TRIBAL APOCALYPSESponsored by MTGO TradersCreature Type Reference Table
a1.Tribal Apocalypse is played with Swiss pairings. Pairings and standings determined with DCI rules.f1.You can have any number of creature cards with the Changeling ability in your deck, except when that week's event explicitly forbids it.
a2.Decklists must be Legacy Tribal Wars legal, that is one third of the card (rounded down) must be composed by creatures sharing at least one type, and sideboard is not allowed with the exception of a single companion card (see c3) and/or up to 7 lesson cards (see c4).f2.In order to count as your chosen tribe, your deck must contain a greater number of copies of tribal members than Changeling creatures (e.g. 11 to 9, or 13 to 12, etc.)
a3.The number of rounds is determined as follows: 8-15 players = 3 rounds – 16-30 players = 4 rounds – 31+ players = 5 rounds.f3.If your deck contains an equal or greater number of copies of Changeling creatures than tribal members, it will count as a Shapeshifter tribal deck.
a4. After the last round, all the undefeated players fight in a single elimination playoff to determine the final standings. If no undefeated player exists, all players with 1 loss go to the single elimination playoff.f4.Therefore, tribes with less than 3 available members online never count as a tribe other than Shapeshifter for all Tribal Apocalypse purposes (restrictions, records, etc.)
a5.Games take place in the Constructed/Tournament Practice room for the format of the week, tables must be best watchable and labeled "Tribal Apocalypse Round X".f5.When a specific creature type is banned, Changeling creatures aren't affected. They count as having all creature types once they're put in a deck, but for all intents of banning, their creature type is Shapeshifter only.
a6.Players have 10 minutes to make or join tables from the moment the pairings are announced. Failure to do this will result in a match loss.f6.When a Shapeshifter deck is specifically asked for, the deck must include one third (20 out of a 60-card deck) of actual Shapeshifter creatures.
a7.Deck changes between games are not allowed. If a player is caught playing a card not included in the registered decklists, the player will get immediately dropped from the event.f7.During Underdog Events, no more than 4 creature cards with the Changeling ability are allowed in your deck, unless they're needed to meet Tribal Wars legality (in case the tribe has only 3 members online) or in Shapeshifter decks.
a8.If a player started a match with the wrong deck, they can restart it immediately by showing their opponent the hand, to confirm that the deck was actually wrong. They'll have to let the opponent choose draw or play in the first game of the new match. Were the match ongoing when the error was detected, the match will restart but the player with the wrong deck will have to concede game 1.f8.Singleton Events are treated as normal events as far as the Changeling creatures are concerned, provided the special requirements for the event are met (only 1 copy of each card, etc.)
a9.Results must be reported through Gatherling ( Results reported elsewhere will be ignored.f9.The Changeling ability doesn't work in your collection, it's only active when the card is in your deck. Therefore if another rule asks for you to choose a card type from your collection, Changeling creatures count as Shapeshifter.
a10.Pairings are shown on Gatherling in your Player CP page. They're not official until announced in the #TRIBAL chat room. At the end of the match, results must be reported within 5 minutes at the bottom of the Player CP page on Gatherling, otherwise the match will be considered a tie.f10.For all Tribal Apocalypse purposes, Mistform Ultimus is considered as having the Changeling ability.
f11.Semi-related addendum: Grist, the Hunger Tide counts as an Insect creature for deckbuilding purposes.
b1.Please refrain from talking in other players' games, or PMing players in a game. This will allow players to concentrate fully without interruption.g. TRIBAL IDENTITY
b2.Bullying, mobbing, foul language, racism, sexism, prejudice, homophobic language, and general rudeness will not be tolerated. This includes "snide remarks" about deck choices and playing ability, personal attacks, and such, even when expressed in passive-aggressive way.g1.If your deck includes one third (20 out of a 60-card deck) of two or more creature types, the most featured type defines the tribe (e.g. 21 Elves, 20 Goblins = Elf deck.)
b3.Artificially prolonging the duration of the matches and, consequentially, of the tournament, by intentional stalling is not tolerated. Players are to concede when they have the absolute certainty the match is lost, for instance when the opponent is executing an endgame combo in the decisive game with enough remaining clock to complete it and the player has no way to stop it.g2.In case of a tie among the prospective tribal types, the type with less available members online defines the tribe (e.g. Archer over Elf, Giant over Soldier, etc.)
b4.A player will get a first warning for any proved instance of such behaviour, either in MTGO chat or other related social media. A further violation will result in immediate ejection from the current event. Repeated violations will cause permanent banning from Gatherling.g3.Only creature cards influence tribal identity. For all the purposes of defining and evaluating a deck, noncreature tribal cards are considered as deprived of any tribal reference. Cards that generate tokens with a creature type are all considered as generating tokens with the only type "Creature".
b5.The Comments section in the decklist page on Gatherling is for technical info only (companions, the actual decklist if the regular one isn't functioning properly). Personal and private communications and thoughts will be deleted.h1.Every FIRST Saturday of the month is an UNDERDOG event. Only Underdog Tribes are allowed. Only 4 Changelings are allowed. Exceptions are listed in "The Underdogs" tab.
b6.The decision to drop, concede, or agree to an intentional draw cannot be made in exchange for or influenced by the offer of any reward or incentive, nor may any in-game decision be influenced in this manner. Making such an offer or enticing someone into making an offer is prohibited.h2.Remaining Saturdays alternate between STANDARD, PIONEER, MODERN and LEGACY events.
h3.In months with 5 Saturdays, or in case of particular occasions, a SPECIAL EVENT may be held, as announced.
c1.In addition to the official Legacy banned lists, there might be other cards BANNED from Tribal Apocalypse games, depending on the type of event, as established by the Banning Committee (see table K). Check the BAN LISTS at the bottom of the page to see all the banned cards organized by event type.
c2.Certain creatures can only be used within their respective tribes (defined by their subtypes) in certain events. They're also listed in the BAN LISTS tab below.
c3.As of April 2020, players are allowed a single sideboard card in the form of a COMPANION. The usual companion clause must be satisfied. The companion can be cast from the sideboard in all games of a match, according to companion general rules.
c4.As of July 2022, players are allowed up to 7 LESSON cards in the sideboard. They cannot be sideboarded between games, but only fetched using the learn mechanic. They're in addition to the companion established in rule c3.
c5.GOLDEN RULE: If the Gatherling filter allows it, it's correct (and vice versa). So if you're in doubt about a legality, just try register the card. (Only exception: if it's been explicitly communicate that the filter doesn't work for a special event.)
c6.If you're still in doubt, please don't assume: ask the host!
d1.The winner of the event is awarded 3 tix.
d2.The winner is the player who ended undefeated in the Swiss portion, then defeated every other undefeated player in the single-elimination playoff.
d3.The first runner-up in the single-elimination payoff is awarded 1 tix.
d4.The Dark Horse Prize to the smaller, less played, less successful tribe of the event awards 1 tix.
e1.Players are awarded seasonal points throughout Tribal Apocalypse events.
e2.Seasonal points are awarded this way: 3 points for each match won; 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for undefeated 2nd place, 1 point for undefeated Top 4.
e3.For instance, ending 1st place in a 4-round event earns a total of 17 points; in a 3-round event, it earns 14 points; ending 2-1 earns 6 points; ending undefeated but losing the playoff round in a 4-round event earns 15 points; and so on.
e4.Wins by BYE award only 1 point.