Street Improvement Suggestions Submitted by WalkMedford Participants
#Location (Street and/or Intersection)Description of ImprovementYour NameYour e-mailLink to photo or map
1High Street at Warren StreetShorten crossing and slow traffic so that pedestrians can cross more safely. Use curb extensions or temporary curb extensions. Pull back parking so that drivers can see pedestrians as they begin to crossJeff Buxbaumjeffbuxbaum@yahoo.comDONE!
2High Street at Canal StreetShorten distance for crossing using curb extensions. Make sure that pedestrians can be seen by managing parking locations.Jeff Buxbaumjeffbuxbaum@yahoo.comDONE!
3Winthrop CircleRedesign as a modern roundabout that clarifies traffic flow and makes it easier for drivers to see and respond to pedestriansJeff Buxbaumjeffbuxbaum@yahoo.comDONE!
4Governor's AvenueDesign as a complete street with buffered cycle lanes (or parking protected cycle lanes)Ken
5Highland Avenue at East Border Roadinstall raised pedestrian crossing (this is a state/DCR roadway, not sure if that impacts)Ken
6Winthrop Street & South StreetExecute bump-out at Winthrop Street turn onto South Street recommended by VHB/Tufts traffic study; add ADA-compliant brick-like historic-looking sidewalk to both sides of South Street; add decorative black lamp-posts like those in Medford Square; add raised crosswalk near Manning St. intersection; support "Museum in the Streets" for South Street district (in conjunction with Historic Distric Work that will be appearing before WalkMedford shortly)Ann Frenning Kossuthafrenning@gmail.comDONE!
7Clippership ConnectorSupport work of Clippership Connector sub-committee of WalkMedfordAnn Frenning Kossuthafrenning@gmail.comUNDERWAY!
8Salem Street from City Hall Mall to Vine St (JRA Cycles) or beyond to ParkWiden & improve path from Springstep (Medford Sq) to along Cross St. Springstep side is overgrown, narrow & non-ADA. Underpass is circuitous (follows rotary), dark and scary (could use lights & mural); Cross St is quiet and would make an ideal bike-ped facility with either Brookline Bank or JRA as the eastern anchor. Kevin Cuddebackcuddeback@gmail.com*
9Salem St at Fountain St at RotaryTerrible walk scores considering how close to things it is. Sidewalks are narrow, circuitous, have crazy, arbitrary 90-deg turns Kevin Cuddebackcuddeback@gmail.com*
10Riverside Ave under I-93Sidewalk width varies greatly, sometimes hemmed by chain link, or crazy-wide under I-93. Probably mostly a costmetic question of defining a path an lighting it better. I picture a better Riverside complementing the Clippership Connector the way that other community paths work well with nearby streets.Kevin Cuddebackcuddeback@gmail.com
11Creative use of LED lighting, paint and design elements could transform all of our underpasses from scary places no one wants to pass through into attractions. Redesign the fencing and landscaping so that it doesn't function as weed garden and trash collector.Patrick Bibbinspatbibbins@gmail.com
12Riverside Ave under I-93Bike lane to Freedom Way/middle schoolsAbigail
13Haines Square (Salem St @ Spring St near MBTA & Stop&Shop)Haines Square has a critical mass of people and street grid, plus lots of transit riders and walk-ready retail (Dunkin, Liquor, Paint, Nails, Laundry,Convenience,Bank etc) and a Stop & Shop nearby but the streets are freakishly wide, particularly the "mouth" of Spring St as it meets Salem. Probably one of the longest crosswalks in the City (across the mouth of Spring St..which then gets broken by parking spots) breaks up a great set of walk destinations, This is my #1 candidate for improved walking that people would immediately start using and retailers would really appreciate. Locals Agree: From Haines Sq Facebook page: "... one big change could address several issues. The sidewalk in front of Mcdonough Insurance at the entrance to Spring St. off Salem St. could be widened enough to create a small family friendly space. By constricting the Spring St. opening pedestrian access would be safer and outdoor seating available. Adding well placed planters, benches, tables, etcetera would make the entire Salem St. / Haines Square area more safe and inviting. " (see I would full-pedestrianize the other half the asphalt than recommended (everything in front of Anthony's Liquors & Daily Mart)via Kevin Cuddebackcuddeback@gmail.com!
14Aquavia Rd along Wright's PondAquavia is over-wide and still people park on the sidewalk (because it has no curb on the "city side" and there is no sidewalk on the "park side"Kevin Cuddebackcuddeback@gmail.com
15Aquavia Rd @ Elm StIf we're ever going to get folks to stop parking on Elm St's sidewalk, one alternative would be more attractive parking on Aquavia Rd and better sidewalksKevin Cuddebackcuddeback@gmail.com
16Summit Rd to Green Rd footpath; Summit Rd has bad walk scores, which is a shame given how close to Medford Sq it is. Replace creepy old path that connects it to Green Rd and onward to Powder House RdKevin Cuddebackcuddeback@gmail.com
17Summit Rd to Governor's Ave StaircaseSummit Rd has bad walk scores, which is a shame given how close to Medford Sq it is. Replace creepy old cement stairs that connect it to Gov's AveKevin Cuddebackcuddeback@gmail.com
1852 Winchester Street @ Tufts ParkClean & formalize entrance to Tufts Park from Winchester St; Stone dust or paved path, ideally extending from Winchester, along the "back" of Granville, to existing "loop path" around Tufts Park. (will be useful to/from Ball Sq & future Green Line)Kevin Cuddebackcuddeback@gmail.com
19Winthrop Circle RotaryLess pavement with a larger center island, actual striping, change Rural Ave to one-way out of the rotary instead of into it, large "ROTARY" signsMichael Bernsteinmichael@cascadilla.comDONE! PARTIAL
20Winthrop Street across from South StWiden sidewalk significantly, add guardrail around the curve, and move pole that blocks wheelchairs and strollers and forces pedestrians into the street. This sidewalk is a heavily used connection from Hillside to the ballfields, to the express bus, with a licensed day care very close by.Michael Bernsteinmichael@cascadilla.comDONE
21Winthrop Street across from South StI support the above suggestions from Bernstein and Kossuth; basically any traffic calming measures (bump out, island, lights, raised crosswalk), measures to "shorten" the crosswalk, and make the sidewalk approaches more usable. Abigail Salernoabigailsalerno@gmail.comDONE
22All city parksEvery time it snows, clear all of the sidewalks around parks of snow, and clear a path into or through the park. It's absurd to ask residents to clear their sidewalks while the city does nothing to clear the city's sidewalks.Michael
23All bridges Clear the snow on bridge sidewalks, especially Winthrop St bridgesAbigail
24Intersection of West St, North St, Cotting St, and Auburn StReduce amount of open pavement, eliminate the turn-around pavement that would put drivers going the wrong direction on West or Cotting, and bring the stop lines on West and Cotting up to the actual intersection so that all drivers can see traffic in all directions. Bump the pavement in at the end of both West and Cotting to just allow one (large) vehicle through, so that it is visually less appealing for drivers who might want to go the wrong way. Doing this will gain parking spaces for residents, reduce wrong-way traffic, lower traffic speeds, and make it safer for pedestrians walking to Whole Foods.Michael*
25Auburn St and Route 16 at Whole FoodsTraffic heading east on 16 frequently blocks the entire intersection, making it impossible for drivers to exit Auburn St onto Route 16. Add "Don't block the intersection" signs, paint a grid on the roadway to reinforce this message, and retime the traffic lights to turn red eastbound at the first light before the second light turns red, so that there is more hope of a gap in the gridlock.Michael
26All of MedfordBefore snowstorms, pretreat all the roads with a liquid salt brine. They are having great success with this in Maine. It reduces total salt use, and makes it easier to clear ice and snow.Michael
27All of MedfordPurchase sidewalk plows and have the city clear sidewalks the same way the city clears roadways. We don't ask residents to clear their own stretch of road for the benefit of other residents, because that would obviously lead to a dangerous patchwork of incomplete clearing. Yet that's what we do for sidewalks.Michael
28Main St, entire lengthat a minimum paint bike lanes and convert angled parking by Harvard St to regular parking. or, install more protected bike lanes. this could be a major corridor for commuters into Somerville, Cambridge and beyond. the angled parking is very unsafe for cyclists passing and riding normally. look at Beacon St or Somerville Ave in Somerville or Cambridge St or Mass Ave in Cambridge as examples of busy commercial areas with well defined bike lanes. Randi *
29George StAda compliant ramps, safe pedestrian crossing (raised cross walks/bump outs), parking on one side only (one side of the street does not have access ramps), bike lanesMelissa*
31Salem Street in Medford Squareredesign crosswalks across Salem St. in Medford Sq. with bump-outs. One advantage is that it shortens the distance to cross which would really help the families in the picture above—not to mention their elderly grandparents, their friends with disabilities and many others.Patrick Bibbinspatbibbins@gmail.comDONE!
32South Street/Main StreetReinstate traffic lights to allow pedestrain walk lights. Having full functioning traffic lights rather than a 4-way stop would be much safer for both walkers and driversAngela
33Mystic River PathExtend the path further along the river. Make more use of the river to create a scenic walkAngela
34Mystic River PathI support the suggestions from Chan; connect existing paths to Alewife Brook Greenway to the west and bike paths behind the Medford middle schools to the east. Create a rec path loop around the little league fields.Abigail
35High Street (All of Medford Square)Add blinking yellow lights to highlight crossings to drivers. It currently a deathwish to attempt to cross High Street anywhere other than at the libraryAngela
36Mystic Valley Parkway Exit ramps (close to river path/South Street)Add rumble strips to slow cars on the exit ramp. Many cars do not see the crossing and drive through red lights (perhaps also install a camera to capture offenders) making the crossing very dangerous. Many vehicles also serve off the road, toward the riverAngela Chanangwa@btopenworld.com,+Medford,+MA+02155/@42.4180479,-71.1143355,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89e376c78286b633:0x99d74150becf81cd
37All streetsRepaint crosswalk stripes. Almost all of the crosswalks in Medford have been worn away making it hard for drivers to see theseAngela
38All traffic lightsAllow more time to crossAngela
39Medford SquareMake it easier to cross the Square. Currently crossing is broken into 2-3 sections and timed for drivers rather the pedestrians causing walkers to either run across on a red light or get trapped in the middle of the road walking for the walk signAngela Chanangwa@btopenworld.com'05.5%22N+71%C2%B006'35.3%22W/@42.418199,-71.1103642,19z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0*
40GeneralProduce walking maps of suggested walks and their distances. Woburn example providedAngela Chanangwa@btopenworld.com
41GeneralDevelop a community path like Somerville. Include parks, trees, sculptures etc en routeAngela Chanangwa@btopenworld.com
42Medford SquareRedesign road to be more pedestrian friendly or create a central location to head to. Like Davis Square with outdoor seating, entertainment etc. Generally make the Square more appealing, trees, lights, flowers, paint shops on RiversideAngela
43GeneralOrganise walks of the town or fells lead by guides who can locate points of interest, nature, identify plants or historical buildings. Angela
44West StAllow bicycle counterflow use. Currently there is no way to legally go from the mystic reservation paved trails which end by whole foods to medford square that isn't along very busy roads. The trail picks up again by the community garden at Winthrop St. Place an explicit 'one way except for bicycles' sign and street painting to this effect.Emily Wrightejwright@astral.net*
45South St and Winthrop StAdd curb cuts from bridge to crossing onto Wintrop street. Current curb is absurdly high. Add defined lane for where to turn and shorten the pedestrain crossing distance.Emily Wrightejwright@astral.netDONE!
46All of MedfordCreate inventory of streets lacking sidewalks and create a schedule for them to be added by DPW.Emily*
47main street from Summer to the Squareimprove access for everyone, including pedestrians by improving sightlines and considering using this light in cycles. Improve lightingRuth Alfassoalfasso@comcast.net,-71.1106584,17z*
48High Street intersections with Sagamore, Boston Ave, and GroveBumpouts and better-marked crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety -- these corners are used like on-ramps by traffic instead of places to slow down before turning. Also, the median at the Sagamore intersection is not stroller, wheelchair, or walker friendly -- can a section of it be brought to grade so that pedestrians with wheels don't have to veer into High Street traffic? Kelly Lynemaklynema@gmail.com*
49High Street and Boston AveAdding bike lanes would be a huge improvement; they need not be buffered, just well-markedKelly
50Main Street and Medford StreetCreate a T intersection; remove high-speed merge lane. Eliminate parking spaces and create a pedestrian plaza areaConor Semlercmsemler@gmail.com!
51Main Street and Bow Street/Albion StreetOrganize and simplify this intersection. T off intersections and create more pedestrian spaceConor Semlercmsemler@gmail.com*
52South Medford areaInstall curb extensions wherever there is a parking lane approaching an intersection. Main Street, in particular, could use them to reduce crossing distance for pedetsrians and improve visibility to driversConor*
53Magoun Square (Broadway/Dexter/Medford)Work with the City of Somerville to redesign this intersection so it's safer for pedestrians and supports the growing economic vibrancy of the neighborhoodConor Semlercmsemler@gmail.com*
54Harvard Street/Main StreetAdd curb extensions at this intersection to reduce pedestrian exposure to traffic and create more sidewalk spaceConor Semlercmsemler@gmail.com*
55Mystic Avenue (north of I-93 interchange)Reduce the number of vehicle lanes (road diet) and create bike lanes and wider sidewalks on Mystic Ave in South Medford. There is more capacity than traffic demand and the street is inhospitable to anyone not in a car. Mystic Ave is a major opportunity for Medford to grow another vibrant commercial corridor.Conor Semlercmsemler@gmail.com*
56Park St at Central AveInstall two-way bike lanes on one block of one-way street. Replace sidewalk, which is obstructed at corner (non-ADA -compliant). This route is used by bicyclists and walkers travelling from North Medford and other areas north and west via Lawrence Rd, going to the middle schools as well as bike paths to Assembly Square and Boston. Park St features the only traffic light (semi-safe crossing) on Salem St between Medford Square and Fellsway West. However, this short section is one-way (south-bound only) and the sidewalks are not only narrow and uneven but obstructed by utility equipment at the corner. Jen Lewisjenalisonlewis@gmail.com,+Medford,+MA+02155/@42.4193484,-71.1008532,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89e376b4c25a0611:0xb1c0fea195bba5c7*
Also perhaps put in a parabolic mirror so drivers can see pedestrians.
58Felsway West between Fulton St and Salem StInstall raised pedestrian crossing and crosswalk lights at 2 intersections (suggesting Park St and Larkin Road) and adjust light timing at Fulton St to allow pedestrians time to safely cross. This high-traffic road must be crossed by many students at Roberts Elementary if they wish to walk to school, access Hickey Park, or walk to businesses. A few times each year, cars stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalk are rear-ended. The walk signal at Fulton St is so short that even a fit adult cannot walk across before it changes, let alone anyone disabled, elderly, or pushing a stroller.Jen*
59High St between West Medford commuter rail and Winthrop CirclePaint green reserved bike lanes and raise/repaint crosswalks. Narrow car lanes to slow traffic. Have curb protrusions at crosswalks so pedestrians are visible*
60Route 16 between Boston Ave and Winthrop StAdd paved multi-use path along Mystic River for cyclists, walkers, etc. Add crosswalks across RT 16 with stop lights to make trail accessibleDONE!
61Entire CityHire someone to enforce parking on sidewalk violations and the other numerous parking violations that aren't covered by the Republic parking contract. Complete streets doesn't mean cars can use the entire Street including the sidewalk.
62Riverside Ave at Park StChange the blinking light to add a 4-way-red-on-request for pedestrians. Also put in a parabolic mirror so that drivers exiting Park Street can see oncoming traffic, bicyclists, and pedestrians.Rachel*
63Hadley Place at Salem StAdd a proper traffic light so that pedestrians and turning vehicles (in and out of Hadley St) can be safe. There's a busy bus stop at each end of the crosswalk across Salem St.Rachel*
64Central Ave at Fellsway at Medford St (Malden side)Currently there is no time for pedestrians to cross without having to wait for either vehicles going forward or turning leftRachel*
65Myrtle St at FellswayThe crosswalk going across the Fellsway is invisible to drivers coming north over the hill; adding an on-request pedestrian light would be very helpful, and perhaps add a blinking yellow light at the BJ's. The disabled people who take the 100 bus from the Orange Line to that stop always take the 101 to the Fellsway and change to the 100 going south.Rachel*
66Mystic Valley Parkway Exit ramps (close to river path/South Street)Agree with #38 above. I see drivers run this light almost every time I cross. Crosswalk should be much more visible/reflective, possibly with embedded LED lights. Also, MassDOT has just added lighted "(Red) Signal Ahead" signs to McGrath Highway at Somerville Ave., and something similar could help here.Anson Stewartansonstewart@gmail.com*
67Main St, entire lengthGenerally agree with #30 above. I bike this section multiple times per week. But head-out angled parking can be safer for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, than parallel parking. Somerville has implemented this along Bow St. in Union Square (see link for picture).Anson Stewartansonstewart@gmail.com*
68Forest Street & Webster McNally Park is highly utilized now, we're thankful for it but unhappy we (and many others) have to cross Forest Street without the aid of traffic lights or even a crosswalk. This is a problem, many of the pedestrians involved are little kids. Please try to get funding to install a push to walk traffic light, paint a crosswalk and add a pedestrian crossing sign at this intersection (Forest and Webster).Luke Preisnerlukepreisner@hotmail.com,-71.1073845,3a,75y,47h,67.31t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1scubmIG3nihw0z3IWnVztMw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1*
69McNally Park Lighting, Trash and SwingsMcNally Park is a gem and the nieghborhood loves it. It would benefit from a set of timed lights for the playground area, a trash can within the fenced area and a swingset to better accommodate children older than 2. Luke Preisnerlukepreisner@hotmail.com,-71.1048122,3a,75y,200.91h,74.26t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjrCI9FSxN5MmmW2byhqbAg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1*
70all crosswalks in the citydifferentiate the entire crosswalk a distinct solid color block than the streetDonna Laskey
71Spring St & Salem St (haines square)Spring St crossing is too wide. Perhaps add bumpouts or enlarge island. The wide st also makes it unclear where cars should go when turning left or right from spring st onto salem st. Proximity to MBTA driveway and Labert St also makes this intersection confusing and difficult to cross for cars and pedestrians.Alex Rockalex@alexrock.com,-71.0914386,77m/data=!3m1!1e3UNDERWAY
72Salem St - Medford Square to Fellsway WestThis route is partially bikeable but would be improved by the addition of a bike lane.Alex Rockalex@alexrock.com,+MA+02155/42.4182237,-71.1097356/@42.4217422,-71.1041799,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m9!4m8!1m5!1m1!1s0x89e3714e204a9129:0xd2dbe70cbc940050!2m2!1d-71.0898517!2d42.4240217!1m0!3e2
73Riverside Ave - Medford Square to Locust StThis road has wide shoulders making it partially bikeable, but could be improved by addition of bike lanes. Cars go quite fast on this road - consider some sort of traffic calming.Alex Rockalex@alexrock.com,+Medford,+MA+02155/42.4182237,-71.1097356/@42.4146228,-71.1052834,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m9!4m8!1m5!1m1!1s0x89e371341a91b5ad:0x6516aa92d2dbf595!2m2!1d-71.0920587!2d42.4110219!1m0!3e2Not sure there's room, but sharrows or other way to improve biking is needed.
74Mystic Ave & Main StThere is no easy way to cross from main st to mystic ave. Intersection is somewhat confusing to drivers. Cars continuing from main to mystic and vice versa go too fast. Likely potential for improvement.Alex Rockalex@alexrock.com,+Medford,+MA+02155/@42.415156,-71.110871,153m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x89e376c6390c5935:0xb121b8dd67681f66DONE!
75Salem St / I-93 RotaryVery difficult to cross as a pedestrian. Crosswalks are poor and cars are travelling too fast. Underpass sidewalk area feels sketchy. The sidewalks in this area did not see much (if any) snow clearing during the winter.Alex Rockalex@alexrock.com,-71.1045528,305m/data=!3m1!1e3
76Tufts Square & Tufts Park EntranceTufts Park Entrance on Main St has a nice curb cut but no crosswalk. Both Main St and Medford Street are way too wide, and where they converge (right at the entrance to Tufts Park) they make a forbidding sea of asphalt. Might make a great 2-square-block makeover as poster child for what a square looks like when remade as complete streets. The triangular area in front is mostly given to random parking and is walk-hostile. Probably could use a refuge island at the "apex" of the triangleKevin Cuddebackcuddeback@gmail.com!
78Path along mystic/i93 from rt 16 to shore DrVery handy path between Medford and Somerville. Could serve to be repaved, many roots and cracks. Trees need trimming. Needs a name!Alex Rockalex@alexrock.com,-71.0980822/42.3981149,-71.0900141/@42.4018722,-71.0984061,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!4m1!3e2DONE!
79paths below rt 16 bridge over the mysticThere are lights for the paths under this bridge but they are not working. Would make walking/biking safter at night with these lights.Alex Rockalex@alexrock.com,-71.0970512,19z
80Forest St and Lawrence Rd.Would be great to get some pedestrian signs here. People fly through the light here to cut off traffic coming from the opposite direction and also routinely run a red light without looking for pedestrians.Allison Boydallyb30@gmail.com,+Medford,+MA+02155/@42.4245735,-71.1084589,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89e376b0ffe99f2f:0xf6bf8bbfe93fcd2d
81Hancock Street between Main Streete and Mystic AveBig raised crosswalk on Hancock Street (where people regularly drive 35mph+ due to its easy connection between Main Street and Mystic Avenue, and where there are no existing crosswalks at all).Mike*
82Middlesex Ave. & 2nd St.Traffic calming and improve pedestrian crossing.Jason Cluggishjcluggish@gmail.com*
83Riverside Ave. & Fellsway PlazaTraffic calming and improve pedestrian crossing.Jason Cluggishjcluggish@gmail.com*
84Riverside Ave. & Freedom WayTraffic calming and improve pedestrian crossing. Many school children and cyclists use this crossingJason Cluggishjcluggish@gmail.com*
85Riverside Ave. & Middlesex Ave.Traffic calming and improve pedestrian crossing. My neighbor was hit by a car while criossing in the crosswalk this summer.Jason Cluggishjcluggish@gmail.com*
86South Street and Walnut crosswalkMake pedestrian crosswalk more visible with signage; very challenging/scary to cross with 3 small children. Police presence, with speeding citatitions would be useful to since many people speed to reach I-93.Monica Revertmonicac05@gmail.com,+Medford,+MA+02155/@42.4168946,-71.1145864,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e376c708fc34ed:0x51fb3cc0f6448124!8m2!3d42.4168907!4d-71.1123924*