleRecreationalI like to play center defender. I’m open to playing attack as well. I played soccer from when I was young all the way up through sophomore year in high school. I did competitive soccer for rage Pleasanton when I moved here in sixth grade and then played at foothill high school. I was captain and MVP in high school and on my competitive team I was not really subbed off the field at all. I’m not sure my availability, I just know I can’t do Saturday/Friday nights because I serve at a restaurant those nights. I want to exercise, meet people, and have fun preferably with people in my age range like 18-30? I’m not sure what you’re range is. Thanks and I look forward to hearing back!
10/17/2018 17:56:13Christian Sonchrson@teksystems.com510-695-004222MaleRecreationalPlayed 4 years of Intramural Soccer in college
Played in from kindergarten to 7 grade in competitive soccer
10/15/2018 22:33:22Jenifer MJenifer07@gmail.com240848071030FemaleRecreationalI like to play for fun!
10/15/2018 12:51:57Elizabeth Baxtereschuppbaxter@yahoo.com925523881250FemaleIntermediateI have been playing soccer on and off since high school. I currently play in an over 30 league outdoor league on Sundays at Ken Mercer Sports park. I love playing and have played nearly all positions. My desired position is full-back and half. I am competitive but also just love playing.
10/14/2018 17:10:10ArielAlewkowi@yahoo.com44MaleIntermediateMidfielder/forward. Originally from Argentina, played soccer for over 20 years. Trying to play again for exercise and fun!
10/12/2018 21:58:44pvpvdime23@yahoo.com925951913849MaleRecreationalPlayed varsity in high school and played in college for 1 year before getting injured. Played sweeper all throughout my playing career but two bum knees has severely diminished my ability to cover people. At this stage, I just enjoy playing in any capacity I can. Put me in coach!
10/10/2018 7:22:45Dimitridimitri@acpwa.org510861112629MaleIntermediateI have played forward my whole soccer career. I am available Sunday all day. and Monday thru Thursday after 4pm. I have played soccer in leagues since I was 5 years old. Played competitive in high school as well as on the Varsity team in High School. Continue to play on intramural teams in College at Santa Clara University. Love to have fun. Doesn't matter if its just for fun or a competitive league. Very team oriented.
10/9/2018 7:55:13Jim MarbleJmarble4@gmail.com51MaleRecreationalLooking for a spot on a men's over 40 "D" team Thursday or coed d 4 Monday; currently playing 24/7 academy team in Oakland. Thx
10/8/2018 19:43:52Joseph igbinewekajigbineweka@gmail.com5109322392I am 6'4 and my preferred position is central defense. I can play goal keeping also but prefer defense first.MaleCompetitiveI like structure so I will like to play with preferably 11-a-side if possible.
10/7/2018 16:43:55Nathannathanfiorica@gmail.com1925698910037MaleCompetitiveCompetitive player through high school while also playing on a club team. Played in college at SDSU. I have played on a mix of adult leagues over the last ten years. I play primarily as a forward but am conditioned to play midfield as well. Currently I am coaching my 8 year old sons team and looking join one one my own.
10/2/2018 6:38:45Kristiekristielll@aol.com530949501939FemaleIntermediateI have a lot of past experience. Played through college. But now I am older and out of shape lol. Just looking to have fun!
9/30/2018 22:27:27Josafat Garciajosafat.garcia@gmail.com650426847645MaleCompetitive Position:Mid field / forward
Experience: Played all my life, semi pro leagues and advanced competitive leagues
9/30/2018 20:05:20Alexalexdong2062@gmail.com36MaleIntermediate25 years experience. middle field (left or right), Prefer weekend play.
9/26/2018 20:59:05Spencerspencercarbajal@gmail.com925-451-880325MaleIntermediateI love to play midfield. I’ve played soccer for almost 20 years. My most recent organized soccer experience was playing club soccer at Saint Mary college. I have strong soccer skills and I love to play.
9/26/2018 20:12:56Spencerspencercarbajal@gmail.com925-451-880325MaleIntermediateI love to play midfield. I’ve played soccer for almost 20 years. My most recent organized soccer experience was playing club soccer at Saint Mary college. I have strong soccer skills and I love to play.
9/26/2018 14:49:15Nick RiddellNick26754@yahoo.com925683349626MaleIntermediateGoalie looking for a team.
9/26/2018 14:48:13Nick RiddellNick26754@yahoo.com925683349626MaleIntermediateGoalie looking for a team.
9/26/2018 14:47:41Nick RiddellNick26754@yahoo.com925683349626MaleIntermediateGoalie looking for a team.
9/26/2018 10:33:27Ricardo Lorca ricklorca@yahoo.com1510648940532MaleCompetitivePlayed soccer most of my life. Looking to join a team stay active and have fun.
9/25/2018 20:35:45Daria Stefanczyk daria_stefanczyk@yahoo.com650743728621FemaleRecreational
9/25/2018 20:10:47Ricardo Lorca Aguilarricklorca@yahoo.com1510648940532MaleCompetitive
9/23/2018 12:43:53Krizkristian1009@icloud.com925899029528MaleIntermediateI had played at a concord adult soccer league, I’m 28. I play left mid field, I haven’t play for some time now but I’m still athletic. Thanks
9/18/2018 23:26:07Elia Lonsdale elialonsdale@gmail.com30FemaleCompetitiveForward/any position needed; female or co-ed; Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday league would be ideal; youth through college player
9/12/2018 23:36:05JakeJakeB2000@aol.com925918339318MaleCompetitiveHi I’ve played Soccer most of my life. I am very competitive. I’ve rarely played in my age group and have also played 2 yrs up on the Earthquakes Academy team. I’m currently on an adult team in Livermore. I love scoring but defense is my true spot.
9/5/2018 20:28:18Erika Urbanskiurbanskerika@gmail.com520-971-198944FemaleRecreationalI have played sports my whole life and have been a crossfit and gymnastics coach for 20+ years. I am new to the area and looking to stay active and competitive and social. Can play late Mon, Tues, Wed or Fri evenings and Saturdays after 4pm.
9/4/2018 9:55:23Jose ramirezJgrs1985@gmail.com310753118732MaleRecreationalI played in elementary school, than after high school for a couple of years. Been practicing on my own for a bit trying to get back into shape. I was decent at my best.
9/2/2018 16:17:12Codyfastlife2@icloud.com925446733023MaleCompetitiveBeen playing for 12 years off and on. Played since I was little through high school. Can play anywhere on the field. Looking for a team new to the area and want to get back into it. Can play any days of the week
9/2/2018 16:15:25Codyfastlife2@icloud.com925446733023MaleCompetitiveBeen playing for 12 years off and on. Played since I was little through high school. Can play anywhere on the field. Looking for a team new to the area and want to get back into it.
8/28/2018 16:07:49Daviddavidm852@hotmail.com25MaleIntermediateI played a lot when I was younger but I stopped when I started working. I would like to start playing again. I do prefer to play as striker but I can play as a midfielder as well.
8/28/2018 1:27:40Melissa Yeepharmelis@gmail.com510390227834FemaleRecreationaljust looking for a coed league to play in for some friendly competition and exercise. outdoor and indoor experience from the South Bay. Thanks!
8/22/2018 8:51:24Gregggflorentin@msn.com571422940740MaleIntermediate34 years of soccer, played college, semi pro, over seas for a couple of years. My main position is striker but will play anywhere just to play. Just moved to Dublin. available M-F looking for men’s or coed.
8/21/2018 15:04:32Sarah Abfaltersmabfalter@gmail.com916337629030FemaleCompetitiveI've played soccer since I was 5 years old. Grew up playing competitive soccer & ODP and ultimately played 4 years of Div. 2 college soccer at Cal State East Bay. I have played indoor for many years at Bladium in Alameda, but recently relocated to Walnut Creek so I am looking for a competitive co ed or women's team to join that is closer to my home.
8/20/2018 18:25:45Kerouac Diamonfkerouac@piratecreekbees.com925202370819MaleRecreationalI play keeper
8/20/2018 1:33:04Peter Francispeterfrancis19@gmail.com925577949326MaleCompetitivePreferred position is central midfield or defense. Looking to play competitively and have fun. I will have reliable attendance to games as I live very close by and have an open schedule. Looking forward to playing, thanks. - Peter
8/19/2018 10:17:20Ilya Klets Ilyaklets@gmail.com415-310-219137MaleRecreationalPlayed when I was younger in school sports. In shape and can run but the technique definitely needs refresher.
8/15/2018 19:16:53Adib Jalaladibjalal@gmail.com41MaleIntermediatePrefer to play in a men's only league 40 and over or 35 and over. Can try out for comp, intermediate or rec.
8/12/2018 11:26:16AYNSLEY TOALaynsley.stait@gmail.com925202489237FemaleRecreationalI played competitive soccer my whole life and in college as well. Looking to get back to playing after having kids.
8/11/2018 11:09:41Sandeep Brahmarouthusandeep2000@gmail.com408410970639MaleIntermediateplayed recreational all my life. looking to join co-ed team. flexible in playing any position and having fun/exercise. thanks for reading my post!
8/11/2018 8:46:16Jacob prefer to play center or right mid/defense. I've played since I was a little kid but not in a couple years. I am a hard worker and really love soccer.
8/11/2018 1:22:46DerekDerekcarver18@gmail.com530567867823MaleCompetitivePlayed Club/High School/College ball
Play anywhere on the field, just want to play
8/9/2018 13:26:34Rachel McPhierachmcphie@gmail.com1925353681836FemaleRecreationalPlayed soccer for 12 years—all growing up and into high school. Then had four kids and have been just playing around with my kids in the backyard and thought that I would love to get back into soccer. I don’t know how different indoor and outdoor soccer are from each other but I have only ever played outdoor soccer.
8/7/2018 19:32:53James Arvizu Jrjarvizu94@yahoo.com925895304223MaleCompetitivePlayed soccer entire life at a D1 level, 3 year varsity player at California High School, couple scholarships for soccer back in the day but didnt take any. Used to work at EBS at desk and little kickers soccer coach and coordinator. I can play anywhere except keeper but prefer midfield. Out of shape lol but havent lost my touch. I work for USPS in Livermore. Can play most games after 7. Depending on heavy mail days 6-6:30 games i might cut close.
8/7/2018 7:34:04Justin 718-126532MaleIntermediateI played for over 15 years through high school and recreational in college but it's been awhile now. I typically played midfielder but open to anything really, just would like to play. My availability will vary. I travel about 30-40% for work. If I'm in town, I can play any evening. But am gone Mon-Fri 30-40% of the time. Also available any weekend days. Ideally looking for an intermediate coed team to join if any openings. Just would love some organized fun. Thanks.
8/6/2018 19:56:10Eliot Delgadoeliotdelgado@hotmail.com415535340336MaleIntermediateI played a few yrs in high school. I’m 5”7 160lbs. I’m tryna get active n compete! If you need me to try out for your squad I’m in. Look forward to hearing from ya!
8/1/2018 21:04:13Gregg florentin Gflorentin@msn.com571422940745MaleIntermediateAny day, men’s or coed
7/31/2018 15:02:26Daniel Baeseldaniel.baesel@gmail.com510362914038MaleRecreationalI grew up in Germany and played there for 14 years and have played recreational men's and co-ed soccer (including indoors) off and on. I currently host a twice weekly pick up soccer game in the east bay and am looking to possibly join a men's or co-ed team.
7/30/2018 19:02:26allan orozcoallan_orozco11@me.com925948603718MaleCompetitivemidfielder
12 years experience
i can play every day of the week
7/27/2018 15:33:54Artur Mirzakhanyanartureal21@gmail.com781330481228MaleCompetitiveI play futbol all my life. For fun, with friends or in tournaments.. Just moved to the Bay Area and looking for a team/players to join.
7/25/2018 20:29:15Kunal Behl kunal.behl7@gmail.com33MaleIntermediateI'm from London and have played football (soccer) my whole life. I played for Brentford (in the Championship) as a kid, but a serious knee injury halted my progress. I have been looking for a team in a league since moving from London.
7/25/2018 17:44:37Jeremy McIntoshjeremy@aresdirectinc.com28MaleIntermediatePlayed club and varsity soccer in HS. Played intramural at Oregon. Haven't played for the past 3 years due to work. Looking to play semi-competivly to get some touches back in. Nothing serious just want to have some fun. Thanks!
7/24/2018 6:28:06Gina Cummings Ginacummings@gmail.com925984477236FemaleIntermediateHave played all up until my 20’s.looking to have fun and play on a women’s only league.
7/11/2018 20:21:59Oscar AlcalaOalcala@csumb.edu831-207-626629MaleIntermediateNo preference in field position. 5 years of playing experience. I can play any day in the week. Looking for a team that wants to have fun and win.
7/11/2018 19:54:37James LogueJamesnlogue@yahoo.com510589162946MaleCompetitivePreferred position is striker however I’ve been playing center mid lately. I can also fill in as a sweeper. Over 30yrs experience. Played up through college. Very competitive player but respectful at the same time.
7/11/2018 19:17:09Oscar Alcalaoalcala@csumb.edu831207626629MaleIntermediateTo have fun and win
7/8/2018 15:24:04Stephanie Barnumstephaniebarnum@mac.com707330299232FemaleCompetitiveI started playing soccer at age 5 then continued to play competitive traveling soccer from the ages of 11-15. Right or center forward were always the positions I played, as I'm small and quick and goal scoring was my forte. I took a break from the sport and went onto play junior varsity and varsity volleyball and basketball at Carondelet high school, as I played these sports as well growing up. I was also a singer/dancer in musical theater productions in high school, which is what I went onto pursue as a career. I've recently moved back to the Bay Area, and would love to join a soccer team to play the game again and to meet new people in the area as well. Availability: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
7/8/2018 14:52:54JayDiazjairo2010@gmail.com865-806-880430MaleRecreationalPlayed soccer most of my life, was really competitive at some point but haven’t played in a little while. New to the area and looking to get back in the game. I play forward and can sub at the goal as well. Any day during the week will work for me, but the Wednesday night league looks appealing.
7/5/2018 13:15:05Brooke GalandoBgalando@gmail.com925451426128FemaleIntermediateI’ve played soccer for roughly 18 years. My preferred positions are midfield or forward, but I don’t mind playing on defense. I’m available during the week after 5:00pm. On the weekends, if I’m working in the morning/early afternoon I am available after 2:00pm. If I am not working, I’m available any time throughout the day. I’m looking for exercise and fun, but also enjoy competitiveness.
7/3/2018 12:26:43Paul Cordovapaulcordova87@yahoo.com650740922130MaleRecreationalI'm free to play ANY DAY, ANYTIME (after 5:30pm). I don't have a preferred field position. The only thing I can't play is goalie unless you want to lose. I'm here to have fun, I like long walks on the beach, and hope to take the trophy (if there is a trophy). I just got new cleats which will make me deadly on the pitch. So if you want to not lose, pick me coach.
7/2/2018 13:07:19Braden Leongbradenleong@yahoo.com925639152427MaleRecreationalPlayed rec soccer growing up, but haven't played in about 8-9 years. Typically played mid and defense. Not the greatest, not the worst, would love to get back into it.
6/29/2018 9:07:16Ward Sorrickwsorrick@gmail.com1925413999132MaleCompetitivePlayed soccer all the way through high-school. Was captain of varsity and 2nd team all-CIF my senior year. Played most recently for LA Athletic (@los.angeles.athletic on IG), a competitive men’s team in Los Angeles. Prefer left halfback. Can play most days of week after 7pm. Sound fundamentals. Composed player with hustle and heart.
6/26/2018 9:25:04Sidsidgummuluru@gmail.com336692121424MaleCompetitiveBeen playing for over 12 years, can play anywhere in midfield or attack. Two footed
6/25/2018 15:51:08zubairzubair@louisiana.edu337852627027MaleIntermediateMidfielder with 7-8 years of experience, looking to play soccer and have fun !
6/24/2018 23:00:46Michael Mulvihillmulvihill@gmail.com415637517944MaleRecreational
6/21/2018 14:57:35Mohammedmohammedzubair_7@yahoo.com337852627026MaleRecreationalMid fielder with 7-8 years on and off the field, am looking to get back into soccer after 2 years due to a knee surgery.. I feel I am ready now to have some fun and enjoy soccer
6/11/2018 11:14:45Andrew Heflernickhefler@gmail.com949842735128MaleIntermediate
6/11/2018 10:48:07Marcos Rochamarcos.rocha4@gmail.com916-801-712233MaleRecreationalHello. I have been playing at a recreational/intermediate level for the past 6 years at an indoor facility in Alameda, but have recently moved further into the East Bay and am looking for a new team to join. I enjoy playing on defense, and have become a reliable defender, but can play anywhere in a pinch. I am a reliable teammate and will show up on time and ready to play. I am competitive and a I have a good attitude, and can easily fit in with established team dynamics. I look forward to hearing from you.
6/6/2018 9:56:52Irving Calderonirvcal17@gmail.com510-207-621636MaleCompetitivelooking to join an indoor team
6/5/2018 20:22:56Shelby Fergusons.ferguson10@outlook.com913-957-252526FemaleRecreationalCan only play during the week, no weekends. Played soccer competitively all my life. Looking to join a team and have fun.
5/31/2018 13:46:01Camilacamila_rowland@yahoo.com925876954523FemaleIntermediatePreferred: center mid or defense. Played soccer my whole and high school and intramural in college.
5/30/2018 8:33:04SatishSatish. Nataraj@gmail.com925263650240MaleRecreationalUsed to play college level football . Been a very long time . Looking to join a team to have fun and exercise . Available on sat and sundays or after 630 pm on week days
5/22/2018 17:27:22steven ecclessteeccles@gmail.com415802956529MaleIntermediateEnglish all round player, played all my life, can play various positions
5/21/2018 23:06:15Viviaviviaschimming@gmail.com310804206731FemaleCompetitivePlaying since age 10, team player, flexible schedule and willing to play whenever, love competition!
5/21/2018 21:53:20Eduardo Wence 925203078121MaleCompetitivePlayed High school Varsity and one year of College Soccer
5/19/2018 14:16:23JulianJuliansfeir1@gmail.com551-232-034925MaleIntermediateI play RF, RM, CB, and GK. I used to play travel club soccer as a kid, and now I am a soccer trainer/coach on the weekends. When playing on my travel club, we were ranked top 20 in New Jersey and I was being recruited by the NY Red Bulls academy.
5/16/2018 20:57:23hayrolhayribulus_14@yahoo.com510754815828MaleIntermediateI enjoy playing soccer and having fun but yet with a little competition. I can adapt to play in any position thats available . I am looking to play Monday through Friday if possible.
5/16/2018 19:28:02Katie Finnigsmierk.finnigsmier@gmail.com530227249524FemaleIntermediate
5/16/2018 18:55:18Kelleykelleymusic4life@gmail.com925727547231FemaleRecreationalI currently play on a coed soccer team on Sunday. This is my 4th season. I am a beginner at this sport but love the game.
5/9/2018 7:16:21Josh Butterfieldjbutterfield@pleasantonusd.net209598227739MaleRecreationalI love the game and would like to stay in shape. I played growing up and played jndoor on and off for a couple years more recently
5/6/2018 18:34:18Alberto Villamar villamar33@hotmail.com925389821837MaleIntermediate
5/6/2018 17:35:07Jordan RayaRaya491@gmail.com925642612930MaleIntermediatePlayed all through childhood to high school. On the wings or forward. Can’t do Monday nights
5/3/2018 20:12:11Nick RiddellNick26754@yahoo.com925 683 349626MaleRecreationalBeginner keeper, but getting better. Practicing in my free time. Better at defense rather than offense. Trying to have fun. Work as a nurse so my schedule on weekdays is early mornings so afternoons and most evenings I can play. Weekends are completely open
5/2/2018 16:29:37Kirangiri Sharadagiri.kiran@gmail.com240319911335MaleRecreational
5/2/2018 6:59:37Alex Altmanajaltman1@gmail.com831905516333MaleRecreationalOk for almost any day with notice, and can play any position. Havent played in years but used to be at a decent level - looking forward to getting back into it!
4/30/2018 14:46:29Joel Campbelljdcampbell86@gmail.com925383479531MaleCompetitiveAthletic, speedster who can play anywhere on the field. Played on a traveling team as a kid before getting into other sports. Currently play outdoor on Sundays. Looking for a decent team where I can work on my ball skills and conditioning and always open to constructive criticism of my play style.
4/28/2018 0:27:48Kristine Gonzaledanamariakristine@yahoo.com650239916914FemaleRecreationalI just need to excercise and loose weight a little bit and also learn more about the sport.
4/27/2018 20:01:01Elias RazzoukEliasrazzouk8@gmail.com925588872024MaleCompetitiveHaving been playing since I was a little kid through club/high school/college rec league. I play striker and midfield
4/27/2018 9:40:41Frank Reyesfrankreyes03@yahoo.com925487255345MaleCompetitiveI have been playing competitive soccer starting at a young age and look forward to continue playing with a competitive team. Available to play any day and able to play in any position given to me.
4/23/2018 9:32:51Brittneybjburrows257@gmail.com925548709526FemaleIntermediateI have played for 18 years and prefer to play defense. I can make most any day of the week work but my schedule changes often since I work in events.
4/17/2018 20:28:26Julie Fugazijulfuga@gmail.com925594191539FemaleIntermediateAvailable any day of the week. I've been playing adult co-ed outdoor league for 6yrs. I can play left or right defence or offense. Looking for a competitive and fun team.
4/17/2018 16:27:21Anthony Riveracollegetony0917@yahoo.com310955649424MaleCompetitiveHave played soccer for 13 years. I am looking to join a team to start becoming competitive again. Played defense for many years, as well as center mid-fielder. Have played as a striker also, and not great at goalie.
4/15/2018 18:16:54Navid Nniakanq@gmail.com925239335538MaleIntermediatePlayed indoor soccer for 7 years. Grew up playing soccer for 10 years then football for 10 years. Would love to join a team. Thanks
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