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The Bell JarPlath, Sylvia2018A still-relevant tale of a girl in the 50s who goes to college and graduates, wanting to pursue a career in journalism who doesn't want to be pigeonholed into bein a wife and a mother. But can't choose her future. Great analogy of being at the base of a fig tree, where each one is a possible future, and starving to death as each one rots and falls off the tree. She tries to kill herself and gets classified as insane, goes through electric shock therapy. Some good metaphors and would recommend, but wouldn't read again.x
The Art of GatheringParker, Priya2018xRules and stories for how to gather groups of people, as told from a professional facilitator. Great insights about how to create more vulnerability and presence, how to introduce new people. And ultimately how to think about an event or gathering like a brand– what's the purpose and use that to guide how you direct and plan the gathering. Made me want to create more regular get-togethers with people, establish explicit rules for our shabbat dinners and friends over. Good case studies without feeling repetitive.xCreative Mornings NYCxx
Choose Wonder over WorryRae, Amber2018We're all able to achieve more when we can acknowledge the fear that prevents us from stepping into who we should be. We are all unique and our voices are as well. Lots of good journaling prompts to help work through personal challenges and feeling stuck. I had initial feelings of jealousy, but came to appreciate her voice and what she has accomplished.xx
CalypsoSedaris, David2018one of his best. especially appreciate more vulnerability in this one, diving into the suicide of his sister and death of his mother, along with aging. some laugh out loud moments. I paid more attention to his story structure here which is about telling personal details and anecdotes by jumping in an out of the story to make observations, jokes, and comments about society as a whole x
100 Things every designer needs to know about peopleWeinschenk, Susan2018I read this in about 25 minutes. Flipped through. Some good points I had forgotten from Psychology class. Some about visual design, some about experience design. Some just about how people work, think, behave, and react. Some good points in here that relate to designing the Caveday experience.Will Shandlingx?
Nobody Wants To Read Your Sh*tPressfield, Steven2018x?A book specifically targeted towards writers, this is about turning pro when it comes to putting together a story. Everything needs 3 acts. Good stories have inciting incidents and character development and an antagonist. One of my big takeaways is to make nonfiction fiction. Think about it with an antagonist and a hero, a 3 act structure, etc. A good book to reread if I wanted to write something big.x
The Jewish Book of WhyKolatch, Alfred2018Basically a 7 hour FAQ about Judaism. Organized and in order of lifestyle and then the Jewish Calendar. Some interesting points, but not a very interesting book.xx
Thanks for the FeedbackStone, Douglas and Sheila Heen2018Most feedback help is directed at the giver but the most impat can be made by adjusting how we receive feedback. A lot of feedback is skewed and influenced by relationship, by poorly timed or delivered feedback. There are 3 kinds. Praise, Coaching, and Evaluation. coaching is help to get better. Evaluation is relative to others. Be clear about what you want, what is being given. Watch out for switch tracking.xx
To Sell is HumanPink, Daniel2018If you have a business, you are in sales. If you want to convince anyone of anything, you are in sales. We are all sales people. Part of what makes us unique is that now it's less about "buyer beware" and more about "seller beware." The buyer has more information than the seller, so the seller just needs to ask questions, and provide as much value as they can. Lots of short little stories and ideas about selling more effectively. But doesn't address the mental anxiety that comes with selling somethingxx
Turning ProPressfield, Steven2018xA professional has a practice. Hard or easy, in flow or out, with an idea or not. A professional goes to work every day and does the work. This is a great reminder to come back to about why my work is important and that I am an artist and a professional. Is it for Caveday? Is it my art? Regardless, I want to have a practice and do the work.xx
Uncommon Type: Some StoriesHanks, Tom2018A series of short stories. The endings are light and some feel like there's no closure. But fun stories and interesting, and feels like writing exercises from middle school, but written by Tom Hanks and told by him. x
Theft By FindingSedaris, David2018(Nearly finished) Sedaris' diaries from 1977 through the early 2000s. Funny anecdotes and personal observations. A little bit self-indulgent. Not necessarily clear through-lines. But funny if you like David Sedaris and family. Not so great if you're not familiar with his work.x
Nurture ShockBronson, Po and Ashley Merryman2018Learning the opposite of what we know to be true. How to praise kids (effort, not achievement). Race relationship (expsure doesn't help unless you open a conversation and define things). Siblings. Focus. xAngie Swartzx
I Will Teach You To Be RichSethi, Ramit2018xA basic and yet comprehensive plan to start saving and making your money work for you. How to save, how to invest. The basic takeaways are to start early (high school? first job? start saving!) And to automate everything. Start putting money away and investing in long term plans that include IRAs, 401(k)s, diversely allocated index funds, high interest savings accounts and making sure you pay your debt off asap.xHannah Roodman and Margo Aaronx
Waking UpHarris, Sam2018Opening yourself to taking drugs that expand consciousness and the mind. We're open to things like alcohol and tobacco that have addictive qualities, but not LSD, Acid, Silicybin and other non-addictive chemicals that can expand your mind to new ideas. Separating the self from the ego and awareness of our own consciousness through mental exercises. See notes.xJonathan Levix
Radical AcceptanceBrach, Tara2018Techniques for living more peacefully. the power of the pause to sit and feel what is coming into you. to be present with your observations and reactions and to accept how you are. to meditate and heal individually but also as part of a tribe and as part of a relationship. read this again in the midst of any future major crisisxAngie Swartzxx
Man vs BabyCoyne, Matt2018Everyone is judgmental because they need reassurance that what they're doing is right. Everything is scary and takes longer than you think to normalizex
Born Standing UpMartin, Steve2018I Reread This. The precision of standup comedy and looking for bits, regretfully pulling material that you love but doesn't work. love Steve Martin.x
Getting Things DoneAllen, DavidMind Like Water- react appropriately and then go back to calm. Orgainze and set up your desk for success.xx
Live From New YorkMiller, James Andrew and Tom Shales2018SNL started because Johnny Carson wanted to pull his reruns from Saturday. The first seasons were crazy with drugs and experimentation and had a very strong point of view and has toned down a lot over the years to be more left-neutral and tamer cast members. x
A Curious MindGrazer, Brian2018Have a curiosity meeting to open doors and generate ideas. asking questions can pop the bubble to connect you to the world. asking questions is a way to manage in a way that opens up conversation, empowers who you're asking and let's them know it's their responsibility. relationships get stale, work gets stale when we think we know someone so well we assume we know what happens to them and lose curiosity.x
The AlchemistCoelho, Paulo2018The soul of everything is our soul, our soul is the soul of everything. Listening to your heart will have the world conspire to help you achieve it. Loving something pushes you to always want to be better. There are omens everywhere if you listen.x
Change By DesignBrown, Tim2018Design thinking is the present and future of innovation. it can be applied to any problem. the book was a bit repetitive on this idea.Maria Scileppi
Free WillHarris, Sam2018Free will is an illusion. Physiology and science prove that your brain knows things before it decides. And that your decisions are a result of the upbringing, genetics, and neuron behavior in your body. But having free will and buying into the illusion of free will changes our view of the world. It makes us more creative, optimistic, hopeful.x
The Power of MythCampbell, Joseph with Bill Moyers2018Old testament and religion served an ancient people. they don't serve us anymore and we need to find new myths and religions. In transformation and rituals into adulthood, tribes initiate men as a transformation. Nature happens TO women, where they are shown to be a vehicle for life. An artist's (poet's) job is to mythologize the human experience. they are the mythmakers. As a new parent you become part of the dying generation and transform into the protector of new life. There used to be a reference for the goddess, the woman. but the Hebrews and the Greeks destroyed that to be male as killing (hunting and herding) became a part of life.xx
Do The WorkPressfield, Stephen2018xA manifesto to overcome resistance. Lots of motivation and great tips to just do the work. Do what you can to overcome resistance. Caveday is built to empower you to overcome resistance with other people, tools, and your own support system. It makes me want to read Moby Dick and really get in the belly of the beast to just write our book, ship something and make more. Need to read this every 3-6 months. (It only took like 40 minutes)x
The Four AgreementsRuiz, Don Miguel2018How to live a better, more intentional, healthier emotional life. 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Dont take anything personally. 3. Don't Make Assuptions 4. Do your best. Most arguments start because of assumptions. Be explicit and explain yourself, don't expect people to know you and to be a mind reader. Read this again in a few months or years to check in on this. Mike Birbigliaxx
Stern MenGilbert, Elizabeth2018A story of a pair of islands and the lobster fisherman that live there. Ruthie the young girl turns into a lobster fishermamn by her own rules. (Didn't finish.)x
LeapVigelend, Tess2018It's important to leave a job when you're ready, even if there's not a net to catch you. It will take time, most people won't understand. (Didn't finish it, got repetitive)xx
The 5 Most Interesting Questions to Ask Your OrganizationDrucker, Peter20181. What is your mission 2. Who is your single primary customer? (who must be satisfied for the organizaiton to achieve results?) 3. What does my customer value? (There are no irrational customers). 4. What results do you seek?(What do you want to be remembered for?) 5. What is your plan? (Focus on goals)xx
The Mother TongueBryson, Bill2018Interesting history and conglomeration of facts and trends in English. Lots of interesting facts like English being the only language with a Thesaurus. What we've stole from German, Spanish, French. And how we've influed other languages. How trends in profanity affect creating new words and what gives words power. The book sort of rambled and didn't feel so structured, but lots of interestingness.xEddie Quintana
The Year of Living BiblicallyJacobs, A.J.2018A NY Man's quest to give his life more struture by adhering to all the rules and regulations of the bible. To be honest, not that inspiring or deep. He learned about holiness and that we all need some structure. That all religion is pick-and-choose what makes sense to you and that it's not all literal.x"A More Beautiful Question"
Managing OneselfDrucker, Peter2018Measure your expectations by writing down what you expect to happen whenever you make a BIG decision. Go back and see if your expectations were correct and what you learned about yourself. Sketchbooks are great for writing things down, getting all the bad stuff out. Different than final great art out there. Learn how you best learn. Then act on it.x
CommittedGilbert, Elizabeth2018xA history and personal story of Marraige. The fear and realities of marraige. What makes a good one and what, statistically, religiously and historically are the benefits and advantages and ups and downs and reasons for marrying. See notes. xxx
MatildaDahl, Roald2018Although it ended rather suddenly, it was a fun and relatable story of an overachieving girl who loves to read and connects with her teacher. She discovers she has an amazing ability of telekenesis but uses it to help her teacher get her house and salary back. The school master disappears and leaves town and her parents move away because her dad is a crooked salesman. x
Getting UnstuckChodron, Pema2018xMeditations on getting unstuck through the lens of buddhism. Applies to career, creative process, life, etc. The idea of love being a constant motion and that we're always looking for a hand hold. But sometimes the handhold is holding us too long. Lots of talk about Shempa (the idea of being "hooked" or "stuck" but more in our stuckness of thought and not being able to fully understand) calling it an itch that you want to
The Hate U GiveThomas, Angie2018x?A powerful (fictional) story of Star and her black family in America. Witnessing her friend Khalil getting murdered by police and the aftermath of her community, the power of protest and the American system rigged against the favor of blacks.xJessica Claus, Andrew Reinfeld
The Girl on the TrainHawkins, Paula2018A twisted story of an alocholic who peeps on a couple and the woman goes missing. She befriends the husband and tracks down what happened. Spoiler alert: Her ex husband Tom who was married to Anna, was secretly cheating with Megan (girl who goes missing). Scott, who was married to Megan is accused and so is the therapist. But Tom ended up killing Megan and burying her in the woods after she told him that she was pregnant and it may not be his.x
A Child's First Book Of TrumpBlack, Michael Ian2018A rhyming little kids' book about Trumpx
So Anyway...Cleese, John2018A long, detailed account of John Cleese's life with some comedic interruptions and some insights about life and growing up. Things like time makes people nervous. And how to write a series of peaks and breaks to maximize comedy. It's meant for Monty Python fans.x
The Toltec Art of Life and DeathRuiz, Don Miguel2018Philosophy of ancient Mexico told in a narrative about a family and its village. Briefly talks about the four agreements: Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. Always do your best. The Toltec wisdom is to trust your inner wisdom and authenticity. To think about your connection to nature and history and help define your own identity.xMike Birbiglia in "The Old Ones"
11.22.63King, Steven2018xA captivating book about going back in time to stop Oswald assassinating Kennedy. but it's actually about love and about the harmonizing of the past to the present. It's about how every action has a consequence and the battle of pursuing love vs saving the world. x
NeuromancerGibson, William2018xCouldn't make it through. I wanted to like it. Reminded me a lot of Ready Player One without the drama or great writing. Couldn't get into it.xJuan Miguel de Silva
Fire and FuryWolff, Michael2018The Trump administration is a one man crazy house. Everyone is vying for publicity and for their own private gain. He just wants people to like him and for good press to come. He believes that one big news story can overrun another. He didn't expect or even want to win because he thought he would get more money and press from not winning. He thinks he has more power than he has and even the people around him are shocked by what he says. Many don't believe he'll make it all 4 years, let alone can run for a second term. He's a constant liar about everything from his height to who and what he knows. It's really a damaging account of the first 300 days of a dangerous and crazy presidency.x
The Signature of All ThingsGilbert, Elizabeth2018A deep story of Alma Whitaker, and her whole life starting with her father on the voyages of Captain Cook. The intelligent prose takes you through her missteps and love lost and her chasing down her husband's mystery. All throughout, studing botany and specifically mosses which led her to an evolution-like conclusion. It's about having ideas, about asking questions, about taking the elements in your life and applying separate ideas to what you're studyingx
Based On A True StoryMacdonald, Norm2018A half-true memoir and mostly made up stories. There's some good jokes in there and some insights about the old 90s of SNL. But it's hard to know what's true and what's not. Too long fo how funny it was.
Nothing to EnvyDemick, Barbara2018Life in North Korea might as well be a 3rd world country. People die of malnutrition and starvation. They are closed off to the world and are forced (and ultimately DO) believe that the ruler is god and will provide. It's a place where people are afraid and barely know how babies are made. xSarah Raymond
WhenPink, Daniel2018Learning how to take breaks better and more restoratively. A great supplement for Caveday to "Deep Work." It spoke about endings and ending strongly, syncing with a team and leadership. And about chronobiology, knowing when and how you're a morning person or evening person and how to address those things as a
SupernormalJay, Meg2018Children who face adversity, challenge, hardship, abuse or worse can be some of the strongest and most resilient people out there. while they're more prone to substance abuse or misbehavior, it doesn't make them any less capable. they often identify with superheroes because of feeling like they have a double life, trying to do good in a world of evil, and having special powers like a "Spidey sense"x
Brunch is HellNewnam, Brendan Francis and Rico Gagliano2018This is a bullshit book in the same way I feel about a Rothko or Mondrian modern art. I could've written this... but didn't. It shit talks brunch as an activity for conformists who don't want any real social interaction and instead promotes the sinner party with clear rules on how to make one. Small talk, topics, guests, food and drinks all curated to have a night of meaningful and deep relationships.xx
The Wisdom of InsecurityWatts, Alan2018xThe philosophical, religious and scienctific look at insecurity and going through life being and not being present. it was written in the 50s but is incredibly relevant and interesting for navigating purpose and life challenges at any point.eBookPaul Savaiano and Tina Roth Eisenbergx
Year of LessFlanders, Cait2018A young woman's story of being a shopaholic who can't control alcohol or food deciding to not spend money on anything but needs and travel. Basically creating deeper relationships, saving tons of money, and feeling emotionally more stable and in control. not so much a guide as her personal story.Shannon Insler
GritDuckworth, Angela2018Grit is Passion + Persistance. Sticking with something you love through challenges and difficulty, through boredom and all. Passion is long term love. The more grit, the more likely you are to succeed, be an expert, last a long time. Grit can be learned/developed. xx
The Art of ChoosingIyengar, Sheena2018Choosing and having agency of our own lives gives us purpose and helps us live longer and more fulfilled lives. From arranged marriages to zoo animals, to the overwhelmingness of everyday choice, this book tackles some interesting stories and practical help on choice.Sheena Iyengarx
We Were Eight Years in PowerCoates, Ta-Nahisi 2018xThrough the stealing of land and creating a system with laws that undecidedly favors whites, blacks have little that gives them any advantage let alone hope. Having a president like Obama who could relate to people, who stood as both a solid political leader to whites and well-educated black man who did not see whites as someone who took advantage or hated him was a key to his success. And because of his success (and mere existance), it created an ever-divided nation with more left-leaning liberals and more right-wing Tea party, birtherism, racism. Anything that sets blacks and muslims and hispanics as "other" and "unworthy". It's a powerful book that's really well-written and insightful on the plight of blacks in America from before the installation of the countryxx
The Invention of DesireHelfand, Jessica2018A philosophical look at design through the lens of various human emotions. Very dense and sometimes hard to understand. But a deep respect for design and its foundation in the worldHaven Lin-Kirk
Blue MindNichols, Wallace J.2018Water is an incredible source of healing, focus, energy, attraction to humans. Because we are grown in water, it is a powerful place for healing and therapy. Homes are more expensive nearer water, people prefer photos with water, and the sounds of water natually calm us and give us more creativity, along with the color blue.xSarah Raymond
Man's Search For MeaningFrankl, Victor2018x?Man's happiness and will to live is tied to his feeling that life has a meaning. Meaning is sourced from 3 things: 1. Achievements. 2. Experiences. 3. Suffering. (See notes)xAnndrew Reinfeldxx
All the Light We Cannot SeeDoerr, Anthony2018A beautiful story of Marie Laure, a blind teenager during WWII and Werner, a young German soldier. She's jewish, and he's obsessed with radios and gets recruited to the SS. In hiding, she ends up broadcasting and he finds (and then saves) her. xLauren Reinfeld
Designing Your LifeBurnett, Willian, David 2017You can design your career and life as if it's a design thinking challenge. There are steps to talking to other people and exploring other methods, create a community, document your happiness and energy, keep an ask for help journal, etc etc. Good book for people in transition or looking for job strategy. WHen you're stuck or in transition you need a compass and some direction. your compass is your values and your beliefs, your own strengths and experiences. Your practice is the process of design thinking. USE THEIR WORKSHEETS AND GUIDLEINES at Designingyour.lifexx
Scrum: The Art of doing Twice the Work in Half the TimeSutherland, Jeff2017Work iteratively, not on waterfall method. Works for things other than software: schools and education, other companies, etc. Working faster and shorter budgets to be able to MVP and test ideas. xx
Astrophysics for People In A HurryTyson, Neil DeGrasse2017an overview of everything outerspace, periodic table, history of physics. it's still a bit complex but a good reminder about our place and size in the universe and how aliens may perceive usx
A More Beautiful QuestionBerger, Warren 2017x?questions are at the root of all great and deep things: inspiration, happiness, purpose, depth. we stop questioning as we get older because our culture overvalues answers. but the more we can appreciate, be mindful, take small actions to start Small change, the more we can get back to using questions to guide our lives as explorers and experimenters.eBookKejal Macdonaldxx
The Zookeeper's WifeAckerman, Diane2017xA captivating story of a woman and her husband the Zookeeper, who save dozens of people and animals during WWII. I learned about some of the propaganda and language that the Nazis used to turn Polish people into evil people in the eyes of the Germans and how important being Jewish was and remains. That said, it was clearest to me after reading this that assimilation has been part of American Jews' lives and how dangerous it is to the Jewish people.xLauren Reinfeld
The Architecture of Happinessdu Botton, Alain2017Boring book about happiness and literal architecture. So dry and about the nuance of buildings. Didn't even finish, stopped midwayx
I'm Just a PersonNotaro, Tig2017An honest and human account of sickness, loss, and comedy. More human than hilairous. xx
On Lovedu Botton, Alain2017A story of a couple that falls in love and then out of love. It's intercut with philosophy of love and a deep analysis of what it means to fall in love, argue and hate, and the despair of post-breakup into falling in love again.eBookxx
Product Design for the WebHunt, Randy J2017Basics of Product Design. VERY basic. Digital products are things that people come back to use often. Not just a brochure website. Optimizing constantly for faster use, repeated behavior, less clicks, creating habits, etc. A clear miss in not including the morals or ethics of design
Zero to OneThiel, Peter2017Innovate and create value as a company. Lots of examples using Google and Amazon, which feels a bit unrealistic.xx
On LookingHorowitz, Alexandra2017We're so used to not looking, not hearing that when you pay attention and are mindful of what's around you, the world opens up to things to learn, things to notics, and stories hidden in everyday life. She goes on walks with 11 expert lookers and finds that just by taking a passive role and observing how people look, from her scientist friends to her dog Fin to her 1 year old son, everyone approaches things differently and we need to keep our eyes open more.xDev Aujlax
How To Make A Home (The School of Life)Hollis, Edward2017We collect stuff because it proves we have lived a full life. A lot of our things are haunted by the people that gave them or made them. Our housework will never be done, but it's something that keeps us busy. A home is not made with stuff or with the right building itself. It is made with quality time and with quality people.
Option BSandburg, Sheryl and Adam Grant2017Learning how to be more empathetic with those who have encountered loss. It's difficult and there are things like Post Traumatic Growth. There are complexities that you will never fully outgrow or "get over" a deep loss. And generally, people are uncomfortable helping people and relating to people with lossxx
Ready Player OneCline, Ernest2017xAn epic tale of video game easter egg hunt. It's the Matrix meets the 80s meets Zelda meets Blade Runner. xMolly Sonsteng
Funny GirlHornby, Nick2017A tale of a girl that wants to be like Lucy, funny in the 1960s. She goes from small English town into the fast paced life of hollywood in London.
The Three MarriagesWhyte, David2017We are married to our work, to our partners, and to ourselves. It's not about keeping them in balance but instead about keeping them intertwined. One affects the other.Paul Savaianoxx
SprintKnapp, Jake2017The steps to create a team of innovators to make for quick changes to solve a problem. how to sell this idea to your team and which team members.
Let My People Go SurfingChouinard, Yvon 2017xEevrything is about sustaiability and working with a better planet. There are options beyond organic. Fair trade. Fair wage. Regenerative. Leadership is about taking a stand and challenging the way things are done and your employees to be better, more taken care of humans.xx
Mating in CaptivityPerel, Esther2017Eroticism is different from sex and love. The short term benefits of passion wane in the benefit of companionship, compfort and security. But fire needs air and there are ways that distance, setting boundaries, and setting new rules can bring fire back in.xx
The Lean StartupRies, Eric2017Everything based on providing a better product for the user. Iterative. Ship fast and early. MVP. xx
Why We WorkSchwartz, Barry2017We are shaped by our institutions. And our work systems and institutions are built upon the productivity of the assembly line. Economic philosophers like Adam Smith talked about the assembly line as maximizing productivity but knew that it would make people unhappy and that was expected when it comes to work. We need to reimagine work and the systems.Paul Savaiano
Finite and Infinite GamesCarse, James P.2017There are two types of games. Finite, which are limited to time and space and have a clear winner and a loser, and there are lots of them. And infinite games, in which players continue to play forever and there is only one. altMBAx
HTML5 for DesignersKeith, Jeremy2017HTML5 makes it easier to build on what's existing. The more that coding moves into more standard forms, the less JS we'll need and the more it will be integrated into CSS, HTML5 and beyond. This is a brief intro to the coding
How to Be Bored (The School of Life)Hoffman, Eva2017xDigital communication segments our lives. Depth, meaning, profundity all comes from extended periods of time to explore, wander, wonder, and think. And every interruption of our phones, for a tweet, a picture segments us. Our lives are lived in short segments now and it's important to strive for length. x
HeartburnEphron, Nora2017I love Nora Ephron's writing. It's a story about a second marriage going bad through divorce. Told from the POV of a cookbook writer who left NYC for DC and gets cheated on. It's poetry, it's beautiful and it feels human and relatable.x
Grapes of WrathSteinbeck, John2017An old tale about a family heading west from Missouri to California in the late 20s. Feels like it captures a very speicifc time in American history when everyone was poor and hoping for more, great depression meets the stock crash. Felt like a high school readingx
OriginalsGrant, Adam2017How non conformity and leadership can bring about stronger communication and inspiring change. from social movements and revolutions using branding, empathy and easy legal action to join movements to creating a workplace that embraces criticism and openness.x
The Table where Rich People SitBaylor, Byrd2017Dev Aujla
The GiftHyde, Lewis2017Gifts make objects more meaningful and should not be confused or integrated with money and work. Lots of stories of nativa american and ancient tribes and their gift economy and how materialism and commercialism destroyed the communities. Art is a gift, not a commodityaltMBA
A Beautiful ConstraintMorgan, Adam and Mark Barden2017Constraints are the foundation of creativity. Life will give you a series of constraints and obstacles and it's our job to transform them into opportunities for innovation. 4 kinds of constraints: Time, Resources, mehod and foundation.altMBA
Thanks for the FeedbackStone, Douglas and Sheila Heen2017There are three kinds of feedback: Appreciation, Coaching, and Evaulation. We're often triggered by a few things: who the person is to us (relationships), the truthfulness of the feedback (truth trigger) or personal (identity). We have to separate the three kinds, and step back from the triggers to really hear the feedback.altMBA
The War of ArtPressfield, Stephen2016xIf you're trying to do anything serious and creative and meaningful work you will encounter The Resistance. But the way to fight it is to be a professional. Show up every day, be diligentaltMBAxx
What do you Do With an Idea?Yamada, Kobi2016A kids book about nurturing an idea and changing the world with it.Mom
How to Worry Less About Money (The School of Life)Armstrong, John2016Money is a means to get what you want. When you see people with money, don't be jealous, identify the values and reasons why and then see how you can get those things. Even rich people have problems. Commercialism and consumerism is a treadmill.x
Small VictoriesLamott, Anne2016An honest and poetic look at the hard things in life. Death, sickness, bad and messed up relationships. She has a poetry and honesty about her language I love.x
How to Find Fulfilling Work (The School of Life)Krznaric, Roman2016x?Look at evernote doc for the questions. But a lot of how to find work is to not put too much pressure on the job. To look for something you want to learn. To see your own values and to dream up the situations that you'd love to work and work towards them. Drawing out your career and life map and finding out what we're good at.x
Deep WorkNewport, Cal2016The best way to get work done is to have uninterrupted stretches of work. No internet, no music, no email, no chatting. Search for flow. Get better at strethching your flow time. Keep track of it. xDerek Sivers
The Happiness of PursuitGuillebeau, Chris2016Quests give you purpose. They takes sacrifice, planning, risk of failure. And once they're done there's an emptiness that takes time to work through because your identity gets caught up in them. xChris Guillebeaux
Powers of TwoShenk, Joshua Wolf2016Pairs work in all kinds of different ways, but the work gets better in pairs. Either competitive, collaborative, someone leads while someone supports, there's a sense of honesty and challenge that is otherwise not there.Austin Kleonx
The Subtle art of not giving a fuckManson, Mark2016xWays to be a better person and have better relationships, think about work, and have a home.Mark Mansonx
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