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Updated plan: Keep the Novaform indefinitely, and compare it against the IKEA one I liked when I'm at IKEA next. The Novaform is definitely nice, and may be indistinguishable from IKEA, in which case it's probably better because it's well reviewed and tested.

The IKEA mattress I liked the most was definitely the Myrabacka in Plush: "After trying all the mattresses, this would be Joe’s ideal pick from ikea. Very noticeably softer than the one I have at home and it is not as sinky as the one I wanted to get which is the super plush one that I wanted to get when we first decided on IKEA stuff it doesn’t have as much of a sinky feel but it also feels plush and it feels better I definitely like it more than the one I have at home so I think it’s the right balance you know and that’s all thank you"

Current plan: * Schedule delivery of Novaform for after I move in. Have confirmed, easy and free returns. * Go to IKEA to try all of their mattresses, and pick which one I like the most. * Try the Tuft & Needle in storage on the way back from IKEA Will NEED to test these out in store. Should be a Full size. The IKEA that I've used and like is a medium-firm, looks like it's a hybrid (spring + foam). I don't like the "sinking" feeling. That's not my cup of tea. You usually get that from all foam mattresses, so avoid memory foam in general. You don't get that from spring, but spring mattresses I don't love the creakiness. Latex is apparently between foam and spring, so that could actually be an option. Looks too expensive though, nothing less than $1500. Note: the mattress that was previously in my room was the TUFT & NEEDLE and I believe I didn't like that. Probably want one on the medium firm area, because I'm a stomach sleeper who also does side sleeping work/side sleeping. Should probably just try all the ones I can on Wirecutter that are in my price range and then go for one of those. If all that fails, can just try out the IKEA ones and go with one of those.
Generally, unless it's a product that really matters to you, just buy Wirecutter's top pick and be done. Can even go for the upgrade pick if it looks nicer.

I think maybe I want to go for a dark-wood modern-ish look?

If something is needed iminently and I can't just buy it iminently, then can bring one from home, then buy the better one when I can, and bring the one from home back in April. This is a good thing to take a look at, to get more space out of the kitchen. Could also just go through literally all of Wirecutter's guides and look for things that would be nice upgrades to my life, but this would be much later.

Could also look at all of what Simplehuman makes, have looked at most of it, the only thing maybe that would be cool is the sensor dispensors for the bathroom, so people don't have to touch the top.

Overall I thinke Crate & Barrel has my best design aesthetic, then maybe CB2.
Bed frame10No*
* " (looks good and nice but not much under bed storage)
Ruled out: due to some questionable reviews

Ending up getting my dream one. That said, honestly, I think having a squishy back is a bit overrated. I think getting a nice full wood one with a wood back would have been fine. I never find myself without a pillow between me and the frame anyway, so it doesn't really make a difference.

The Thuma also seems like the headboard is an afterthought, and doesn't actually attach to the bed frame? It's just pressed up between the wall and the mattress. Which is weird.

I think I should just get something that looks pretty nice, and I can upgrade later if I determine I want something better/nicer.

Main thing to decide on is do I want style (looks like nice wood backing) or do I want a cushion-ey back.

I think the side of the bed actually matters more than the front, because that's the part you'll see as you walk in. In that way, I think the bottom Amazon link might be best. The fully wood one. Could also potentially get a more appolstry looking one. I think that would be fine, the bedroom is supposed to feel comfy.

I have definitely realized that it's important that I have space under my bed for storage. This is critical. Old bed frame had about 7.5 inches of storage, the thuma has 8 inches of storage. This would be very sufficient.
Reddit post with all my ideal items:
Couch A10No get it with the green for now. Then, down the road when they have the stock, get the tan (just $150) OR if the green is nice and good enough, stick with the green! Could try returning the green covers? Will NEED to test these out in store. Should be really squishy. Should go for seating about 6 people comfortably, and 8 people in a pinch.

Because I want this to be a nighttime hangout place, I think darker colors will be better. I also think in general that's what I want my colors to be, darker. I also don't want lighter colors on the couch due to staining and such, that was very annoying with the white couches.

For planning out IKEA, gotta use this

Could actually get the green right now out of the brooklyn store!

Notes from IKEA: Prefer the harder green which is in the tan or the black or the white so any of those colors with that couch I think would work very well. Note that there’s also a gray that is with the soft grain so just need to be careful there. "Kivik is uncomfortable, Harlanda is comfortable, not super deep (good thing), kinda wish the fabric as less scratchy but there are different types"

Do NOT want to get a white couch again, because it showed stains and dirt and such a lot and jean stains on the couch. this one definitely met comfort standards, but I think the main concern was how deep it was, not sure if that is/would be a problem. Can get various sizes, even 73 inch and less deep, but it takes 21 weeks (half a year), but should look at all the options. met the comfort test (added all options to furniture bank) met the comfort test (added all options to furniture bank)

(out, strictly due to massive size) looked pretty nice, but was pretty deep and definitely not as comfortable as West Elm or the Harlanda. And that was probably the most comfortable CB2 couch. Not a lot of options at CB2.

(out, because of the legs) met the comfort test, but don't like the legs. I think this one is out compared to the other two because of the legs.

For West Elm couches, the Midnight Deco Weave was beautiful. This is the color I think I'd probably want. This was amazing.
Link to all purchases across Amazon/Credit Card/Venmo/Cash withdrawals (with amounts):
Couch B7NoWithout the radiator cover, could easily fit the 2 seat Harlanda right up against the wall, with the TV setup as Carter had it.
Couch covers10NoShould call IKEA and just appeal asking if they can just ship the damn things to NY from one of their stores.

Adam's got me:
Living room rug5YesMay want to get a new rug that matches the couch selection I have better, though? Tara doesn't think the black rug or a brand new green-blue Vindum would go well with the green couch. Too matchy matchy.
🛑Living room side table5Noreally love this one, almost certainly want to get this:

Could potentially look less modern look and go more for wood? But honestly I think the black look is more of what we'd want in the living room because the TV is going to be a big black box. May end up not getting this. Should wait to see if there's actually a need for it, I think there won't be because I want to eat at the counter, not on the couch.

Need something that I can eat on. I think it should be something skinny, like this:$690$&wid=690&hei=690
Living room blanket3YesCoursicle blanket is too tough, it's really not a good blanket

Decided to go with the dark blue, just looked like the nicest color and was the default essentially.
Media Console1No this is one of the center pieces, may be worth paying a lot more for a nicer wooden one. Also didn't like the legs of the IKEA one, it just didn't match. Like why. This was prety beautiful, not sure if it'll fit but was actually quite nice. But honestly, I think for that much I should get something I like even more and would want to keep indefinitely. this may be more like it. Put the speakers centered, right, left, subwoofer on the floor in the corner, reciever inside, and all my other things like VR inside too.

Not sure if I'm going to have the space. May want to wait until next apartment to get one where I have the space. Could get one and just be cramped, YOLO, but will need to fit a lot of things on it: two side speakers, center speaker, ideally fit the reciever (subwoofer can go in the corner of the room). All of this stuff is going to be pretty big.
Front speakers10No the size of the upgrade pick, and the small size of any apartment I'm in, I think maybe the upgrade pick really isn't the right option. I can't find any easy way of doing a rear wall mount, the size of the two front speakers plus the middle speaker is almost the entire length of my TV stand, and the weight and size is probably just prohibitive. I may get just as good sound in such a small room with something slightly smaller. I think going with the ELAC is the right choice.

Looks like I won't get anything really going with the S20 (decent bit taller) vs the S15, because really what it adds is bass but if you have a subwoofer than it doesn't matter.

I think the ELACs are probably just too bulky and ugly looking for my space. Also, it's not clear they're actually much better. They definitely would give more bass, but when you are getting the highest quality subwoofer you can buy then it doesn't matter, because the subwoofer is going to be responsible for the deep bass. The only other downside is that the Polk series doesn't have upward firing for Atmos (although that could be purchased separately), but even better yet would be to install two ceiling speakers which could be done with S10s. Although this would obviously take a lot of work to install, but it's good to know that if I wanted to, I could do it. It seems like very few things use Atmos channels, only certain movies, so really it makes sense to focus first on the main speaker system + a high quality subwoofer. I think if I were to try to add height channels, it would be better to get upward firing speakers rather than trying to do the wall mount. The upward firing are small and could fit on the media console or something.

Honestly, given my room size, given the fact that some people will view at an angle, and given I may want to put the speakers on the media console instead of wall mounting them, I think it's simple: I want nice looking, least bulky, etc speakers and it seems like the sound really isn't that different + I'm getting the best quality subwoofer, so going to go with Polk: S15s for front, S35 for center. Then I'll get two S10s for surround.

I think I should get black rather than the brown walnut color, because it'll be the most future proof, and the front grill is black and I might use it without the cover, and the black + the walnut doesn't look very good.

This completely sold me on the Polks: . I think Audiophiles are running amock of the reviews for these vs some of the others, like calling them "bright", but this guy breaks it down for audiophiles and non-audio philes.

Still need to buy: S10s and mounts
Surround speakers102 Polk S10s, mounted high in corners with swivel to point at couch. Should be a simple mounting job.Should just get the S10s probably, and then wall mount them. Will need to figure out the best placement for them, though.

Definitely seems acceptable, maybe even recommended or encouraged, that they be high. It's for background noise so it's supposed to kind of feel in the background, not right at your ears. So probably mounting them in the top corners would work.
Speaker mounts10I think the best option is to mount them to the ceiling pointing down toward the center of the couch. That seems like it would give the best effect, and others say it being higher actually can be preferred, rather than in line with the listener. At all costs, you don't want them right by someone's ear.The keyhole makes mounting the front speakers super easy. Just buy those snap toggle bolts, then drill the screw in a decent bit but not all the way, then hang the speaker from the screw. That's flush + no doubt will be supported forever (up to 80 pounds).

I think this is the best thing to get for the S10s. Will need to really do some inspection near the ceiling to figure out where I can screw into a stud though. Since it's ceiling mount, can't rely on just drywall. Will need to drill into a stud.
Subwoofer10Speedwoofer 10SKind of stuck between the SVS PB1000, and the ones that Wirecutter's recommending. All of them will fit now that I've moved the TV/console stand over a bit.

Probably deciding between the SVS PB1000 (reddit recommends), Rogersound Labs Speedwoofer 10S, and Hsu Research VTF-2 MK5.

Could maybe just wait to see if one pops up on Craigslist. But honestly, I think it might make sense to just try the Speedwoofer 10S, apparently it's free to try and they're really nice people and often you talk to the founder, so I think we'll work it out well. Can just say that I'm worried because I have a really small apartment and can really only put it in one location. Could also say I was thinking the Hsu but figured it'd be overkill for my space. Could also ask about it being right next to my PC, which only has SSDs (basically just ask if its shielded).

Decided: I think I should just get the Speedwoofer 10S. It's just highly regarded, and if I want to get better bass later, I just buy another one to get better spread throughout the room.

If I get a much bigger apartment and want to, I could also sell it for a decent amount and just buy the HSU. Nobody says that one isn't good enough.

Also, all these A/V people really are just obsessed with their systems, it's their main hobby. It's not mine. I just want to have good quality stuff, beyond that, I don't care if certain scenes shake the chair more on other subwoofers.

Definitely going to go with the Speedwoofer 10S because that was the subwoofer that all of the surround sound speakers were tested with, and the Polk did the best with it.f
Universal Remote10Got 25% off with .edu confirmation, which was a $90 savings Huge. This site is great: Wirecutter's upgrade pick. It's how everyone's going to interact with the system, need to have the best.
Receiver10NoI'm definitely a bit worried about getting this one to work. So it looks like most receivers are like 15 inches deep basically, and the inside of my media console is just 14 inches. It's possible that I could get it to fit, but I think I need to be prepared to remove the entire back and store that under my bed. There is a lip on the bottom/top, but I could just prop the receiever up a bit so that it can extend out the back and miss the lip. It's not the cleanest solution, but it'll work fine and in the typical configuration (unless it's open), you can't see through the media console.

Now one concern is that even the best receievers right now only have 1 HDMI 2.1 4k 120Hz passthrough, but it seems like the way to handle this is just have all/(n-1) of the 4k 120Hz sources (so the PS5 and Gaming PC) plug into the TV and then apparently the TV (if it supports eARC/ARC, which the LG G1 does) can pass the audio back via another HDMI cable so that the receiever can play all the audio. This is a very, very common setup so not concerned about that, only thing is the TV then would be responsible for switching inputs, which I think might end up being preferable.

Ok, so, after a lot more consideration, decided to go with the Wirecutter main pick instead of what essentially is their upgrade pick. There were a couple of reasons for this. First: HDMI 2.1 A/V receivers are just not here yet. The fact that there's only one, and it's $1300, means that it's just not here yet. But it will be in the next 1-2 years, because now people have their XBox and PS5 and they want to be able to route it all through their Receiver. Previously, there was no demand for receivers with multiple HDMI 2.1 inputs, now there is. So it will come.

In the meantime, it doesn't really make sense to buy the $1300 one when, most likely, I'll just be using eARC anyway (plugging both the Gaming PC and the PS5 into the TV directly and then having the TV send the audio back via HDMI to the receiver). So basically I'm just paying a huge amount of money to have a half baked receiver that I'd probably want to replace in 1-2 years to get the multiple HDMI 2.1 ports. Also, we may, just may, want to go with a cheaper receiever in the end, who knows if the recievers introduce input lag, even when they're not trying to.

But here's the kicker: Wirecutter's top pick actually FITS IN THE CABINET, and it supports eARC, and on Costco it's $400 even though it retails for $500. So, it makes sense to start with this one, then maybe 1-2 years I could re-evaluate and get a "better" receiver that has HDMI 2.1 support 2 or more inputs. Ideally, I'll find one that also fits in my cabinet, because that really does make things convenient. And, if I am so bold, I can return it to Costco at any point for a full refund....that's pretty amazing.

Word on the street is that the Yamaha receiver will have a firmware update so that its HDMI inputs support 2.1, but it's been like 8 months and they haven't done it doesn't fit in the cabinet, so better to just wait 1-2 years and get the best that can fit and also do HDMI 2.1, if I'm not satisfied with my current setup (which I probably will be).

Oh, and also, apparentl there's a bug in even the Denon's HDMI 2.1 implementation that results in a black screen when sourced by the Xbox X and NVIDIA GPUs (doesn't happen with PS5 currently), so I wouldn't even be able to use this now. It's just too early for those AV receievers. The solution is eARC.

When I do get a reciever, the guy I bought the Polk S15s from recommended: Greentoe, for $1000. With tax with deals. Offer $800. They counter $1000.
TV10NoLG G1 65 inch; buy as soon as possible and buy the feet (or a stand like For now, just fit everything on the media console (it all fits fine), can wall mount a) the speakers b) the tv or c) both if desired later once things calm down.This is available for pickup right now at BestBuy, all sizes basically.

Sitting almost exactly 8 feet away from the TV, so based no RTings it recommends a 55 inch TV. Should do more research on this though.

No doubt, this should be the G1. After looking through HDTVTest, this is meant for wall mounting, this is our guy.

105 inch distance from typical viewing.

Definitely felt like the 65 inch felt better than the 55 when on the wall. Think we have to go 65. Decided!

The lower the TV can be, I think the better it'll look. Now I think it makes sense to get the speakers first before wall mounting the TV. That way we can find out what the best speaker location is. I think what will end up being the best is if we either wall mount the speakers on either side of the TV (will want to get a sense for the size of the speakers) and then just put the center speaker below the on the media console (it's only 4 inches tall, so I can put the TV as low as I want basically).

Still trying to determine what an acceptable mounting high will be. It definitely feels better the lower it is, but we might have to try it at a certain mount height and then if it bothers me enough we'll wall mount the bookshelf speakers and then mount the TV lower. May just want to start with the speakers mounted lower though, not sure.

If I end up having trouble with the wall mounting, or anything like that, I can just put the TV on the feet on the media console (solves all height concerns and distance from TV concerns, which is great), then wall mount the speakers to either side of the TV, and if reasonable leave the center speaker below the TV but if the ~1 inch obstruction is too bothersome, might only be like 0.5 inch of the screen with the bezel, then could switch to mounting the speaker above the TV.

Another alternative is buying a TV stand with an adjustable height, and putting the base of the stand underneath the entertainment center. That'd also hold all the wires, which is nice. I think this is a good starter, then go from here. Cheaper than the legs too and provides more flexibility. Lots of options!

According to my measurements, the top of the TV at most would need to be 68 inches up. Seems like the top of the TV is about 10 inches higher than the top VESA bolt location. So basically, we need a stand that will go up to 58 inches high off the ground.

Check for studs, if studs are there (they seem to be), just wall mount to one stud and use the holders on the other side. Very common and reliable. One important thing: since it'd be attached to a stud, if one side came off, the other side would stay, so the entire TV wouldn't just fall out.
1-2 Barstools 8No this stood out as really nice, definitely would get this if we can end up doing bar stools. Ideally with a cushion.

The Bar is about 35.5-36 inches high.

Don't want to eat in front of the TV anymore. Primary eating location will be the bar? idk, maybe that won't be as comfortable as sitting at a table? Should have a back. I think ideally a bigger back, maybe a full back?

Start with one barstool. It's just definitely necessary. Eating on the couch for my main meals is just not tenable. 26 inch bar stool height actually seems to be ideal based on guessing how high off the table I'd like to eat.

Should just go with one of the west elm bar stools to start, I think that'll probably be enough because I'll mostly be eating alone, can get a second one that actually fits between the couch and the bar if needed. The back of the west elm barstool is the same height as the IKEA one I liked, so this is basically perfect for me in most ways. Hopefully it's comfortable, though.

Was definitely perfectly comfortable. Could add a custom cushion if needed, but overall, looks really nice.
🛑HEPA filter10No$300 it'll be pretty visible, will probably have it for a while, and it probably works just about as well as the other HEPA filters, I figure I may as well just go for the cuteness and the significantly more fun and smart features. Hopefully the NYT full review will hold up.

Bought the Mila and then returned it. Fucking horrible.
Dresser8Yes (this is really nice, and fits, may try to find this used, but the straight legs would be better. looks really nice and would buy, but it just doesn’t match color wise. Tara thinks getting would just really not match.)
* like "Teak" is the kind of wood that's usually got the stain I'm looking for. Searching that on Craigslist gives the exact kind of dressers.

I think I prefer it having wooden legs, it just looks much better than the metal legs. Other than that, the semi-dark kinda caramel color wood looks nice.

Need to get something that matches the CB2 bed that I have.

This is a good site to look at:

This is pretty decent:

Not in love with it, but it's decent:

This I think I really like:

This I really like:

I do like this:
Nightstand8YesBuy nicer one Tara thinks this is definitely a "vibe" which means it doesn't match and doesn't look good, I think it'd be a bit too bulky too.
alternative that's actually cheaper and may be just as good, not sure:

I like the mid-century nightstand with the charging. It still will allow seeing my bed frame a bit, I think, which is nice, it also provides those two outlets which is great. Could see myself keeping this for a very long time.

Tara thinks I should get it without the electronics because it doesn't look as nice, but I think the utility might be worth it and I think it might be easier to hide that black cable coming out the back than it would be to hide multiple thin cables going to the desk lamp + phone charger?

Should really think about this a bit more and maybe do measurements.

Thinking maybe go without the charger, because I can just run the cords straight to the wall and then directly toward the bed so that they don't go down toward the legs area. But could also just do the same thing with the charging one, just kind of have to compare them side by side I think at the store.

Ultmitaley I think there's barely a difference, the slit in the charging one is slightly not preferable, but I think that's the only thing. The utility
Nightstand lamp6YesBuy nicer one the adjustable, looks nice, probably my favorite out of the wirecutter picks.

Should just buy this after the nightstand so that if it doesn't go with the nightstand or looks really bad, can return it.

Could upgarde to this one, if wanted something that more fits with the aesthetic of the nightstand (it apparantly is also mid century): It's wirecutter's pick, but it's also $200. But people also say the cable comes out the side and looks really stupid. So maybe not.
Sheets10YesBuy nicer onesSince it gets hot in the summer here, very hot, decided to get the percale not the saten. Plus I prefer soft cold sheets. Got the upgrade pick because it's the same price right now!
Blanket10YesCoursicle blanket
Pillows10Yes is recommended pretty highly for side sleepers. I'm a side and stomach sleeper, though.

Trying Tara's memory foam pillow, it's not my style. I think memory foam pillows are out for me.

Wirecutter said that the one Tara has is very firm. Went with the two adjustable ones, the upgrade was cheap beacuse I used a 25% off coupon (BEDDING25), so if I decide I like that one a lot I could return the other one and get another one of these for 25% off.

Should probably buy a third pillow, for Tara visiting / other people visiting. Would need to get another pillow case too, though.

After extensive blind testing between the Nest and the Sleep Number, I think the Sleep number takes it by a hair. It's not much, but there are two main factors: after trying maybe 4-5 different amount of stuffing in the Nest, and trying to match it to the Sleep number, I think the Nest is too "sinky". I feel like my head is "in" the pillow, not "on" the pillow. With my typical sleep position (arm extended out, head on arm, pillow between head and arm, legs curled up together), with my head in the center of the pillow it bellows up and kind of cuts off my nose, whereas the sleep number doesn't do that. The sleep number doesn't give as much sink, and I might even say that the sleep number isn't as soft as the Nest, but it seems like much more of a "no fuss" kind of pillow. When i put my head on it, it kind of just works, but with the Nest I kind of have to adjust it to my liking a bit more. The other thing, which shouldn't be a big factor but kind of is, is just the mess of adjsting the nest. Oh. My. God. It's probably the most frustrated and annoyed I've been with any of the products I bought for this entire furnishing experience. It pissed me off how messy it was, and how it got everywhere, and where the hell was I supposed to put 4 gallons (literally, it filled up 4 full gallons zip lock bags) worth of stuffing. And if I got more of these pillows, that'd be even more stuffing. It's just a lot.

I think maybe the ideal situation would be 3 sleep number, and 1 nest. But I'm not so sure about the Nest yet, maybe after trying it at Tara's more I can decide whether I really want to add it. But for now, I think 3 sleep number is just easy and no fuss, and I think it'll ultimately be a better fit for my sleeping. The nest could be interesting for like having 3 pillows of finely tuned varying heights and everything, but I can accomplish that to some extent with the Sleep number, and i think the default 2 setting just is basically perfect for my sleeping position (and Tara certainly liked sleeping on it for the couple nights she did, she said she liked my pillows, and she was only sleeping on the sleep number ultimate).
🛑Hangable dresser8YesBuy nicer ones
Shower towels10YesBest in houseThe towel I have now, which is a fine size, is 50x25 inches
Hand towels10YesBest in house
Toilet paper10Yes Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper is the one Wirecutter recommends and it's what we used in SF. It's the best!
2 soap dispensers8YesSFI think maybe I should upgrade this to be one of the simple human automatic ones. It's a nice touch.

Could get another one for the kitchen sink, but soap isn't used as much there? If I like this one enough, I could get it. Yeah, definitely thinking maybe I should get another one for the kitchen sink. Thinking this about a month later independently. That would be the perfect one to get, too.

Ok, got a second one.
Pasta low bowls10YesSFCould buy new onesI really liked these at west elm: should go again though and determine whether I like the Ivory or the white more, though: This should definitely be them, and would be ideal to pick out the specific ones because there could be some variation? Not much though. Should get 8.

Also really really liked these Ora stonewall low bowls. Should get 4.

Liked these from williams sonoma, but honestly not as nice as the Ora stonewall and much more expensive:
Flat plates10YesSFCould buy new onesNOTE: could probably get 15% off using this method: Same with Crate & Barrel: Looks like that's only crate and kids, but can get 10% by entering in my phone number, so that's easy. For crate and barrel, ended up creating a registry (housewarming/wedding) and got 15% off after it ended and free shipping on carts >$50, then on checkout I got a gift card through Honey that took off another $20 on a $377 purchase. So basically it was $350 for $450 of stuff/shipping. I liked the design a decent amount, wasn't as rough on the bottom as the Crate and Barrel one. Was definitely acceptable rough-wise. Looks fancy! The CB2 reactive dinner plate only comes in gray though, which isn’t great. Probably should go with the crate and barrel one then, but I think I can get 4 of these in the idigo blue. Axel Caramel Dinner Plate . This was also nice, same backing, if I wanted a different color this could be an interesting option. Get 2 caramel and 2 light pink, to match the bowls I'm getting. I just love these plates. I have to have some of these too even if it's not the primary. Get 4 of these. All blue-grey. Want to get the salad too so I have some smaller plates. 4 of these, blue grey. This was rough on the bottom, but looked really nice. I think the only thing that really sucks was the roughness, I think that would have to disqualify this. Update: Mercer plates are good and not very rough at all on the back. But would want it in white. Maybe would prefer if it were a smooth surface though, not bumpy. Ultimately, I think this is better color wise, so let's go with 4 of these. This one just seemed like a good average looking plate, nothing else really stands out. Should get 4 of these, salad size, that'd be good for serving salad on.
Cereal bowls10YesSFCould buy new ones Liked the look of these, this stood out. Probably would get these. Ruling out black and dark gray (bad looking despite photos), should get 4 golden oak, 4 pink, 2 clay, 2 white. Ended up getting these, honestly not loving them. Wondering if I should have just gotten more of the ora stoneware.... These are bigger bowls but I just love them, will be good for non-cereal. 4 of these.
Water glasses10YesSF*
Additional IKEA ones can be purchased, as linked.

The CB2 ones are very nice, much fancier and nicer looking: for short glasses. Small glasses wise I’m pretty good with either the crate and barrel or the CB2 but I think I like the crate and barrel more.

CAN"T FIND THE WEST ELM ONES I LIKED ONLINE. WILL HAVE TO BUY IN STORE. I have a picture. I think it's the ice tea glasses in the Bormioli Rocco Bodega Casual Glassware Set. Almost positive it's that. SHOULD CONFIRM. this ones I don't remember much, but I think they're probably a step down from the CB2 ones? Update after second trip: these are labeled in store as 11oz glasess but they are indeed this one based on item number. These are good. I think maybe 6 of these, they'll be the short glasses that I have. The rim on them is good.

Forks, spoons, etc10YesSF* (not as nice as others)
* (pretty nice)
* (was nice, but no small spoon/fork?)
* (the Muji stainless steal dessert collection, this would be great for smaller dishware and matches about the size of our IKEA fork and spoon most likely, but this is really just a side step not an upgrade from the IKEA cutlery). Liked the fork, knife, and spoon. The normal sized, not dessert, ones are probably also pretty nice and I think similarly small.
* wow. wow. wow. wow. I think this was fucking amazing. I fell in love immediately. It is so solid, so beautiful and shiny, the cuts at the end two where it's thicker. Just amazing. Definitely get this.
* I also think this was nice, but I think I may not have liked it as much as the other one. Not sure, would have to go in person again and directly compare.
Need to see the small promenade fork before deciding. Leading Capri. definitely get the Capri. The small fork is too big on the promenade.
Dish towel8YesBest in houseBuy nicer onesOne set of four, in navy:

I do wonder how good they'll look on the dishwasher though? I guess they're really dark.
Kitchen trash can10Yes at the container store. They have the largest selection of things, and nearly everything from SimpleHuman that I've been considering. I think the under the sink one is the way to go.

Should measure the sink, but I think we def should just go with the one that attaches to the door. I think maybe we should get two, one for trash and one for recycling. That's pretty perfect.
Philips head & flathead10YesHave it in my computer setShould buy a flathead
Powerstrips6YesBuy more flat onesNeed a very long one to go to closet (for printer). Need a decent long one for under bed to reach nightstand (done). Need a decent long one for under couch so we can position chargers where we want.
Couch Lightning ChargerGot a 2 meter one
Extension cord6YesBuy more of the ones we have if neededPhasing these out for power strips, because they're safer. Could potentially replace the one behind my bed? It's not as likely to get damaged or overheat as the other ones, though (near radiator, under couch), so I think it's fine for now.
Battery charger8YesMy room
Rechargheable batteries8NoBuy a brand new pack, AA and AAA
🛑Lamps1NoTBD after apartment break-in I think I really like this lamp, would be great in a living room or maybe even a bedroom at some point, doesn't need to be this apartment but whenever a lamp is needed. This one was also nice, doesn't look nearly as stump in person as it does here.
Measuring tape10YesBest in houseHonestly, I really like the Dewalt and the look of it. I mean, could potentially upgrade but it's a solid one. I think one with an easier clamp would be good, but the way most real DIYs use it they don't the clamp, the kink the end to prevent it from going back.
Vaccum8YesSFShould get a cheap one with Tara that we'll split, so that we each have one and we trade. This is something we'll do when we want to.
🛑Comfy bedroom chair1NoTBD after apartment break-in
Laundry hamper5NoBuy a nicer one (currently on sale)
Deciding to just get one from container store, they look better.

[currently on sale] I feel pretty good about the tricolor one, but maybe should look a little more to see if there's one that's a better style match and that I can see in person before buying, because you can't necessarily trust West Elm on this. Ruling out the tricolor one because it is more for a light aesthetic, and my room has a dark wood aesthetic. Just wouldn't match.

Going to hold off on this. Would have to pay an extra $11 on shipping anyway. I think I should just find a standard looking one on amazon.
🛑Bathmat5YesBuy new one (looked nicer than all the others there, but honestly maybe should look at nicer ones at other places because this just isn't a good selection in the stores)Needs to fit under the door or be perfectly sized, this is going to be very hard.

No idea where I'm going to find this. It's possible I could use a rug-like one, that might be low enough.

Just going to give up on this for now. I mean, I just don't think it's possible with my door. Probably just go with Wirecutter's pick when I eventually do want one in a new apartment.
Bathroom trash can8YesSFCould maybe consider getting one that's better fit, but this one looks nice and also works with Cosmo, so it's definitely a great pick for now.
Plunger10Yes probably just buy everything from simple human.
Pizza pans10YesSFTough to beat what we know works here. Perhaps a 3rd one would be useful when making big pizza batches, though?
Metal Mixing bowls10YesSFI've kept an eye out for better ones, but these may be as good as can be. Simple, elegant. Maybe a stainless steel polished (shiny) one would be better.
Giant pot10YesSFThis one that I have is 8 quart. Could replace it with an AllClad and give to mom, because I think the heating will be better with AllClad.
Giant sauce pan10YesSFThis one that I have is 5 quart. Could replace with an AllClad especially, because heating might be better.
Pasta pot10YesBest in houseBuy new one (or second)Should just find an AllClad, wirecutter recommends as its upgrade pick.

The pot I have is 2.5 quarts, and I think a step up from that would be great honestly. So 3 quart is indeed what I should get.

3 quart all clad is the right size from what I saw at williams sonoma. That's good. I think the 2 quart would be a good sauce pot for Tara
Sauce pot10Should get maybe the 1.5 quart or 2 quart. This would be mainly used for Mac n Cheese and other misc small things.

Definitely 1.5 quart. Hands down it’s the right size (after seeing them in Williams Sonoma).
Frying pan for sauce10YesBuy new one for price to drop. Honey should notify me. Should be able to buy it when it's as low as $27. Currently it's at $41 as of 3/28

Can also get some non-stick frying pans, should get AllClad for sure. Just size it based on the ones I have, but All Clad all the way on these.
Non-stick pan8NoBought All-Clad (per wirecutter)Incredibly convenient for heating stuff up.
Cold water container10YesBuy new oneLike both of these:
Should buy two, and should be much bigger than what I had. Should store a ton of water.

Definitely go for the Amazon ones.

The giant one doesn't poor super well it seems? Going to try it out, but saved the box. Because I may want to return it in the end. Returned it.

Maybe should just get two of the metal ones, honestly, because they seem better than anything else I tried and don't drip.
Pasta spoon10YesBuy new one (or second)Need to go to restauraunt supply. There are crate and barrel ones ( and a Williams Sonoma one (, but I'm not crazy about either.

Honestly I just accidentally discovered this, could be worth it: ($80 on amazon).
Sauce spoon10YesSF (wood)Buy new one (or second)

See above.

Going to stick with the one I have as the best, and then get a nice looking one on Amazon to use as well.
Drying mat7YesTBD after apartment break-inLook at Crate & BarrelHated the ones in the Container Store, it was just the Good Grips one from like Oxe or something, just bad.

This one looks nice:

Probably should go with the crate & barrel one: but I'm not in love and the color kinda sucks. Maybe it'd be better to go with this, or just buy on Amazon honestly.

Maybe ideally I could have found something narrower, but Amazon came up with nothing really. Like the only ones that were smaller were basically all silicon and not fabric.
🛑Holder for spatulas5YesBuy new oneNot sure if I'll really need this, honestly. I think I have plenty of storage in drawers.
Spatula8YesBuy new oneShould buy one for stainless steel and one for nonstick. Just go with Wirecutter's top picks. Shipping will be expensive, but so be it.

They all suck. Literally everything I saw. Should go to kitchen supply or maybe just Wirecutter.

I think the fish spatula would be good for serving pizza slices to people off of the cutting board, and the other spatula will do well for cooking eggs and such.

According to GIR's website, it's dishwasher safe, which is good.
🛑Toaster oven1NoTBD after apartment break-in
Chef knife & paring knife8NoBuy new onesBetween wirecutter and the Cooking for Engineers site (, there's little doubt that we should get the Mighty Mac. I wouldn't hesitate if it weren't for that stupid looking logo. But I could supplement with Global later if I really wanted, since I like Global and they look really cool. Global did basically just as well, also japanese. Makes sense mom loves them. Was also rated best small knife:

It's important to get the knives on Amazon through certain sellers (check wirecutter), because otherwise you might not get the 25 year warranty from MAC.

Tara thinks I should get a chef's knife, a pairing knife, and a seradded knife (for tomatoes).

As for the size, I think the 6.5 inch MAC is the one to get. Could get an 8 inch later, but start with 6.5 inch (which is the 6 inch class). For my applications, I think 6.5 is clearly the ideal.
Measuring cups6YesSFHonestly the ones I have look way better than Wirecutter's, I think just stick with these. I think they're IKEA.
Colander5YesTBD after apartment break-inLet's just go All-Clad all around. Get the 5 quart strainer. I set up notifications for BBB because we could get 20% off there.

Both williams sonoma and crate and barrel sucked.
Salt holder for pasta10YesSFBuy new oneProbably amazon, can't really find anything I like. Should look for "Ramiken"

Could potentially get a better one at some point, should be cheap/easy to find on Amazon.
Recycling bin10YesBuy new one
Paper towel holder3YesBuy new one
Oven mitts5YesBuy new oneBlack one in picture is all right but I do t think I really need full arm. I’m mot loving the aesthetic in general here at Williams Sonoma.

Still don't really know what to get here. Maybe kitchen supply again.

Definitely prefer the crate and barrel black long oven mitt ( over Williams Sonoma, much softer on inside.
Window AC10NoTBD after apartment break-inOwn one of them (the one in the bedroom), the other is the building's.
Umbrella9YesBuy new one one looks stylish, very expensive, but will only ever buy one :) . Could get the other one that's not collapseable, but I feel like I really would need a collapseable one.
Hangers7YesBuy new ones check out at the container store and buy in person; free shipping is only available for orders $75 or more

Could buy more
Toothbrush10YesBest in houseCould/maybe should upgrade to a legit electric one at some point.
Gaming PC10YesBest in house
VR HMD10YesBest in house
🛑Drone10YesBest in houseWill buy an FPV one once I go back to NC.
Clothes10YesBest in house
Cutting board5Yes definitely supplement with a smaller one that makes carrying things to the stove easier, or will just get stronger.
Router10YesSFCould upgrade to the Gamer router, which would provide more ethernet ports and USB ports, which given how I am may be necessary.
Printer10YesBuy new oneTurns out it's critical to get this. Originally was a 1, but upgraded to a 10, because I have to print return labels to send things back.
🛑Magnetic Knife strip1YesBuy new oneDeciding against. Just don't have enough room near the sink, and it won't look nearly as good against the granite. Plus, don't you have to mount it? Can't do that against granite.
Coursicle merch1YesTBD after apartment break-in* Black and grey medium T-shirt also water bottle and baseball hat for Chiraayu.
Wire covers8NoBuy new one
Smart Light bulbs5No is for the bedroom, the existing bulbs sucked. May add more of these throughout the apartment if necessary.
Two N95 Masks10Yes
Toilet brush4NoSimple human
Dishwasher detergent8NoCascade Complete PodMay want to try a gel if that doesn't work well
Could also try the cascade platinum (upgrade), but that is lemoney and it is more for stuck-on burnt stuff, which would probably only happen if I cleaned my big pots/pans with it.
Looks like the new silverware requires a rub after getting out of the dishwasher, otherwise its cloudy. May need a new detergent, or run the dishwasher on a different setting/clean certain parts of the dishwasher.

Trying Cascade Platinum to see if it helps with the above, this is the version without the Oxi or Lemon stuff, so could try that next. Got the platinum from Morton Williams and it works super well! No more spots, the silverware comes out perfectly. Although it seems like the lemon stuff isn't included in this batch, so not sure if moving to those would hurt things, help, or be neutral. Something else that might be important: putting the forks and spoons face up rather than face down. So the stem is toward the ground. Don't know for sure if this is what made things better since we made both changes at the same time, but something to consider.
Shower soap pump1No like this can be installed with just glue and removed easily so it could be a nice option! Need to measure before pulling the trigger.
🛑Napkin Holder1No to measure before pulling the trigger.

Got it, it was huge. Returned immediately. So silly, it just takes up so much space and it looks pretty stupid.
🛑Vaccum Bag (for topper)1No
🛑Queen mattress topper1NoWill try vaccum sealing it, but honestly, should probably just return it. It's too unwieldly.
🛑Bed risers3No need 6 of them, because there are two supports in the middle of the bed.

Could get a couple sets of different kinds to figure out which ones look best, then return the rest. Will need someone to help lift the bed though.

This is basically required because I need to keep my TV box, so going to have to make this work.

Realized that the TV box won't fit under the bed because of the center supports even with the lift, so thinking maybe I try to make do without the TV box and without under bed storage. Instead, will just have stackable storage in the closet to keep it organized. This should work fine, and there are certain things I will be able to fit underneath the bed as is anyway.
Storage under bed/in closet1No* (not really an in depth look at it; just passing by it)
* these looked pretty high quality, and they are apparently stackable, I think these would be the ones to go for over container store most likely, and could use them elsewhere too.
Ok. Need to buy MORE Ori ones once they're in stock, should get some medium and some large. Should use the POP to get 15% off again, just have to basically create a new account, not a big deal.

NOTE: sign up for POP! container store just via email and get 15% off.

Like the copper Rattan bin with handle container store (just need to figure out what sizes I want by measuring and everything): It’s good with the wood. They do stack too. They could be good inside the entertainment storage too. I like the ori curved too ( Maybe even more. Maybe under bed could be the matching color and Ori could be in the living room, I think it’s nice quality and would look nicer.

Starting to think I should only get the Ori for both, like why not. It's just nicer quality.
Door mat1No definitely like this one the most out of the ones I've seen. I think I should go with this. Update "Probably just whichever west elm I like the most. Crate and barrel wasn’t any better."

Actually, after looking at the door and imagining it, I think the hey/bye is bad. It just doesn't feel very me. I think probably this but maybe this, not much of a comment , not much of a comment