AcWriMo 2015 Accountability Spreadsheet (Responses)
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Instructions for signing up for AcWriMo 2015, and to updating this spreadsheet:
Timestamp1. Name
2. Email Address
3. Twitter Handle
4. Are you signing up for Acwrimo?
4. Goal5. PlanAchievementWhat is today's date?
Progress Update: Nov 1, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 2, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 3, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 4, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 5, 2015
Do you feel like you have achieved your goal this AcWriMo?
Progress Update: Nov 6, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 7, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 8, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 9, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 10, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 11, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 12, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 13, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 14, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 15, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 16, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 17, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 18, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 19, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 20, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 21, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 22, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 23, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 24, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 25, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 26, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 27, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 28, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 29, 2015
Progress Update: Nov 30, 2015
10/24/2015 7:57:09Jade Riddle@Jade_R
As I will be on an archive trip for most of the month, my aim is 20,000 words. I don't care what they are: notes, chapter content, ideas anything. Just 20,000 words by the time I return home at the end of the month to build on.
5,000 words a week.
1,000 words a day - Which equals 2.5 pages in my notebook.
Most hours each day will be spent in the archives but in between document delivery and at night in the hotel I will write.
10/24/2015 11:43:57Camilla@HIVOT
Complete first draft of my Discussion chapter.
Complete first revision of my Methodology chapter.
Minimum of 1 hour every Monday to Thursday
Minimum 4 hours every Friday
Minimum 1 hour every Saturday and Sunday
Writing 250-500 words per hour
Revising 500-1000 words per hour
10/24/2015 16:00:31KS Lowney@LowneySociology
Write 5 + pages (detailed) outline of chapter for a Sage anthology.
Then start on the expanding it to the final version of the chapter (~25 pages).
I have never succeeded before at daily writing, and I have a very busy November with 2 tests to grade and 1 paper from each of my 300 students, so my goal is 50 words a day.
10/24/2015 17:16:06Laurie DickmeyerLDickmeyer
I want to finish the first draft of a dissertation chapter.
I will write 2,000 words a week.
11/3/2015 20:08:47Leigh VanHandel
Get a solid draft of at least two chapters of the cognition book written. Develop solid plan for tempo project.
Work at least one hour each day on one of the projects, preferably at least one hour on EACH project. Goal of at least 200 words per day on the cog book.
Free day -- SMT
425 words -- mostly quotes but a little bit of notetaking and outline-making.
10/25/2015 1:52:13Danieldanielrsilva
Finish 1 draft chapter of my dissertation [Theoretical Framework].
Start writing 1 chapter of my dissertation based on fieldwork.
I am planning on writing for 1 hour everyday, 2000 words per week, as I will be doing fieldwork at the same time.
10/25/2015 2:32:17Abdul
- Finish practicum by Nov 1
- submit practicum paper to conference by Nov 22
- write short prelim proposal by Nov 8
- write literature review of prelim by Nov 20
- Submit full prelim paper by Nov 30
- 6 poms (each pom is 25 minutes long) 6 days a week.
11/30/2015 4:22:52Micky Vale
- write paper for January conference
- complete lit. review for background chapter
Write at least 1 hour a day (weekdays) and complete 2,500 words per week.
Although I missed a few days of planned writing, I achieved a total of 10,000 words in the month. Unfortunately I did not complete either the paper or the background chapter, but I made considerable progress on both. I established a good writing habit that I hope to carry on next month and beyond.
No writing but gathered lit review bits and bobs together in preparation and worked on Powerpoint.
2 Pomodoros = 600 words at SU&W this morning
4 Pomodoros but limited progress - 350 words and the beginnings of a mind map.
4 Pomodoros = 500 words. Still slow going, but meeting my targets at least!
2 Pomodoros = 760 words.
1 1/2 Pomodoro = 272 words + some mind mapping. No other writing time today.
Total for the week = 2482: only 18 words off target :-)
No writing but started on MOOC assignment
No writing
4 pomodoros = 482 words + more mind mapping
Also completed MOOC assignment (765 words)
150 words only - having major issues with outlining the order of my arguments.
2 Pomodoros in Shut Up & Write group = 600 words (fleshing out the outline).
No writing - preparing Powerpoint slides and brainstorming instead
4 Pomodoros = 1225 words.
Total for the week = 2457 (+ MOOC assignment) - again, close to target!
No writingNo writing
2 Pomodoros = 861 words.
1 hour = 784 words on definitions chapter / background for the conference paper.
1 hour SU&W = 921 words
Conference - no writing
Conference - no writing
Total this week = 2566 words. Met target in 3 days!
No writingNo writing
Wrote funding proposal (1330 words) but no thesis writing.
fell off the AcWriMo bandwagon ....
SU&W group: 654 words.
SU&W group: 972 words.
Major reorganisation of already written work - no new words.
Total this week: 1626 words.
No writingNo writing
3 Pomodoros = 1200 words.

Total for the month: 10,331 words!
10/25/2015 7:22:33Paula CorsiniPaulacorsini
Finish the literature review, one chapter and get started on two new chapters of my thesis.
I plan to write 3 hours every day and get 5 thousand words written every week.
10/25/2015 7:49:12Sneha@snek87
Finish 2 concluding chapters of my thesis, copyedit entire text and submit by 14th November 2015
1. Write 5000 words each day and revise 10000 words
2. Fix bibliography and annexes
3. Copy edit thesis
10/25/2015 9:42:22Amber Eby
Finish dissertation draft for study one.
Saturday and Sunday 8 hours each day.
One hour every weekday morning.
No word goal, just time goals! Need to plan to make up extra time lost for thanksgiving travel.
10/27/2015 22:46:22Moyanot my real twitter
1. Finish NWSA Paper
2. Draft Disability Studies Paper
3. Apply for huntington job on book chapters
30 minutes a day
11/8/2015 22:33:28C Mejia
Complete: SNA China, single author, lmx & async revisions
Minimum 300 words per day
Edited and finalized grant proposal; 6 hours of computer time
275 words for async revisions
nada; teaching day
collected qual data interviews
draft presentation niche hotel blogging; 250 words
nada, took the day off; read a little
362 edits to LMX guanxi paper
900 words, finished guanxi-lmx article
10/25/2015 14:41:39Sevcan
Finish the article
Write that conference abstract
One hour writing each day except weekends
11/17/2015 15:12:30Maggie Smaggie_mai
Complete two qualitative manuscripts for submission to journals.
10 hrs/week of writing & editing
Made it for week one! Finished writing the results and discussion of one article.
Made it through week 2 with at least 10 hours. Have one article completed, including refs and figs.
FInished writing the introduction of article #2, so now every section is drafted. Also finished an unexpected revise and resubmit over the weekend.
10/25/2015 20:03:39AdyaAdya Karthikeyan
I have to start writing my first paper. I am somehow stumbling very badly at technical writing. I need to improve on !
I can allot 30 minutes to write each day.
10/26/2015 1:09:57JelenaJeleradfan
Revise MS- specifically arguments and lit review.
1 hour every day of the week, except weekends.
10/26/2015 7:18:57Arlene HarveyArleneHarvey16Write one journal article
2000 words per week (including research)
11/6/2015 6:28:59Hannah@hlliversedge
Complete good draft of transfer document and first draft of skin maturation paper.
Write 3 hours 4 times a week.
Continuing to work on transfer document--didn't get too much written today, but I've rerun my aetiology search which was desperately necessary.
Priorities have suddenly shifted away from the transfer document thanks to a magically moving deadline. Wrote 350 words of paper this afternoon.
Worked for four hours, wrote over 800 words.
10/26/2015 8:27:30Jim Hinks@AlasLittleJim
Complete first draft of journal article
Write book review
Seven hours a day, three days a week throughout November.
10/26/2015 9:36:30Ioana Cerasella Chis@CerasellaChis
1. write 70% of the first draft of an assignment;
2. write 3,000 words for my dissertation;
3. finish my part of a co-authored book chapter
Hours to write/day: 2,5hours/day, 6 days/week (15hrs).
Words/week: 2,000 ('good' words)
11/3/2015 22:20:50Anastasia Day@Anastasia_C_Day
Full rough draft for dissertation group of what is tentatively labeled Chapter 3 of the dissertation.
I want to write 500 words a day, no matter of what quality. Hopefully most of it is useful, but the act of writing is my real goal for this month. One Pomodoro cycle worth of actually sitting at computer with no distractions is the only acceptable substitution.
Words: 638
Goal for Tomorrow: 1138
Minimum tomorrow: 1000
Words: 1139
Goal for tomorrow: 1639
Minimum tomorrow: 1500
Words: 1715
Goal tomorrow: 2215
Minimum tomorrow: 2000
11/4/2015 2:15:18Katja#bunteblicke
- first draft of handbook article Frauenbilder
- revised version of Idun
- Saving at least 1,5 hours / day for _writing_ on one of these articles, wekkends included, if possible
Sunday - - merely last amendments to Loki-article.
Looking for literature, drowning in ...
about 1 h; minor passage on medieval sources
11/30/2015 13:42:34
Meagan Caridad Arrastia
My goal is to submit my dissertation as a manuscript for a journal.
My plan is to write everyday for at least an hour.
I was unable to write everyday for any length of time. :(
I started planning for my JPA submission on the teacher responsibility paper (EFA and CFA)
My writing time I am counting as the time I spent reading my reviews from my two AERA rejections.
I spent my time today writing about all the ideas I have concerning early field experience research and how I can answers some questions using my EDUC2130 class. :)
Today I check out new journals, like TESOL Journal. This could be an alternative if TESOL quarterly does not pan out.
I copied my old files unto my new laptop and stumbled upon some old research that I would like to resurrect. I spent my time today thinking about it and checking out a possible venue for the manuscript - Sexuality and Culture.
Set up a research meeting for December 1st to start a new collaboration.
Reviewed feedback from a rejected manuscript.
Found new journals to submit the rejected manuscript to...
11/27/2015 8:00:19Elaine Campbell
Finish the DLaw PhD Proposal
Final edits to the ABS and Clinic Article (if not already done by end Oct)
Finish first draft of the autoethnography and ethics article

Added on: revisions to transactional clinic article
revisions to business clinic book chapter
500 words a day, not including Saturdays (or my birthday!)
508 words (but def did more - I just deleted a lot of other stuff as well)
629 words in 45 minutes. Boom! A good day. Wanted to write more but stopped to try and keep at an achieveable pace.
399 in the morning (1 hr). A slow start. Kept revising one paragraph. Drafting a proposal document is very different to writing an article where you can dip in and out.

Today, I received significant revisions for an article I wrote during last AcWriMo. I have until 11 Nov to do them- eek! So I re-wrote the introduction on the evening and that was 1.5hrs and 623 words. Wondering if I can carry them over to tomorrow....? Or is that cheating?!
Slow start. Didn't get to do any #acwri until late afternoon - 459 words. Didn't feel great - much prefer writing in the morning.
Yay! A morning writing session. Got into work at 7.50am and wrote until 9.30am. 621 words. All revisions to the article due in next week.
Didn't keep a record. Rewrites of the tlc article all afternoon and most of the evening. Probably over 1500 words plus edits and references.
Carried on with edits of the tlc article most of today. Finished the conclusion just in time for X Factor!
Had a moment where I wanted to write so sat on the sofa in the kitchen and wrote what turned out to be the introduction to the PhD proposal. 683 words.
Back to the routine of coming in early and getting on with things without being disturbed. 7.33am - wrote until 8.38 521 words. PhD proposal.
Train delays - grrr. Got in for 7.50am, worked until 9am. Lit review section of PhD proposal 716 words but some of this needs cutting down at later stage.
Morning sesh again: PhD proposal Lit Review (which is now reaching 2000 words - oh dear, must learn to stop!). Started at 7.35, stopped at 8.35 with 727 words in the bag.
Delays on Metro mean a little late in this morning - annoying. Started at 7.48, finished at 8.57. 564 words: lit review of PhD Prop complete and now onto the next section. Starting to come together, although is now at 6000 words and only halfway through....Hmmmm
Annual Leave. Read an autoethnography article on the train to Hull.
Weekend at the in-laws. Day off.
Weekend at the in-laws. Day off, but did a bit of reading on the evening.
500 plus words on the PhD proposal. I've lost count as I'm editing as I go. Anyway, the epistemology bit is nearly done! It's still waaaay over word limit though. I hate having to do this in 'work time'. Cant gather my thoughts and its all a bit 'bit-ty'.
Revisions to book chapter for about an hour. Didn't keep record of words. Mostly looking up sources.
Hour and a half of revisions that kept stopping and starting. Have no idea how many words, but it's not much. Sat in a grump at 8.46pm staring at said revisions, listening to Travis and eating too much dark chocolate. Bring back morning AcWriMo.
Revisions to book chapter 2 hours. Didn't keep record but finished the revisions. It's ready to send back now :). Ahead of schedule! Now if I can only get this proposal and other article done... Getting the feeling that the AE article may have to be a work in progress. Revisions have scuppered it.
Birthday. Birthday boxing day. Birthday new year.
back to morning writing - yay! Not so early this time though. Editing the PhD Proposal 8.30-9.30am
another 8.30 - 9.30 PhD proposal edit. Switch between thinking its nearly done and its nowhere near done.
Mini writing retreat - 3 hours writing the AE article. Lord, I love writing the AE article. It's just too much fun really.
Does an abstract count? Wrote a conference abstract. Over 500 words, needs cutting down. No other writing today, was a yucky admin day.
Finished off the abstract. Wrote my appraisal form for 2 hours - surely that must count!?
12/2/2015 22:49:14Dani Arigo
Specific Aims and Candidate Statement for grant proposal, revise and resubmit an invited revision, finish draft of a new manuscript (with a student), finish Intro-Results for two additional manuscripts
Write for two hours each Tuesday, Thursday, and one day of the weekend; at least one of these blocks at a coffee shop (per week).
Drafted Specific Aims and Candidate Statement for grant proposal, finished draft of a new manuscript (with a student), finished Intro-Results for one additional manuscript. Taught a student to do analyses for the second manuscript, working with him to draft. Revise and resubmit is in progress; more complex than anticipated!
Wrote for three hours at a coffee shop; finished revise and resubmit, progress on candidate statement and associated presentation
Two hours of edits and analysis planning for an in-progress manuscript (plus meeting with associated student)
Ninety minutes of prep for a grant presentation (clarified argument for candidate/aims sections)
*Solo-authored article accepted for publication!*
Conference attendance
Participated in grant presentation reviews; gave a 30-minute presentation on candidate, aims, and research plan
Just shy of two hours on edits to a manuscript (co-authored with a student)
Thirty minutes of edits to first-author manuscript
(Doctor's appointments - sick)
Forty-five minutes of edits to manuscript (co-authored with student)
Nintey minutes preparing slides for Faculty Research Seminar
One hour preparing slides for Faculty Research Seminar
One hour preparing slides for Faculty Research Seminar
Two hours of writing - edited draft of specific aims (sent to mentor), edited manuscript draft #1 (sent to co-author), edited Results/started Discussion for manuscript draft #2
Five hours of writing, at a coffee shop! Majority of Discussion for student co-authored manuscript (~1000 words), finished slides for faculty presentation, decisions about draft manuscript during call with co-author
Final edits to presentation slides, gave faculty research presentation
Ninety minutes correcting proofs for first solo-authored manuscript
One hour on student co-authored manuscript; finished first draft
Almost three hours on student co-authored manuscript; edits and reference list updates after feedback from a colleague
Thirty minutes on grant application
Read "How to Write a Lot" (60 minutes)
Ninety minutes on grant application
Forty-five minutes on edits (manuscript and grant application)
Forty-five minutes on edits and tables for manuscript (full draft done!)
12/1/2015 0:18:18Eruani Zainuddin
I have two writing goals or AcWriMo:
1. Develop a cohesive dissertation proposal. This means that I need to put the literature review and three empirical studies together, and write-up an introduction integrating all chapters.
2. Revise and resubmit my article that is currently under review. This involves figuring out the strategy for revision, revising the manuscript, and writing-up the response to reviewers.
My plan is to write for 5 hours at minimum for each working day, from Monday to Friday; 2.5 hours per day for the weekend.
My goal is to start writing within 2 hours of waking up each morning.
Start my day by taking 5 minutes to write in my research journal.
Sunday - not working. My first day of AcWriMo starts tomorrow.
Submitted ethics application for Study 2.
Renewed ethics approval for Study 1.
Spent the whole working day grading midterms!
More midterm grading and admin duties.
I'm making a promise to myself that I'll write for at least 5 hours tomorrow.
Completed 8 poms - 4 hours of solid writing.
Attended 1.5 hours of writing workshop.
On top of the writing and workshop, I spent 2-3 hours on admin work for teaching.
Probably one of my most productive days!
Admin TA duties - handed out midterms to 500+ students.
Saturday - not working.
Wrote TA handover report.
Completed 100 hours of TA work; done with TA work and can focus on my own research.
Not a productive day - had difficulty focusing because several TA-related issues came up.
Completed 12 pomodoros of solid writing; reached my target of 6 hours of writing. Worked on chapter 2 (literature review section).
Completed 4 pomodoros of solid writing; 2 hours of solid writing. Worked on chapter 2 (literature review section).
Attended a writing workshop for 2 hours.
Half of the day spent at dentist.
Completed 12 pomodoros of solid writing; reached my target of 6 hours of writing. Worked on chapter 2 (literature review section).
No writing - Misc things to do.
No writing - Saturday.
1 hour of writing - revised and re-submitted ethics application for Study 2.
Completed 9 poms - 4.5 hours of solid writing
Attended 1.5 hours of grant writing workshop.
Another productive AcWriMo day.
Off dayOff dayOff day
Completed 6 poms - 3 hours of solid writing
1.5 hours meeting
Off day
2 to 3 hours - work on abstracts for empirical studies
Completed 5 poms - Proposal writing
1 hr meeting - writing review
Admin tasks to set up proposal defense
Painful dental appointment
More painful dental appointment
Completed 7 poms - getting back on track
Completed 5 pomsCompleted 6 pomsCompleted 8 poms8 hours of writing
11/11/2015 16:25:54Megan Hatch@meganehatch
Re-write the middle sections of my DDD paper.
I am going to do 1 section a week.
Week 1: Background (including new literature)
Week 2: Conceptual model
Week 3: Empirical model and data
Week 4: Results
Decided I'm not going to work on the weekend unless I get way behind on my goals.
One of those days I don't even get to start thinking about writing until 5pm. This week is going to be a struggle. Today I picked up my essay and re-read the background section. I think I now have a better idea of what I need to do analytically before I can cut down the background more.
Writing-wise I didn't get a lot done, but I did a lot of modeling and conceptually, I feel like I am on a new, much better track for my writing.
More modeling, outlining, and theory-building today. I'm a little behind on writing my background section, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up next week.
No writing, but a lot of thinking about how to improve my paper and make it more impactful for broader audiences.
Life got in the way- no writing
Writing every work day is much more difficult than I imagined it would be, but I'm proud of myself for at least getting in 30 minutes today. I started to reorganize my paper around what I think are the new most important parts. Still working on the Background, but its starting to be more coherent.
Writing this background section is like pulling teeth. I think I only wrote a paragraph today, plus a little bit of editing. I know that at some point, the whole thing will just melt together, but it's frustrating in the meantime.
Another half hour on the background and conceptual model. I'm moving a lot of paragraphs around, cutting unnecessary information. I still figure I need to add some new information but overall cut these sections by about 50%.
10/26/2015 19:06:22GIllian
To finish the CCPAR report I am writing.
Write 3 hours a day.
Complete 1000 words per day.
10/26/2015 19:57:56Diane Holliman
1. Outline the Implicit curriculum article.
2.Submit the Continuing Ed article
3. Finish my edits on COMPASS
4. Submit IRB Field resources survey
Do at least 10 minutes everyday-at least 10 minutes.
My easiest task is the edits on the COMPASS.
My next easiest is the outline of the Implicit curriculum article.
My hardest is completing the Continuing Ed article-I need to find a journal-hear from Stan.
Second hardest is Field resource IRB.
COMPASS back to Michael Sanger by November 6.

During this first week, also work on Continuing Ed article-have Continuing ed article ready to go by Thanksgiving day-we just need to find a journal. What will Stan suggest?
Submit IRB by November 30 -work on the Implicit Curriculum outline in the meantime
12/3/2015 22:39:02Diane Holliman
1. Outline the Implicit curriculum article
2. Submit the Continuing Ed article
3. Finish my edits on COMPASS
4. Submit IRB Field resources survey
Do at least 10 minutes everyday-at least 10 minutes.
My easiest task is the edits on the COMPASS-that can be a little mindless activity.
My next easiest is the outline of the Implicit curriculum article.
My hardest is completing the Continuing Ed article-I need to find a journal-hear from Stan.
Second hardest is Field resource IRB.
COMPASS back to Michael Sanger by November 6.

During this first week, also work on Continuing Ed article-have Continuing ed article ready to go by Thanksgiving day-we just need to find a journal. What will Stan suggest?
Submit IRB by November 30-work on the Implicit Curriculum outline in the meantime

What an interesting month. The Full Professor application-what a surprise. I got it done! I am on my way. What I always wanted. About the goals. 1. Got COMPASS edits to Michael Sanger, will meet with him about thepaper. 2. Submitted TIES conference proposal-Implicit curriculum 3. I did hear from Stan Witkin. Did I reply to him? 4. Did not finish IRB. It is now December 3.
1 hour reading for Implicit curriculum and student engagement and student organization piece that we will submit for TIES conference. Looked at links from librarian for Survey research books. Read the article Halim sent me on Exploring the lived experience. This would be great for social work interviews-especially after talking to the social workers with child welfare experience. I love talking to social workers about what they do-an idea from David Harrison many years ago. A positive spin on what I did for facebook "My writing time today was filled with bright and shiny and sparkly ideas. Bright, shiny and sparkly ideas about social work."
Went to the library! Organized my thoughts a bit, I am ready to finish the IRB for field resource survey and the proposal for the TIES conference. This would be a facebook post about writing time today "Returned to main campus to Odum library, printed, checked out books, walked for 25 minutes and saw and visited with dear friends. Don't miss Pine Hall, but I miss Main campus"
A day of meetings-morning meeting, afternoon meeting, late afternoon meeting and class. Class energized me and that is a good thing! I want to do about 15 minutes of reading the books and articles I checked out before I go to bed.
Finished consent form-sent to Mizan and Carrie! Emailed Kathy Sundin about the drawing. Tomorrow to work on the instrument! Field resource survey.
I did over 16 minutes of work on the survey. I need to continue the survey tomorrow. Carrie thought the consent form was good. I'll need to send the survey to Carrie. I have some questions for her.
Worked on the application for Full Professor. Took lots of time.
Worked on the application for Full Professor. Took lots of time.
Worked on the application for full professor. Took lots of time.
Finished the application for full professor-ready to get back to my other writing.
I spent a little over 20 minutes working on the survey. Next I need to send an email to Carrie to see if we can meet. There are some categories that I still am not clear on, and I would like for the format to be slicker too.
I also need to see when the TIES proposals are due.
I worked on the TIES proposal for 20-25 minute. I was stuck for awhile, but came up with a good title.
"What about us? Distance learning students and community engagement"
Back again-worked for about an hour on the TIES conference proposal. I hope to get it submitted.
Finished the TIES proposal and sent it out.
10/26/2015 23:08:03Jane ProphetjaneprophetDraft academic paper
30 minutes writing per day. 1500 words, after editing, per week.
10/27/2015 0:22:56Jacky Cheung
Literature Review for SM8402
2 hours a day, fourth times per week, around 2000 words per week
11/25/2015 4:51:23Wong Pui Chung
Complete draft of Literature Review
800 words each week
Writing 200 words for
- brief introduction of tangible interaction
- problem to adjust part: introduction
- problem of easiness to perform
Writing 190 words for
- problem of limited input and output
- problem of device size and hand size
Writing 170 words for
- contextual inquiry in methodology part
Writing 150 words for
- evaluation method (usability test) in methodology part
Writing 125 words for
- evaluation method (A/B testing) in methodology part
Writing 150 words for
- Context-aware technique in Related work (context-aware kinetic scrolling)
Writing 160 words for
- Air+touch and Beats in Related work (gesture and posture part)
Writing 160 words for
- Duet: Exploring Joint Interaction on a Smart Phone and a Smart Watch (Cross devices part)
Writing 190 words for
- Introduction
- NailO (related work - wearable part)
Writing 200 words for
- 3D fabrications introduction
- Acoustrument (related work - 3D part)
Writting 140 words for related work part
- tangible input (MagGetz)
Writing 180 words for related work part
- Other (extension sticker)
Writing 200 words for related work
- UI watch part
- Research design (research question)
Writing 190 words for related work
- Tactile feedback (3x3 watch-back tactile feedback)
Writing 145 words for related work
- Tactile feedback (HaptiCase)
Writing 215 words for
- introduction
- related work (finger in air)
10/27/2015 0:58:16WANG Xiao
Finish the Lit Review (6000 words)
1 Hour each day

5 days each week

1000 words each week
10/27/2015 1:00:18Ariel Huang
Crank out the meaty chunks of my literature review and slot it into a loose structure which will go towards my PhD research.

Topics/Fields to cover:
1. Liveness (Performance Studies)
2. The Lived Experience as Perceived (Phenomenology)
3. Human Technology Relations (Phenomenology)
4. Playability (Ludology)
1200 words a week
Monday - two 60-90 minute sessions
Tuesday - nope. Tuesdays are crazy days as is. can't do it.
Wednesday - one 60-90 minute session
Thursday - two 60-90 minute sessions
Friday - two 60 minute sessions
Saturday - one 60-90 minute session
Sunday - nope. gotta rest. play some video games or something.
10/27/2015 1:15:52Yilan Chen
Complete a literature review for my PhD study
# of words: 1000
Time: 2 hour/week (reading 30 min/day)
10/27/2015 1:48:51CHEN Bin
Finish 5000 words literature review
write 1000 words a week
10/27/2015 2:18:44Ana Clara Garner
Write a methodology review to my thesis.
I need to research and write about Visual Ethnography, Phenomenology and Grounded Theory. Besides describing each methodoogy I shall find common ground between them.
200 words or 45 minutes every day from Monday to Friday.
10/27/2015 2:19:22Gyung Jin Shin
My goal is to finish 5000 words of literature review chapter in my PhD research.
Writing Time: 1 hours a day/ from Monday to Sunday

Writing Quantity: 150-200 words/a day(1hr)
11/16/2015 7:20:27
Marie Christine Dussault
Finish and submit journal article for IJLM.
Write outline for second paper
Write a minimum of 500 words per day.
forgot it was the first of the month!
wrote 270 words of discussion for paper.

wrote the draft of a report for police.

More than 500 words in total.
960 words of discussion and conclusion for paper draft
started work on outline for paper #3
only 200 words but it was editing. And I submitted my draft to the boss lady!
Wrote notes for outline of next paper. 500 words
no writingno writingno writing
No writing, stuck in interviews
workshops all day
500 words for research fund application
500 final draft of paper
notes for next paper. 500 words
no writingno writing
500 words of edits to paper
10/27/2015 4:57:37Fatma Basak Aydemiraydemirfb
Related Work + 1 Chapter of Thesis + Conference Paper
5 Hours everyday
12/17/2015 16:19:26
Myriam Houssay-Holzschuch
Write one book chapter (project 1), one symposium proposal (project 2), resubmit revised article (project 3) and take #acwri into December by restarting on book (again, project number Gazillion)
2 hours of writing on non teaching days, excluding weekends
Stopped on 11/13.
But project 2 and 3 accomplished (project 3, the revised article, got accepted too!). Project 1 on hold, co-author delay.
Not that bad, considering.
This is a weekend day. But reading done.
Synopsis of chapter (project 1) completed and sent to co author, 1h30 of reading (100 more pages for tonight)
Full teaching day
4 hours of writing (yay), Intro and conclusion of article-to-resubmit (project 3) done. Also, unexpected last minute edits on a non #AcWriMo chapter, but that's still writing and getting it out. Good. Reviews late, though.
Full teaching day.
Not that bad, considering.
Full teaching day.
weekend, writing the reviews
weekend, writing the reviews
Review sent. Also, more than 4 hours of writing: article (project 3) revised. One last look, and it's ready for proofreading. Letter to the editor even drafted.
Re read article and letter to the editors - it's now been sent to my beloved and merciless proofreader
Public holiday: family and endless emailing
teaching dayTeaching day, attacksweekendMourning beginsTeachingTeaching
No writing (too soon), but cleared what had piled up.
Teaching and adm, 8:30-19:00
Back to #AcWriMo: drafted the project 2 proposal, edited the proofread manuscript of project 3
3 hours of writing. Project 2 sent out (yay!), project 3 would have been resubmitted if the journal's website was not down (rage), co-author making progress on project 1.
12/2/2015 5:00:39Anne
Submit 1 short paper, submit 1 full paper, draft one full paper, come up with research ideas.
Mean of 10 poms a workday; in total 200 poms
168/200, 1 paper submitted, 2 papers near finished
11/20/2015 12:46:38Sevcanyunivers_
Finish the article
Write that abstract for the conference

Write two hours every day except weekends
2 hours writing - 1225 words
2 hours writing+4 pomodoros - 825 words
1 hour writing -
Finished conference paper abstract
Achieved goal 2
10/27/2015 8:29:56Ron Brooks@rooksbay
Submit a book proposal and completed sample chapter.
4 hours of uninterrupted writing every day.
10/27/2015 9:42:44Thomas Bullington@LiteraryBotany
My goal is to rewrite my introduction and the first two chapters of my dissertation. This amounts to approximately 30,000 words, though some of those words will come from material I've already written.
My goal is 1000 words a day. This is actually a modest goal, compared to NaNoWriMo, which asks for 1667 words per day instead.
10/27/2015 9:22:49Heather Nestorickstudygir_1Finish two papers. 500 words per day
11/10/2015 16:10:23Alison McCandlish@CrenellatedArts
Draft 1 chapter
First draft of paper for conference event
5000 words a week = 20,000 words by end of November
638 words on 01/11/15 plus some reading/notes time
581 words today, it is a substitute weekend day for me as my husband was off work- tomorrow is 'monday' for me!
1444 words added today, plus some moreing reading. downloaded a pomodoro + trello
2673 words today
1052 words plus research/ reading/ notes
151. not a good writing day.
389- meant to be a day off but did a little
reading today not writing
10/27/2015 9:49:13Kate@fitch_kate
16,000 words = two book chapters
every weekday morning for 4 hours
three weekday afternoons for 4 hours
12/3/2015 9:15:13zeynep
finish chapter 1 of thesis so that its final draft would be ready before submission.
My plan is to write the whole chapter which is around 25-30000 words. I am planning to write between 7-9000 words each week that makes around 1000 words each day.
I achieved the half of the target: 9500 words and a conference abstract
6500 words so far, only half of the target achieved, 14000 words to go!
11/30/2015 13:52:05Sassan
Finish the final draft of my dissertation.
Write everyday for at least 2 hours (4 promodoro sessions of 25 minutes each with 5 minutes breaks.)
I have revised drafts for each chapter and have written a first draft of the acknowledgements. I do not have a final draft I can hand in, but I am a big step closer to achieving this. So I would call this a success.
No work today, family event. Will catch up tomorrow.
2 x 25 Minutes Pomodoro Writing Sessions + 2 x 5 Minutes Break (catch-up Saturday 1/2)

2 x 25 Minutes Pomodoro Writing Sessions + 2 x 5 Minutes Break (catch-up Saturday 1/2) (catch-up Saturday 2/2)

4 x 25 Minutes Pomodoro Writing Sessions + 4 x 5 Minutes Break (100 % of todays goal)

Goal achieve, 4 x 25 Minutes pomodoro sessions. Good progress on one of the dissertation chapters.
Goal achieve, 4 x 25 Minutes pomodoro sessions. Good progress on two different chapters.
Goal achieve, 4 x 25 Minutes pomodoro sessions.
No work. Was away travelling.
No work. Was away travelling.
No work. Was away travelling.
No work. Was away travelling.
No work. Was away travelling.
4 x 25 minutes, spread throughout the day. Goal achieved.
4 x 25 minutes, spread throughout the day. Goal achieved.
4 x 25 minutes in the evening. Good progress on thesis introduction.
4 x 25 minutes to achieve goal. Additional 4 x 25 minutes, catching up for missed writing on 6 November.
4x25 minutes in the evening. Goal achieved.
4 x 25 minutes. Goal achieved.
4 x 25 minutes. Goal achieved.
Also: 4 x 25 minutes catching up for 7.11.2015
4 x 25 minutes. Goal achieved.
4 x 25 minutes. Goal achieved. One additional pomodoro session (catching up missed day 8 November, 1 of 4).
4 x 25 minutes. Goal achieved. Three additional pomodoro session (catching up missed day 8 November, 3 of 4).
No writing. Family time and non-academic tasks to do.
4 x 25 minutes before lunch. Goal achieved
4 x 25 minutes after lunch. Catching up on missed day 9 November
2 x 25 minutes catching partially up on missed day 10 November
4 x 25 minutes. Goal chieved.
+ 2 x 25 minutes finish catching up on missed day 10 November 2015
No writing, too much other work.
4 x 25 minutes. Goal chieved.
Additional 2 x 25 minutes, caught up partly on missed day 21 November.
4 x 25 minutes. Goal chieved.
Additional 2 x 25 minutes, caught up on missed day 21 November.
4 x 25 minutes. Goal achieved.
Additional 4 x 25 minutes: reading and notetaking (caught up on missed day 24 November).
No writing.No writing.
4 x 25 minutes (acknowledgement, application, minor revisions in intro and conclusion).
11/24/2015 17:23:10Amanda Watson
Write a chapter for an edited collection. It's due at the beginning of December, so I have to finish it this month whether I want to do it or not!
The chapter length will be around 6000 words. I've got about 2500 words written already, but there's still background reading that I need to do, and I'll want to do a fair amount of revision before I send it off. Also, I'm going to be traveling and seeing family over Thanksgiving weekend, so ideally I'd like to have a relatively polished draft finished by November 20th so I don't have to spend the holiday weekend revising. So my goals are: 200 words a day for the first 3 weeks of November, then revise.

I'm perennially short on time to write, thanks to a full-time job and a daily commute. I'm going to commit to writing for at least 15 minutes every morning, though.
About 300 words (some of which I accidentally erased and can't get back again, STUPID TEXT EDITOR, AAAAAARGH!).
286 words. This project keeps spawning research rabbit holes.
272 words, and I have a decent, if slightly boring, opening paragraph!
309 words! Not much in the grand scheme of things but I feel like I'm hitting a groove now that I'm making a point of writing every day.
0 words. Couldn't make myself concentrate. :(
0 words.0 words.
566 words that probably won't make it into this article but I wanted to get them out anyway.
No time to write!176 words.No time to write.148 words.
No net word gain, but a lot of chopping and rearranging, so I'm still counting it as progress.
About 100 words net (after making some cuts to the previous word count).
337 words!
Something like 500 words!
10/27/2015 13:57:39Flavia Petean@flaviapetean
Finish and submit my manuscript.
I plan on writing 8 hours a day.
10/27/2015 14:18:21Susan
To rewrite two articles for resubmission.
I will be devoting two hours a day to writing Monday-Friday.
11/29/2015 7:25:06Amy Csizmar Dalal
My goal is to consistently spend time every day on research, because lately I've found it difficult to consistently devote time to research.
30 minutes a day, 6 days a week.
rest day!
30 minutes total. Decided on 2 main tasks: write part of simulation study paper, finish simulation code. Found an outline I wrote back in APRIL of said paper, transcribed outline to LaTeX, filling in some details.
30 minutes total. 692 words added to "Simulation" section of paper. Also figured out 2 new things to add to the simulation code.
30 minutes. 758 words. Helped me figure out parts of the simulation I haven't thought through yet.
30 minutes. 364 words. Tackled a tougher section so harder to write, more thinking.
0 words. Spent 30 minutes sketching the connectivity state diagram, which really helped me solidify the system logic.
Rest day!
65 minutes, 0 words, very productive lit search!
35 minutes, 0 words, finished yesterday's lit search (tracked down remaining articles, put in another request to ILL, did a bit of prioritizing of which papers to read first)
30 minutes, 1044 words (mostly copied and pasted and then edited from NSF grant + workshop papers). Worked on System Model section. Discovered scenarios in a previous paper! Will use these as starting point for simulation scenarios.
30 minutes, 0 words, 2 figures made, started on a third.
45 minutes, 0 words, 1 complicated figure made and almost completed. Left self in good starting place for tomorrow.
30 minutes, 0 words, 2 figures.
Rest day.
Grading derailed my writing plans! 0 minutes, 0 words. :(
Back on the AcWriMo bus! 30 minutes, 590 words, converted some figs to PDF (and made minor mods).
45 minutes, 0 words, 1 brand new diagram, 2 modified diagrams.
35 minutes, 274 words, 1 new diagram.
30 minutes, 639 words, 4 scenarios sketched!
0 minutes, 0 words. Drafted a review letter instead. :(
30 minutes, 610 words, 3 new scenarios, updated state diagram. Productive!!
Planned to write but was too tired. Rest is important too, right? :)
30 minutes, 492 words. Started to draft sabbatical research plan.
30 minutes, 345 words. Finished my sabbatical timeline and started making Gantt chart. I love a good Gantt chart!
90 minutes, 0 words, one (finally! finished complicated Gantt chart. God I hate struggling w/ Excel.
30 minutes, 707 words. Fleshed out some more of the sabbatical plan. Wasn't planning on working as it's a holiday but insomnia hit.
55 minutes, 1122 words! Updated Gantt chart, finished sabbatical plan.
35 minutes, 236 words, 1 figure. Unfortunately as I was writing up the figure in the simulation study paper, I realized a huge flaw in my logic, so I will have to throw everything I did today out and start over tomorrow. Oh well, at least I learned something!
30 minutes, 257 (revised) words, 1 (correct) figure. Fixed the mistakes I made yesterday.
11/3/2015 22:19:01Kristin Kondrlikkekondrlik
Finish and send revise and resubmit ASAP
Draft 20 solid pages of war correspondent chapter (for completion by Dec 15)
Write invited blog entry
Write four hours (at least) on weekdays; two hours on weekends/holidays. Send adviser drafts of something every week.
2 hours (1.5 in the morning, .5 in the evening) on novel chapter
1 hour in the morning (on bibliography), 2 after class (on novel chapter and new chapter), 1 hour in the evening on bibliography
1 hour in the morning (on novel chapter), 3 in the afternoon (struggled to focus - will do better tomorrow!)
12/2/2015 5:13:47Hanna
1) Work on and finish my draft paper for a conference on the 19th and 20th of November.
2) Work on the book I am editing (it's at its earliest stages - go over the manuscripts, send for peer review)
3) Revise a paper that has been languishing for almost a year (procrastination, big time)
Balancing teaching and research (and the occasional committee work), I set out the above 3 goals for me this AcWriMo. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, I plan to set aside an hour to write. On Mondays and Fridays, I plan to set aside at least 2 hours to write. On Saturdays, I plan to write for at least 4 hours. I intend to have Sundays as break days for me.
I have to be honest and say that I have not achieved much this month. I managed to start on my conference paper, but the conference was moved to March, so I left it and went on to work on other things. I manaegd to work on the book I am editing. I have not yet started revising my paper though. My teaching load and a weeklong absence due to a business trip has made it difficult for me to achieve my golas this time, but I also realized that I need to improve on my time management skills and schedule a non-neogtiable writing time everyday even for an hour.
This was a Sunday so I did not get much writing done, but I managed to prepare for a class lecture the following day.
Was off-campus due to an errand connected to an upcoming business trip then had to prepare for my lecture. I managed to start contacting and updating contributors to the book I am editing.
Not much done - so busy with classes
Not much done - so busy with classes
Not much done - so busy with classes
Not much done - so busy with classes
Not much done - so busy with classes
Sunday. Had to do errands.
Not much done - so busy with classes
Not much done - so busy with classes
Managed to consolidate notes taken during my fieldwork last summer.
Business tripBusiness tripBusiness tripBusiness tripBusiness tripBusiness trip
Came back from my business trip and had to catch up on teaching and class lecture preparations.
Had to catch up on teaching and class lecture preparations.
Worked on the first phase of editing a multi-authored volume.
Had to be at the university for the entrance exams.
Worked on the first phase of editing a multi-authored volume.
Worked on the first phase of editing a multi-authored volume.
Classes and class preparations for the suceeding days.
Worked on the first phase of editing a multi-authored volume.
Had to attend to some errands and a class lecture in the afternoon.
Worked on editing the multi-authored volume.
Worked on editing the multi-authored volume.
Worked on editing the multi-authored volume.
Worked on editing the multi-authored volume.
11/9/2015 12:52:19Lenalenashiny
Submit 2 articles;
Submit an internal grant;
Reach a half way of completing the 3rd article.
Two weekdays (5-6 hours)
5 hours during the weekend
Editing for 2 hours: Submitted
7:15AM - 2:50PM (7)
Internal grant
outline for the ELL (selecting students) and plan
check with the KC study data
Internal grant 1 done
9-11:30AM (2.5)
Internal grant 2 revised
LTN project outline
5:30-9PM (3.5)
KF paper done and submitted
Outline for writing paper and related projects for 2015 & 16
11:15-3:30 (4.25)
SC paper started
10/28/2015 1:08:46Meredith Clark@meredithclark
My goal for this AcWriMo is to finish and submit my book proposal, which I've been crowing and cowering about for well over a year.
I plan to write for two 25-minute pomodoros M-F this month (on my book proposal).
11/3/2015 9:48:43Lisa Parklisaparksy1
1. Complete a rough draft of Literature Review
2. Write 1 paper for ISEA2016
Mon - 5hr
Tue - 0hr
Wed - 8hr
Thr - 8hr
Fri- 5hr
Worked for a few hours on Lit review. Not very productive.. but it is Sunday after alllllll
Managed to fit in about 5 hours of reading and writing, but pace is not satisfactory.
- polished up lit review
- commented on buddy writer's lit review
- read up on Cognitive Capitalism, reading Tomas's geopolitical subjectivity...
- pdf-reader during dish washing (digital speech & democratic culture)

need more focus & speed in the coming days.
working on building "how_are_we_doing II" - excused from writing.. but grabbed that fantastic book - Art in the Asia Pacific which I'll be going through thoroughly all day tomorrow! woo hoo!

(still wished I could've made something today but today shall be a planning day so that I can be better informed when making the actual console and all!-- ^^;)
11/4/2015 8:16:59Charlene da Silva@mmustelus
Chapter 1: Introduction ~ Complete final draft from supervisors edits, revise and reword.
Chapter 2: Biology of smoothhound sharks ~ Complete edits from supervisors (if those have been returned in time), reword and complete final draft.
Chapter 3: Movement in the LMPA ~Change publication format to thesis format and complete final draft
Chapter 4: Movement in relation to environmental factors~ Complete edits from supervisors, revise, reword and complete final draft
Chapter 5: Discussion~ Create zombie draft using original lit review.
Plan: 4 hours of writing each day. Can't plan word count. Plan is to be able to hand in all chapters in the beginning of December to supervisors. Since uni supervisor is going on sabatical in Jan.

Going to sea the last week of November. This time will be used for minor editing, formatting, references etc etc.

Bachelorette. Was never going to make progress.
Chapter 2 Methods and Materials completed. Editing and rewriting 2134 words. Huge delay due to having to look up stats and methods done over a year ago.
Chapter 2. Results. Editing and rewriting the following sections: General results, Precision analysis, Age and Growth and alternative aging methods: micro-computed tomography (726 words).
Chapter 2. Results. Editing and rewriting the following sections:
Reproductive Biology, Maturity and Feeding. Tricky sections skipped today.
(1497 words). Considerable reanalyzing of data during this period. I wish I saved stuff in a sensible manner!
11/4/2015 2:33:25Lucas Wu
Write 2 Chapters of a book
at least 2 days per week
3 hours per day
Words unlimited
10/28/2015 5:43:38Jolien Vangeel@jolienvangeel
Finish 2 journal articles + start draft for new journal article
5 hours of writing per day
3000 words per week
11/3/2015 4:13:06Felicity Bright@flissbrightComplete my PhD.
Writing daily while the baby sleeps and in the evening.
Writing at least one day in the weekend.
Edited 70% of final chapter
Edited remainder of final chapter
Compiled chapters 7-9
Sent to supervisors
Nil - marking for work
10/28/2015 6:16:15Anna Jespersen@AnnaBothe
Finish my Speech Prosody paper, prepare my poster for the CamLangSci Symposium, write 10.000 words of Chapter 3 and 5000 words of Chapter 4 for my thesis.
1000 words written per day on the days I'm writing chapters, 500 words per day on the days I'm writing my SP paper, finish writing my poster in 3 days.
10/28/2015 6:21:20Alison Summersbelledelettres
Re-write 30,000 words of thesis
Write on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
11/5/2015 9:18:27Laura Menzieslauramenzies2
1. Complete conference paper for IPSERA (9th November)
2. Write our hospice report (16th November)
3. Write the shorter version for the Hospice (16th November)
4. Start writing paper from PhD
1. Write 500 words per weekday, however long this takes
2. Do 2 dedicated writing pomodoros a day
3. Start writing before lunch at least 3 days a week
315 words written on paper but also did a large amount of restructuring

37 slides done for lecture on Friday

1500 words of cases for Fridays lecture

550 words of literature review. Sent to Jo to work on

:) :)
Rephrasing methodology

Take out reference to VBP and change to maturity

More editing than actual writing

11/4/2015 12:11:15Laura Varnam@lauravarnam
Finish the final chapter of my book. (If I manage this and have time left over, start revising previous chapter)
I have 7 days without teaching in the next month. I plan to use these days to work solidly on the chapter. I currently have c18,000 words in draft form. It needs rewriting, the final section adding, so it should be c.25,000 when it's finished. Ideally I will also spend 30mins-1hr a day on the other days either planning, footnoting, or thinking about the chapter.
Spent an hour reading through and revising intro and section 1 on DP and context.
Spent morning writing up changes, wrote 500 new words, found Magnif Eccles text, added some new material in Durandus section.
Read through Lollard section ready to revise
Revised Lollard section and starting on LL section
12/1/2015 10:28:21Dawn Mahal
write chapter 5 - aim 15,000 words
finish chapter 4 - 4,000 words
add in 1,000 words to chapter 2
add in 1,500 words to chapter 3

total of around 21,500 words over month
Work full days Mon, Tues and Wed, at least 6 hours a day aim for at least 1,000 words a day plus planning and thinking time = 13,000 words minimum
Thursday - Stirling, try and think, admin, socialise, reading
Friday - 500 words = 2,000 work at least 2 hours

Weekends and evenings to pick up slack in hours

total = 15,000 words / 20 hours a week at home
Kept me focussed on writing for the month. I completed the chapter I wanted t write and wrote under my aimed for word count but I suspect that was unrealistic. A successful month.
wrote 385 word and completed chapter 4.
Mapped out chapter 5
Sick child so not as productive as I would have wished but still an OK day
pulled a lot of previously written work together and added to it for chapter 5. Finished day on 2,175 words.
Read an article.
Sick child at home again but happy with progress
148 words - hospital appointment for sick child took up most of the day.
1,330 words in chapter 5. But about 1000 were pre written just waiting to be dropped in! Have revised daily writing target from 1000 - 1500 to 500- 1000!
Yesreadingday offday offoffice day - no writing810 words on chapter 4454 words on chapter 5lit review and thinking
procrastinated day away
day offday off
137 words on chpt 1
read an excellent article
647 words731 wordsreading daynopeday off - weekendday off - weekend798 words
355 words
meeting all afternoon
849 words - good day
busy doing non phd related activities
590 words - school half day
chapter 5 standing at 7, 300 words
to finish - concept section and conclusion. Add words in where possible to get to 8,500 words
weekend - day offday off - weekend
507 words and finished chapter
10/28/2015 7:41:24Luke M Perez@lukemperez
30,000 words total.

10,000 words on my dissertation prospectus
15,000 words of summaries, notes, and practice answers for a prelim
5,000 words other: Op-Eds, blog posts, etc.
I cannot write every day. I never work on Sundays so that I can spend time with my wife and newborn son. Mondays and Tuesday I have limited time to write (maybe only a few hundred) and then my week slowly begins to open up. This is my plan.

1. Integrate my writing into my weekly GTD review and calendar.
2. Set goals for the week, scheduled into my days with specific word counts on my three areas, and clear time out to make writing a hard commitment like any other.
3. Use the GTD weekly review to evaluate where I failed, succeeded, and what I can do better each week.
10/28/2015 8:25:36Heidi Keller-Lapp#hkellerlapp
Finish editing book manuscript
1 hour every weekday and 2 hours every weekend day
10/28/2015 8:26:41Heidi Keller-Lapp#hkellerlapp
Finish editing book manuscript
1 hour every weekday and 2 hours every weekend day
10/28/2015 8:28:37Heidi Keller-Lapp#hkellerlapp
Finish editing book manuscript
1 hour every weekday and 2 hours every weekend day
10/28/2015 8:29:07Heidi Keller-Lapp#hkellerlapp
Finish editing book manuscript
1 hour every weekday and 2 hours every weekend day
10/28/2015 8:30:58Miguel Royo-León@royoleon
I have 4 upcoming projects for my courses:
* Implement a complex algorithm.
* Perform a survey relating my own research field with Computer Architecture.
* Develop a bussiness plan for a cell phone app powered by IBM Watson.
* Write a report for a graph database implementation which georeferences geological characteristics.

I think that I will be able to produce publishable research (posters) from:

* The IBM Watson app report.
* The graph database implementation.

I also have two pending research efforts, which I want to fulfil:

1. Complete a brief survey about how to translate data base constraints in an ontology (brief paper).
2. Produce a poster about an interdisciplinary field trip I attended (poster).

These I will try to complete during december.
Write whenever it is possible.
11/12/2015 9:33:30Moniek Kuijpers@MMKuijpers
-Finish paper proposal for IGEL conference
-Finish conference paper for Adaptation conference
-Finish introduction of handbook chapter
-Start paper on physiology experiment (abstract, intro (hypotheses) and method sections)
-Write outline, abstract and intro for preferences and differences in absorption paper
-Write 2000 words on attention and absorption review paper

Back up goals:
-Training school plan september
-ITN proposal plan
I want to start each day with 2 hours of writing (or 4 pomodoro's) and whenever possible find at least another hour (or 2 pomodoro's) in the afternoons as well. Hopefully this will allow me to write a 1000 words per day, so 5000 per week.

I have one holiday in november and 2 two day conferences, plus I refuse to work in the weekends. It will be hard, but I want to try to achieve at least 4 of my goals to feel satisfied.
finished book proposal first draft
534 words on grant proposal
revised book proposal
Grant proposal rewriting
Frustrating day, decided to submit grant proposal in next round, so it's off of my november goal list.
Decided to split up 1 paper into 2 (1 review and 1 study)
763 words on review paper
Finished writing up the results. Too bad it is not writing that is going to last... Just for purpose of letting co-authors know the results: then we have the write the actual chapter.
Lots of work done, lots of meeting: but the only writing I did was about a 100 words on our book proposal and a whole lot of emails
11/3/2015 16:02:16Naimabankot123
my goal is to present my PhD proposal by November ending.
My plan is to put in minimum of 10 hours between Monday- Thursday, and 5 hours Friday - Sunday.
Dear diary, I've been working tirelessly on my thesis and i hope to submit the first draft on Thursday 5th of November. please wish me success!
10/28/2015 9:22:32Llinos Brown@llinosbrowngeog
Write a good thesis chapter and have another one drafted up (structure sorted, rough guide to each section AND an introduction written)
This will mean all my empirical chapters are either written in a full draft format or have a structure with introduction.
I want to have 4 productive half hours every working day. So totalling 2 hours of writing productivity Monday - Friday.

I want this AcWriMo month to help me get in the habit of writing everyday (again). It has lacked throughout October.
10/28/2015 10:24:11Kate Clegg@KateCleggCrim
15,000 words to thesis
data analysis complete for chapter 3 and NZ data
DBA form sent off
1-2 hours Tuesday-Thursday
4-5 hours Monday and Friday
11/30/2015 16:07:43Ellie
Submit finished book manuscript (aim = November 14)
Start working on Fellowship proposal
Start working on Book no. 2 proposal
(Edited to add: Also, to blog about my research and #AcWriMo, goal is 1 blog post per week)
Write every day (including weekends). Time/words not important - quality more important.
Finished my book.
Made huge progress on next project in unexpected ways.
Around 30 minutes of writing and organising chapter six (currently two chapters, needs to be one chapter by the end of the week). A slow start, but happy with where I'm at for the rest of this week at least.
Manuscript word count: 82,124
Finished final chapter of book manuscript today (which I thought was going to take all week...) Have added an appendix of previously written work (which I was unsure whether would be necessary or not, but turned out to be). That will need to be edited, and conclusion will need to be written.
Manuscript word count: 91,728
Feel good about progress today, although it has been mainly thinking (and typing Greek...). I wrote my pre-observation form for the class I am having observed on Friday. Deleted a few now unnecessary appendices from my book manuscript, but have just been thinking about the conclusion - the final hurdle!
Manuscript word count: 83, 724
Some thinking, reading, and jotting ideas for conclusion/epilogue today. Wednesday is normally my day off so I am pleased with this. My goal was to write every day, and I have written today, so I can't really complain!
Less work than I would have liked today - around 800 words of the conclusion. Did have a 1.5 hour lunch and went out for dinner instead of working, so not as good as I would have liked.
Yes, but - my health deteriorated and my child got sick, forcing a change of plans half way through.
Taught most of the day, but did fit in some reading and light editing on a paper copy of the conclusion.
More light editing on paper copy of book conclusion. Saturday is my day of no work, so very happy I snuck some in today.
Last few days have not been as productive as I would have liked, so I am feeling a bit down at the end of week 1. Managed a little bit of editing today, but would have liked to finish the weekend with a draft of the epilogue.
I have finished the writing parts of the manuscript. I will do some light editing after dinner but leave most of it for tomorrow. It should be done and dusted by the intended submission date of November 14th.
Finished the manuscript! Am having the epilogue read though, so will perhaps need to do some more work on that on Friday or Saturday, but otherwise done! Spent the afternoon at a workshop so no AcWri.
An ill child at home meant no work today. I am going to do a quick read though of an article I'd like to finish that's been cast aside for a while, but I won't do any writing. That's okay, these kind of days happen!
Spent much of the day editing a much neglected article, and watching the Odyssey. Afternoon was spent at the Odyssey reading, so no work.
Teaching all day, and very tired from last night, so no AcWri at all! A very failed day today.
Today was meant to see the completion of my first AcWriMo goal (submitting book manuscript for review). I didn't, for several reasons not to do with not finishing the ms. It is finished (except for a few light edits, which I am waiting on from a reader).
Wrote image captions today, which I had been putting off.
Did brief reading and editing, not as much as would have liked.
Monograph is now finished, but not yet sent (waiting for editor to email reply). Today drafted a blog post that I will tidy and post tomorrow. Have started work on proposal for book number 2.
Mainly work on my HEA Fellowship application. Also a bit of work on my Book 2 proposal. But no where near as much as I would have liked. Unhappy with progress this whole week.
Nothing today. Day off with Child and usually would do a bit after bed but too tired today.
Fairly good progress thinking about research proposal. Some writing, lots of thinking and reading.
Surprising amount achieved today (reading and note taking mainly), given teach all day on Fridays.
Took the weekend off.Took the weekend off.
Some work on proposal, mainly note taking and thinking.
Some work on proposal, and on HEA Fellowship application (getting ready for proper writing!)
Day off with sick kiddo.
HEAPS of reading and note taking today! Have revised goals, and feeling happy about progress.
Taught most of the day today, but made a lot of notes for a Friday!
Nothing - spent the day with my kid, who is still getting over cold.
Ditto yesterday.
Some progress on conference paper, but not as much as would have liked due mainly to tiredness.
10/28/2015 10:38:45Isabel@isamigrantologa
Finish 3 chapters of my book
8 hours a day (10am -6pm) Monday- Friday
18750 words total (468 each day)
4 hours on the weekend Saturday or Sunday to complete other administrative tasks
10/28/2015 10:41:53Charlotte
Complete thesis corrections
To write after work every evening.
12/14/2015 2:51:01Fiona
Produce first draft of article on mirrors in Spanish cinema.
Try to write something every day - even if it's only a few words during a 15-minute slot.
Produced first draft of mirrors article as planned.
Wrote around 200 words of article introduction on flight home from France.
Wrote around 100 words on mirrors and theory.
Wrote around 120 words of article introduction.
Added a few sentences to intro and theory section.
Added new section on mirrors in Amador. Adapted around 900 words from thesis into this new section. Will need a bit of editing but it's a start. Also added new section on other reflective surfaces.
Added section on mirror in El espíritu de la colmena from thesis and started reworking it.
New section on Espíritu wasn't there!! Must not've saved it properly in my sleepy state the previous night. Added section on Espíritu (again!) and started reworking it.
Worked on Espíritu section.
Break from AcWriMo writing as on a wee research retreat to work in another project I've got on the go.
Still working on mirrors in Espíritu section. Nearly finished. Need to rewatch shaving scene and write analysis of it.
Started new section on mirrors and masculinity in El espinazo del diablo.
Day off from #AcWriMo today.
Added around 200 words to section on mirrors in Espinazo.
Added around 200 words to section on mirrors & masculinity in Espinazo.
Added just under 300 words on theory section and started section on Cría cuervos with around 150 words.
Wrote around 670 words in my Cría cuervos section which is now finished.
Expanded paragraphs in Espíritu and Amador sections. Started new section on Biutiful.
Didn't write today.
Added 80 words to Biutiful section.
Didn't write today.
Added approximately 180 words to intro in terms of mirrors and themes they introduce.
Added around 300 words to theory section discussing Freud, the mirror and the uncanny.
Added around 400 words to theory section, discussing Lacan's mirror stage and small paragraph at end of section linking to main body of article.
11/1/2015 14:33:12Ellie
Complete my first full draft of my thesis.
4 hours every day concentrated writing or editing. Roughly 3,000 words of introduction and conclusion per week.
Wrote out my tasks for the upcoming week. I carried on with my current chapter draft but quickly found it exhausting. I will spend an hour tomorrow morning continuing to insert quotes before settling down to do the spreadsheet. In fact, I might open the spreadsheet now and get going on that before calling mum...
12/2/2015 9:43:19Michael Munnik
Complete a book chapter draft for submission.
2500 words a week should get me over the chapter requirements and therefore into editable shape. If I'm lucky, the draft will be completed in the first three weeks, leaving the last week for editing.
I completed a draft of the book chapter. It did not hit the 8000 word limit, but at 6500 words, it fell inside the acceptable bracket. Also, on days in which I didn't write on this project, I revised another article MS I had, which I submitted to a journal on 30 November.
Reviewed relevant chapter of thesis for insights, phrases, and references.
235 words - rhetorical introduction
344 words - into section on journalists
1100 words - shelled out structure thoughts for chapter as whole (less methodology)
Yes154 words131 words359 words366 wordsnothingnothing436 words476 wordsnothing331 words
887 words, incl references and bibliography. First rough draft, print for editing
Read and revised, looking for areas to expand; 694 words
nothingnothing226 words254 words402 words
292 words, complete second pass with additions of text. Word count approx 6500 - not to target, but within target range. Good enough?
nothing on this project, but submitted another MS.
10/28/2015 10:59:37Carol Gray@cagray008
1. Write a draft chapter plan with more detail than original attempt

2. Complete first draft of "moral and legal status" section in chapter 1
Plan to write for 4-6 hours each day, except for days with workshops timetabled.
11/12/2015 5:16:16Fatma Nur Bedirsokratikironi
finish the article
finish intro of the dissertation
finish the first title of the dissertation
finish the translation
for article: one hour per day
for dissertation: 50 to 100 words per day
translation: at least one paragraph per day
3 paragraph from translation
1 paragraph from translation
10/28/2015 11:43:22SEMA BOLAT
-Okulsuz toplum bitecek
-Demokrasi üzerine makaleler okunup metin hazırlanacak
-Tez yayına hazır hale getirilecek(bu sadece bu ay için değil)

5 saat okumak
3 saat yazmak için
10/28/2015 12:12:26Samsambhavi86
My goal for November is
1. Finish and submit my article on place based education
2. Finish the 2nd article on community learning through tactics
My plan this AcWriMo is to finish the two articles.
Plan1 for article 1
Write methods section and section on Ranciere with data vignette
Compare the flow of the overall article and write the questioned answered within each section
What am i saying as a researcher
Rewrite parts based on this quick survey

Plan 2 for article 2
Decide upon the focus of this article and article type - day 1
Decide your focus question (& sub-questions) for analysis and choose sensitizing concepts based on this analysis - day 1
Write the meaning of each sensitizing concept in a umbrella form
Create a rough storyline for article, framing the topic for each part
Analyse your data in week 1 and create a data table based on it
Revise your storyline and create a structure for the article
Make plans to cover each part within a time frame you choose

I plan to work 9 hours per day per day - 9am to 6pm
Each week i will write 2500 words or about 500 words per day
10/28/2015 12:35:12Freya GowrleyFreya_Gowrley1
Main Goal:
To get into a habit of writing daily.

Key commitments:
Viva prep
Conference paper
Beginnings of journal article
Pre viva (November 12)
Write daily for 1hr.

Following viva, write at least 1000 words per day.
Create conference paper and journal article plan.
Use plans during focused writing sessions.
10/28/2015 13:01:51Vanessa CorcoranVRCinDC
I need to revise my second chapter of my dissertation.My advisor just wrote to me with feedback and said that it needs to undergo a series of drafts before she'll read it again.
Meet with the dissertation coach at the writing center
Spend 2 hours on the dissertation at least 3 mornings a week
Spend 2 hours on the dissertation at least 2 afternoons a week
Spend at least 1 evening a week on the dissertation
Right now there are about 20 salvagable pages from 49 pages. I need to get at least 20 pages this month.
10/28/2015 13:25:24Gemma Daviesgemmadavies456
Complete and submit three papers that are a work in progress.
I will write for 4 hours, 3 days a week for the month.
10/28/2015 13:53:01sandra corlettDrSandraCorlett
Have a first draft of Reflexivity Chapter
To write for 30 minutes on days which are not my 'research days'.
To protect and use my 'research days', only spending 1 hour on emails at the end of the day
10/28/2015 14:54:13carol boothbycarolboothby1
write draft of research proposal for Professional doctorate - 5000 words in total
I plan to write 500 words a week . I would like to spend an hour a day writing, but I think it is more likely that it will be an average of 5 hours per week- plan for 30 mins on Mon and Tues , and then 2 hours on Thursday and Friday. That is an average of 100 words a day.
10/28/2015 15:16:28Bidisha Chakraborty
Wriitng one chapter of PhD thesis
1 hour
10/28/2015 17:04:51catrin jones@CatrinHedd
Complete PhD results paper ready for submission
1hr/day minimum
10/28/2015 17:14:41catrin jones@CatrinHeddSubmit results paper