2018-19 Grade K-12 Curriculum At A Glance Master
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The document below includes a complete list of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
Kindergarten TEKS
Kinder1st Nine Weeks
August 16 - October 19
2nd Nine Weeks
October 22 - December 19
3rd Nine Weeks
January 8 - March 8
4th Nine Weeks
March 11 – May 23
Language ArtsFirst Two Weeks: Getting StartedUnit 1: Developing Readers and WritersUnit 2: What Makes a Story?Unit 3: Fiction in FocusUnit 4: Exploring Informational TextUnit 5: Zooming in on StoriesUnit 6: Asking Questions, Finding AnswersUnit 7: Digging Deeper into Folktales, Fairy Tales, Fables, and StoriesUnit 8: Expository Text in FocusUnit 9: Poetry - Fun with WordsUnit 10: We are ResearchersUnit 11: We Can Read and Write Stories!
MathUnit 1: Introducing Number Concepts to 5Unit 2: Developing a Sense of Quantities to 10Unit 3: Introducing Sorting and ClassifyingUnit 4: Deepening Understanding of Quantities to 10Unit 5: Introducing Measurement ConceptsUnit 6: Introducing Addition and Equality within 10Unit 7: Introducing Subtraction within 10Unit 8: Developing Number Concepts to 20Unit 9: Introducing Personal Financial LiteracyUnit 10: Applying Addition and Subtraction within 10
ScienceUnit 1: I Am a ScientistUnit 2: Properties of ObjectsUnit 3: Changes from HeatUnit 4: Forms of EnergyUnit 5: Magnets and Patterns of MovementUnit 6: Rocks, Soil, and WaterUnit 7: Weather and Objects In the SkyUnit 8: Living/Nonliving and Basic Needs of OrganismsUnit 9: Plant and Animal CharacteristicsUnit 10: Plant Life Cycles
Social StudiesThis Is Us How We Express Ourselves Over TimeThe World Around UsWhere We Are
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