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TimestampNameEmail AddressPhone NumberAgeGenderSkill LevelNotes
3/3/2020 14:03:21Tracy Simontontasimonton@gmail.com650759284654FemaleIntermediateI am really a prior competitive player (but currently out of shape) looking to play again. Can play anywhere on field. Thanks
3/3/2020 13:56:43michael murphym.murphyucc@gmail.com917391900842MaleCompetitiveHi, I'm looking to join a team. I moved to the bay area a couple years, originally from Ireland where I played for my college team and in a league since then. I have two little ones at home so the wife will allow me to get out to play 2 to 3 times a week lol. Hope to join a fun friendly team. thanks
3/2/2020 19:55:44FelipeFelipe_anton@yahoo.com510963750460MaleRecreationalI would like play for fun, running, I didn’t play soccer for the las 2-3 years, before I played on middle field position .
3/2/2020 12:47:06Ryan earlermearle92@gmail.com925961753927MaleCompetitiveLet’s put it this way, the 3 things I love in my life in this order are god, my family and futbol. I’ve played all my life since I was 3 and I played for d1 teams and the premier division for the San Ramon santos when I was a teenager. Eventually played for a JC called Cabrillo out in aptos ca for a year but decided to take a break and get a full time job and have a family. I miss playing and I want to find others to play with who enjoy the love of the game. I play CB CDM mostly and i strive to make the players around me better when I play. Contact me anytime. I live out in Brentwood but work in San Ramon full time so I can adjust to game schedules. Look forward to hearing from you..
2/23/2020 17:33:35Justin Scriccajscricca@gmail.com669273920632MaleIntermediateI'm looking to join an adult league and get back into soccer. I played soccer from a young age up until senior year of high school. I primarily played defense. I stopped playing soccer because I ran track and field in college. I was an All American sprinter who is very competitive. It's been several years since I've played in an adult league but I'll get back into it very quickly. I'm a very competitive but fun team player.

I'm looking to play asap and have a pretty flexible schedule.

2/20/2020 17:32:56Tyler Opacictyleropacic@gmail.com925323606620MaleCompetitiveMy name is Tyler Opacic, I have played soccer for around 15 years. I played for my club, mustang soccer, since 1st grade and played division 1 for 5 years. I also played on on the JV and Varsity team at San Ramon valley high school. I usually play right forward/mid, but can also play right back. I’m unavailable most mornings with work, but I am available pretty much everyday after 4pm. My work schedule is somewhat flexible too, so I could make changes if need be. Thanks!
2/16/2020 9:02:57Nicknick@zolocoffee.com925876036229MaleIntermediateKeeper/Defender played through high school
2/16/2020 0:52:51Sergiosergiodelpuertomartin@gmail.com24MaleIntermediateI'm an offensive player, so I like to play as a striker or attacking midfielder. I'm from Spain and soccer is huge there, so I used to play almost every day until 6 years ago. I cannot play Mon / Tue / Wed.
2/14/2020 9:04:14Markiian2007marsa@gmail.com925964522928MaleIntermediatemidfield or forward position. I played for a University team 6 years ago, I played soccer for 7-8 years, but then I stopped playing regularly 5 years ago. Mostly I cannot play on Saturday and sometimes Sunday, Thursday is busy as well.
2/11/2020 21:49:27Jerry Walkerjerryw822@gmail.com925321249355MaleCompetitiveGrew up and played in Pleasanton Ballistic United and also in coed league now
2/10/2020 14:19:26Spencer Carbajalspencer@gcarbajalinsurance.com925-451-880327MaleIntermediateI love to play in the midfield or forward. I can play fullback as well. I've played my entire life and I would classify myself as intermediate to competitive. The last team I played with was the Saint Mary's College Club Soccer team. Soccer is my favorite thing to do. I love the game. I am a nice person and I am looking for a team to have fun playing the game with again.

I can play pretty much any day of the week as my schedule stands right now. Give me a chance and I think I will be a valuable addition to any team trying to have fun and be competitive.
2/10/2020 10:22:23Ivan Riveraivanrdr18@gmail.com408497332829MaleIntermediateJust looking to get out there and play!
2/8/2020 8:05:27Dana Lu Silversteinlusilver@msn.com425802829250MaleIntermediateBio:

• Positions (in order of experience): forward, defense, limited goalie
• Years played: 20
• Availability: Weekends (work in San Jose)
• Attitude: love the sport but haven’t played for a while
• Looking for: a team with sportsmanship but casual play – who also love the game, but aren’t too aggressive. Mature group/attitude.

Contact info:
• Name: Lu Silverstein
• Phone:(425)802-8292
• Email:
2/5/2020 13:22:25Enrique Cervantesencervan@gmail.com37MaleIntermediateGood day. My name is Enrique, and my two kids are now old enough where I can step out of the house :) My mail goal is to exercise and have fun (but not afraid to join a competitive team either). I have several years of experience playing soccer, so I would describe myself as 'ok' intermediate :) Hoping to get a chance to joni your team :)
2/4/2020 14:09:25Edwin Perezperezedwin78@hotmail.com41MaleRecreationalDefender, I've playing for a lot time, but just for fun.
2/2/2020 17:51:22John Masgajohn.masga@gmail.com925297974121MaleRecreationalI am a defender who enjoys playing soccer as much as I can. It’s been a sport that I have revolved my life around as early as 5 years old. I have a solid left foot and I play soccer for fun and exercise.
1/31/2020 18:58:13Lu Silverstein lusilver@msn.com425-802-8292Feel like 40MaleIntermediateLooking for: good team dynamic, casual play for older dedicated players
1/31/2020 16:59:55Dickson omulamadomungu@gmail.com713382203650MaleIntermediateI have played in college and competitively as well. I can play as a midfielder or on the wings both right and left.
1/31/2020 16:02:18Danieldanboy3210@gmail.com714620514020MaleCompetitiveLeft middle or left wing. I can play Friday or Saturday. I’m someone who passes the ball and does whatever is best for the team. I’ve played high school soccer varsity and I try hard.
1/30/2020 20:13:48Shaine Arbogast 817614974834MaleCompetitiveI have played many different positions. Looking to get back into it again.
1/29/2020 17:32:50Maria Fernanda Arbelaez Isazamafearis10@gmail.com530364837622FemaleRecreationalMy name is Maria and I'd like to join a team to play just for fun. I used to play soccer every week when I was in Colombia.. I'd be able to play in the evenings.. I like to play as a midfielder..
1/28/2020 13:42:05Daviddavid_dadiomov@hotmail.com925876056626MaleCompetitivePlayed soccer whole life. Two years of college soccer.
1/26/2020 13:21:27Gordon ListerGordonlister@msn.com408656402829MaleRecreationalPlayed through high school in Scotland. Most played RB or CM(holding). Havent played in few years.
1/25/2020 9:34:55Garrett BrownGarrettbrown619@gmail.com913832459725MaleCompetitiveI have played competitive soccer all of my life. I played club soccer at cal poly and went to nationals a few times. I can be a versatile player. I have played center mid most of my life but in college played center back. I just want to start playing the game I love again! I don’t care which league I play in or if we win or lose. Just want to have a great time! I work in San Ramon and live in San Mateo but always down for drinks or food afterwards.
1/23/2020 10:16:35Morgan Borchmorgan.borch@gmail.com925202677327FemaleIntermediateI played competitive soccer all throughout my school years (K-12) until I gave it up to play volleyball in college. I alternated between goalie and midfield. I would be ok with playing goalie if it wasn't the whole time- I'm looking for the cardio from running back and forth. I'm open to any position on the field. I haven't played in a while but I'm still active in volleyball so I should pick it back up pretty quickly. I can play every day but Tuesday, but depending on the time I can make Tuesdays work.
1/23/2020 8:27:39Beth Pecorarobeth523@gmail.com39FemaleIntermediateStarted playing soccer when I was 5 and played through high school. Didn't play in college, but played in adult leagues after college, indoor, outdoor, and coed. Looking to start playing again-it's been about 9 or 10 years since I played. Preferred position is right wing.
1/22/2020 16:58:32David Jorgensondavidjorgenson@live.com407951472835MaleCompetitivePreferred position: Goalie (5yrs exp, Adult league).
Optional position: Defender (13 yrs exp. including high school and college intramural).
I play for the fun of the game and the exercise. Good sportsmanship and team player.
1/20/2020 14:07:38Nivaz BrarNivazbrar@gmail.com925719425226FemaleIntermediateI played soccer for 12 years growing up, but have not played for the past 3 years, looking to get back in the sport and have some fun!
1/17/2020 23:19:59Cj CornwellConradjace15@yahoo.com925984872523MaleRecreationalNever played soccer but love the game. 3 sport athlete in high school, played football (American) at the collegiate level. Was 1st team all conference. Preferred position midfield or forward.
1/15/2020 10:18:20Lucas SatterleeLucassatterlee223@gmail.com26MaleCompetitiveLooking to get back into some quality play. Not too competitive but can turn it up if necessary.
1/14/2020 10:48:07Trish Juritrish.juri@gmail.com415215417347FemaleIntermediatePreferred field position: forward or fullback. Years played: 30+. Competitive but also likes to laugh and have a run. Also loves tacos and a cold beer.
1/13/2020 23:06:16Herbert (Ben) DanielsonHbdanielson@gmail.com925353607327MaleCompetitiveI’ve played soccer all my life, through college and adult leagues here and there after. I’m looking for a quality work out and the kind of competition only soccer can provide. Though I have skill and experience I also hold sportsmanship to be paramount when playing any sport so I’d ideally like to find a team with camaraderie. My preferred positions include left defense or right mid. My legs are virtually ambidextrous so I can play anywhere on the pitch comfortably. All that being said, soccer’s the best.
1/13/2020 16:27:22Daniel K Crozierdanielkingcrozier@gmail.com805704684224MaleIntermediateI played soccer through my senior year of high school. I played recreational since I was very young and competitively for 6 years. while I played on my club team I was a center defensive mid but I can fill in most places a team would need. I haven't played a ton recently but I usually keep my touch, it just takes me a bit longer to get the ball to do what I want. I'm new to the area so I'm looking to meet some new people. I can play Mondays-Thursdays, I coach water polo at a local club so most of my weekends are spent coaching their games.
1/11/2020 10:42:37Jake Leperejrlepere1@gmail.com925858827324MaleIntermediateGirlfriend and I are interested in joining a coed team. I played in HS and she played collegiately.
1/8/2020 9:33:13Mark MarshallHamer4mark@yahoo.com707631406749MaleCompetitiveI am (was) a mid to high level player (in my younger days). I am competitive and I play defense and keeper. My wife wants to play, as well. In her younger years she was on a traveling team and she played mostly offensive positions. We live in Danville and are available most nights.
1/8/2020 8:39:21Matthew Frogleappyfrog12@yahoo.com760641612322MaleRecreationalI used to play soccer as a kid and now I'm just looking to play again and maybe find a team where we and my girlfriend can play together, if not I am willing to play alone. My girlfriend is more of using this as an exercise while I would genuinely like to play and get better at the game with practice and dedication. We both like to laugh, have fun, and play some good soccer. We definitely like to win!

Not sure how the skill pertains on the field since I haven't really kicked the ball in a few years, my main position was CDM. I can play any weekday in the afternoon (5pm and later). Weekends would be questionable as I play another sport professionally and tournaments are on weekends. Other questions feel free to text me at the phone number above.
1/7/2020 17:03:40Sarahsarahherzog11@yahoo.com925437790025FemaleRecreationalPlayed soccer since I was 5, I never was in a super competitive league, l've played in other recreational leagues and am looking for one that's closer to where I live now. My skill level is pretty low, but I hustle out on the field! I love soccer even though I'm not that great at it.
1/7/2020 14:09:54Matt Mattbuck24@yahoo.com925785175036MaleIntermediatebeen a while since ive played but would love to get out and run around a little and play , im available any day of the week
12/31/2019 14:07:13Nick BearNbear1997@gmail.com925915928422MaleCompetitivePlayed through highschool at San Ramon and played through college at a small school (Cal Maritime). Generally played as Striker but I can play wherever I’m needed. Just looking to have some fun playing soccer, nothing too serious.
12/31/2019 10:27:34Jessica Tanjessicatanmd@gmail.com415866987538FemaleRecreationalI am interested in getting exercise and making new friends. I have never played futsal before. But I have experience with outdoor soccer. I enjoy playing defense. I am available most evenings and weekends.
12/29/2019 12:48:54Christine Smithcgsmithrn@gmail.com415317423244FemaleIntermediateI would love to play on women's team.
12/28/2019 10:05:14Sarahsairweeks@yahoo.com925895356728FemaleRecreationalHey! My name is Sarah And I am 28 years old! I played soccer through high school and then lacrosse in college. I am looking to join a team to meet new people and do something fun to stay in shape! Love to play any position! Hope to talk soon.
12/25/2019 13:01:19Andrew Clarkeclarkejpa@hotmail.com707454605231MaleRecreationalRecreational and intermediate player with 10yrs experience
12/20/2019 14:21:00Hyon C Yinooroungji@gmail.com408335954641MaleIntermediatePreferred position: Mid-field, Forward
Years Played: Recreation soccer 20 years
Available: Tuesday thru Friday after 5 pm
12/18/2019 16:23:04Armandoarmandor2015@gmail.com925-785-684923MaleCompetitiveI played soccer in San Ramon for many years. I started probably with U10 age group or before. I played in San Ramon Valley High School Competitively. I played Club soccer at Loyola Marymount University for a few years. I am layed back person but when it comes to playing I go 100%, to score and make sure to play safely and cleanly with no intention to go for a dangerous play.
12/15/2019 20:14:24christian valbuenachristianv0819@hotmail.com786603358833MaleCompetitiveI've been playing 20 years and I've played professional tournaments in Miami
12/14/2019 23:16:31Will moserwmoser@sandiego.edu925951736132MaleIntermediateI’ll play wherever other than keeper. I have a high work rate that makes up for technical deficiencies.
12/11/2019 11:40:38Aj Schimmelstmschimmels2001@gmail.com510-586-247118FemaleIntermediateI played for the Castro Valley Soccer League for 7 years, 1 year with DSAL, and I am in progress of joining the Chabot College soccer team. I have one season of experience with indoor soccer. I prefer any field position, with the exception of midfield. I can play any day of the week starting December 19th, afternoons and evenings preferred. I am looking to exercise and have fun. Womens or Co-Ed team preferred!
12/8/2019 16:58:16Katie Buckkatnicolebuck@gmail.com925487250828FemaleRecreationalI currently play on an outdoor team in Pleasanton. This season was my first season back in about 4-5 years and I’m still fairly beginner level with a decent understanding of the game. I really enjoy the game and have since I was very young but am still building back up skills and re-learning some things and am here to continue getting better.
12/7/2019 12:21:50Jason Perelesjason.pereles@gmail.com1414559346631MaleCompetitiveI am looking to join an adult soccer team. I have been playing my entire life and have been involved with adult soccer leagues for nearly 10 years. I prefer outside midfield or striker but am comfortable anywhere!
12/5/2019 8:35:16OJ 1619761429350MaleCompetitiveI currently play in Thursday, but am looking to join a co-ed team. I am a defensive player or can play midfield or keeper in a pinch. I've played and coached for a long time, I can play well
12/3/2019 21:53:05Nick KobayashiKobayashi.Nick@gmail.com650740082328MaleRecreationalI played soccer competitively growing up through high school and recreationally since college. I can typically available Wednesday’s and Friday’s.
12/3/2019 21:52:58Nick KobayashiKobayashi.Nick@gmail.com650740082328MaleRecreationalI played soccer competitively growing up through high school and recreationally since college. I can typically available Wednesday’s and Friday’s.
12/3/2019 18:57:20Saleem Achaksaleem.achak@yahoo.com510677970933MaleIntermediateI have played soccer for almost ten years. My favorite position is central midfielder. I am available on weekends and Friday afternoons.
12/3/2019 9:31:11Nicole Ward nward1124@gmail.com925822461430FemaleRecreationalHello! My name is Nicole, you can call me Niki. I been playing soccer for 26 years for the city of Antioch, in High School at Deer Valley, and on and adult league co-Ed team in Pleasanton. Soccer is huge in my life and I love playing and getting to know people on my team. My preferred positions are forward, however, I am taking out my goalie gloves once again as I was goalie back when I was younger! I feel it’s time to dust those gloves off! Hope to be playing with you guys soon!

12/3/2019 8:27:18Makenna Clements Cpcc.makenna@gmail925785494327FemaleRecreationalHi, there! I’m a defender/mid-fielder looking for a team to have some fun and get back into the game with. I played through high school, and on-and-off since then on rec/intramural teams. Ready and excited to play, would love to join your team!! Don’t be surprised if I come to games toting snacks for all
12/3/2019 8:26:33Makenna Clements Cpcc.makenna@gmail925785494327FemaleRecreationalHi, there! I’m a defender/mid-fielder looking for a team to have some fun and get back into the game with. I played through high school, and on-and-off since then on rec/intramural teams. Ready and excited to play, would love to join your team!! Don’t be surprised if I come to games toting snacks for all
12/3/2019 7:08:25Makenna ClementsCpcc.makenna@gmail.com925785494327FemaleIntermediateHi! I’m a defender/mid-fielder with 15 years of experience (from youth-high school, have only played intermittently on intramural and co-ed teams since then so am admittedly a bit rusty). Looking to get back in the game with a motivated, fun-loving team!
12/2/2019 16:28:27Jayden Neri Alohaneri6@yahoo.com831246006017MaleRecreational
Hi my son is 17 a junior at MVHS he is looking for an indoor team to play during the off season of football
12/2/2019 9:20:05Alex Garciaah.garcia1@gmail.com916952840032MaleIntermediateI've played recreational soccer for about 3 years in San Francisco and have moved to the East Bay. I play midfield or defense. I can play Monday to Thursday after 5pm.
11/28/2019 10:48:42Shawn shawn_raj@hotmail.com925548908126MaleIntermediateHello. I am looking to join a team that would provide me an opportunity for me to polish my soccer skills. I had played soccer in school and college days for about 3 to 4 years. Then, i had to stop due to the phase of moving into adulthood. Nonetheless, i have not lost the passion and the desire to play once more. If given a chance to play in a team, i would work hard both physically and mentally to participate in the team as much as possible. I had preferred to play as a left wing when i was active because I am a good runner, but i will play any position (midfield,defense) provided I will be given some time to train for that position. Physically, i am fit too and in a good shape. Please contact me to test my physical fitness if necessary. If any team is interested to give a chance to a player to make a come back again, then i would be really thankful to them for providing me the opportunity to play the game once more before my time to play runs out. Again, if given a chance, i would work hard to play for the better of the whole team.
Thanks and best regards
11/25/2019 9:03:09Haleyhaymon24u@sbcglobal.net925413983925FemaleRecreationalI played soccer for about 14 years throughout my childhood. My main position is Goalie, I also spent some time playing midfield. I was on the JV team in high school. I haven’t played since my senior year in high school. It’s been a while but I’m excited to get back into it.
11/24/2019 15:56:09Clayclaykane91@gmail.com571242539924MaleRecreationalMid/Fwd played in HS, now play a couple times a month
11/23/2019 22:55:19Jonathan HutnerJmhutner@gmail.com510579232445MaleIntermediateI grew up in Florida and played recreational soccer from the age of 5 to the age of 10 moving to traveling/select teams from 10 through high school. Played in high school and then have played off and on since. Last played competitively about 12 years ago or so. Would love to join on a team and get back into the swing of things.
11/15/2019 19:32:25Lucas SatterleeLucassatterlee223@gmail.com530863361326MaleCompetitivePrefer mid/forward. Played most of my life, recently moved to the area. Would prefer medium/fast paced ball, but open to anything available. Very easy to mold to any style of play.
11/13/2019 18:23:45Alejandraacruzb00@gmail.com650454979033FemaleIntermediateI played all through Highschool and trying to get back in shape and back in the sport. My position is goalie
11/13/2019 15:24:14Sofi Naprawasofinaprawa804@gmail.com925876326419FemaleCompetitiveI have played soccer for 14 year,. 5 competitively at mustang. I wanna play some awesome soccer. I play forward but I can also play goalie if in dire need haha. I love soccer so I'm really excited to get back on the indoor field!
11/13/2019 12:01:01Monija Razaqmonijarazaq@yahoo.com44FemaleRecreational
11/13/2019 3:03:33David Parkdavid.park397@gmail.com925549063322MaleRecreationalI don't really have much soccer experience! I'd love to just exercise and have fun while playing the sport. I'm available on the weekends and most weekday nights.
11/12/2019 20:51:13HannahHannahrazaq@gmail.com925-964-758118FemaleCompetitive
11/10/2019 15:53:36Michelle Hughesmichelle.s.birdsong@gmail.com773704598539FemaleRecreationalPlayed midfield from competitive childhood through varsity high school. Can play evenings during the week or anytime weekends. Don’t want to take it too seriously but have some skills and want to work hard. I was the one who wasn’t necessarily MVP but always got the 110% award.
11/10/2019 15:28:41Ian Leeiansjlee@gmail.com408466442317MaleCompetitiveI played competitive club soccer until junior year of high school. Played for Ballistic and got to play in NPL1. Played high school soccer for Head-Royce School.
I am short (5'7) but I play physical and am quick.
I play fullback and CDM in a normal 11v11.
I am a great defender and am pretty good on the ball as well.
11/10/2019 7:49:42Alex Del Mar Alexdlc25@yahoo.com408791722126FemaleIntermediatePlayed competitively growing up for 6 years and then got into indoor and played for another 4 years until I got injured. Looking to get back into the game . Plays forward and defense.
11/9/2019 8:57:38Kayte EneaKatherine.Enea@gmail.com925918095329FemaleIntermediateI grew up playing competitive soccer from age 8-18, played all 4 years of high school at Carondelet and then Co-Ed intramural in college. I’ve played in the outdoor Co-Ed league but looking for a team during the fall/winter to play on indoors. It’s been a couple years since I’ve last played but looking to get back into it on a fun and semi-competitive team. I’ve played almost every position so I’m willing to go where you need me! Looking forward to hearing from you.
11/8/2019 11:00:44cyrus choicyrusc25@gmail.com33MaleIntermediatecan play anywhere, just want to keep playing, I have a goalie friend is looking for a team as well.
11/3/2019 0:01:24Janice Kimjanicekimnyc@yahoo.com917566506343FemaleRecreationalHello! My preferred position is forward. I played youth soccer for 9 years (I was ranked #1 in my division of AYSO as a child due to scoring many goals) and then switched to track & field and cross-country in high school and college (Division I varsity for 4 years). It's been a while since I played soccer and I am admittedly a bit rusty, but I have stayed involved in soccer through coaching my kid's youth soccer teams (most recently coached Mustang rec soccer). My main goal is to have fun and get some exercise while playing my favorite sport! Hope to hear from you.
10/31/2019 15:53:49Chris Carrchriscarr4@yahoo.com408-661-666645MaleIntermediateWill play any division coed, over 35 or 40. Will play any positions, any night. No restrictions. Played a couple years ago and want to get back into playing.
10/26/2019 13:16:02Sai Sai.shilpanath70@gmail.com313505115526MaleIntermediateHello Guys,
I’ve been playing soccer since my childhood. I’m flexible and have experience playing all the positions in the team except the goal keeper position.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
10/23/2019 12:57:40Nicolasnicolasmadej20@gmail.com925542681723MaleCompetitiveI’ve been playing in Spain for long time and looking for competitive teams
10/22/2019 18:54:36Juliana McCuaigJmccuaig7@gmail.com510378082723FemaleIntermediate14 years playing, 4 years varsity high school, 4 year D1 college athlete track and field
10/22/2019 16:17:12Andy Ramirezandyer@uci.edu510-219-069125MaleCompetitiveHi, I grew up playing soccer and I also played soccer in high school. I am looking for a team that is competitive that also likes to have fun. I prefer playing mid-field but I am open to playing other positions as needed. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and joining a team with a close group of people.
10/21/2019 20:51:38Andrew Covelabcovel@gmail.com858761217224MaleCompetitiveI am an experienced player who played center forward and for my club team in high school and college, and goalkeeper for my high school team. I have played in most positions over the past couple of years in various pickup groups but want to find a leauge team to play with again. I am a capable runner and can physically match with most players, and am happy to play with few breaks.
10/21/2019 12:42:35Grantledge20@hotmail.com209204426840MaleRecreationalPreferred position-midfield. 10+ years played.
10/20/2019 14:50:27Tori Jacksonvjackson@csumb.edu925640108623FemaleRecreationalLooking for something to help me stay in shape and be social during the week. I haven’t played on a soccer team since middle school LOL but I can be athletic and can keep up. I am a good motivator and loud. Evenings are when I’m mostly free. I have no restrictions to particular days of the week. I will show up.
10/20/2019 14:06:33Jordan Enright-Schulzjordanenrightschulz@gmail.com530-845-782535FemaleIntermediateI started playing soccer at 4 and played competitively through high school. I played on club teams in college and I've played on and off for years in adult leagues, both indoor and outdoor. It's been a couple years since I played, but I'll get back into it quickly. I prefer to play defender, but I'm flexible. Right now I can play any day but Wednesday.
10/17/2019 20:17:59Dylan Karl Pyledylanpyle@yahoo.com707337152026MaleCompetitiveplayed soccer my whole life for college and club. Just moved to walnut creek and looking to play.
10/17/2019 0:00:24Kalpa Barmanbarmank@yahoo.com510414699753MaleRecreationalI played from childhood. Can play any position except goalkeeper.
10/13/2019 22:45:54PamelaLy510996204631FemaleIntermediateHi, I am looking to play on Tues. because it fits the best in my schedule. I play at co-ed for both bladium Fri. and adult league in Danville/San Ramon Sunday and would like to add another team. However, I am not sure if Tues., would be too competitive. I guess Mon. or Thurs. games would work as well. Also I am paired with my 30 years old boyfriend who plays goal keeper occasionally. If you were to pick me up, you would also need to pick him up as well. Let me know if you would like him to fill out one of these google forms as well.
10/11/2019 17:08:52Danielle Blevinsdblevs@gmail.com510205394331FemaleCompetitivejust moving here from Utah looking for a team. Played my whole life- club, for Castro valley high, was going to play college before getting hurt. Not sure how the skill levels line up but I’d prefer not to have to play against 19 year olds if I can avoid it...I can somewhat hang but it’s not as fun:) so either competitive or intermediate. I’d prefer to play any day but Sunday. I’ll be living in cv so it’s close. I played stopper my whole life but if girls goals are worth two points sometimes I push up. I know consistent and reliable girls can be hard to find for coed sometimes. If I commit I’ll be there. Let me know!
10/11/2019 10:28:13Sarahsarah.wentworth29@gmail.com530-902-254538FemaleRecreationalHi there! I started playing soccer at around 5 years old up until high school for a few years. I have mainly been a left fullback for most of those years. I have been interested in getting back on a team for some exercise and fun. I haven't played since high school, so I'm VERY rusty.
10/3/2019 0:48:09Mayu RaghavanMayura1626@gmail.com925596072629FemaleRecreationalGrew up playing 9 years of soccer, mostly recreational! I usually play Left-mid or defense. I’m mainly looking just to get back into the game and have some fun. My work schedule is sporadic but as long as I know the game schedule ahead of time, I can schedule my work around it
9/30/2019 21:23:00Joseph Gomezjosephhgomezz850@gmail.com510-846-467424MaleIntermediateIve played competitively in high school but that was a long time ago. Im looking to just have fun and not get to crazy. I can match the level of competition. Im very excited to play and meet some new people!
9/30/2019 16:12:55Rutvij Visputerut.visp@gmail.com925791802822MaleCompetitivePlayed D1 soccer my whole life. Can play any position. Looking to join a competitive team that wants to win every game.
9/28/2019 8:33:55Mina nezhadazar mina197882@gmail.com37FemaleRecreationalAny position except goalkeeper, 3 years in soccer back and forth, i can play any nights. Prefer ball size 4 for indoor games .
9/28/2019 8:29:36Ali Mohajeri mam_mohajeri@yahoo.com510470816441MaleCompetitivePlayed soccer since I was a kid, midfielder, I can play any night time games ,prefer ball size 4 because its indoor
9/26/2019 12:59:17MaxLevchenkom97@gmail.com925549680921MaleIntermediateMainly play a mid or wing position, I have played 2 years of indoor soccer but have not play in a year. I am extremely active currently and have always been athletic.
9/21/2019 11:04:34Sarah KnightXxrock7521@gmail.com707410635624FemaleRecreational
9/21/2019 10:08:09SufyanHamouda.Sufyan@gmail.com262720831324MaleIntermediateI have always loved soccer and played it recreationally as a second sport throughout high school and college. I mainly play defense but am open to pretty much any position. I’m looking for a team that can balance having fun and being competitive
9/19/2019 23:03:29Mitchell Diazmitchellflaviodiaz@gmail.com510974628819MaleCompetitiveYears played, 4
Weekends can, Monday’s can
Center ,left/right attacking position